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Another Me [Peter Parker Imagine]

Another Me

Peter Parker Imagine; Marvel Comics

- - -

When you bought a Spider-Man plush, you didn’t expect it to cause a small uproar among the Avengers. You were the child of Tony Stark. For some reason you can’t remember, you had decided to start a collection of plush versions of S.H.I.E.L.D. members. (You had to admit the Nick Fury plush was your favorite.) The group of heroes noticed a new addition when they all decided to surprise you after returning from a mission. You weren’t there, however, when they all entered your room.

“Where do you think [Y/N] is?” asked Natasha.

“I don’t know, but look at this!” exclaimed Steve, picking something up from your bed. “There’s a Spider-Man now, too!”

Steve turned to them. In his hand was a plush version of Peter Parker, who instantly blushed when everyone else smirked at him. Steve threw the plush at him, making Peter struggle to catch. Everyone knew of Peter’s small crush on you.

“There’s one for you, too!” he defended, placing the plush back where it had been on your bed.

“Yeah, but yours is in the front,” smirked Tony. “That used to be my spot.”

“[Y/N]’s not going to be happy if you keep messing with stuff,” said Peter, rolling his eyes as each of the heroes took their own plush from your bed.

“Not true,” scoffed Clint, throwing the Spider-Man plush at Peter. “Here, Spidey! It looks just like you!”

Peter sighed, “Seriously–”

“What are you all doing?”

Everyone turned to see you standing in the doorway. Your arms were crossed and a smirk was on your face. Everyone, except Peter, immediately sprinted away, each of them dropping a plush. You looked at Peter, still smirking.

“How you doing, Peter?” you asked, slowly moving until you stood before him.

“I–uhm–I was just–er–here you go!” he stuttered, and then he placed the Spider-Man plush in your hands.

“Thanks,” you laughed. “I–uhm–I missed you.”

Peter shyly smiled, “I missed you, too. At least, you had another me here with you.”

You laughed again. You dropped the Spider-Man plush and stepped forward, wrapping your arms around him. Your hug was happily returned.

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Cute Shirt : Steve Rogers/Captain America

Author’s Note: I’m sorry this is sorta short, I wanted to make this long as possible but alas I couldn’t. Thank you for the request though! Send more in if you want to see more. <3

Word Count: 595



Request: From @shut-it-tinman (Thank you dear)

Hey Widow! I really enjoy your work so far, and I was wondering if I could request something. Can you use the prompt: “Are you wearing my shirt?” with steve? Thaaaanks :D


You groaned in pain from the aches in your body.

“You look like shit (Y/N).” Clint had chuckled at you aching face.

“Well you smell like shit bird brain.” You retorted. He only raised his hands in defense. Clint walked away towards Nat to talk to intel collected from the now destroyed Hydra base. You just continued to mope in your pains and watched everyone work. You wouldn’t actively admit how sore you were but your face easily gave away what you were feeling.

“When are we going to be back home?” You groaned, every second away from your bath is another second adding to your misery.

Steve left his station and walked over towards you, he bent down and placed a warm hand on your head. “We’ll be home soon. You fought great out there today. You kept pushing yourself over your limit and I know no one will say this, well right now they won’t but, thank you. Without you pushing yourself that hard we probably wouldn’t have gotten that intel in time.” He pat your head once and left to go back to look over the intel.

You sighed to yourself, Steve was very appreciative towards the team but you always felt he had some what of a deeper appreciation for yourself. You were not one the complain from the affection but it always troubled you at times when trying to figure out his feelings towards you.

While lost in your thoughts you felt the jet land on the landing carrier at the Avengers Tower. Groaning even louder, you sat up from your spot and lazily walked towards the entrance of the tower.

Not even paying attention you walked towards what you thought was your room. When finally in it you realized it was in fact not yours but Steve’s. You didn’t even want to express how tired your were of everything.

