from the first half of season one

10 ‘Huge’ Spoilers from US Weekly
  1. That baby is definitely coming. “We will see a baby” King said. “That story line is really one of the most out there story lines we’ve done”
  2. But also: The baby story line will blow your freakin’ mind. ‘Remember how King said in the paragraph above that the story line is “out there”? Let’s just say you should take her word on that.’
  3.  Toby is dead — or is he? Keegan Allen assured Us that Toby dies in that car crash at the end of the first half of season 7. But we’re going to go out on a limb and assume he’s pulling our leg.
  4. However, two major characters will indeed kick the bucket. King might have dreaded the idea of calling Allen to tell him his character is dead, but she did have to make that call to at least two — and possibly three! — cast members who play popular characters that get killed off in 7B. 
  5. A.D. is definitely not who you think it is. Tyler Blackburn claims about A.D., “You’ve never met them.” Say what?! He then clarifies, “You kind of have. When you see it, you’ll understand what I’m saying.”
  6. Wedding bells for Haleb? There will definitely be two weddings in 7B — one happens earlier in the season, and the other takes place during the finale. Benson says that Haleb will “100 percent” have a happy ending at the end of the series.
  7. Emison forever — right? Shay Mitchell (Emily) admits that it “would be satisfying” for Em and Alison to end up together, but she also thinks it would be fine if her character remained single.
  8. Say goodbye to Ms. Nice Mona. “She will definitely be in the thick of things — she’s going to try to help the Liars figure out what’s going on and solve the puzzle of who is A.D.,“ the actress says of her character. "You might see a little of darker Mona come back.”
  9. Ezria will always be Ezria. Ian Harding (Ezra) says that the pair will have a “rocky road” in 7B, but he also reveals that his character and Aria (Lucy Hale) will be getting quite hot and bothered at some point. He says of one upcoming 7B scene, “It will be the sexiest in history. I read it, and I was like, ‘Are we on HBO?’ But no, we’re on Freeform, also known as Freebase.” He adds that the same episode has a particularly gory scene, and when he read it, he thought, “There’s no way that’ll pass because it’s so bloody.”
  10. That finale will give you what you want. Except when it doesn’t. King is confident that the finale will give you what you want — but not necessarily what you think you want. “I’ve realized with the Mona reveal and the Toby surprise and the Charlotte reveal, there’s this fine line — hopefully I’ve learned from all of those — but there’s a fine line of people wanting to be surprised, yet not totally, completely surprised,” the producer tells Us.“They want to be a little bit right,” King continues about the show’s fans. “Somebody said recently, 'You always do the twist on the twist — that’s what makes your show different.’ This one has, I think, the biggest twist-on-the-twist we’ve ever done.”
Shadowhunter 2X10 BEST EPISODE YET <3


1. MALEC SAID I LOVE YOU (proving they just keep getting better and better)

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2. Made Asexual Raphael a canon

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3. THEY END THE CLACE INCEST STORYLINE IN THE FIRST HALF OF S2 (so you know how happy I am cause with the books we didn’t find out till book 3 do you how frustrating it and bad you feel thinking you ship siblings)

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4. Izzy finally came to her senses and kick ass helping her brother

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5. Last but not least Simon Lewis is finally a DAYLIGHTER I have waited for this all season one of my favourite thing from the book come to life

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Now I’m gonna rewatch both season over and over till Monday June 5th for Season 2B to start and then we get Sebastian, the Seelie Queen (Hopefully the Court scene with the Clace kiss), Hopefully we might get to see a little Sizzy (Just a little please) and Lots, lots and lots more Malec.

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Plots of winter anime 2017:

KonoSuba 2:

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Second season of sarcastic human trash-bag getting stuck in RPG-world while baby-sitting narcissistic, exhibitionistic (self-proclaimed?) water-goddess who attracts trouble in all kinds of forms, an eccentric pyromaniac with a one word catch-phrase and a noblewoman turned masochistic crusader.


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4th or possibly 8th season of silverhaired, dead-eyed samurai with sugar addiction who starts an odd-jobs and hires a pair of glasses and a Chinese red-head from outer space…


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Bread-loving and chain-smoking blonde is somehow involved in a political plot while also being stalked by his photographer best friend who loves chocolate and is most probably in love with him.

Dragon Maid:

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Laid back chick makes drunken promise and is visited by magical dragon/cute maid. They become soul-mates and adopt fluffy dragon who’s also an adorable, bug-eating little girl who tried to f*** her classmate once… There’s also this other dragon/demon with heterochromiadic eyes and gag boobs who sexually harasses a 9 year old boy… and another dragon/demon/butler turned otaku who moves in with a human otaku and they live happily ever after. The end.

All out!!!:

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Tiny dude gets roped into playing rugby with a bunch of 35-year old-looking actually 16-18 year olds while befriending a huge, blond meek kid.

Youjo Senki:

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Modern day asshole gets pushed in front of train by dude who hates him, has an argument with a religious entity, and is reborn as a magical girl in not-Europe during not-WW2.

Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu 2:

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Second season of story stand-up-comedy - while sitting and not always making you laugh!

Blue Exorcist Kyoto Saga:

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Not really second season but more of a retelling of the last half of the first season but it’s still 15-year old child of satan trying to kill satan with the help of his megane younger twin brother who’s also his teacher/baby-sitter, their mutual love-interest who’s an air-head and loves flowers, those three guys from Kyoto and fox tamer/tiny eyebrows tsundere-girl.

