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Gothic Hate Crime Murder
Per Nordkvist

On the 13th of February 2010 in Sweden, Per Nordkvist was getting money from a cash point with friends when he was approached by a gang of youths aged between 15 to 18. Immediately he was beaten and stabbed. Sadly hours later Nordkvist died from his injuries.

The Swedish media labelled it as a possible hate crime due to the fact Nordkvist was a goth.

At trial. the 18 year old received 7 years whilst a 17 year old involved received youth care

For Da Money

FOR DA MONEY,get you bloody
FOR DA MONEY, some of them might be a hussy
FOR DA MONEY, it can stop you from being hungry
FOR DA MONEY, it could hinder your recovery
FOR DA MONEY, It can get you your attorney, better yet pay for that rediscovery, you get to go home to where the others be,
FOR DA MONEY, hit the lotto get lucky
FOR DA MONEY, spend it all because it made you a JUNKIE,
FOR DA MONEY, It can make you comfy, because you’re getting checks monthly,
FOR DA MONEY, it could end you up unjustly, because there’s some cops doing things corruptly,
FOR DA MONEY, have you at the armory where the armor be, still packing up that cocaine with Arm & Hammer G,
FOR DA MONEY, could have you unluckily being dead found in the shrubbery

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I can't believe she's not coming back to the uk omg 😭

It’s sad I know. I wish this never happened…she’s grieving and blaming herself for this. She needs time with her family and friends. Even tho this is something hard to recover from, ari is strong and with the love she’s getting from us through all social media, we can all recover from this.

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cassie never said she would love to direct an episode. it's just sad you really hate and wish someone dies like you wish for her. i really think you should get some help 'cause this isn't heathy at all and i'm saying that 'cause i did hate someone and spend all my time on that. I wish someone helped me. I know you'll say i'm a cc stan and all that shit but I'm just tryint to tell you what I wish someone told me: your behavior isn't healthy. ask for help.

…. first of all, never EVER in my life have I wished death upon someone.

second of all, how do you think I spend my day? staring into my computer screen, evilly rubbing my hands, blistered from frantically refreshing all social media that cassandra clare has? Idk whether YOU know what having a life is, but I do happen to have one lmao. I spend from 2 to 3 hours weekly on tumblr (even less these recent few months) and most of the time I just scroll through my dash to get updated on news/memes/my favorite shows, bands, etc. clare comes up on my blog only when anonymous cowards like you ask me questions and try to defend her inexcusable, for a grown woman, behavior.

p.s. check her twitter, you’ll find she very much wanted to direct an episode. what a mess.
the signs as types of witchcraft

aries: storm witchcraft
harnessing the power of wind, storms, and weather

taurus: kitchen witchcraft
working magic into cooking, baking, brewing, etc

gemini: pop culture witchcraft
taking inspiration from mainstream media when creating spells/practicing magic

cancer: lunar witchcraft
magic based heavily upon the moon and its phases

leo: urban witchcraft
a more modern take on magic, utilizing electronics and everyday items

virgo: green witchcraft
working with nature (plants/herbs, crystals, rain water, etc)

libra: artistic witchcraft
incorporating the arts (such as dance, painting, music) into one’s craft

scorpio: spirit work
working with/receiving the assistance of spirits in magic and/or befriending them

sagittarius: chaos witchcraft
a volatile, eclectic style of magic that focuses primarily on the offensive

capricorn: shadow work
confronting and conquering ‘shadows’ of one’s past, and using them later to invoke strong emotions to aid in spellwork

aquarius: space witchcraft
working with interstellar bodies (stars, planets, moons, etc)

pisces: hedge witchcraft
involves energy work and travelling to the astral plane