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Hi there, I think I've found the "Stencil Sponge - Wet" brush you mentioned. It's from the Faux Finish brushset from the default library. Do you know about the settings on your brush (the wet 6 brush), if you do, would you share it? Ok, I think I'll stop asking about the same brush 'cause it will be annoyng after a while, hope it doesn't bother ya. Have a nice day and keep drawing, your work is pretty nice <3!!

i took screenshots of the presets for you ill put them here in a readmore :o hope they help (also thank you!!)

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W’s 365 Days of Sims [113/365] -  Diana Russo (Stuff Pack Celebration series)

I’m starting a new series, celebrating each of the stuff packs we’ve had for The Sims 4 so far - using as much content from the pack as possible. Diana describes herself as an “executive party planner.” If you need a stylish and sophisticated event, speak to Diana. She can also get you a chocolate fountain on one hour’s notice.

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Roman Reigns w/ #4: best place to kiss on their body? xo

Number Four!

Best Places To Kiss On Their Body: Roman likes knuckle kisses. Rather, kisses that start at his knuckles, wrap around the inside of his wrist and stretch all the way up to his shoulders. He prefers being savored, and is more than content to wait for the time when he can be appreciated. Everything about what he does for a job is frantic, from travel to ringwork to packing up and heading off again. It’s nice to be grabbed by the hand every once in a while, be forced to slow the hell down.

Baby you know you make me fucking wild when you do that, so do it again…

What’s In My Bag Pt 2

An anon asked me to do a uni/college version! The main difference from high school is to pack light! Even when I have longer days or have to bring my laptop along to study, I’ll use my backpack (it’s medium sized) but pack light. 

  • Earphones (noise-blocking ones for the long journey to uni)
  • Two pens and pen refills (a black pen is really all I need)
  • Tissues (you never know when you’ll need them)
  • Essentials pouch (perfect size, fits all my toiletries, hairties, bobby pins, lipstick/lip balm, mirror, panadol, etc.)
  • Hand sanitiser :D
  • Card holder for ID and Opal card (it was a freebie from an info evening)
  • Locker keys with gudetama keychain :)
  • 1L water bottle - nothing special about the brand, I just need a lot of water to not be dehydrated
  • Umbrella
  • My Typo planner
  • Spare spectacles (in case I forget to bring it in the morning - I have a light script so I sometimes forget that I’m not wearing glasses if I’m not looking out into the distance)
  • + clipboard with patients-seen-logbook. 


Please see my #optomstudies tag or my study tips directory (web only) for the full list of study tips + see my kpop vocab lists + stationery + bujo spreads! ^_^

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Could you write Sethkate - she's mad at him because he almost "let" Amaru kill him to touch her, and she would have just had to watch? :( Ends in hot passion-loving kissing!

Whew boy… some of these prompt end up running long. I really like the beginning of it, with her thought process. I’m not completely sold on the switch. I  LOVED this prompt. I hope I did it justice. SethKate for sure. 

Without A Fight (…but there is a fight)  

Sometimes she thinks that they’ve taught her to steal too well. That it’s now often too easy and too second nature. She’s sitting alone on the trunk of the black Camero with a Pal-Mal that she’d pilfered from Richie pack hanging out of her mouth and whiskey-sour that she took from Seth’s desk in her hands. Stealing a thing isn’t a thing. It doesn’t bother her to steal from them and why should it? They stole her first. She’s not really angry at them, but her anger is overwhelming on nights like this when she wakes up from a nightmare.

Nights like tonight when she dozed off listening to the boys plan their next job and the next thing she knew she was waking up to the haunted memories of the last moments of lives Amaru took. Pulling someone's​ soul away from them, that is the type of stealing from which there is no redemption from. She knows on some logical level that she had no control over what Amaru had done, but some nights that knowledge was simply no comfort.

The doctor had been thinking about his wife and children, how he loved them and how he was going to a break his promise to be at his daughter’s soccer game. The nurse had been thinking about how he was only at this job for a few more days. Manola couldn’t believe that she was dying in front of her lover and she didn’t want Kisa to blame herself. Her brother had been broken; seeing her in the flesh, all his thoughts were consumed with God’s judgement. Richie’s mind was a mess: the logical half screaming to fight back, while the rest of wanted to save her. All of them, every soul that Amaru took felt fear and panic; none of them had wanted to die. But Seth…

When Amaru touched Seth all she felt was devastating guilt and how he deserved this. It wasn’t like the remorse that Scott felt, because he was still trying to resist, but Seth hadn’t even tried to fight back. He stood there and took it, just let her start to kill him… And for what? For the sake of guilt? For some twisted sense of he’d earned it? Penance? She’d begged him to kill her. She didn’t want to watch him die or let that twisted demon kill anyone else, but he didn’t even try to stop her.

She throws the glass across the parking lot and it shattered against the pavement. She fights the urge to just start screaming. The back door opens and closes behind her and it’s only a single puff of the cigarette before she smells gun-oil and earthy aftershave.

“You alright, Princess?” He leans against the car, close enough to, but not quite touching her.

She flicks the cigarette way and watches it snuff itself out on the wet pavement. “Peachy.” She’s trying to remember all the relaxation techniques that she’s learned over the past few months so she doesn’t explode. Her ears feel hot and she’s still thinking about screaming consequences be damned.

