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My birthday is February 17th and I would love to read some daddy!Peeta. Thank you!

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Happiest of birthdays! We have a special treat for you, the incomparable @javistg has crafted a delicious bit of daddy!Peeta just for you! Enjoy!

Weekend Getaway: Family Time

AN: Happy Birthday!

This little piece belongs to the Weekend Getaway universe. But it’s not necessary to read that in order to follow this story. The only thing you need to know is that it’s an Age Gap!Everlark universe.

I want to thank the lovely @burkygirl for taking a look at my little piece before I posted it.

Rated F for fluff.

Hope you enjoy!

Weekend Getaway: Family Time

Katniss released the air from her lungs with a slow, lazy sigh.

Gentle sunbeams kissed her skin, warming her body and soothing her mind.

She stretched her legs, sluggishly trying to reach the end of her lawn chair with the tips of her toes. A moment later, her muscles went limp. Her mind went blank.

Relaxed and contented, she listened to the sound of playful waves crashing against the shore.

The happy melody of a girlish giggle broke through her thoughts.

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[Fic] Pay no worship to the garish sun [Dazatsu]

Title: Pay no worship to the garish sun
Dazai, a bored, restless god – tired of the mindless humans that pray to him, and is by now quite good at avoiding his duties and peers – wanders through the land and meets a human living all by himself in the dark woods.
Implied/mentioned sex.
Author’s note:
This is my gift for @magicalgirlmafu as a part of the Dazatsu Valentine Exchange 2017, I’m your secret valentine! I tried my best to squeeze in parts of your prompts and likes all over the place but I don’t know if I succeeded I hope you’ll like it, and Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Disclaimer: Title is a quote from William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, act three scene two.

[Contains Pining-and-sort-of-ridiculous-god!Dazai, Oblivious-human!Atsushi, I’m-tired-of-this-shit!Kunikida, Smoking-philosofer!Odasaku and I-ship-it!Yosano]

Dazai looks upon the tiny figures scurrying around down below, preparing food and decorations for tonight’s feast. He does not quite sneer, but the expression on his face is more unfavourable than pleased.

“I don’t understand the fondness you have for them.” Dazai says and roll over to lay on his back with his eyes closed. The eternal glow of the realm too bright.

He catches the sound of Odasaku’s faint chuckle, and finally relaxes against the buzzing stone beneath him. The familiar darkness and the absence of insignificant things – there is only he and Odasaku here now, Ango hadn’t been able to join them, being stuck in his ever-growing library – it made his day better.

“It’s not as much fondness as it is envy,” Odasaku answered, and when Dazai opened his eyes to look at him he absently stared down at the humans.

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La Fantasia de La Sirena (The Fantasy of the Mermaid) Pt. 2

It had been at least a week since he had last seen the lovely mermaid who had stolen his heart away in one breathtaking night together. Jungkook had been keeping track of the passing days by carving a mark into a tree trunk with a sharpened stick every time the sun rose in the morning.

The days passed slowly and the nights without Jimin were lonely and too quiet for Jungkook’s taste. He tried to busy himself with the daily routine of finding food, exploring the island, and gathering little shells and pieces of smooth glass that washed up on the shore.

After a few hours of wandering up and down the shoreline in the sun, he decided he was thirsty and started off down the path to the waterfall and freshwater pool he bathed in and drank from. His mind was on nothing in particular as he approached the clear water of the lagoon and knelt down by the edge to appease his dry throat.


Startled, Jungkook raised his wide eyes to the sparkling water in front of him. He expected to see a fish or maybe a bird bathing in the basin that the waterfall emptied itself into. What he saw made the air leave his lungs in a sharp gasp.


Jimin’s lithe form was swimming in his direction, his tail creating gentle ripples and waves in his wake.

“J-Jimin? Is it really you?” Hastily, Jungkook lowered himself into the water and waded closer to the merman, closing the distance between them easily.

Gracefully, the ethereal creature glided to a stop in front of the human boy and smiled sheepishly. His tail was swirling back and forth underwater to keep him above the surface, creating tiny currents that tickled Jungkook’s ankles.

You are just as magnificent as I remember. Where have you been?

Hesitantly, Jungkook reached out and caressed Jimin’s smooth cheek the way he had before the merman had disappeared. If he had found the other boy beautiful in the moonlight, he was absolutely radiant under the generous rays of sunshine. His skin was glowing with happiness and health, the scales of his tale reflecting the light even submerged.

“You…” Jimin echoed in his bell-like voice. He sounded relieved, as if he had been afraid that Jungkook wouldn’t be on the island still. The expression on his face shifted to something more mischievous and he splashed a bit of water at Jungkook with his tail.

“Hey, no splashing!” Jungkook protested as droplets of water hit his face and slid down his neck. It wasn’t like he actually minded the playful mood the other boy was in, though, he did wonder where the merman had been for so long. Returning the action, he tossed a handful of water at Jimin.

