from the passenger's seat

someone to count on (and other cheesy idioms about finding your soulmate) by heyfightme, Omgpieplease (SceneryTurnedWicked)

  • teen and up audiences
  • creator chose not to use archive warnings
  • 9 388 words
  • completed
  • eric bittle/jack zimmermann

Eric’s counter reads 1. That’s all. Just 1. He’s eighteen years old, has not left the state of Georgia in his entire life, and his counter reads 1.

He has spent many mindless afternoons and worn out many pens in tracing it over into a 0. If the counter did read 0, the morning wouldn’t be looming like the black rainclouds that Mama used to call “omens.”

Eric is leaving for college in the morning. When he passes the state line from Georgia to North Carolina in the passenger seat of his Mama’s sedan, he’ll also be passing the last chance he has for the counter to make it to 2.

Another soulmate AU, this time with pining, lying, and a lot of assumptions.

i love how ‘getaway car’ begins with “no nothing good starts in a getaway car” as if she knew from the moment she hopped in the passenger seat of that metaphorical 'car’ that it would crash and burn eventually, but she went along for the wonderfully chaotic ride anyway, and as they encountered speed bumps and windy roads, the dynamics began to change, and she immediately switched to the driver’s seat and “said goodbye in a getaway car”

I can’t stop thinking about touching her.
I just want her skin on mine, I want to feel how soft her lips are and I want her hands interlocked with mine.
I can’t stop thinking about her head on my chest as I run my fingers through her hair.
I can’t stop thinking about being with her.
Driving in the car with her in my passenger seat, sitting across from her at dinner, and laying next to her.
I just can’t stop thinking about her.

Interior Pullman Car.

Beveled mirrors, ornate carvings, and polished brass were the hallmarks of travel in a Pullman parlor car, such as the one depicted here from 1893. First-class passengers enjoyed plush swivel seats and could eat their meals in equaling lavish dining cars. The wealthiest Pennsylvanians owned their own luxuriously appointed private cars.

Credit: Courtesy of the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania

Watch Me Babygirl

this is my gif from my personal blog btw :)

A/N: I’m a ho for highschool!bts so I began writing a series literally nobody asked for so this is part 1 of ?

Summary: Jungkook is your brother’s annoying best friend. You can’t stand him but he just can’t resist teasing you. How far will he actually go?

Warnings: language, implied sexy stuff(?), fuckboy!jungkook 

[pt.2] [pt.3] [pt.4] [pt.5] [pt.6] [pt.7] [pt.8] [pt.9] [pt.10] [pt.11] [pt.12] [pt.13] [pt.14]

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From the passenger seat, Ronan began to swear at Adam. It was a long, involved swear, using every forbidden word possible, often in compound-word form. There was something musical about Ronan when he swore, a careful and loving precision to the way he fit the words together, a black-painted poetry. It was far less hateful sounding than when he didn’t swear.


Sterek AU: After the death of Claudia magic becomes a taboo in the Stilinski house hold. Everytime Stiles wants to show his dad his magic, to help his dad with his magic John lashes out. Not knowing what to do with the gift that he got from his mother, Stiles represses his magic - doing nearly unrepairable damage to himself.

Years later Derek returns to Beacon Hills to find that the Alpha that killed his sister is far from the most dangerous thing in town.

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Peaches and Cream (M)

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Smut.
Word count: 2.3k

Part one: Sex Tape. Part two: Toys.

Summary: “Don’t you ever get tired?” You asked, referring to the last four times you’ve had sex today. “Nah baby, I’ll never get tired of you,” He cooed softly, taking one hand off the steering wheel and slowly trailing his fingers up the inside of your thigh.

Song: Peaches n Cream

“Jimin,” You playfully scolded, pushing his hand away from the passengers’ seat you were sitting in, “Stop it.”

It was your last night together and you were on your way to the airport to spend the last hour with him because he soon would be touring overseas in Europe for the first time. During your road trip to Incheon Airport, Jimin struggled to keep his eyes on the road in front of him and kept glancing at your bare legs.

He let out a chuckle and reached for you again, making you sigh dramatically as you thought about how you’ve been at it all day, until a couple of hours ago when you frantically helped him pack his stuff at the last possible minute.

“Don’t you ever get tired?” You asked, referring to the last four times you’ve had sex today.

“Nah baby, I’ll never get tired of you,” He cooed softly, taking one hand off the steering wheel and slowly trailing his fingers up the inside of your thigh.

