from the heart of glass

cool things from the yuri on ice website

-leo really likes social media, he updates it frequently!!

-yuuri has the ‘most fragile heart made from glass’

-yuuri has had a ‘longing’ for viktor since his junior days

-yurio has held the role of the provider for his family since he was young

-seung gil lee is ‘not familiar with fashion’

-emil is kind of like a henchmen for mickey

-seung gil lee doesn’t care about his fans at all

-christophe hasn’t won once

-guang-hong ji wants to be a hollywood celebrity 

-guang-hong ji longs for his friend phichit so he often uploads their selfies to social media!!

-jj’s parents were ice dancers and his younger siblings are in the junior division

-mickey is a ‘hard virgin’ (IM SOBIBNG)

-minami is attracted to yuuri !! and his entire family is doctors

-mila ranks as the 3rd female skater in the world and sala is the 4th


From The Desk Of…

Go read this amazing, well written and beautifully executed story that will steal your heart from the get go.

The pictures above are my humble way of saying thank you to the wonderful writers @fictorium @bridgetteirish

Into You

Summary: Y/N really likes Bucky, but she’s sure there’s no way in hell he likes her back.

Request: Hi could I make a request, with Bucky and reader, where reader really likes Bucky, but she’s really self loathing, and doesn’t think she’s good enough for him, and tony throws one of his party’s, she’s gets dressed up, but she’s Bucky with another girl, and leaves the party, but what she doesn’t know is Bucky likes her and wasn’t even listening to the girl, he sees her run and goes after her and confesses and it’s all really fluffy ending of that makes any sense 🤗

Author’s Note: Guess who did a one-shot for the first time in a hundred years? Okay so I strayed a bit away from the ending, but other than that it should be what you asked for. Hope you like it! x

Bucky Barnes Masterlist


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“You nearly done in there?!” Natasha exclaimed, hammering on the door.

“Good god, woman, give me a minute!” you yelled, giving yourself one last look in the mirror, before rolling your eyes, muttering a “fuck it” under your breath. You unlocked the door, and no sooner than you’d placed your hand on the handle, Natasha yanked it open.

You muttered profanities under your breath in surprise, before chuckling in amusement as she slammed the door shut.

“You ready?” you asked Wanda, who nodded.

“Yes, because unlike the two of you, I plan ahead when I know I’m having a night out,” she said smugly. You groaned quietly, causing her to let out a soft laugh.

“Tasha, you’ve got five seven minutes before we leave you here and take the taxi without you!” you yelled, causing her to slam her fist on the door in frustration.

You chuckled, before slipping your heels on. Glancing up, you saw Wanda looking at you; a smug smile on her face.

“Heels?” she questioned, hinting to the fact that you rarely, if ever, wore high heels.

You shrugged.


She didn’t say anything else, just raised her eyebrows and nodded exaggeratedly.

“I don’t get why you’re so surprised, we are going to a party, after all,” you grumbled.

“No, I know, I know, it’s just unusual. You dressing up for anyone in particular? Anyone special?” she asked, causing you to roll your eyes.

“For God’s sake, Wanda,” you huffed, before walking over to hammer on the bathroom door. “We’re leaving!”

Steve had a tendency to pair the same people up with each other during trainings and missions. You’d been paired with Bucky, mostly because the two of you fought very well together. To take the piss, Wanda and Natasha would tease you about it, saying you had a crush on him. It was understood by all three of you that this wasn’t, of course, the case.

Except that it kinda was.

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Periculum [Part 1]

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Pe`ric´u`lum noun. Danger;  risk.

Warnings: Graphic descriptions of violence and gory scenes

Word Count: 6,687

For the third time in the last ten minutes, your mouth fell open of its own accord, an unflattering–almost whale-like–yawn spilling from it. You rubbed a hand over your face, hoping to soothe the sting of tired eyes as your legs stretched beneath the small, round table. The soles of your feet thrummed with a burning ache inside of your white sneakers; the thanks you got for staying late on your twelve-hour shift. The stiff, overly starched material of your bland scrubs was beginning to irritate you, seeming too uncomfortable as it rubbed against your bare skin beneath.