Interview with Monster Girls:

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Bulky dude who’s apparently a biology teacher conducts interviews with super-natural beings, who exists but are really rare, but still no one seems to give them a second glance.

Sengoku Choujuu Giga:

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Historical Japanese figures portrayed as various animals in stories based on most probably not historical facts.

Tales of Zesitira the x 2:

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Second season of visually interesting but otherwise boring anime about dude and his life partner going out to fight the evil of the world which is conveniently manifested in the form of dragons, dementors and bronze-colored smoke. They’re helped by a sassy kid with an umbrella, exposition fire-lady, pacifistic princess in tiny shorts and red head with more personality than everyone combined.

3-gatsu no lion:

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17-year-old professional shogi player and his wacky adventures feat. emotionally supportive infant, shogi-players, the best teacher ever and a mean evil stepsister.

Gundam IBO 2:

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Second season of characters dying and ships sinking.

Little witch academia:

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Trouble-making muggle girl with no chill and a celebrity crush enrolls in school for witches where she befriends a Twilight-fan and mushroom addict.

Black History Month Spotlight: The K-Music Edition!

Here’s a list of some not-so-well-known Black musicians in Kmusic that you should show some love to all the time but especially this Black History Month!


Korean and Black rapper Maniac is known for being part of multiple legendary korean hip-hop groups/crews. He was a member of the Jiggy Fellaz crew from 2007 to 2009. Then in 2010, he joined the group Uptown. After leaving Uptown, Maniac then formed another group with fellow group mate Snacky Chan called New Dynasty. Maniac recently returned in 2016 with a track called “K.O. Like Tyson” featuring Owen Ovados.

Black Moss

Black Moss is one half of the Seoul, South Korea based duo, Part Time Cooks. Moss, originally from Durban, South Africa, has been gaining much attention in the Khiphop scene along with his group mate Saul Goode. The group plans to do much more in 2017 so be on the look out.

Lee Michelle

Lee Michelle is a Korean and Black singer who first made herself known when she auditioned for Kpop Star season 1 in 2011. Since then Michelle has collected numerous different accolades. After Kpop Star, it was reported she signed with Yg Entertainment. Unfortunately, the plans to debut her in a girl group fell through and she left. Later she returned under DIMA Entertainment where she successfuly debuted as a solo artist with her mini album, I Can Sing. Recently, she came to attention again as she went on Hip Hop Tribe 2 where her powerful and self written rap got popular enough to get released as a single. After gaining attention from the show, she was casted in an upcoming musical.

Shoma’s Quadruple 2017+Plus Interview

Interview conducted in January 2017, published in Quadruple 2017+Plus magazine in February 2017.

“A 19 Year-Old’s Ideal and Pride”

A new era of men’s singles skating has arrived—the competition heats to astronomical levels as the amount and type of quadruple jumps swells.
Uno Shoma has not changed his stance on wanting to be competitive in artistry—continuing to devote himself fully in that area.
With his perseverance as a source of strength, this 19 year-old is carving his own path.
Working towards his ideal level of skating—this national champion is always giving his all.

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us: they’re filming a party scene!! it’s probably noora’s birthday on april 6th and we’ll get season 4 super soon!

the skam team: *is actually shooting the party for even’s graduation. that is the first clip in the season. the rest of the season we follow sana and even as they go for a hike in the norwegian mountains (no one else could come because they got salmonella from the beer at even’s graduation party). they lose the map and get lost, get chased by a bear for a good 2 and a half weeks, sana uses her biology skills and dissects a frog to get to the nutritious liver. even befriends a sparrow for one week until it betrays them by telling them it voted for sweden in this year’s eurovision. they get bored and build a snowman on a glacier and murder it by pushing it down a huge glacier crack. sometimes they bet on if midday has passed or not and sana is always right for some reason. finally after 11 weeks (including the hiatus week when even and sana fought and stopped talking because they both wanted the last chocolate bar) they find a rail track and follow it to the closest station and go to oslo. this trip has changed their lives forever. (wow I can’t wait for this season now tbh i’m so stoked!)*

anonymous asked:

So what happened after eva and noora when s1 and s2 went hiatus? If udont mind telling me?

Okay so eva’s last clip before her hiatus was the one after the halloween party. You know the one where she comes back and talks to Jonas and he finally tells her the truth about doing marijuana and not cheating on her right after Eva just cheated on him…yikes 

so yeah then Hiatus which was 10 days

when we come back to Eva, the first clip we get is the one where the girls mention Chris hooking up with someone and then Jonas comes over and Eva kisses him in front of everyone which is super awkward 

and then we begin the second half of the season which is about her being guilty instead of suspecting Jonas, and then she gets bullied and it all ends up leading her to realise that she needs to find out who she is as an individual away from Jonas and everything else and she helps the girls realise they should love each other, not beat each other down. <3 love that season tbh (and check out my baby snake in that pic, look at him all dressed in his beanies and red scarf and adorable white jumper ahhh he is so soft and -) whoops sorry ignore that

anyway then we got Noora

her hiatus began right after her and Williams first kiss and ended with Vilde watching it. 

unlike the others her hiatus went for 17 days 

the first clip we get after is Noora waking up next to William and then going into the kitchen to meet his bro Niko (or is it nico? meh idc he is yucky) 

anyway we all know that this is the beginning of Noora’s real major storyline of the season. Like they literally introduced her next stuggle in this clip like hi my name is nico and i’m gonna be your horrible storyline for the next half of the season nice to meet you. 

