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REQUEST: Can you do a Peter Parker (CW) x Reader where the reader has a huge crush on Spider Man but she doesn’t know it’s her best friend so he reveals it


There was nothing more that you hated than a Monday morning. You wanted to climb back into your bed and sleep for hours but you had to go to school. Thinking about sitting in classes for eight hours made you want to wretch.

The only thing that made you want to go to school was seeing your best friend Peter Parker. You had known Peter since you were ten years old. He had moved into the same apartment building as you. Peter was moving into the building with his Aunt May after his parents got killed in a car accident.

You befriended him from that first day and the two of you had been inseparable ever since. You had been harboring feelings for Peter for some time now. He had never shown any interest so you kept the feelings you had for him to yourself.

Once you made it to your locker, you opened it and saw the huge Spiderman sticker you had on the door. The web slinging hero was all the rage at school. People were constantly watching videos that others were sharing online. You often wondered who Spiderman was. Could he be walking down the same hallways as you?

“(Y/n)!” You heard a familiar voice calling you.

You turned and looked to your right seeing Peter maneuver his way through the crowd of students. He had a smile on his face like he normally did when he saw you.

“How are you so damn chipper on a Monday morning?” You asked him once he reached you.

“I had a good weekend.”

“Thanks for inviting me to whatever you went to. Not like I was busy or anything.” You joked.

“I’m sorry! It was just a spur of the moment thing with some other friends.”

You stopped what you were doing and looked at him, “What friends? I’m your only friend, Parker.”

Peter scoffed at you, “You aren’t my only friend. I’ve got plenty of friends!”

“Like who?”

Peter started stuttering, “Uh, well there’s that guy uh in gym and you know the janitor is pretty cool.”

“You’re telling me you hung out with the janitor this weekend?”

“No! It was just some people, (Y/n).”

“I’ll let it go. Hey, did you see Spiderman catching that mugger in Central Park on Saturday? He’s the guy that’s been stealing all those purses from women for like weeks. Someone caught the fight and uploaded it.” You closed your locker and you and Peter started walking down the hall. The two of you were in the same homeroom.

“Uh no, I haven’t seen it.”

“I’ll show it to you at lunch. Spiderman was so amazing! The way he fought that guy was incredible!”

Peter chuckled next to you, “If I didn’t know any better, I would think that you had a crush on Spiderman.”

“Ha! No I don’t have a crush on him.” You said but you knew that you were lying. If you had told Peter the truth, you felt like he would think you were being silly.

“You always gush about the guy. It’s clear that you have a crush on him.”

“Ugh fine! I have a crush on Spiderman.” You admitted.

Peter smiled a little, “What do you like about him?”

The two of you walked into your homeroom and went to the back where your seats were.

“I guess the whole saving people thing is hot. He’s fearless but not completely reckless. I’m sure he has a great heart because he’s out there risking his life for others.”

“Eh, I think the guy is a bit overrated if you ask me.” Peter joked.

You reached over and smacked his arm, “Take that back, Parker!”


The streets of New York were almost deserted. You had been at the library for what you expected to be for an hour or two but it turned into four and a half. Your mom had texted you multiple times already asking where you were.

You had a huge calculus test to prepare for and you needed all of the study time that you could get.

Once you had texted your mom that you were on your way home, you set out on the usual way you took from the library.

You took a shortcut through an alley when you heard something that sounded like it was coming from above you. You stopped walking and looked up. There wasn’t anything there.

You dropped your gaze to in front of you and nearly screamed. Standing right there in front of you was Spiderman.

He raised his left hand and waved, “Hey there.”

“Oh my gosh! I can’t believe that it’s you! What are you doing here?” You could feel yourself beginning to babble.

“I was just in the neighborhood and saw a beautiful girl like yourself wandering around alone. You know you shouldn’t be walking around here by yourself.” He said. There was something about him that seemed familiar, like you had heard his voice before.

“I can take care of myself.”

Spiderman chuckled a little, “I’m sure you can.”

