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do you have comedy tv recs that arent basic things like parks n rec/ 30 rock etc

if we’re going off-road and veering into bizzaro comedy, i would really recommend Look Around You, a british parody of educational videos that tackle subjects such as Music, Sulfur, and Ghosts. it’s a beautiful absurd series and it’s british so it’s really short

i’d also recommend The Birthday Boys, it’s a sketch comedy show from ifc that only lasted 2 seasons but it’s so fuckign funny and it’s executive produced by Saul Goodman himself, the Bobo Den Kirk (Bob Odenkirk) it’s painfully self aware and amazing

lastly, The Life and Times of Tim, this animated show aired on HBO for like, 3 seasons? it’s such a fuckin hilarious show and is bound to have a voice you’ll recognize in almost every episode. it’s just a show where this awkward loser makes the worst decisions and everyone hates him as a result. i love it

the most important part of z nation

murphy - i am a white man, i am an asshole, i am important, therefore i should be in charge, and not this beautiful, smart black woman who even i respect tremendously

doc, 10k, sarge, lucy, rollins, red?, the zuggalos, and everyone else from last season who hasn’t come back yet - nah

warren - sorry, i don’t make the rules

murphy - …fine you’re still the boss, even though you’re amazing and i think i love you

just accept the reality that your fave is never going to have a redemption arc as perfectly written as prince zuko’s

y’all are still sleeping on noah schnapp’s performance in stranger things 2 and that is completely unacceptable. noah was given possibly the most challenging role this season. he had to literally play levels of his character. from a normal will to a depressed will to an anxious will to different levels of will becoming possessed to him being fully possessed- basically playing the monster itself. he had to literally act in response to a green screen (NOTHING) in so many scenes and he still was perfection and effective with his emotion. he had so many scenes that were emotionally challenging and amazingly delivered but I don’t hear any of you talking about it or praising him. I get that he wasn’t a big part of season 1 (even though you can see glimpses of his talent in episodes like ‘the body’), but that’s what makes it even worse. because he’s out there coming back this season and giving it his all and performing at such a high caliber that deserves an emmy/golden globe/SAG award and people are just ignoring him to talk about billy or the characters from last season who have already received so much praise (deservedly so). interviewers talk over him or ignore him and act like he doesn’t exist in the show even though the entire show mainly surrounds him and el. give noah schnapp the recognition and praise he deserves.



Thank you so much for the support! I’m honestly happy that this many people are interested in this blog! Running it has been a fun ride from the very beginning, and I don’t see it ending anytime soon. Also, I reached a moment right now in which I feel like I’m breaking through with my art style and process, and getting closer to what I want to do – so all the more reason to celebrate!!

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Not what I thought my first post would be about, but I’ve actually noticed like…4 distinct art styles used in Danny Phantom.

I call them the Baby Danny

aka, the style with the biggest irises and noodliest arms. So noodle that sad Dabby sometimes loses his shoulders altogether from droop. Used most often in the earliest episodes.

The Cutsie Danny:

also big eyed and noodly, but the face and hair are very distinct and more rounded, while the eyes are usually more of an oval shape. Very animated, very flexible, and very expressive. Has the largest shaded portion of hair out of all the styles, plus very big, wide smiles. The back of the head is v smol. Used randomly throughout season 1 and some of season 2, sometimes swapping in the middle of an episode.

Average Danny:

probably used in the most episodes and with the most frequency (far as i can tell). The side of his face angles out less, and his arms and legs are a little thicker. Fluffiest hair. Outlines are pretty much a consistent thickness all the way around. Kinda stiff, but usually on-model.

Phantom Planet Danny:

exclusive to season three. Eyes too smol. Body too thicc. Too much space between the side of his face and his eyes. Did his cheekbone mutate and start pushing the sides of his face out? Generally bad. Never shoulderless, droopy Dabby. Makes mama sad.


🍁 I had such an inspiring autumnal equinox and I hope that you all did too! This altar features the largest acorn I’ve ever found & the brecciated jasper w pyrite Sandi gifted me during the last Mercury rx ─ I also crafted this darling little spell shell using some of the herbs I gathered on the last full moon 🍂✨

The difference between -ado and -ante in Spanish

Like the -ed and -ing adjective endings in English, in Spanish we have -ado and -ante, besides other suffixes. Let’s take a look at the -ado and -ante endings.

-Ado / -Ada / -Ados / -Adas

This ending implies how we feel.

I am interested. Estoy interesada.

-Ante / -Antes

This ending implies that something gives us that feeling.

David is interesting. David es interesante.
(He makes me interested)

Example list:

Interesante / Interesantes. Interesting
Interesado / Interesada / Interesados / Interesadas. Interested
Relajante(s). Relaxing
Relajad(o/a/os/as). Relaxed
Excitante(s). Exciting
Excitad(o/a/os/as). Excited
Avergonzante(s). Embarrassing
Avergonzad(o/a/os/as). Embarrassed
Decepcionante(s). Disappointing
Decepcionad(o/a/os/as). Disappointed