from the land of sky blue waters

Day Five: Blue

Blue had somehow managed to convince Lance and the others to let just the two go on a solo mission. Blue had requested Lance ask Allura, who had agreed because Zarkon and his fleet hadn’t attacked for a few days. So, it was just Blue and Lance, flying through outer space.
“Blue, where are you even taking me?” Blue only answered with an amused hum. Lance rolled his eyes fondly, letting her take him where she pleased. Lance gazed at the stars that flew past them, watching them as the flickered and shined. In the corner of Lance’s eye, he could see a small pastel purple dot. As Blue flew toward it, Lance realized that was a planet. Blue suddenly cut off Lance’s vision, so he couldn’t see the planet as they landed. “Hey! What was that for?” Lance could basically feel the laughter coming from Blue in his head. They softly landed, and Lance could hear a faint crunch as Blue’s paws hit the ground. A familiar hiss flooded throughout the cockpit as Blue lowered her jaw, allowing Lance to step out into the new planet.
“Blue, what is this place? Why did you-” Lance dropped his sentence, letting the words drift away with the gentle breeze. The planet was beautiful. Blue had landed on what appeared to be a beach. The water was a pastel purple, and the sand was a soft blue color. Strange birds with four wings flew across the sky, their calls almost sounding like bells. Lance could clearly see the various aquatic life in the water, watching as rainbow-scales fish swam through iridescent seaweed. “Blue..this place is amazing. Breathtaking. But…why did you bring me here?” Lance’s eyes fluttered shut as Blue showed him an image: it was him and his family, playing and splashing around back at him home beach. Lance had a wide smile on his face, tilting his head back and laughing loudly as he and his siblings splashed each other. Lance opened his eyes, glistening with unshed tears.
“Blue..thank you.” He walked toward the shoreline, taking off his boots and letting the sand sink in between his toes. He let the waves wash over his ankles, smiling softly, letting fond memories of his family wash over him. He was so lost in thought that he didn’t hear Blue creep behind him. With a swift move, Blue bit the collar of Lance’s suit, lifting him into the air.
“B-Blue?! What are you doing?? Put me down-” Without letting Lance finish his sentence, Blue tossed him into the water, Lance screaming the whole time. With a splash, Lance quickly resurfaced.
“What the heck what that for?! I’m going to get even you hear me? B-Blue? What are you doing? Oh. OH QUIZNAK!!” With a pounce, Blue jumped into the water with Lance, splashing him with large waves. “Okay, that’s it! It is ON!!” Lance and Blue continued to splash each other. Blue could feel the love for Paladin and happiness in her grow as she watched her Paladin grin and laugh, just as he had with his family.

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"They spent all their savings to get me there you know?" Langst, Polydins

Ooooohhh man I’m so late on this I’m just now getting to it but I hope I wont disappoint! :3
The planet they’d all landed on was suspiciously similar to Earth, green grass, blue water, cloudy blue gray sky and a yellow sun. It was no surprise that Lance disappeared after a while, the Blue Lion having moved away from the city, closer to the ocean. Lance sighed sadly as he stared up at the starry sky, his boyfriends and small girlfriend currently at the banquet that was being held in their honor after driving out a recent Galra infestation.
He had snuck out, claustrophobia getting to him in the huge crowds of people. Turns out that even a social butterfly like him, after being isolated in space with only seven other people to keep you company, got nervous around huge crowds of people clamoring for his attention.
Blue purred in concern underneath him, currently sitting upright with her Paladin sprawled on his back on top of her head. “I wonder if Mamá and Papá hate outer space now. I mean, it took their son away… Though I dunno what the Garrison told them. Probably that I’m dead or something stupid like that.” Lance mused aloud thoughtfully, blinking at the unfamiliar constellations.
“It’s just, they spent all their savings to get me there, you know? And then suddenly I’m gone and all they have to do to remember why their son is missing, is look up at the sky and see the stars and moon.”
Blue hummed thoughtfully, concern and warmth filling their bond as salty tears slid down his cheeks. “I miss home, Blue. I miss the ocean, even though its right there in front of me. It’s not the ocean I grew up with. It’s similar, this planet, but it isn’t the one I remember. It’s all different, it isn’t human, isn’t home. No matter how hard I close my eyes and try to pretend, my heart knows better than that.” Lance whimpered, covering his damp eyes with his suit sleeve, not really caring that the formal clothing Coran had lent him was getting fluids on the cloth.
Blue purred soothingly, already sending a call to her sisters that her Paladin was in distress and needed his mates for a cuddle pile, as soon as possible. Lance hiccuped quietly, sobbing into his arm as she gently rumbled a soft tune to calm him, flooding their bond with gentle, motherly worry and love as the ocean lapped at her paws, the sound of waves echoing through the night.
You can bet your ass that Lance got the biggest cuddle session this side of the moon when the others found him ;) Shiro panicked, Keith was clingy, Hunk worried, and Pidge asked questions on who she’d have to cut :) Lance was thoroughly loved, don’t worry :3
But yes, Blue and Lance time! :D Mama Blue is there to listen to all your troubles, Lance!

