from the coveteur

About the Coveteur previously unplublished photos:

In case someone missed the previous post: If you reblogged the photosets I posted of the outtakes from the coveteur photoshoot, it seems there was a bit of confusion. They were apparently not aware that those photos had been uploaded to their website and they did not intend for them to be publicly disseminated. They politely requested that the photos be taken down as “all parties involved” were not happy about them being spread around.

Since they were nice about it and it seems like there was a rookie mistake made that resulted in the images being uploaded in the first place, I figured the it would be nice to remove my original posts and I’m letting others know that the original source of those images is requesting that they be removed by anyone who reblogged them.

Hopefully, they will not upload photos that they don’t want to have published next time.