from the shoulder


“Shit.”  Chibs whistled lowly as Gemma climbed out of your car.  “You look like shit.”  You bit back a chuckle while closing your own car door and walking around to stand next to Gemma.  Her lip was cut, leading to a trail of blood down her chin and her left eye was already bruising up something nasty.

“She thought it was going to be a good idea to mouth off to a guy holding up the corner store down the street.”  You teased before Gemma wrapped an arm around your shoulders and pulled you into her side.

“I knew it wasn’t a good idea.  But that asshole was keeping me from buying my cigarets.”  Gemma retorted with a soft smirk.  “Chibs, this is Y/N.  She’s going to start helping me out around the office.”

Eyeing you for a moment Chibs reached out and shook your hand.  “Nice to met you, Lass.”

“Likewise.”  You smiled.  Gemma let her arm drop from your shoulders and took a step backwards.

“I’m going to go clean up.  Chibs, why don’t you give Y/N the grand tour?”  Nudging you forward Gemma strolled off towards the office.  Glancing over her shoulder once to watch you and Chibs making your way into the clubhouse together, chit chatting the whole way.

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Question time, anyone know the (UK) law on making workers stand for 9 hours, I have 2 vertabrae fractures and bad hips and shoulders from an accident 2 years ago and standing all day puts me in absolute agony. Is there anything to say they have to provide a chair or anything else that could help? Thanks

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If you don't mind... IM HERE AGAIN FOR MY HUSBAND! <3 how about some hc about aizawa's kisses? how he kiss, make out, idk ANYTHING *-*


Aizawa Shota

  • He’s a prolonged kiss person so he doesn’t spontaneously kiss often. He likes to feel the connection between him and his lover. Pecks aren’t his thing.
  • Making out is very very lazy. He likes to have his partner on top of him while their tongues dance. His hands massage their ass slowly during such.
  • His first kiss was… so awkward… His scarf got in the way the first time and they had to retry.
  • However, he loves to give kisses on his partner’s forehead and cheeks. He also likes to hug them from behind and kiss their shoulders and necks (nonsexually ofc)
The Littlest Winchester - Noses

Character: Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 528

Prompt: “I vote today to be pajama day.”


   Dean feels the ache in his shoulder from when Sam forced it back into its socket last night. It pains him when he tries to take off his pajama shirt, as does his wounded leg under too much weight. He can’t undress himself, not easily, and when his shoulder spasms in protest, he gives up and returns to his bed. The four-year-old sitting there peers at her father curiously and watches him try to shed his shirt and fail again.

   “I don’t wanna get dress,” declares the toddler.

   “Should we have a pajama day?”

   She nods. “I vote today to be pajama day.”

   “Sounds good to me.” Dean wonders if she says this because she noticed the pain getting dressed is causing him. Sweet kid. Much too good for him.

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but what if sam and bucky bang and are best friends and they fall in love and it's not a big thing? like they lie on the couch together and suddenly bucky's like 'hm', sam lifts his head from bucky's shoulder to ask what's wrong and bucky says 'think i'm in love with you' and as response sam just drops a kiss to his shoulder and turns head to the tv again, mumbling 'cool' like it doesn't have to be complicated, not when you already share and trust each other with everything.

i mean like I GUESs…. sounds fake but 

jk i LOVE THIS??? so much!!! like it doesn’t change anything either. They don’t run and put a label on who they are to each other they just BE. This is the B E S T!! the best. 

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How would the UF/UT/SF skelebros react to an s/o who becomes shy at the slightest bit of affection and often talks themselves down about how they really 'don't deserve it'?

UF Sans: Haa….same. He will tell you the things he usually likes to hear, like how you do deserve it and how he won’t stop, because he loves you. You actually help him open up himself a bit more, while he helps you.

UF Papyrus: He has a pretty big ego, but he does feel sligthly worthless at times so he at least knows what you are talking about. His methods of helping you are a bit aggresive. He will lift you up in a hug with force, spinning you boh around on the spot like crazy, ignoring your face hiding in his shoulder from emberassement. He will then list of all the things he love about you, screaming them out angrily, not letting you go.

