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ID #11313

Name: Bambi
Age: 22
Country: Australia

I’m from Sydney and I’m coming to America for the month of August! I’ll be on my own and it would be great to have someone to hang out and keep in touch with. I’m going to NY, LA and HI so if you’re from there, great!
I love live music and exploring new places. I love to paint, sing, and play music. My favourite bands/artists are BØRNS, Manchester Orchestra, P!ATD, Cobra Starship, MIKA + Ryan Adams. I also like theatre, films and books. I love movies like Moon, The Departed, The Butterfly Effect, etc and my favourite books are The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Midnight Watch, and The Martian.
I’m Australian so naturally I love beaches and water. I thunk sea critters are awesome and I have an subtropical aquarium tank in my home. I also have two dingoes and three cats which is cool.
So yeah hmu!!

Preferences: 21+ would be preferable, but 18+ is okay too.