from the moment he stepped in


INSATIABLE - Chapter Ten (x)

Owen stepped out first, his eyes ablaze with anger that practically seeped from every orifice in his body. “What the hell happened out there?” He demanded, pushing past the guard that ordered him to show some identification. Claire turned her body so that she was facing him fully and her lips curved up into a hint of a smile – she was thankful he wasn’t dead, although she could do without his attitude at this present moment.

Ellis stepped out of the elevator with much less of the theatrics, although she noted that despite Owen’s outburst, all eyes were on her. Her gaze flickered around the room and she frowned, literally every pair of eyes watched her, seemingly in amazement and she couldn’t for the life of her figure out why.

“Oh my god.” Vivian breathed out a sigh of relief.

Lowery Cruthers stood up slowly, his mouth slightly agape and his breath hitching in his throat at the mere sight of her. When their gazes met the world stopped, the commotion of the control room, the beeping of the computers, the rhythmic hum of the fans above their heads, all slowed down until there was nothing. Nothing but Lowery and Ellis.

Play Boy (Kai x Reader) [Part Two]

You opened the door to see Jongin standing there. “I’m, hey,” he bit his lip. It was about one in the afternoon when you heard a knock on the door. You had been thinking about that day Jongin had said he liked you, but you said nothing. And it rushed back to your brain at that moment. What would you say? Do? It was going to be so awkward..

“So. This is your place?” he looked over your shoulder to break the silence. You nodded,“ what about it?” Did he want to be invited inside? You weren’t sure how to handle these kind of situations. He said nothing so you stepped aside so he could enter.

“Listen..” he started as you closed the door. You turned to look him. “I.. I’m sorry for saying I liked you. It slipped from my mouth. It was a bit creepy I guess..” he rambled. “No, it wasn’t creepy.. just… unexpected,” you reassured him but he still looked nervous. “I didn’t know what to say. We only just met,” you made up an excuse, which was a pretty good one. “I understand. I just wanted to clear the air,” he laughed. You cursed him for showing his cute chuckle. You didn’t want to like him. He was a celebrity. You knew how they were. Everyone liked them, and it was their job to flirt and get people to like them better. He was just playing you.

“So.. I was wondering… Do you maybe wanna go do something?” he asked. “Sure! What will we do?!” you replied with too much excitement. He grinned to himself,“ wherever you want.” “Let’s go walk!” you smiled and he nodded.

You spotted the arcade as you two walked. “Ooh! Let’s go there!” you pointed,“ so I can show you how good I am and kick your butt!” He laughed and nodded,“ you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into.” You were so excited that, without thinking, grabbed his hand and pulled him quickly inside. You released his hand and looked at him, barely able to see his blush.

“Hah! I win again Jongin!” you rubbed in. “Because I let you win,” he crossed his arms. “Just admit that I’m better!” you stood on your tippie-toes to get closer to his face. “Never,” he got his closer too. “Typical man,” you backed away with a blush when you snapped back to your senses. “What did you say?!” he asked. “I said TYPICAL MAN!” you said loudly. “That’s it!” he scooped you up in his arms and ran out of the arcade. He carried you all the way to an ice cream shop and sat you down. “What’s this?” you looked at him. “What do you want?” was his reply. “Um..” you told him what you wanted and he got it. He handed it to you and took a big kick of his own. You stared, watching him. “What?” he gave you curious look, which you shook away. “Nothing.”

You two walked and laughed as you ate your ice cream. “Can I try yours?” he stopped suddenly. You stopped too, feeling a blush creeping up on her face. “What?” you looked at him. “Can I try your ice cream?” he repeated and you just slowly nodded. He grabbed your hand and held it to his mouth and tried it.
You watched him, heart beating faster. You couldn’t let this happen! You were already starting to like him more! Today was drawing you in, with all the fun you had been sharing. He smiled softly at you and time seemed frozen to you. You saw him start to lean in, and you just stood there. His lips were nearly at yours when you turned your head and pushed your ice cream cone on his nose and mouth and ran away.

At home, he tried to text you a few times, but you ignored them when you saw the name. Stupid Jongin! Stupid feelings! Stupid you! Why were you letting this happen!? Was it his stupid laugh? His good looks? His personality? His fame? You weren’t sure what it was that made you like him. You could handle a smile, a handsome face, a nice person, and a stupid celebrity, but this was different. He was drawing you in and you hated it. He was just a play boy, only using you like all the other girls that fell for him. You wouldn’t let that happen to yourself.


