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Name: Georgia
Age: 16
Country: United Kingdom

Hello there. I’m a politics/history/general nerd, I enjoy debating and occasionally playing devil’s advocate.. and I’m quite controversial- but I’m always up for healthy discussion, and I believe that opinions are malleable- so convince that I’m wrong, and I’ll happily change my stance.
Other than politics, I have this fascination with Russia- which could be described as an obsession, I love their history, their culture, their language- any thing except their ice hockey team, because we always lose to them.
I love Russian literature, but I love books in general- I love to read- top 3, at the moment are: The pianist by Władysław Szpilman, One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and The picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde (not to mention the brilliant works of Kafka, Conan Doyle, Gogol etc).
Id like to primarily snail mail.

Preferences: Id prefer someone from the age group of 15-17, and ideally someone who is up for a debate about current affairs and won’t get too offended if i say something controversial- I say controversial, but not as in be bigoted or hateful to any groups of people. Im not interested in being friends with anyone who is spiteful or hateful towards people, not about that life.
If you can speak Russian, or are from Russia- that would be great, but I wouldn’t mind someone from the same or different country either- I don’t really mind.

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sorry it's like... you're talking about LGBT+ issues at school and here, in Russia, if people talk to teenagers about being gay in any other way than 'it's terrible', it's gay propaganda... I mean, I feel so good for you, I'm incredibly glad that it's so better where you live but, honestly, sometimes i feel a little bit hopeless - like it'll never change at all; anyway, love from a sad Russian teenager follower of this blog who's getting used to the fact that they can be a lesbian nb teen <3

i’m so sorry hun, i wish i could help. i can empathize in a small way, since i was raised (and still live in) a very very homophobic environment. however that’s obviously nothing near what you’re dealing with

hang tight. there’s gonna be relapses on the way to progress, and it WILL get better. if russia doesn’t have some sense smacked into it by the time you’re an adult, you can get out of there when you are. i promise it’ll be okay. 🖤

Can you hear, my heartbeat ?

He caught a bad case of yaoi arm because I drew this at 3am why am I like this

You fools thought you would be safe from Katsudon x Russian Jesus in this blog *laughs maniacally*

Shout out to this adorable gay couple I saw posing like this in the subway today ~

Bonus : Yurio is tired of everyone’s bullshit.

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Можно ссылку на ваш паблик в вк? ;w; Прекрасные работы!

Спасибо. =) Я веду только этот блог, у меня нет паблика в ВК.

I’ve been asked if I have a blog at VK, a Russian social network. I recently posted fabulous Lambert from ask_witcher blog there. That blog is pretty fun btw. mostly if you know Russian It even has drawings of Angoulême. Also, those draw your squad memes. =D

Milva: Such a shame!
Cahir: oh sweet Melethil

Regis: It’s not a withdrawal symptom
Cahir: I swear it was this big
Dandelion: ♪ berries tart, lilac sweet ♪
Geralt: I’m the lone wolf, I don’t need anyone!
…: (Roach sucks)

DIY 12  Favorite Miniature Book Tutorials. Mini DIY books have always been very popular on my blog, so here is a roundup of them all in one place.

Miniature Book from 1 Inch Minis.

External image

No Sew and No Adhesives Miniature Book from gohlikim.

External image

Miniature Book from Karen Kavett.

External image

Easiest Book Cover Pendants Ever from Two Butterflies.

External image

Mini Book Necklaces with Charms from Art by Wendy.

External image

Miniature Book Pendant from the Russian Blog scrapshopchallenge.

External image

Mni Spell Books from Ruby Murray.

External image

Anthropologie Inspired Library Stack Necklace from Craftster.

External image

Knockoff Library Stack Necklace by Anthropologie from The Scene of Sublime.

External image

Mini Book Necklace and Keychain from Chic Steals.

External image

Tiny Books from How About Orange.

External image

Mini Accordian Books from Poppytalk.

