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A drabble from my sick bed - Emma has her happy beginning and I’ve been kinda wondering what comes next.  I know not everyone needs or wants to read about Swan-Jones babies, so warning that this deals with the idea of that, but with my own personal take on the subject.

I completely get where Emma is right now…she’s married and happy in that marriage.  Let’s be real…the idea of kids has already occurred to her, at least in the abstract when she saw Killian with Ashley’s kid at Granny’s.  This is my little take on what she may be thinking now that the wedding is over and the battle is done (let’s assume she’s won and everything is perfect).  I can see her struggling with the idea of kids, for lots of reasons and I kinda took it from there.

I’m going to be really transparent and admit that this is also a reflection on where I am personally in life.  Perhaps it’s uncouth to ask, but if you don’t like how this comes out, maybe keep it to yourself?  Life is imitating art in this instance and I’m baring my own insecurities and worries here, so be kind.  

If you don’t want to read about kids or babies or wondering about kids or babies, this should be a hard pass for you.    

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"They spent all their savings to get me there you know?" Langst, Polydins

Ooooohhh man I’m so late on this I’m just now getting to it but I hope I wont disappoint! :3
The planet they’d all landed on was suspiciously similar to Earth, green grass, blue water, cloudy blue gray sky and a yellow sun. It was no surprise that Lance disappeared after a while, the Blue Lion having moved away from the city, closer to the ocean. Lance sighed sadly as he stared up at the starry sky, his boyfriends and small girlfriend currently at the banquet that was being held in their honor after driving out a recent Galra infestation.
He had snuck out, claustrophobia getting to him in the huge crowds of people. Turns out that even a social butterfly like him, after being isolated in space with only seven other people to keep you company, got nervous around huge crowds of people clamoring for his attention.
Blue purred in concern underneath him, currently sitting upright with her Paladin sprawled on his back on top of her head. “I wonder if Mamá and Papá hate outer space now. I mean, it took their son away… Though I dunno what the Garrison told them. Probably that I’m dead or something stupid like that.” Lance mused aloud thoughtfully, blinking at the unfamiliar constellations.
“It’s just, they spent all their savings to get me there, you know? And then suddenly I’m gone and all they have to do to remember why their son is missing, is look up at the sky and see the stars and moon.”
Blue hummed thoughtfully, concern and warmth filling their bond as salty tears slid down his cheeks. “I miss home, Blue. I miss the ocean, even though its right there in front of me. It’s not the ocean I grew up with. It’s similar, this planet, but it isn’t the one I remember. It’s all different, it isn’t human, isn’t home. No matter how hard I close my eyes and try to pretend, my heart knows better than that.” Lance whimpered, covering his damp eyes with his suit sleeve, not really caring that the formal clothing Coran had lent him was getting fluids on the cloth.
Blue purred soothingly, already sending a call to her sisters that her Paladin was in distress and needed his mates for a cuddle pile, as soon as possible. Lance hiccuped quietly, sobbing into his arm as she gently rumbled a soft tune to calm him, flooding their bond with gentle, motherly worry and love as the ocean lapped at her paws, the sound of waves echoing through the night.
You can bet your ass that Lance got the biggest cuddle session this side of the moon when the others found him ;) Shiro panicked, Keith was clingy, Hunk worried, and Pidge asked questions on who she’d have to cut :) Lance was thoroughly loved, don’t worry :3
But yes, Blue and Lance time! :D Mama Blue is there to listen to all your troubles, Lance!

When I fly I always want the window seat;
so I can watch city streets hum with headlights at night like haemoglobin flowing through veins. So I can look out and see the vast horizon quivering in the haze of summer heat. So I can see the shorelines of this land meeting the brine of the great blue ocean tides; little miniature white ripples breaking out on the boundless glimmering water - boats carving out ephemeral trails on their journeys. So I can see rivers and tributaries turn into estuaries and meet the sea like ancient friends joining hands. So I can see the glow of a sunrise or a sunset light a fire in the sky with its warm tones - painting the world with the most heartbreakingly exquisite pastels. So I can see the vast and colourful countryside divided into patchwork, like a quilt stitched from the hands of god, or some divine force bigger than we could possibly conceive. So I can see the mountains of green and brown erupting from the ground, casting darkly mysterious shadows into divots and gullies. So I can rise above the clouds and gaze upon the endless azure sky that overwhelms me with its brilliance and reminds me how infinitesimal I really am.
I always want the window seat;
So I can realise the complete majesty that surrounds me, and so that I can see -
So that I can see that while I’m not religious - there is clearly something greater than mere humanity, and it has given us the most wondrous of gifts; simply to exist here in this miraculous realm.
—  “So I can see” // @rarasworldbro
Light at the blue end of the spectrum does not travel the whole distance from the sun to us. It disperses among the molecules of the air, it scatters in water. Water is colorless, shallow water appears to be the color of whatever lies underneath it, but deep water is full of this scattered light, the purer the water the deeper the blue. The sky is blue for the same reason, but the blue at the horizon, the blue of land that seems to be dissolving into the sky, is a deeper, dreamier, melancholy blue, the blue at the farthest reaches of the places where you see for miles, the blue of distance. This light that does not touch us, does not travel the whole distance, the light that gets lost, gives us the beauty of the world, so much of which is in the color blue.
—  Rebecca Solnit, A Field Guide to Getting Lost

My Dad still drinks Hamms beer and he sings this commercial every time he drinks.  It’s so catchy.

love knows bounds (pt. 3) // edmund pevensie

summary: the reader and edmund have been friends for most of their time together in narnia. but, they realize their true feelings for each other at the worst moment; just when they both leave for earth. and it doesn’t help that they live practically half a world apart.
pairing: reader x edmund pevensie
word count: 1.4 k
notes: sorry this took so long! but here it finally is, hope you all enjoy :)
listen to: you were never gone - hannah ellis

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“Excuse me, I think someone’s calling you.” A handsome man, who reminded you much of Caspian, smiled at you and pointed to a young woman your age across the street.