“There’s something about you that I feel familiar with. I just can’t put my finger on it.”

“Is that so?”

You nodded and took a step closer to him. He watched you as you circled around him. He wasn’t that much taller than you. His stance was that of a normal teenage boy.

“Have we met before?”

“Don’t you think you would remember meeting a guy in a red costume?”

You laughed, “You’re right about that. I just feel like I’ve met you before.”

Spiderman reached under his chin and lifted his mask up.

It was Peter.

You froze and remembered the conversation that you and Peter had earlier that day. You told your best friend to his face that you liked him! Well, you didn’t know that he was Spiderman of course.

“I can’t believe that it’s you!” You breathed out before reaching over and smacking his arm.

“Ouch! What the hell was that for?”

“You’re an idiot! I can’t believe you do have the stuff you’ve been doing!”

“You thought it was noble earlier.”

“That’s before I knew it was you! Peter, I can’t believe that you didn’t tell me! I can’t believe that you let me–”

“Let you admit that you had a crush on me?” He smirked.

You looked away from him, “That too.”

Peter took a step closer to you, “I know you weren’t speaking of me directly but.. I’ve been waiting for so long for you to say that you have a crush on me.”


He nodded and brushed some hair off of your face, “Yeah. I’ve been wanting to ask you out for so long. I just didn’t know if you would be willing to go out with me.”

“Well, if the offer still stands, I would love to go out with you, Peter.”

Peter leaned closer to you and kissed you softly. Before the kiss could go any farther, you phone started ringing loudly.

You reached into your jacket pocket and saw that your mom was calling you. “Crap, I’m late.”

“I can get you home soon.”


Peter wrapped his arm around you tightly and smiled, “Just hold on tight.”


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You sigh staring at the gifs, still shots, and circles edited versions of the video from last week. It’s still buzzing around the Internet, and Tae is just as worried as you are. You debuted not too long ago with BTS since you are in BigHit with them, and this could arise so many more problems and rumors than just a stupid little dating one. Your group mates and you got put in pairs with one other boy since you had the same number of people, and to make it easier on stage while you perform together. The pairs are based on personality similarities: You have Tae. “Tae.” You sigh heavily.

“(Y/N)-ah,” He put your phone down on your lap as he sat next to you on the couch, “Just ignore it.” He put his arm around you, pulling you closer to his side. “It’ll pass like everything else,”

“Less than five months into our debut and they already ‘proof’ that this isn’t innocent,” You ran your hand through your hair.

“It’ll be forgotten as soon as we keep them busy with all the performances,” He waved it off, rubbing your shoulder.

“I hope..”


“Ah~” The man laughed at how similar we were.

“Can we just get this out of the way?” His costar woman crossed her legs. “As you know, that Bangtan Bomb posted last week shows you to engaging in some trading of emotions.” The picture appeared on the screen they had. “Is this what everyone is assuming?” She directed it towards Tae.

You came face to face with the horrid video again—but they focused it on you two standing there. Tae was leaned over you tiredly—something he does after shows or anything. His arms were wrapped around your waist, and his head on yours. As the video progresses, he rests his head on your shoulder into the crook of your neck. You watch as your hand snakes up as you read a magazine, and plays with his hair as he closes his eyes. A blush rose in your face as you watched yourself on the gigantic screen. “We have a junior-senior relationship,” He tried to clear this up, “We teach her group useful things, and we always perform and help them. We all want them to succeed—they’re wonderful girls, and very talented. We’ve developed friendships and feelings for them over time—however, it isn’t those kinds of feelings. (Y/N) and I aren’t dating, and probably never will; friendship is always first. I care about her a lot, and I’m comfortable around her—which is why I did that.”

“Anything you have to say, (Y/N)?” The woman asked, seeing you beginning to open your mouth but close it.

“He always does that,” You started, “It doesn’t mean anything.”

They nodded, “There you have it.” The man said.


“You think they believed us?” Tae asked, closing the door behind you as you walked in the dressing room.