It’s about the rush. The adrenaline of diving off a cliff into the ocean, unsure about where you’re going to land, but taking the risk anyway. It’s water crashing against rocks. Like your body crashes into mine. A whirlwind of blue, like the sheets on your bed and the clothes on the floor. It’s your hand running through my hair. Calming and soothing, like a steady tide after the raging storm. It’s us. Lost in the swirling abyss of emotions. Lost in your green eyes and pale skin reflecting the setting sky
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1278
When I fly I always want the window seat;
so I can watch city streets hum with headlights at night like haemoglobin flowing through veins. So I can look out and see the vast horizon quivering in the haze of summer heat. So I can see the shorelines of this land meeting the brine of the great blue ocean tides; little miniature white ripples breaking out on the boundless glimmering water - boats carving out ephemeral trails on their journeys. So I can see rivers and tributaries turn into estuaries and meet the sea like ancient friends joining hands. So I can see the glow of a sunrise or a sunset light a fire in the sky with its warm tones - painting the world with the most heartbreakingly exquisite pastels. So I can see the vast and colourful countryside divided into patchwork, like a quilt stitched from the hands of god, or some divine force bigger than we could possibly conceive. So I can see the mountains of green and brown erupting from the ground, casting darkly mysterious shadows into divots and gullies. So I can rise above the clouds and gaze upon the endless azure sky that overwhelms me with its brilliance and reminds me how infinitesimal I really am.
I always want the window seat;
So I can realise the complete majesty that surrounds me, and so that I can see -
So that I can see that while I’m not religious - there is clearly something greater than mere humanity, and it has given us the most wondrous of gifts; simply to exist here in this miraculous realm.
—  “So I can see” // @rarasworldbro
Light at the blue end of the spectrum does not travel the whole distance from the sun to us. It disperses among the molecules of the air, it scatters in water. Water is colorless, shallow water appears to be the color of whatever lies underneath it, but deep water is full of this scattered light, the purer the water the deeper the blue. The sky is blue for the same reason, but the blue at the horizon, the blue of land that seems to be dissolving into the sky, is a deeper, dreamier, melancholy blue, the blue at the farthest reaches of the places where you see for miles, the blue of distance. This light that does not touch us, does not travel the whole distance, the light that gets lost, gives us the beauty of the world, so much of which is in the color blue.
—  Rebecca Solnit, A Field Guide to Getting Lost

Based off of @asterein‘s beautiful, heartbreaking art.
Words: 650

He traced his fingers along the glass, feeling the smooth surface drag along his fingertips. Breathing out, he watched as his breath left visible traces along the plane, leaving all but his fingerprints coated in grey. Outside, the universe was alit with bursting colors, from the brightest of whites to the most brilliant of blues, swirling, bursting galaxies that almost never ceased to amaze him.

And yet, here he was, not for the first time, unimpressed with the view. He slid down, wrapping his arms around his knees, and leaned forward until his nose touched the glass. Hooded eyes gazed out into endless possibilities, limitless opportunities, but only a sliver of likelihood pointed towards home. And the direction was nowhere in sight.

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Mercier x Betty Soulmates AU

Words: 4k | One shot

Rating: all-ages

Summary: Modern day. Mercier is an historian obsessed with retracing his past lives and a woman appearing in all of them. He will get a little help from a sweater.

This is for @starlightkissedsmiles​ who asked “ Mercier x Betty and sweaters (because of course) for that bingo card? ❤”

The idea came from an ask by @thewolfsdoctor 

Also,  @timepetalsprompts​ for the autumn bingo


Mercier’s hands shook as he slipped on a pair of white cotton gloves to handle the fragile artefact. He laid his palms down on the glass table top, each side of a journal. It belonged to Matthew MacEwan, a Scottish explorer, and dated back to the Seven Years’ War, in 1762. Between the leather covers, pages bulged, brown and wrinkled from water damage. The ink would be faded to the point of being unreadable, but he would know what it said anyway.

Mercier took a deep breath, readying himself for the onslaught of sensations. Even before opening the first page, he could feel it coming. The diary brimmed with energy, intensifying the closer he got to it, like the invisible pull of two magnets. To anyone else, it was another relic from the past, immobile, but to Mercier it was a ticking bomb.

