from the desk of jess cole

Life lately. 

Work. Things have been extremely stressful and busy at work, but not without it’s rewards. Hard work has been paying off, and I’m excited to see where this continues. It feels really great to love my job, feel like I’m good at my job, and know that other people recognize and believe in me in my job, too. 

Family. My baby nephews are growing up so quickly and I can hardly believe how fast time goes by. Every single picture my sister sends me seems like years have passed and the boys are ready to start arguing and breaking hearts and being less interested in their auntie. But they’re so ridiculously adorable, they melt my heart. Seeing the family a couple of weeks ago was the exact recharge I needed to feel like myself again. That’s the one hard thing about living in NYC, but it sure makes time with them that much more meaningful.

Boyfriend. You heard that right; it’s official: JessCole has a boyfriend and he’s probably reading this right now. Just about a week or so before Valentine’s Day, I found myself swiping on Tinder and not thinking much of it. Then, I got a match, I messaged him, and we’ve been dating for the past few weeks…and it’s been pretty great. So without gushing too much over him, I’ll just say this: I’m really, really happy.

Traveling. My schedule has been all over the place recently, more so than usual, causing me to see glimpses of places here and there. The majority of it is for work, but my next trip is for play - San Diego, here I come! littlejandthecity​ and I will be heading west for an extended weekend trip for some fun, sun, and friends. I’ve never been, so I’m really looking forward to it. 

Fitness. I’ve been getting back on track with my fitness game recently, and I’m getting really excited. I’ve started to really appreciate my balanced workout schedule, noticing how my bootcamp and spin classes are really complimented by some yoga days. Plus, it really helps my body and mind feel refreshed and controlled. Stay tuned for my next marathon: Fall 2015!

Moving. In just over a month, I’ll be saying goodbye to my first, real apartment in NYC, and becoming the new roommate of littlejandthecity​. I’ll be moving exactly four blocks away, and I’m really excited to get it going. Just in time for Spring to show it’s face!

I think those are the main points right now, so there you have it. Thanks for listening, and, Happy Monday!


Tuesday Coffee Date

  • I made my very own Americano at work today. Be honest: doesn’t it look store-bought? I’m pretty pleased with my coffee-making skills around these parts. It’s delish.
  • My PTL* gave me a few books on recommendation, after I mentioned my recent kick of mystery/thriller novels. These both sound really good and I’m excited to dive right in.
  • On the book front: I’m reading Reconstructing Amelia. OH MY GOD it’s so good. 
  • After the past two days RUNNING, my leg is spent. I can feel that I pushed it a bit. I’m not limping or anything, which is great, but it is more sore than it has been the past few weeks. Tonight’s spin class should be interesting.
  • We’ve been showing one of the rooms in our apartment, and wow. The people you meet doing this! It’s quite the experience, I have to say. Wowowow. Jess Cole needs a new (semi-normal) roomie!
  • I’ve really been extra conscious of what I’ve been eating the past couple of weeks, and I can honestly notice such a huge difference. It’s actually amazing, and really empowering, too. 
  • I have a few annoying things to check off the ol’ to-do list this week, and I’m hoping they won’t cause me to pull my hair out (it’s finally growing and I like it longer).
  • This was one boring coffee date, I’m sorry.
  • Thanks for making it through, if you did.
  • Thanks, also, for being you.