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Cute Shirt : Steve Rogers/Captain America

Author’s Note: I’m sorry this is sorta short, I wanted to make this long as possible but alas I couldn’t. Thank you for the request though! Send more in if you want to see more. <3

Word Count: 595



Request: From @shut-it-tinman (Thank you dear)

Hey Widow! I really enjoy your work so far, and I was wondering if I could request something. Can you use the prompt: “Are you wearing my shirt?” with steve? Thaaaanks :D


You groaned in pain from the aches in your body.

“You look like shit (Y/N).” Clint had chuckled at you aching face.

“Well you smell like shit bird brain.” You retorted. He only raised his hands in defense. Clint walked away towards Nat to talk to intel collected from the now destroyed Hydra base. You just continued to mope in your pains and watched everyone work. You wouldn’t actively admit how sore you were but your face easily gave away what you were feeling.

“When are we going to be back home?” You groaned, every second away from your bath is another second adding to your misery.

Steve left his station and walked over towards you, he bent down and placed a warm hand on your head. “We’ll be home soon. You fought great out there today. You kept pushing yourself over your limit and I know no one will say this, well right now they won’t but, thank you. Without you pushing yourself that hard we probably wouldn’t have gotten that intel in time.” He pat your head once and left to go back to look over the intel.

You sighed to yourself, Steve was very appreciative towards the team but you always felt he had some what of a deeper appreciation for yourself. You were not one the complain from the affection but it always troubled you at times when trying to figure out his feelings towards you.

While lost in your thoughts you felt the jet land on the landing carrier at the Avengers Tower. Groaning even louder, you sat up from your spot and lazily walked towards the entrance of the tower.

Not even paying attention you walked towards what you thought was your room. When finally in it you realized it was in fact not yours but Steve’s. You didn’t even want to express how tired your were of everything.

“Fuck it…” You mumbled to yourself. You walked towards Steve’s closet and pulled out on of the softest shirts you could find. Stripping from your catsuit, you threw on the shirt, which conveniently landed just a little under you butt. You didn’t care for pants, everyone was basically family and it wasn’t like no one has ever seen a butt before.

You picked up your catsuit and left Steve’s room. Your stomach was practically screaming at you to put food inside of it. You patted your stomach, in a way to hush a whiny child.

Noises could be heard coming from the shared Avengers kitchen. Sounds of pots and pans became louder and louder once you walked in. The sights of everyone trying to find something to eat was positively hilarious to you. You decided on just finding leftovers in the fridge. As you walked up to it the sounds of everyone started to dwindle down.

“Are you wearing my shirt?” Steve had questioned you. You turned away to see a blush on his face. A blush started to form on yours as well from all the attention of everyone, including Steve’s.

“Uh- yea, sorry, I thought I had walked into my room, and, uh, it was yours and I was too lazy-“ You were cut off by Steve’s soft laughs.

“You look really cute in it (Y/N). I wouldn’t mind seeing you in my shirts more often.” He just continued to laugh softly to himself.

“Capsicle is going to get some tonight…” Tony had murmured to Clint. Clint and Tony had laughed loudly until Nat silenced them with a swift slap to the side of the heads.


Again, sorry this is super short. But thank you again for the request. Keep on sending them in! <3

Inktober Day 3 – Collect 

The prompt says ‘Collect’. Here is some stucky headcanon from me:  

While Bucky was at basic, once a month he’d accept a collect call (off camp, at the corner store). He was known as the ‘very handsome and polite young man in uniform, showing up at the exact same time every month, to talk to his sweetheart back home’. We all know it’s Steve on the other end. 