He’d experienced it before.

With every manuscript, a tidal wave of vivid memories assaulted him. A hundred– a thousand times stronger than a “déjà vu”. The smell of mud and excrement in the trenches, the burning metal of a gun, the bark of German dogs, the Russian cold, like icicles piercing his every pore. Stomach-gripping fear, intoxicating despair, and all-consuming devotion.

The first time he opened one such journal, he fainted. A professor assigned it to him during his first year studying history at the Sorbonne. It was from 1943, its author, Antoine Cadieu, was a member of the Résistance. And Mercier, then a 20 year-old, relived this man’s whole life in barely one minute. Not only relived it, but became him. Was him.

His academic work had not prepared him for the possibility of reincarnation.

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Tsianina Redfeather was born Florence Tsianina Evans at Eufaula, in Indian Territory (now Oklahoma), to Creek (Muscogee) and Cherokee parents. She was trained as a singer in Denver, sponsored in part by Alice Robertson .

At age 16, Redfeather joined pianist Charles Wakefield Cadman on tour, giving recitals throughout North America. Cadman, who was white, claimed expertise in Native American music, and lectured on the subject. As “Princess Redfeather,” Tsianina performed Cadman’s compositions in traditional costume, with long braids and garments she had beaded herself. Cadman’s composition, “From the Land of Sky-Blue Water,” was Redfeather’s signature song.

Tsianina Redfeather also knew archaeologist Edgar Lee Hewett, who attempted to compliment her by saying that he admired the shape of her head, and hoped to have it for his museum after she died. “He frightened me,” she recalled, “and I had a secret fear of having my skull on display for all to see.” (Hewett died long before Redfeather did.)

During World War I, she was the only woman in a YMCA-sponsored troupe of Native American entertainers who played and danced for troops in France and Germany, just before the armistice. For her service, she received a commendation.

The opera Shanewis, with music by Cadman and libretto by Nelle Richmond Eberhart, was loosely based on Redfeather’s stories of Native American life. It debuted at the Metropolitan Opera in 1918 and toured the United States. Tsianina Redfeather sang the lead at some performances, including at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, in 1926.

In 1935, Redfeather retired from singing. She was one of the founders of the American Indian Education Foundation (AIEF), and spent thirty years on the board of managers for the School of American Research in Santa Fe.

Of Puppy Love (Feysand Fluff)

Written for this prompt: ‘What about Rhys giving a puppy to Feyre and then him getting jealous af because of all the attention she’s giving to it?’

Rhys had always considered himself a skilled gift-giver. He enjoyed being one in fact, liked that he was able to make his friends, his family, smile with whatever trinket he had found for them. Oftentimes, he didn’t have a particular reason for doing so either, just finding something that he thought would suit one of his Inner Circle. For Mor, this mostly consisted of expensive clothes and the other luxuries she so liked. For Cassian it was always weapons. Azriel most often got the same, though Rhys knew that the spymaster appreciated information above all else. Amren, of course, loved her jewels.

And then there was Feyre – Rhys didn’t limit himself in the slightest when it came to giving gifts to Feyre. His mate had spent too much of her life going underappreciated or disrespected or even ignored… and there were moments when Rhys wanted to make sure that she knew just how much she was truly appreciated, truly loved. And Cauldron, there was this smile she’d give him when he got a gift a right, making her eyes light up in a way that he once thought he might never witness, not after all she’d been through.

Rhys would do almost anything to keep that smile on her face, directed so lovingly at him. (How anyone could willfully turn away from beautiful, brilliant Feyre Archeron, Rhys would never understand.) So he tended to give Feyre all sorts of gifts… though they were always things he was sure she’d enjoy, things that had meaning. What Rhys had never considered, however, was that there was such a thing as being too skilled a gift-giver.

But apparently there was. As was evidenced by the fact that his lovely, gorgeous, amazing mate was absolutely and completely ignoring him in favor of her gift. 

“Aren’t you a good boy?” Feyre cooed, actually cooed, at the little hound she cradled in her arms. The pup responded by licking his mate in the face, her laughter spilling out into their sitting room.

Rhys shook his head with exasperation. He had found the puppy mere hours earlier, abandoned by one of the waterways that ran through Velaris, fur matted with dirt and clearly hungry. The little hound clearly belonged to the Night Court, looking nothing like most dogs that could be found in the mortal lands. Underneath the filth, his coat was a midnight blue, fur sure to be shiny and downy soft when clean. His ears pointed up, tufts of that dark blue fur spilling from the ends. His tail was long enough to wag, the tip speckled with white – like stars against the night sky. And then there were the eyes, big and deep and violent and staring up at Rhys soulfully.