(i know you asked for noora and eva but i’m gonna add my s3&s4 babies to complete this <3) 

So the clip before Isak’s hiatus was the earth shattering clip where Isak sees Even kissing Sonja and then it ended…well it ended like this

(friendly reminder that Isak and Even are currently wrapped in each others arms safe and sound I apologise for this vivid flashback) 

his hiatus was also ten days like Eva

first clip we get back? 

Isak going back to school after avoiding everyone and being sad during the ten day hiatus (like me…i relate to this boy too much tbh) and then facing his boy and Emma and then Jonas!

this clip also represented the next half of Isak’s season as Even stares at him clearly in longing and conflict with himself which is a major part of their next struggle (him wanting to be with Isak but not being able to tell him the truth) and then we have Jonas telling Isak that he is here for him if he needs to talk, indicating that Isak’s season will now be about learning that it’s okay to need support and to feel whatever he (and EVEN) feels and to finally accept who he is and talk to his bro with brows about it. 

Now we have our angel Sana, the clip ending much like…well like Isaks 

just like Isak she is kinda isolated from her friends. more their doing than hers though, she can’t trust them and feels like they don’t understand her or really care to. :( she also would be feeling mad and sad and conflicted with her brother too because of what she just saw happen between him and boy squad…and she wouldn’t be reaching out to Isak and discussing biology with her favourite snake bro because she feels guilty for what happened. she is alone for this hiatus. Like Isak. (but she has her mum! yay) so don’t worry our girl will be loved and fed during these ten days without her. 

but yeah I think as you can see her next clip will probably (and hopefully) indicate the beginning of the next half of her story. the important part. Here we gooooooo… when it comes out lets get our analysing goggles ready <3 

Barry may claim that he proposed out of fear only, but even he knows that’s not true! If it was just out of fear, why tear up like this after hearing Iris say she wants to be his wife? He wanted that. Why cry when you realised that she took off the ring? 

It’s something he has thought about from season one when he first found out they are married. He thought about it again after Earth 2, and throughout season two, Barry said he occasionally checked the news article, meaning he was invested in their future where they are married. He may have proposed half out of fear, but the other half was because he’s been wanting to marry her for a long time. To try and pin that all on his fear is disregarding a lot of his history. Yes, it’s part out of fear, but he also wants that future with her, because he loves her, and he’s lying to her and himself if he says it was all out of fear. 

S/C Fic

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Inspired by this bit from The Making of Outlander

Sam Heughan as James Alexander Malcom MacKenzie Fraser (continued)

The men then would not talk about their feelings,” he chuckles. “Life at that point was very dangerous and very short. He had to look out for himself, protect himself, and I think that initial [distance] is where it stems from.”

Aside from his relationship with Claire, Jamie’s actions in season one are largely driven by his interactions with Black Jack Randall. That first season outlines their violent history and then brings them together once more for a horrific dark passage of the soul in Wentworth Prison.

“I remember building up to it, thinking, Can I do this?” he says. “As an actor, you’re not even sure if you can go there or if it scares you to go there.”

It took about a week and a half to film the torture sequence. “With all the prosthetics and makeup involved, we were doing four hours of prosthetics in the morning before shooting,” he explains. “I’m coming in at four A.M., and then, obviously, a couple of hours at night to take it off. And then in between takes, I couldn’t just go off on my own to sit and relax. I would have to go into the makeup room and get all of the back prosthetics touched up. There’s no break in that. They were long, long days,” he remembers.

“In the evening, there was the process of taking off all the makeup and prosthetics and having a shower,” he recalls. “That was kind of the way to release it all and get rid of it. Everyone would leave the studio and I would stay there and do a quick workout in the gym, just to do something. I was staying in a little bed-and-breakfast right next door to the studio because we were in so early in the morning, so I was living this strange little life. I think that helped, living in this little bubble. It felt very much like being in this prison cell and that was my little world for that week and a half.

“In the real darkness of it, in between takes of some pretty heady stuff, I do remember [director] Anna Foerster coming up to me and saying, ‘Let it go now. Just go and relax. We got it.’ That was such a relief when it was over,” he says. Heughan says he’s grateful to get the opportunity to play such intense content.

“When you’re dealing with such big, emotional darkness, it’s great to be able to take yourself there. In TV, you don’t always get to do that, so it’s nice to be given the opportunity to really stretch yourself.”

Excerpt From: Tara Bennett & Diana Gabaldon. “The Making of Outlander: The Series.”

Quiet Madness

It was a quiet chaos that he needed. The need to descend into complete madness to be there. I was a part of something good, he said. I was the light, and he needed the dark to be the person he needed to be…


His muscles flexed, the strength shooting out of him like a bullet. Another blow. Another shot to the bag. Another wretched feeling thrown to the wall, beaten and cursed like his body felt. He struck again, this time falling into the bag, begging for it to hit back. Fucking hit back, he cried, his arms circling the black leather, his taped fingers clutching at the smooth texture, nails digging in.

He dropped to his knees, elbows on his thighs as his clenched fists cradled his temples. He had no more to give tonight, but too much taken away.

I wanted to go to him, then. Wanted him to beat me. Wanted his bloody fists bruising my breasts, his fingers tight around my legs as he begged forgiveness. I would give it to him, if it meant he would find peace.

I stayed away, though. Stayed back, in the shadows, far from the anger of the fluorescent beacon of the gym. It wasn’t time, yet. He needed to beat himself up. Needed to take the energy of the day and bring it to its knees. But it always brought him down first. Each night he would tie a noose around his anguish of the day, fully intent on watching it dance, choking slowly, before swaying its stench of rotting flesh in the breeze as death finally stole it away. Each night I watched him fail that goal, the anguish stealing his body, sucking the life out of the man I love.

