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All In The Threads (Part 5)

A/N: **SMUT** Alright here we go. Got some smut in there for ya lovelies. Enjoy ;)




“Yes got them in the bag. Elle we have gone through this checklist like four times already. I promise we didn’t forget anything. Stop worrying,” Juliana says as she places the last outfit into a travel bag. 

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[08] Run


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Warnings: fluff, smut, thigh riding, slight choking

When you and Yoongi got home it seemed that the boys had gone out, leaving a note on the coffee table that read:

We went out for drinks with Jaebum and the boys, and if you two are going to have sex please do it in Yoongi’s room not in places we usually are. Thanks. - Jin

“Wow, settle.” Yoongi chuckled, rolling his eyes and tossing the paper back onto the coffee table. He tried his best to seem unphased by the small paper but the way you whimpered his name earlier crept back into his mind and he fought the tint of pink that began to creep onto his face. He watched as you tossed your flannel onto the couch, admiring the way your hair framed your face, he admired your newly exposed skin, it wasn’t that he was being wierd and admiring your arms and shoulders…it was just you in every aspect was beautiful. Every single exposed and unexposed part of you was beautiful. “Yoongz, do you trust me?” A hint of mystery floated through your words, and the small smile plastering across your face was not helping his curiosity as to why you asked such a question. “I mean, yeah? I guess?” He wasn’t exactly positive as to how to answer such a random question, but you left no time for him to question himself. You grabbed his hand and led him up two flights of stairs and into you and Hoseok’s shared bathroom.

“Grab the rolling chair from my desk and sit. No questions asked.” While the confused mint haired boy listened to your comands, tossing his denim jacket to the side in the process, you pulled out a clear tub from underneath your sink. He plopped into the chair and watched as you mixed some bleach powder and developer into a bowl knowing exactly what process was about to take place. “Sorry Yoongz, but the mint is fading so much, and I think you’d look nice with blonde hair.” He just chuckled and pulled out his phone while you began applying the bleach to his hair, Yoongi wasn’t one to care much about big changes or bold decisions or at least he didnt act like it, so as you applied bleach to his faded out hair he sat scrolling through his phone. “I literally hate this process.” He groaned as you put a shower cap over his bleach covered hair, you rubbed his shoulders softly in an apology for the very itchy and uncomfortable process of color stripping, and hopfully a light bleaching would do the trick. The hair transformation lasted a good hour and half, full of laughs and loud screeches from Yoongi, ‘Y/n!! YOU’RE GETTING WATER EVERYWHE- AH THATS MY SHIRT YOU DICK.’ He ended up getting his revenge by shaking his head like a dog, and now he sat with dampened blonde hair and soaked shirt.

“I’m too lazy to dry it again so we’re just gunna let it air dry,” You huffed, ruffeling his wet hair.

“Lets go stay up late and write grandpa.”

He followed you to his room, he watched your messy ponytail swing side to side through his matted down damp hair. Another night alone in his room, two passionate souls speaking of passionate things in a room that held a kiss earlier that day, only this time as you climbed up onto his bed you patted the empty space next to you as an invitation for the nights long hours. He sat with his back against the headboard as he watched you change your position to where you were sitting criss cross apple sauce against the wall next to his headboard. “Okay so I’ve been pondering on this one idea, so please bare with me,” He studied how your nimble fingers flipped through your worn down journal until you found the marked up desired page.

“Dream, I will be there for your creation. Until the end of your life. Dream, wherever you might be. It will be lenient. Dream, you will fully bloom. After all the hardships. Dream, your beginnings will seem humble, So prosperous will your future be.”

Yoongi nodded his head ever so softly as you spoke out your notebook lyrics, he analyzed them in his head as you spoke, conjuring your lyrics into a beat so astounding yet not surprising. He sent your lyrics through a test of rhythm, should they be sung by your pretty little voice or rapped by a God, and when you closed your journal and watched the wheels turn in his head, awaiting his reply you couldnt help but smile at his passion. You watched as Yoongi sat up slightly and began rapping what you assumed to be the next part in what would be a beautiful masterpiece. “Right, I’m living because I can’t die
But I don’t have anything I want to do
I’m in so much pain and lonliness but people around me
Keep telling me to regain my consciousness
I try to vent my anger but I only got myself
So what’s the point of venting my anger
I’m scared to open my eyes everyday and start breathing

“You never fail to impress me, Min Yoongi.” Your voice was small, to distracted by your thoughts to focus on words and to embarrassed by your thoughts to make eye contact at the now blonde boy sitting inches away from you, and you didnt have to see him to know he was doing his infamous smug ass shug. You quickly jotted down his fast spoken words and smiled in content when the last word was documented in the old tattered book.

“You’re pretty confident for a insecure guy.” He smiled softly and replied simply. “And you’re pretty fearless for a scared girl.” You returned the soft smile and reached for his pale hand and held it tightly. “I’m scared of failing, or trying and not succeeding… but I’m fearless in taking risks and going for the gold, you shouldn’t fear the task but its normal to fear the outcome.” Yoongi traced his thumb softly across yours and explained himself as you had done for yourself. “I dont know, I’m not exactly confident about parts of myself and growing up and not knowing myself made me insecure… but i’m confident in my writing, in my skill, in my leadership skills.” His voice didnt waver, didnt crack. There was no sign of meloncahloy or hurt, it was simply factual statments spoken from an unphased man, his mindless actions causing your heart to flutter. “What arn’t you confident of?” The silences between questions and answers were no where near awkward, it was just small pauses in time, watching his hair air dry as the conversation got older and older. His blonde hair now slightly wavy, and his bare face so pretty while his side profile was the sexiest thing you’d ever seen, sharp jawline and perfect features upon an inviting neck connected to a desirable and beautiful masterpiece that was Min Yoongi. You knew it was only the first date, but love has no set times, no set occassions and the way he looked tonight, you wanted it to make it your mission to make him confident in all the places he wasnt.

“I used to be a bit chubby,” a small chuckle escaped his lips like thinking back to that time made him remember adorable memories. “I dieted, and I mean I wont lie being next to the maknae sometimes makes me feel less than, so I guess i’m not confident in my stomach or thighs but I’m not super insecure about it, just not confident.” You took in his breathy chuckle and pouty lips as he spoke, you’d seen him naked before but it wasnt a time you actually paid attention. His thighs weren’t muscular like Jungkook or Jimin’s but they were perfect, and you knew he didnt have abs but his stomach was flat and cute, so perfect but as he spoke of these insecurities and as you looked at his etheral features, something inside you clicked.

You straddled him without a second thought, taking his face in both your hands and pressing your light pink lips agaisnt his pretty pouty ones, his hands instantly grabbing your hips firmly. He took over shortly after your lips met, immediately asking permission to explore and by god you couldn’t deny. He swiped his tongue along your bottom lip and before he could plan his next move you took his bottom lip between your teeth, opening your eyes to him looking directly into yours, slowly you lowered yourself to be forehead to forehead with your Daegu Prince. His lidded eyes staring into yours, while his hot breath hit your lips and you hoped he felt yours too, you rolled your hips agaisnt his, bringing his cock to life under you. “Fuck.” He groaned pressing you down further agaisnt him, you had a plan and all you needed him to do was slip your pants down your legs, and by the way his lips latched onto your neck while you slightly grinded agaisnt him told you it wouldn’t be long until he needed to have you shed clothing.

Yoongi sucked at nibbled at your exposed flesh as he felt you roll your hips so gracefully, even during sinful deeds your actions were heavenly. Small, barley audible moans left your pretty, swollen lips as Yoongi met his hips up to yours, until finally he swiftly brought you down agaisnt the bed, hands fumbling for the hem of your jeans and expertly sliding off the now pointless garment.

You felt a soft breeze against your now exposed legs, quickly pulling Yoongi’s face to yours you kissed his intoxicating lips again because you just couldn’t seem to get enough. “Yoongi sit up.” Your low and sweet voice sent chills down his spine, he obeyed your command and watched while you slipped your baby blue panties down your glorious legs. You weren’t trying to tease, and he knew that; mesmerized by your astounding beauty he gulped in the presence of his goddess. There was no words that needed to be spoken, love and need filling the air in a mixture of innocence and sin swirling around the four walls yall sat in, you never once took your eyes off his pretty, pale face and flushed cheeks and lightly damp blonde hair. He looks so handsome. You ‘casually’ straddled one of his thighs and left soft butterfly kisses from the corner of his mouth, across his jawline and right underneath his ear, you kissed over his pierced ear and smiled as his hands ran down your still covered torso.

“Maybe I can make you confident about your thighs.” Your soft whisper sending something between a moan and growl to leave Yoongi’s glistening, swollen lips while his grip on your hips tightened. Your soft kisses soon turned sloppy and feverish against your canvas that was his neck, painting beautiful purple marks of love upon the inviting skin. You worked yourself up and down his jean covered thigh, the rough material creating a delicious amount of friction agaisnt your clit. He watched your body move like a clip stuck on repeat, listening to the dirty yet oh so pretty sounds leaving your mouth like it was the best song he’d ever heard. You ran your fingers through his hair as you continued to ride his perfect thigh, sending soft curses into the air without any want to hold back because you wanted Yoongi to know that his thighs were more then satisfying.

“Faster baby.” Baby. How you’ve been waiting to here that name fall from his lips since the night in the train car, and as he breathed the compand he flexed his thigh making sending you into a state of bliss. “F-fuck, Yoongi your thigh feels so good.” You whimpered, already staining his jeans with your pleasure, his hands guiding your body because even during this he had some sort of control and you were one hundred percent okay with that. You saw his erect cock straining against his jeans and as much you wanted to pleasure him, you needed him to know how perfect he was in the places he wasn’t confident in.