“Oh and by the way,“ He began, glancing at you from the corner of his eye, not really paying attention to the road, “We didn’t make that second sex tape you promised.“

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Only Way To Live - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Stiles Stilinski/Reader

Word Count: 4818

Warnings: Kinky Filth, NSFW, 18+, Oral (Female Receiving)

Notes: Honestly, I’m kinda mixed about this entire thing? I don’t think it’s as good as some of the other stuff I’ve written. The idea was so good for this too! I got the idea from an episode of Attack of Titan while I was in my slump. So, please, any feedback ya’ll have would be appreciated.

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Since Jason’s truck is still getting fixed up in the shop, they use Trini’s 1998 Land Cruiser as their transportation (She constantly reminds her friends that it’s two years older than them) and that they better respect it. Billy takes her seriously. The others don’t. Zack’s sure that Trini loves the car almost as much as she loves Kim.

  • First of all, it’s Trini’s car. after years of saving money from birthdays and a good paying summer job before she moved to Angel Grove, she bought it with her own money.
  • It’s missing a headlight and has a huge crack down the middle of the windshield. 
  • Trini threatens the boys every time they get in “Zack if you put a dent in the roof I’ll kill you” and “Jason if you make us crash you’re paying for the damages.” 
  • She doesn’t threaten Billy or Kim
  • Kim gets control of the AUX cord and is the only one allowed in the passenger seat (which pisses off Zack and he tries to take it from her. Trini says she’ll throw him out the window) 
  • They start to call her car Hulk because no matter how much shit they put that car through, it’s still in one piece (besides the missing headlight and crack in the windshield) and that it really does feel like it’s indestructible.
  • One day Kim decides to have Billy hotwire Hulk so she can take him to the shop to “Paint over the ugly grey”
  • Trini catches them and just stands there looking all disappointed at her girlfriend with her arms crossed as Billy goes, “KIM MADE ME DO IT, I SWEAR!!” 
  • Trini forgives Billy
  • She doesn’t forgive Kimberly 
  • Later that same week, it’s Trini’s birthday so Kim wakes Billy up at 6 in the morning to steal Hulk. Kim takes it to the shop and replaces the light and windshield. 
  • They drive back to an angry Trini which quickly grows into a happy Trini because, “Holy shit, both of the lights work again!!!” 
  • The next day Trini notices painted pink lips in the corner of her trunk, which she didn’t notice before. Kim just smiles from the passenger seat as she hears Trini, “Kimberly!” 
  • Hulk is the coolest car in the parking lot of Angel Grove. Everyone constantly asks Trini she’ll give them a ride. She tells them to fuck off. (They grumble when Trini lets Kimberly in)  
  • Billy buys Trini a power ranger sticker family (Even though Trini swore that she’d never put a sticker on Hulk, she does it anyways because it’s Billy and she didn’t know that people were making them into car stickers now but she thinks it’s pretty damn cool) 
  • Trini gives her spare key to Kimberly 
  • Zack tries to steal it
  • Sometimes the gang shows up to school late because, “Kimberly, did you take my key?” “What? No, Trini, I haven’t seen your key, I have my own.” Trini and Kim then start bickering about using Kim’s key and Billy just goes, “It’s in your hand, Trini.” 
  • Jason wants to sell his truck for a land cruiser 
  • He doesn’t because, “Jason if you get a wannabe Hulk I’ll cut your balls off.” 
  • It’s almost like Kimberly lives in that car. Her sweatshirts and various articles of clothing are everywhere
  • One day when it’s just Zack and Trini, Zack just holds up a pink bra. (Trini slams on the brakes in the middle of traffic just to punch him all while her face gets red) Zack doesn’t stop laughing. 
  • No matter how many laws they seem to break with Hulk, they never get caught

Interior Pullman Car.

Beveled mirrors, ornate carvings, and polished brass were the hallmarks of travel in a Pullman parlor car, such as the one depicted here from 1893. First-class passengers enjoyed plush swivel seats and could eat their meals in equaling lavish dining cars. The wealthiest Pennsylvanians owned their own luxuriously appointed private cars.

Credit: Courtesy of the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania

kinda looks similar to the inside of the first class cabins on the Titanic.

Imagine having to sit on Deadpool’s lap

“You gotta be kidding me!” You threw your hands up in the air in disbelief. The car that pulled up was an old blue Honda Civic and it was packed with your friends.

“She’s mad,” Matt stated nonchalantly from the passenger seat. He smiled in your direction, you could see your reflection in his red lensed sunglasses.

“Matt, you’re blind but you even know I can’t fit in the car!”

He grinned and shrugged, “You can sit on someone’s lap or meet us at the party.”