You were back.

Back standing in the exact same spot on the sidewalk in front of the diner that brought you to Narnia for a second time. Your felt your face for the tears that fell merely moments ago as you bid Edmund farewell, but they had disappeared. You saw your reflection in the man’s  sunglasses and realized your eyes were no longer glossy and red like they were when you sobbed silently on Lucy’s shoulder.

“Hey, you alright?” The man shook you out of your trance as you nodded softly and followed his pointed arm to see your friend frantically waving her hands at you, trying to get your attention.

Saying your thanks to him, you dashed across the street, avoiding a collision with the cars, and smiled at your friend half-heartedly.

“You ready to head out to Zooey’s party tonight? I hear James is going to be there.” She swooned dramatically and then proceeded to laugh, until she noticed your eyes swelling up with tears. “Are you crying? Here, let’s go get a drink at the café and perhaps we cou-“

“No, no, I’d rather be left alone. I don’t think I’ll be coming tonight, but I hope you have fun with everyone else there.” You squeezed your eyes shut, blinking away the tears and walked back home without saying another word.

Your house was conveniently located 3 minutes away from the diner and so no one had to see you cry. Unlocking the door, you stepped in and took a moment to hear if your parents were at home. They weren’t. Kicking off your flats, you turned around and ran up to your room.

You loosened the tie off your school uniform and flung your bag on to the bed, sitting down next to it with your head in your hands, constant tears flowing down your face. You lifted your head slightly to take a look at your room.

It reminded you nothing of Narnia. You desperately wished to be back and begged and pleaded in your head for Aslan to take you back.

30 minutes had passed and you were still in your room. You couldn’t bring yourself to do anything productive, so you decided to climb in bed and sleep off the sadness.

You lay your head against your pillow and looked up at your ceiling, which was painted as Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting. Forcing a smile on your face, you closed your eyes and immediately fell into a dreamy abyss.

“You sure you can beat me, (y/n)?” Edmund taunted you as the two of you circled, your swords nearly touching.

You merely smirked, and quickly made a move. Instead of clashing your sword with his, you let out a loud laugh as you dropped your sword, and ran away. Edmund, who was definitely not anticipating that movement, tripped over his own feet and landed on the ground with a loud thud.

“Ed, I’m more than sure that I can beat you!” you yelled back to him as you continued running into the forest.

“Oh, you wish.” he mumbled under his breath and he quickly picked himself up and started running after you.

Your feet carried you as fast as they could, but that didn’t seem nearly as fast enough as Edmund’s feet carried him. Within a series of loud laughs, you and Edmund toppled, as the two of you rolled down a hill.

You both came to a stop, with you straddling him. You merely smiled at him, recounting the passing seconds in you head, while Edmund wore a deep blush on his face, as he was thinking about the compromising position the two of you were in.

Taking note of this, you smirked, but thought nothing romantic of it. “Why, is King Edmund the Just blushing?! I never thought I’d live to see this day!”

Edmund tried to suppress a smile from forming on his lips, but failed. was he flipped you so that you were under him. “Shut up.”

You woke up shaking. Your body was curled into fetal position, and your forehead and neck were plastered with sweat. Looking out your window, you noticed the clear night sky and the stars scattered across it. You weren’t back in Narnia; in fact, it was still the same day you came back. And then, it suddenly hit you.

Tonight was the Venus Transition.

You had waited 8 years for this, and tonight was the night. But you just didn’t feel like going. You sat on the edge of your bed for a continuous 5 minutes, thinking about whether you should go out to see the Transition or not. Knowing that you would be mad at yourself later on in life, you decided to head out.

You quickly changed into something more comfortable, and rode your bicycle down to the harbour. Making you way to the dock, you looked earnestly to the sky, as you saw a big red sphere.

It was Venus.

But no matter how hard you tried, you just couldn’t bring yourself to show the same amount of happiness or interest in the Venus Transition as you just did two days ago.

Suddenly, it felt as if the weight of the world had been released on top of your shoulders, and you broke down, collapsing to the ground, weeping, as the night sky coloured red, shone down over you.

7 months had passed since the Pevensies had left Narnia for a second time. Lucy has not changed all that much, although she took a great deal of interest in looking pretty. Edmund, however, has changed quite a bit.

You were always on his mind. Every night, for the past 7 months, he had the same recurring dream. Well, it was more of a memory, actually.

“Mind if I join you?” Edmund walked out to the balcony to see you looking up at the Narnian sky. You looked back at Edmund, somehow shocked to find him wanting to join you, but you simply nodded, a smile gracing your face.

He moved to stand next to you, and couldn’t help but stare at your face.

Your eyes were lit up, by the passion for the stars and the moon and everything else the night sky held. Your lips were curved up in a soft smile, for what Edmund thought to be quite possibly one of the most beautiful things he had ever witnessed in the world.

“You know what’s really interesting?” You began, your eyes still not looking away from the sky. “You see all those stars in the sky? Well, in fact, some of those stars, might actually have died a long time ago. Some of them might even be dying now. It’s because—“

“Light takes more than a million years to travel. We could live until we’re over 200 years old, and yet, we would still see those dead stars bright in the night sky.” Edmund interrupted you.

You tore your gaze from the sky to him, as your smile widened, and it was exactly then, that Edmund didn’t know a more peaceful moment.

Lucy’s and Eustace’s cries broke Edmund out of his faze. He turned his head sharply, and to his astonishment, saw water rapidly gushing out of the painting on the wall. The water was already ¾ of the way to his full height. In less than 5 seconds, he felt himself submerge under the water, and felt himself being raised higher and higher in the water. He then reached the surface, gasping for air, and opened his eyes to see a setting very different from Lucy’s room back in the Scrubb household.

The sky was blue, clouds scattered here and there, and land was nowhere to be seen.

They were in Narnia.

