from the unaired pilot

GATISS: We dropped [the rooftop shot of Sherlock from the unaired pilot].    
MOFFAT: Yes–I really always rather loved that shot, and then I discovered that actually nobody else did.    
I think it was me and [BBC Drama Commissioner] Ben Stephenson liked it, and everyone else thought it was a bit silly. […] I was in a minority of two.

Steven Moffat  (DVD Commentary from A Study in Pink [x])



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was the production value really so bad that it didn't seem like the same show?

i only watched a few scenes totaling maybe 7 minutes of footage and there was one special effect that was BAD but apparently they fucked up even a simple explosion so like take it from the people who sat through the whole thing!

It is a love story

If Mofftiss didn’t want to write a deeply romantic love story, they wouldn’t have to. Nobody forced them to write a romantic fairytale. But the fact is that they did. From the unaired pilot to last Sunday’s episode, they gave us a love story. It’s choke full of romantic tropes. The writers have admitted that their show is not about the cases. Some people choose to ignore it and/or label it as another kind of thing because the romance is between two men, and heteronormativity and homophobia can be blinding. Just an example: Nobody would deny that Sherlock and John’s embrace was romantic if they were people of different gender. My point is that BBC Sherlock IS A LOVE STORY. If Mofftiss don’t give some kind of resolution to that love story, there’s just one word for them: cowards. And I don’t think they are such chickens.

At least seven of every villain, major and minor, from Sherlock was queer coded, or canonically queer in Irene Adler’s case. The cabbie from asip was queer coded in the predatory scene from the unaired pilot. Irene Adler was a lesbian. Bob Frankland seemed interested in John. Magnussen in the predatory deleted scene from hlv. Culverton Smith getting off on attempting to kill Sherlock. Moriarty, probably the most heavily queer coded character in the entire show. And now Eurus, who raped someone who’s gender she didn’t even take note of.


From NBC’s unaired pilot Beautiful People (2012).

I’ve never been able to find the full pilot, and it’s a shame it never made it to series. In this clip, a prosecutor presents evidence that a woman on trial has been having sex with her male domestic android, Henry.

The show is set in the near future in a society where humans co-exist with Mechanicals, androids that are treated like second-class citizens. The main character is the very wealthy Lydia (Frances Conroy), whose late husband founded the firm that makes Mechanicals. A rebellious teenage girl starts a romance with a Mechanical boy named Kyle (Cody Christian), the son of Lydia’s Mechanical servant David (Patrick Heusinger).

It’s interesting that the show was going to gender-flip the usual “human boy interested in girl robot” narrative in multiple cases.

Just as a taste of what we missed, here are our Mechanicals.

Henry (Edward Finlay)

Kyle (Cody Christian):

David (Patrick Heusinger):

okay so i just watched the unaired pilot (finally)??

apart from it being gay as fuck, one thing in particular jumped out at me.


look familiar?

plus the FIFTY-NINE MISSED CALLS from mary when she was going into labor??

i genuinely don’t know if this has any importance at all, but if it doesn’t, it’s certainly a curious easter egg.


Seriously? THIS is not a conversation between friends. They’re flirting with each other. And then that little smirk on Sherlock’s face at the end. Hello? You can’t deny it! There is something. Quite right Sherlock, quite right! | This is from the unaired pilot. |

  • Sherlock: You may as well eat; might be waiting a long time.
  • John: Hm... are you going to?
  • Sherlock: What day is it?
  • John: It's Wednesday.
  • Sherlock: I'm okay for a bit.
  • John: You haven't eaten toda--? For god's sake, you need to eat!
  • Sherlock: No, YOU need to eat, I need to think. The brain's what counts, everything else is just transport.
  • John: You might consider refuelling.