A/N: It’s another short one, but I don’t want to put too much into one since I plan on making this a series. Hope you enjoyed! :)

OTRA Seattle

Overall, and off the bat, I have to say that I was incredibly disappointed. 

If I didn’t feel deep, platonic things for the boys, I might have asked for my money back. But, to their credit, they performed well-rehearsed songs for a screaming audience of children, teens, and young adults. 

Harry: I have never seen him so tense in my entire life. The moment he stepped onto the stage, he was over the entire thing. There was none of the playfulness we all know and love, there was no excitement. He actually looked like he was performing out of obligation. He and Louis did not interact once. They stayed as far away as was possible from one another; even when Louis tried to draw near, Harry immediately dismissed him. He seemed completely and utterly distraught; and, at one point, his throat tightened to the point of pitch-change, which caused him to suddenly stop singing and listen to his auto-tune ear monitor for assistance before resuming the song.

Louis: He didn’t seem half-so-distaught as Harry, but he was definitely off of his game – which is unsurprising, after the eruption of pregnancy rumours. During one slow, romantic song (I believe it was Little Things, but I will have to review the video I took, because I know I caught it), Louis looked longingly toward Harry, who immediately looked away. Louis had moments of excitement, and brightness, but he never addressed the rumours, and for the majority of the concert, he seemed fairly down and distracted.

Niall: Niall didn’t even try to seem happy. He rarely, if ever, addressed the crowd, and spent almost the entire concert moodily playing his guitar. Again, it felt like a concert of obligation. It was actually rather painful to watch. Rather than sing along, I just wanted to reach out, hug him, and tell him that everything was okay.

Liam: God bless Liam Payne. He was the driving force of the entire concert.  He was the only member of the band with any energy and any interest in the whole event. He was the one that tried to gear up the crowd; he was the one that introduced most of the songs; he was the one that took a selfie with a fan; he was the one that address fan signs; he was the one that drove the whole concert with his upbeat energy. But even that waned. It was exhausting, and actually a little sad, to watch.

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Capricorn Dog: The Social Climber

The Capricorn Dog is driven by ambition and the ability to scale heights. The interest of this canine in…and the understanding of…class and social standing will be totally politically incorrect. With one glance, the Capricorn Dog will sum up a person and no amount of elocution lessons or learned deportment will fool this discerning canine, whose obsession in life is to better his or her present position and move, step-by-step, up the social ladder.

Reserved by nature and supremely diplomatic, the Capricorn Dog makes for an amenable pet. It is sometimes said of the Capricorn Dog that he or she looks old from the moment of birth, but improves with age. The practical, earthy nature of Capricorn makes this canine unafraid of hard work but, since these dogs are also ruled by the Planet Saturn, they may take an exceedingly long time to complete anything undertaken. “Walkies” with a Capricorn Dog can be infuriating as he or she forever lags behind. There is also a tendency to be stubborn and the commands or calls of any owner are quite likely to be ignored when this canine does not feel like listening.

(Looking for another zodiac dog?)

Can we just talk about this? I mean, Ichigo has known he was going to lose his powers for ages now. He knew it from the moment Tensa Zangetsu told him about the final Getsuga Tenshou. He can feel his powers slipping away - he said as much at the end of his fight with Aizen, and when he steps outside the house now just before this scene, he says he can’t feel spirits anymore. So it’s not like him losing his powers is a surprise to him. But you know what really drives the fact that he’s going to lose his powers home? 

It’s the loss of Rukia. Her presence fading away is what does it for Ichigo. That’s when he truly realises what losing his powers mean. THAT’S when he thinks ‘oh, I really AM gonna lose my powers’. And it’s significant that the complete loss of his powers is represented by Rukia slipping away out of his sight. His powers began with Rukia gifting them to him, and his powers end with Rukia slipping away with it - as though she is taking it away with her. Rukia is so inextricably linked with his power and his will to protect and his fucking identity down to his core (because really, to ichigo, having that power to protect is a crucial part of his identity), and I honestly cannot fucking deal with these two. 


We have warned you that you might get heart attack after clicking this link!!