He would be back. Sam would come home. Sam would be proud that he went where Jamie needed to go.

He asked me to stay away. We had spoken but a few times during the day. As the morning glow of dawn would cross my bedroom floor, I would stretch out the kinks of sleep in my bed. I’d turn to find a message waiting for me on my phone. Each day, I’d snap the phone from my bedside table, open the harsh light to my sleepy eyes, and read a simple message. He was okay. Tired. Missing me. But okay. I would sigh and fall back into my bed. Our bed. I’d run my hand along the empty space where he would lay, his smell still lingering in the sheets.

As the day wore on, I’d get maybe a message near noon, then nothing. The day would break him down. The scenes would open his chest, pluck another piece of his soul, then bind him back together with a rusty needle and wire for thread.

We had fought so much the week prior. He had told me his plans and I had fought him.  Promised him that I would be there for him each evening, but he turned a cheek. I had to watch him leave. I wasn’t allowed to visit him. After our scenes together with Tobias, I had been broken. I hadn’t been strong enough to bear his pain, the way he did mine. Sam had taken me aside afterward, held me. I should have been holding him.

I cinched my coat tighter as we left the gym. I kept a good pace behind him, but stalked him like prey. If his stride hastened, mine did as well. When he slowed, I all but stopped. Whether he sensed me, I do not know, but each time he looked behind, the glow of his face breaking through the dark rain-filled night, I ducked into the very shadows he had been living in.

I curled my side against the brick wall in the alley of the B&B he had been staying at. Closing my eyes, I raised my face to the sky, the rain washing away all sorrow I felt in his absence.

I hadn’t planned this. Hadn’t wanted any part of being in a relationship. Scotland was supposed to be a break from that life. A chance to focus solely on my career. But there I was, just a few short months ago, enjoying a beautiful and rare sunny day with my co-star and suddenly he laughed at something he had said. A story he had been telling me, that I cannot even recall, and quite unexpectedly, my heart staggered, tripped, and fell squarely into his strong hands.

He never gave it back.

I tucked Sam’s smile away, safe in my memory, for another time, and stepped into the B&B. No one was out front, so I headed up the stairs. I waited by his door, my heart racing, my thoughts flying from one thought to the another.

Would he want me here? No. He asked me to stay away. Would he throw me out? I don’t think he had the strength. Nor I, if asked, to walk away.

I tried the door, it wasn’t locked. I opened it, walking in a few steps. Light from the street cast a ghostly shadow across the floor. He hadn’t closed the drapes, and I could see his half-naked form curled on his side, facing the door, on the bed. The dark linen sheets rested comfortably across his hips.

His eyes were open to the door. His dark, quiet, stare shocked me inside. He lay motionless, barely a rise of his chest could be seen. I undressed before him, leaving my wet clothes to gather on the floor, while a puddle quickly formed around them.

Sam moved his form back, giving me room on the bed. I sat near his hip, watching his face. I remember taking his hand from its resting place, my lips falling to the battered knuckles. I closed my eyes, bathing the cuts in my comfort. I kissed each knuckle, rubbing it across my cheek, feeling his body against mine. When I opened my eyes, I saw sadness in his.

Could he not leave Jamie be, tonight? Could he not guide himself back to the light?

I took each finger in my mouth, sucking gently, like a gluttoned newborn. The fever of starvation gone, or, at the very least, at bay, and just savouring the warmth of another body. I watched his breathing increase faintly. Just a hint of arousal in his breath, but I would set that aside for now.

When I finished with one hand, I took the other. Sam rolled on his back, as I positioned myself fully on the bed. I made love to his fingers. They were strong like him, but showed the signs of battle that needed time to heal. Time to feel loved, before they were sent to fight another day.

With the bathing complete, I pulled both of his hands to my lips, kissing each knuckle once more, before resting them on his chest.

“Turn over.”

My words spliced through the night, like a wolf cry in the wood, piercing the soul. He remained quiet. Still. Not wholly understanding the words for a moment. Slowly, he turned on his stomach, his bare back exposed to the air. I tugged the sheets down a bit and straddled his thighs. I lowered my naked body down to his back, resting my cheek against his shoulder-blade, the hard muscles, like iron, under my skin.

I listened to his breathing, waiting for our hearts to join in union. To beat the same beat. I could feel him settle beneath me, and I raised myself, my fingers tracing his back, where marks from the prosthesis had been. I gently laid a kiss along each muscle, across each crease of skin, and into each valley along his back.

His body is mighty and he pushes it hard, as he does with his mind. He craves knowledge and strives for excellence. I come alive when he’s inside my body, like he’s passing me all this joy and child wonder through his skin to mine. The most adult of acts, the most carnal of desires we express and demand of each other, almost seem childlike with him. There’s an innocence to his guilty pleasures.

And I feel alive when he’s in my mind. I can see him standing on mountain tops, waving with a wide smile plastered across his face. I can see the sadness in him when I leave him, and the proud father that beams out of him when he holds Eddie.  He’s in damn near every thought I call my own and I often wonder if it’s the same for him. But I know it is. And sometimes I hate it, and most times I love it until it hurts. Until I feel terrified that it will leave someday.

My kisses turn from sweet and tender, to passionate, as I crawl into his skin, needing his feel across my face. His taste is salty under my skin. Salt with a little mix of soap. I can’t quite smell him yet and I scrape his back gently, with my nails, eager for his arousal to bring forth the heady scent of him at his finest.