“Fuck it…” You mumbled to yourself. You walked towards Steve’s closet and pulled out on of the softest shirts you could find. Stripping from your catsuit, you threw on the shirt, which conveniently landed just a little under you butt. You didn’t care for pants, everyone was basically family and it wasn’t like no one has ever seen a butt before.

You picked up your catsuit and left Steve’s room. Your stomach was practically screaming at you to put food inside of it. You patted your stomach, in a way to hush a whiny child.

Noises could be heard coming from the shared Avengers kitchen. Sounds of pots and pans became louder and louder once you walked in. The sights of everyone trying to find something to eat was positively hilarious to you. You decided on just finding leftovers in the fridge. As you walked up to it the sounds of everyone started to dwindle down.

“Are you wearing my shirt?” Steve had questioned you. You turned away to see a blush on his face. A blush started to form on yours as well from all the attention of everyone, including Steve’s.

“Uh- yea, sorry, I thought I had walked into my room, and, uh, it was yours and I was too lazy-“ You were cut off by Steve’s soft laughs.

“You look really cute in it (Y/N). I wouldn’t mind seeing you in my shirts more often.” He just continued to laugh softly to himself.

“Capsicle is going to get some tonight…” Tony had murmured to Clint. Clint and Tony had laughed loudly until Nat silenced them with a swift slap to the side of the heads.


Again, sorry this is super short. But thank you again for the request. Keep on sending them in! <3

non verbal Autistic Bucky is so important to me, giving the finger to anyone who asks him when he;s going to ‘get better’ and talk again

non verbal Bucky frustratingly trying to communicate that he’s uncomfortable, or angry or just anything and not being able to get it across

Clint coming round and noticing this, asks why they haven’t even tried teaching him American sign language? (there’s sort of a collective 'oh’ from the rest, they;d been so focused on 'helping’ him speak, that they’d never considered it)

Clint sometimes teaches him signs but is too busy to fully commit so they get Bucky an outside teacher, someone who’s Deaf themselves at Clint’s request

non verbal Bucky signing about what happened to him, finally being able to share the experiences and confront them

non verbal Bucky screaming and screaming and being asked if he can do that why can;t he talk? 'Its not the same’ he signs, they sigh and shake their heads, he signs angrily about it to Sam, Steve and Nat later

Steve, Sam and Nat all learning American sign language as well so they can communicate with him and Clint better, Nat picks it up quickest since she’s so used to different languages

non verbal Bucky sometimes not being able to sign because he’s too exhausted, his therapist tells him he’s being 'difficult’, Bucky gets rid of him, learning that he’s allowed his own choices and he doesn;t have to stand for being treated badly

non verbal, Autistic Bucky!

I’ll Be With You (Part 10)

A/N: I’ve been waiting for this part since I started this story……….. I hope I do it justice. Listen to ‘Lost in the Sound’ by Angie Miller to try and get a sense of the reader’s emotions.

Warning: ANGST/ Swearing/ Death (No Avenger deaths-I promise!)

Summary: A month into Bucky’s extended mission the unthinkable has happened and now you need to learn how to create a new life with no help from Bucky.

Catch up with Part 9! Masterlist 

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The days were agonizingly slow now but today marked one month since Bucky left. You had been working diligently, getting up everyday to run and then returning home only leave for the hospital. You were home only to be with Nan or to sleep but that was rare. Nightmares plagued your dreams. Images of Bucky dying, calling out for your help, or even the folded flag you would receive was a nightmare. Work was what you turned to to keep your mind away from Bucky’s mission. The long twelve hour shifts dragged on even when it was busy. It was Natasha that first reached out to you to bring you back to the tower. The Avengers were sweet but especially to you. They had seen how happy Bucky was with you, how open he had become. Hell, they saw how open you were with them! But you never wanted to visit, it was difficult to be at the tower without Bucky, so you politely declined. Which was why you were now meeting Natasha for coffee. You had just gotten off of the night shift, but sleep wasn’t something you were craving.