The hot summer sunshine light the Gwangwoon University last weekend, we hold an actor’s birthday party. It’s none other than Kim Woobin’s birthday party, and fanmeeting, the actor turned 27 this year. The fanmeeting held to wrap up his 2015 Asia Tour, that day was such that memorable day~

Only for South Korean’s Wooribin, he carefully prepared special performances to show!

The Moment of Kim Woobin in Seoul Preview!
From now on, do you want to see it step by step?

Sweet and casual forearm look for a start!

The right hand that hold the mic! That awkward hand, holding a mic instead of a script! Where is he, holding a mic like that? Would you like to tell us first where is it~?

Tada! Here is a band rehearsal studio! Why is he in a band rehearsal room…?

He practices to sing a medley of a~~ll the songs he performed in his Asia Fanmeeting, from China, Indonesia to Hong Kong, special for his Korean fans!! To practice songs in such a short tempo we find a practice room!

First time to practice with a band.. It feels awkward..

Before the actual practice the band said to Kim Woobin who’s still awkward with singing, “We’ll play the songs from the start. Please listen and feel the rhythm.” The band members then began to show their cool performance!

The foot seems to be familiar with the songs. But when will this gif stop?

Singing is a difficult thing.

Where is that foot work that seems to remember the song, right after that Kim Woobin who is currently in a mental breakdown situation said “How should I sing this~”!

Kim “Coy”

So he listens for the second time!

Singing is a hella difficult work to do.

Even so, it’s still hard hehehehe

Although it’s hard, he started to practice along with the music played by the band slowly.

All of the world’s citizen!! Kim Woobin is singing!!!
Although it’s his weakness, he will still be showing his performance accompanied by the band, even though it’s hard and he had to make improvisations in some parts!

After a round of practice, he drinks~

Keeee at this rate… you won’t even sure, whether I am starcast actor or starcast singer! (The nose becomes higher)

Kim “Careful”

Doesn’t know when he’ll start to be passionate, he change to a first timer again!

Like that, Kim Woobin wrapped up the sloppy first practice with the band!

We can meet him again in the recording room some days later.

Came fully prepared, he looked way more relaxed than the first practice with the band.

Kim! Sing!! Er!!!

Seeing the mic and headset in the recording room, he records the sample and save it into mp3 format so he can listens to it everyday! Please sing for an OST!

Tada! The second rehearsal ended passionately! Claps!!

Also! The hectic days without rest and sleep before fanmeeting! In order to show a cool performance, he entered the practice room again!

What is this? Now? Now? He only practiced for a few days and now he start to touch the equipment!! At this rate you’ll even get deceived!

Serious Power

After casually touch the equipment, Kim Woobin proceeds to practice his singing!

At the back, some people seem to be preparing something, having his birthday at that day, the staff threw him a surprise birthday party!

Calling Kim “Blank”

Discovering the cake, Kim Woobin smiles brightly! The long to be seen laughing image of Kim “Blank”, his happy face light up the whole rehearsal room that was filled with tension for the past few days~

“Haha. Why even prepare all of this”

Happy birthday to you♬

We’re grateful that you’re born to this world, Kim Woobin’s birthday! He sings birthday song and blows the candle! I’ll share the second blow with everyone.

Isn’t the image of a working man sexy?

I become more passionate preparing for upcoming fanmeeting accompanied by greetings from the staff.

Like that, after the rehearsal, he left a selca as a surprise present for fans~ The selca sent a day before fanmeeting that left the fans fluttered and had a weary night marked the end of the fanmeeting preparation!


Had a full preparation for the fanmeeting is Kim Woobin! Feels sorry because he had to show the performances for overseas fans first instead of domestic fans so he seriously prepares the stage, to show an even better performances~

Fanmeeting Preview! Tomorrow is 2015 Asia Tour big round! Last amunition!! Please expect, no, please wait wait for the performances that will be shown~ ppyong!

(translated by ieffah_takarai | kimwoobin-indo)


Imagine #17 || Request #14

Hope you like this one! and OMG I love you guys! Thanks for all the votes on wattpad on my Brett Talbot imagines! We actually beat my other imagines the Isaac lahey one LOL anyway, enjoy this one!
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“Where is she?” Brett’s booming voice came in the room, startling the people inside to look in his direction. When his eyes landed on the person seated on a chair chained up, he immediately lunged at him with the desire to kill.

The supernaturals in the room immediately stepped in to prevent it happening, pulling and pushing him away from Theo who was only watching the scene in front of him with a smirk plastered on his face.

