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SU News Bit: Escapism, Brand New Song To Be Revealed

Hey guys, today im back with another bit of SU new, this time from the SU Podcast, hosted by MKatwood. In the most recent podcast episode, it was revealed that the next episode of the podcast will be the finale of the season.

The Podcast will feature Rebecca and Steven Sugar, talking about how events from their childhood influence events in the show, a Q&A, and Rebecca will be bringing in her ukulele to preform a brand new song, titled Escapism, which is speculated to be preformed in the show by Lapis.

Link to Podcast Clip:


We’re still talking about RuPaul, and he’s still defending his use of the word “tr*nny.” This is an excerpt from Ru’s most recent interview about the subject, with Marc Maron on his podcast. He begins his longwinded statement with “I love the word ‘tr*nny!’” I’ve got my opinions on this – including some serious problems with this segment – but it’s not my story to comment on anymore. Trans and GNC friends, what do you think?