UT Sans: Everytime he feels worthless, Papyrus cheers him up. And he does the same for you, pouring affection on you…as long as he doesn’t have to move to much. He won’t stop no matter how shy you get. Everytime you say you don’t deserve it, he will tell you ten reasons why you actually do deserve it, kissing you on different parts of your body for each reason.

UT Papyrus: This skele will drown you in affection. He will hug and cuddle you all the time, every day telling you how amazing you are. He will get Undyne into the whole thing, and she will get some more people into it, so expect compliments no matter where you go.

SF Sans: He will takle hug you now as a greeting and shower you in the tiniest kisses. He want’s to write you some little, cute notes with compliments, but he doesn’t have the patience for that. So he just gets a few recording devices, and hides them all around the house, with new compliments every day and an alarm set on them so they go off when your usually in that room. Expect to a sudden, screamed “YOU A RE GORGEOUS!” while your in the shower. He really has to find better places to hide those things.

SF Papyrus: “what are you talking about. you are beautifull, perfect, i’m the one who doesn’t deserve it. i’m nothing..” yeah…he may not get shy at affection, but he beats himself up everytime he recieves some himself, about how he doesn#t deserve it and how dare he just takeaffection from people like he is somebody worth their effort and time. Maybe you can convince each other that you are both worth it.

Day 1: Roadtrip

“Woo!” Jesse exclaims happily, shaking out his hair. “My ass hurts.”

Gabriel lifts his head from Jesse’s shoulder, dazed. “I’m never letting you drive anything again,” he says weakly. 

Jesse laughs and puts down the kickstand, patting Gabriel’s thigh. “Hop off, darlin’,” he says, still beaming. “Hope you got some money." 

Gabriel swings his leg over the side of the bike and stumbles off, fumbling to get his wallet out of his pocket. "Where’d you take us?” he asks, handing it over, squinting at the gas station sign. 

“Dunno,” Jesse says honestly, still cheerful as he slides Gabriel’s credit card into the gas pump and fills the stolen motorcycle. “If I’m being real honest, sweetheart, I was just drivin’.”

Gabriel rakes his hand through his hair. “Christ,” he mutters. “You sure we lost them?” he asks, referring to the Talon agents in pursuit. 

“Nope,” Jesse says brightly.

“You’re awfully happy for us to have nearly died,” Gabriel says, accusing.

“Honey, I’m just glad to be back on a bike,” Jesse admits, gesturing to the motorcycle. “Look at this thing. Ain’t she pretty?”

Gabriel eyes the crotch rocket, which was largely responsible for his high blood pressure. It’s painted a hot, sleek red,Yamaha painted boldly over the body in blocky white letters, and has a few new scuffs on the paint. It’s oldschool, not even a hover bike, but instead with fat, genuine rubber tires and flashy silver rims. Very vintage, very Jesse McCree. “Where’d you even learn to drive something like this?” he asks.  

“Deadlock,” Jesse answers, capping the gas tank. “It’s been ages, but y'know what they say about ridin’ bikes." 

Gabriel thinks about the ease with which Jesse handled the motorcycle and, against his better judgment, decides it was an unfortunate kind of attractive. He considers buying one, maybe. It seemed like a worthwhile investment, if it made Jesse this happy. 

Jesse climbs back onto the bike and starts it, revving the engine and flashing Gabriel a wicked grin. His hat’s missing, and he pulls his bandana up over his face to combat the wind. For a moment, he looks every bit like a wild dessert punk, and Gabriel’s a little concerned about the fact that he finds it sexy. "Ready?” Jesse asks. 

“No,” Gabriel confesses, swinging his leg over the bike and pressing close, arms wrapped tight around Jesse’s waist. 

“Too bad!” Jesse shouts. “Hold on!" 

"Jesse!” Gabriel shrieks as Jesse takes off too fast, tires leaving skid marks on the asphalt. 

I’m getting my hair cut from shoulder length to above the ears next week and right about now I’m having my “but what if my cheeks are too fat my jaw line is non-existent my neck is too wide” freak-out.


