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OKay so here’s all the SU stuff (not counting the Opal acrylic charms and main cast shrink plastic charms) I’ll have at Momocon ;c; (plus AoT + MLP.)

I was asked about this before (not sure who) but I’ve made what I’m just gonna call “FANPACKS” …which are essentially all fandom-related stuffs I’ve drawn for one price/shipping price. You can get them at Momocon or on my storenvy - 

Except there’s only like 3-5 of each hahaha… (The Steven + Rose sticker and the Rose tarot bookmark come free with this pack btw, just a little thanks to you guys.) I’m pretty excited about Momocon and summer in general fjjsf.

Is it just me or is this stupid fucking post from this lame ass movie on my dashboard every other day with a different date edited in

Free comic book day sketch done for me, by visiting artist Rick Tucker from Miami!

Huh? —- This? – Oh, it’s, uh — it’s just a bruise. I mean. y’know, oddly placed, but, just a ——– what? – how did I do it? Oh, I, uh —-… I…. I walked into a lamppost. —– No. No, seriously, I walked into a lamppost. I was walkin’, mindin’ my own business, and bam, I ——- I walked into a fuckin’ lamppost.

Song of Soaring

OKAY FOR REAL THIS TIME oh dear aoergh you guys saw nothing right right???  Right.  BUT ANYWAYS… I’d been having a hard time getting back into the drawing groove (at my own fault for taking a stupid long break from drawing after finishing a long commission) so the other day I tried this idea I got from playing so much Majora’s Mask lately and I WAS ABLE TO GET IT DOWN AND TA DAAA.  I’m so happy to be back in it oairhg The song of soaring has always been one of my favorite ocarina songs too, it’s such a cool song and I absolutely love the animation it gets (~˘▾˘)~

I’M REALLY HAPPY WITH HOW THIS CAME OUT TOO… Link especially (●´艸`)ヾ I’m just really proud of how everything turned out with him oariehgioerhg THE WINGS ON THE OTHER HAND.  Are an entirely different story.  It’s been a long time since I’ve made a go at fully detailed wings so I struggled for so long trying to get everything to look right it was terrible.  It took everything in my power not to do blobs of white shaped into wings. BUT I DID IT and I don’t think they turned out too bad!!  I’ll have to practice with drawing them more but…!

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Sam didn't answer my ask :( I'm wondering if tumblr ate my ask or if it just got lost in the sea of all the messages he got. I feel sad. ;_; -Sim

Aw, I’m sorry, Sim. Sam got over four hundred messages today–he tried to answer as many as he could, but we were both surprised by the amount. I will also say, though, that my mom and I have put Tumblr’s messaging system to the test. She has tried sending me no less than five regular asks and not ONE of them has come through! Which makes me wonder how many messages from others Tumblr is eating a day. :/

One day years from now we’ll see each other. We’ll randomly run into each other at the grocery store. Last time we seen each other was at graduation. You were my first love and I don’t know how I lost you. He’ll ask me how I’ve been and I’ll say great, even though I’m lying to myself because Im not married or I don’t have any kids and I didn’t end up with him. I’ll ask him how he’s doing, hoping he’ll say good but not to good because I hope that he’s missed me all these years. He says he’s great an he’s got a wife and three kids. All I’ve got to say is one day I’ll run into you.

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imagine kid!akira and seidou protecting each other from bullies during their school days. ofc they never told the other about that

ahh yes yes y e s Im so here for this

Akira is the only one who’s allowed to poke fun at Seidou and vice versa, anyone else tries and shits goin down