from the high school gymnasium


I Am Swen 

Hi there! My name is Antonia, bisexual, 19 years old from Sweden. I’m graduating the Natural Science program from High School (or gymnasium as we call it here) in two weeks and aim to study marine biology later. My biggest passion is pole dancing. I love it so so so much, it’s like ballet but on a pole and it makes me feel sexy and strong  and beautiful as hell. I’m a vegan and I love cooking, I eat like a horse (literally…). Writing is also a passion of mine, right now I’m writing a lot of poetry but I do love writing (and reading) fanfiction. I love TV shows, I recently started binge watching a lot of them, OUAT being one of them and I fell in love with it because growing up, fairy tales were really important to me so OUAT found its way into my heart (but my favorite show is Orphan Black, sorry). 

Here you have a pic of baby me with a horse and a pic of me on my pole. 

I love Swan Queen

I love SQ probably for the same reasons as many of you; their amazing chemistry, their development, the way they always have each others backs, the eye sex, the “I must find your happy ending”, the “I need you”, Emma’s willingness to do everything for Regina and vice verse, they are so different but so very much alike, the allure of “the Evil Queen and the Savior” etc. I love them, Emma and Regina. Regina is my favorite character, she had me wrapped around a finger from the start because even though she was problematic, the Evil Queen was just amazing and woaah incredible and I love her so so so much, (plus Regina is such an inspiration). Tbh, I don’t really know when I started shipping them. I remember seeing gifs of them on my dashboard before I even knew what OUAT was about and I actually believed they were canon at first (the disappointment when I found out though), so I think I shipped them before I watched the show haha. Favorite scene… Hm I love Emma with a chainsaw and the complete eye fuck and sexual tension in that scene holy shit. I also love The Scene in Going Home, do I need to explain why? Okay I love every scene with them together. 

Swan Queen is THE OTP for me. 

Gif from swanqueen-morrilla, not mine! (x)

I love Swen

I love Swen, I really do! You are a huge group, nation, of amazing people. We are so strong and no one involved in OUAT can deny that. Even though we go through a lot of hate, homophobic assholes and other forces trying to push us aside, we are still going strong. Even media has acknowledged us and starting to take us seriously as of late. You are so inspiring, creative and funny. I feel safe and even though I’m very new in this fandom and haven’t found many people to talk to yet, I feel like I’ve found somewhere I belong, people who understands. I feel welcome. 

Let me just say this, the fanfiction, AMAZING! There are so many of you who really have a talent, you write novels about our fave ladies that are better than many books I’ve read. You write hot, funny, angsty, fluffy fics that make me want to rip my heart out and let someone run over it with a truck. 

The gifs and the videos, oh my god, you are so talented. And those of you who draw and paint, just I have no words. I love what Swan Queen is doing to us, giving us a home and encourage us to let our creativity free. Swen, you help me move forward, you bring a smile to my face and I get through the day because of you. There are so many blogs I visit daily that post and reblog amazing fan art in different forms and you never cease to amaze me.

You create a clusterfuck of emotions in me and you are the group of people fifteen y/o little me needed, getting comfortable with my sexuality and myself. I thank you for that.   

ethan-8  and dakota829snow, awesome idea! Thank you for doing this, I will enjoy scrolling down the tags and get to know more of Swen.