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How do you think SAL Jack and TGATNW Jack would be if they switched places? Or SAL Pitch and TGATNW Pitch?

Are they switching into the SALverse? Or the TGATNW universe? Or both?

Honestly, not really sure. TGATNW Jack would probably shut down if he was switched into a new universe with new rules that seemed to have very little structure or discipline. His entire life has been constrained to the point where expressing himself and so on has been narrowed to fit that ‘bandwidth’ of societal control.

SALverse Jack would probably have been ‘fuck this shit’ a long time ago and tried to destroy the Tsar and been killed in the process, lol.

And I mean, like, if you switched them at birth, there’d be pretty much no difference, because I’m more a fan of nurture over nature. Their personalities aren’t embedded into them at birth, but shaped by experience.

So I’m imagining a situation where one is yanked out of their universe and a swap happens. It’d be disastrous for both Jacks. I’m certain SALverse Jack would just not be equipped to handle the TGATNW reality at all, especially if he went with his centre still being Fun. He’d be screwed. And TGATNW Jack maybe wouldn’t shut down forever? But he’d lose his sense of purpose pretty much entirely. Especially if he felt he had nothing to fight for anymore. Since he’s prone to depressive episodes already, that could be it for him. The Guardians would have to be really supportive, and of course that would freak him out.

TGATNW Pitch on the other hand is pretty much who I imagined SALverse Pitch as being. There’s not huge differences between them both except time. SALverse is the ‘well I’m really zen now that I’ve lost everything aside from that deep down bitterness and grief but whatever I should be dead and I’m not so I’ll try and make the most of it I suppose…’ version of TGATNW Pitch, lol.

And, vice versa, I think SALverse Pitch would handle the TGATNW universe pretty fine. He’s not easily shocked. He’s seen a very great deal, and there’s minimal differences between their characters. The main differences are that TGATNW Pitch had Fyodor and Seraphina is still alive, and also, that SALverse Pitch can read fears (TGA Pitch can’t) and lost Seraphina. But not huge variations in life experiences to create massive abysses between each of them.

I can almost imagine either Pitch being like: ‘Oh, I’m in a different world now?  Typical. Do I have a weapon? All right. I’m going to lie down after making some tea. You do have tea, don’t you? Then I’ll be fine.’

Whereas Jack - as the lead narrator - I wanted him to have some really fundamental differences in nature while still somehow expressing what I feel is his essential self (or is progressing to what I feel that is) in TGA vs SAL (because otherwise I’d be boooored). So he is a rigid, inflexible character with an inability to adapt to new situations with ease or grace, esp. at the moment.

Might change by the end of the story though. Jack now vs. Jack later would handle things differently. Jack at the beginning of the story vs. Jack now would handle things differently.

Okay I need to stop before I talk about how Jack last week and Jack this week would handle things differently compared to SALJack last week and SALJack six months ago and SALJack two years ago and so on. :D It’ll break my brain and you’ll be left with like a hundred permutations in which most Jacks probably still couldn’t handle it.

(I honestly think SAL Jack is just that confident in his powers at the moment that he’d go off half-cocked to destroy an ‘obvious’ dictator, and he would absolutely not survive it).


This is what happens when you make jokes

Cal Calore as the student athlete meme

Mare“And what do you see Cal?”
Cal: I SEE 👀 a world 🌎 on the edge of a blade🍴and we must RISE from this darkness ❌ to glory🏅💪 Calore 3:14 🙌 🙏

Cal: the only reason 🤔 you’re still breathing 💨 is because that GRIND 💯💯 NEVER quits 😤 and neither do I 👊🌟 can’t stop won’t stop 💪

Mare: “I won’t go back. For anyone.”
Cal: BACK 😮❓❕there is no BACK 👎😈 there is only FORWARD ➡️ fight the good fight 💯 need for speed 💪🏁

Mare: “Tiberias, choose me.”
Cal: CHOOSE ❔🤔❓ everyday life is 💯 a choice 👊 life is what you make it 💪 stay WOKE because 🤙that GRIND never ends🔥

Cal: They call me a BURNER 🖐💥because I’m always on fire 🔥⚡️KILLIN’ the grind 👌👊 Norta is LIFE 🔵⚪️

Not sure why Jack is glowing, but he is. Not sure why Pitch likes it, but he does…

I can never decide if I actually ship this or not, but I do like the dynamic between these guys. The sketch for this is from forever ago and I finally did something with it! Somehow it reminds me of an epic blackice fic I read a while back. From Darkness We Rise. Very long, very involved, and definitely an awesome read. Mad love to @not-poignant Let’s just say it was inspired by that one ^^;

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Kinda out of the blue here, but do you think Jack and pitch would ever have like, an actual wedding? Black, silver, blue colors. It'd be so sweet!

I am…the worst person to ask about this, because I don’t believe in the institution of marriage (yes, I’m one of those people), and therefore the characters I write don’t believe in it either (because of the autocratic power an author has over their characters, it’s one of the perks of the job).