A soft squeal of surprise left the merman’s parted lips as he stared at Jungkook for a moment, his eyes dancing with fun.

Before Jungkook could even register what was happening, Jimin’s tail swept a wave of water over him, drenching his hair and causing it to drip in his eyes and down his face.

Oh, it’s war now.

With a yell of mock outrage, Jungkook started wading hastily toward the merman. He wasn’t sure what he was hoping to accomplish but he wasn’t going to let the other douse him and then get off without the same treatment. He would be lying if he said that playful Jimin wasn’t one of his favorite things on earth.

Widening his eyes almost comically, Jimin started swimming backwards, his tail working powerfully to propel him away from the dripping human. His eyes were glittering with amusement and anticipation as he kept a wary eye on Jungkook.

Once he was up to his waist in the cool water, Jungkook paused for a moment to see if the merman would also halt his movements. Sure enough, Jimin stopped swimming backwards with a curious look on his face, likely wondering why the chase had ended to anticlimactically.

Three… two… one…

Lunging forward, Jungkook caught the merman around his slender waist and hauled him against his broad chest, keeping a tight grip on his hips so he couldn’t wiggle away. A startled sound erupted from the petite orange haired boy as he squirmed and protested in his silvery language, his hands pushing at Jungkook’s solid chest.

Jimin’s body was warm and slick with water, the skin of his hips smooth to the touch until it melded into slippery scales. Jungkook realized that, though he had kissed the merman, he had never felt him this personally before.

“Jungkook!”  The merman squealed and thrashed wildly, the water on his skin making it hard to hold onto him. Jimin’s head was tossed back with laughter, his eyes dancing with fun as he struggled against his human friend.

Despite the writhing, giggling merman in his arms, Jungkook managed to keep his grip. He marveled to himself at how right it felt to hold Jimin so intimately though they were playing a game. He must have lost himself in thought for a minute too long because the fairytale creature suddenly went still in his arms.

Snapping out of his daze, Jungkook gazed down at Jimin in surprise. “You’re not going to try to get away anymore?” He asked in a curious tone, wondering why the merman had decided to give up. He was met with wide eyes, realizing that Jimin was pressed up against him in a rather suggestive position. Their chests were brushing with their close proximity and a shuddering breath left Jimin’s parted lips.

“Anymore…” The merman echoed before he leaned up and daringly pressed their lips together in a chaste kiss.

Warmth and desire flooded Jungkook’s system as he let his eyes flutter closed and returned the affectionate gesture. His hands rested perfectly on Jimin’s waist as he drew the other boy more firmly against him. The action elicited a quiet sound from the merman which the human swallowed eagerly as they kissed.

Parting for air, Jungkook kept his close proximity to Jimin and rested his forehead against the merman’s own. Their eyes met in a moment of intimacy and the human was struck by the clarity and mysterious allure glistening in the sea creature’s gaze. There were so many unspoken stories and words dancing just below the surface of the crystalline irises and Jungkook wanted to hear them all and understand them.

They stood like that for what felt like an eternity, basking in each other’s presence in the peaceful quiet of the cove. Jimin’s tail stirred up gentle ripples underneath the surface as the sun shone down generously, illuminating his skin and dancing through the vibrant hues of his hair.

Even in all my travels, I’ve never seen anything that holds a candle to you.

Months passed with Jimin visiting the island on and off throughout the weeks at varying times. Jungkook no longer worried about not seeing the merman again because he learned to trust that his friend would return sooner or later. There was no rhyme or reason at all to the timing of Jimin’s appearances but it gave the stranded sailor something to look forward to.

On a day when he was alone, Jungkook was standing on the sand of the shore, gazing out across the vast blue ocean. He had no idea where he was in relation to his hometown since his ship had capsized in the middle of a voyage. His eyes closed and his mind wandered back to the night he had been swept overboard as he wondered how he had survived.

A splash and the icy impact of the water rushing up to meet his skin was the last thing he remembered before his entire vision went black. He was sinking, down into the dark depths of the night ocean as his body weight dragged him further away from the surface. The sound of the waves crashing against the hull of his boat suddenly went silent and all he could hear was the rapid beating of his own heart. Further and further he went, falling into an abyss of midnight where he couldn’t see, hear, or breathe. Slowly, that faded out also until every one of his senses dulled and he went unconscious, his fingers outstretched longingly.

No matter how hard he tried to remember anything after that, his brain couldn’t seem to recall. He must have floated to the surface and then been washed ashore on the island but he found it highly unlikely since his clothes would have weighed him down. Jungkook wondered if any of his crew had gotten as lucky as he had but doubted it because they surely would have searched for him; their captain.

Growing up with a sailor father, he had been introduced to the ship and her functions as soon as he could walk upright. Sharp in his memory was the day his father had finally allowed him to sail around the inlet of their home port. He remembered the proud look on his father’s face as he watched his son man the wheel of his prized ship.

