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Alphonse Elric is probably the only character from the entire franchise who gets an onscreen kiss. Let’s admit it, Al’s the perfect prince charming and he literally IS the knight IN(?) shining armor!!

Now, who said anything about nice guys finishing last??



This is every color Gameboy Pocket ever made.

Some of these are extremely limited. The Atlus Gameboy for example, was given to employees of game developer Atlus in 1997. Less than 150 of them were ever made. Also, there were only 2,000 glow in the dark Gameboys ever made and they could only be won through a drawing.

Pictures taken from my personal collection.


whole goddamned movie looks like a prerendered cutscene from a Wii game

Mornings With You- John Laurens X Reader

request from anon: Ok, so like I saw this really cute story about a couple, and I so saw John Laurens doing this? So like, could I have a John Laurens x reader where the reader normally goes to work early but not today, but john doesn’t know. So he just slides into the kitchen singing and dancing and then sees the reader and it’s just fluff? Maybe? Idk. If u don’t wanna that’s chill. Love you, byeee!

a/n: this is so cute, thank you so much!! love you too!!

I heard my phone buzz and I reached over, almost knocking it off the nightstand in the process, and grabbed it. I tried to make out the time as I adjusted to the sudden change of light.

After a few minutes of staring at my phone screen, I no longer had to squint to try and make out the time. 10:02 am. I sat up quickly, stressed out that I was late for work before relaxing and remembering that today was my day off.

I looked over at the other side of the bed, expecting to see John still curled up and still asleep but to my surprise, the bed was empty. Huh, he must’ve forgotten that I wasn’t working today. I walked out of our room and into the hall that led to our kitchen. I heard John singing loudly and I smiled a bit, peeking into the kitchen.

He was wearing sweatpants and socks, the latter he was using to slide around the kitchen while he was making his coffee. He was using a spoon as a microphone and was twirling around and because of the socks, he almost fell several times.

“So this is what you do when I am off to work.” I said, amused and he turned around upon seeing me, smiling widely. He ran towards me and hugged me tightly.

“You’re home!” He grinned and he kissed my cheek and I smiled again. “So am I wonderful singer or is that just my opinion.”
“Well I definetly don’t think you can exclude the dancing from your singing act- but yes.”

“It would be better if you were here every morning.”

“Are you trying to impress me?” I asked him and he grabbed my hand and spinned me around in the kitchen.

“Maybe.” He smiled and he twirled me around.

“Well I didn’t know you were so good at dancing.” I told him and he brought me close again. He kissed my lips this time.

“Only for you, dearest. On that topic, is there a special reason you are home?”

“Isn’t wanting to spend time with my amazing partner reason enough?” I smiled and he looked at me amused.

“For me, yes. But I don’t think your boss would let you off if that was the reason.”

“I’m taking your advice.”

“What are you and what have you done with my partner?” He teased and I rolled my eyes.

“Yes I didn’t know it was possible for me to take a break either.”
“What are you going to do all day?”

“Spend time with you or sleep.”

“If I were you, I would chose sleeping with me. So you can multitask.”

“Tempting offer but you can invite your friends, if you want.”

“To sleep with me?” He asked, confused. I laughed a bit and shook my head.

“To come over today. We can all hang out, play games on the wii?”

“Alex is banned from playing on the wii.”

“Do I dare to ask the story?”

“You know that hole that I helped fix in Laf’s apartment?”

“Yeah, I believe I know the one.”

“Alex lost a game- Mario Kart I believe.”

“I mean I understand what happened but this is so vague. Like what happened? Did he punch the wall? Did he throw the controller?”

“You may never know.”

“Oh come on.”

“Fine, fine. So I was in the lead somehow- probably because Hercules was half asleep but he was still kicking Alex’s ass, right? But somehow Alex gets ahead of me and Hercules and we are in the last lap. I deploy a blue shell and it hits Alex. Alex looses terribly. He kind of threw the wii remote harder than he intended and he hit the wall at the perfect angle to make a hole.”

“Mm. Who won that round?” I asked and he grinned.


“I’m guessing Alex gets angry everytime you bring up?”

“That day didn’t happen according to him. Fortunately he doesn’t decide whether or not a day happens.”

“That happened the day I met you, wasn’t it? I was living with Peggy and I lived across the hall from Lafayette and I knocked on his door to see what all the commotion was about.”

“Never have I been so happy to open a door in my life and if I remembered, I was very smooth.”

“You were crying because of how hard you were laughing.”

“Same difference.”

“Ha. So anything in particular you want to do today?”

“Everything’s fine as long as it’s with you.”

notable things i said aloud when playing the ARMS global testpunch

“Did min-min just say “I love ramen in chinese”??”


“helix is a squishy boy”

“That volleyball game is shit. I didn’t come here to punch a volleyball. I’m only here to punch a body”

“I like to think everyone is exercising from this game right now…kinda like that Wii sports boxing game….Man, that was my favourite.”



“Is this game silly and dumb? Yes. Is it fucking fun? ALSO YES”

“They should put a character with a sock ARM. That way, they can literally “sock” an opponent”

Dumpster Dive Finds!!

Amazing stuff today! A Wii UDraw Tablet and complete game, a copy of Dishonored: GOTY Edition (disc two), my first 3DS game (Devil Summoners: Soul Hackers), a few cases, a Wii “BOSS” cover, 120 gb hard drive for the Xbox 360 elite, a complete otter box, and a Wii nunchuck.

Not pictured is a thousand posters, including about 50 double sided posters with dishonored 2 on one side and COD WW2 on the other. Amazing stuff!!

Cute 100% canon things from the wreck-it ralph wii game

-Ralph, Calhoun, and Felix watch the Sugar Rush roster race regularly!

-Felix sings when he’s sad!

-Felix had a Nana that would give him advice!

-Felix literally thinks about Calhoun 24/7!

-Calhoun tips Felix’s hat over his eyes as a greeting!  


Translation: RoyAi Fireworks Event (FMA: Prince of the Dawn)

Hiiiii~!! I’m back with my rough translations of anything Royai. This time I chose the fireworks event from the Prince of the Dawn Wii game because I swear this game (along with Daughter of the Dusk) was made so that fans can have a go at some RoyAi (and EdWin, etc.) interactions. What’s really nice about these two games is they are both completely voiced so you can hear the characters speak the lines. You can hear Riza and Roy call each other by their first names.

There’s a mini dating sim part where you have to talk to the character you want to spend the fireworks show with. It’s adorable, but the damn game isn’t in English yet so I watched the playthrough by kaji on Nico Nico Douga instead. I swear, the guy is amazing and his voice-over comments are hilarious (plus he’s a RoyAi junkie, too!). He also did Fullmetal Alchemist: To the Promised Day, which is the source of the semi-canon RoyAi information I partially translated here.

The events in the game happens a few weeks (or months?) after Team Mustang was split up and Riza became the Führer’s aide. This part of the game is set in the Armstrong Mansion where a party was thrown in honor of the Aerugonian prince, Claudio, who was visiting Amestris. Please note that the events here may not be canon, but really, who cares? We all need more RoyAi in our lives anyway.

Please credit/mention my blog when you use the translation for your works. Thanks <3


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