His flushed cheeks and hooded eyes sent a wave of electricity through your body, he was a true prince and dear god you prayed to be his princess. He noticed your stutter in movements, tucking a piece of your hair behind your ear his flexed again getting a loud moan to erupt from deep within. “You look so beautiful, I could write a song about this moment alone.” His praise sent a familiar tightening feeling in your stomach, you were so close and you needed him to know. “Y-yoongi, i’m close -fuck- your thighs are perfect, yes dont stop baby please.” The mix of pleading and praise sent a devious smirk to appear on his face while his eyes thanked you for the sweet and caring gesture. He continued to flex his thigh and press you down harder against him, pressing his lips against your collarbone, whispering soft prasies against your glistening skin causing your walls to clench around nothing and for you to come undone. You rode out your high, whispering barley audible 'I love you’s’ and 'you’re so perfect.’ You couldnt hold back your thoughts, his name, the praise, the 'I love you’s’ rolled off your tongue like it was your duty to speak nothing but just that. “Good girl, you sound so pretty moaning for me.” Feeling the heat reach your cheeks you kissed him softly to hide it, while his words were sweet his voice dripped of want and need sending you into a never ending spiral of desire.

Changing positions and straddling him completely you kissed his nose then his irresistible lips. “I could write a song about you too ya know, the way your lips look after kissing me… the way your pink tinted cheeks look against a pale pallet of complete beauty.”

“Pale pallet of complete beauty?” He chuckled rolling his eyes at the horribly cheesy line that he in fact that was cute.

“The words of a writer Min Yoongi, get over it.”

Oh but he would never get over it, he never wanted to. He would be totally content with hearing your cheesy lines and sweet gestures everyday, Yoongi took in your glistening skin, exposed thighs and so much more, he took in how you smelt of apples and sweat but in the best way. He tried not to look too much scared that it’d break his careless attitude, break his silent caring state so instead he pressed his lips below gour ear and began to create a memory in your skin, one that one day wash away from your neck but not your soul. “You looked so pretty riding my thigh,” his sinister whisper rang throughout your body his left hand running up your exposed thigh and onto your ass, your hot skin feeling like fire underneath his hand. “I just know you’d look beautiful moaning underneath me.” The statment elicited a moan to break free, the low raspy sound of his voice sent goosebumps across your dampened skin. He squeezed your ass softly before he ran his hand back down your thigh, his soothing touch sending waves of electricity through your body.

“I want to savor this moment Y/n,” he placed a chaste kiss on your cheek and down your jaw. “I want to feel every part of you.” His fingertips traced down shoulder, your side, leaving a trail of goosebumps in the process until he traced the inner of your thigh. “You’re so beautiful.” He whispered so quietly that not even he was sure he said it.

“You have every part of me for as long as you want.”

“I think I might want you forever.” His breath was ghosting over your mouth as he stuttered out the confession, and as of what exactly he meant by forever was a mystery to the two of you, I guess love just makes you irrational and impulsive because here you were, half naked and kissing on the first date. But that was thing… it didnt feel like the first date, wrapped up in every word you spoke to each other, every movement and every moment going by so smoothly because loving him didnt scare you, but by god loving you scared him. Scared to love freely and openly, but not scared of you.

“I think I might want you too.” Replies so simple for confessions so extreme, but as he smiled and squeezed your thigh, you knew he was happy with your answer.

It wasn’t a forever that put pressure on you, it was simply a confession that you knew confused Yoongi, the forever sounded promising and with the rate this first date was going you hoped maybe a forever is just what you needed with him. You looked at his eyes and there it was… the whole. Fucking. Galaxy. You reached for the hem of your shirt and pulled it over your head in a a swift motion,leaving you in only your black strapless bra; he groaned in frusterstion at looked at you with dark eyes and slightly opened mouth. “You are so fucking sexy.” His voice low and raspy, immediately he began placing hot open mouth kisses over the swell of your breasts in a hungry like fashion. Your mind was clouded by the feeling of his lips and the swirl of his tounge making marks all over your newly exposed skin, soft sighs of pleasure leaving your lips as you watched him kiss and suck.

“Fuck this.” He growled, unclasping your bra skillfully. He wasted no time in touching you, taking one breast in his hand and pinching your hard nipple while taking your other in his mouth where he ran his tongue so soft, so teasingly, sucking every so often earning a loud moan to leave your lips. He grabbed your hips and laid you forward, his still clothed body hovering over your exposed one, his face soon buried in between your boobs, leaving small purple bites in the valley of your breasts then licking over it.


Your soft whimper switched something inside Yoongi, as he looked at you with hungry eyes and a devious smirk, all signs of soft Yoongi gone and boy did that look excite you. “Yes baby, moan for me. Whimper for me, let me hear you.” He pressed his lips to yours feverishly as one hand remained gripping your hip while the other made its way down your stomach. His tongue doing wonders in your mouth as he swiped a finger up your folds, coating it in your arousal. “You’re so wet for me.” He cooed, breaking free from the kiss to lick off the remnants of your pleasure off his finger then slamming his lips back to yours causing you to taste the sweet remains of yourself on his lips and tongue. You hastily pulled his shirt up over his head, tossing it to the floor with the rest of the discarded clothes. Running your fingertips along his chest and down his stomach, running a single finger down his happy trail. “And your so hard for me.” Your hand palming his painfully hard dick over his jeans, he thrusted himself into your hand a loud moan escape his swollen lips from the new attention his cock was getting. He looked down at you with hooded eyes and furrowed brows as you continued to rub him never breaking eye contact (which seemed to drive him mad) At an agonizingly slow pace you unzipped and unbuttoned his jeans, sliding them down his perfect milky thighs letting him do the rest. He was left in his light gray boxers, you saw the stain of precum and you smiled knowing the effect you had on him.
You softly placed your hand on his chest to sit him down once more, as you pulled down his boxers and ran your hands down his thighs to his balls. You massaged his balls  with your hand, as you listened to his soft sighs and gulps, his hands gripping the sheets, you halted your movements for a moment waiting for him to look down at you, his eyes met yours and as you stared deep into his eyes you ran your finger over his angry, pink tip, spreading his precum and boy did that trigger something inside that blonde haired beauty. Within seconds he had your hands pinned down over your head and his face buried in your neck, you felt his hot breath hit your bruises and it felt so good and so heavenly. “Kiss my lips pabo.” He looked at you with his adorable gummy smile before pressing his lips to yours, his lips being your new favorite flavor, you felt his hard member pressed against your inner thigh sending a soft moan of want to leave your lips which he quickly swallowed whole.
One hand held your two wrists together as the other made its way down your side and down your thigh, sending euphoria to fill your lungs. Oxygen suddenly seeming useless if you didnt have him filling your body with the euphoria his touch provided.

His hand grazed over your heat as he grabbed his cock, running it down your folds in teasing manner causing you squirm in anticpation underneth him. “Yoongi!” You didnt care if you sounded needy because you were, you needed him, you wanted him now. His chuckle filled your ears as he lined himself up with your entrance wanting nothing more then to feel you around him, before you could even blink he slid himself into you sending both of you to moan in much awaited pleasure.
He let go of your wrists to put one hand on your waist and the other to hold himself up, his face inches from yours soaking up all your beauty and the way your skin glistened with a small coat of sweat that could only be seen in certain light. He snapped his hips into yours causing him to swallow the following moan as he kissed you as passionately as he fucked you. He pulled himself out only to slam back into you, rolling his hips hard but slow, creating such a passionate pace and in that moment you were his rap song. You were the piece of art he worked on, passionately and wonderfully. Running your hands down his back to feel every curve, dip, every inch becoming a permanent memory in your mind, you grabbed his perfect ass and squeezed sending a very noticable red tint to hit his cheeks as he looked into your eyes, pounding into you slowly not breaking eye contact just as you had done before. Breathe ghosting over each others lips, allowing every moan to escape like it was a prize for the other.
The hand that was previously on your hip traced its way up  your stomach and breasts and up to your neck sending shivers down your spine. Whimpering his name for what felt like the hundredth time that night he slammed into you harder, as if with ever snap of his hips he was telling you he loved you, his passion came in ways so much more then 'I love you’s’ and you loved it. He pressed his thumb and index finger down in just the right place to send your brain into a daze, closing your eyes in pure ecstasy you smiled while his hand remained on your throat until he finally let go and kissed your nose for being such a good girl. “Moan my name baby.” His voice lacked dominance, it was more of a plead then a demand but you didnt need to be told twice to show him how expertly skilled he was in pleasing you. You chanted his name in a whiny manner that sent a deep groan to leave his lips. He lifted your leg over his shoulder to get a new angle, hitting your g spot with every passionate, slow, and deep thrust, the familiar feeling boiling in the pit of your stomach, digging your fingers into his shoulders as you began kissing his collarbones and adams apple, moaning into his damp skin.  The slapping of skin filling the room along with mewls and growls made everything hotter, his matted down freshly bleached hair and your slightly smudged makeup from dinner eaflier that night. “Y-Y/n, look at me. I want to see you when you cum. Let me see your face when you come undone.” Kissing his adams apple one last time, he pressed his forehead to yours, breathing heavily against your lips, you closed your eyes tightly as you clenched around him sending a loud moan to leave his lips that you withiut hesitation kissed away. “I’m close Yoongi.” He quickly found his way to your clit as he began to rub your sensitve bud to help you find your release, you were falling,  seeing stars and feeling nothing but ecstasy.
He watched your eyes flutter shut as you clentched around him once again and let go completely, moaning his name like it was normal for you to do so, and seeing you come undone sent him over the edge, releasing his hot, white pleasure deep within you, moaning your name loud and proud because this time it was actually you; the two of you rode out your highs. Heavy breaths and lips barley touching, drinking in each others states, not kissing or fucking, just breathing and sweaty. The room was silent, except for your heavy breathing and the words the two of yall exchanged with the intense eye contact spoke volumes over the silence.

Yoongi kissed you softly before slipping out of you and walking to his bathroom to grab a damp towel, he cleaned you off; the towel causing you to slightly hiss due to how sensitive you were. Before going to put the towel away he handed you your underwear and his shirt, not looking your way but caring quietly like he usually did, but no matter you smiled to yourself as you slipped on his shirt happily. Coated in his scent you giggled and crawled under the covers waiting for your Dageu prince to come back and sleep next to you. He came back wearing black and blue boxers, his hair a mess and his cheeks pink as pink can be, he looked angelic…well sort of.