He could almost hear the sound of the hull parting the water before her, the sails billowing out in the wind and the clanking of the bell hung above the cabin door.

And then he realized that he could almost hear the familiar and nostalgic sounds because they were actually resonating through the air. Opening his eyes hastily, he saw a ship in the distance,  approaching the shore where he was standing.

After a moment of shock and disbelief, he started waving his arms around and yelling in the hope that they would notice him. “Hey! Ahoy! Help, I’m stranded on this island!” Jungkook raised his voice as loud as he possibly could, wanting his words to carry as far as possible and reach the ears of the crew.

Steadily, the boat drew nearer to the sand before an anchor was tossed over the side to maintain the position. With wide eyes, Jungkook stared at the proceedings, praying that they had seen him and were coming to rescue him. Before long, a smaller rowboat was lowered down into the water with several barely visible crew members inside of it.

Hardly able to believe what he was seeing, partially convinced that he was trapped in a dream, Jungkook waded out into the water until he was up to his knees and waited to see what would happen next. As he stared, barely allowing himself to even blink, the rowboat drew closer and closer until he could make out the faces of the sailors inside of it.

“Hello! My name is Captain Min Yoongi of the ship Agust D. Do you need rescuing?”

In response to the slight man who introduced himself as captain, Jungkook nodded hastily and called back, “Yes! I’m Jeon Jungkook. My ship, the Butterfly, capsized and the rest of my crew was lost about four months ago.”

Aided by the gently rocking waves, the rescue boat drew close enough that Jungkook could easily climb in when the time came to depart the island. The crew set their oars down and tossed a makeshift anchor over the side to keep themselves from floating away while their captain continued his conversation.

“Well, well. I’ve heard tales of the infamous Captain Jeon. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I heard rumors that your ship had been lost at sea. Such a devastating turn of events.” Captain Min shook his head dolefully as if picturing losing his prized ship. “Would you do us the honor of accompanying my crew and I back to port?”

“You have no idea how relieved I am to be rescued at last. I had accustomed myself to the idea of living on this island until I died.” Jungkook admitted to the captain, accepting the offer without a second thought.

Nodding his head good-naturedly, the captain surveyed the island in curious wonder. “Do you have any belongings that you’d like to retrieve? My crew and I will wait here for you and maybe do some exploring of this island.”

“Actually, I–” Jungkook started to say that he didn’t have any belongings other than the tattered clothes he was wearing until he saw a sudden flash of silvery scales in his memory.


“Um, yeah, there’s something I’ve got to take care of before I go. I’ll meet you back here as soon as I’m done! There’s some really cool looking trees if you go down that way.” Pointing towards the other end of the island, Jungkook attempted to send the exploration crew away from the freshwater lagoon where he always met Jimin in case the merman decided to show up.

As the crew started hopping out of the boat into the shallow water and wading ashore, Jungkook took off down his worn path to the waterfall, hoping and praying that he would be able to see his mystical creature one last time before he departed.

When he arrived at the edge of the clear pool, he raised his voice slightly and called out to alert the merman of his presence. “Jimin? Jimin, it’s really important.”

Silence mixed with the bubbling sound of the waterfall greeted his ears as he stood anxiously on the shore. His heart was pounding so loudly that he was sure it was actually audible to the human ear as he waited for his friend to appear out of the water.

Regretfully, Jungkook turned away, not wanting to be away for too long in case Captain Min and his crew came looking for him. He had just taken two steps away from the lagoon when a familiar voice stopped him in his tracks.


Spinning around, Jungkook caught sight of Jimin swimming hastily towards him. The merman was out of breath and his cheeks were flushed, signs that he had come to their meeting spot as quickly as he could.

“Jimin! I was worried I wouldn’t get to say goodbye before I leave.”

“Goodbye? Leave?” Jimin’s brow furrowed as he neared the edge of the pool and rested his arms on the rocky ledge, gazing up at Jungkook in confusion. Over the course of their relationship, the merman had picked up on several different words and used them whenever he could to try and communicate. It was apparent that he was distraught even though he was confused at Jungkook’s sudden summoning.

Kneeling beside the water, Jungkook caressed the smooth curvature of Jimin’s cheek tenderly with his hand. “Yes, I have to leave now… there’s a boat here to rescue me from this island.” He wasn’t sure that Jimin would even be able to understand what he was saying but it was worth a try.

Leaning into the human’s touch, Jimin stared up at Jungkook and bit his lip nervously. Something was clearly not right and Jungkook had a feeling the merman could sense it even if he wasn’t able to comprehend the verbal explanation.

“Jungkook… goodbye?” With a forlorn look on his features, Jimin murmured the words in his sweet voice, raising one of his dainty hands to Jungkook’s wrist to hold his hand against his cheek. Crystalline tears were forming in his round eyes and it took a great effort from Jungkook to keep his own at bay.

