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This is what happens when you make jokes

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i love asking you things and i love your meta/ramble spirals because 99.9% of the time, i walk away having learned something. you might not remember this at all but i was rewatching rotg (a great comfort film to me!) and i recognized the axe pitch used against the guardians? did you give him an axe in sal on purpose?

It was completely deliberate :D

It was, in part, a symbolic severing of Pitch Black from Kozmotis Pitchiner, in a way. A sort of ‘you can never, ever be that person again.’ Pitch had alluded to this, saying that he wasn’t that person anymore, etc. but he also has constantly maintained all these strong links to that lifetime, even to the point of thinking of himself as a War General - which, as Gwyn points out, he hasn’t been for potentially hundreds, if not thousands of years.

The sword was one of the last relics from that age, and shifting it to an axe was a nod to Pitch Black from the film, since come on - Pitch looks amazing wielding that. I think it also kind of suits Pitch more, for all that he looks down on it as a weapon. In almost all the film based fanart he’s never wielding a sword, but actually an axe or huge scythe. Same with the cosplays. So while everyone got used to the sword in SAL (thanks everyone), the axe is/was way way way more familiar as the symbol of Pitch Black.

So for me, it was kind of inevitable that he get one. :)

Twenty two years have passed since the defeat of Pitch, and Jack lives alone, touch-starved, with only the company of a solitary Nightmare. One evening the Man in the Moon sets him on a path that will lead him to unexpected relationships, draw the attention of the Guardians to a new coalition of villains, and challenge Jack’s every notion of what it is to be good, evil, and what it is to live in the shadows. 

so my friend told me to read this fic by @not-poignant and i was bored so i did and it turned out to be hella amazing so here’s a badly made trailer for it that’ll i’ll just leave here

Haha this is so romantic it actually hurts me. Physically. I’m gonna be putting this one on AO3.

Tarantism - The urge to overcome melancholy by dancing.

Pitch Black/Jack Frost

(I got two requests for this! Same word, same pairing! Guess two of you really want to see Jack and Pitch dance.)

(SALverse, basically fluff)


It was one of those days.

The words didn’t quite capture the heaviness of it. He didn’t have these days so often anymore. They tended to come on the backs of dreams about his old world, his old life – how many old lives did he have now? The one as the Nightmare King. The one as Pitch. The one as Kozmotis. The one as Kozmotis pre-Seraphina. The one as Kozmotis post-Seraphina.

This time, he’d dreamt about the celebrations after the successful initiation ceremony into becoming a golden warrior. It had been a rocky affair, he’d gone deeper into the darkness than the others and his supervisor had known it and carefully said nothing after seeing the look in Pitch’s eyes. So Pitch had tried to embrace the vivacity of his colleagues and peers, drinking as vigorously as they, and yet in the depths of him a darkness whispered quietly. 

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Here’s another dedication to the critically acclaimed (if I do say so myself) Shadows and Light fanfic, written by not-poignant.
I’m actually rather proud of this one. I wanted to encapsulate something hopeful; if other readers are anything like I am, it’s difficult to emerge from the angst-fest. Jack and Pitch should just go take a long-ass vacation and BE HAPPY.

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Not sure if this has been asked- and if it has, I'm sorry for not catching the post- but I was wondering if you happen to have a favorite scene in either parts of this series? If not, might there be a top three?

I’m sorry for taking so long to get around to this, Anon! It was such a good question that I wanted to really think about it (also I was tired and apparently not very well because of iron).

I base my favourite scenes on how I felt writing them, vs. how I think they read for others? So anyway, here’s my list of favourite scenes. I’m focusing on From the Darkness We Rise only, because ISWF isn’t completed yet.

1. When Pitch ‘seduce-stalks’ Jack. Because that wasn’t planned. Like, it wasn’t in my chapter plan. It was only when I got to the chapter and I had a note saying ‘Pitch seduces Jack’ and I’m like what the fuck does that even mean, brain. What the fuck are you- OH. And then it hit me how I wanted to do it. And it was fun, and mischievous, and just accidentally turned out hot as fuck while I was writing it, and I was really glad others read that the same way. It was a happy accident.

2. The sequence of scenes from when the Nain Rouge attacks Jack and Pitch is like OH GOD REALLY I HAVE TO TAKE YOU TO THE GODDAMNED GUARDIANS to the point where Jack collapses and Pitch picks him up and is like IF YOU TELL ANYONE I WILL KILL YOU. That whole sequence, of Pitch and Jack interacting, was so much fun to write. It was…Pitch still wondering if he wanted the shadows back, and still thinking he should be evil. And it was Jack thinking HE SAVED MY LIFE WHAT THE FUCK EVEN. :D That was a pivotal moment for me, writing the series. That was when I knew I really liked this particular Jack, and this particular Pitch, and that I was in love with their chemistry together.