Rhys knew then and there that he couldn’t just leave him there, alone by the water. He’d picked the pup up without another thought, wrapping him carefully in his cloak to ward against the chill. He also knew he wouldn’t be able to lift this little hound for very long; this particular breed grew to be very large, waist-height at a minimum, with jaw-strength to rival even the biggest beasts in Prythian.

The hound would be quite the hunter when he was fully grown. And Rhys’ first thought to that was, of course, Feyre. What could be better than a little hunter for his favorite huntress? It was decided then – he wouldn’t just find the pup a new home, he would bring him to his home, to his mate and her earth-shattering smiles. 

Of course, Rhys hadn’t expected for that smile to be directed at the puppy. And to not even be invited in on the cuddling. Not that Rhys particularly wanted cuddling. (Alright, so that might be a bold-faced lie, but it was also besides the point – also, who wouldn’t want to spend a day entwined with their mate? Especially if that mate was anything like Feyre…)

But even though Rhys wanted some of Feyre’s attention, he didn’t do anything to interrupt the moment. Rare was the day that Feyre laughed so freely; she was still haunted by Hybern, even a year after the war’s end. Rhys could therefore perhaps forgive the pup for his attention-thievery, if only because of the happy shine in his mate’s eyes.

But that didn’t mean Rhys wasn’t going to brood about it. So he did just that, sitting on one of the armchairs with a loud sigh, watching as Feyre continued to cuddle and play with the pup on the carpet.

Nearly two hours later, Feyre finally deigned to speak to him.

“Never thought I’d see the day where I had a new male in my life,” she said with a happy sigh, nuzzling her face against the puppy’s. 

“That’s it, the little hound is out,” Rhys exclaimed, pointing an accusatory finger at the pup, who only stared at him with big, curious eyes. “He’s clearly trying to steal your affections from me.”

The pup barked in what seemed like agreement. Despite himself Rhys felt a smile tug at his face. The little hound had personality

His mate laughed at him, peppering the hound’s snout with kisses. “Rhys, my love, he really doesn’t have to try. He won my affections the second you handed him over.”

Rhys sighed dramatically, coming to sit by them on the carpet. “I knew it. I’ve let a thief into our home.”

Feyre considered him for a long moment (a part of Rhys rejoiced at the feeling of her eyes on him again… it felt like it had been an eternity). “I’ll make you a deal, High Lord,” she announced.

“Will you now, High Lady?”

“If you promise to let the little thief stay,” Feyre tapped Rhys briefly on the chin, grinning, “I’ll let you name him.”

He raised a brow in response, shifting closer. “And what makes you think that little gift will tempt me?

Rhys,” she said, giving him a look as if to say ‘please, I know you want to name the puppy’.

Damn, he thought, quietly awed at the realization, she really does know me. Almost too well, at this point.

After all, he did want to name the hound, had wanted to ever since he first picked the him up by the waterway. In all honestly, the puppy had only had to give him one soulful look with those big eyes and Rhys had already been utterly lost to him.

Not only a thief, but apparently also a damned good one… He’ll fit right in

“Very well then,” Rhys acquiesced, tucking some of Feyre’s stray hair behind her ear before trailing his fingertips softly down the side of her bare neck, touch feather light. Feyre shivered slightly under his hand. “However, I do think the deal could use a little sweetening, don’t you?” 

Feyre narrowed her eyes, though it was belied by the mischievous glint in them. “And how, exactly, would you want me to sweeten the deal?”

“I have some ideas.”

Rhys sent a few of those ideas straight into Feyre’s mind, watching triumphantly as her eyes dilated, as her breath stuttered momentarily. She sent him another glare at that. And yet she still put the puppy down for the first time since she’d gotten her hands on him… before promptly grabbing Rhys and winnowing them both into their bedroom. 

Rhys would have made a comment on her eagerness were it not for the fact that his mouth and tongue were suddenly very busy doing other, far more enjoyable things.

A few rather successful hours later, Feyre was once again holding the pup – only this time she lay cuddled with him in the middle of their bed, Rhys curled around them both. Feyre had brought him up mere seconds earlier, not having the heart to leave the hound to sleep downstairs alone. The puppy let out a yawn now, eyes shuttering as he lost his valiant battle against sleep.

“How about we call him Little Rhys?” Rhys whispered, smirking.

Feyre scoffed. “We already have one of those.”

“You didn’t think it was so little a few moments ago, Feyre darling.”

His mate only laughed at him in response. “You’re ridiculous.”

“Not sure whether I should be offended by that,” Rhys remarked drily, uncertain whether he was referring to the laughter or the comment. (Both, he decided.)