“Yes, Jimin… I have to say goodbye to the island and–”

You. You, my Jimin. You who is more beautiful than all the sunsets we’ve ever watched together combined. You who has taught me what it feels like to love another unconditionally.

His voice broke before he could utter the last words he had intended to say. Despite his determination, tears started to overflow from his eyes and slide down his cheeks and his thumb stroked over Jimin’s cheekbone.

The merman’s lips parted as if to say something back to Jungkook but nothing came out as their eyes met. As if drawn in by a magnetic force, the human leaned down and pressed their mouths together in a fleeting, emotion filled kiss. All the thoughts running through Jungkook’s mind crashed to a halt as the feeling of Jimin’s plush lips and the taste of the sea overtook all of his senses.

He would have stayed like that forever if he could have but in the distance, he could make out the sounds of the captain and his crew on the beach. Not wanting to jeopardize Jimin’s freedom and happiness by letting him get seen, he pulled away from their kiss reluctantly.

“I have to go now and you should return to your underwater home before those men catch sight of you.” Jungkook whispered, inches away from Jimin’s soft lips.

“Jungkook… I…” The merman replied, his voice full of melancholy and sadness, pressing another chaste kiss to his lover’s mouth.

“What is it, Jimin?” Jungkook asked curiously, wanting to know what the other boy was trying to say before he had to leave their meeting spot for the last time. “You what?”

“I… love… you.”

Shock filled Jungkook’s system as the merman formed his first ever sentence on his own. He had always repeated and echoed select words from whatever Jungkook said to him. And to have something so meaningful and full of affection and hope leave his coral lips made the human’s heart nearly come to a stop.

“Oh, Jimin… I love you, too… and I–”

Before he could finish what he was saying, a shout nearby alerted him of the presence of the crew drawing near. Hastily, he kissed Jimin again before straightening up, gesturing for the merman to swim back the way he had come to avoid being found.

“Go! Quickly, Jimin!”

His urgent words were greeted by one last longing look from the merman before a soft splash signaled his disappearance.

Shortly after the pool had gone still again, Captain Min and his crew emerged from the path and Jungkook turned to greet them with what he hoped was a non-suspicious smile.

“I’m just about ready to go. I wanted to see this place one last time.” He explained, gesturing to the view of the waterfall emptying into the lagoon.

“Ah, you’ve fallen in love with the island, have you?” Captain Min asked with a playful lilt to his voice.

“You could say that… but it would be more accurate to say that I fell in love with what the island has shown me.”

I fell in love with a merman whose beauty cannot be compared to anything on this earth no matter how far you sail around the world. I fell in love with the sea because it’s his home and it will always remind me of bubbly laughter, sunset orange hair, shy glances, and the taste of the ocean on coral lips. I fell in love with Jimin.

Waves of Pleasure | A.I


Warnings: SMUT

The waves lapped at the shore. The sun was just setting over the horizon. The last few golden rays were reflecting off of the water, illuminating the beach with an orange glow. You were alone with your thoughts as you sat on the sand, it was peaceful, the only sounds to be heard were those of the waves crashing on the shore. 

You stood up from your spot on the sand, taking your shirt and shorts off to leave you only in your bikini. The air was still warm so there was no need for your wet suit. You picked up your surfboard and walked towards the ocean. You slowly entered the water, it was warm but still refreshing after a hot day. You walk out deeper until the water reaches your waist before jumping on your board and paddling out to sea. You wait patiently for the perfect wave. For a calm afternoon the waves were relatively lively. You could sense a good wave coming, you turned your board around, lying down on your chest ready to catch the wave, you looked behind you waiting for the perfect moment. As you felt the wave beneath you, you started to paddle forwards, when you felt your board catch the wave you pushed yourself up onto your feet, quickly gaining your balance. 

You swayed your board from side to side, letting the wave carry you. There was nothing like the feeling you got when you surfed, the sense of power and freedom all in one. You were so caught up in your thoughts that you almost didn’t see the man gently paddling towards you on his board. You caught sight of him just as you were about to collide with him. You swerved quickly to the right, desperately trying not to hit him. You managed to avoid him but the sudden movement threw you off balance. You let out a slight squeal as you fell into the ocean. Luckily you took a deep breath before you hit the water. You felt the water surround you. You decided to let the cool water hold you beneath the surface for a moment, its temperature refreshing your entire body. You were pulled from your relaxing moment by two strong arms wrapping around you, hauling you to the surface.

You surfaced, flipping your hair out of your face as you took a breath. You turned around to be met with the hard chest of the man that had grabbed you. You looked up at him, he had a strong jawline and hazel eyes. His floppy, sandy blond hair fell in his face. He slowly reached one of his muscular arms up to push his hair out of his face. There was no denying he was attractive. Your eyes met his, his lips twisting into a smirk. “What?” you ask, raising an eyebrow, wondering why he was staring at you like he expected you to something. 

