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Second Clip Shown at SDCC:

Ken has a beard & is locked up in an institution, but inside a taxi cab w/ a Corgi.

Ken sees a young man in hazmat suit. He asks to be let go & had been there for days. He says he doesn’t know anything. The man is in charge & asks him if he has any superpowers since he survived being with Bart for a week. 

Ken tells him that he has no powers. The man asks if the dog has powers. Ken looks confused & tells him he has no powers The guy electrocutes Ken when he doesn’t answer him.. And then does it accidentally.

  • @josievadillo: clearly someone has a lot of time in their hands to go and hack into mine & jase's personal messages & images. i never would've thought that someone would've stooped so low. the sucky thing about this entire situation is that jaisy now has to go out into the community HEARING about how her father and his girlfriend have nudes leaked out on the media. which i mean i'm grateful she's at an age where she doesn't understand but still. the older she gets the harder it's going to be for jason to keep this away from her. i'm disappointed really.
  • @josievadillo: but i guess since there's nothing i can do i might as well embrace the fact that my boobs looking nice & y'all can stay jealous.

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