“Swim!” Lucy pulled at Edmund’s shirt as a magnificent ship with a dragon’s head made their way towards them.

Edmund kept on swimming until a certain voice was heard from above.

“Lucy?!” you yelled out from the ship as loud as you could, a yell that seemed to resonate in Edmund’s head, bringing back all of his memories of you.

He spun around and saw you leaning over the edge of the ship, and he was suddenly brought back to the night where he saw you leaning on the balcony railing, looking up into the night sky.

The same smile was worn on your face and it was at that moment Edmund realized that he didn’t think your smile was the most beautiful thing he had even seen.

He knew that your smile was the most beautiful thing he had even seen.


(a hiddleswift fanfic)

We sat on the Adirondack chair on the second floor balcony of the beachfront house, the white woodwork of the railing in front of us, and the pebbled beach and the North Sea in the distance. A mild but decidedly cool breeze intermittently brushed over our skin, occasionally giving me goosebumps. The chilly air was a gentle reminder that it was still only February and it was still very much winter. The rain from earlier in the day had left the sky clear and the air clean, and the ability to see for miles. In the distance, a full moon was just barely peeking over the horizon.

Taylor leaned back into me, pulling the thick red and white patchwork quilt up to her chin and nestling into it.  

“You warm enough?”  I slid my hand from her shoulder down her arm, brushing over the top of her navy cable-knit sweater. My palm settled upon her hip so that I was hugging her body tightly to mine. She shifted and leaned back into my chest. “We can go inside,” I suggested.

“No, I’m good,” she assured me, and moved her hand atop mine. 

I felt Taylor’s head turn towards me as she spoke, and I looked at her. She smiled one of her smiles that says everything without a single word. This one said ‘I am a little bit cold, actually, but I really want to be out here with you looking at the water as the sun sets, and I’m really happy right now, so cuddle me close and keep me warm. Oh, and, PS I love you. A lot.’

If you’ve known someone like I know Taylor, then you know exactly what I mean by reading a smile.

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A MerMay dabble on the last week of May because why not? 

Sabo had a secret, one that he guarded with his life since he was five and only told his baby brother Luffy and his pirate crew about it.  

Said secret was half the reason he set out to sea, at the age of seventeen, to be near it. It followed the ship at a safe distance, members of Sabo’s crew always a little wary of it but they didn’t doubt their captain when he said it would never harm them. 

“La la la, laaaa laaaaaa….”   

Still a few of the newbies couldn’t sleep at night as it sang, worried it would take them to the bottom of the sea if they let their guard down. 

“La la la, laaaaa laaaaa, la la- Sabo!”  

The members of the Dragon crew jumped out of their skins when it suddenly cut off its haunting song. It’s voice when speaking was always a bit hard to adjust to. When the creature sang it was smooth, hypnotizingly clear but while speaking it was rough and echoing.

Sometimes it sounded like death itself.

“Sabo! Sabo! Sabo!” 

The crew rushed out of their beds worried that something may have happened to the captain- it sounded distressed. Once they burst through the door of their sleeping quarters they were shocked to see it onboard.

It never left the waters, always peering up at them from the waves along side the boat, silver eyes shining and curious but never close enough to touch. 

The moonlight shone down on the Blue Flame beautifully, highlighting the ship’s many well-done carvings around the railing. It bathed two figures of the left side deck.

An unfamiliar blond man, half drowned it seemed and the secret of the captain.

“What’s wrong Ace?!”  Sabo shouted from the captain’s room. 

He looked around confused before Rae shouted down at him

“He’s on the deck Cap!”

Sabo looked at her confused for a few seconds before rushing back into his room and climbing up the ladder. 

The reason this ship was so important was that the captain’s room was build at the bottom of the boat little ways above the kneel.

It had cost the crew a fine penny to pay but it served its purpose. The little room had a window that could be opened from the inside, and a foldable balcony too. It was right above the water, and the captain could be in reaching distance of his secret whenever he wanted this way.  

Usually, the crew could find him there, feet dipped in the ocean while conversing with the creature that leaned on his thighs. Staring at Sabo like he was the one to put the stars in the sky at night and raise the sun each morning. 

“Help…not breathing…need air..” The creature said pushing on the blond man’s chest, trying to get the water out. The crew gave each other an awkward glance- Ace couldn’t produce oxygen, he could somehow survive in it but not make his own- until Foster stepped forward.

“I’ll give him CPR Ace…please step-er  shimmy away from him.” 

Slivers eyes turn to look at him confused until understanding drew on his face. The crew bites back a wince when its eyes grew sad but flopped away from the blond man.

They always felt bad asking it to move away from them but no one wanted to touch the creature in fear of falling under a charm. The captain was the only known person brave enough to make skin contact. 

Once Ace was a foot away Foster rushed forward and got to work. The man had taken a lot of water but there was still time to save him. Pushing against the chest with laced fingers the doctor counted a number of presses before placing his lips on the blond man and breathing.

Ace watched from the side hurt and lonely as the male he rescued got saved by the land dwellers.

“Ace?” A voice asked from his right. The sea creature turns to see Sabo- still dressed in his blue pajamas-giving him a worried look. The blond man reached out a hand running it through his sea damaged hair, before bringing him in for a warm hug.

Ace felt better already.

Even if the blond’s crew was staring at them in bewilderment like they always do whenever Sabo touched him. 

“He fell from…sky…” Ace stumbled to explain. Words were hard to make above water.  “I saw…and Sabo..”

“Then I have you to thank for saving my life little siren.” The new voice makes everyone jump- though not as high as Foster- and they whip around to see the blond man standing from his near drowning nonchalantly. 

He gives the shocked Ace a friendly smile walking over to him with a hand out for a handshake. The siren stares at it in wonder, and everyone on board hates how he seems like he isn’t sure if he’s allowed to take it.  “I’m Marco and you are?”

Sabo nudges his side, and Ace wraps his gils covered fingers around the hand shaking it rapidly. So obviously happy that someone is talking to him without fear.