But Feyre did what any good mate would. She just continued laughing, only attempting to stifle it for the sake of the puppy lying asleep against her chest. And there was that smile again, blinding in its brilliance. Rhys couldn’t help but press a kiss against Feyre’s neck, reaching around her to gently ruffle the fur atop the hound’s head for good measure.

Both he and Feyre joined their new friend in slumber not long after.

In the end, the choice of name was actually rather a simple one. Rhys thought of it immediately upon waking to the hound slobbering over his face, licking at Rhys’ chin and neck. He huffed a laugh as he pushed the puppy away from his face, instead picking him up and standing silently from the bed, where Feyre still slept on.

“Come on, Thief,” Rhys said softly as he headed to the door. “Best let Feyre sleep.”

Thief only continued to lick at him. Rhys found that he didn’t mind.

Adventures at Space Camp (3)

1 // 2 

The boys had several questions for El but no time to gather their thoughts and ask them. Jonathan had caught up to them on the hiking trail, indicating that Hopper wanted to see them and carting them off before they had a chance to say anything at all to the mysterious, quiet girl they had recently met. Mike glanced over his shoulder as they were led back toward the lodge, but Max and El were already disappearing around a bend in the path to catch up with the remainder of the group.

Once the boys shuffled into Hopper’s office, Mike sandwiched between Dustin and Lucas on a stiff couch, an ominous feeling fell over them. None of the boys had actually ever spoken to Hopper for more than a few moments, neither here at camp nor in Hawkins where he served on the police force. He was much bigger and much more intimidating than any of them. Hopper surveyed the boys with an emotionless face, his eyes tired and his hands looped into his belt. Mike felt as though they were being interrogated and even though he knew they had done nothing wrong he was nervous, his palms turning clammy in his lap.

“Was Will acting strange last night?” Hopper began abruptly, settling back in a chair opposite of them. All three boys began to speak at once, vehemently denying any odd behaviour from their friend. Hopper, unable to make out a single word from the cacophony, silenced them with a raised hand and pointed to Lucas.

“You,” he instructed, “Sinclair. Was Will acting weird?”

“No way,” Lucas said, firmly shaking his head, “He was fine.”

“Maybe he ran off?” Hopper suggested, watching them carefully for any reaction.

“Like hell!” Dustin exclaimed, sounding offended at the very thought, “He wanted to come here more than anything!”

“He was really excited. And his mom saved up forever,” Mike added for good measure, “He’s definitely missing! And we want to help find him!” The cold and unamused look he received from Hopper in response nearly withered him and Mike sunk back into the sofa, deflated.

“Nice try, Wheeler,” Hopper said gruffly, eyebrows knitted together, “But you kids are staying far away from this. Do I make myself clear?”

The boys nodded glumly, knowing better than to argue with the man in charge. They’d obey—at least they would pretend to obey.

“Now,” Hopper continued, “I have a few more questions.”

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A MerMay dabble on the last week of May because why not? 

Sabo had a secret, one that he guarded with his life since he was five and only told his baby brother Luffy and his pirate crew about it.  

Said secret was half the reason he set out to sea, at the age of seventeen, to be near it. It followed the ship at a safe distance, members of Sabo’s crew always a little wary of it but they didn’t doubt their captain when he said it would never harm them. 

“La la la, laaaa laaaaaa….”   

Still a few of the newbies couldn’t sleep at night as it sang, worried it would take them to the bottom of the sea if they let their guard down. 

“La la la, laaaaa laaaaa, la la- Sabo!”  

The members of the Dragon crew jumped out of their skins when it suddenly cut off its haunting song. It’s voice when speaking was always a bit hard to adjust to. When the creature sang it was smooth, hypnotizingly clear but while speaking it was rough and echoing.

Sometimes it sounded like death itself.

“Sabo! Sabo! Sabo!” 

The crew rushed out of their beds worried that something may have happened to the captain- it sounded distressed. Once they burst through the door of their sleeping quarters they were shocked to see it onboard.

It never left the waters, always peering up at them from the waves along side the boat, silver eyes shining and curious but never close enough to touch. 

The moonlight shone down on the Blue Flame beautifully, highlighting the ship’s many well-done carvings around the railing. It bathed two figures of the left side deck.

An unfamiliar blond man, half drowned it seemed and the secret of the captain.

“What’s wrong Ace?!”  Sabo shouted from the captain’s room. 

He looked around confused before Rae shouted down at him

“He’s on the deck Cap!”

Sabo looked at her confused for a few seconds before rushing back into his room and climbing up the ladder. 

The reason this ship was so important was that the captain’s room was build at the bottom of the boat little ways above the kneel.