You were exhausted–beyond so, frankly. You’d been exhausted before, many times, in fact. It had never felt like this. This was almost to the point of numbness–just not quite. Which is why, for the life of you, you couldn’t understand why you opted to pop into a small, corner street cafe, instead of just going home after your shift had ended. Maybe you just wanted some place to sit down.

“Um, excuse me?” A small, bashful voice came from beside you and it took all the strength in your body to force your head to loll upwards.

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my reflection stares back at me
eyes too bright, smile too big

I can only tell it is me is by the dip
of my collarbone where lonely sits

it’s always been there, clutching at me
tearing my heart from my body

and my hand reaches out from the glass
begging to be let back in

but I don’t know how to let love in,
lonely has closed the door

so my reflection claws and claws
pleading “let me in”

—  locked out || O.L.


pairing: kai parker x reader

word count: 1431

a/n: not requested, just something i was thinking about. listen to this

One moment you were watching Alaric and Jo give their vows, the next you were lying in rubble with a distinct ringing in your ears. 

You could hear people screaming, crying, shouting, but it was like they were being muffled. You tried to move into a sitting position but stopped when a sharp pain struck through your back. You shifted your muscles and felt something lodged between your hip and spine. Eyes struggling to focus in the brightness, you pushed through the pain and managed to sit up, but your hands and arms now stung from the cuts of glass shards.

“Miss me?”

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On this day in music history: April 28, 1979 - “Heart Of Glass” by Blondie hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 1 week. Written by Deborah Harry and Chris Stein, it is the first chart topping single for the New York City based new wave/rock band fronted by lead singer Debbie Harry. Debbie and Chris originally write the song in late 1974 - early 1975 as “Once I Had A Love” with a reggae flavored arrangement. It continues to evolve as they retool the sound of the song, giving it a slow “four on the floor” disco beat, then re-titling it “The Disco Song”. Producer Mike Chapman along with the band give it a dramatic makeover employing the use of synthesizers (Moog Polymoog, Roland SH-1000, the latter being triggered off the CR-78) and the Roland CR-78 drum machine which gives the song its signature “ticking” pulse. Released as the second single from the bands third album “Parallel Lines” on January 3, 1979, “Heart Of Glass” creates an immediate sensation on the dance floor that quickly spreads to radio. Entering the Hot 100 at #84 on February 17, 1979, it climbs to the top of the chart ten weeks later. The huge success of “Heart Of Glass” is a double edged sword for Blondie as they are accused of “selling out” by their fellow musicians on the New York punk and new wave scene for having made “a disco song”. “Heart Of Glass” is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA, and is inducted into the Grammy Hall Of Fame in 2016.

Collision Course

Draco Malfoy x Reader

Non-linear storyline

Word count: 1,129


Guilt is a heavy thing.

Hooked and clawed and caught in the circulatory loop of blood from Draco’s heart to his lungs. All aching capillaries and ribbon-torn arteries, glass shards buried in Draco’s palms.

It’s insurmountable as he passes through the Hogwarts gates. Sees what he imagines the muggles who come poking around might see - an abandoned castle. Replete with smoke scarred wood and disintegrating bricks, blood strewn across courtyard stones and great columns that have now collapsed. Bereft of only an ominous ‘Keep Out’ sign, though he thinks that might not be far off.

Draco’s wand is clutched in a white knuckled hand as he digresses from the delineated path. Enters into the variegated shadows and dampened mist of the Forbidden Forrest and follows the coordinates written in blotted, under duress ink - because Potter’s wand had clattered across the floor and Draco’s wand had been pressed to the warm skin beneath Potter’s chin.

 His confession is the vial of veritaserum tucked into Draco’s jacket pocket.

He fancies that it just might be felix felicis instead.

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Flamme à Lunettes (Flames and Glasses)
Samantha Barks
Flamme à Lunettes (Flames and Glasses)

A new song featuring Samantha called “Flamme à Lunettes (Flames and Glasses)” from Jack and The Cuckoo Clock Heart. Lyrics below:

Miss Acacia:
My vision’s not quite right
But glasses make me look a sight
Enough to give the world a fright
Like a sprite wearing specs

Oh fiery little sprite
Conflagration in the night
Don’t play games with your sight
If it leaves you in the dark

Miss Acacia:
I prefer, life all the blur
I forget to wear my glasses
When I sing I share caresses
It feels good to close my eyes

Oh my pretty arsenist
Let me clasp you close to me
Or rip your clothes with my teeth
And tear them into confetti
To scatter as we kiss….

