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A short Rant about Why the Day Without A Woman was stupid

The “Day Without A Woman”, a strike based on the idea that women are oppressed or not treated equally in our society, is absurd in many ways and I believe that there is equality between women and men in the United States and other well developed societies.  For the Day Without A Woman, many women went on strike, abandoned their jobs and responsibilities, went to protests, and refused to shop in order to demonstrate the important roles that women have in society as well as to fight inequalities such as the supposed wage gap in which women are payed less than men; however, there is no wage gap.  From the median income of women ($40,742), which is about 80% of the median income of men ($51,212), it is deduced that women only make 80 cents for every dollar men make; however, this fails to account for many other factors such as education, occupation, work hours, and personal choice.  For example, many of the college majors with the highest salaries after graduation such as computer science and chemical engineering are over 80% male, while many of the majors that have lower salaries after graduation such as psychology and liberal arts are over 70% female.  Nothing is stopping women from pursuing an education and career in higher paying fields such as chemical engineering other than their own choice not to.  It has also been illegal for employers to pay women less than men because of their gender since the Equal Pay Act of 1963; therefore, if an employer does pay a woman employee less based on her gender, she should take legal action and file a lawsuit against her employer under the EPA, rather than blame “the Patriarchy” (as feminists so often do for all of their problems) and hold strikes such as the “Day Without A Woman”.  Furthermore, I fail to see how abandoning one’s work and responsibilities shows the value of women in the workplace.  Instead of refusing to go to work in order to make a political point, feminists and people in general should focus on helping women who truly are oppressed, such as the women in Islamic countries who can and often are killed for not wearing the hijab, who have their genitals mutilated, who are required to be submissive and obey their fathers, brothers, husbands, and other males, who are often forced into marriage, raped, and beaten by their husbands, and who are not given the same rights as men in their society.  But according to most liberals, criticizing Islam’s treatment of women is Islamophobic, so feminists in the United States continue to fight for the equality that they already have while ignoring the true oppression of women in other countries.

There’s lots of different ways to be median, and they’re all OK.

Some median systems have several members who all have different identities, looks, pronouns, names, etc, but still all see themselves as being the same person. And that’s OK!

Some have facets that are all the same person in different modes or ages or roles, and that’s OK too!

Some median systems are really stable, the same persons or facets day in, day out always and forever. Others are more fluid, with persons or facets shifting and blending and changing. And both ways are OK!

Some have facets that are easily discernible from each other. Some are much harder to tell one from the other.

“Median” means being somewhere between singlet and multiple. It’s a spectrum, and it’s all beautiful. So no matter how your median system is set up, it’s still valid. You are still valid. And you’re lovely.

-Mod Willow

surreall-y  asked:

Hi sorry if you've been asked this before but what do all these different systems mean? Like endogenic and quiogenic etc?

Have it in the faq!

Traumagenic- A system that formed from trauma, usually psychological
Endogenic- A system that formed from a reason other than trauma
Quoigenic- Fuck if I know how our system formed/we don’t care
Gateway- A system where headmates are from other worlds, usually spiritual
Median- Somewhere between singlet and multiple
Mixed- A mix of some of the above

sometimes i forget how short hobi is n then i’m reminded of how short hobi is n them im like wow that’s how short hobi is



Image 1 shows the basic direction terms of an animal. Here is a comparison between the directional terms of humans vs animals

Left: H: Left A: Left

Right: H: Right A: RIGHT

Toward the head: H: Superior A: Cranial

Toward the tip of the nose: H: Nasal A: Rostral

Toward the tail end: H: Inferior A: Caudal

Toward the back: H: Posterior A: Dorsal

Toward the belly: H: Anterior A: Ventral

Toward the median plane: H: Medial A: Medial

Away from the median plane: H: Lateral A: Lateral

Toward the center of a part: H: Deep (Internal) A: Deep (Internal)

Toward the surface of a part: H: Superficial (External) A: Superficial (External)

Toward the body (extremity): H: Proximal A: Proximal

Away from the body (extremity): H: Distal A: Distal

“Back” of forelimb: H: Palmar A: Palmar

“Back” of hindlimb: H: Plantar A: Plantar

“Front” of hind and forelimb: H: Anterior A: Dorsal

Image 2 shows the three main anatomical planes of reference. The yellow/light orange plane shows the median plane, which divides the body into left and right. The dark orange plane shows the transverse plane, which divides the body into cranial and caudal ends. The red plane shows the dorsal plane, which divides the body into dorsal and ventral parts.

digital drawing by me

Source of Information: Clinical Anatomy and Physiology for Veterinary Technicians (2nd edition) by Thomas Colville & Joanna M. Bassert

Here’s some irony: Bernie Sanders is winning the states where income inequality is lowest. Where it’s highest? Those states are all Hillary Clinton, and her win in highly unequal New York only made the trend more pronounced.

It’s a counterintuitive trend because Bernie Sanders’ whole campaign is built on inequality. The phrase “millionaire and billionaire class” (or some variation on it) seems to feature in every single one of his speeches.

But it’s true. Here is a chart of all 50 states showing their distance from the median of the Gini index, a widely used statistic that measures inequality on a scale from 0 (total inequality) to 1 (total equality). The states are lined up from left to right, from the most equal (Alaska, at 0.4146, or 0.455 from the median) to the most unequal (New York, at 0.5048, or 0.447 from the median).

Sanders Has Been Losing In States Where Income Inequality Is Worse

Chart: Danielle Kurtzleben/NPR


I like Scatter Plot Graphs, so I made some for MM1 compared to MM2.

First, some observations: MM2 has a lot more below that $1 mark than MM1, which is odd since MSRP is 43% higher. However, MM2 looks to have a higher mythic value so it’s a lot more like a lottery.There’s a lot to observe by looking at it, so I’ll go ahead and let you do some analyzing. Do comment via reblogging or reply to let people know what you noticed! 

About the data: MM2 is using Starcity’s pricing discounted 15% (approximately what I regard the SCG tax as) and MM1 is using the TCG Median from June 7, 2013. MM2 is preorder while MM1 was launch day pricing since that is what I had access to. All data is available in these spreadsheets if you care to analyze yourself. X-Axis is just me forcing the data to spread out by grouping it, and the Y-Axis is the dollar value of the card in logarithmic scale.