External image

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I don't know much about Vetements. What's wrong with them?

they’re a bunch of white gentrifiers who hate any one who isn’t 100% aryan® approved and the fashion press won’t stop eating their ass even tho they’ve all said that they won’t cast poc in their shows or campaigns because it “dilutes and weakens their collections” and they “won’t change their vision to appeal to some outdated concept of correctness”

they sell levi made jeans for $1000 and sweaters for $2000, they have their ass eaten by the spoonful by the press and the bloggers because they made the hoodie a “political statement” even tho the people who made the hoodie a political statement by wearing it in the face of imminent death by racist people were young black men

they stole their entire aesthetic from the the russian/slavick bodybuilder blogs with some of the “scaly lad” shit that the german gays are into then added some of the aesthetic logo changing thing those cut out instagrams have been doing since 2011 and the press just ate it up

they market themselves as a commune of young ex soviet expats living in paris as modern creatives, which is total bullshit like most of them have had stable jobs within the industry for years (I’m not trying to invalidate their or their families experience within the soviet days) but this whole they just left some back water government owned apartment block thing aint true 

last year i got drag’t to kingdom come and then some because i brought up the fact that they were really lazy designers that were selling ridiculously over priced shit and copy/paste helmut lang/mmm, everyone said that i was a tacky gay who stanned for shit ass designers and was hating on the rise of the new wave of designers 

but now all y'all are gonna have to eat your words because i was right and i was  speaking the truth, I’ve been saying since day one that they were dark sided but y'all never believed me well now the truth is out

please don’t translate and repost my comics without permission! i’ve been having huge amounts of trouble with this, especially from russian miraculous ladybug blogs, and i’m incredibly unhappy not being asked or knowing it’s happening.

if you see a blog or other website doing this and speak the language, please tell them to stop! additional written translations in reblogs are fine, but this isn’t cool because they do not have permission to edit and redistribute my art this way.

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Hi, I'm just starting to learn and I was wondering if you had any tips. Thank you! :)

Hello! I’ve answered this before in another post:

Is it possible to learn Russian by yourself? If yes, where should I start? Well, personally, I studied it at school and am now studying it at university, so I can’t really say, but there are plenty of people teaching themselves Russian, so yes, if you work hard enough, it’s possible. The internet is a magical place and you have all the resources you need right here. I’ve posted every resource I could find on this blog and the blog’s wonderful followers have suggested a good many as well:


Sites for learning Russian

Grammar lessons

Here are some external links to get you started:

Immersion is key to learning any language, whether you’re being taught or self-teaching, so surround yourself with as many Russian-related sources as possible! It’s also worth finding a Russian penpal once you get to grips with the basic.

I was hoping that somewhere down the line, anyone could chance upon this blog and start learning Russian from it, so I’m glad you found this blog!

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[through asks for now is fine :)] Bruce sughed and yawned as he started a pot of tea. He knew it was three in the morning but he hadn't been sleeping and it's not like anyone else was up.

[I am going to hit ask limit so just reblog this and i will reply from my side blog, ierominati…]

The Russian red-head tossed and turned in her sleep. She was tangled in her blankets and her thrashing only worsened it. “<no… no! Stop!>” She shouted in Russian as she woke. She shot upright and turned on her lamp. Beads of sweat rolled down her skin and a few strands of hair stuck to her sweaty forehead. Natasha took a few deep breaths before kicking off her blankets and walking out of her bedroom. Her throat burned from dryness so she decided to get some water from the kitchen, only to see Bruce. She sat at the table and looked over at him. “Good morning… You’re up early…” She said with a slight smirk, trying to play it off like nothing had happened.


I’m so tired of seeing these russian blogs spam the same trash post that no one thinks is good at all. Even if they vanish, they’ll still come back to make us suffer with the same, goddamn Beauty and the Beast post 20 000 times until tumblr dies from it. It’s time to STOP!

Originally posted by captainsauceman

I just saw a cis person claiming to be truscum so this is just a reminder that if you’re cis and call yourself that, I’m going to assume you are a twerf and an in general transphobe.

You cannot be cis and truscum.
You absolutely cannot be cis and truscum.
There is no possible way you can be cis and truscum.

What you’re doing when you say that is you’re taking a side on an intra-community discussion you have no say in.

If you are cis, you know nothing about what it’s like to be trans. No, not even if a trans person tries to describe it for you.

Do you expect someone who grew up in England to understand what it’s like to grow up in Russia? Or for an American to understand what it’s like to be English or Russian?

No, because while the English person may have an idea on what the Russian person went through as a child from reading blog posts made by Russians or talking to someone who’s Russian about Russia, they haven’t experienced it for themselves first hand.

Cis people have not experienced being trans first hand. They do not know what trans people go through and thus need to stay out of discussions where a full understanding of what it’s like to be trans is necessary. And yes, every intra-community discussion is like that.