from the pack

i hate everyone in my family. i feel like i shouldn’t even have been born. everyone walks over me, takes advantage of me. i’ve given my brother over $5000 over the last couple of years, & none of it has been returned to me. forget the fact that everything about my life is shot. bad credit, hella student loans, don’t drive, no job. i mean it’s a lot deeper than that, i lowkey think i’m depressed depressed. i’m like a half a centimeter away from packing my shit & going to love on the street somewhere. i literally want NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYONE, and be by myself.

Headcanon: LuckyCharms

Peter orders some food from earth, an old favorite from his child hood. Lucky charms.

While in the pantry Rocket stumbles upon the unopened box. Being a natural forager he easily seperates all the marshmallows from the pack.

When Peter goes to pour a bowl he finds all the marshmallows gone, noticing Rocket with a bowl of them. He instantly decides he’s going to marry this Raccoon but not before getting him to split the bowl of marshmallows. He’s living the dream now, doing what he’s always wanted, to eat a bowl of Lucky charms marshmallows.

Thanks for help me out with this important experiment. I think we’ve proven definitively that while there may be no stupid questions, there definitely are plenty of stupid answers.  I feel like we’ve made significant progress for humanity today. Thanks, guys… I’ve got a tea party to run off to, but don’t forget to register for before tomorrow at 1 PM PDT if you want to win the autographed prize pack from me!