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I didn’t even know that this was a debate, but that wolf was clearly Nymeria. She was a direwolf with the same markings, they don’t exactly grow on trees.

Arya says “That’s not you” because she can’t believe a wolf who she raised since a pup, who loved her deeply, could walk away like that. She was hurt.

Why did Nymeria walk away? Lots of reasons, probably. She may be enjoying a human free lifestyle away civilization with her badass wolf pack. She may have been protecting Arya from her pack (notice how they didn’t even attack the horse). It could be she is still mad Arya abandoned her in season 1 and threw a rock at her.

Regardless, she is probably coming back. Seeing that scene in context shows it was completely out of place UNLESS it was meant to reintroduce Nymeria into the plot.

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hi, morgan ^^ i really loved your previous blog and i'm very happy that you continued playing here! I hope that your gameplay will be smooth and nice :) can you help me to find poses that you used with Chevalier Regalroyce? Or maybe recommend some poses that you liked the most? thank you very much ^^ have a nice day!

Awww thank you so much Nonny! :) I’m really enjoying have a nice new, clean, shiny blog for my sims!

Sure thing, I used poses from these two sets for Chevalier (x) (x)

I use lots of poses from all sorts of pose packs, so I don’t really know what else to recommend, but you could always have a look through my old WCIFs on my old blog, there’s a few in there for poses. Or you can also check out my old CC finds blog, @morgibrittscctiddlybitts

I was talking to someone earlier about posting my reading list! I actually used to do booktube (books on youtube) stuff but I kind of fell out of that on accident.

I do still read though! I’ve been on a huge science kick lately too!

Currently I’m reading:

  • The Lying Stones of Marrakech by Steven Jay Gould (non fiction, scientific essay collection)
  • A Natural History of Dragons by Marie Brennan (fiction pretending to be naturalist non fiction)

I also picked up from the library today:

  • Packing for Mars by Mary Roach (scientific NF, love Mary Roach check her out!)
  • The Gene: An Intimate History by Siddhartha Mukherjee (scientific NF, was a Big Deal a couple years back)

So I’ll try to keep people updated if they want! Also, anyone is welcome to add me on goodreads! (itsoctopodes)

11:57 PM - Peter Parker

request - alright i fuckin love tom holland so please like a smut where you catch peter sneaking in after dark and he tells you about his whole spider thing while you take care of wounds and such, and he’s like super scared your gonna leave him and so you reassure him and take care of him in another way if you catch my drift, this was real long but yeah thank you 

a/n - yes finally i post a smut fic on this blog and tbh it was kind of fun and interesting to write so i hope it isn’t a flop like me but don’t forget to request a peter parker/spider-man fic if you want and follow!

10:46 PM. Nearly 4 hours ever since Peter left me alone in his room. We were doing our Calculus homework with one another until he claimed he got an emergency phone call and ran out the door before I could say anything, taking his backpack with him.

The only thing that kept me company was my textbook and the sound of the falling rain from the outside. May was fast asleep in her room while I was far from that, my heart becoming a mix between anger and fear. I bounced my pencil against the pages of the math book, staring at my calculator as time went by.

I checked my phone again, 10:50 PM. Still no texts, no calls, nothing. I stared at my lockscreen for a few seconds before shutting off my phone and pushing it to the side, growing more frustrated by the minute.

“Dammit Peter.” I muttered, throwing my head back in a fit. I listened to the sound of the raindrops to try to calm me down, but nothing was working at this point.

I huffed and got up from the desk, beginning to pack my things up and call it a night, being more than prepared to give Peter the silent treatment for the next week. Just as I was about to zip my bag up, I heard the locks on the window become undone.

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