I try to push my sexual desires aside. I want to care for him. But Sam stirs beneath me, and I raise myself, so he can roll over on his back. His cock, hard and ready, rests against my ass. No. Not yet. I kiss his chest, my tongue taking a languid stroll across his nipples and through his chest hair. I feel his hands fall loosely across my back, tracing my skin, reminding himself of the touch and feel of a woman. The touch and feel of a woman that loves him.

I lay my body down, his cock trapped between us, the wetness of my centre, coating it in liquid sex. He doesn’t enter me, but we rock slowly together. I try to kiss him, but he turns away, burying his face in my hair. I can feel his chest constrict as he weeps quietly into my hair. I stop my movements, concern beating desire, but he holds my head in his hands, watching my eyes.

“No,” he says quietly, “don’t stop. Please don’t stop.”

He releases my head, turning into my hair once more as I begin to move in time with him. Our bodies are wet with desire. Anguish and sorrow make the strangest of bedfellows with passion. I want him inside me, filling me with all he has to give. But tonight, that is more then he can give, so I just move with him.

Our bodies speed up, and I can feel my cheek wet with his tears. I take his hand, kissing his bruised knuckles once more, while his other hand clutches my back, holding onto me for dear life. When we climax, we do it through kisses and tears, sadness and joy, our bodies soaked from our release and the strive to get there. My name, my full name – Caitriona – falls from his lips, but drowns in my hair, as we float back down into our bodies.

It’s quiet now. No sounds, but his soft breathing, sleep dragging him under.

Sam slept in my arms that night, but his body never rested. Even in sleep, his hands gripped me, fearing I would fall away.

I never will.

I can’t live without my heart. And he won’t give it back.

Floriana Lima

Ok here we go. Like us all i am disappointed, very. However, i think we should try and take some positives out of this.

First of all, don’t tweet abuse at Floriana, don’t leave hate on her instagram because that would literally make her not ever want to come back less.

I am also happy for Floriana because it means she has been recognised as an actress and that is wonderful.

I know how you all feel, you have had this as your main like lesbian story and its the first thing you have related to. L word was that for me and it got Axed far too early and it just ruined me so i understand completely where you are all coming from. 

I am trying to see the positives from this, you are probably all not going to like this post but here we go:

Floriana Points:

Main point one - Floriana hasn’t left, she’s decided to go and do another project - from what i know in the film/tv world, this screams, i have been given a big film opportunity i can’t turn down and i need to take some time out of doing the tv show to do this. This could mean that she could be gone for the first half of the season and maybe come back for the end of the season. 

Two - Floriana is like closing on 40, now when you get to 38/39 in film a lot of actresses think, well i’ve done a lot of tv work now, if something comes up i need to take it. Which seems the case in Floriana. She also hasn’t like ever done a really long TV role. It doesn’t mean it will work out, not that i am being a downer on it, but sometimes you take those risks, thats the film world. 

Main points for Supergirl itself. 

One- The last season was EXTREMELY relationship heavy and the one thing i do miss and i am sure everyone misses is the fact most people were single and they were actually getting superhero work done. Maybe this will allow more of that to happen next season. People have said that it is one thing Supergirl has lacked a lot this year is the villains, dealing with aliens, the whole ok we had the Cadmus storyline and then hang on wait…what!? then on wait Lillian is back without Jeremiah in the finale. I think for storyline development it will allow the writers to focus more on opening that up. I do think season 2 has lacked storyline development in the sacrifice of relationships and as much as i adore Sanvers, I am hoping we will get more of this.

Two - We have missed the Danvers sisters this season and maybe we can have that back which i can’t see as a bad thing because people praised that highly in season 1. It was completely and utterly the heart of the show and maybe we will get this back in season 3. 

Three - Andrew hasn’t stated how long she’s bowing out for and like i said, it could be a film opportunity has come back and Maggie will be back in it. it also means like Cat Grant she could go away to do something good - for me the biggest thing for me is that she could accept Alex’s proposal but then say to her. Look Alex, before i do this, i have to resolve the whole deal with my parents because deep down, i want them to know you and she could come back and open her storyline up that way.

Hey i may be clutching at straws but as someone who knows people who work in film and such i am trying to see the positives for it. Maybe actors do this and come back. I think Floriana and know she loves working on this show and knows the fans will be disappointed and i don’t think she won’t ever come back. 

Cabin Pressure

Every time I have to take a plane I bring with me a few Cabin Pressure episodes for the ride. It’s become a tradition. And as I’ll be catching a flight in a few hours, let’s talk about this wonderful radio series!

So, Cabin Pressure is one of the most celebrated radio sitcoms ever. Written and created by John Finnemore, directed and produced by David Tyler. It was first broadcasted on BBC Radio 4 and every now and then you can catch some episodes on BBC Radio 4 Extra. Also, you can download episodes through iTunes and a few other podcast apps.  A couple years ago I got the Complete CD Collection as a Christmas present and, if you still use CDs, it’s totally worth it.