”Ace!” He chirps. He then tilts his head studying the blond with intelligent eyes until he nods sure. “Phoenix.” 

The blond grins. “I am a Phoenix. It’s nice to meet other magical dwellers. It’s been years since I last saw a half-breed.”

Sabo jerks as Ace blinks.  “You know what he is?”

Marco’s grin turns into a soft smile. “Half siren half human I’m guessing? Completely harmless to anyone and yet able to charm at his will. “A gift to this world” as they are usually called in the New World yoi.”

Ace looks like he’s going to cry.     

Adventures at Space Camp (3)

1 // 2 

The boys had several questions for El but no time to gather their thoughts and ask them. Jonathan had caught up to them on the hiking trail, indicating that Hopper wanted to see them and carting them off before they had a chance to say anything at all to the mysterious, quiet girl they had recently met. Mike glanced over his shoulder as they were led back toward the lodge, but Max and El were already disappearing around a bend in the path to catch up with the remainder of the group.

Once the boys shuffled into Hopper’s office, Mike sandwiched between Dustin and Lucas on a stiff couch, an ominous feeling fell over them. None of the boys had actually ever spoken to Hopper for more than a few moments, neither here at camp nor in Hawkins where he served on the police force. He was much bigger and much more intimidating than any of them. Hopper surveyed the boys with an emotionless face, his eyes tired and his hands looped into his belt. Mike felt as though they were being interrogated and even though he knew they had done nothing wrong he was nervous, his palms turning clammy in his lap.

“Was Will acting strange last night?” Hopper began abruptly, settling back in a chair opposite of them. All three boys began to speak at once, vehemently denying any odd behaviour from their friend. Hopper, unable to make out a single word from the cacophony, silenced them with a raised hand and pointed to Lucas.

“You,” he instructed, “Sinclair. Was Will acting weird?”

“No way,” Lucas said, firmly shaking his head, “He was fine.”

“Maybe he ran off?” Hopper suggested, watching them carefully for any reaction.

“Like hell!” Dustin exclaimed, sounding offended at the very thought, “He wanted to come here more than anything!”

“He was really excited. And his mom saved up forever,” Mike added for good measure, “He’s definitely missing! And we want to help find him!” The cold and unamused look he received from Hopper in response nearly withered him and Mike sunk back into the sofa, deflated.

“Nice try, Wheeler,” Hopper said gruffly, eyebrows knitted together, “But you kids are staying far away from this. Do I make myself clear?”

The boys nodded glumly, knowing better than to argue with the man in charge. They’d obey—at least they would pretend to obey.

“Now,” Hopper continued, “I have a few more questions.”

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The nomadic clouds were migrating from the sea to the mountain, like caravans with their great loads of water, through that Arabian sky in the month of June. At intervals large areas of land were immersed in shade, other areas emerged into the light; and since the shade was dark blue and changeable, the countryside gave the appearance of a floating archipelago abounding in trees and wheat. The singing of so many birds and the ripeness of the crops made a joyful sight.
—  Gabriele D'Annunzio, The Virgins

A game where you are AIR pirates on a PIRATE island but you are GOOD pirates. You gotta go to the lands of different moons and stop the gigas from being misused by assholes.It’s pretty neat since there are moons for different lands and those lands are represented by the moon’s element, ie: red moon is a desert, blue moon is water/wind based, an island in the sky.

One time I dreamt that the sky was green and the grass was blue and trees were made from mirrors. And a violet dragon flew down from the green sky and blew black fire at me but it felt like ice water. It landed and did a funny sort of bow, and I climbed onto its back. Then we flew, but suddenly a small screen popped up, and it was like a car dashboard. The dragon was out of gas. So I took it to a dragon gas station and a small creature came out and burped right in its face and the gas dial went slightly up, but it still died. The dragon’s last words were “You have an alarm set for 2:30 am. Don’t forget the monkey.”

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And forth.
Above and below, buffeting side to side.
Waves upon waves of gust and rain flow as an angry sea,
pushing through the skies.
Sky, land, and sea.
All alike were all swallowed by a screaming beast of madness.
One would think we were the ones swallowed.
Scraps of torn paper thrown asunder
swirling about in the madness of the storm
one could barely hear their cries above the roar of the giant all about.
Searing spears fell through the blinding fog with a painful crash,
only to disappear within a moment, hiding from their prey.
Pearls of water aloft on the wind that would dew on feathers
yet now fell like stones against flesh.
This lone piece, alone felt

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Tsianina Redfeather was born Florence Tsianina Evans at Eufaula, in Indian Territory (now Oklahoma), to Creek (Muscogee) and Cherokee parents. She was trained as a singer in Denver, sponsored in part by Alice Robertson .

At age 16, Redfeather joined pianist Charles Wakefield Cadman on tour, giving recitals throughout North America. Cadman, who was white, claimed expertise in Native American music, and lectured on the subject. As “Princess Redfeather,” Tsianina performed Cadman’s compositions in traditional costume, with long braids and garments she had beaded herself. Cadman’s composition, “From the Land of Sky-Blue Water,” was Redfeather’s signature song.

Tsianina Redfeather also knew archaeologist Edgar Lee Hewett, who attempted to compliment her by saying that he admired the shape of her head, and hoped to have it for his museum after she died. “He frightened me,” she recalled, “and I had a secret fear of having my skull on display for all to see.” (Hewett died long before Redfeather did.)

During World War I, she was the only woman in a YMCA-sponsored troupe of Native American entertainers who played and danced for troops in France and Germany, just before the armistice. For her service, she received a commendation.

The opera Shanewis, with music by Cadman and libretto by Nelle Richmond Eberhart, was loosely based on Redfeather’s stories of Native American life. It debuted at the Metropolitan Opera in 1918 and toured the United States. Tsianina Redfeather sang the lead at some performances, including at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, in 1926.