“It seemed like they did,” You shrugged.

“I just hope no more rumors come about.” He patted his lap as he sat.

“You know they will,” You breathed, sitting on him. “Once they get a little taste, they’ll fight for more proof.”

“They’re just confused on how I can keep my hands to myself with such a beautiful girl around,” He smiled, putting hair behind your ear. “I know I can’t do that.” He pecked your lips as he held your thighs.

“Those rumors might continue if you’re not careful,” You kissed him back, holding his face.

“Me?” He scoffed, “What do you mean, jagi?”

“Oh, nothing~” You looked away from him while fighting the urge to smile.

“Yah!” He body slammed you into the couch playfully, “Tell me!” He hovered above you.

“Really? You’re never careful,” You shook your head, “It’s like you don’t care if people know.”

“That’s because I don’t..” He said lowly, “I want to be able to hold your hand outside—not inside. I want to be able to take you out on normal dates, and not lie to the fans and interviewers who ask. I’m running out of excuses,” He laid down on you, and put his head on your chest. “Would it really be that bad if we went public?” His words came out muffled as he buried his face between your breasts, “It’ll be easier.”

“Easier how?” You lifted his head.

“I can treat you like a normal girlfriend,”

“You don’t know how people will react to this,” You brought him up to hug him.

“The true fans will be happy and excited to see what we do,” He kissed your cheek repeatedly, “We can do cute little videos, and take selcas everyday.”

“When do you wanna do this?” You twirled his brown hair on your index finger.

“Now.” He sat up, getting his phone out. “Get on my lap again—we need to look like we are actually together and not just kidding.” You lifted yourself on him once again, and he put the camera on you two. “Picture or video?”

“How much do you wanna say?”

“Not much,” He held the phone out, putting his arm around your waist. “Say cheese!”

You did a peace sign and a kissy face. “Didn’t look very couple-y.” You giggled as you examined the picture.

“Fine.” He rolled his eyes. Before you knew it, his hand turned your head to face him and his lips crashed against yours. “Better?” He asked, showing you his phone.

“I guess.” You blush as you saw what you look like kissing.

“That’ll be my new background now,” He stuck his tongue out. You saw him did as he said, but moved the lion he had to his lock screen instead. “You know what?” He canceled it, “Why should the lion be my lock screen when this can?” He switched them around. He locked his phone, then turned it on and your faces were there for anyone to see. “Now we post it.” He focused on typing on Twitter while you sat there worried about what people will think. Your phone buzzed in your back pocket; no doubt from Tae—or the account they shared.

You checked on it, and tea what he wrote: I have a confession..this beautiful girl is mine—yes we lied. I love her, so be kind!

“You love me?” A smile crept on your face.

“Well,” He blushed, “I’ve been with you for a while, and I’ve known you for two years prior.”

“So you decided to say our first 'I love you’ via Twitter?”

“I love you, (Y/N).” He said quickly, “I love everything about you..” He hugged you closely. “You make me so happy..”

“I love you, too.” You held the back of his head. You heard little sniffles, and sharp intakes of breath from him. “Tae, are you crying?”

“N-No..” He wiped his nose.

“Why are you crying, baby?” You wiped some tears from his cheeks.

“Because I love you..I never loved anyone before, and I want to be with you forever. I can’t wait to get married, have kids, get old..” He trailed off, “They are happy tears, jagi. Look,” He smiled and tilted his head, “Happy—I promise.”

Phil Lester -  He meets you for the first time

“She’s nearly here” Dan smiles looking up from his phone to look at his best friend Phil Lester who is sat across from him.

They are currently waiting for you - Dan’s friend -  from back home because Dan hasn’t seen you in a really long time and he also thinks that you would really like Phil.