“Oh my God thank you for saving my life” he said in a high pitch voice, putting one hand over his heart in mock sincerity. The sight made you smile. “First of all, you wouldn’t of had to ‘save my life’ if you weren’t in the way in the first place” you began. He just looked at you with his arms folded over his chest. “And second of all you didn’t save my life, I didn’t need your help, I was enjoying the water” you stated crossing your arms over your chest. The action pushed your breasts up slightly, he noticed. He pretended not to have noticed, but you knew that he noticed. “Sure you were, are you sure that you aren’t just covering for the fact that you’re a terrible surfer?” he said quirking his eyebrow, his little smirk returning. You couldn’t believe this guy, you were a great surfer, you weren’t usually cocky about it but this guy was igniting some sort of fire in you. “Who do you think you are?” You say, tilting your head to the side. “Name’s Ashton” he said, smirking yet again. “Whatever, goodbye Ashton” you said as you turned around. You quickly grab your surfboard that was floating nearby and hop on top before paddling out to sea to catch another wave. Ashton, just stood where he was, watching you as you paddled away. 

“Wait” he shouted. You turned your head back to see him paddling towards you, his muscular arms cut through the water with precision. He caught up to you in a few short strokes. “I didn’t catch your name” he said as he pulled up alongside you, sitting up. You couldn’t help but look at his chest as droplets of water ran down his skin. “That’s because I didn’t give it to you” You said. He didn’t know what to say at that point, so sat on his board with a confused expression. You could feel a good wave coming so you quickly turned your board and began paddling to catch it, leaving Ashton behind yet again. 

You caught the wave, quickly rising to your feet. You could hear Ashton paddling as he came up behind you and caught the wave as well, standing up quickly beside you. You rolled your eyes, you had to give it to him, he was determined. He looked elegant as he surfed, his muscles tensing as he twisted his body around to ride the wave. He looked so natural, too natural. He came up alongside you, your boards almost touching. You couldn’t resist, you reached over and pushed him. You were not particularly strong, and any other time you doubted that your push would affect his strong stance. However you took him by surprise, he quickly lost his balance, falling off of his board into the water. You let your board fall behind the wave, stopping near to where he had fallen, you sat down to straddle your board. You giggled as he came to the surface, giving you a death glare, but his little smirk appeared. He strolled towards you slowly, grabbing your arm and pulling you off of your board. You fell into the water, you could hear his chuckle as you hit the water. You surfaced quickly, pushing your hair out of your face.

Before you could question what was happening, you felt his lips on yours. His actions caught you by surprise. You could tell he was hesitant at first. You quickly welcomed the kiss, he presses his lips harder against yours in response. He came closer to you, pulling your body against his. You could taste the salt of the ocean on his lips, the taste strangely pleasant. His hands worked their way into your hair, deepening the kiss. Slowly he backs you up towards his surfboard. Lifting you up to that you were sat on it. He steps between your legs, his crotch aligning with yours. You can feel his semi hard member through his swim shorts. You wrap your legs around his waist, pulling him even closer. He let out a small moan as he grinded into you. His lips left yours, moving them to kiss your neck as he works his way down. He sinks to his knees so that only his head and shoulders are out of the water. He grabs your bikini bottoms, pulling the strings to remove them before placing them next to you on the board. 

He wraps his arms around your legs bringing your core to his face. He licks a long stripe up your core. Your hands instantly move into his hair,pulling gently. He moves his tongue at a teasingly slow pace around your entrance. “Ashton please” you moan, needing more from him. You feel his smirk against you. Without warning he pushes two fingers into you, his lips moving to suck your clit. Your head tilts back in pleasure. He pumps his fingers as a merciless pace, curling them up on the odd thrust. When he reaches your special spot, you begin to clench around his fingers. “You gonna cum for me?” he teases, moving his head up slightly and kitten licking your clit as he smirks cockily at you, his eyes staring into yours. The sight sends you over the edge. You cum hard around his fingers. Ashton moves his head back down, collecting all of your release on his tongue, humming in approval at the taste of you. He stands up again, attaching his lips to yours, you can taste yourself on his tongue. You pull him closer to you, feeling his erect member press against your sensitive clit. You look down to see that he is no longer wearing his swim shorts, you weren’t sure when he removed them but you weren’t complaining, you were too desperate to have him inside you. 

“Do you need me to pull out?” he murmurs as he runs his tip up and down your slit. “Pill” you mutter answering his question. A smirk appears on his lips as he pushes into you quickly. You moan as he fills you completely. “Holy shit you’re tight” he groans as he slowly pulls out and pushes back in again. He reaches his hands down to grab your arse, picking you up off of his surfboard and holding you in the air. You wrap your arms around his neck, tangling your hands in his hair as he bounces you up and down on his cock. He squeezes your arse as he moves you hips, he begins to thrust forwards as he bounces you, his tip hitting against that special spot deep inside of you. You moan loudly, he smirks and presses his lips to yours again.

