from the media

Buried anger I've fought

The thing about posting where others see not

They know not things I have thought

Like wounds hidden that I’ve now got

The only thing to do after I cry a lot

Is abstain from all media so I’m not

Wounded from painful sightings seen on the spot

Taking a break from social media again

This time Tumblr is part of the plan and not just coincidental.

My mental health requires this break.

Stay safe.

I hope to see you on the other side.

Hey all! I’m going to be spending the next week at the beach with my family. As usual, I try to use this time to get some space away from social media. Spend some time recharging, enjoy scenery and not having chores for a bit.

*If you’re a friend and have some kind of emergency, you CAN send me private message! I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can.

anonymous asked:

Hey sea fam, I have a problem that I probably shouldn't be getting so worked up about but it's giving me a lot of anxiety. One of my "friends" has been really mean to me but I've just started really noticing it recently. She says I look like a tomato all the time and makes fun of my misophonia and calls me stupid when I don't know how to make cookies and lots of other things... I don't want to b friends anymore but we have classes together and everything! Does anyone have advice???

The best way to avoid a storm is to be polite but distant. Don’t start conversations with her, and if she tries talking to you give her short, dry answers. Look at your phone or away while you speak. Cease contacting her on your own, and remove her from social media, one account at a time. When you’re around her, treat her like you would a stranger. Otherwise, make plans with other friends like nothing is out of the ordinary. 

Avoid getting into confrontations, she sounds like the type to spread the fight as much as she can. Become your best customer service rep and act like she’s an angry customer. 

-Lou the Lobster


Hawaii was good for me in more ways than one.

Late night talks with B helped me find clarity with some big issues.

Peace is my priority.

That means work boundaries and relationship boundaries are being set.

It means saying no when I want to, so there’s something left of me for me.

It means taking a step back from social media (Facebook) and not worrying about other people’s opinions of me or look for their approval.

The daily 11

I forgot to do this yesterday, but: 

  • I’m having a very real I need some time away from social media time
    • I’ve downloaded the app Moment and it has been illuminating. 
    • Also: i get no joy from sitting on the couch and watching other people live their lives (Insta Stories/YouTube/Etc). 
  • So remember when I railed on that movie Before I Die last week? 
    • Well, it kind of totally messed me up in a very real and very interesting way. 
  • I’m really feeling the need to ghost the world for a few weeks: no phone, no connection to anything, to just reset everything. There’s no one impetus but more so just a feeling of the need to go off the grid for a bit. 
  • I am so close to being finished with my master’s degree, like so close, and I can’t believe that it’s time to start looking for jobs. 
    • I’m having a difficult time finding some in the Netherlands. DG suggested Germany. That’s also an option. 
  • Also: I was TWO episodes behind on Riverdale and I feel so validated in my decision to get drunk and eat chocolate. 
  • I think I realized in therapy this week something I’ve been thinking about. 
    • I’ve always had a problem with the phrase treat yourself and I tend to have a destructive relationship with rewards and goals and perfection and giving myself a break. And I asked the question, which is illuminating: “what is the threshold for deserving something?” We haven’t quite gotten to the bottom of this but I do think is an important question. 
  • I’ve been feeling the need to write more. Like actually write. I know I’m not very good at it, not a great writer, but I do enjoy writing. 
  • That friend who reaches out, disappears, and reaches out again, and then disappears? Well, she’s done it again and I don’t know what to do about it for a few reasons. 
    • She’s going to the wedding / bachelorette 
    • She’s also going through a very difficult time and I don’t want to “abandon” her. 
  • Also! I am getting so excited to see what my friends have planned for my bachelorette party. 
    • I’m so looking forward to our wedding. I can’t wait to *officially* be married to DG. 
    • Which reminds me: I have to figure out how to *officially* marry him in America. 
  • I’ve gotten more accomplished in 100 days than the Cheeto has. 
  • omfg: american chinese food. I want american chinese food. 

This summer 2017, Hot Topic and AC/DC Apparel will debut a fashion line exclusively on themed on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Here’s a preview for three itens:

  • Buffy’s “Graduation Day” Trench Coat – $99.90. 
  • Willow’s “Doppelgangland” Sweater – $42.90
  • Faith’s Season 3 Jacket – $69.90

for any of you who haven’t seen it, i definitely recommend the netflix show dear white people. ive seen (mostly white) people saying its just “another white liberal show blah blah” but it really isnt. its produced, written, directed etc by black people. the cast is largely poc (mostly black). it’s such a good show. it’s funny, it’s smart, it’s woke, it’s basically everything you want from a show (though there’s a bit with cheating which could have been left out….). it’s relevant, it spells everything out for (especially, clues in the title) white people. it spells everything out for un-woke people (sleeping people, i guess?? idk). the story line is great, the characters are great, it goes into much better detail than the film, and deals with a whole bucket of issues. it’s really not just “pandering to tumblr-sjw” (as i’ve seen other people saying). if you’re worried you’re not gonna like it, give it a go. if you don’t like it, leave it running in the background while you do something else like idk reading. or doing your homework. or even while your ironing your shirts. watch this show, i think you’ll really like it, and you’ll probably learn something from it. 

p.s. support black media. 
p.p.s. if you’re white and you’re getting mad at this tv show for the way it refers to white people, you’re definitely the type of person it’s targeting. listen.