In 1935, Redfeather retired from singing. She was one of the founders of the American Indian Education Foundation (AIEF), and spent thirty years on the board of managers for the School of American Research in Santa Fe.


Who knew Ryan could be pulled away from his work to go on vacation?

It all started when Bryce called him one day to invite him to a camping site, a tone of excitement in his voice as he told him the details. Ryan was reluctant at first, but sighed heavily and agreed at the offer. Perhaps it would be better for him, he thought, working to the point where he wouldn’t sleep at all. With this train of thought, he stood up and packed his belongings for the trip. He wasn’t told who was going to be there, but it did not matter at that moment to him.

As he arrived at the camping spot of sorts, he stared in awe at the beautiful scenery before him. Near the place they were staying in had numerous trees that created spots of golden light on the ground, and as he walked some more, a magnificent lake nearby with mountains in the distance. He cracked a smile and returned to the lodge, walking happily as he neared he structure. He checked the paper where some details were scribbled on before knocking on the door, a smiling Bryce opening it as he ushered him in.

“Hey Ohm! What’s up?” The younger friend said, sitting down on a couch nearby.

“Nothing much I guess.” Ryan replied as he sat down next to Bryce, placing down his items. “This place is great, by the way.”

The other smiled brightly as he leaned back. “Your room is upstairs. You gotta share it with-” Bryce fished his pocket to bring out out a piece of paper, in which Ryan only assume were names. “-me. Yeah! Me.”

Ryan nodded as he rested his back on the couch, in which he would rather bring up his bags later.

“Who’s coming over?” He asks, the list creating some suspicions to the coming friends.

“Evan, Jonathan, Tyler, Craig, Brian, David, Marcel and Arlan couldn’t come, Lui, Brock, and Luke.”

Oh. So much for silence.

“So, when will you tell them?”

Ryan looked over at Bryce and tilted his head at him, a questioning, clueless look on his face.

“Tell them what?”

“About you know,” Bryce made a motion with his hands, as if feeding him some sort of information.

Ryan’s eyes widened as he perked up instantly and stared at Bryce, a blush filling his cheeks as he blinked several times.

“No! Never! I wouldn’t- I won’t” He stuttered, sighing afterwards.

Bryce looked at him mischievously, a smiled pulling up his lips.

“If you won’t tell them, I would!” He declared in a sing song voice, Ryan looking at him irritatingly as he pouted, his face still red.

As if on cue, the rest of the invited ones entered the lodge, without knocking whatsoever, and eyed the two babbling friends. All their eyes seemed to roll in unison as they giggled at them.

“Oh come on, tell us you guys are dating already! It’s so obvious.” Said a tall man who entered first, a smug look on his face, Ryan blushing more in turn. Oh Tyler.

The rest of the friends nodded in unison as they all entered, placing their things down and gathering around Bryce to hear the arrangements. As they were planning out something he didn’t care about in their little gathering, Ryan was sitting on the couch, waiting for his friends to get over their little discussion. In the corner of his eyes, he spotted Luke and Jonathan look at him with faces that he knew brought devious thoughts, the bearded man wiggling his eyebrows as the other mouthed “tell them.” He shook his head, and did a hand motion towards them, Luke pouting and Delirious flustering slightly as he turned back. After a few more moments of murmuring and discussing, the group’s voices started to raise, their shouts coming after.

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Chocolates, Flowers & Candles

One of the fluffiest if not the fluffiest Gruvia fic (onehsot) i’ve written! Enjoy! Please leave a review!  On Tumblr or Fanfiction :) Rated: Teen

Today was not a good day for Juvia Lockser, it was that time of the month, it had crept up on her so quickly that she wasn’t sure if it had come early or not and on top of that she had a terrible cold.  She was not prepared for it at all this month. Normally she would make sure she had plenty of toiletries, tissues (for all the soppy films and mood swings), chocolates and painkillers, so she could almost go about that dreadful week as normal, but no not this time.  The water mage had enough toiletries and tissues but she was fresh out of chocolates and painkillers. Juvia clutched at her stomach as the pain tore through her.  All the girls of fairy hills were out on missions except Mira who was by now at the guild.  Juvia would have to suffer. Alone.  Atleast until she could make it out of bed to go to the shop.  She was angry at herself, she felt ill yesterday but thought she just had a cold from her last mission in the mountains, she had smiled at Erza and Mira when they had asked and told them that she was going to be okay and not worry.  I mean they shouldn’t worry she’d be fine, hopefully the worst of it would be over today or tomorrow.  Juvia clutched her lower abdomen once more before clutching her Gray pulshie and throwing the covers over head. I won’t be seeing Gray-sama today then. Juvia pouted at the thought before sinking into an uncomfortable sleep.


Gray sat at the bar in the guild as normal sipping his drink. Something was off, she wasn’t here yet and it was almost 11am.  The water mage would always wait for him to appear to wish him a good morning, granted she did it much more casually nowadays choosing to come and sit next to him at the bar and talk to him instead of tackling him with a hug, which he didn’t like to admit, he sometimes missed but he did appreciate the fact Juvia seemed much more mature now in more ways than one. His mind wandered to those oh so sexy legs she had on her and the beautiful guild mark that sat on the outside of her left thigh teasing him to stare and imagine even more sexual thoughts about her at the most inappropriate times. What am I thinking. The ice mage shook his head taking another, bigger sip of his drink.  She is making me go crazy maybe that’s why she’s been so collected recently, she’s passed it on to me! Drumming his fingers against the bar and not wanting to think about a certain someone anymore he decided to see what everyone else was up to in the guild today. He glanced around slightly bewildered how had he not noticed the silence? Well that’s easy you were too busy thinking about Juvia.  Cutting off his own train of thought Gray turned to Mira who was humming a song whilst drying some glasses.  

Gray cleared his throat to get her attention.  “Say uh Mira, where is everyone? This place is practically deserted.” Mira turned towards Gray.  “You know you’d think that the S-class trials were coming up or something.” he finished.