He slipped under the covers and nonchalantly scooped you up into him, looking up at the ceiling as your head rested on his bare chest and your hand rested on his stomach. “Are we going to talk about what all happened today?” As cliche and as 'girl’ like it seemed it must be asked, because you admitted mutual feelings of love, and made love of the first date, there was no denying that what happened prior was way more then a typical fuck. It was magical and meant something.

“I think what just happened spoke louder then anything Y/n.” His soft chuckle made his chest vibrate underneath you, and perhaps his answer wasn’t exactly what you were looking for but he was right.

“So we just see where this goes?” Not jumping into a relationship that both of yall knew you wanted, but too scared to do so. Going day by day as two people who enjoyed the other company and loved one another, not the pressure of boyfriend and girlfriend but just…Yoongi and Y/n.

His response was the last thing you heard before falling asleep soundlessly on his chest.

“Just like writing a song.”

The sound of light banter and sizzling bacon woke you up from your much needed sleep, Yoongi still sleeping sweetly beside you, his blonde hair sticking up in random places making him look like the cutest mess ever. Grabbing your phone and pulling on some of Yoongi’s sweats you made your way downstairs without waking sir sleepy head.

It wasn’t untill you were greeted by five sets of wiggling eyebrows, and smug smirks that your realized your mistake. “Looks like Yoongi Hyung marked you up nicely.” Jimin giggled, running up to you and poking your side like a little middle school boy, but of course the humiliating time could not be over without the evil Maknae coming in and taking a jab at the events. He walked up to you and squinted his eyes slightly, hands behind his back and bending over your short body barely. “Mhm, how many is that? One…two…three..and four. Hyung did do a good job.” You punched the defenseless “little” bunny boy in the stomach causing Taehyung to howl in laughter but of course what kind of golden maknae would he be if the punch actually phased him?

“Anyways, wheres Hoseok?” Noticing that of the five pairs of eyes your favorite brown ones were no where to be found. Namjoon turned away with a smirk still plastered on his face while, Jin simply continued cooking, Jimin and Taehyung were giggling like children while Jungkook rose an eyebrow and gestured behind you. “Does that answer your question?”

Jimin and Taehyung’s giggling became background noise as you turned around to see Hoseok with deshelveled hair and light pink cheeks, but it wasn’t Hoseok that had your eyes wide with shock. It was the petite brunette standing next to him, beautiful figure camouflaged behind Hoseok’s familiar silky white button up and leggings that you were assuming were hers. She was beautiful and as to why she was in yalls house wasn’t much of mystery but as to why you are finding out about it now was.

“Y/n, this is Rosé.”

“Birthday Sex”

Tig Trager x Reader 
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This is for you doll @mjcumberbatch Happy (early) Birthday!


[Your Perspective]

“Your birthday is coming up…” he trailed off as he held the phone to his ear.

“Yes it is,” you smiled in response, “but you know I’m not big about birthdays Filip.” You could tell by how awkwardly he brought up the subject that he had something in mind. You were hoping he’d come back to Easterhouse to visit the family, but you knew that was a long shot. Filip hadn’t been back since he left as a teen. You were the only family he was even close to anymore. The rest had labeled him a black sheep and moved on with their lives without him.

“So why don’t ye come out here an’ spend your birthday in California?”

You saw that request coming from a mile away, “I don’t know Filip I–”
“–Lass you haven’t visited in years. Me an’ the guys, we all miss you… Tig too,” he added, causing you to blush. There was a teasing tone in his voice that antagonized you. Chibs knew you had a small crush on his outlaw brother, but he also knew, unbeknownst to you, that Tig had grown fond of you the last time you visited on your birthday four years ago.

“Alright, fine,” you spoke finally, feigning annoyance, “I’ll come. I’ll text you my flight details when I know them.”
“I’ll be waiting at the airport for you when you land, lass,” Chibs smiled and hung up the phone, pushing away from the desk in the office at TM and walking out into the garage where Tig, Bobby, Opie, Clay and Jax were all working on bikes and cars for customers.

“Just got off the phone with (Y/N)…” Chibs paused as he saw everyone’s attention turn to him, but none’s head whipped around quicker at the mention of your name than Tig Trager. Chibs grinned, “…She’ll be joinin’ us in Charming for her birthday next week.”
“That’s really good, brother,” Clay smiled, patting the Scotsman on the back, “It’ll do you good to have your family around for a little while.”
“Yeah…” he smiled back, looking across the garage at Tig whose mouth was agape as he stared off into space. Chibs didn’t know what it was about his younger cousin that made Tig so nervous, but it was entertaining to watch.

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Red Love


Pairing: Theo x Reader

Warning: Semi smut, couple curse words

Summary: It’s simple, your last name is Y/L/N. Your family is well known for their hunting skills. You encountered many difficult situations, however, the most dangerous comes in the form of a charming smile, toned abs and exhilarating brown eyes - Theo Raeken.

It started 6 months ago, by accident would be how you’d prefer to describe it as, however you knew that it was intentional. Theo Raeken was off limits, the biggest reason being that you were the daughter of a pristine hunter. From an young age you were taught to hunt the likes of Theo, instead, you went the opposite route - falling in love.

To avoid suspicion both you and Theo did whatever it took. From having secret nicknames as each others contact, his being “handsome” and you under “babygirl”. To lying of your whereabouts and meeting up in motels outside Beacon Hills. It was no way to maintain a relationship. Nonetheless, it was the way it had to be.

Polishing your crossbow that you had owned since childhood, your father was out demonstrating the 101 of becoming a hunter to the new recruits. Hearing a double beep coming from your phone, it was Theo’s ringtone. Checking the message, a smile spread across your face.

I wanna see you, babygirl. Meet at our regular room? - T

207 at the Beacon Motel, the room Theo was referring too. You swore the kind, old lady behind the service desk always saved the room for you and Theo. Every time the two of you would show up, she would smile, hand over the key and say “enjoy your stay”. Texting back you’d see him in half an hour, the door to the garage opened wide.

“I swear some of these delinquents don’t know how to handle a crossbow!”. Your father waltzed in, sighing.

“Well, they all can’t be pros like you from a young age”. Sarcastically replying, nudging your dad.

He kissed your cheek. “Expect for you, Y/N. At least you’ll never disappoint me”.
Glancing sideways, if only he knew. Disappointment wouldn’t be the only emotion coursing through his veins.

“Do you mind if I step out, dad?. Got a lead that I want to check out”.

“Of course, sweetheart. Call if you run into any trouble”. Adding, “And make sure you remember to check in!”.

Uttering a quick "I will”, you dashed for the door and started the 20 minute drive to the motel where hopefully Theo was already waiting.

Parking beside Theo’s truck, you made sure to choose the side with less light. That way no-one would see your number plate, unless they were right in front of it. Passing the front desk, you popped in to say hello to Margaret, who was very sweet to keep all of this a secret.

Climbing up the two flight of sets, room 207 had it’s curtains closed and the light dim of a fluorescent glow could barely be seen through the window. Knocking twice, then three more times. Theo opened the door, letting you quickly slip inside. As he locked the chain, he turned around not expecting you to smash your lips on his.

“That’s one hell of a way to say hello”. Grinning from ear to ear.

You stayed in his arms, not wanting to detach yourself just yet. “I’ve missed you”.

“I know, babygirl, I know”.

Titling your head up, you were met with Theo’s chocolate-coloured brown eyes. He confessed, “Sometimes I’d hide behind the tall shrubs at the compound, just to make sure you’re doing okay. It killed me on the days where I could sense that you weren’t, and all I could do is just stand and watch, instead of hold you in my arms”.

You thought back to all the times where you felt a strange, but, familiar presences. Hunter senses would kick in, alerting you to a potential threat. Yet, you never acted upon the feeling. And now you knew why.

“Theo what if my dad-”.

“He didn’t”.

“But what if-”.

He put one finger under your chin, planted the most lightest kiss then ran a thumb over your lips. Quietly whispering, “I wouldn’t let him”.

Your stomach did somersaults thinking about how Theo managed to stay away from view. The compound was swarming daily with hunters, it didn’t matter if they were new or experienced. The danger alone of Theo lurking made you feel both flattered and nauseated.

“This is our night, one of the rare few we have”. Theo hand reached down for yours. “I don’t want to spend it talking about your dad, or thinking about anything else related to our situation. All I want is you, Y/N”.

Smiling, Theo leaned in to kiss you. It was slow, affectionate. But within the snap of your fingers it turned into a deep, lustful hunger. Stumbling towards the king sized bed, the back of your legs hit the base. Falling onto the soft mattress, Theo gently hovered above, a loving gaze looking down at you. Shifting upwards, Theo discarded his shirt. Running a hand from the top to the bottom of his muscular chest, your eyes darted to the outline of his member.

“Pants off now, Raeken”.

“Feeling feisty are we?”.

“I guess you could say it’s that hunter side of me coming out to play”. Pulling Theo down by the back of the neck, emotions were in overdrive. You didn’t have to possess supernatural hearing or smell to know, that desire was taking control in this room.

Wiggling out of his jeans, while simultaneously unbuttoning your blouse along with your jeans. Theo tossed each item of clothing elsewhere, and made tiny love bites down your chest, since he couldn’t leave them any where they could be seen. “Well, that hunter side is going to have to behave. Because I want to take this nice and slow, baby”.

Groaning at the sheer thought of his words, whenever Theo wanted to take his time the sex ended up being out of this world amazing. He knew every curve to trace, the right moment to enhance the pleasure and what words to whisper. But, it also became torture having to master up the patience until Theo gave you what your body screamed for. He was the biggest tease you knew, even more so when he initiated dominance.