Here are the reasons:

  • Humor – To be honest I’m not a huge fan of sitcoms. I get bored easily and I cringe at too much silliness and absurdity. In Cabin Pressure there’s a lot of both, but somehow it doesn’t feel forced. Is like… when you have never seen anything from Monthy Python and you start watching the Holy Grail. An important part in the “fresh humor” feeling is that the four main characters evolve through the series (some more than others). And as they change and their interactions change, jokes adapt. The conflicts addressed and its resolution feel natural. Also, the cabin calls and all of the word games. ALL OF THEM. And the iconic travelling lemon.
  • The dynamics between the characters – The four main characters are the two pilots, the owner and the son (and flight attendant) of a very small charter airline based at Fitton. Namely, a naïve perfectionist Captain Martin Criff, a seasoned and smooth First Officer Douglas Richardson, a very bossy Carolyn Knapp-Shappey and a very… brilliant Arthur Shappey.
  • The acting – The main characters are voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch as Martin, Roger Allam as Douglas, Stephanie Cole as Carolyn and John Finnemore as Arthur. Other characters voiced by Timothy West, Matilda Ziegler, Geoffrey Whitehead or Anthony Head. I fell completely in love with Roger Allam here.

There are 26 half an hour episodes (the last one a two-parter) spanning all the letters from A (Abu Dhabi) to Z (Zurich), in a way, reflecting Martin’s journey. The original broadcast wasn’t exactly in alphabetical order but that was the intended order, so I’d recommend you to keep it (It’s not very important to stick to the order in the first season, but the later episodes will make more sense if you do so).

Where to start then? Well, Abu Dhabi is the intended start but if you find it too silly, I’d recommend you to give a second try to Douz or Gdansk.

And finally, my favorite episodes that will keep me company on the plane behind the cut (spoilery!)

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YES! Can’t wait to see little Todo soon. I just loved the first half of this episode so much. I loved the conversation between Todo and Deku. I loved how Deku was analyzing him. I loved how Kacchan heard the whole thing. There was so much Todo-volution in this episode.

We got a bit of backstory!!!! 

(haha get it? BACK story…..yeah okay I’ll go)

Nice TodoDeku shots

This L’Oreal shot

And my favorite part of this whole series! 

Look how flustered Deku looks! I can’t wait for more Todo stuff (ahemTodoVSBakugouahem) this season. I’m really enjoying it.

Anywho, here are the Todo pics from season 2 thus far:

Ep 18 Part One and Part Two, Ep 17, EP 16 Part One and Part Two, Ep 15 Part One and Part Two, Ep 14

And here are the ones from season 1:

Ep 13, Ep 12,  Ep 11, Ep 10, Ep 9, Ep 8, Ep 7, Ep 6, Ep 5

anonymous asked:

What are the top 5 podcasts you recommend?

Oooooh, anon, that is a difficult question, because I listen to so many, and would also recommend different ones if you like different genres.

Oh, but first, I’m not gonna rec Welcome to Night Vale (or anything from Night Vale Presents), mostly because it’s on virtually every podcast rec list, and if you’re asking for more podcasts, you’re probably already in the process of listening to it, or have already done so.

(The recs are under the cut, bc I love podcasts too much and went a little crazy with the descriptions and why I recommend them)

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“Rule 1) Bonnie isn’t allowed to be happy for too long.”

Oh so you treat Bonnie differently to the other girls like Bamon fans have been saying since 2009? Gotcha

Since I didn’t see this in the tag I want to make it clear once again that JP had no intention of making Bonnie happy. They’ve hated her character for very obvious reasons from day one. Her canon material and love interests have gone to other people. She’s had less screentime than most guest stars including Enzo. The list goes on.

So as someone who has been here since the first episode and who has seen this done to like 50 black girls on TV… I know when they are making a fool out of her or not. This was always my issue with Enzo. He was a guest star they didn’t think was good enough for Caroline so they dropped him on Bonnie. And when their flirting was just him throwing insults at her unprovoked I knew what was happening. They highlighted him wanting Lily over her while he called her a pathetic groupie and her response was to bat her eyes at him. No red flags for anyone? Fine I guess. But he could have been nice to her instead??? She had literally done nothing to him to be talked to like that so why was it written that way? Ask yourself if he talked to Caroline or Lily like this and get back to me. So what’s different about Bonnie when we’ve seen him be nice to women he likes?

It was painfully clear to me they were working out a way to get her away from the male lead the same way they did with Jeremy. Who she was getting record low screen time with. Who they also made sure to have cheat on her. And by the way she’s still the only main girl to ever be cheated on in the serious but no way that’s personal. But anyway you get BE and like clockwork the first half of the season was full of Bonnie being isolated, and without magic, and far away from the A plot.  If no one understands that Enzo = Bon’s destruction as a character that’s fine. But there’s a reason they didn’t put him with Caroline and a reason Bon’s magic is conveniently back now that he’s gone and she’s friends with Damon again. In fact Bonnie never had magic around Enzo but that didn’t raise any flags either I guess.

She was never going to be great and powerful and happy with someone who could be killed off so easily. You want happiness pick someone whose 100% safe from that fate. And if Caroline Dries who openly dislikes Kat/Bonnie pens some story expect that it’s purpose is to dismantle her character. 

The Sleepy Hollow Tag Is On Fire LOL!

So I made a pot of tea and have been in the tag for the last hour reading as a form of relaxation. It is brill. LOLOL. Finally, the basically dead beast has been vanquished.

All the core actors from the first season deserves better, most especially our little cherubim, Nicole Beharie. Hope Tom cleaned their clock financially for the failure of a third. This was never his doing. FOX and the myopic production team fucked this up all by themselves.