Miss Acacia:

….On you and me

Miss Acacia:
All I see are stars
Suddenly some days
My eyes leave me astray
Faraway down the street
Until I can’t bare to steal
A glance at the sun
Or even look the sky straight in the eye
All I see are stars

I won’t let you stray
I’ll be your only guide
Let me be your pair of eyes
You will be my special flame

Miss Acacia:
There’s one thing I must confess
Of five senses my hearing’s best
I’ll never recognize you by relying on my eyes

Smoldering embers, alone in the dark
We’ll raise cascades of sparks
As the clock of my heart
Strikes midnight we’ll catch on fire
And blaze so bright you’ll see the light

Miss Acacia and Jack:
All I see are stars
Suddenly some days
My eyes leave me astray
Faraway down the street
Until I can’t bare to steal
A glance at the sun
Or even look the sky straight in the eye
All I see are stars

anonymous asked:

my most favorite frog is the glass frog, they're super cool frogs that live in Central America with completely clear skin, so you can see all of their organs!

glass frog are so amaze!!!! their belly like window

everyone love them belly so many

but i also love them from the above! 

personal theory: 

all glass frogs….. 

actually fairies


they too beautiful to be for real animal!!!

all their different type, all too beautoful!!!!

spotted glass frog

granular glass frog

reticulated glass frog

ghost glass frog  even has MAGIC EYES

my tiny heart is explode from too much beauty of from a glass frog

Just for you

She is broken

been hurt so many times

Stained-glass eyes

refracting light from deep inside

Her heart has spoken

songs of love and loss

touching the depths of your soul

She is Beauty, Hope, and Love

torn and tempest-tossed

her presence makes you whole

See her descend from above

fuckable Angel, Heavens drift

In her all things are possible

everything is true

She is broken

is broken just for you

Newt Scamander x reader-Sips of Jealousy

Newt Scamander x reader-Sips of Jealousy

Request: Could u write a fic were the reader get jealous of Tina and newt finds her later crying and drunk?

A/N: I enjoyed writing this, I hope you enjoy reading it (I have nothing against Tina btw, she is a lovely character)
Warnings- Drunkness/alcohol, emotions EVERYWHERE

Originally posted by ultrailoveharrystylesblog

Rain crashed against the surface of the city as you remained seated at the old bar, choking down another round of alcohol. You had lost track of what and how much had entered your body past your lips, for you had only desired to wash away the heartbreaking memories prior to your entrance. All you wished for was to rid yourself of the memories you held of him. Your drunken state had increased with every new drink, each making your mind slip farther and farther away from the past.

You and Newt had been partners ever since you were recruited by the ministry to assist him in his travels. Your talent and skills in healing would prove extremely beneficial, plus it didn’t hurt that you were reading up on a few of these beasts as well. The two of you had been on your way to New York once more to pay the Goldsteins and Jacob a visit, and Newt wanted to personally give them copies of his newly published book. After all those hours of writing, studying, revising, and editing, the completed work was no longer a manuscript, but a well-bound book inviting others to understand the beasts in a new light.
Once you had arrived at the Goldsteins’ residence, you knocked on the door to be met with Queenie, who ecstatically invited the two of you to stay for dinner. You couldn’t say no to that, not only because she was one of your closest friends and her food was delicious, but also because she had already began to drag you towards the table where Jacob was.

After dinner was prepared and cleaned up, everyone went into the main room and talked about their lives and how everything was going. Jacob’s new bakery was in full swing and raking in more business every day and Tina had acquired her job as an auror once again. You sipped your tea silently, listening to how Jacob had begun to use Newt’s creatures as inspiration for his treats, and then you looked up. Newt and Tina were sitting quite close to one another as they conversed about MACUSA and its recent events. Newt’s smile was wide and his eyes filled with interest as Tina spoke.