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Hello! Do you have any Stucky headcanons? I'm obsessed. Thank you in advance if you choose to answer!

I do indeed. I “apologize” in advance. This is going to be a long one. 

Pre- Super Soldier

Bucky was always worried that Steve was going to get himself killed. He understood Steve’s reasoning for not running from a fight, but that didn’t mean he didn’t think it was stupid to let yourself get beat senseless. 

He was 100% genuine when he said he would much rather Steve get a job collecting scrap metal or working in a factory. He knew that not everyone would come back from the war. That’d be impossible. And he couldn’t deal with losing Steve. 

He didn’t like the idea of leaving Steve alone either, if something were to happen to him while he was over there. But he saw no reason for both of them to wade into a fight they probably wouldn’t walk away from. 

He wanted Steve to be able to live a full, happy life. 

He wanted to be the one he lived it with, but if that couldn’t happen… Well, he’d be ok with that. He just wanted Steve to be happy. 

Steve knew Bucky had a fair point about him having something to prove. 

But he wasn’t exactly trying to prove that he was as strong as any other man or anything like that. 

Really, he just wanted to be someone that Bucky could be proud of. He didn’t mind Bucky always coming to help him, but he wanted to show that he could protect Bucky too. Why should it be “ones a damsel in distress and the other’s the knight in shining armor”? Why shouldn’t they both be each other’s knights?

Post- Super soldier. 

Bucky constantly thought about Steve and how he was doing. He hoped he had taken his advice and was working collecting scrap metal. 

He hoped he’d be there waiting for him when he returned from the war. Because he had every intention of returning from the war. 

When he was captured, he thought “I’m glad Steve isn’t here… He shouldn’t go through this… He shouldn’t see this…”

He also shifted his hopes from Steve waiting for him to Steve being able to settle down with someone nice that could take care of him. 

He didn’t recognize Steve when he rescued him. “Was he always the same size as me?” “Wait, is he actually bigger than me now?” “Who is this guy?”

Steve was ecstatic to find Bucky alive. He was also thrilled that his ideal was playing out. He got to rescue his knight in shining armor. 

He didn’t leave Bucky’s side as he recovered when they returned to camp. 

He told Bucky all about what had happened and how scared he was Bucky had died. 

Bucky admitted he had been scared to. 

After Bucky fell from the train, Steve didn’t really eat for a few days. 

He started shutting down a bit. He wasn’t sure he ever wanted to let anyone in like that again. Not when it hurt so much. 

Post- winter soldier

Steve couldn’t believe Bucky was alive. He wanted to scream to the heavens for joy. He thought he was going to faint from how happy he was. 

But he wanted to scream for the exact opposite reasons when he realized Bucky didn’t remember him. He was devastated. How many times was he going to lose this man and fight to get him back? Only to lose him again…

Bucky knew he should remember Steve, but he just couldn’t. Not beyond what he read in news papers or at museums. He wanted to know this man so badly that it hurt. 

Steve didn’t care that Bucky was going to kill him in one of their fights. Honestly, he kind of wanted him to. He had lost Peggy and it didn’t seem like Bucky would ever really come back. 

In general (like domestic):

Both of them kind of act like stereotypical wives from the 40′s. 

The always exercise together, pushing each other to go a little bit further than they did last time. 

Bucky is happy to listen when Steve needs to talk, like if the other Avengers are driving him a little crazy. He also always adds sassy commentary where he can. 

Steve questions Bucky’s reasoning and judgment skills pretty frequently. One instance was when he had told Bucky what had happened in New York with Loki. Bucky’s response: “Hmmm… This Loki guy sounds pretty interesting, actually…”

Steve mentioned to Thor that the two should probably not meet. Just in case. 

They totally have lazy Fridays or Saturdays. Neither of them change out of their pajamas and they just sort of laze around, watching movies r shows or reading. 