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it’s the end of summer, all of the campers parents come and pick up their children, and max is just sitting at the end of the road, waiting. he’s there all day. the sun starts to set and he just brings his knees up to his chest. 

david was watching him all day, in hope to see him off with his parents but they never showed up. he knew they weren’t but gosh darn it he could at least try to see the best out of this situation. 

a few more minutes pass before the sun is gone and the stars start to appear. max is still by the road and david can’t help himself. he walks out of the cabin towards the small boy and picks him up. 

max doesn’t even try to fight it since he’s tired. tired of being alone, tired of feeling like no one cares. for only being 10, he’s been through a lot. and he thinks that maybe it’s his fault. maybe he did something wrong to make his parents not care about him.

david puts him in his car and puts the seat belt on. gwen climbs in to the passenger seat and the trio drives away from the camp. max falls asleep in the back, clutching on to mr. honeynuts. 

“his parents never showed up gwen, they don’t care.” a somber voice says from behind the wheel. 

“i know david, but what can we do? we’re not his parents, let alone his legal guardians. he’s going to have to go back there eventually.” gwen replied, equally as sad.

“not if i can help it. i’m going to go try and find someone to help me, help us. we’re going to get max out of his terrible home.” david spoke a bit louder than before, the passion rising in his voice.

gwen stared ahead for a minute, just letting her thoughts consume her. 

“well, if we do manage to get him away from his parents, who’s gonna take him in? where is he going to go?” 

david stops at a stop sign and looks at gwen. he takes her hand in his and smiles softly. “we can take care of him, if you would want to that is, i mean,” 

he trailed off, getting flustered in front of gwen. she gripped his hand tighter and nodded. a smile of her own appearing on her face. 

the two made it back to david’s house and brought max inside. he was still sleeping when they put him in the spare bed. 

they’ll take care of him. they’ll make him feel loved and cared about. they were willing to fight for him, because he deserves it. max deserves to be loved, and david and gwen were willing to be the ones to give him what he needs. 

Best Birthday - Smut

Originally posted by sarcasticallystilinski

Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Dylan O’Brien/Reader
Words: 3,330
AN: Okay I’m late I’m sorry! This fic was to celebrate my favorite little nugget’s 26th birthday. It would have been here sooner but they just wouldn’t stop having sex? Sorry, not sorry.

You woke up, your boyfriend’s firm body pressed against your back, and you sighed in delight. You were so glad he was home, finally, after being away for so long with his hectic schedule. His nose was pressed against your shoulder, his deep, even breaths tickling along your skin. You pulled his arm tighter around your waist, and settled back, your eyes sliding shut as you tried to go back to sleep.

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i feel so bad for my modern au rey

Burning Man Ticket on the Low? Why, yes!

I’ve been waiting over a year to plot this out.

Last year, I was in therapy. (Although I never got past seeing the doctor to talk to an actual therapist to help me with my troubles.) I came early to my appointment to tell the doctor, no, these antidepressants don’t work, after weeks of continuous panic attacks. There were a few other patients, one being a Latino boy. I silently hoped everything was okay for him. When not being called as my appointment was set for, I panicked and left.

I used to have a real shitty car. Doors didn’t open, constantly overheated, had terrible shocks, and the brakes were shot. (RIP Pearl, you got me quite a few places despite being broken into and mirrors being smashed by ghetto neighbors.) As I’m backing out of the parking lot, shaking, a brand new, red Hyundai Sonata speeds up and slams on their brakes. Since my brakes suck, I barely ding this car.

I get out and begin apologizing profusely, the woman, with a thick accent, threatens to call the police while continuing to sit in the road, blocking traffic and putting herself at risk to getting hit again by a different car. I recognize the boy from the therapist’s office in the passenger seat. No sympathy, eh? Her son even pleaded with her, “Mom, not again…” Repeat offender of collecting insurance money?

I plead with her, as I don’t have insurance, (I could barely afford groceries, let alone insurance for my POS car,) but tell her I could easily fix the dent with a product from Wal-Mart and give her some money when I get paid at the end of the week. She’s on the phone with her insurance, asking me questions. Due to her thick accent, I kept asking her, “What?” She gets a smug smile on her face and asks me, in clear English, “Do you understand nothing?”

Skrrrt. No b*tch.

I keep my cool and get a ticket for $830 for not having insurance. The cop was nice enough to let other issues with the car go, (registration,) and I count my blessings.

Fast forward to present day. I’ve paid off this God-awful ticket and have a brand new car. (Thanks Cindy for your reverse camera so I never have to run into this issue again.) I still have her number from when her out of state insurance tried to call me and when she harassed me asking what I could do to fix the car. (“Do you understand nothing?” I ask myself when remembering I offered to help previously.)

Burning Man is this weekend and there’s always people scrambling last minute for tickets. A friend of mine mentioned this sweet, sweet fact shortly after this “accident” happened. I posted an ad on craigslist with her number selling a fictitious ticket.

Hope you want to change your number, it’ll ring with calls and texts non-stop well throughout the burn ✌