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The Yaks aren't so much Vikings, because culturally it wouldn't fit. Considering they live far up in the mountains, far away from the sea. Them being horned and living by snow isn't Viking traits. By being Yaks and living in the mountains they are more Mongolian or Tibetan than Viking.

I concede that this is a much better comparison

X-Files rewatch

So I’m doing an X-Files rewatch and I’m always amazed how deeply emotional and different “One Breath” was, far apart from the rest of the episodes so early on, aside from maybe “Beyond the sea”. Skinner’s speech about Vietnam and not giving up is so raw. This is still my favorite episode because of the depth of human emotion it delves into (and still one of Duchovny’s best performances to date, IMO). But I started thinking what it meant to 16 year old me at that time, to watch this. I mean, my goodness. I was a teen at the time and this stuff was intensely deep, emotional. I keep thinking about the younger kids who watched this at that time. Did you comprehend all this? Does it feel different NOW when you rewatch it? Same goes for the young philes watching it nowadays. I suppose I have a deeper understanding of all this now.  I was older when I watched “William” and still cannot rewatch it because I will melt into a puddle of tears if I do. This show was intense, not only story wise, but emotion wise. It was exhausting. I honestly do not know how i survived nine years of this. My goodness.

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Could you explain the difference between an eclectic witch and a Wiccan?

Sure :)

Let’s start off by roughly defining what a Wiccan is. a Wiccan is not always a witch, first and foremost. They are part of a theism called Wicca, in which they worship a god and a goddess :) There are Wiccan witches, and there are wiccans who are not witches. It is a theism meant to have the ability to incorporate magick into it if such a thing was desired, but it can be left out too ^_^ 

Moving on, Wiccans can also be eclectic witches. There are many different forms of witchcraft, ranging from kitchen witchery, to sea witchery, and all the spaces in between.

If a witch decided that having a set path, say druidry, wasn’t right for them, they may look into other branches of witchcraft such as cottage witchery or hedge witchery etc. If they still didn’t feel like they fit just one, they might blend a few together and create an eclectic path :) 

So you see, eclectic just means that they create their own little style of witchcraft using multiple branches, or even their own ideas/self-made traditions.

If a Wiccan decided that they wanted to worship the god and goddess yet also incorporate other styles of witchcraft, they would be an eclectic witch with Wiccan foundations ^_^ 

I hope this was helpful to you! :D Followers, feel free to add on to anything I may have missed ^_^

dive back in.

the first thing we did when we arrived in the island of Camotes was to explore the island. i wasn’t particularly in the mood to swim, but just walk around and shoot.

a few local kids instantly caught my attention the moment we got close to the beach. this particular one kept jumping from the cliff, the angle from where i was shooting from, back to the sea. he didn’t mind me taking snaps the whole time.

it was evident that having fun was the main priority. ( ..oh childhood! )

Photograph by Richard John Pozon (targetarj)

Beach Voyeur ft. Fave Bot and Unnamed Human Admirer

(Listen to E.T. by Katy Perry) (Admirer’s POV)

Seeing them next to the cliff just reminded me how BIG a Cybertronian was.

The cliffs were always treacherous, but beautiful. I always wanted to take them there, but knew we could never make it to the gap in the rocks they perched at now.

“He could take them there, you cannot”, my thoughts almost choke me, but I stifle them down. I want to see them, and when he shifts, behemoth body blocking them from violent sea spray, I do see them.

Flushed, blushing, hair whipping in the wind. Top gone. My heart leaps, half in want half in hurt. I wish I could touch them the way he does. They arc, arms trapped beneath their head, the beg attention. I want to lavash them in it.

He bends, and once again he is so BIG, he kisses their chest and I see their head loll back. Their lips form a cry, drowned in the sound of the sea.

They are so tiny that when he unfurls his cables and touches them, they look ten times smaller than before. They’re both engrossed in their touches and feelings, their sounds and tastes.

“You will never touch them like that.”

My heart sinks again. Drop it.

They cry out, silently, and shiver. They claw the rocks and kiss their Cybertronian lover, hips rocking. I see them press closer, their plating shudders and the only way I know they’ve overloaded is the small translucent pink streak that splashes their thigh.

I shrink away when they arc to kiss them, its easy to see them carnal, its harder to see them romantic.

“They will never give them up. You’ve lost to an alien.” Thoughts that kill me from the inside.

No, I didn’t lose. There was never any competition.

This is @lovethywalrus’s capture of Sarah Anne Rocks on Tasmania’s remote West Coast. Located south of the fishing village of Arthur River, Sarah Anne Rocks was named after Sarah Anne Fogg, a talented painter whose watercolours capture the vivid colours and drama of the Tasmanian wilderness. Look out to sea from here and you are gazing into the largest uninterrupted expanse of ocean on the globe. Next landfall: Argentina. It’s an intense feeling. Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania, Paul. #sarahannerocks #arthurriver #coast

Random things

Now that we are almost two months into summer break, the kids sports are winding down and my class will be over in three weeks. Originally my oldest daughter (she’s 15) was going to try out for volleyball, but after a bad experience with the high school coach at volleyball camp (the guy is just a dick) she decided not to try out. Now I am considering heading out to Washington to visit my family. How crazy would it be to drive 2,000 miles with 5 kids, ages: 1, 5, 9, 12 & 15? Should I just wait until next year and go when my daughter can help me drive? (Do I even want to be a passenger with her behind the wheel?) I did hear the other day that Alaskan airlines has flights from OKC to SEA now, so maybe that would be an option? My husband is on vacation for most of this month, so he can’t go when I’m thinking about going in the beginning of August.
The other issue is that my husband is waiting to see if he got a promotion which would move us to Indiana…but he’s a federal employee so it’s taking forever to find out. I’m beginning to think they enjoy torturing us by making him wait so long. If he gets the job I’m definitely going after they pack us out! Maybe I should just hold out for that news?
I really just want to see my parents and grandma, and plant my rear end on the beach in front of my parents house for a few days!
It’s so hot in Oklahoma right now. It’s been almost 100° the past few weeks. I think I just want out of here.
And lastly, my baby will be ONE on the 20th!! The past year flew by!! I wish she’d sleep through the night, but that hasn’t happened yet.

ERMAHGERD! Six months later and I still remember this MITMH 2015 metapuzzle like I just did it!

(The titles of the puzzles, in green on the left-hand column, are the titles of the first seven Goosebumps books with one word replaced. The seven answers, in black, each contain one syllable with an “er” sound. When the answers are reordered by Goosebumps book number, the ER syllables read “MER KER NER CURL SUR MERN STIR”. Back-translating from ermahgerd, this is “MECHANICAL SEA MONSTER”)

Triple Date

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by theWickedWitchofFeels

weird crack!ish one-shot of Sea Devil, Dragon Queen, Captain Swan, and, of course, Swan Queen

written from the prompt:

Sea Devil!!! I would like a prompt where Cru and Urs double date with Mal/Regina (whose likes to be an ass to Sea Devil) bringing Hook/Emma along with her!!

Well, to be fair, they never said it had to *stay* CS.

Words: 577, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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