“What” he demanded innocently eyes shifting “did you think I didn’t know?”

“I” her eyes darted towards Renee “I never told you. How did you….”

“I’m not blind or an idiot” he grumbled but his eyes never lost their twinkle “did you think I wouldn’t approve?” Her silence spoke for her as he nodded in acceptance. “I want you to be happy. That’s all I’ve ever wanted.”

Stepping back Renee suggested “maybe you’d like to take your dad to the garden where you can talk.”

Nodding Divia took her place behind her dad’s wheelchair. She didn’t knew what to say or even what she should be feeling. She felt somehow lighter like a heavy burden had been removed from her shoulders. Her dad loved her. He wasn’t mad like she expected him to be. To her astonishment he had tried to set her up with his therapist. Tears stung her eyes blurring her vision.

“Are you crying?” Liono asked his voice betraying his irritation he felt around anyone crying.

Phichit/Yuuri/Victor - NSFW

  Phichit had wanted this for a long, long time. Yuuri wasn’t the only one obsessing over the beautiful and talented Living Legend. Of course, Phichit had long ago given up his celebrity crush and was more than happy to see his best friend’s fairytale dream come true. He never expected to be more to Victor than just a friend once removed.

  So finding himself naked and drowning in sweaty, arousal-flushed skin was still surreal to Phichit, even after all this time. He was on his knees, straddling Yuuri’s lap, arms wrapped around his best friend’s shoulders in an anchoring grip. They were moving against each other slowly, letting Phichit loosen as much as possible.

  On the other side, Victor was pressed against Phichit’s back, his talented lips doing sinful things from ear to shoulder, scattering Phichit’s thoughts like dandelion seeds. Two long, pale fingers were working their way inside of Phichit’s already filled hole. Phichit moaned at the stretch, causing Yuuri’s grip on his hips to tighten in worry. However, Victor just used his other hand to pull Phichit’s face back for a searing kiss.

  “We can try again later if it’s too much,” Yuuri reassured, dropping soothing kisses along Phichit’s collarbone.

  Phichit broke lips away from Victor reluctantly to look back at Yuuri. “No. I want this. Keep going.”

  “I can’t wait to feel the both of you at once,” Victor murmured, his voice deep and heavy with sex. He rutted his hard member along Phichit’s lower back as he whispered all manner of things in a language Phichit’s mind couldn’t begin to fathom.

  When they finally deemed Phichit’s body ready, he was half out of his mind with need. He didn’t want to touch himself until he felt the both of them inside of him. His cock bobbed and dribbled with need, seeking stimulation in the smallest of touches when it grazed Yuuri’s stomach.

  Victor pulled his fingers back, allowing enough of a gape to press his cock alongside Yuuri’s. It was slow progress and Phichit groaned at the burning stretch of being forced open so wide. Still, he was flying high on pleasure. He’d been working towards this day for quite some time.

  “Yes, yes, please…” Phichit whispered, his body trembling. One hand unconsciously moved to stroke himself, but Yuuri moved the hand away. Phichit whined, but didn’t fight it. He’d asked for this. He wanted to focus on the feel of them first before desperately searching for release.

  And then Victor was seated as far as he could go. Phichit let his head fall back onto Victor’s shoulder. Long fingers brushed through dark, sweat-dampened hair. Yuuri’s warm hands slid up and down Phichit’s torso soothingly.

  “How are you feeling, love?” Victor asked, voice soft and the slightest bit strained in his attempts to keep his hips still.

  “Happy…” Phichit breathed.

  Victor chuckled and Yuuri grinned. With great care, they began to move, building up pace and depth in excruciatingly slow increments. Phichit let go of his body and trusted all of himself to his lovers. He spent that night riding on wave after wave of pure bliss, wrapped in the arms of love, lust, and safety.

When you were a Guest Star™ and have been dead for over a year but the shit show is still using your name and image...

Kiss of life

i forgot to post this back when i got it but honestly… it’s still the most ridiculous photo prompto has taken in my game


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