So rather than shatter your beautiful dream further by going into painstaking detail about why I don’t think Jack and Pitch would marry, I’ll just kind of leave it as the above paragraph and let you imagine the most awesome, sweet ritual ever. I’m sure there’ve been other readers who have imagined the same thing. :)

Twenty two years have passed since the defeat of Pitch, and Jack lives alone, touch-starved, with only the company of a solitary Nightmare. One evening the Man in the Moon sets him on a path that will lead him to unexpected relationships, draw the attention of the Guardians to a new coalition of villains, and challenge Jack’s every notion of what it is to be good, evil, and what it is to live in the shadows. 

so my friend told me to read this fic by @not-poignant and i was bored so i did and it turned out to be hella amazing so here’s a badly made trailer for it that’ll i’ll just leave here


Approach with cookies caution! This fanfiction has the power to dictate your eating, sleeping and breathing habits. You will suffer from palpitations regularly. You may accidentally starve yourself. You will develop high expectations from your current or future life partners! *screeches wildly at Katy like a dying cat* ALLOW THE SHADOWS TO POSSESS YOU OR YOU’RE SLEEPING ON THE COUCH! I MEAN IT!

Uh, I kid really. But not really.

Awesome stories. Awesome writer. READ IT OR SUFFER A LIFE WITH NO AWESOME IN IT! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! *wiggles fingers all mysterious-like and vanishes into the ether*

And yes I did draw this. At work. While I was bored and had nothing to sustain my brain whilst it loitered in standby mode. (I’m on the laptop, my long-suffering girlfriend, thehappyshark, is lecturing me.)

Haha this is so romantic it actually hurts me. Physically. I’m gonna be putting this one on AO3.

Tarantism - The urge to overcome melancholy by dancing.

Pitch Black/Jack Frost

(I got two requests for this! Same word, same pairing! Guess two of you really want to see Jack and Pitch dance.)

(SALverse, basically fluff)


It was one of those days.

The words didn’t quite capture the heaviness of it. He didn’t have these days so often anymore. They tended to come on the backs of dreams about his old world, his old life – how many old lives did he have now? The one as the Nightmare King. The one as Pitch. The one as Kozmotis. The one as Kozmotis pre-Seraphina. The one as Kozmotis post-Seraphina.

This time, he’d dreamt about the celebrations after the successful initiation ceremony into becoming a golden warrior. It had been a rocky affair, he’d gone deeper into the darkness than the others and his supervisor had known it and carefully said nothing after seeing the look in Pitch’s eyes. So Pitch had tried to embrace the vivacity of his colleagues and peers, drinking as vigorously as they, and yet in the depths of him a darkness whispered quietly. 

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Do you think they had an alternative ending in case they weren't going to be renewed for a fifth season? Like they all go to space and Clarke stays but the deathwave really kills her, the night blood solution doesnt work and thus Clarke making the final sacrifice after all these seasons where she had to kill others to save her people, now it was 'only' her life? Oh god and dont think about Bellamy coming down after 5/6 years whatever, with this tiny scrap of hope that shes alive.. but she isnt

Yeah. I think that all the time. I think one of the options for the end of this show is for Clarke to sacrifice her life for Bellamy’s and her people’s survival so Bellamy can continue to lead them. This would fit with the chess king and queen metaphor, because as long as the king survives, you can still win, but the queen, the most powerful piece, can be sacrificed for the sake of the victory.

Or for Clarke and Bellamy to die together while their people go on (lead by Octavia perhaps, as the child substitute,) which wouldn’t actually have worked as an ending for this season. This season, if it had ended, probably would have picked up again 6 years later with Bellamy and friends landing on that green spot on earth, and reuniting with the bunker folk, with Clarke not making it, but with hope for the rebirth of humanity as they rise from the ashes.

But that’s not what happened. They got another season and Clarke lived.

In a way, it’s kind of like the ending of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 

Because Buffy had two endings. The one where Buffy sacrificed her life so that her friends and the world could continue on. And then, when it got picked up by The WB (which became The CW btw) they resurrected Buffy and this time when they ended the series, it was with Buffy alive, her friends alive, humanity alive and the potential for the chosen being unlocked in those around her, which takes the burden of being the one savior off of Buffy, so that now she may live.

I could see the ending of The 100 going either way. Except… they DID just go with the first ending. She “died” like Buffy, saving the world. 


Not so fast. She’s not dead yet.

She rises like the phoenix from the ashes. Not even death can command her. 

I think it more likely now that we’ll get the second Buffy ending when the show does actually end, and maybe she’ll get to enjoy some of the hope she gives to humanity.

The sun is a daily reminder that we too can rise again from the darkness, that we too can shine our own light.
—  (via sturzpoesie IG)

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Which fics are FtDWR and ISWF? Like, I know they are acronyms for the titles of the fics but I can't work out which titles/which fics, because I'm tired, stressed by exams, and my brain abandoned ship long ago.

Here, anon, have a blanket fort and some hypoallergenic puppies, and some chocolate, and I’ll give you the links too (though you may not need them):

From the Darkness We Rise

Into Shadows We Fall

also known as the Shadows and Light series, which is abbreviated to SALverse on Tumblr.

I hope you do well on your exams <3


|| One More Night || (Pitch Black x Jack Frost)


The alleged first meeting between Pitch Black and Jack Frost at Punjam Hy Loo was not in fact the first, and sets in motion an ensuing battle of flirtation and violence, with steps that seem frighteningly familiar to both the Frost Sprite and The Boogeyman.

The Guardians choose not to interrupt for fear of that vicious rage being redirected in their direction.

Pitch and Jack had obviously met before, and the way they stare and snipe at each other seems both savage and wanting, but this can’t be normal…