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Yoo Youngjae’s Birthday Countdown - Day 3

C is for Confidence

"Anything that Japril get to do together, I’m for it. So whether they are romantically involved,whether they are just living together, where they’re fighting, where they’re working together or loving each other, like she’s terrific to work with. We’ve invested years and years and years into this story and our character traits and expectations and disappointments and that’s when you really get to have fun, when there are stakes, when it really means something.“

~~Jesse Williams on Japril
with Access Hollywood Paleyfest2017

ALL the little things in beauty and the beast
  • belle’s relationship with her dad
  • “’madame gaston’ his ‘little wife’ *huge ass grunt*
  • belle inventing the first washing machine while teaching a girl to read
  • the fucking villagers throwing belle’s laundry on the fucking mud
  • gaston not knowing french
  • lefou’s crush on gaston
  • me feeling bad for the wolves attacking maurice and the beast
  • garderobe’s AMAZING VOICE
  • the foot resting dog
  • lumiere dabbing two times during “be our guest”
  • beast’s major eyeroll when belle said romeo and juliet is her favorite work from shakespeare
  • beast’s sass
  • belle squealing after beast gave her his huge ass library
  • beast reading his book by himself in the snow
  • belle getting knocked out by beast’s huge ass snow ball
  • belle’s mom dying from the black death/plague broke my heart
  • maurice protected belle from the plague because he didn’t want to lose her either
  • lefou not knowing how to spell gaston’s name
  • lumiere’s and plumette’s relationship
  • lefou performing “gaston” is really just him being gay and flirting with gaston
  • the foot resting dog
  • lefou always being one centimeter away from gaston
  • lefou almost sitting in gaston’s lap
  • lefou trying to convince gaston to leave maurice alone and not kill him
  • lefou wanting not to hurt maurice but he just follows gaston’s lead becuse of his crush on him and he doesn’t want to fight with him because if he does he knows its not gonna be pretty
  • maurice being sassy with that driver
  • the coat hanger being all  (ง'̀-‘́)ง with gaston
  • the foot resting dog
  • the piano’s dental problem
  • lefou realizing gaston is a little bitch and that he doesn’t deserve him so he joins the furniture and starts fighting the villagers and mrs.potts is like “HELL YEAH YOU GO GLEN COCO!!!”
  • the piano shooting his teeth at the villagers
  • garderobe jumping on the villagers
  • beast saying “let them in” when the villagers were busting the door open broke my heart
  • garderobe attacking three men while dressing them and yelling “BE FREE!!!!!!”
  • garderobe doesn’t give a shit about gender roles
  • one of the dudes smirking when garderobe dressed him up
  • interracial relationships even though this movie was set in the 1740s
  • the foOT REstiNG DOG
  • during the wedding in the end where lefou was dancing with a woman and looked all sappy and bored until the smirking man that garderobe dressed came in and danced with him
  • the dog

“Hi, my name is Benjamin Linus and I’ve lived on this island all my life.”


I actually enjoy that using faceless Zenyatta forces me to get into some expressive body language, so I’m not sure it would do much adding or detracting from the sass levels. Though it does bring about possibilities for a team up with Symmetra as both of them would have a resting expression of ‘I am so much better than you I cannot even describe it.’