Your lips move together passionately. He thrusts particularly hard, causing you to clench around him. He groans into your mouth. “Ashton I’m close” you moan, your head tilting back slightly. “Cum for me babe” he groans, as he drives you towards your release. You close your eyes as you cum around him. “Fuck” he moans unable to hold his orgasm any longer, the sight of you cumming, sending him over the edge. His twitching cock adds aftershocks of pleasure to your core as you come down from your high. He pulls out of you and puts you back down in the water. 

“Fuck that was amazing” he moans as he tries to catch his breath. You hum in response. You pick up your bikini bottoms, putting them back on quickly before grabbing your surfboard that was floating nearby. You walked back towards the shore, leaving him stood there in the water. You turn back as you reach the dry sand, he stands with his board as he puts his swimming trunks back on . “My name’s Y/N by the way” you shout back to him before walking up the beach.


anonymous asked:

Oh my gosh I just read your ice mechanic soulmate tattoo drabble and loved it, but my brain was immeadiately consumed by the question of what bell and clarke's marks would be ... Would you mind writing another little bellarke Drabble?

Thank you for your patience, nonny!  It took me forever to figure out Bellamy’s soulmark.  The ice mechanic drabble in the same universe is here, but it is not necessary to read that to understand this universe.

Seven stars.  

Seven stars in a half moon shape on the inside of her left wrist had been on Clarke’s skin since the day she was born.  That was unusual for a soulmark— most got theirs around puberty, once your personality started to settle.  But Clarke had been born with hers, and no one was quite sure what that meant.

Even the pattern they made was a mystery.  Wells thought they looked like a horseshoe (his was easy; an apple) but Clarke thought they looked more like a crown.  It was Monty (a sword) who suggested they might be a constellation, but that just made it more confusing.  Different cultures saw different things in the stars, and Clarke spent hours online sorting through possible matches.

Only one came close— the Corona Borealis, a crown given to Ariadne after she risked everything to help Theseus end the slaughter in the labyrinth, only to be abandoned when he went off to seek more adventures.  When Clarke met Lexa, everything seemed to fit.  Who was Lexa, after all, if not a woman made to rule?  But in the end, that wasn’t Ariadne’s story.  She wasn’t a queen; she was a rebel, defying her father for the sake of Athen’s children.

After Lexa, Clarke moved to the city.  In the city, you see, you couldn’t see the stars.  She met Octavia in a kickboxing class and slowly found herself again.  The only flaw in her new life was Octavia’s brother, who seemed determined to hate her no matter what she said.  But somehow, clashing with each other over every little thing wore down their rough edges until they were smooth, and suddenly one day they were friends.

The one thing Bellamy would never tell her about was his soulmark.  He wore a thick watch that hid it from sight, and whenever the subject of soulmarks came up he would stay quiet, refusing to join in the speculation.  “It got me into mythology,” was all he would say, so she asked Octavia instead. But Octavia refused her too.  “It’s private,” Octavia said, with a tone that made it final.

Clarke was laying on the beach at her step-father’s house on the shore, the sun slowly drying her skin, when Bellamy came out of the ocean to grab his towel.  She looked over, sleepy, and caught a flash of black on his wrist.  Clarke bolted upright and grabbed his arm before he could hide it.  She couldn’t believe her eyes, but there it was, plain as day.

A winged lion, fierce and bellicose.

A griffin.

She stared at him, incredulous, and Bellamy’s eyes flashed with something akin to fear.  “You knew?” she managed, her mouth dry and her voice hoarse.

Bellamy smiled ruefully.  “I’ve always known.”

The version of Ariadne’s story I’m using can be found here.  (warning: comic sans ahead).

Heart of The Ocean (Part 1/?)

Happy 1st Day of Sormik Week!!! So happy to participate hngh 

Hope everyone is having fun! This is my own spin on merman AU for sormik! Please look forward to more chapters~! ^3^

Note: They’re both about??? 10? 12 years old?? Italicized for aquatic language!!

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Mikleo lowered his head, “I didn’t go outside our territory, I promise…

Silence from his clan was never a good sign. But his luck was for the better as he felt his grandfather pat his head, “What am I going to do with you?

Mikleo loved the ocean more than anything. The caves and wonders under the sea were beyond measure. And it was more than enough to drive the young explorer to venture out of familiar territory.

Due to his growing interest and stubborn behavior to stay put, Zenrus gave Mikleo a set of rules to avoid trouble.

  • Never go into dark waters
  • Never intervene with other sea creatures and their kingdoms
  • Never interact with humans as they are very dangerous

If only it was that simple.

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What Maisie Knew (2012)


by Erica Bean

The first time I encountered two parents fighting I was fifteen years old, and they were not my parents. They were the parents of my first boyfriend, and it was a shock to the system to hear such ugly words being hurled across a kitchen island. I was one of the lucky ones whose parents were still happily married, though this happiness did nothing to prepare me for a real world full of arguing adults. Their love never showed me all the ways that married people sometimes do not love—or even like—one other.