“We don’t have time for slow”. Closing your eyes as he ventured further down.
Theo stopped. Pulled the hem of your dark blue underwear and let it snap against your skin, “Then we’ll make time”. Shoving the fabric to the side, two fingers slipped in, causing you to moan at the contact on your core. He curled them upwards, and by now you felt the wetness growing.

There were no words, other than incoherently groans and moans to describe how it felt to feel Theo’s love for you. He removed the only barrier of clothing - his boxers, revealing his hardened member. Your fingers grazed the tip, earning a hiss from Theo. Switching positions, slow and steady was what Theo wanted and that’s what you were going to give him. Sticking two fingers in your mouth, Theo’s eyes darkened. He watched, intensely, as those same fingers travelled down your chest and stopped just shy above your center. Biting his lip, it was a big tease move, one that wasn’t quite finished.

It was time to have Theo a whimpering mess under you. Starting off at the tip, you drew one finger up and down, several times. He rolled his hips. Massaging his length, you saw how wild that was driving him. “Take me in your mouth, babygirl, please”. Begging for any type of release.

As a hunter you were used to having the power to change a circumstance, to watch as people pleaded for another chance. With Theo, you allowed him to take charge. It excited you when he did. So watching him beg was a rare sight. “I’m just giving you what you asked for, slow and steady, baby”.

With one swift movement, Theo resumed his position on top. “Fuck slow and steady”.

“Lang-”. Theo thrusted deep, sending your eyes to the back of your head and the headboard shook from the force. “-uage, fuck Theo”. Gripping onto his shoulders, he found that steady rhythm, hitting your sweet spot as he did so.
Heavy pants filled the room. Skin on skin were slapping furiously against one another and you walls clenched around Theo. The pleasure building. Eyes still remained closed, you didn’t have the willpower to open them. Theo held onto your waist as he placed a rough kiss upon your lips.

“Open those eyes, Y/N. I want my girl to watch me make love to her”. He demanded.

Scrunching the sheets in between your fingers, it took all the energy you had left to fulfill his request. Your eyes meet with Theo’s. Feeling the build up increase, climax was close, seconds away. Theo gave several more thrusts, each getting more sloppy than the last. Arching your back as far as it could, you screamed out Theo’s name, soon after he followed with yours.

He collapsed on top of your chest, sucking across your neck, but not enough to leave any marks. Rolling off, both were left trying to catch a breath.

“God, I’ve missed being that close to you”. Breathlessly admitting to your werewolf boyfriend.

Theo sneaked an arm around your waist, closing the gap. “Me too”. Resting against his firm chest, hearing his heartbeat brought a sense of calm to you. “I don’t want you to leave”.

“Let’s not think about that, okay?. Just enjoy this moment with me, babygirl”. His fingers gently untangling the strands of hair that were caught together.

“I wish I could, but you know that we can’t stay in this room forever”. Securely the sheets, you climbed out of bed. Walking over to the large drawer across the room, a big round mirror perched just above. Bits of hair stuck in all different directions, lips pink and swollen. “It’s like a silent timer ticking away when we’re together, Theo. Just counting down until one of us has to leave”.

Theo maneuvered to the foot of the bed, legs dangling off the edge, his bare torso exposed as the bed sheet slipped to the side. “Y/N, the only worry we have is if your family find out. Besides I think Scott would be fine with us, after all he dated a hunter. In fact I think he’d worry less if he found out I’ve bedded a hunter”.

Turning around, you glanced at Theo, processing his words. “Bedded?. What am I, a play thing?”. Bending to pick up your undergarments, you quickly slid them on underneath, letting the white sheet drop to the floor. “And since when did all the blame of us not being able to be with each other get put on me?”. Asking, completely taken back.

He realized what he’d said and how that may be interpreted the wrong way. Theo reached for your waist as he stood. Allowing him to hug you from behind, his breath tickled the side of your face. “No, baby, god no. I didn’t mean it like that. I’m sorry”. He pouted, then ran his hands further up your legs, settling on your hips. “Forgive me?”.

He swayed a little, creating friction. Distracting from the topic at hand, the last thing both of you wanted was to end the night on a low point, after starting it in absolute bliss. Theo increased the motion of his hips in a circular fashion. Nibbling the top of your right ear. “Forgive me?”.

Being with Theo was dangerous in many ways, not only for the most obvious reason. But because you realized as his hands toyed with the elastic of your underwear, that he possessed a unique ability which sent your brain spinning, making it easier to disregard any irritation that he’d caused.

“Baby, Y/N?”.

Theo’s voice became less disoriented and the wall that captured your attention steadily regained focus. Twisting your body so that you could stare into his eyes. “You’re forgiven”. You truly did mean it, even if your tone didn’t convey it.

“Y/N, we’ll be okay”. Pulling on his boxers.

Interruption came in the form of a telephone call. Theo checked his phone, but the screen remained black. Seeing the caller I.D, you shoved the phone under the pillow. Mouthing to Theo that it was your dad. His response - to roll his eyes.

Even though your dad wasn’t physically at the motel, the idea of answering the phone in nothing but undergarments didn’t sit well with you. Buttoning up the faded black jeans, your hand trembled holding the small device. “Hello”. Mentally giving yourself a lecture, you never answered the phone with hello.

“Sweetheart, you haven’t checked in. I’m getting worried, how’s the lead?”. Your father’s voice boomed through the speakers.

Theo crossed his arms. “Lead?”.

Ignoring him, you had to concentrate on the conversation. “Fine, not much to report at this stage”.

“I can send other hunters if you need back up?”.

Blurting out a loud no, you bit the corner of your lip. “I mean it’s all handled. I’ll be home soon”. Making sure that you earned a “okay, be safe” before hanging up. Theo rubbed his hands over your shoulders.

“Breathe, babygirl”. His voice soothed the tension bubbling to the surface. Inhaling, Theo took the phone still gripped firmly in your hands. “No-one knows where we are, your dad thinks you’re out chasing leads and no-one really cares where I go, so we’re safe”.

Touching his cheek. “I care, Theo, so much”.

Picking you up in his arms, he gently laid you on the bed. Facing one another, his hand resting romantically on your hip.

“A hunter and the werewolf”. Stroking his bare chest.

Theo crooked his head to meet your lips. “We make a damn sexy, power couple. Don’t you think?”.

“One for the history books”. Forming a smile as Theo inched closer, almost to the point where noses were touching.

Yawning, today had taken an exhausting toll. Theo reached over to gather up the bed sheet and laid it over you. “This werewolf is falling in love with the hunter”. Feeling your eyes close, you still managed to mumble. “I’m falling in love with you too”.

Legs intertwined, this is what it felt like to be immersed in a red love.

anonymous asked:

'I really need you'

He is no stranger to the leaving, he has heard all the conventional goodbyes, he is distant and reserved from the ones that have walked out when the going got too tough.  
He was never the type to verbally express the way he feels, or what is rattling around that the brain of his. He tends to keep to himself, making it remarkably challenging to know when something is wrong or when he is just genuinely being withdrawn and reserved while jotting down lyrics in his journal.

You do your best to check up on him whilst he is away on tour, continuously managing to catch him when he is alone in his hotel room where he is free to talk, doing your best to listen to every single story he tells you, no matter how uninteresting they may seem. You listen over the phone to all the ups and downs he endures- the things he conceals from the prying media and fans that are ecstatic to have him touring for his new album. Nobody but you and his family gets to see the opposite side of him that the fans witness. He isn’t always satisfied and grinning, there are times he is down, confused, and craving the tender touch of your hand on his back, the loving and heartwarming hug of his mother, and the witty comments of his family.

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So the above photos, this tweet, and some spirited conversations in the group chat led to this ficlet. Much contribution from @sidsknee and @ehghtyseven, the best bits were their ideas. Make sure you take a look at @sidsknee‘s AO3 here


Shape of You

Geno feels like shit. The ice packs the trainers sent him back to the hotel with have gone warm. They’re going to take ages to refreeze in the tiny freezer of his mini fridge; and in the meantime, he’d like to maybe sleep, at some point. Their flight tomorrow is at ass’o’clock in the morning. He can’t wait to be back home. This entire road trip has been hellish, with tonight’s game the worst of all.

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becoming mr sugden

ao3 link

three times aaron was accidentally called mr sugden, and one time he wasn’t.

i. (the first time)

The first time someone accidentally calls him Mr Sugden, it throws Aaron. Sure, he’d heard Robert call him Mr Sugden a hundred times, in so way different ways - in that low, sultry, come to bed voice of his, in soft whispers over breakfast in the morning, but it sounded so different coming from the voice of a nurse at Hotten General.

“Mr Sugden? Your husband is finished up with the doctor,” she said, offering him a kindly smile.

Aaron’s too worked up to correct her, too worried about Robert to even really register that his name wasn’t Sugden. “Is he alright?” he asked, following her down the busy hallway.

He’d gotten a phonecall from the hospital to tell him Robert had been involved in a car accident, and he didn’t remember much more after that. Aaron had just grabbed his car keys and gone, driving over the speed limit the entire way from Emmerdale to Hotten.

He hadn’t thought much of not hearing from Robert for a few hours, knowing his husband was prone to spending hours schmoozing new clients during their initial meeting - Aaron had figured Robert would text when he could, so to get a phonecall from Hotten General to say he was hurt, he hadn’t exactly been prepared.

“He’s fine, just a bit shaken up I think,” she said. “Just a few cuts and bruises.”

Aaron let out a breath he hadn’t realised he’d been holding as he’d sat, waiting to find how how Robert was. He was okay, he was fine - Robert was fine. He followed the nurse into the ward, Robert sitting on the edge of the hospital bed, his shirt sleeves rolled up and a gash on his forehead.

“Robert.” Aaron practically breathed his name, studying his face carefully, counting every new scratch and bruise. A cut across his nose, a bruise on the underside of his jaw, a lengthy gash on his forehead.

His self confidence would take a beating, until they healed.