Tina. You loved her, but at the same time you envied her. She was a strong woman, held a high class job, and was strikingly beautiful and intelligent. You were nothing more than a babysitter to the Magizoologist whom she clearly had feelings for. There was no chance of denying it, you were jealous. The green monster had bit you hard. She and Newt had appeared interested in one another from the beginning. It was the way he looked at her or spoke or congratulated her that gave it all away. You wanted nothing more to be noticed by him. To you he was more than just someone you worked with, he was your friend, an intelligent, magnificent, caring, interesting and handsome man. He loved others with all of his heart, and you admired how string and courageous he had acted. He was so selfless and sweet that it was intoxicating, infecting your heart with passionate desire towards him.

However, he was not yours to have.

Your eyes drifted back down to your tea which had gone cold now. You looked around the room once more. Newt and Tina were closer, almost too close. But then, her hand gracefully slid over his and held it. Your heart broke like shattered glass falling down from your chest and your eyes felt like they had been stung with a toxic poison, destroying from the inside to the outside. Tears tried to fall but you wouldn’t let them, not here. You arose from your spot earning you a glance from Jacob who had now drawn his attention to your uneasy composure. Queenie looked at you as well, her face paling as if a ghost had strutted into the room.

“Oh Honey,” she whispered out, moving towards you. She loved her sister Tina, but she knew about your feelings for Newt. She had hoped that the two of you would be together by now, but now all she saw was your tattered heart.

“I’m alright Queenie,” you whispered with a sigh as you held your tears more. I should be going now anyways. I’m developing a few new solutions that should help heal wounds faster and the research is to be sent back to the ministry in a few days, and I need to finish it. Thank you all for such a wonderful meal and I hope you enjoy Newt’s book.” With a quick wave to everyone, you walked towards the door. You didn’t even look at Newt or Tina as you shut the door quietly and were on your way.

Another glass was emptied by you and the remains were placed back on the table. Your vision and mind mushed together and made everything fuzzy. You couldn’t even form clear sentences anymore, as the majority came out in muddled masses. By the time your fifth or sixth or maybe even ninth (how the hell would you even know?), drink came out, your tears were spilling everywhere again.

All you wanted was to be loved. That’s all you had truly wanted since you were young. You wanted someone to laugh with you, someone to be the one who held you as sobs possessed your body like a raging demon, someone who would look into your eyes and say ‘My god you are stunning.’ You thought that you and Newt had been on the path towards a relationship, but after he met Tina, things changed. He became more distant, not that he was cutting you out of his life, but the two of you spent less time as ‘friends’ and more time as just working with one another. He clearly didn’t want you.

Your body bent over the counter top as your hand knocked over your glass, spilling a swish of liquid across the marble. Your drinks ignited your emotions into a full frenzy as your tears gushed and crashed like waves in a storm. Your pitiful wailing had attracted the attention of the other people in the bar, as some even gave you looks of sympathy. It wasn’t hard to tell that your heart was broken. Your chest ached and felt as if a hole was speared right through you, like your wings had been plucked of all their feathers and broken, not allowing you to fly. You were trapped in your own dark realm of loneliness.

Your sobs quieted briefly as you felt a hand on your shoulder, and you assumed it had been the bartender that had asked you to take it easy at least a hundred times that night. You brushed your cheeks but still continued to cry. You turned to respond and explain that you were perfectly fine and wanted another round, but instead the man you didn’t want to see stood right in front of you.
Newt was there.

“Y/n what are you doing here? I went after you to your room but you weren’t there and-wait have you been drinking? And why are you crying?” he asked.
“None of your business,” you slurred, tears cascading like raging waterfalls down your reddened and slightly sweaty face. “Go away Newt.”

Newt was shocked and concerned about you. You never seemed like the person to go out and drink until they couldn’t hold any more. You started to stand up, mumbling that you were leaving now, but you stumbled and tripped over your feet as the constant drinking and tears had blinded you. Newt’s arms swooped around your falling body and pulled you back up so you wouldn’t crash to the floor.

“Go away Newt, Get off me!” you yelled, “Go-go back t-t-to Tina!”

By now you were muttering and wailing and sobbing and wriggling to get out of his grasp. Couldn’t he see what he was doing? Couldn’t he see that you were being hurt by him?

You weren’t aware of your surroundings as you had apparently been dragged outside. The air nit your skin and send shivers down your spin as the rain fell around you. Apparently Newt didn’t want you to cause a scene or try and binge more, so he brought you outside to take you home. You were still fighting him, and he still didn’t understand your behavior.