3. Oh, okay, this small scene where… this sequence of dialogue/what’s happening. It’s one of my favourites that I’ve ever written:

Jack squeezed his eyes shut when Pitch started pressing gentle kisses at the base of his neck, one after the other. There was something about the quality of attention which was painful and he didn’t know what it was, or what it was doing to him, but he felt caught in it, buffeted in some internal storm that he didn’t understand.

‘It’s okay, Jack,’ Pitch whispered. ‘I’m right here.’

‘People don’t do this,’ Jack said, into fabric, unsure if Pitch would even understand him. His voice was raw.

‘I know,’ Pitch said, and there was something in the heaviness of his voice, that sent a responding twinge through Jack. And all the while, Pitch’s fingers moving inside of him, making him feel exposed, like a nerve with no skin protecting it from the world. He trembled, sensitised.

‘What are you doing?’ Jack wondered where these feelings were coming from. Wondered why now. His eyes were growing wet, there was a sting in the corner of them. It was humiliating. He wanted to hide.

‘Wanting you,’ Pitch murmured against his skin. ‘What are you doing?’

‘I’m confused,’ Jack said, and Pitch paused in the middle of tracing his lips against the bumps of Jack’s spine, exhaled hotly against his skin. Jack shivered.

‘I know. You’re not used to this.’


So there you have it! :) My three favourite scenes (at least today!) from From the Darkness We Rise. :D Thanks by the way for asking this. This was fun. :D

Pronunciation Guide.

I just looked at my reply to the ask and realised I got Augus wrong. It’s not Augus without the ‘ST’ (the S isn’t silent, Pia, you fool), it’s just 'August without the T.’ Like the month.

Gwyn ap Nudd - GWIN (like win) app NEED

Augus Each Uisge - AW-gous(like August) ACH OOSHKA

Nain Rouge - NANE ROOJ (will also accept BRAT)

Ondine - ON-DEEN

(Ash) Glashtyn - GLASH-TIN

Gulvi - GOOL-Vee

Dullahan - DOOL-a-HAN

Dra'ocht - DREE-ukht

Mafydd - MAH - Fidd

Crielle - Cree - ELL

Efnisien - F - Ni (rhymes with Zit) - see - N

I think that covers the hardest names/words?

And remember, you can pronounce this stuff HOWEVER YOU WANT TO. This is just for those who like to know. :)


Little Talks of Shadows and Light

Music: “Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men
Video: Rise of the Guardians

Inspired by not_poignant’s Shadows and Light series.

Alternative Titles for the Shadows and Light Series:

‘Go Away, Feels King, the Nightmare King is Easier To Deal With.’

'The Feels Series.’

'No, REALLY, Seraphina / Mother Nature Are Deaaaaaad.’

'How Augus Made A Personal Feels Issue Into A Huge War and Everyone Was Slow on the Uptake. Well Done Everyone.’

'Not Poignant Thought That Chapter Wasn’t That Bad, SHIT’

'In Which North is Awesome and Cinnamon Cookies Fix Everything.’

'How The Two Loneliest People on The Planet Got Their Porn On And Jack Became an Insta-Sub.’

'In Which Gwyn is Awkward But Looks Really GOOD Doing It.’

'The Adventures of a Perplexed Nightmare Trying to Deal With Her Mid-Life Crisis and What the Fuck is that Yellow SANNNND-OH NO WHYYYY Oh I’m Back Now.’

'Bunnymund Became A Douche Whoops.’

'From the Feels We Feels’ and 'Into Feels We Feels.’

'Is Toothiana Even In This?!?!?!?!?!!?????’


okay, time to get back to writing.

I don’t think I’ve ever been hate-loved (or just plain hated, or called evil) by so many people in my entire life.

I wake up and my dash asploded.

*wants to pet everyone and wrap people up in blankets and offer them ice cream and noodles and chocolate and chocolate mousse.*

It was a hard chapter to write, and a hard ending, and the first few chapters of ISWF (Into Shadows We Fall) will be pretty dark (understatement) but wow, I mean, I ship this version of Pitch Black and Jack Frost pretty hard, so that’s where we’re headed. Also, you know, Jack is going to become a BAMF. Also, happy ending. It’s fair to say that the sequel will be a ‘recovery’ fic.