It is nice that the voyage is over. It was over half way through S2. FOX, and its racism, fucked up so exceedingly badly on this one for a show they did not expect to succeed to begin with. It was a filler that shocker of shockers worked and then they decided to wreck the formula because they swore there was a more desireable, loud, intellectually barren audience they tried to appeal to. First clue? These were not the original fans who found something original, novel even to watch that defied the usual stereo types with an adorable, beautiful, talented pixie as the lead, whom happened to be an African American Woman. They decided to deny the chemistry, since it did not fit their agenda and then proceeded to screw themselves and the actors in question behind the scene once the original producers abandoned ship. THAT was the first issue. The core team that hired the lead, yes, that would be Nicole, went on to greener pastures and did virtually no oversight. So the dumb fuck contingent took over and tried to remake the show to their concept of what was right and that was the end…

I am so glad this discussion is done. I am so glad, the show can now be buried six feet under. Onward and upward for the cast and most especially, Ms. Beharie because she has always deserved better. Good luck, Tom. You did try and always knew better, but you are just talent. It is what it is.

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Why Iris matters to me

There’s a reason Iris and Westallen are so important to me. As a Black girl, I will naturally gravitate to the person who represents me on-screen. I like seeing Black women get more visibility, more room to play different kinds of roles, and in fact, shine in central roles instead of being in the periphery. I am nearly 30 years old and it’s only in the last decade that TV seems to have woken up and realized that Black women can be leads, can be love interests who are cared for and adored, can be both action heroes and soft and feminine, can be independent and vulnerable at the same time.

Before Iris, there were two Black female leads I absolutely loved but who didn’t always get the love and respect they deserved from fans or even the show. Joss Carter (Taraji P. Henson), and Lacey Porter (Kylie Bunbury).

Detective Joss Carter, Person of Interest (CBS)

To me, it seemed pretty obvious that Carter, an attractive older woman would be a natural love interest for the lead character, John Reese. They had great chemistry together, and their interactions would range from the downright hilarious to the deep, solemn and intimate – and this was all as friends. On any other show featuring an exasperated detective working with an unorthodox man in a suit, these two would have been clear endgame (Mentalist, Castle, Lucifer), but POI producers claimed that romance didn’t really fit this kind of show. I took that at face value, even as lost romances drove both the male leads in the show. A ship featuring the two men sprang up, and I saw that phenomenon in action (slash shipping as a way of circumventing the black female lead). But for the most part, the two shipping fandoms actually coexisted peacefully.

So the show kept teasing, kept having them flirt, kept having this thing dance right to the edge of romance, without ever going there. Jim Caviezel, though, definitely played his character Reese, as if he was in love with Carter. To the point that he initiated an unscripted kiss in one of their final scenes together. Some parts of the TV audience exploded with indignance: where the heck did that kiss come from??, they bellowed. They had never seen anything remotely romantic between the two characters ever. Either they had been blind, or they had simply never wanted to see it. This, like Sleepy Hollow, also suffered from the “Can’t men and women just be friends? They are my brotp. So tired of romance in every show.” complaints.

Only after Carter died did they explicitly refer to her as someone John Reese was in love with. Another lost love to add to his angst. If only he had not been so hesitant (he, or you POI writers?). And only after Carter died did the show seemingly change its mind about romance, having a full-blown romance between two of the main female leads. But hey, that’s none of my business.

Let me say though, that Carter was very well written during her tenure on the show. I grew to like her more and more over the seasons. I started off pretty ambivalent, but Taraji won me over. Even her relationship with Reese, defined only as “whatever this is” was a joy to watch. She was an important member of the team, with relationships with all the other team members, plus her own nemesis later (not a whole lot of her home life but still). But even though POI was brave and innovative in other ways, it always seemed a bit too scared to go there with Carter and Reese. Her death was an ignominious end to a fantastic character, was done just for shock value, and turned a good number of fans off the show for good. Also, the show had always been a hybrid sci-fi/police procedural but losing Carter upset that balance, and the sci-fi aspects became more prevalent, alienating other viewers. The show’s ratings never recovered.

Lacey Porter, Twisted (ABC Family)

Lacey Porter was a lot like Veronica Lodge in Riverdale: a spoiled princess with a huge heart and a complicated home life. She was a third of Twisted’s main trio of erstwhile friends, which also included reformed juvenile killer, Danny Desai (Avan Jogia), and earnest loner, Jo (Maddie Hassen). The show was supposed to join Pretty Little Liars as an ABC family guilty pleasure. But inconsistent storytelling (they got a new writing team between the first and second halves of season one, leading to a significant drop in quality) was it’s main downfall.

The first half of the season did get a couple of things right. The suspense was there - did Danny really murder his Aunt as a child, or was he covering up for someone? And what about the fact that a girl died just as he got out of juvie and slinked back in town? It was great. The other stroke of genius? Danny and Lacey. Danny had Barry Allen levels of thirst when he saw Lacey again for the first time in 5 years. Like he drank her in every single time he saw her (btw, in real life this can be creepy as heck, but on TV, well).
Anyway, the two actors had amazing chemistry, and fell in love head first, with Lacey moving from suspicion and wariness to total conviction that Danny was innocent.

In the second half of the season, the new writers broke Danny and Lacey up, and #PoorJo’s unrequited crush on Danny was finally… requited. “It’s always been you.” He says to her, which made little to no sense. Danny and Lacey had heat. Danny and Jo reminded me of custard.

The show threw away one of its strongest assets. An overall mess of a second half spelled doom for the show and it was gone with a whimper. But for a while, Twisted had given us an interracial relationship featuring two POC, and given it time and attention. Kylie made Lacey as lovable as Camila makes Veronica, but unlike Veronica, we didn’t get to see her home life very often either. We had an entire episode about her family that took place at her younger sister’s birthday party. And the show didn’t even bother to cast a girl to play the sister. Lol. I mean, come on. Try. In contrast, we saw Danny and Jo’s home lives in every episode.