“I’m okay.” Robert reassured, reaching out to squeeze Aaron’s hand, his grip tight. “A learner driver took the corner too fast, slammed into me. I’m fine, I swear - just a few cuts and bruises.”

“And a sprained wrist,” another nurse piped up, holding a clipboard close to her chest.

Aaron looked at Robert’s left hand, his wrist strapped up tightly in a support. “It’s nothing major, at least?” he said, an almost hopeful tone to his voice.

“Nothing serious.” Robert confirmed, still looking a little shaken. “I can’t say the same for my car though, the driver door is mangled.”

“As long as you’re okay,” Aaron murmured, leaning in to press a kiss to the top of Robert’s head, breathing in the familiar scent of his shampoo, the lingering scent of his cologne.

He hated to ever feel as though he was going to lose Robert, lose this, lose them.

“Mr Sugden?”

“Yeah?” Aaron and Robert said in unison, the two of them looking at each other in shock as the nurse laughed. `

“The Mr Sugden who was in the car accident,” she teased, paperwork in hand. “Sign here, and you’re free to go.”

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Mile high: Jay Park x Reader

Title: Mile high
Genre: Smut
Warnings: General smut, kinda public sex.
Word count: 4,097 wow sorry its long.

A/N: First time writing Jay Park smut, an off handed request by @b-a-e-hyung hope you enjoy~

Summary: You work as an airhostess, and today you’re lucky enough to be looking after the 1st class passengers. But one of them seems to want more attention from you than the others.

“This flight is now boarding, first class passengers please make your way to the front desk.” You announced over the speakers, knowing full well that most of the first class passengers would be heading from the VIP departure lounge you knew to announce it early enough to still let the other passengers on in time. You had worked as a flight attendant for 6 months, the dream of travelling and meeting new people almost guaranteed, but it didn’t always work out like that. Especially when serving first class like you were today. It was mostly full of middle aged business men, none of them having time for the young girl serving them their warm towelettes and individually catered flight meals, but all them more than willing to call you ‘sweet cheeks’ whilst glancing at your ass as you walked away from them. But the promise of travel kept you in the job, and right now you were attending to a flight to South Korea from America, the diversity of the passengers intriguing you as you played your normal guessing game of wondering what kind of career they all had to spend so much money travelling the world. Bowing your head as the first class passengers began to line up they handed their passports to you for inspection, you glancing at their picture before confirming with their face that it was them. “Have a nice flight, sir. Enjoy your flight ma’am.” You found yourself repeating over and over, bowing politely before taking the next passport you opened it to the picture, your eyes glancing on the name as something clicked into your brain. “Park Jaebeom.” You muttered under your breath, scanning the picture you noticed the string of tattoos on the photograph which prompted you to immediately look up to the man himself. “Jay Park.” You seemed almost shocked, but there he stood; a half smirk on his face as he hung his head back slightly at your bemusement.  “That’s me.” He grinned smugly, slowly reaching back out to you he peeled the passport from your fingers, tracing over your fingertips ever so tantalizingly as his eyes never left yours. It sent a mad chill through your spine as your breath hitched in your throat, you were the best example of star shocked that a person could be, and yet Jay acted as if it was nothing. “Have a nice flight.” You finally spoke, the words trailing lazily from your mouth which caused a low growl of a laugh to escape his throat. “I plan to.” He replied, giving you a click of his tongue before walking past you and towards the gate, your eyes following him until he was almost out of sight.

It took you the rest of the boarding time to calm down, still feeling the slight touch of his hand against yours lingering on you, even the thought of it caused a sudden shiver to hit you and a slight shade of red to grace your cheeks. You were acting like a fangirl but all of that needed to exit your head as you boarded the plane itself in order to continue with your next task; attending to the passengers on the flight. “Y/N!” A colleague called; turning your attention to them they seemed concerned or worried. “You’ve been requested in first class, you have to swap with Anna.” You were puzzled. “Requested?” You confirmed, they nodded as they began to usher you through the doors towards first class. You barely had time to think before you were transported back into the upper class world. It was so much more spacious than economy class, with leather seats spaced out equally from each other; each spot seemed so isolated as the passengers enjoyed their space and privacy. Nevertheless you pulled yourself together, dusted your navy uniform off as you pulled the hem of your skirt down slightly you walked down the aisle, only to be stopped by that breath-taking voice from before. “Miss?” Jay called, you looked over to your side to find him slouched in his reclined chair, looking comfortable with that smug grin back on his face as he tilted his head to look up to you. That familiar tingle from earlier began to return, feeling your heart begin to race once more you reminded yourself this was your job. “Yes, sir?” You replied with your normal sweet tone you had towards all the passengers, it caused him to arch an eyebrow at you curiously as he shifted even further down in his seat. He could tell how hard you were trying to maintain a professional look, and he was about to test it. “I have this bag.” His eyes darted to the other side of his chair as you followed, a black rucksack lay by his side “Could you stow it in the locker for me?” He asked ever so politely that you could tell his innocence was fake. “Not a problem.”  You chirped back, the optimist in you expecting him to pass the bag up so you could stow it away. But Jay had other plans as he kept his grin plastered clear on his face, pouting a little as he expected you to lean over him to reach the bag. With no other choice that’s exactly what you did, holding your breath to stem your nerves at being so close to him you tried your best to be as quick as possible, your chest lingering merely inches from his body as your back arched over him, your hands reaching for the bag. “Nice.” You heard him mutter down your ear, making a small squeak escape your lips as your eyes snapped back to him quickly. “Pardon?” You cleared your throat in shock, a blush creeping up once more as Jay stayed perfectly relaxed in his chair. “Your name.” He retorted with a smirk, glancing down to look at your name badge which was clear in his eye line “Y/N.” it rolled from his lips so perfectly you could feel your heart beating faster in your chest “It’s very nice.” There was a hint of a chuckle in his throat as he was practically lowly growling your name, your mouth parting slightly as you watched over his features, something about him enticing you to want to linger longer until you realized your fingernails were digging into his bag. Snapping straight up you quickly unlocked the overhead locker to place the bag inside it, huffing to yourself to catch your breath before looking back to him you could tell he was having far too much fun watching you become more and more flustered. “Will that be all, sir?” You asked in a high tone, holding your breath that he would finally let you walk away.  “Not quite.” He sighed contently, sitting up slightly in his chair to watch you better as your eyes grew wide once more. “A bottle of champagne; if you wouldn’t mind.” It was much more of an order but he still worded it politely with that twinge of a smug smirk placed on his lips, it was driving you crazy. Pursing your lips tightly together you nodded once at him, turning to walk away he called out once more “And two glasses. You will be joining me.” Your eyebrows furrowed, turning on your heels to face him once more you looked at him with concern. “I-I’m working. I can’t-“ you continued, but Jay shook his head and quietened you instantly. “Your job is to make 1st class passengers happy, right?” He came to rest his chin in the palm of his hand, looking up to you with arched brows as he waited for your response. “Of course.” You replied warily, wondering just what he had on his mind. “I am a first class passenger, this will make me happy.” He didn’t have to state much more than that, and he wasn’t going to. Having made his point you ran your tongue over your bottom lip as you nodded once more before fetching what he asked for.

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let me tell you about the messiest travel experience i just had on my journey from vancouver to washington DC

  • I arrived at Vancouver Airport a couple hours early because security for flights into the United States takes a long time. Border agent asked me “why the fuck” I was in Canada. Got through security, found my gate about 2 hours early, and noticed that the flight was delayed by an hour.
  • Realized, oh god, I’m going to miss my connecting flight. About 25 other people at the gate also realize something similar at the same time. There is no flight agent at the desk. We all panic. We panic for about an hour and a half. I tried to make casual conversation with an elderly couple next to me. Expressed that I would miss a number of classes the next day if I missed my flight and I was upset about that. Old lady responds, and I quote, “yeah, well, my vacation is a bit more important than your education.” Briefly wondered if I lost my grip on reality because surely that’s only something someone in a political cartoon would say or something
  • Flight agent arrived 30 minutes before the flight was supposed to leave. We all descended upon the poor person, panicked and all clearly operating on various levels of sleep deprivation and stress. The flight agent were awesome and got my connecting flights changed. The problem: my original connecting flight was the last flight of the night. I’d have to wait until the next day to fly to DC. I could take my first original flight and then take a bunch of different flights the next day in order to eventually reach my destination. Frantically emailed all of my professors and some classmates
  • Flew to San Francisco. Got a free hotel room from the airline. Went to my hotel room but realized it didn’t make sense to go to sleep because I had to get up and go back to the airport in like 5 hours anyways. So, I took a bath with every free hotel bath product I could access and watched I Love Lucy for 5 hours. Drank instant coffee at 3am to stay awake. Felt very unwholesome. Kinda felt like I peaked and hit rock bottom in life simultaneously at that moment.
  • Got on my flight to Chicago around the time I should have originally been back home in DC. Fell asleep on the plane for about 4 hours after being awake for 23 hours- so technically my record of never pulling an all-nighter during college still stands. Landed in Chicago and ran to my next flight: DC!!!
  • Checked my emails and texts. Found out we had a pop quiz in one of the classes I missed. Came to terms with the fact that I will not be receiving an A in the class. Mourned, grieved, accepted, and moved on.
  • About 30 minutes after we were supposed to land in DC, we all noticed that we were A. late and B. circling in the air. Then, we got an announcement from the pilot: we flew to the wrong airport
  • I shit you not
  • There are multiple airports around DC and we flew to the wrong one
  • the wrong airport
  • Between laughing my ass off every time the pilot made a new announcement detailing how fucked we all were, I gathered a bunch of tourists around me like a mother bird wrapping her wings around her baby birds and I explained how to get to DC from the (wrong) airport
  • 30 minutes later we land (in the wrong airport) and we are all given the option to either get off at the wrong airport or stay put on the airplane and eventually fly over to the correct airport, where all of the checked bags were hanging out
  • I got the fuck off the plane because I only had a carry-on bag and holy fuck I was NOT about to stick around and see how else this airline could fuck with me today
  • Decided that although it was cheaper to take a bus and then take the metro home, I would avoid it. The metro would probably catch on fire. Defeated, and in DC about 12 hours later than originally anticipated, I request an uber
  • My uber driver was a very nice Greek man who got a master’s degree at my University back in the 70’s. Only a couple problems: 1. he has been back in DC for about 1 week and has not visited since the 1970’s. DC is very different now. He does not know his way around DC now.  2. he doesn’t know how to use a smartphone or the uber app
  • He threw his smartphone at me and asked if I could help him use the uber app and figure out what we were doing
  • I don’t know how to drive but I know how to use the uber app as a driver now
  • idk I’m home now and I’m not totally sure what day it is
  • I kinda want to watch i love lucy rn
Passport Pranks / Colby Brock

Anonymous said: Can you make a Colby Brock imagine TFIL style

Anonymous said: Hello!! Can you do another TFIL imagine for Colby❤️

Author’s note: This video is actually from Elton’s personal channel, but they were travelling for TFIL, so If you want an actual TFIL video imagine, let me know what video you want it to be based on! Enjoy, loves!