As an adult I can understand why my boyfriend didn’t seem disconcerted in any way, but as a teenager, I could only stare in surprise at him as he took me by the hand and walked with me into the backyard to sit by the pool. We sat at the edge of the pool and made circles in the water with our feet.

I pretended not to hear the arguing still going on, but all those angry words smashed into a million pieces inside of me, shattering everything I thought I knew about the way people were supposed to speak to each other. I wondered how my boyfriend survived, how he coped all these years. I remember asking him, has it always been this way? He answered casually, practiced—I don’t know anything different. His words marked a distinct point in our relationship where I felt the gap between what he knew and what I thought I knew about life. From the pool where we sat, I could hear the tone, the inflections, the harshness. The lovely, gracious people I had known for so many years had turned into people I no longer recognized. We rested our backs on the hot cement under the summer sun, our knees hanging over the edge of the pool.

This is what I think about when I see Maisie watching her parents yelling at each other. I think of the ripples, and the affects of that loudness, the piercing harshness. I see her recognize the arguing, the angry look on her mother’s face when she is calling her father an asshole, and I see her take herself away—shifting her body to a place away from all the noise—with a look on her face that says all this fighting is normal. She no longer hears it. Instead, Maisie is humming, she is playing tic-tac-toe, or laughing with her nanny, she is letting herself win at her own game, drawn on a pizza box with a blue crayon.

What Maisie Knew has two directors, David Siegal and Scott McGehee, and the cast is exceptional: Julianne Moore as the mother, Alexander Skarsgård as Lincoln, Joanna Vanderham as Margo the nanny, and Steve Coogan as Maisie’s father. But in the end it is Onata Aprile, as Maisie, that we can’t look away from. Hers is a soft voice in a loud room, a smiling child despite a temperamental mother, a tiny and perceptive human being, wholly focused through the camera as she carries the film with her two tiny hands, every moment a graceful reminder of what it means to forgive all of those who let us down.

Maisie’s parents do all the things parents shouldn’t do when they are divorcing. They force her to take sides, they ask her about the other parent’s life. Maisie keeps herself occupied as her parents remain preoccupied with their own lives, spending far more time fighting about their daughter than actually spending any time with her. She is watching the secrets form, the way they weave in and out of her life. She is left to wait late, after school, forgotten by her mother and her father. She is a patient, and obedient child, but still a child. She often doesn’t understand what is happening all around her.

Her father marries Margo, and her mother marries Lincoln. The nanny is now her new step-mother, and a bartender her new step-father. The hardest part of watching What Maisie Knew is watching Maisie navigate her way through this new, dismantled world in quiet solitude. And yet, she remains the brightest spot in every scene—she is the shining light, the laughter and joy and color on a summer day. She is too young to feel resentful toward her parents, the way they wander in and out of her days. Maisie is the reason the pieces of her fractured family keep smashing into each other like stained glass, bright and sharp and shattered, but she forgives them for breaking. She loves them in spite of it. Because, despite the terrible ways in which they behave, they are her parents, her biggest sense of permanency. She consistently displays her sense of forgiveness, choosing to love her mother and father despite their mistakes, or their absence. Maisie’s childhood innocence and habitual love creates a bubble in which she finds a way to survive her parents’ divorce. 

As an adult I know that life is not always conclusive, that failures usually speak to the heavy burdens we’re forced to carry on our own, and the ways we get stuck when trying to let them go. Sometimes the questions are hard but the answers are easy. People are complex: it’s not as simple as mothers or fathers not wanting their children, even if they have the utmost obligation in their heart to do so. We see Maisie being held and kissed by her mother and told that she is loved while also being left, or forgotten, or playing in her room, watching her mother cry. Everything we know is everything Maisie knows.

In the unfolding of her days Maisie still finds joy despite all the shuffling from parent to parent, from place to place. Even while she listens one morning as her father tells her he is moving to England, her small mouth chewing up her breakfast, there is that unwavering grace, a small resilience smoothing out the edges of her new life without all the things she used to know.

Margo takes Maisie to a beach house. Here, she can be a child. She runs into the sea, the cold water rushing over her bare feet. Her small hands building something, even if only with crumbling, dry grains of sand. She sits on the shore and holds a shell up to her ear, listening to the ocean. She is listening to a world that is finally listening to her back.

Her mother comes for her one evening. “Let’s go Maisie,” she says. But Maisie doesn’t move. “Maisie, come on,” she repeats, impatient, the tour bus parked and waiting. But Maisie wants to stay, she wants to go on the boat the next day like she was promised. She does not want to leave behind hope in exchange for disappointment. Her mother, for once in touch with an awareness outside of herself, understands this with sharp clarity.

“Do you know who your mother is?” her voice breaks to ask, kneeling in front of her daughter, scared that she has been replaced by the very people she’s had to rely on to take care of Maisie in her absence. But Maisie, her beautiful and delicate daughter, does not let her mother fall through the cracks.