“Where is she!” Brett barked, his fangs now showing along with his claws already out and his eyes glowing a gold color.

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Settle Down With Me PietroxReader

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Gif isn’t mine *cough* no surprises there *cough*

Other Works

Prompt: Literally the songs Kiss Me and Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran, which I listened for over two hours as I wrote this. HER AND PIETRO ARE BEST FRIENDS UNTIL HE DECIDES TO TAKE THE NEXT STEP.

Words: 1120

Warnings: Absolutely none, unless you hate romance and really cute moments. But like please listen to those songs when you read it makes life so much better I s2g that is my warning.

Today was one of the most exhausting and painful days of your life; a double training session with Natasha in preparation for a mission with her this coming week. 

After the day from hell you showered at the gym to get the sweat and grime off your body, changing into a pair of sweats and a crop top. You were feeling extremely excited to go back to your room and nap - maybe with Pietro, because he was comfy and very warm.

When you pushed the door to your room open, your mouth fell open in shock. The entire room was lit solely by battery-opperated tea lights and there were vases of fresh flowers - lilies, your favourite - were sitting on your bedside tables. White christmas lights hung across the ceiling and down the walls in beautiful vine-like patterns.

Pietro’s figure was only an outline as he stood by the windowsill, simply wearing sweats and a t-shirt and looking out at the snowy winter of New York City.

“Pietro, what’s going on?” You asked him, looking around the room in complete awe. He sped over to grab your gym bag, music suddenly springing out of nowhere as he disappeared with your bag. “I…I don’t understand…”

He appeared again, right in front of you, with a shy smile on his face - something that was unheard of from Pietro. “Will you dance with me?”

You searched his eyes, trying to figure out why he looked so absolutely terrified of you. “Yes, of course but Pete - “

He sped forward and took you into his arms, literally taking your breath away. ”Sh, just dance with me. Please?”

You nodded, swaying with him to the music, your arms wrapped around his neck and his around your waist. Ed Sheeran was singing through the speakers and you smiled at your favourite artist’s beautiful melodies. “This is a good song.”

“It’s your favourite.”

“Yes. So are the lilies…” You looked up at him. “What’s going on here Pete, did you break something? Should I be worried about my stuff?” You teased, watching a small blush creep up his cheeks.

“No.” He smiled, “You’re very dense sometimes printsessa.”

You raised an eyebrow, a smile playing at your lips, “Did you actually just insult my intelligence and then call me princess in a foreign language to make up for it?”

He chuckled, “I take it back, nothing gets past you.”

“Shut up.” You giggled, looking over to the lilies on your nightstand.

This boy made your heart race just by looking at you. He wasn’t just your best friend, he was so much more than that, but that very thought terrified you. You liked him, you could admit that, but you didn’t want to lose the friendship that the two of you had with a relationship, incase things went south.

“I was going to learn to play guitar,” Pietro mused, laying his head on top of yours sweetly as you danced. “Then I could have played you this song myself. But I can’t sing as well as he does and then I would have ruined it. Besides it would have taken too long, I couldn’t wait even another day to tell you.”

You froze, pulling away only slightly so that you could look him in the eye. “Tell me what?”

He tilted his head, “You really don’t know?”

“I-I think I do,” You whispered, starting to realize where his fear was coming from. “But I really want to hear you say it.”

Pietro reached up and grabbed one of your hands, spinning you around before bringing you back into his arms and pressing your bodies together closely. Your breath caught in your throat and you placed your hands against his chest gently.

“Ok.” He grinned, his eyes never faltering away from yours for even a second. “I love you. I’ve loved you for a very long time and I can’t keep quiet about it for another second. I want to hold you, dance, be happy; together. I want to know if there’s even a small chance that you love me too? I need to know because it’s eating me alive.”

You smiled like an idiot, nodding over and over because you couldn’t find the words. You reached up and pressed your lips against his, your hands weaving into his hair at the back of his neck. His hands grabbed at your hips, hungrily pulling the two of you together and kissing you back. You felt his heart fluttering rapidly alongside yours as the two of you explored one another’s mouths, breathing in each other until you were almost drunk off the kiss.