Bucky is a total smart ass with his metal arm. If Steve touches something and pulls away saying it’s really hot, Bucky will put his metal hand on it. “It’s not hot, you big baby. I thought you were a super soldier.” He also does the reverse where Steve will bump him on that side and he’ll cradle his metal arm. “Ow! Steve, watch out! You probably just gave me a bruise!”

Bucky likes to act big and tough, but he’s a big teddy bear and really loves to cuddle with Steve. He also melts every time Steve touches his hair. That’s the biggest reason he doesn’t get it cut. 

They take turns cooking when they have the luxury of sharing meals. This is, unfortunately, not nearly as often as they would like do to the whole Avengers thing. 

That’s it for now, I think. This post is getting long. I decided to keep this one tame. ;)

The Random Stucky Snuggly Headcanons

a. In Ye Bittyest Days and especially when both of them are home, resting from the endless normal scrabble of earning enough to eat and to make rent, Steve likes to sprawl out on the bed, in his singlet and cotton shorts and just read.

b.  He and Bucky had an absolutely ridiculous collection of pulp novels and comics.  

c.  Steve cracks Bucky up with his imitation of The Shadow.  For all his “bittyness” - yes, Bucky’s the only one who can get away with saying this to Steve, he’s got a surprisingly deep voice.  Thus, Steve Rogers can definitely do a decent rendition of “The weed of crime bears bitter fruit!  The Shadow knows!” and that cackle.  

d.  Sometimes, Bucky does a remarkable cat impression.  This is evidenced when he crawls up over Steve’s body in bed, plucks the book out of his hands and says, “Take a break from the readin’ - I need to love on my punk for a while.”

e.  Steve will grin - all sun-bright and mischief - and reel him in.  Bucky tries to be careful - “don’t want to squash you, baby” “shut up, jerk, it’s fine” - but he gets to bury his nose in Steve’s neck and nuzzle and love and kiss and purr.  See dictionary for the word tomcat and find a picture of Bucky Barnes.  

f.  Steve, of course, will nuzzle and love and kiss and purr back. 

g.  One of the good things about Steve getting bigger is that Bucky’s not afraid of squashing him anymore. 

h.  Also, these days they can make as much noise as they want if they want to take the snuggling a bit farther.  This frequently happens.  A lot. 

i.  Bucky likes it when Steve - bitty or big - turns the tables and decides to crawl up on him and demand that he be allowed to “love on my best guy for a while." 

j.  Bucky used to think that he’d never be able to come home.  But now, snuggled in with Steve, he’s utterly thankful that he made it back. 

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Just wanted to say I adore your fics and the prompt collection you have over on AO3 is one of my faves! Idk if you're still taking prompts but I figured I'd shoot you one just on case! I think it'd be cute to see Steve introduce Peggy to Thanksgiving (since we're 2 days away from it) or maybe Peggy tries to surprise Steve by attempting to cook the meal and it doesn't go so well? In a modern setting?

Thank you so much!! That’s so nice to hear :D I hope you enjoy this one just as much.

“If you don’t have any plans on Thursday, I’d like to cook Thanksgiving dinner. For the three of us,” Steve announced.

Peggy looked up from her book, and raised an eyebrow at Steve.


“You’ve never expressed an interest in the holiday before,” she replied. They’d been married three years and never celebrated it once.

Steve shrugged. “We’re a family now, I want to start making traditions.”

“Suit yourself.” She turned back to her book. “Though I don’t think Maggie’s ready for turkey just yet.”

Steve chuckled. “Wiseass,” he muttered.

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For a prompt: Darcy Lewis/Steve Rogers, skinny!Steve and/or Role Reversal AU? Thanks! :)

“You’re talented.” 

Steve looks up, his brows hiked. “Sorry?” 

