from the wolverine vs. hulk movie

Superheroes You Wouldn't Want As Friends

1. Professor X

Friend: Hmm… Does your person have a hat?
Professor X: No.
Friend: Darn it.
Professor X: (putting his hand up to his temple) Is your person Alfred?
Friend: God damn it! You said you’d stop doing that!
Professor X: Doing what?
Friend: You’re clearly cheating!
Professor X: I’m not cheating.
Friend: Yes you are.
Professor X: (putting hand up to his temple)
Friend & Professor X: “Professor X is not cheating.”
Professor X: Your guess.

2. Bruce Banner/The Incredible Hulk

Bruce: Hello? Is anybody home?
Friends: SURPRIIIISE! Happy birthday!
Bruce: Oh! Oh god!
Friend: Bruce, are you okay?
Bruce: Get…get out of here! Run! ARRRRGHHH

3. Batman

Friend 1: …8…9…10! Ready or not, here we come!
Friend 2: We’re gonna fiiiiind youuuu…
Friend 1: See him yet, Billy?
(lights suddenly go out)
Friend 1: What just–
(grappling hook)
Friend 2: (screams, punching sounds)
Friend 1: Oh god. Hello? Billy? Batman?

4. Wolverine

Friend: I really feel like I’ve had enough.
Wolverine: Another round, bub.
Friend: My whole body is numb from the alcohols.
Wolverine: Another. Round.
(both take shot)
Friend: I need a bucket and the hospital.
Wolverine: Another round, bub.

5. The Flash

Flash: Tag, you’re it!
Friend: …fuck.

anonymous asked:

Do Marvel still own the animation rights to the X-men?

Marvel have made several animated X-men shows (Xmen: Evolution, Wolverine and the Xmen, Xmen Anime, Wolverine Anime) without any involvement from FOX since they sold the movie rights in the 90′s. Wolverine has appeared in the Spider-man animated series (2003), as well as in the ‘Hulk Vs’ animated movie (2009). Deadpool also appeared in that movie as well as the Ultimate Spider-man animated series (2012), so it’s pretty much confirmed that Marvel own the animation rights.