When you finally separated form one another, Pietro placed his forehead against yours slowly. The smile on your lips was impossible to remove, “I love you too Pietro. You’re my best friend, the man I fell for, so long ago it would actually be embarrassing to admit. I - “

“ - Hold on there. When did you first start liking me?” Pietro asked with a smirk. You mumbled the answer inaudibly under your breath and he laughed, “Come on seriously Y/N, I want to know.”

You groaned frustratedly, a dangerously red blush appearing on your face. “The second I saw you, ok asshole? You looked at me with this stupid smirk on your face and I wanted to make out with you right then and there, you were that gorgeous. Natasha teased about it for days and when Wanda told me that I’d practically screamed about how hot you are in her mind that day, I hid in my room for two days in embarrassment.”

Over the course of my confession Pietro’s eyes widened and his lips pulled back in laughter. You pouted and slapped his chest, “Shut up, you asked.”

“No, no, it’s not that Printsessa.” Pietro chuffed, his laughter laced into his words. “But just so you know, Wanda pulled me aside later that same day and told me I wasn’t allowed to have dirty thoughts about a girl while she’s around anymore.”

“You didn’t!” You gasped, your entire face feeling hot so you hid in his chest. “Now I need to apologize to Wanda.”

He wrapped his arms around you once again, tracing small circles in your hip with his thumb, making you shiver. “It’s not your fault your beautiful, I don’t think it’s something you really have to apologize for.”

You shook your head tiredly, “You’re hopeless.”

In a flash of wind you were laying in bed, Pietro’s arms wrapped around you as you placed your head on his chest. The exhaustion was finally taking over as his fingers ran through your hair, lulling you slowly towards sleep.



“I love you.”

“I love you too idiot.” You smiled, falling asleep in the arms of the person you loved more than anything in the world; your best friend.

Welp, she wanted to nap with Pietro so who would I be to take that from the girl?? I really hope YOU LISTENED TO THE SONGS WITH IT and that you actually enjoyed it because I sure liked writing it! Remember, I take requests so you can feel free to send those my way lovelies!



He still doesn’t speak. She can’t stand to look at him anymore, so she sniffles and turns away, taking a few shaky step with her hand pressed against her face to try and smother the sobs. She find something to hold on to—a tree, and slides down to almost-sitting with her back to the trunk; and with her face between her knees she sobs some more, all of the pain from the past year swelling and gurgling its way back to the surface. There’s silence still for a handful of moments. Then the crackle of footsteps.

Ash crouches next to her. There’s another pause; then his hand stretches towards her, slowly, almost stopping mid-air a couple times. His fingers tap her shoulder, draw back immediately like he’s afraid he might have hurt her, come back. Stay this time. It’s like he’s trying to make himself remember how to touch someone.

Another scene from my fic. For context, Ash has been kidnapped by Giovanni, held captive for a year and forced to do his bidding (all while his friends believed him dead). Every time he’s touched someone, or has been touched by someone during that time was either to hurt or be hurt. So him managing to reach out to do something as simple as laying a hand on Misty’s shoulder to comfort her is kind of a big deal.

There was another “panel” with Misty looking up at his hand, but I didn’t like how it came out so I left it out.

I met my guy’s best friend the other night and when I stepped away from the bar for a moment he told him that he should keep me and said,“she looks like something out of The Dark Crystal" 

That made me smile, what a fantastic compliment!


Gif sources: Tony  |  Pietro (Unknown)

Imagine you’re Tony’s kid and he doesn’t like Pietro flirting with you.

——— Request for anon ———

“You look very beautiful today,” you blush at the compliment Pietro sends your way as he moves a step closer, “but I think you’re beautiful everyday, so-”

“Hey, Speedy Gonzales, ever heard of personal space? Back it up,” you groan as Tony calls at you from across the room, effectively destroying the moment.

“Dad, don’t you have something to go invent?”

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"The other side of the glass."