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Game On, Rogers

Fandom: Captain America
Pairing(s): Steve Rogers x reader
Summary: Who’d have known how competitive Steve could get?
Warnings: None
A/N: I’m recovering from losing a basketball game yesterday, and this idea just came to me 😂

You allowed yourself a small moment of triumph as you watched the ball fall through the basket. Running forward to collect it, you pivoted round and scored another basket.
“And she shoots…AND SHE SCORES!” you announced, putting on your best commentator voice as you dribbled up the court again. “(Y/N) (Y/L/N), PRIDE OF THE CHICAGO BULLS TEAM, SCORES YET ANOTHER BASKET FOR HER TEAM!”
You were snapped out of your daydream by the sound of clapping coming from the far end of the court. Holding the ball under your arm and hip, you felt your cheeks steadily turning scarlet as Steve stood in the doorway, a massive grin on his face at having caught you like this.
“Not a word, Rogers,” you warned, throwing the ball to him. He caught it with ease, bouncing it lazily as he approached.
“Really? Is that you talking, or (Y/N) (Y/L/N), PRIDE OF THE CHICAGO BULLS-”
You dove forward, swiping the ball from his hold and sprinting back up the court to the basket. You heard Steve’s indignant yell as you aimed for another basket.
A pair of strong arms wrapped around your waist, the ball flying off to the side and bouncing off the wall. You squealed as Steve lifted you off your feet, tickling your sides.
“You are such a sore loser!” you laughed, shifting so that he was giving you a piggyback. He chuckled, holding your legs so that you didn’t fall.
“I didn’t lose!” he argued. Grinning, you jumped off his back and picked up a ball.
“Game on, Rogers. First to five baskets?” you challenged. He raised his eyebrows, amused.
“You really want to take that chance?”
“Do you?” you retorted, grinning. You bounced the ball slowly, jogging cautiously past him. He watched, still not making a move for the ball. Throwing caution to the wind, you shot towards the basket and leapt up, slamming the ball into the basket. Suddenly Steve appeared, catching the rebound and setting off down the court. You chased after him, jumping in front of him as he made to shoot.
“Nice try,” you grinned, holding the ball out to him tantalisingly. He lunged for it, and you stepped aside quickly, tossing the ball up in the air.
“So if I admit that you’re worthy of the Chicago Bulls, can we call it a draw?” asked Steve, watching as you scored another basket. You paused, considering it.
“I’ll give you a deal,” you grinned. “One kiss, and I won’t tell Tony that I kicked your ass at basketball.”
He rolled his eyes, opening his arms to you. “C'mere then.”
Skipping over to him, you wrapped your arms around his neck and nuzzled his nose with yours. He closed the gap between your lips, kissing you tenderly. You smiled into the kiss, running your fingers through his short blond hair gently.
“I love you. Even if you suck at basketball,” you added with a grin.

anonymous asked:

Imagine Steve Rogers and Tony Stark presenting at the Oscars.

Rehearsal the day before had gone flawlessly, but it did not stop Steve from being nervous the day of as he and Tony waited backstage at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood. He was fidgeting and fixing his bow tie, sometimes even pacing. He could face down aliens and robots and the government, but presenting the Oscar for the best Visual Effects in front of hundreds of incredibly well-known people made him nervous.

Tony, on the other hand, was as calm, collected, and confident as ever, but then, he had a lot more experience with cameras and press conferences than Steve did.

No, that wasn’t entirely true. He’d spent enough time on the USO tour with lights flashing in his eyes that this should have been a piece of cake. He had no idea why this was any different.

Finally, the cue was given, and he and Tony stepped out on stage. For a moment, Steve felt like he was transported back in time 70 years, and he suddenly felt very comfortable, like he was home again.

“Cap and I know quite a few things about Visual Effects,” Tony started, glancing at the teleprompter, but feeling no need to follow it word for word, much to the dismay of the executives of the awards show. Steve smiled, nodding in agreement.

“We both also know a little something about saving the day,” Steve offered, “Which is what Visual Effects do in films, too. And they’ve come a long way since I started watching movies.”

“We are honored to show you the nominees for outstanding Visual Effects. Here they are.”

Happy Headcanon #1

Tony keeps every single thing Steve ever draws. Even things that Steve would have thrown away, like doodles on the side of paperwork from S.H.I.E.L.D meetings or rough sketches on corners of napkins. Tony has ninja-like skills when it comes to stealing Steve’s art. Steve doesn’t really think much his drawings mysteriously going missing, until the day he finds a box under the couch in Tony’s workshop, stuffed full of page after page of Steve’s work, lovingly collected and cared for.