There’s a woman beside him. They’re standing in front of the main piece of his art show, a painting he spent six months on, never quite happy with the shading or the colors. It’s Captain America, dressed in her tac suit, her face tipped forward, shadowed, hands braced on her shield. It’s his most solemn piece. Stern and serious in a way that a lot of art made of her isn’t. Popular media has been pulling away from the soldier aspect of her and focusing more on the pretty face or the curvy figure. That wasn’t what Steve wanted to capture with his art. He wanted the grit and the grim, the strength and the power. Especially with so much attention placed on femininity when it comes to women in the ARMY, he wanted to recognize that Captain America wasn’t any less female dressed in her tac gear, nor was she any less soldier wearing lipstick the same startling red as the blood seeping from a cut across her cheek. 

She waves a hand toward the painting hanging in front of them. “Sargent Barnes spoke highly of your work.” 

Steve frowns and leans back, his neck craning as he searches the studio. “Bucky’s here?” 

“No.” She rests her hands in front of her, a hand wrapped around her opposite wrist. “He hasn’t returned from Turkey yet.” 

Steve pauses, then looks back at her. Long brown hair rests against her back in loose waves. She’s dressed down in a pair of jeans and a loose sweater, unlaced boots and a side bag. There’s an iPod tucked in the pocket of her jeans; the string of her headphones is wrapped around her neck, buds hanging down across his chest loosely. 

When she turns her head just a little, he’s startled by just how much she looks like the picture above. A side profile of a darker, grittier outtake. 

“You’re…”  He trails off, speechless. 

“A fan.” She smiles, mouth hitching up at the corner, and then tips her chin up toward the painting. “I like it. It’s not my favorite though.” 

“Oh?”  He tucks his hands in the pockets of his pants and tries to stand a little taller, bringing his narrow shoulders up in the hopes that he doesn’t look quite as small as he feels just then. She’s larger than life, with or without the shield, and he feels about three feet tall and totally out of his depth in his best (admittedly, second hand) suit.  

She turns to face him properly, and her face is softer, her eyes rounder, than what she looks like in the stock photos or the history books or even on camera, in the midst of battle. “If you’ve got some time, I’d love to talk to you about your collection.” 

His face warms, as he looks around and realizes he’s in a room filled with the proof that he’s a tiny bit obsessed. “I’m not going to get slapped with a restraining order, am I? Because this was originally an homage to a historical figure. I mean, I started long before you, uh…” He rubs at the back of his neck awkwardly.

“Woke up from an ice sleep…? Don’t sweat it. I seriously just want to talk art with you.” She points to a painting in the distance. “Specifically, how you managed to capture Dum-Dum’s mustache, because that might as well be 3-D it’s that realistic.” 

Steve smiles, ducks his head, and then starts in that direction. When they come to a stop and she starts talking animatedly about her former friends and team, he takes a deep breath and shakes off his shock and awe. Sure, she’s Captain America, the center focus of his entire collection, but she’s also just Darcy Lewis, and unsurprisingly, that’s even more interesting. 

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Can you please write a part 2 of holly coming back from San Francisco.

Here you go, my friend. This is to you and everyone who’s been begging and pleading for a second part of the SF prompt. I spent a good part of today trying to get the pace just right. I think I’m happy with it, finally, so I hope you all like it. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart, for your kind words and your constant support. They mean the world to me. As always, enjoy and let me know what you think! :D

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Sam, I just discovered that during WWII, Canada gave badges to people who tried to join the army but were denied due to health problems, which is adorable enough (we gave out "You Tried!" badges!), but then I thought about if Steve had been Canadian, and just collected a box full of these badges.

LOL, I’d be willing to bet he’d just toss them as soon as he got them :D 

I would imagine the badges were less for the people who received them and more to protect the people who received them from hostility. Especially during the world wars, men who weren’t in uniform but weren’t visibly disabled encountered a lot of hostility (including, on occasion, physical assault) for “being shirkers”, even if they wanted to fight but weren’t allowed. I wonder how many people actually wore them – there must have been a lot of shame associated with them, even if there was relief too.