Kyungsoo’s hands clenched as tears ran down his face. Lately, his lover has been missing for awhile and it worried him and Junji to no end. The demon even asked some of Exo members if they have seen him but they too haven’t. However, one day, Kyungsoo got a call from a stranger saying where Chanyeol has been and the demon didn’t think twice but to leave Junji with his friend Jay and go to where his lover is. But the moment he stepped into the building, he became horrified to the sight in front of him. There in the room was some kind of glass cage and in the inside of it, Chanyeol who was beaten and bruised. Kyungsoo screamed and banged on the glass with rage but even with his demonic strength, he couldn’t break it. He slumped and sobbed helplessly as he called out to the other’s name..“Chanyeol…”

Time To Speak Out The Truth

After all that happened and supposed a huge step back on their plans, and once Valgaav recovered enough from his physical form being practically destroyed and managed to create an avatar again, big measures needed to be taken. First all the team moved to another basement, even deeper underground, and as discreet as they managed to. Second was to focus on the defences. The Mazoku still didn’t understand how Zelas’ spies managed to gather so much information about them, but that needed to stop right in that moment. Just because he was forced to make a promise to her, didn’t mean that they weren’t in their right to have some privacy. So with the help of Alexius and the knowledge the Copy could recover from the memories recovered from the original Dragon Chaos, Valgaav managed to raise a huge barrier that would surround hectares of the zone, making it really hard to pinpoint the core and also to any non-human (or beastman) creature to cross it. Anyone who tried would end sucked and trapped into a pocket dimension. Measures were taken as well so only the members of the team would be able to cross that barrier without problems.

One of the ways to build an even bigger and more secretive base was to create also new tunnels to connect with the outside world, so it would be safer for them to get out time to time to get food and basic needs for the mortals, as well as for Alexius to go help beastfolks in danger. Never alone, of course. Even after his “talk” with Zelas, Valgaav still didn’t trust on her, and wouldn’t give for granted the safety of his minions even when he wasn’t breaking his promise. Creating tunnels with his own power was a good way to release some tension and stress, but even then… It wasn’t enough for him.

It was after one of those times when Valgaav decided to stop for that day. In that moment Alexius was outside, taking care of beastfolk problems along with Jillas, so the Mazoku and Gaav were alone in the base. The Mazoku was in that moment walking to the living room, stretching the body of his avatar and looking around, checking on the position of the Copy:

- I’m back. -He announced, one hand on his hip and the other one scratching the back of his head.

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Possible prompt?: Drunk Regina during the missing year. Someone getting fresh and handsy when Robin comes he rescues her and takes her to the stables because that's where she's asks to go? He ends up holding her for the rest of the night? Please? :)

She’s trembling in his grasp, her whole body vibrating even as she remains almost deathly silent, nothing but her body’s involuntary motion revealing anything about the inner turmoil raging within her. He was livid, absolutely seething at the thought that, had he not chosen that moment to step out for a breath of air, far more could have happened to the Queen. John had pulled him from the letch, Will dropping to the ground to hold the idiot down though, in his inebriated state, not much force was needed.

His knuckles were bloody, deep crimson stains visible with the way he was holding her arms, holding her upright as they walked, stumbled towards the stables. She’d muttered the words to him when he’d reached her, the only thing she’d said to him when he’d helped her from the ground gently, when he’d whispered words of comfort, telling her that she was safe now and she’d been a little tipsy before, he’d watched as she’d guzzled mugful after mugful of ale in attempts at keeping herself together and though he’d wanted to follow her when she’d made her way from the grand hall, out into the open air, he’d let her be but now, as he shot concerned glance after glance at her, he could see no traces of the alcohol she’d drank.

She was composed, rigid in posterity with her mask in place until the very moment they stepped over the threshold and were hit with the scent of the stables, the dried hay and the gentle creatures within whose heads poked out and over their gates with curious eyes and ears perked towards the both of them.

He let her leave his hold when she continued on her way forward, moving towards the chestnut mare he’d witnessed her with far more than the others and there was a bond there, a connection that couldn’t be denied. The great beast’s head shook gently in a greeting he couldn’t help but laugh softly at, just a gentle breath of laughter for his heart was still aching for the woman now leaning her forehead against the mare’s cheek, one hand beside her head and the other on the opposite cheek, holding the animal in place as she drew strength from it, though he had no doubt that the horse would remain without her request.

It was a long moment, a peaceful, quiet moment in which he allowed himself the luxury of watching her in her preferred habitat before he noticed the way her shoulders began shaking, only slightly at first, a tiny little thing that he wouldn’t have noticed had he not been looking closely but he was, always was with Regina and so, the moment those small whimpers grew into hacking sobs that stole breath from her lungs and had her knees buckling beneath her, he was behind her in an instant, catching her and guiding her down to the hay strewn floor, pulling her into his chest and onto his lap as he folded his legs beneath him and let her draw whatever strength she needed from him. He knew nothing of her past, of her marriage nor the origins of the pain so very evident in every one of her cries but he knew such an agony came from something far darker than any possibly knew of this broken Queen and he vowed silently to himself that she would never find herself crying alone again, never.