“Since we’re together, we have to explain this?” Elton asks, looking at the flight attendent. Colby, Elton, Brennen, and Jay were currently ending their Japan trip for TFIL. Elton decided since it was the prank war, he’d prank Colby before they left, by taking his passport and making him believe that he had lost it. “Oh shit! He’s calling Y/N!” Elton realizes as he hears Colby say ‘Hey, Babe.’

“As you know I’m in Japan.” Colby says.

“Yeah?” You answer sleepily, considering it was 5 in the morning.

“Ummm… Our flight leaves in an hour and right when I went to pull out my passport, It was no where to be found…” He explains.

“You aren’t coming home? You lost your passport?” You ask, sitting up in your bed, way back in Los Angeles.

“No, I have to wait and get something to let me come home.” Colby explains.

“What are you going to do?” You ask, concerned for the brunette’s safety.

“I don’t know… Couch surf until it get here. I can’t check into a hotel without a passport.” Colby sighs.

“No one is staying?” You ask.

“No, it’s gonna cost too much for them all to stay.” He explains. You sigh, pulling out your computer from Colby’s side of the bed. You look for a ticket to the airport they are at.

“The next flight isn’t until later today, so it would be like a whole day before I can even get there, babe.”

“No, no. You don’t need to come, baby. I just wanted to let you know what was going on.”

“Hey can I talk to her?” Elton says, approaching Colby.

“Sure.” Colby says, handing over his phone.

“Hey. I just wanted to say team Elton.” He says, pulling the passport from his pocket. Colby freaks out grabbing the passport.

“Oh. My God! Y/N/N, it was a prank.” Colby explains, yelling into the phone. “Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh.” Colby says, leaning over. “Y/N. Y/N. It was a prank.” Brennen pushes Colby over to the flight attendant and hands the passport over to her.

“You pranked me?” You ask, everyone hearing over speaker now.

“No! No! No!” Colby says. “Elton pranked me! Babe, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.”

“We actually do have to catch out flight.” Elton laughs.

“Baby? I’m going to text you.”

“Okay.. I’ll see you soon. Love you.”

“I love you too.”


10 hours later, Colby and the boys arrived home in California, and Colby still wasn’t over Elton’s prank.

“Hey, babe. I’m home.” He says, opening the door to your shared room.

“Hey, baby,” You say, standing from your desk, where you worked on editing a video.

“I’m sorry about calling you at 5 in the morning.”

“It’s okay. I’m glad you did.”


“I was the first person you called, even when I was a 10 hour flight away.” You smile, kissing him for the first time in what seemed like forever.

The Lucky Ones (ACOTAR Hollywood AU) - PART 4

Prologue Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Trigger Warning: Minor Physical and Verbal Abuse

Tamlin did not let go of her wrist until they were out the door, but even then, he released her roughly. He didn’t step away from her, keeping her within reaching distance. His eyes burned like emerald flame, and Feyre tried not to flinch away from his stare.

“You fucking slut,” Tamlin spat. “I get angry once and you go prancing off with some other guy.” Feyre didn’t try to defend herself as he slapped her face. Her eyes watered, but she did not cry.

He had gotten angry with her more than once in the past. She had every right to leave him and yet… and yet she never did. He claimed to love her, and Feyre had never had that before. At least not from someone other than her sisters, or her father whenever he was sober enough to acknowledge her existence.

Her shoulders curled in, and she looked at her feet as he began to yell nonsense at her. About how grateful she should be for him, and how badly Rhysand would treat her, and how stupid she was, and how if he ever caught her speaking to another man again…. He didn’t finish the sentence, but Feyre got the idea.

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These Are My Requirements.

Anon asked: This is gonna sound cheesy but how about reader is Leia’s protégé and spends time grooming reader for the command center. Leia notices Poe taking an interest and is forced to give a “rules for dating my child ” type speech because she knows they are perfect together and she wants it to work out??

Author: Zoe

(A/N: I love the idea of Leia as a surrogate mother too much for my own good.)

Plot Summary: Ever since losing Ben to the Dark Side, the General has been longing to become a mother once again. Then you came into her life, scared but determined after Flight Commander Dameron rescued you just before the destruction of your planet, family, and friends. Leia immediately took up the role of surrogate mother and saw your potential, taking you under her wing as you worked your way up the ranks to Corporal. However, when General Organa notices you and Poe grew closer throughout the years, she sits him down to explain the rules and regulations to date her daughter, just as a General should.

Originally posted by fandoms-trump-real-life

“Come on, we have to go!” The man held out his hand to you as the stormtroopers raiding your town inch closer.

“I won’t hurt you, I promise! I’ll take you somewhere safe!” You clenched your jaw as you grabbed his hand, the two of you hopping into into the X-Wing, while his droid trying to calm you with various beeps.

“Here we go!” He flipped a few switches as you blasted off, clutching your seat.

“Hold on tight, we’re gonna get you out of here!” He declared, as you clenched your jaw, scared for your life and your savior’s.

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Something just like this. Part one.

Name: Something just like this. Part 1.

Author: Aya-Fay

Fandom: Captain America

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader; Bucky Barnes x Natasha Romanoff; Natasha Romanoff x Bruce Banner.

Warnings: Cheating; AU.

This story are going in two timelines: one in a plain letters; the other one - in italics.

Summury: Bucky Barnes.The man, who has everything he might desire: beautiful girlfriend; money; power and loyal friends. Or so he though. What will happen once he is late for his flight and fired from the job he loved so dearly?

People always say: Fate has a twisted sense of humor.
What can go wrong on a day, when nothing can go right?

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The Winter Soldiers - Part Nine

Summery: In 1993 Hydra put you under Cyro freeze and after twenty four years sleeping, your past companion Bucky Barnes aka the Winter Soldier finds you and brings you out into the real world but the both of you struggle with your past as Hydra’s Winter Soldiers.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,376

Warnings: little angst…? 

A/N: so I mapped everything out and it looks like there will be TWELVE parts totally for this story so we’re almost done! (but not really there’s still three more parts.) Anyways Happy Readings!!

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven, Part Eight

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Bucky and you had been training every morning for your first mission which was now three days away. At first Nat had been your sparring partner but today Bucky took her place.

“Are you ready?” Bucky asked taking stance across from you.

“Really hope this doesn’t trigger any memories,” you mumble to yourself hoping Bucky couldn’t hear but you knew he could, super soldier.

Bucky relaxed from his stance stepping away from you. “I can get someone else if you need.”

“No it should be fine, haven’t really had a flash back in a while,” you lied. There had been one other flashback but it gave no indication of what Hydra meant. You stopped telling Steve and Tony about the flashbacks so you wouldn’t worry them and focused on your training.

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Summer Love - a Tom Holland imagine

So this is my first imagine that I’m posting on tumblr; and who better to write it about than Tom Holland!

This is based off of the song Summer Love by One Direction. I’m not really a One Direction fan (though I used to be), and when I couldn’t sleep at 01:40 am last night, I found myself listening to some of their songs, this one being one of my favourites. Whenever I listened to this song, I always imagined this little story to go along with it, and last night I decided to write that story and make it into an imagine!

Synopsis: Tom and Y/N have spent the whole summer together falling in love, but now summer is over and they must part.

I know it’s a bit strange to write about this kind of thing at the beginning of the summer, but oh well.

Y/N = your name       Y/E/C = your eye colour

Word count: 2704 (jeez, I didn’t realise that it was this long!)

Hope that everyone enjoys this! Let me know what you think: should I write more imgines? Have a great day!

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No One Else (Peter Parker X Reader)

Summary: Songfic of No One Else from Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812

A/N: I just want to say thank you for 2,880 followers! It truly means the world to me. I’d also like to thank Zoë ( @dearcindymoon ) because she’s the one that’s been helping me revise, edit, and shape this whole idea! (Even if it took me 2-3 weeks) Without her, this probably wouldn’t have been out for another few weeks. Thank you so much, Zoë!

Warnings: None

Pronouns: she/her

Word Count: 1,824

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The moon

The pale blue glow of the moon leaked in through the windows. Midtown High’s Homecoming was in full swing. You were lost among the sea of fellow freshmen. Your dress flowed with every step you took. You had to admit, dances weren’t your cup of tea. However your friends guilt-tripped you into going and here you are. Looking as lost as ever.

First time I heard your voice

Moonlight burst into the room

The constant chatter that filled the room was nothing but a blur. This was a bad idea, you thought. Your friend, Natasha, smiled and joined you. In fact, she was the one who invited you. She was talking about something along the lines of her long time girlfriend. You were happy for her, but someone else caught your attention. Behind her, you heard a laugh.