It had cost the crew a fine penny to pay but it served its purpose. The little room had a window that could be opened from the inside, and a foldable balcony too. It was right above the water, and the captain could be in reaching distance of his secret whenever he wanted this way.  

Usually, the crew could find him there, feet dipped in the ocean while conversing with the creature that leaned on his thighs. Staring at Sabo like he was the one to put the stars in the sky at night and raise the sun each morning. 

“Help…not breathing…need air..” The creature said pushing on the blond man’s chest, trying to get the water out. The crew gave each other an awkward glance- Ace couldn’t produce oxygen, he could somehow survive in it but not make his own- until Foster stepped forward.

“I’ll give him CPR Ace…please step-er  shimmy away from him.” 

Slivers eyes turn to look at him confused until understanding drew on his face. The crew bites back a wince when its eyes grew sad but flopped away from the blond man.

They always felt bad asking it to move away from them but no one wanted to touch the creature in fear of falling under a charm. The captain was the only known person brave enough to make skin contact. 

Once Ace was a foot away Foster rushed forward and got to work. The man had taken a lot of water but there was still time to save him. Pushing against the chest with laced fingers the doctor counted a number of presses before placing his lips on the blond man and breathing.

Ace watched from the side hurt and lonely as the male he rescued got saved by the land dwellers.

“Ace?” A voice asked from his right. The sea creature turns to see Sabo- still dressed in his blue pajamas-giving him a worried look. The blond man reached out a hand running it through his sea damaged hair, before bringing him in for a warm hug.

Ace felt better already.

Even if the blond’s crew was staring at them in bewilderment like they always do whenever Sabo touched him. 

“He fell from…sky…” Ace stumbled to explain. Words were hard to make above water.  “I saw…and Sabo..”

“Then I have you to thank for saving my life little siren.” The new voice makes everyone jump- though not as high as Foster- and they whip around to see the blond man standing from his near drowning nonchalantly. 

He gives the shocked Ace a friendly smile walking over to him with a hand out for a handshake. The siren stares at it in wonder, and everyone on board hates how he seems like he isn’t sure if he’s allowed to take it.  “I’m Marco and you are?”

Sabo nudges his side, and Ace wraps his gils covered fingers around the hand shaking it rapidly. So obviously happy that someone is talking to him without fear.

”Ace!” He chirps. He then tilts his head studying the blond with intelligent eyes until he nods sure. “Phoenix.” 

The blond grins. “I am a Phoenix. It’s nice to meet other magical dwellers. It’s been years since I last saw a half-breed.”

Sabo jerks as Ace blinks.  “You know what he is?”

Marco’s grin turns into a soft smile. “Half siren half human I’m guessing? Completely harmless to anyone and yet able to charm at his will. “A gift to this world” as they are usually called in the New World yoi.”

Ace looks like he’s going to cry.     

Jeff Skinner - Snow

Team: Carolina Hurricanes

Requested: Yes: Could you do a fluffy jeff skinner imagine where the reader (his girlfriend) is from australia and its her first time seeing and being in the snow? Thanks 🙏🏻🙈❄️🌨

Edited: Yes

Word count: 779

Summary: You’re from Australia and it’s your first time seeing snow

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Roswell, NM (Sashea) - Stella

A/N: So this is going to be my final fic on AQ. I’ll still continue to post on ao3, so if you want to find my future stuff there I’ll be posting under artificialstella. What’s more fitting than my last fic being a lesbian au? Two friends on a road trip take a stop at the most infamous UFO hotspots in America. Shea wants to be happy, but there’s something weighing heavy on her mind.

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Day 14- Hideout

Anakin takes Ahsoka on a training mission to Ragoon VI. Ahsoka is resistant at first, but then she discovers why Anakin felt a training mission was necessary in the first place.

rating: g

pairings: none

word count: 4450

(read on ao3)

I’ve written 22,000 words in the last two weeks and I really, really don’t know how.

Before the clone wars, training missions had been common for Padawans.

Some of Ahsoka’s older friends had been on them before. They were most commonly survival trips, where a group of Padawans or a Master/Padawan team were dropped off on a planet with difficult conditions. They were given limited supplies and forced to work together to survive for a certain amount of time.

All the Padawans she’d spoken to seemed to enjoy them, but Ahsoka couldn’t understand why Anakin was insisting on a training mission in the middle of the war.

“Are you sure this is a good idea, Master?” Ahsoka asked as Anakin piloted the Republic shuttle down to the planet below. “I mean, is there anything I can learn here that I can’t on the front lines? We should be out there, fighting.”

“I’m sure, Ahsoka,” Anakin told her. “Besides, Obi-Wan and I did a few of these when I was his Padawan. I wouldn’t have brought you here if I didn’t think you could learn something from it.”