“You,” Maisie replies softly, placing her hand on her mothers shoulder, in reassurance. In comfort.

On that summer day when I was fifteen, I can see how like Maisie I was—the child in a room full of knowing adults. I knew nothing more than what I’d been told, or what belonged to me from my own limited experiences. The things I thought I knew were changing, but on that day, this is what I knew for sure: that there was arguing inside a beautiful house and that it was summer and I was young and that I knew so very little about people, about how they could lash out in hurt, or how they coped with all the twisted things inside of themselves. All I knew was that I needed to keep moving, to keep breaking the surface of the water at my feet. I knew that I had a lifetime ahead of me to figure it out.

Erica Bean is a writer and photographer living in San Francisco, California. She uses the occasional “y'all” and sometimes goes to movie theaters just for the popcorn. You can read more of her work here.


Pray For Teeth | Dead Peasant | From The Dry Edge Of The Shore

Fic: By Land Or By Sea

anon prompted:  Blaine/Kurt as a mythical creature(mermaid, demon, angel etc) and the other one is human(either 18-25 or 30-40) who is single and they somehow meet, fall in love and have a happy ending. I’d love to see mostly fluff/romance but a tiny bit of angst wouldn’t hurt :)

Set the summer after Kurt graduates. G, 2500+ words, fluffy fluff.

“Of all the places we could’ve gone for our senior trip, we had to choose the beach,” Kurt muttered. He was walking down a long, deserted dock, needing a reprieve from the crowds for a moment before he associated the smell of coconut suntan lotion with anxiety for the rest of his life. “We couldn’t have gone to Chicago or Indianapolis or somewhere with decent air conditioning. No, everyone just haaaaad to go to the be- aaaah!”

He tripped over a loose coil of rope hanging from one of the posts and lost his balance, windmilling his arms in the vain hope that he could keep himself from falling into the deep, salty water. The motion only seemed to make his fall worse, though, and Kurt closed his eyes an instant before he hit the drink.

The shock of the fall made Kurt inhale water and start choking, still beneath the surface. He couldn’t seem to figure out which way was up in his panic, which only made him panic more, especially when what felt like a pair of arms wrapped around his waist and started pulling pulling pulling and-

-oh. He broke the surface, coughing and gasping for air with his eyes still shut. The mysterious force kept dragging him along, eventually pushing him onto the seashore, where he curled up and choked out the last of the water in his lungs before rubbing his eyes dry.

Kurt almost had to rub them again when he saw what had saved him.

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Buxton IPA’s

The pretty spa town of Buxton in the Derbyshire Peak District is well known for its spring water. According to locals this water can cure all kinds of terrible ailments, from thinking about voting UKIP to genital herpes. As remarkable as this sounds, Buxton is home to an even more incredible liquid cure-all, BEER!

Not just any old beer though. Y'see, Buxton Brewery has a reputation (no, nothing to do with genital herpes), their hop whispering skillz are said to rival that of any of the Sacred Order of Beer Wizards lurking on these shores. Awesome right? Let’s see. 

Wild Boar, 5.7% abv.  First up is this honey hued session strenght IPA (it’s below 6%, okay?) bursting with a medley of citrus and tropical fruit aromas that follow through to the flavour. It’s like a grapefruit, mango, peach, and lychee smoothie garnished with lime zest and served up from a cup of woven grass. It starts medium sweet, the carbonation tingling nicely, before the lasting bitter and dry finish. Wonderful stuff.

Axe Edge, 6.8% abv  A cyclone of pine needles, clementine, passion fruit, and grapefruit aromas from this flagship IPA assault my nose holes. I brave a sip of the marmalade coloured brew and I’m suddenly drowning in a tidal wave of tropical fruit juice. The pine, orange, passion fruit, and grapefruit from the aroma are joined by peach, pineapple, and pear blossoms. I cling to a raft of toffee to stay afloat before the dryness of the huge bitter end saves me. That was fun, I wanna go again!

Wyoming Sheep Ranch, 8.4% abv  The last beer for tonight is number five in Buxton’s Special Reserve Series, a double IPA the colour of polished amber with an aroma of citrus pulp, pine, and dried flowers. The taste has sweet caramel, homemade perfume, whole pine boughs, grapefruit, and lemon & lime marmalade all eaten directly from an outcropping of Peak District granite. ‘Tis full bodied, boozy, and gifted with an epic bitterness that goes on forever. Nicely done indeed. 

Whilst each of these delectable ales is an individual expression of what an IPA can be, they all deliver that complex collision of distinct, intense flavours and unstoppable bitterness that Buxton excels at. Wyoming Sheep Ranch seriously impressed, I loved Wild Boar, and Axe Edge continues to blow me away every damn time I drink it. If you’re in a position to try just the one of these, I’d give Axe Edge the nod. As flawlessly poised and balanced as it is potent and threatening. Like a ballerina packing knuckle dusters. Cheers.