The flower that blooms in adversity is the
most rare and beautiful of all 
Sam Winchester Graphic Challenge - peanutbutterandbananasandwichs vs
moresam​ -- prompt: Allways Keep Fighting + Lilac

Sam’s life during the time between S7 and S8 is full of seemingly small but incredible acts of courage. Sam is left at the end of S7 with nothing and with nobody. It is strongly implied that he may have been suicidal, certainly he was lost and broken, his entire world shattered. It may have been ‘hitting a dog’ that put a halt to Sam’s ceaseless driving, that made him stop and take a moment to breathe. But that was just a catalyst. It was Sam who took the steps that would build his life back from the ground up when it could have been so easy, so very easy to keep running. One of the first real steps we get to see on screen, seems so simple, Sam taking the job repairing broken things at the motel. But what that means is, repairing himself, putting down roots, however impermanent they may have felt, making connections to people again and forging a new way of living. None of those things are easy, anyone who has ever felt lost or broken can tell you of the fear that is involved in making yourself feel whole again, the courage it takes to start again from nothing. Sam continues on with this when he goes to Amelia and tells her about his loss. For Sam, opening up like that has always been hard, to do so about something so deeply personal, to someone he barely knew, must have taken real courage on Sam’s part, to let himself be that raw and open, when his life was so new and fragile. x Letting himself move past his grief and to rebuild his his life from the ground up, with Amelia and Riot was Sam fighting and although it was hard he allowed himself to blossom.


Robespierre was the last one to die. He saw his brother and Couthon carried barely conscious up the steps to the scaffold; he saw for a moment Saint-Just standing tall, disdainful, splendid. Danton had said some memorable things at his death, Saint-Just did better: he died like de Vigny’s wolf (“Seul le silence est grand, tout le reste est faiblesse”). Finally, Robespierre climbed to the platform, unaided and with firm step. A murmur rose from the crowd. Sa[n]son, with huge fist, took hold of the bandage that tied Robespierre’s shattered jaw, and tore it away so brutally that in spite of his stoicism a cry escaped him. The next moment he was tied to the plank. The knife fell. The Revolution was over.

Robespierre: The First Modern Dictator (Ralph Korngold)

“…And then the music exploded around them, and Chaol took her with it, spinning her so that her cloak fanned out around her. Each step was flawless, lethal, like that first time they’d sparred together so many months ago. She knew his every move and he knew hers, as though they’d been dancing this waltz together all their lives. Faster, never faltering, never breaking her stare. 

The rest of the word quieted into nothing. In that moment, after ten long years, Celaena looked at Chaol and realized she was home.” 

Celaena Sardothien and Chaol Westfall from sjmaas‘s “Throne of Glass”

Loved this scene. They’re so cute I can’t even. I’m still in book 2, I can feel it’s going down, so I’m slowly enjoying their happiness. More to come… x

Family Man

Sehun always said you had perfect timing to everything. You were on time for work, came in at the best moments, and sometimes even in…interesting situations. 

Like today. You needed a break from your twins, no matter how much you loved them. Sometimes, they were a bit much, and Sehun still being active as an idol after so many years of the two of you being married was too much sometimes. 

He was given a good week off, and promised a night for you to relax completely by yourself. That day had gone by way too fast for your liking, and you found yourself coming home, missing your beautiful daughter and son. 

You stepped inside your house, waiting impending doom from whatever your husband did with your kids. Right when you walked into the house, you were hit hard with the smell, and seconds later, the water system went off and soaked your clothes through. 

You heard tiny laughter from the kitchen, and shuffled feet along with Sehun’s panicked voice. 

“Stop laughing! It’s not funny!” 

The water was turned off, and you made your way to see the kitchen a complete disaster, smoke rising from a pot on the stove. Your twins were in their high chairs, probably waiting for dinner, when they noticed you. 

“Mommy!” “Mommy’s home!” 

You waited for Sehun to come back into the kitchen, trying to hide the panic in his eyes. “Hi honey. Welcome home?” 

He looked scared, and he should be. You walked over to the twins, and took them out of their high chairs one by one. 

“Aigoo, can my big troopers go change by themselves?” They both nodded, racing off to their own rooms to change into dry clothes. 