And I saw your eyes

And I saw your smile

And the world opened wide

There was something about that laugh, different and genuine. However, his back was facing you. His friend looked at your for a split second, and said something to him. At that he turned around. His brown eyes somehow appeared to have gold and amber flecks as it caught the light. He wore a kind smile, warm and gentle. Your heart pounded against your chest. “Y/N, are you even listening?” said Natasha. Once you snapped back into reality, you heard the music fade into a slow song. “Whatever, I’ll be dancing while you swoon over Parker some more.” She walked away. A thought lingered in your mind. What if you asked for a dance? What would he think? You were staring at the ground, thinking of the worst situations that could come out of that. “Hey.” said someone. You looked up and it was him. You smiled. He looked at you, his foot tapping to drown out his own heart thumping. “I was wondering if you wanted to dance with me? Only if you wanted to, I’m not forcing you to. You just looked a little lonely,” his eyes went wide and he started to stutter “not that you’re always alone, how could you be? You seem funny and smart, not to mention you’re gorgeous.” He rambled and you laughed. “No need for an explanation, you’re pretty decent too.” you joked. “I’m Y/N.”

“I’m Peter.” He carefully took your hand and led you to the dance floor.

And the world was inside of me

And I catch my breath, and I laugh and blush

And I hear guitars

You are so good for me

His hands were wrapped around your waist while your hands were on his shoulders. It’s only been a few minutes, yet you were comfortable around him. Throughout the night, you talked to him and became friends. Maybe coming to homecoming wasn’t such a bad idea.

It’s been three weeks since that lovely night. You didn’t have any classes but him, but you both had lunch together so you started to sit next to him. You weren’t official yet, but you spent most of your time together whenever you could.

I love you, I love you

I love you, I love you

I love you.” he said. You looked up from your homework. He was sitting next to you on his bed, waiting for you to respond. You’ve never said it to one another; you’ve always known. Now that you heard it, everything was different. Just like the first dance, you felt butterflies in your stomach. You held his hand. He placed his hand gently on your cheek and pulled you in for a soft and sweet kiss. “I love you too, Peter Parker.”

Oh the moon

Oh the snow in the moonlight

It was Winter Break of Freshman year. You’ve been official for seven weeks. You both circled around a park next to your favorite café. You held your free hand out and snow sprinkled on top of your glove. You’ve always loved snow. The pure, bright crystals brought back nothing but beautiful memories. You didn’t know this, but Peter was taken aback. There you were, lost in your own thoughts, looking absolutely beautiful. He smiled to himself. “Something nice about the snow, sweetheart?”
“It’s so breathtaking.”

“Well the snow isn’t the only thing breathtaking here.” he said. You looked at him.

And your childlike eyes

And your distant smile

“Really now? What else has your attention?”

“You.” He held his arms out, begging you to come closer. So you did. “Smooth move, Parker.”

“What can I say, when you see something beautiful, you get inspired.”

I’ll never be this happy again

You and I

And no one else

Needless to say, every moment you spent with him was a dream. Almost too good to be true.

We’ve done this all before

We were angels once

Don’t you remember?

Sophomore year. The seasons changed, and so did your relationship. Granted, there was the stress of school. But something was different about him. Ever since his Stark Internship, he’s been distant. He’s always bailing on you and Ned. Almost like there’s an emergency meeting whenever you needed him. You weren’t going to lie, it’s been rocky ever since his trip to Berlin with the internship.

Joy and life inside our souls

And nobody knows, just you and me

It’s our secret

You thought back to the countless midnights when you would both sneak out to the fire escape and talk. That was your go to spot for emergency meetups. Now, you looked out at that fire escape, always empty.

This winter sky

How can anyone sleep?

Peter was gone yet again. Normally, he’d try to text back whenever he could. Now you were stuck with radio silence. You laid in bed, wearing one of the many sweatshirts he gave you. You missed him and you felt excluded. Were you being needy?

There was never such a night before

I feel like putting my arms around my knees

And squeezing as tight as possible

And flying away

Was he secretly mad at you? Moments later, it was already 5AM. You had been up all night, thinking of any reason why he left you in the dark.

Like this

You heard a soft knock on your door. You got up from the couch and slowly made your way. To your surprise, it was Peter. He had a guilty look on his face, and a fresh black eye. “Peter what happened to you?” Your fingers grazed his wound. “Faulty machinery.” Sure, he always came back with cuts and bruises. But never something this harsh. “Let’s get you cleaned up.” He caught you up to speed, saying that it was fun and he spent most of the time in the airport waiting for his flight.

“Peter, I’ve been thinking. This all doesn’t add up.” you were sitting down at a chair for your desk. “What do you mean, Y/N?”

“If you were at the airport the majority of the time, when did you use any machines?”

“Mr. Stark’s private jet.” He replied nonchalantly. “Stark was a part of that airport mishap, right?” He nodded, never once looking you in the eye. “Were you involved in that airport battle in any form whatsoever?” He didn’t reply. “Peter answer my question! Did you get hurt from a battle?”

“No! I didn’t!” He stood up in defense. “Really? Because it seems as if there’s always some danger each and every single time you’re with the internship. You’re telling me that this is just a coincidence?” He was pacing back and forth, stressed and talking fast. “Why do you care so much about this?”

“Because I love you! I love you, Peter. I just want to help you!” You cried, your voice weak.

“Well you’re not doing a great job.” He got his backpack and walked away.

Oh the moon

Oh the snow in the moonlight

By the time homecoming rolled around, you didn’t bother to go with him. He was going to bail on you anyways. Your brain told you that this wasn’t right, but your heart held on just in case. You walked out of the crowded gymnasium and it snowed. You used to think snow was beautiful, but now it meant nothing. With every snowflake came a frigid and harsh blast of freezing wind. You couldn’t escape it.

And your childlike eyes

And your distant smile

I’ll never be this happy again

On your walk home, you heard someone call your name. “Y/N!” Peter rushed towards you but you continued to walk towards you. “I’m sorry! I’m really really sorry.” He took a deep breath. No matter how many times he practiced in front of a mirror or in his mind, he couldn’t get through it without tears. “I know I’ve been gone forever and I haven’t been there for you, but please give me another chance. I’ll tell you everything, I promise.” Could you trust him?

His leg bounced up and down, a nervous tick he had. You finally reached your house and he took a deep breath. “Y/N remember the Berlin trip? Faulty machinery?” You nodded. “I never told you the truth because I was scared that I’d lose you. I guess I was making it worse on my end.”

“What do you mean?”

“Do you know that hero that swings around Queens, Spider-Man?” You nodded. “Peter-”

“That’s me.” He told you how and when it happened, what he had to do.

After countless stutters and sobbing, you reconciled. You felt guilty, to put it lightly.

“To make it up to you, how about we have our own homecoming?” He held your hand. “I know I haven’t been around and that this is the least I can do-” You smiled and pulled him into a hug. “Let’s do it.”

You & I

You & I

You & I

The following weekend, you had your very own homecoming. Your backyard was decorated with various lights and other decorations. Peter was in a tuxedo and a tie that matched your dress. After the obligatory homecoming photos, he led you outside. You turned to your deck and saw Ned with a portable speaker. He waved and Peter whispered into your ear, “this was the only way I could get him to be quiet about it.” He played a slow song and everything was as perfect as it could be.

And no one else

Now that you knew Peter’s secret, he always texted or called you when he was on a mission. It gave you a somewhat sense of safety and security, but you knew that you couldn’t prevent him from danger. It’s what he wanted to do and you respected that. It’s been two weeks since he was back home. Everyday you told yourself, he’s coming back today. Day after day, you heard nothing.

Maybe he’ll come today

Maybe he came already

And he’s sitting in the drawing room

And I simply forgot.

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Angel of Mine

Kat sits at her desk as the usual buzz and activity of Scarlet moves around her. She’s supposed to be working on future tweets and posts, but she cannot seem to get anything done as her thoughts are consumed by something else. She has checked her phone way more often than usual, impatiently waiting for any news from Adena that her flight has landed and she made it home safely. As she checks her phone for what seems like the millionth time, Jane and Sutton walk up to her desk.

“How are you holding up?” Jane asks, handing Kat a coffee she didn’t realize she was desperate for.

“I just feel so useless and guilty, you know? Like Adena getting sent back home is my fault and there’s nothing I can do about it,” Kat said, sadness evident in her voice.

Sutton nods her head sympathetically, “It not your fault, Kat. It’s just one of those situations where you can’t control the outcome. Have you heard from her since you left the airport?”

“No,” Kat said sadly, “I checked her flight though. It landed a couple hours ago. I just don’t know why she hasn’t tried to get in contact with me. What if they detain her like they did last time? What is something happened to her?”

“I’m sure nothing like that happened,” Jane intervened before Kat’s worries could begin to spiral.

“Yeah, she probably fell asleep as soon as she got home,” Sutton said positively trying to ease some of Kat’s fears.

Just then, Kat’s phone lit up with a picture of Adena smiling on the screen. Kat rushed to answer it as fast as she could, her need to hear Adena’s voice taking over. Jane and Sutton took their leave, allowing their friend her private moment.

Kat lets out a sigh of relief as she sees Adena’s beautiful face on her screen, “Hi.”

“Hi, Kat,” Adena says with a slight smile, “Sorry I didn’t call sooner, my phone died and I’m just now getting settled in.”

“No it’s okay. I’m just glad you’re safe. I was worried.”

“Thank you for worrying about me. You’re sweet, Kat.”

There was a small lull in the conversation before Kat speaks again, her voice slightly cracked with emotion.

“Listen, Adena. I’m so sorry, I know this was my fault suggesting you come back to New York, I didn’t know-,” She can’t finish before Adena is interrupting her.

“No, Kat. Don’t do that. Don’t blame yourself. I wanted to go to New York. I wanted to be brave for us both. It just seems like the universe has its own plan for us.”

Kat lets out a cynical laugh, “And what plan is that? To keep us apart?”

“I’m not sure. But I am sure that our story doesn’t end here.”

Kat smiles slightly, not completely reassured.

“Okay, I know it’s late there and you’re probably tired. Get some sleep and I’ll try to call you when I leave here later.”

Adena smiles a watery smile then blows Kat a kiss before hanging up the call.