“Yeah you sure sound like it.” He huffs, because he hates secrets, hates it when he doesn’t know what the people around him are thinking. “You take my drink, just to break the glass?

“Take it out of my cut.” She growls.

He arches his eyebrow, “What the hell is up your craw?”

“Nothing. I’m allowed to be mad.”

“Okay. So what the fuck are you so pissed about?”

She grinds her teeth together. “You.”

“Me? I didn’t do anything!” He pushes himself away from the car and looks up as rain drops start pinging on the cars in the lot.

“That’s the problem.” She folds her arms over her chest.

He looks agitated, “I’m not playing this game. I’m not playing the pronoun game where you say something cryptic and then we play twenty questions until you finally tell me what’s got you so pissed. You want to tell me; then tell me.  We need to get inside before this damn rain hits us. Come on.”

Lightning illuminates the parking lot and the rain starts pouring down on them. He grabs her hands and jerks her off the car, trying to drag her back into Jed’s, but she resists. She doesn’t want to go back inside, she’s angry and she doesn’t care about the rain.

“I’d rather play in the darkness, thank you.” She snips pulling her hands away and planting her feet. There’s this rush in her ears, screaming at her to push all of his buttons. Make him pay for all the pain he caused her, so she picks words that’ll bring up bad memories.

He advances into her space, much like he did in those Mexican motels, when she’d challenge him and he’d reach by her to collect his drugs. This time his eyes aren’t angry, there’s almost a softness to them as he gets so close she can feel his body heat, despite the chill of the rain. “What is wrong? What didn’t I do? You gotta talk to me.”

She has to look up when he’s this close, he’s got a few inches on her and it used to intimidate her, but those days are long gone. “You were going to let her kill you.”

“Who? The guard at the bank? She never even touched her gun. I had…”

“Amaru.” She digs her nails into her palms, she hates saying that name out loud. “You didn’t even resist when she tried to try to take your soul. You were going to let her kill you.”

He blinks and whether it’s from the rain or her words she isn’t sure. “It’s not like I knew what was happening.”

“Bullshit.” She calls him out, jamming her finger into his chest. “You felt exactly what she was doing and were going to let her. I could hear you, thinking some twisted idea about how you deserved it.”

“I did. I did deserve it.” He growls looming over her now, but not touching. “All that shit I put you through. I deserved…”

“Well I didn’t deserve it. I didn’t deserve to watch you die. You think I wanted to watch that?” He steps back slightly but she advances back into his space, not letting him get away. “Do you have any idea how that felt?!? Her laughing in my mind about you being a sacrificial lamb! Do you know what it would have done to me to watch you die? How my heart would have broken…”

His hands are suddenly buried in her hair and his mouth is on hers insistent, demanding more with every inch he takes. The rain is pouring down now, but she barely feels it. All can she feel is his heat. He’s alive and he’s here. She grabs his tie to pull him closer and moans as he forces his tongue into her mouth, deepening the kiss. One of his hands leaves her hair and grips her hip, pulling her flush with him while he backs her up against the car. She gasps as his mouth finds her neck, biting and mouthing his way down as one of his hands slips under her shirt.

The rain is soaking them, but she doesn’t care. She wants this…She just wants. She’s achy and needy and her body feels so raw as he pours all of his energy into her like a electricity. She’s hot and cold all at the same time and she just doesn’t know what to do with all of it. She’s hungry and there’s this overpowering emptiness that needs to be filled. She wants to feel this, feel him. How can she be mad at him one moment and letting him grope her the next. Maybe she’s just going mad. Richie told her once that love is the ultimate insanity and the cure for it all wrapped up together. All she knows is that she needs Seth and everything he’s giving her. She digs her nails into his shoulder as she pushes herself back up on the trunk.

“Tell me to stop.” He snarls against her ear, there’s a low, dangerous quality to his voice that she forgot he had, but instead of scaring her it makes her grind against him. She wants all of him, the dangerous part, the gentle part…she wants all of it. She wants him. “Tell to me stop, Kate.”

She doesn’t.

Great prompt so much fun! Thanks for it, anon. Love to my Loves.

This morning I had the very first unpleasant experience in this blog.

A very dissatisfied person sent “a suggestion” to my suggestion box expressing their discontentment with my gradients. I found it very rude and sad so I took the gradients down. Needless to say that it was the first and last time I did such a thing.

I’m using this weekend to create another pack of gradients, which hopefully will please people more than the previous one. I’m doing everything from scratch and I won’t be using any gradients from my previous pack.

Right now I have exactly 58 gradients done and I’m aiming for as many as possible until the end of this week (meaning next Saturday, April 29), which means it can either be only 100 gradients or as many as 1000.

I’m very sorry, you guys, that my previous gradient pack was taken down. I regretted doing so the moment I hit the delete button and I’m also very sorry that some people are so displeased with my work.

All feedback is welcome, positive or negative, and I use every suggestion and opinion to improve my work here so thank you nonetheless.




I love how they pop out from behind the tree, shuffling sideways, and layer up after each other. It’s like the introduction to some kind of performing act. 😂😂