“Y/n what on earth has gotten into you? You’re lying, drinking, and now you’re fight-Y/n please love no I’m not angry, I just don’t understand what you’re doing, don’t cry.”

Crying was an understatement, as you were now bawling and sinking to your knees in the middle of a grimy New York sidewalk. Newt could have left you and walked away letting the rain soak you, but he didn’t. He set his case down and knelt next to you.

“Do you want to tell me what’s going on?”

You choked and hiccupped more, slurring nonsense as the rain hit harder. “I-I. Tina is Tina and I.”

“Tina? What does she have to do with this Y/n? I don’t think she has been the cause of your sudden drinking here.”

“Tina is amazing.”

“Well yes, she is amazing, I don’t-,”

“That’s why you want her and not me!” you wailed. Your heart was officially beaten and broken. Its final pieces were now thrown out of your chest and all you wanted to do was lay in the street and cry your eyes out in misery. The alcohol amplified your pain and you hiccupped and sobbed constantly.”

Newt stared at you, “Y-You think I l-l-love, Tina?”

“I don’t think I know!” the rain had soaked your hair and his coat, which he gently wrapped around you as you collapsed.

“Y/n. I want you to look at me.”

“No Newt you’re not my parents I don’t need to listen to you,” you said sounding a bit like a child. The drinks had strange effects, they did.

“Please, just…look at me,” he pleaded. His rough hand found his way to your chin and he gently lifted your face to meet his.

“Tina, is a wonderful woman. But she isn’t who I want. Y/n, I want you. You’re just, I can’t even fathom it.”

You were lost, and you thought the drinks were playing tricks on you. This was an illusion, a hallucination crafted by your drunken head. It had to be.

He continued, “I love Tina as a friend. My eyes have been on you since you were paired up with me. Your smile, your mind, your heart, they all work so beautifully to create a perfect you. I was too scared to say anything because I loved having you around, and I didn’t want my stupid feelings to drive you away. But now it’s my fault you’re like this, I’m so sorry Y/n, I’m so sorry love.”

Tears and rainwater mixed on his features. Your mind was racing and your sobbing began to slow once more.

“Do y-you mean that. Am I dreaming?”

“Yes Y/n I mean every bit of it.”

You weren’t sure if it was the overwhelming happiness that began to resurge inside of you or the result of drinking more than your limits but seconds later, your lips crashed onto his, enveloping them into a sloppy kiss. Your hair was dripping, and so was his, and the two of you were quite cold but you didn’t care. You only hoped you wouldn’t wake up from this dream into a reality of disappointment.

“Merlin’s beard…,” was all he spoke up as you sloppily wrapped him in a hug after pulling away. He caressed your cheek, pecked it and held you.

“C’mon love, let’s get you home. Something tells me you won’t feel too well in the morning.”

The next morning you awoke inside the case. Your head felt like a hammer had repeatedly attacked it multiple times and you felt groggy. You barely remembered anything, except for the fact that you had a dream about kissing Newt, or at least you thought it was a dream.

Newt came in holding a mug of coffee and a glass of water, and his smile grew as he noticed that you were awake.


“Ughh…what did I have a run in with the erumpent again?” you asked while moaning in agony. Newt then went on to explain about your little ‘incident’ and then the realization dawned on you that you had actually kissed him and confessed your love to one another, not made it up in your mind.

Your head still throbbed as he went on to explain how he didn’t mean to make it look like he was interested in Tina, and then he rambled on apologizing every few seconds until you told him that it was okay. He wrapped you in his arms and kissed your head.

“Hey Newt?”


“Are we, you know, like together…now that…um…”

He calmed your confusion with a kiss on your lips. You didn’t know if the two of you would ever be together, but now, you knew. Every ounce of you swelled with passion, and he did the same. Your lips interlocked and wove together in sync, as if dancing to a lyrical rhythm, and this kiss was much softer than the previous one.

“Yes darling, we are. And I love you very, very much.“



au where the first time they meet is at a ball and they just instantly charm each other

so i’ve been listening to Hamilton for months and Satisfied’s conversation between Angelica and Hamilton always reminds me of Nessa and Oliver

let’s just hope that their story actually gets a happy ending squints at miss taylor @nessaandoliver