Kat continues throughout her day, trying to get her work done but being constantly distracted by her thoughts of Adena and the universe’s plan for them. It just doesn’t make sense. If they were meant to be together, then why was literally everything keeping them apart? And why couldn’t she do anything about it? Her distraction must have been extremely apparent because the next thing she knew, Jacqueline was calling her into her office.
“What is going on with you today, Kat,” Jacqueline asked from behind her desk while reading a pitch from one of her writer.

“Nothing is going on. Just tired.”

Jacqueline puts down the pitch she’s reading and stands to round her desk. She leans against it with her arms crossed.

“I know when you are just tired, Kat. And I know when something is bothering you. Either you tell me or I pry it out of Jane.”

Kat looks down at her hands, playing with her fingers. When she looks up at Jacqueline, her eyes are watery and her voice is low.

“Adena’s gone.”

Jaqueline on her part looks confused by this, “I thought she left a while ago?”

“She went to Paris, but then she came back. They wouldn’t let her in the country and they sent her back home.”

Leading Kat to the couch, Jaqueline pats her hand softly.

“You love her.”

At that, Kat pops her head up and her eyes widen comically, “Wha-what? No I don’t. Who told you that?”

Jaqueline, amused by Kat’s reaction, lets out a small laugh, “Kat, nothing happens at Scarlet without me knowing about it. Plus, I put the pieces together after a certain tweet.”

Blushing slightly, Kat smiles, “Yeah, that tweet still applies. It seems like every time we take a step forward, someone is there to knock us two steps back. We’ve only been on one date and it was in an airport so that barely counts. Now she’s literally on the other side of the world.”

“If I have learned anything from being married for so long, it’s that love isn’t easy. However, it is certainly worth it.”

“That’s the second time you’ve said the L word. I don’t think I’m quite there yet. Not really big on feelings and relationships.”

“Kat, you are sitting in your boss’ office, crying and pouring your heart out. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.”

It seemed like the realization clicked at once for Kat. Like all her feelings and actions suddenly made so much sense.


“Woah is right. Now, go get your girl. And do it quickly, because I need my social media director back.”

Kat walks out of the office with newfound confidence and hope. She packs her things and rushes out of Scarlet. On her way home, she is busy googling, researching and making plans. When she gets back to her apartment, she tries to wait as long as she can before calling Adena, but her nerves and excitement get the better of her. She’s facetiming Adena before she can stop herself and waits in anticipation as the phone rings. On the fourth ring, Adena answers with a sleepy voice and squinted eyes.

“Kat,” Her raspy voice indicating she was in a deep sleep

“Adena, hey sorry to wake you. Actually, I’m not sorry. I have something to tell you. Well tell and ask. But I need you to just listen, okay?”

“Okay, but-Kat, what?“

“So, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. About you and about us and just how hard this thing between us has been.”

“Kat, what are you saying? Please don’t-“

“Adena, just listen. Look, like I said. This thing has been hard, it’s like we aren’t meant to be together. Like the universe is keeping you away from me for some reason I will never understand. But, I know that we are meant to be. I’ve never felt like this about anyone, ever. I think about you all day and all night. When my phone rings, I hope it’s you. Everything I do I want to tell you about it and everything reminds me of you.”

“Kat,” Adena’s voice is no longer raspy from sleep, but from the tears that are caught in her throat.

“Today, I was sitting in Jaqueline’s office when it suddenly dawned on me that the woman I love was on the other side of the world. And I really just cannot handle that. You were the one to be brave last time so now it’s my turn. Adena el Amin, marry me. Please. Because I’d like to date you.”

Time Has Come Today (A Richonne Letter/AU)

Michonne finished getting dressed. It was 5:16 am, and she had to catch her flight from Atlanta to New York by 7:00 am. Traffic was always an issue so she had to hurry up.

She sat at the desk in the hotel room. She scribbled away as she had a lot on her mind, but she couldn’t miss her flight. Speaking to him directly would delay that, she would probably sacrifice it all for him. So she expressed everything she could think of at the moment. There had been years of thoughts, wishing, wanting, and hoping that she wanted to convey.

Michonne folded the piece of paper and stood up, walking to the side of the bed that Rick slept on. He was so damn sexy. He lay there as if he was being sketched by Michelangelo himself. He looked older. Not in a bad way. She hadn’t seen him since they were 17. They were now 30. He was a man. He had muscles and a beard. The time they had together last night definitely proved he was a grown man.

She bent over him and kissed him softly on the lips, closing her eyes to remember how they felt. Soft. Tinder. He didn’t move at all. She was glad she didn’t wake him. Saying goodbye to him right now would be too hard.

She propped the folded paper up against the lamp on the side table. He would definitely see it when he woke up.


Rick opened his eyes and quickly turned to his left. The room was bright with rays of sunlight. Michonne wasn’t in the bed. Her suitcases weren’t in sight anymore. He knew she had an early flight, but he at least thought he could see her before she left.

Last night had been amazing. After his divorce, he didn’t think he would even enjoy being around anyone again. He couldn’t believe he just ran into Michonne the way he did, at a gas station of all places. She changed a lot. Her locs were so much longer now. She had just started them when they were seniors in high school. They hit the middle of her back now. That’s how long it had been since he had seen her.

She still looked like she carried the Sun around with her. She just lit up every room she walked in. He looked to the right and saw a piece of paper with simply, Rick, written on it. He reached over and picked it up. He sat up and hunched over as he read it.

Time is a funny thing right? It can pass by so fast. One day you’re 17, and you know exactly who you are and where you are going. Then a second passes, a minute, a day, a whole year, then nearly a decade before you realize that what you’ve mapped out never truly formalized itself. It was never really fulfilling.

Ialways planned on moving away from Georgia. I wanted to go live in New York City, because I sold myself on the idea that I needed to get away. My whole high school thinking was ‘study hard, and you can get out of Atlanta.’

Then I met you. You just moved to Atlanta from Kings County during our senior year. We had the same home room. We just had so much in common. We liked the same music, same shows, same movies. You were just so different from everyone else. Everyone used to say we had our own little bubble we lived in. We were always hanging out.

One night, we were watching tv at your house and I was talking about something I can’t remember now. It made us laugh so hard. Gosh, I wish I could remember what it was. When I finally stopped cracking up I noticed that you weren’t laughing anymore.You had this look in your eye and it kind of scared me. At 17, you don’t really know what lust looks like, but that’s what it was.

A week later I got accepted into school in New York. You told me to go. I said I wanted to stay. For some reason, I didn’t want to leave anymore. You insisted on it. You said it was my dream and I had to go. You said you wouldn’t hold me from my dreams. Then I kissed you. I wanted to. I needed to. That night we had sex for the first time. It changed everything. It made my decision even harder, but you said we had the whole summer together.

The school year finished, summer flew by and then I left for school. We said we would stay in touch. That we wouldn’t lose ourselves in life. But Time swallowed us up. I got caught up in becoming a lawyer and I heard somewhere along the line you started a family.

I don’t know Rick, last night brought up a lot of old feelings. We left things incomplete. Your touch was different. Less shy and tentative and more firm and confident. It excited me. I hadn’t felt that alive in years. It was slow and sensual. I could have wept it was so beautiful. As I sit up early this morning, I look at you. The moonlight is shining on your skin, and I think of all the possibilities we missed. All the laughs. All the tears. All of the memories.

Can I see you again? Is that even possible? Will Time trip us up once more, make our paths to one another more difficult to navigate? I don’t know. I have no clue.

I do know what we shared was special. It moved me so much, I couldn’t leave without saying all this. Without letting you know how I felt.

Till next time, right?

To my first friend, my first love,


Rick looked up from the letter. He couldn’t describe how he felt. Anxiety, maybe? He missed her. Seeing her after all those years. They were young. He chalked their drift apart from her moving on. From his moving on. Young love doesn’t last forever.

They had only known each other for those six months, but she had left her mark on him. He jumped out of bed. He had to make something happen.


Michonne sat at her desk. Her office was on the 15th floor and she had a pretty decent office with a huge window. All of Manhattan was buzzing around below her. She turned around and looked at the wall. Images of her night with Rick flooded her brain. It was as if her mind made its own personal video for her viewing pleasure. She missed him, but this was her life. This is what she wanted.

Her intercom made a loud buzzing noise which shook her out of her reverie. “Mrs. Jones. There is someone to see you in the lobby. Would you like to meet them out here, or can I send them to you?”

“Who is it?” She said resuming her notes again. She had to stay on task. She couldn’t act like a high school student in lust.

“A delivery guy. He said he has some flowers for you?” Michonne was shocked. She wasn’t involved with anyone as of late, except Rick. Would he send her flowers? That was sweet of him.

“Send him up, Noah. That’s fine.” She said in a professional manner, but she was giddy on the inside. A few moments later, she heard a knock on the door.

“Eddie’s Arrangement’s.” The guy said on the other side of the door. Michonne stood up and smooth her black pencil skirt down. She fixed her white button up blouse. She opened the door.

The flowers were on the floor. A beautiful arrangement of red roses with baby’s breath throughout. She smiled and picked them up, smelling. She looked at the note that was attached to the arrangement. It was blank. Then she heard a voice.

“Hey, Michonne.” It startled her. It couldn’t be.

“Rick?” She said with wonder. She looked to her left and there he was, leaning up against the wall.

“What are you… how did you.. when…?” He stopped her babbling with a kiss. Long, hard, and deep. It swept her off her feet.

“Time has come today. It’s finally let us catch up with it.” He said rubbing her lips. She blushed. He came all the way to New York.

“Supercuts.” He said to her with a smile.

“Huh?” She said back. She was sort of confused.

He laughed. “Remember that girl, Jessie? She tried to cut her own hair into a bob and it looked terrible. Shane started calling her Supercuts.” He had a smirk on his face and she burst out laughing. That’s what it was. That night on the couch that had her cracking up.

She kissed Rick again and he put his arms around her waist. After all these years of not seeing him, she was glad he was here. It was about time.