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The Garden on the Mountain Top|Oneshot|

Pairing: Namjoon (Rap Monster) x Reader 

Genre: Fluff, A lot of Whimsy, Angel!Namjoon

Words: 2,038

A/N: So this is my little birthday gift for Namjoon! It’s honestly just a sweet and whimsical sort of thing. I may do drabbles someday for it as I like the idea quite a lot. Tell me what you think and have a happy Namjoon day! 

They say there is a garden bursting with roses the most beautiful shade of blue. It sits on the top of the mountain, past the glittering lake and is guarded by an angel. Nobody dares goes to investigate, brushing it away as if it was just an old tale told to children before bed. Still, no one really thinks of it as a tale. Someone must have been there before decades ago, the small town at the bottom of the mountain is sure of that. At some point, it may have been easier to get there. Now, to get there one must first get past the lake. The only way to do that is if you go across the odd rickety bridge. The wooden relic is barely wide enough for a car. The trek across the wide lake would be terrifying even during the day. Yet the garden is only accessible at night. So, nobody goes, but they whisper about the beautiful garden and one day you wake up determined to go. You wish to see the garden with your very own eyes. The angel captures your mind as well, enticing you to explore.

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Naru/Hina/Menma One-shot part one.

This is a small story on basically Naruto and Hinata from Road To Ninja, so I guess you could call it MenmaHina but in this one Menma goes to the real world. This will contain Naruhina and Menmahina

This one takes places few months after the war. Naruto still wears normal stuff like when he was 17, only difference is his right arm is now wrapped and fake.

This one shot was requested by @royalefrost


Menma didn’t understand how this could have happened he was sure that the scrolls in his fathers office were closed good but yet here he was falling from the sky. Who knew where he ended up being sucked into.

As he prepared his hands to summon a toad to prevent his fall he sighed. He did the signs and he soon landed on the toad. He greeted the toad before it finally left. Here he was in middle of the forest. He started walking and when he finally reached the woods near the training ground he got confused.

He thought the scroll took him to a different dimension. But before he could do anything he noticed navy blue hair sitting by a tree drinking water. It looked like she had been training. Menma walked over to her, hands in pockets.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m actually glad to see you.” He said referring to him not knowing what was happening but now he’s sure he’s just back at the leaf.

Hinata looked at him shocked, a little hurt from his words.

“N-Naruto-kun?” She asked. “W-What are you doing here?”

Menma furrowed a brow, that name seemed familiar, but something about it made him hate it.

“Naruto? I hate Naruto in Ramen, anyways I don’t know how I’m here.” He pointed up behind him where he came from with his thumb.

“An hour ago I fell from the sky, I was in my dads office and ended up going into a scroll.” He said. Hinata was completely confused, and by now she noticed somethings, like how his side burns were longer and his voice sounded deeper and calmer. As well as his sweeter was open revealing his fishnet shirt.

But one thing that confused her the most was the fact he said “my dads office”

She simply stared at him like he was insane. Menma furrowed both eye brows.

“Something’s different about her.” Menma thought.

“Hinata come to the leaf with me.” He suddenly said. He then stuck out his hand. Hinata still confused looked at his hand suddenly a little pink then grabbed It. They both then began walking. Menma watched her as she walked. He was noting down the difference in his head. Her hair wasn’t parted at the front, her sweater was zipped, she wasn’t wearing lip stick.

As well as she wasn’t tackling him and telling him how much she loves him. It felt weird really weird and deep down he missed it a little. When they made it to the leaf Menma looked around. Everything seemed the same.

“Naruto-kun, where are we going?” She asked, Menma once again furrowed an eyebrow. Why did she keep calling him that.

“Let’s just walk around a little.” He said. Hinata nodded, as her cheeks were pink. But once they made a right turn Hinata’s eyes widened when she saw the blonde man who she loved in front of her. Menma looked at him.

Naruto who looked completely confused simply watched him, he didn’t make a clone did he? But anyways why was his clone with Hinata. Naruto suddenly furrowed his eyebrows.

“Hey Hinata, uh whose this?” Naruto asked. Menma watched Naruto, he looked exactly like him, it was like looking at a clone.

Hinata looked at both of them completely lost.

“Uh..I-Isn’t It…aren’t..isn’t Naruto-kun?” Hinata looked at both of them. They both stared back at her.

“My names Menma Namikaze, I’m assuming you are Naruto.” Menma said. Naruto’s eyes widened.

Naruto quickly grabbed Hinata’s hand before he pulled her behind him.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Naruto hissed. “What are you here for, to destroy the leaf? What are your plans!?”

Menma shifted his head not understanding much, was he cloned in a different dimension too? Because he doesn’t remember Naruto but feels like he does.