Mira put her hand to her chin in thought before going off to grab the request book.  As she returned Gray spoke again.  “And come to think of it they are no girls here at all.  Well except you.”

“Hmmm….” Mira ran her fingers down the page of the book in her hand. “Ah hah, let’s see….. Well Gajeel, Levy, Lily, Jet and Droy went off on a mission together. So did Elfman and Lisanna - they’ll be back tomorrow.  Ermmm.” She kept flicking through the pages.  “Laxus and the thunder legion went off on a quest they’ll be gone a while. Cana went on a solo mission catching some thieves who keep stealing from a pub,  Erza took Wendy on a special training quest with Carla to make her stronger in battle. Oh and that leaves Natsu and Lucy who went off on their own with happy.” Go figures Gray thought, those two are inseparable.  “That’s just about everyone then.” Mira beamed at him whilst shutting her book and going to put it away.

“Wait. Mira.” Gray began, she hadn’t mentioned Juvia, he hated to ask, he knew she’d tease him about liking her.  Which wasn’t far from the truth he did care about her after all. Mira turned to face him. “What about Juvia. You didn’t mention what job she was on.” Gray finished ignoring the small blush on his cheeks when Mira gave him that look.

“Oh erm..” She opened the book again she was sure Juvia hadn’t gone on a job. “Nope, Juvia isn’t out on a job Gray.” The transformation mage looked at Gray.

“Oh, I haven’t seen her yet today so I assumed she was on a mission.” He looked down at his almost empty glass. Swirling the contents absentmindedly, I hope she’s okay.

“I haven’t seen her since yesterday.” Mira said looking kind of worried. “It’s unlike her to not be here when you’re here. Although come to think of she did leave the guild rather early yesterday.”  Gray nodded and grumbled in agreement Juvia was awfully quiet yesterday and he had noticed she didn’t smile nearly as much even when he offered to share his food with her in an attempt to cheer her up, but it only earned jeers from Natsu who then ended up with a thump from Erza. “Come to think of it, Erza and I did see her briefly last night she didn’t look well at all but she told us she was fine.” Juvia’s sick? Gray thought as Mira rambled about various things.  “I would go and check on her but-” before Mira could finish Gray was already walking out the guild.  She smiled to herself as he left. When will they get together?


Juvia hugged her Gray plushie to her stomach as another bout of pain struck causing her to whimper.  The water mage drew her knees up even further and bit down on her lip.  She need to distract herself from the pain.  Maybe the sunshine will cheer Juvia up. As she drew back her blue curtains she was sad to see that today there was no sunshine just a dismal overcast sky.  A Gray sky. The thought of her beloved made her smile and she drifted into fantasy land before she drifted off again.

Gray wasn’t too sure what he was doing as he made his way to Fairy Hills an hour or so after leaving the guild.  He was carrying some bags in his hands a blush stained on his face, he had quite a few times turned around to walk back home abandoning his mission of comforting Juvia.  But then he reminded himself that she was sad, sick and alone and Juvia of all people didn’t deserve that, she deserved to be happy and wear that oh-so beautiful smile on her face again.  When Gray finally reached Fairy Hills he was relieved that Juvia was the only one in it would mean that he didn’t have to sneak in to see her, he could just walk straight through the front door.  He smirked at this thought. Erza’s face.  If she ever caught him doing this he would most likely be hung drawn and quartered.  The girls dorms were off limits to all men even the master.  No especially the master, even more so after the pervy pool peep hole incident.  Gray would be scarred for life.  What has been seen cannot be unseen. Especially that.  Gray didn’t really know which door was Juvias but his feet had dragged him to one which had a rain drop on it.  This must be it.  He gulped.  Why are my hands all clammy? Then he knocked. No answer.  So he knocked again.

Juvia was awoken from her somewhat painless sleep from a faint knocking at her door.  The disorientated water mage rubbed her bleary eyes and yawned followed by a sneeze and cough.  Maybe she was hearing things, she was sick after all.

“Juvia?”  A male voice rang out.  Juvia froze. Gray-sama? No it couldn’t be she was definitely delirious. Then the voice spoke again.  “Juvia if you can hear me.” he paused as if waiting for a response but the water mage was too dumbfounded to put together a few words let alone a whole sentence. Gray-sama is outside my room! “It’s Gray by the way. I’m going to come in. Mira uh told me you felt sick yesterday so I brought you something.” Juvia heard the doorknob being twisted open causing her to squeal and pull the covers up to her eyes her face scarlet.  This was not how she imagined the first time the ice mage being in her room would be like.  Her a sick snotty mess and her room shrouded in darkness.

As Gray entered the room it took him a little while to adjust to the darkness.  “Hey uh you mind if I turn the light on?” Gray asked into the darkness.  


Gray-sama is my room! My room! The water mage thought she was going to turn into a puddle, she realised he had asked her a question and she need to answer to avoid weirding him out.  “Of… of course not Gray-sama.” She heard her own voice which sounded terribly hoarse from all the coughing she had been doing.  As the lights came on she winced slightly, releasing the covers before her eyes sought the form of her beloved.

“Oh Juvia…” Gray began with a softness to his voice which scared him. “You really don’t look to well…” before he could realise what he just said the water mage looked tearful and her bottom lip began to quiver.  She looks so adorable. His heart gave a squeeze.  

“Gra-Gray-sama thinks Juvia looks awful?” It was more of a statement than a question as tears started to roll down her cheeks, with that she moved to the furthest point of her bed away from him to sulk sniffling.  

“No Juvia. You have it all wrong.” He took a few steps towards her bed. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean it like that.” He sat on the chair next to her bed. “Your sick.  I came to check up on you. You’re here all on your own after all and after you left early yesterday-”

“Gray-sama noticed Juvia left early yesterday?” Juvia hoarse voice sounded kind of hopeful and Gray realised what she meant by it making him blush.

