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What is your opinion on Campo Santo issuing DMCA notices to all past present and future Campo Santo game play from Pewdiepie? Their action recently sparked a debate on whether Let's Plays in general are legal or not.

My opinion is fuck Pewdiepie.

When it comes to Lets Plays, I believe we need to find a healthy middle ground for that benefits both developers and content creators, but the problem with this whole debate is that it turned the conversation away from the condemnation that Pewdiepie deserves, and the wider discussion that we need to (continue to) have about gaming’s racism issues.

Saying “I hate Pewdiepie, but…” and then wading into a legal mess that has professionals on both sides of the fence is absolutely the wrong priority.

I also think it’s important to point out that Campo Santo is a small, diverse team that made a walking simulator (with Anita Sarkeesian in the credits) which already made them a target for harassment. Now folks who were already desperate to absolve PDP have found a perfect target and motive. Doubly convenient that it moves scrutiny away from racists in the community.

They had limited options, and they made a tangible stand against something terrible, which is more than most people have. They deserve better than what’s come from it.

And fuck Pewdiepie.

Woohoo! Another AH doodle page. Sorry this one came a bit late–I actually had a pretty eventful day. Got myself a neat-O new DSLR camera so now all my photos’ll look nice and crisp and clean! Woot! 
So some prompts for this one were “King Gavin” and “Flowers in Facial Hair” and “Sandcastle building”. Thanks for those who requested! 
The upper left is from recent lets plays. >.>

Done with a Prismacolor Brush-Tip marker in meh sketchbook~