Menma simply looked at Hinata behind Naruto. He simply took a step which made Naruto step closer before Menma flashed behind Hinata grabbing her before flashing away. All Naruto could do is turn behind him fast confused.

“He’s fast..” Naruto thought he began running before he jumped on a building.

“This is bad, he has Hinata!” Naruto said before he sat down on the building top preparing to get into sage mode. He couldn’t focus well as he was worried about Hinata.

“Why the hell is he here.” Naruto said softly.

On the 4th Hokage moment was where Menma and Hinata were. Hinata who turned to Menma confused suddenly backed away from him before activating her byakugan.

“W-What are you? And why did Naruto-kun react that way?” She asked as she got in stance. She felt slightly nervous because she’s never attacked anyone who looks and sounds exactly like her crush.

Menma sighed. Closing his eyes.

“Come on Hinata, you’re the only person I can depend on right now. I thought you said you’d always be by my side.” Menma said referring to his Hinata.

They had to be the same in including the fact that they both liked the same person they must have said some of the same things. Menma felt a little relief knowing even in a different dimension Hinata still loved him. Menma was freakishly clever so he was putting everything together in his head.

But seeing Naruto block Hinata like that he couldn’t help but feel jealousy creep up his skin. And couldn’t helped taking her.

Hinata looked at him shocked but she still had her byakugan activated. Menma opened his eyes taking a step.

“D-Don’t move! You are in my range.” She yelled. Menma knew if he did take another stepped he’d be struck by 8 trigrams and he didn’t want to deal with some pain.

“Listened, I’m from a different dimension and I have one of you in my dimension so I know a lot about you and one of things is that you won’t actually want hurt me because I look like Naruto,” Menma said.

Hinata’s eyes widened.

“One of me in your dimension?” She asked quietly.

Menma nodded.

“And I know you love Naruto.” Menma suddenly said. Hinata felt her heart stop and her face instantly turned red. Her byakugan disactivated

“E-Eh!?” She yelled. Before covering her face.

Menma smiled slightly as he watched her being embarrassed he couldn’t denie this Hinata was much cuter then his Hinata, she just seemed softer and shyer, but at the same time he liked the way his other Hinata was because she also would turn red.

“Now listen, I need you to help me get to the Hokage’s office where my dad is so I can find the scroll and go back. ”

Hinata looked up.

“Will you help me Hinata?” He asked. Hinata couldn’t help but believe him. But before she could say anything Naruto jumped in front of Hinata before he struck a punch at Menma which launched Menma back before he hit the stone wall that held all the faces on them. Naruto who was still in Sage mode turned to Hinata.

Hinata whose eyes were wide looked to him.

“Hinata, Are you okay? Did he hurt you?” Naruto asked. Hinata shook her head quickly.

“No Men-” Hinata tried but was interrupted.

“Man that was unexpected, It actually hurt, I mean it is me after all so of course I’m strong.” Menma said. Naruto turned to him.

“” Naruto began walking slowly to Menma who was rubbing his arms after he pulled himself out of the stone wall and blew smoke out of his face. But when the smoke cleared up he stood straight.

“I’m going to kick your ass.” Naruto said before his eyes widened when Hinata suddenly got in front of him spreading her arms blocking Menma.

“Naruto-kun, please don’t hurt Menma-kun!” She yelled. Naruto couldn’t help but feel slightly hurt.

“Hinata…why are you defending..him..”


Dauntless (Part 8)

​Eric x OC
​Warnings : Language, violence ​​​​

“Looks like you’ll be back to normal in another few months,” the doctor informed me, looking at the chart he held in his hand. “Your wound is healing exceptionally fast under the new treatment we’ve been experimenting with. Your arm is already remarkably better. You’re a very lucky young woman.”

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Title: Moon in Water (3/?)

Fandom: K Project

External: AO3

Ratings/Warnings: T

Summary: A run in with trouble on a dark night lands Yata on an island that shouldn’t exist, with the first human he’s ever seen in his life. Except that everything about Fushimi is different from what Yata’s heard humans should be…

Notes: Sorry this took so long to update, the editing process was rough ;;

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One time I dreamt that the sky was green and the grass was blue and trees were made from mirrors. And a violet dragon flew down from the green sky and blew black fire at me but it felt like ice water. It landed and did a funny sort of bow, and I climbed onto its back. Then we flew, but suddenly a small screen popped up, and it was like a car dashboard. The dragon was out of gas. So I took it to a dragon gas station and a small creature came out and burped right in its face and the gas dial went slightly up, but it still died. The dragon’s last words were “You have an alarm set for 2:30 am. Don’t forget the monkey.”