“Uh yeah.” He scratched the back of his head and under his breath he said of course I did. But the water mage didn’t hear him.  “Ah I almost forgot I brought you some soup - chicken, your favourite.” he said as he started to rumble through one of the bags for it hoping it was still hot.

“Gray-sama brought Juvia chicken soup?” Her voice sound a bit more cheerful now. “Gray-sama knows that’s Juvias’ favourite!” She exclaimed turning around to face him beaming before falling into a coughing fit. Gray immediately forgot what he was doing, sat on the edge of her bed and reached out to pat her on the back she felt hot. And not the sexy hot. Fever hot.  She stopped coughing and smiled up at him again as he handed her the hot soup in the polystyrene cup.

“My mother always used to say that soup and some company could cure almost anything.” He smiled at the memory of his mother tending to his every need when he was sick as a child.  He glanced to his side to see that Juvia was enjoying the soup.

“Juvia thinks Gray-samas’ mother was a very wise woman.” Gray mumbled a ‘she was’ he didn’t like talking about his parents.  The previous comment had kind of slipped out.  That happened a lot around Juvia.  “Juvia didn’t have parents to grow up with she was an orphan because of the rain.” Gray was shocked, how could someone abandon her? She has so much love to give, and the brightest smile I’ve ever seen.  “That’s also why Juvias ex-boyfriend dumped her.” what a pathetic reason Gray thought, dumping her for something she thought she couldn’t control, how selfish. She’s so kind hearted surely they could’ve seen through the rain?


“Well he’s an idiot and if we ever see him remind to punch him?” Gray said with a seriousness in his voice, he would punch him.  Definitely.   Juvia giggled at this making Grays heart flutter.

“Thankyou for the soup Gray-sama.” Juvia smiled at him just as another cramp came along “ooooooh” Juvia groaned doubled over.

“Are you okay?” Gray asked, a stupid question really he could see she wasn’t. “Your stomach? Ah I brought you some painkillers just incase! And some chocolate - dark you like dark right?” he was panicking he hated seeing her in pain he felt helpless.  

Does Gray-sama know what time of the month it is for Juvia?  The thought made her blush profusely as he popped out a painkiller throwing her the chocolates as he got up to get her a glass of water to take the tablet with.  She thanked him as she took the tablet.

“Juvia loves dark chocolate Gray-sama.” she said as she tried to open the chocolates sticking her tongue out in concentration.  She looks so cute. Gray watched as her delicate fingers tried to prise open the box.

“Here” he said taking the box from her growing hot as their hand brushed “let me take care of that for you.” he made quick work of opening the box and handed it back to her, their hands brushed again but this time he lingered his hand on hers and their eyes met.

“Thanks, Gray-sama.” Juvia whispered.  Gray stared into her blue eyes they were so deep and alluring, he raised a hand to her cheek.

“You’re hot.”  he said, plain and simple.

“What?” Juvia asked her face going a deep shade of scarlet.  Gray realising what he just said also turned scarlet.

“I uh…” he turned away.  “Your um running a fever.” He stammered.  He needed to change the subject fast feeling her stare.  “So uh your room is nice.” how lame Gray, he thought in his head. The ice mage looked around Juvias room, he wasn’t lying it was nice.  Not at all how he expected.  He expected blue everything but instead he was met with yellowy walls with oak boards lining the ¼ mark all the way around the room, a green sofa sat off to one side, there were various dressers and a mirror lining the outskirts of her room, the bathroom joined on.  She had en suite which cost a fair few extra jewels a month but Gray knew she was shy about her body he had no idea why she was perfect.  The small kitchen area was open plan with the rest of the room a lot like a studio apartment.  He looked at Juvia who was munching on the chocolates.


“Thankyou Gray-sama, Juvia is glad that you like it.” She smiled sweetly at him “Would you like some?” she offered him the box to which he obliged.


“Thanks.” he took one out the box and ate it thoughtfully.  If you had said to him that he’d be spending a day in Juvias room he would probably have shouted, frozen some things and ran for the hills (not Fairy Hills) in fear of what crazy things Juvia would do.  But now he realised how shallow his thoughts were. Despite Juvia being sick he was actually enjoying himself. On her bed. His mind began to wander. No! I’ve got to keep this clean, she’s sick! he chastised himself. But I bet she wouldn’t mind playing doctors and nurses. he thought smugly.  He looked at Juvia again she seemed happy to. Much happier than when he had arrived and insulted her. By accident.  


Juvia looked up and him and saw that he was laughing. She liked his laugh, he didn’t do it much, but when he did it squeezed her heart and gave her butterflies.

“Gray-sama!” Juvia giggled.  “Juvia likes it when you laugh!” she grinned. “but what are you laughing about.” she pouted he was clearly laughing at her.

“This.” he said as he licked his thumb and wiped some chocolate off the water mages chin causing her to go red and hide her face with the covers.


“Juvia is so embarrassed!” he chuckled again. She was cute when she was angry and when she was embarrassed which made teasing her much more fun.


“Hey Juvia? Do you like candles?” Gray asked her.  Juvia blinked what an odd question.  Revealing her face once again she replied.

“Of course Gray-sama every girl likes candles. Especially smelly ones. Juvia loves the lavender ones.  And the cinnamon ones in winter.”  she looked at him puzzled.

“Oh good. I uh got you a candle actually.  To cheer you up some more.”  he felt his cheeks growing warm. He had gone a tad overboard in the shops but at the time it seemed like nothing.  He reached down off her bed to the last bag and pulled out a lavender scented candle.  He handed it to the water mage not really looking at her.  He felt embarrassed he knew she’d love it.

“OH! GRAY-SAMA! This is wonderful!” She threw her arms around him hugging him tightly.

Her hug made him feel all warm and fuzzy just like it always did, but this time he returned it. Slightly. With one arm. “Don’t mention it.” he smiled at her as she broke into another coughing fit.  He let her go suddenly to grab her water off her bedstand next to him causing her to fall face first into his lap.  