Iris West, The Flash (CW)

Now back to Iris. The difference between these shows and the Flash, is that the latter has been clear from Day One, that Iris is the love of Barry’s life. Unlike POI, they actually took the plunge, and unlike Twisted, they have stayed consistent throughout about their endgame. You can’t know what it means to see this woman be earnestly and wholeheartedly loved like this, by a superhero. She’s the Lois to his Superman, and it’s not a role I had ever ever imagined I would see a Black woman in.

It’s not surprising that there are haters. There was a predictable whitelash. Iris, like many Black and female characters, was under increased scrutiny at every turn, and many times criticism turned into vitriol. And although crackshipping is all over the show (Cisco x Peekaboo ♡), only SB was insidious enough to replace Iris in her own narrative with the closest white girl.The ship was crowned before anyone had seen the GG and DP act opposite each other, on the show or even in the first trailer. But it was formed after Candice Patton was cast as Iris. It pained me to think that there were people who were so repulsed by this beautiful Black woman that they would make up a ship with literally nothing to go on and then make so much noise about it, that people began to think it was real. I sometimes see posts saying that they ship SB out of love for them, and not hate for Iris. Some joined the Flash fandom years after the premiere and can claim ignorance. But, regardless of whenever they joined, the beginnings of the ship were rooted in anti-black racism, and I don’t think 3 years has been enough to actually distance it from that. I’m a fan of live and let live because there will always be a diversity of opinions, but we can’t be disingenuous while we are at it.

Now, the writing on this show is nowhere near POI quality, and I have said a lot in other posts. The only thing I will point our here is that in Season 1, because Iris didn’t know The Flash’s identity, the writers had to construct an entire world just for her (CCPN). That season, we saw journalism progress from a class project, into a hobby, into a genuine interest and then flower into a passion. Without CCPN, Iris would barely have been in the show since it mostly took place in STAR Labs, and the Police station.

Since then, it seems that because Iris is in the know, the writers aren’t working as hard to build her own world around her, which is sad. I’m glad she is more visible, and I am glad that she and Barry have the romance to end all romances (he proposed twice!!!), but I hope that the writers will remember next season that Iris’ career matters too. It’s part of that representation that we value so much. Who are the major black journalists on scripted TV? I can’t think of any off the top of my head. There is still a lot of story to tell with respect to Iris’ professional and even social lives.

So, yes, I have experienced some fandom foolishness around Black women. I have seen writers give their Black female characters half-baked story lines compared to some of their white counterparts. I have seen shows underestimate the draw of these Black women to their own detriment (looking at you, POI and Sleepy Hollow). Iris West, for all the shortcomings in her writing, sits in that TV Black Girl Hall of Fame, for being a demonstration that black girls can and should be adored, loved, uplifted and protected.

Watched Field Trip. Good shit. It’s a really good use of the hallucination conceit, because of how naturally it reveals things about the Mulder/Scully reasoning conflict that drives the whole show. Mulder and Scully get along because it’s not that he likes aliens and she likes science or he thinks of nonsense and she thinks of common sense, but because at the end of the day, neither of them care about being right because being right soothes their egos. 

Season 6 is all about taking it personally. The first half of season 6 leans hard into the Mulder/Scully romantic tension, while the second half explodes into anxiety about it. Mulder accusing Scully of arguing from emotion instead of reason. Mulder actually arguing from emotion instead of reason (probably convincing himself he’s entitled to because she’s made the first “offense”). The second half of season 6 pushes on this fear that one’s logic is unsound for emotional, uncontrollable animal reasons. “You can’t just will yourself out of a chemical hallucination,” as Mulder says in Field Trip (and hey, hormones are chemicals). Alpha has the overplayed jealousy stuff (and its emphasis on animal instinct). Milagro, a bit, with the fear that Scully’s sensibleness is in danger of being seduced away. 

If we go really meta (probably overreaching, maybe not), we could say that this anxiety is meant to parallel the storytelling anxiety about letting Mulder and Scully have romance. Season 6 teases them to the point of fanservice (in a very nicely done way, actually, but all the same), and the tease is the show sort of finally engaging with this question of okay, what are the actual consequences of letting them do this? Will we trust them less, as reasoners? We will trust the writers less, as storytellers? (Will the writers trust themselves less? Will they make decisions because they’re satisfying a hunger for romantic resolution rather than because they’re sensible?).

So Field Trip starts out with Mulder and Scully just a bit at odds. Mulder offended somewhat logically, somewhat personally, that somehow he hasn’t earned the benefit of Scully’s doubt (and Scully not giving him that doubt somewhat logically, somewhat personally). And then the plant tempts them. It offers each of them an ego-soothing truth that will keep them trapped within a false reality. Neither Mulder nor Scully gives in (like the virtuous heroes they are). But notice the way they don’t give in. They each figure that something’s wrong on their own, but it’s only when they’re together that they figure out what the actual truth is, whether that’s Scully realizing they’re being digested, or Mulder realizing that they’re still being digested. They’re stronger than their desire to prove the other wrong, or prove themselves right. And when they clasp hands at the end of the episode, it’s like they’re virtue has earned them the right to care about each other. In The Unnatural, Mulder and Scully resolve one kind of question, the question of whether they can in fact enjoy each other as people (the “getting out of the car” question). But Field Trip in many ways resolves the conceptual conflict of the season (is getting out of the car a betrayal?), and this makes it not just a good episode, but a pretty much perfect penultimate one.