“Jagi…” Sehun whined behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist. “Never leave me alone again.” 

You turned around and slapped him playfully on his chest, tiptoeing to give him a sweet kiss. 

“Do I even want to know what happened today?” 

He smirked, “Our little devils will tell you all about it.” It was a disaster. A complete disaster. The four of you were cuddled up in the master bedroom, your daughter in Sehun’s arms, your son in yours. 

“Daddy brought Uncle Jongin, and then Uncle Jongin brought his dogs!” 

“Daddy burned the food twice!” 

“Daddy overfilled the bathtub and it was overflowing with bubbles!” 

“Daddy made me where boys clothes!” 

Three years old, and Sehun still couldn’t tell which was the girl and which was the boy? You were eyeing Sehun with a smirk the entire time, and he was distracting himself by playing with his daughter’s hair. 

You tucked them and and kissed them both goodnight, and you went back to bed with your husband. You soothed him with his head on your chest, massaging his head tenderly. 

“I have a thousand times more respect for you. How do you handle those devils every day?” 

“Easy, I’m their mother, pabo.” 

He chuckled. “I’ll do anything you want. I’ll take you shopping and watch Ryan Gosling movies with you. I’ll cook, just don’t leave me alone with them ever again.” 

You kissed the top of his head. “I’m gonna pass on you cooking. I don’t want to live underwater, babe.” 

“Got it. I don’t want my beautiful wife living underwater either.” He switched your position so that you were lying on his chest, legs tangled together. 

“Honey, I love you. But I don’t want any more kids.” You started giggling, playing with the hem of his shirt. 

“Sehun, I love you. But they’re only three. Wait until they’re teenagers to complain.” 

“Oh God…”

A bit of fluffy Sehun to prepare myself for a major angst coming up :o

ladyolixia asked:

SCM- can you make a head cannon about the Gods being overprotective when it comes to there daughters getting a boyfriend?

Finally reach the SCM request in the lists. Only SCM request in my mailbox.

When his daughter’s boyfriend came over to fetch her, Leon stare at him up and down while your girl is busy getting ready for her date. Leon will be quiet all the time but his stare is fierce enough to send a fear into the guy. Before they left the house, Leon will grab him and give him a stern warning.

“If you ever dare to take her virginity on your first date, I am going to kill you. I will be watching from the reflective pool.” Leon warned before he send both of you out of the house happily.

Scorpio will be surprisingly friendly and keep patting the guy shoulder. Scorpio will also keeps telling the guy how important and precious his daughter is. The moment his daughter step into the living room, he will pat the guy shoulder again, asking him if she looks beautiful. Then Scorpio expression change.

“I know what you are thinking by touching you. You can’t wait to kiss her and go further. But if you take her virginity on your first date, I am going to punish your harshly. Remember that I am from the department of punishment.” Scorpio said sternly and the guy face turn pale for a moment. Scorpio then asks both of you to enjoy the date happily as if nothing had happened.

Teorus will be extremely friendly to the guy when he came and fetch his daughter for their date. While his daughter goes back to her room to get ready, Teorus will change his attitude toward the guy.

“If you are late for sending her back tonight, I will not forgive you. I will be watching from the reflective pool and if you ever lay a finger on her, I will stop time immediately to save her. Don’t ever have dirty thought.” Teorus warns and back to his friendly face when his girl is back. Teorus then ask his daughter to enjoy herself.

Dui will welcome the guy into the house happily while his daughter is in her room getting ready. While waiting, Dui will purposely emphasis the punishment he had done when he punish bad people, sending a fear to the guy. He then continue that he will punish the person even worst if he ever hurt his daughter. He then send both of them out of the house happily.

Little to his daughter knowledge, Dui actually watching from the reflective pool all the time. If the guy tries to get closer, he will send a message to the guy mind. “Remember the punishment I told you just now. I am watching.” Dui said sternly to the guy in his mind.

Hue will asks a lot of psychology questions to the guy about sex appeal. He is testing him what will make the guy lost control and if he has enough will power to control himself. The guy will get very nervous when Hue ask him what is so attractive about his daughter.

“She is my only daughter and I will not allow any harm to her. You know I am the wise man and nothing can hide from me. I can read you from your expression and behavior. So do not try anything funny.” Hue said sternly before sending both of them out.