“Sorry Gray-sama!” Juvia choked between coughing and trying to breathe.

Gray helped her up.  “Its okay. Here just drink this.” he handed her the glass and she drank it all. Gray raised a hand to her forehead.  “You’re still feverish.” he frowned as he took the glass off her and went to make another.

“Please can you light the candle Gray-sama.” she let out a yawn and rubbed her eyes.   Gray rummaged around the kitchen drawers to find a lighter and lit the round purple candle.

“Where would you like it?” he asked the water mage who was no longer under the covers but on top of them.  She must really be feeling the fever.

“On the windowsill over here please.” Gray walked over to the windowsill and placed the candle there, it was raining now and getting quite dark outside. He hadn’t realised how much time had passed he should really get going soon.  He looked over to Juvias form on the bed and went to sit with her for a bit longer.  “Can Gray-sama stay with Juvia a bit longer whilst she sleeps?” She looked up at him with those eyes. Eyes that could melt anything and everything they gazed upon. He couldn’t say no.  Gray mumbled a disgruntled yes and propped a pillow up behind him so he could remain sitting with his legs on the bed.  Juvia snuggled up close to him with her head on his stomach and one arm draped over him, he stiffened at first then relaxed and stroked her hair cooling the air around them to help reduce her fever hoping she wouldn’t notice.

“Hey Juvia, are lavenders your favourite flower then? I always thought it was a sunflower, you know being sunny and everything.” he had no idea why he asked but he did.

“No Gray-sama, Juvia likes the smell of lavenders, and she is fond of sunflowers but her absolute favourites are tulips.” she finished looking up at him.

“Tulips?” he questioned that’s quite random.  “Any reason?”

“Not really Juvia just thinks they’re beautiful, so many colour variations and smells, they are beautiful rain or shine!” she beamed up at him. Fiddling with a plushie.  Of him.  Gray felt slightly creeped out, then remembered it was Juvia.  They remained there in silence breathing in the sweet lavender scent of the candle.  Eventually Gray heard Juvias breathing begin to even out and become regular, he knew she had fallen asleep. On him. His body sunk down the bed so he to was lying down, he knew he should go but he didn’t want to yet, maybe he’d just shut his eyes for a few minutes.  As he laid down he felt Juvia stir and shuffle up so her head was now on his chest, he knew she was listening to his heart beat.  He wrapped an arm around her securing her next to him, smiling and still stroking her hair  the ice mage soon drifted off to. He really did have a lovely day with her, he decided he liked having her in his arms. She felt right there, she was safe.



When Juvia awoke the next morning Gray wasn’t next to her anymore but the bed was still warm so he wasn’t long gone. She smiled. He had spent the night with her.  She had spent the night in his arms.  She rolled over an urgent need to go to the loo.  On her way back she looked to the pillow where Gray had been sleeping and there lay a single freshly picked pink tulip.  This was the best ‘time of the month’ Juvia had ever had.

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when serendipity whispers: chapter two

in dappled shades of bolded red and italicized blue

written by @gigiree​ & @miraculousturtle​.

Summary: If serendipity is having good luck and fortune by happenstance, then in this universe they have none. Because in most stories they meet their true loves in France, but magic would have to exist for that.

(And here’s a secret: it does.)

Pairing: Adrienette

Part: 1

(Also on AO3).

It’s hot. It’s a statement of fact that it’s hot, the summer sun blazing down on him, lighting his skin afire. It’s leaving blistering marks in their wake as it continues to swelter outside, the air thick with humidity. Moisture soaks Adrien’s skin, his clothes, and it feels like he’s literally being steamed alive, like a bao bun in a cook’s pot.  

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Reflections within the water
Images from one boy passing
To the other stranger away
A distant eternity between
The people never heard before

Where the land always breeds
The people look out to the sea
Searching for truth in the curves
For the beauteous glimmer
Evident in such sky blue lines

It’s as if all we ever were was there
Hidden inside the folds of the water
Inside the traps and secrets turned cold
Before man loses his breath outside
The home, the sacred place to his kind

They watch me undress myself
From my facade, the lie that I am
Instead my bones, like artefacts
Tell the delicate story of a young man
Affected by the mortal coils matured with time

It’s like my mind is a sea, that stretches over
The waves gently overlap from one direction
To the other, my eyes pass from place to place
Needing a lie, the truth unsettles all of us
But now I find the forceful tides so peaceful

Sensual tranquility, it’ll take me away
Grow hairs on my face and make me old
And whilst this transformation shall take shape
I shall smile and document the voyages made
As men conceive the ideas and truths we need

The knowledge that makes us human
The human condition to which makes us pursue
A northern star out in our paths, we would want
A basic philosophy dictated in those seas
The passing of time as we move swiftly

And Ariel shall lie inside. The naked beauty
Of what it is I have been searching for inside
The quest has always mattered, never placated
With glory of money but with glory of soulful intent
I know I need my education, glowing inside the waves

As fun as the last night had been, eating with Sol, Rex, and Ava; Shoki couldn’t help but feel a slight unease with Rex and Sol. The aura Sol had given off, and her sudden nervousness… it was different from how they all started in this tournament just a few days prior. The ultra beasts had become apparent now, and Rex’s warning to him had still echoed fresh in his mind.

“Don’t do anything reckless.”

“There’s something more sinister at work.”

It was why Shoki was sitting on some beach, having found it using Machamp and asking any locals he could find outside of Po Town. It was calming, fresh ocean air hitting his face and blowing through his brown locks, the night sky illuminating the water in a dark blue, and the sound of the local pokemon scurrying through find grained sand and through rubble scattered throughout the land.

It was a sight he wished he could experience. A literal paradise an ocean away from home, and the best he could do was simply see what he could with the aura he was able to see. Apart of him wondered, if having the same vision as everyone else did at the tournament, would help him as well.

Can I really do this..?

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