You notice Dan as you walk up the street, the sun is out so the two boys are sat outside of Starbucks where you agreed to meet them. They don’t notice you at first because they seem to be in deep discussion even though they laugh every now and again, you try to make out what they are saying but you fail miserably 


“You’re going to really like her” Dan smirks squirming in his seat

“What makes you say that?” Phil asks with a laugh

“Although she isn’t my type she is extremely beautiful and you both have the same sense of humor” Dan explains knowingly 

“If you say so” Phil laughs throwing his head back but then something catches his eye making him look over his shoulder, he smile drops and his eyes widen.

Dan watches Phil’s reaction then looks in the direction where Phil is looking making him notice you. Dan stands up and walks over to you pulling you into a tight hug, you look over his shoulder at his friend Phil who you have seen from YouTube videos and you smile at him.

Phil stays completely still for a couple of moments until Dan lets you go but then all of a sudden he jumps up scraping his chair making you wince.

“Hi” he whispers blushing a deep red colour

“Hey” you reply with a smile making him blush an even deeper colour, to cut the awkward feeling in the air you pull him into a hug which shocks him at first but he quickly wraps his arms around you and rests his head on your shoulder.

“You give great hugs” you giggle as you pull away and he blushes again, what is it with him and blushing? you wonder silently 

You look over at Dan who is grinning at the two of you and when he spots you looking over at him he raises his eyebrows suggestively as he looks between the two of you and this time for a change you feel your cheeks heating up.

You had confined in Dan that you liked Phil, of course you liked what you saw from his videos because for all you knew he could be horrible in person but you had told Dan all the same and he had promised he would set up a meeting for the two of you using the excuse that it was a chance for the two of you to meet which was still true because you hadn’t seen each other in such a long time since Dan moved to central London but the main reason behind it was because you like Phil and Dan though you would get along with him really well.

You sit down in between the two boys and you feel Phil’s eyes on you so you can’t help but look over at him and when your eyes meet you both snap your heads away in opposite directions.

“Just going to take a phone call” Dan says and he is clearly lying but neither of you say anything, as he walks past his nudges you with his elbow to silently tell you to talk to Phil so you pick up the courage to finally do it.

“So…” you start awkwardly “Your video’s are really funny” 

“Thank you!” Phil says loudly before sinking into his chair which you can’t help but laugh at and he smiles at you 

“Dan has told me a lot about you” he adds

“Oh really.. don’t believe a word” you wink and his smile continues to grow

“Where have you been hiding all this time?” Phil asks out loud but very quietly, you almost miss is but you just about hear him

“Well Dan moved to Manchester for Uni and stuff and i never saw him which meant we never got to meet” you shrug and when you look at Phil he looks kind of sad

“I’m sorry i took him from you, he told me you used to be close” he sighs 

“Oh no don’t worry about it! I’m glad he is happy and has such a good friendship with you and now we have met up now hopefully we can see each other more… you too” you quickly add in a questioning tone 

“I would like that a lot” Phil grins biting his lip “How about we swap numbers?” he suggests

“Yes lets…” you reply picking up your phone

“You’re adorable, if I’m not being too forward i would like to take you to dinner at some point” he asks not looking into your eyes from being too shy

“You’re not too forward at all, i would love to” you reply and you notice over Phil’s shoulder to see Dan smirking at you like he knows exactly what has just happened.

Phil does end up taking you out on a date and you have so much in common causing your relationship progresses and where ever you go Dan likes to remind people that he set the two of you up.

So this little mention of Robbie Williams’ video from August 2013 (less than a week after the TIU premiere) made me search for the said video, since it’s been a while I’ve seen it…  It seems to be in the same vein as Liam’s other song recommendations from August, so I thought I might share it.

… and it just happens to tell a story about two lovers that the authorities tear apart.

Also, the beginning of the lyrics for you…

Close your eyes so you don’t feel them
They don’t need to see you cry
I can’t promise I will heal you
But if you want to I will try

I’ll sing this summer serenade
The past is done
We’ve been betrayed
It’s true
Some might say the truth will out
I believe without a doubt, in you

You were there for summer dreaming
And you gave me what I need
And I hope you find your freedom
For eternity…
For eternity

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