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Send Nude Pics of Your Heart to Me

James Potter to Mrs. Wife: lily can we have another baby?

Lily Potter to Wears Socks to Bed: R u going to text me that every time Harry does something cute?

James Potter: yes

Lily Potter: U know if we got one every time u asked we’d have like 35 babies by now??

James Potter: i’d be okay with that

James Potter: they might give us our own tv programme

James Potter: lil and jim and their kin 

Lily Potter: Ur right what’s the point of having children if not to pimp them out for reality television

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What Do YOU Want? Pt. 5

A Kwon Jiyong series ft. Kim Jiwon

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word count: 3,000

Summary: The most important person in the world to you can appear most often when you least expect it. But through everything, you can’t forget about you and your own happiness. Who are you happy with? Who is the best for you?

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 … Part 6 Part 7 

(A/N: Wow, jeez, ok this came out a lot longer than the others, but I hope you still enjoy it!)

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If someone had told you 3 years ago that you would be where you are now, you would have laughed your ass off. If they said that you would give up the biggest opportunity that has ever been given to you, while Jiyong went on tour across the globe for concerts and fan meetings without a single returned phone call, you would have continued to laugh in their face.

But here you were, and there he was; enjoying his life without you and a work environment where he no longer has to worry about seeing the face of the girl who walked out on him.

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So I met Chris Pine the other day

First of all, sorry for the delay! I was drowned in my projects in the las couple of days and couldn’t get the time to write this. And I wrote quite a lot of words, so be warned! :)


I knew the cast would come to China weeks before and as soon as I knew they would go to Guangzhou, I bought the fly tickets. Of course, I wanted to go to Beijing but it would take too long on the plane and I would have to skip four days of school so I passed on that.

Anyway, I woke up at 2:30 AM and went to the airport for the plane to Guangzhou. I was so nervous. After I arrived at the airport, I waited for yoyo @soyiyoyo and we went to the premiere place together. We had lunch with a group of fans who all love Chris and at the lunch, someone from Paramount called us and told me there’s fan event they wanted me to attend. So, of course, I said yes but I didn’t know what the event is at that moment.

After lunch, we went to the red carpet and waited for them. There’re a lot of fans who dressed up in blue and gold dresses. They were all lovely.
There’re 10 of us waited on the corner of the red carpet for us were the winners that got chosen and had the chance to meet them alone and take photos.
We didn’t wait too long for the cast to come in. As soon as I saw Chris came to the red carpet, my heart almost stopped. Jesus, he’s so gorgeous. Like, we all know he’s pretty in the photos and videos. But man, he looked stunning in real life. STUNNING. 

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anan prepared a birthday cake for Jinki and Minho during the photoshoot last year! Is that chicken i see? 🤣

“At anan shooting, they prepared a cake for Onew and Minho whose birthdays are near! They sang happy birthday. Minho didn’t know it’s for him too so when they said Happy Birthday Onew and Minho, Minho was like “me too?” A few minutes later, take note of the number change. Key switched the 2&7 and went “72yrs!”, and left. Onew then switched the 2&5 and went “52yrs”, talking to himself.“

*paraphrased translation from iheartshinee_

I’m so sorry I uploaded this late. I just got back from a little trip and on top of that I got a little sick but here it is and it’s FINALLY done.

Happy (belated) 40th Birthday, Mr. Dancy. <3


Happy 26th Birthday, Jennifer Shrader Lawrence! (August 15th, 1990) 

You want to know how I’ve changed? I’m so scared to say anything now. I can see every negative way that people can take it, and I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining. “Oh, she’s so conceited now. Oh, she’s so jaded now.” It probably comes from Googling myself. If it were up to me, I would not talk. I would just act.


Today is THE DAY.
My dearest Benedict! Many happy returns! May your big day be as special, sweet and lovely as you are. May your every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happines of smile and the feeling of love.
You make me smile and laugh… (sometimes you make me cry)… thank you. Enjoy your special day - you deserve it. May all your dreams and wishes come true! I love you and i wish you ALL THE BEST from the bottom of my heart, my love!

Anonymous asked: Do you have a source for the “sorry I said shit on your birthday” gif?

Here you are!

Anonymous asked: hallo Ladies, for the first time I just saw a gif of Tom in the photoshoot with the (flying insect) and would like to know if there is youtube footage of that shoot. Of course I’ve seen the 1883 and another one but never this. MONA, help a veteran out please. It’s always you that help me, it seems

The veteran is here! :) And I’m happy to help when I can.

There’s three videos from that shoot that I know of: a short version and a long version, and a music video of sorts.

Anonymous asked: Where did the quote, “I try not to make plans. God always laughs at your plans. I’m going to keep the door open, and keep the page blank, and see what gets painted upon it.” come from?

I can’t find it. I see the quote everywhere, and it’s always attributed to him, but I can’t seem to find a source article or interview for it. If someone does have an actual source, don’t be shy!

Anonymous asked: Have any of you guys ever written a letter to Tom? If so, what sort of response did you get?

We haven’t. The Box Project will be our first. *blushes*

panko17 asked: Hi, i love your blog, but I keep seeing the box give-away and i’m wondering what it is? Sorry if you answered the question before.

Well, we have two things going on. The Box Project and the Giveaway.

The Box Project is a collaborative gift we’re assembling with letters and small gifts from us and any followers who want to participate to send to Tom (via his talent agency, Hamilton Hodell) for his birthday. 

The H-D Giveaway is something we’d been wanting to do for a while, so we launched it when we hit 15,000 followers. (Our followership has more than doubled since then holy shit). Basically we have nice Tom/Loki/Marvel stuff, and we’d like to give it away to our followers as a thank you for coming over and hanging out with us. 

Anonymous asked: Hi! I just saw a vid of Tom gushing about the nickname his Korean fans gave him…but he doesn’t say what it is! Do you know?

Apparently, they call him “Signchopath?” Which is maybe because he’s always signing things I don’t know…

Anonymous asked: Why is Tom Hiddleston so perfect? What is his power?

I think he brokered his soul. No one person should have that much power naturally. 

- Mona

“I feel no pressure to live up to anything,” says Smith, just hours before he’ll make his first appearance on The Tonight Show. “I say what I think, act how I want to act, post what I want to post. There’s no one telling me to do this, lose weight, look like this, sing like this, write songs like that. I’ve just been allowed to be me, and from all the nightmares you hear about the industry from a young age, I never thought that would be the case.” — Sam Smith for OUT100

Happy birthday Orihime Inoue!

You were originally my first Bleach love, before I was pulled away by Yoruichi and later Soi Fon. You were the reason I got into the series in the first place. My memories are fading now, but I do recall your early feelings for Ichigo hooking me on the IchiHime pairing that eventually WON.

Now it’s almost 10 years to the time I discovered Bleach on Adult Swim and started religiously watching every night. Two things about that: one, I will never again take for granted anime being on every night of the week, and two, Bleach became such an important part of my life that I can’t just let it go. The first voice actor I met was Kyle Hebert, who I was interested in not because of Aizen but because of Ganju. The 2nd cosplay I did was Captain Aizen. The first friends I made from cons were because of Bleach photoshoots. My blog which I started in 2008 and still update daily was mainly made for Bleach reviews. Bleach has made an indelible mark on my life.

And it’s all because of you, Orihime. If you hadn’t hooked me back in 2007, maybe I never get into Bleach and never enjoy all those great moments over the years. But since you did, now I can look back at Bleach with fond memories. And I can celebrate IchiHime which is CANON and can never be taken away from me. Happy birthday, and enjoy a long, happy life with the love of your life, Ichigo Kurosaki.