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Appetite for Destruction: Eating Bluefin Tuna Into Extinction  

Sushi has become a staple of nearly every American’s diet—yet most of us have no clue about the economics and environmental impact involved in getting fish from the sea to our plates. From Los Angeles to Japan, host Sasha Issenberg—journalist and author of The Sushi Economy—follows the trail of the threatened Pacific bluefin tuna to find out if our appetite for sushi just might end up devouring this diamond of the sea.

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anonim zapytał(a)::

There were some terrible things posted to Emily overnight from people demanding she leave NR alone and generally get away from him...without getting into their explicit accusations. Some have been deleted (I know I reported several) but there were some crazy things out there. It is great they don't seem to care, but it was super disturbing.

I like how it’s Emily’s fault that NR went to her concert alone and then they hung out after. It’s HER FAULT folks. She’s like a siren that draws men in from the seas!! Beware!!!

Not like NR went because his friend was performing and he wanted to support her bc he’s a friend of hers and they haven’t had a chance to hang out and since she isn’t on the show anymore their time is limited to actually interact with each other and you know be normal and hang out.

It’s not like NR and EK are normal human beings who are friends who support each other and hang out when they can.


* Half Lowy * by Isamtelhami Since 1995 I started to dive ,I have hundreds of dives from the mediterranean
sea and from the red sea ,and never with a camera .
Last month I bought Nikon 1 camera with raw files and 15 meter depth .
I hop you will like my style under water .
Thanks a lot for reading and visiting .

Letter #1013:

ear soulfulreverie,

I know you won’t notice me falling for you because you don’t even know I exist, but come what may, I’d still love you. I love you for your words gave me solace when I badly needed one, I love you when you saved me from drowning in the sea of sadness and depression (you don’t probably remember, I’m CK, your anon), I love you when you are bad. I know we haven’t talked a lot, like reallytalk talk but I just want you to know that I will wait. I will wait until the day comes you notice me, you glance at my side with a smile on your face, whether it means romantically or not. I wrote this letter not to tell you that I will come get you from him, I just want you to know that if you feel alone, sad, depressed, unloved, I was here— I am here and I will be here when you needed me (if you ever need me, just in case). I hope we can be close friends, because that, my love is already enough for me because I can know how are you doing. Smile, you’re beautiful (don’t reply “you haven’t seen me yet” because even if I haven’t, I know, I just know you’re beautiful).

Please, look my way.

P.S. I love you.

I don’t think it’s the same for other people.

First of all, I’m not other people. People aren’t me. Here we go.

In my mind I see him leaving, the crew scrambling with deck lights lighting up in the mouth of the anchorage, it feels like an escape. I’m reminded of watching my sister leave on the great big Thunderbird - her sails going up in the dark of the night, the wind whipping up a chop that tosses the old Coast Guard cutter that I hang on to with binoculars pressed to my face, trying to discern which crew is where. My rum drink tries to slide away. There was an ice maker on that boat, what luxury. 

Gypsy Spirit does not. And I can feel the excitement from a million miles away, I can feel the nerves. Can you hear the sea from across the small bit of land that separates you? Is there lightning in the distance, as there often is at that time of year over there? Is the green crew pissing you off, Mr Captain, and are you wishing for a crew who knows the boat? 

Oh Gods, I can hear the wind in the sails, the heartbeat rippling with the whip of the main luffing and a shout lost downwind. It’s an easy escape, but we are excited, and this ol girl needs to shake off the nests in her hair and the spikes in her belly, it’s time to fly and meet the night head on. 

It’s a path we’ve fought before, my love, and I may be here in the cold north with a busted up foot - but in my soul, I am right there with you and I can feel every adventure coming our way. I can taste the sea like I can taste your mouth, a memory I will never forget, and one I will seek out over and over.

Here we go…


If you can just get your mind together
Then come on across to me
We’ll hold hands an’ then we’ll watch the sun rise from the bottom of the sea
But first

Are you experienced?
Have you ever been experienced?
Well, I have

I know, I know
You’ll probably scream n’ cry
That your little world won’t let you go
But who in your measly little world are trying to prove that
You’re made out of gold and -a can’t be sold

So-er, are you experienced?
Have you ever been experienced?
Well, I have

Ah, let me prove it to you
Trumpets and violins, I can hear in the distance
I think they’re calling our names
Maybe now you can’t hear them, but you will
If you just take hold of my hand
Ah! But are you experienced?
Have you ever been experienced?
Not necessarily stoned, but beautiful…