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Loki was having a stare-down with the book. It glared back at her tauntingly, almost possessive of the Hag Queen’s frightfully annoying cackle. The Trickster narrowed spring-green eyes at the thing, willing its leather cover to snap open.

She would open it. It would bend to her will…it was just a matter of figuring out whatever spell Karnilla had put upon it. Loki growled in the back of her throat, standing from the couch and pacing before the tome where it lay upon May Parker’s coffee table, mocking her.

The Trickster muttered to herself, mind flipping through spells like the pages of a book, examining and denying several before she decided upon one. Loki threw the spell at it, and nearly exploded the thing. Still it sat, looking pristine, and the Goddess of Mischief swore colourfully in Æsir, wishing she had something to throw.

She doubted May Parker would appreciate it if she upended the coffee table.

Loki stopped pacing, resting her hands on her hips and staring at the thing again, a little singed, breathing heavy.

“Open,” she ordered the thing with a rune. Something she had done before and it did not work any better this time around than it had the last fifteen times she’d tried it. “Open damn you!”

She muttered a curse for the Norn Queen under her breath.

LOLLY: Yeah, I don’t believe in property.

PISCATELLA: Well, that’s probably why you’re in prison. 

LOLLY: No, I’ve never been arrested for theft. Public vagrancy, nudity, solicitation… Oh, what’s that one that you use when you really want to arrest somebody, but you have no reason to arrest them? Ah! Disorderly conduct.


Orange Is the New Black S4E7: “Friends in Low Places”

Behold the Face of the Oppressor

My daughter, Olivia found out tonight that this would be the last fest. The very first comment out of her mouth was, “are they still doing that blog about the land?”

They are!

She went upstairs and spent forever writing. I asked if she wanted a photo included, and she asked, “could I include art???” I told her I think so, and off she went to her bedroom to create.

She came to show me a while later. She said it’s the tree at night stage, but it’s a weeping willow. – Kirsten


And here are her words.


Michfest means so much to me even though last year was my first time going. I loved listening to my mom’s stories about her experiences at Michfest. What I had been picturing was a magical place filled with womyn who will accept you for who you are. I was so happy that I was finally able to go in 2014 at age 12 .

When I got there I almost couldn’t believe my eyes, Fest wasn’t how I had pictured it in my mind at all. In fact, it was better. Everyone there seemed so nice and friendly. it was a place where I felt like I could walk right up to someone and start talking to them (normally I’m a really shy person). There were others helping one another even if they had just met, it was a place where I could just be myself.

Being on the land gave me lots of different inspirations for artwork, like the costumes at opening ceremony. I also met a bunch of strong womyn who weren’t afraid to make themselves heard. Going to Fest made me start to see certain things differently, and I realized that no matter who or what someone or even something is we are all the same, but also we are all different. Take me and my sisters for example we are both human beings but I am an artist and she is a dancer. My life had changed a lot and yet not at all.  The land means so much to so many womyn and I’m glad to have been able to go even if it was just once or twice, because it is just so special to everyone.

Canadian Gay Pride Coin By 4th Grader Is An Inspiration

The Huffington Post Canada  |  Posted: 03/12/2014 12:38 pm EDT  |  Updated: 03/12/2014 12:59 pm EDT

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This kid has a great idea for the design of new Canadian coins.

For a school assignment, fourth-grader Julia had to draw and write about what she would want a new Canadian coin to represent. Her choice? Gay pride, drawing two same-sex couples and a rainbow.

Posted on Reddit by her father, who, as he says “didn’t even know about the assignment until I cleaned out her backpack tonight,” the idea is getting a lot of love.

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What we really adore is her explanation for the drawing.

“If you were in a diffrent (sic) contrey (sic) were (sic) you weren’t allowed to be gay in and you are gay you would feel guilt & sorrow. That’s why I chose gay pride as my coin,” she wrote.

Despite the adorable spelling mistakes, she deservedly got an A plus for her work.

We could all learn a lesson or two from this little girl!

this is serious first grade business.
  • Me:First Grade Boy, are you copying her?
  • First Grade Boy:No, I'm not copying her.
  • Me:No, I'm not copying her.
  • First Grade Boy:Are you copying me?
  • Me:Are you copying me?
  • First Grade Boy:Stop copying me, Miss Caitlin!
  • Me:Stop copying me, Miss Caitlin!
  • First Grade Boy:Why are you copying me?
  • Me:Do you like it when I copy you?
  • First Grade Boy:Noooo...
  • Me:Then stop copying her.
  • First Grade Boy:...okay.

“and if he says, ‘i will not come back to you,’ fine. i’ll find a different man. this is my life. … i don’t care if i marry you. i don’t care if i marry another man. i care if i do something that’s special.”

i hope that, twenty years from now, this girl is the same unstoppable badass she is today.