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I came back from school and did nothing - absolutely nothing for three hours and now I am fanatically trying to do as much as possible at the same time to stop myself from feeling terrible, I have poppyseed pastries baking in the oven I am drawing and doing math homework and rewatching The talented mr Ripely all at the same time. And I wantto go to somewhere in the city centre and come home late but I don’t have any money I can spend and all places I want to go to do require it. Hmm

vancouver, bc

on fb: To all my friends and family. The City is making plans to mass rezone Chinatown such that existing buildings will be torn down and replaced with massive condos.

Chinatown will in effect be destroyed. The City’s view is that there is currently little opposition to this destruction because the public is unaware of the issue.

There is an open house on Saturday February 4 from 10AM to 1 PM at the Chinese Cultural Centre on 50 E Pender St. to hear public opinion on the matter. People don’t need to speak if they don’t want to and can merely fill out a comment card to let the city know that there is objection to the destruction of Chinatown.

Also if you could spread the message to anyone else interested it would be immensely helpful towards defending Chinatown. It is lack of awareness that is letting the city destroy Chinatown.
Five dead in Quebec City mosque shooting: mosque president
Five people were killed after gunmen opened fire in a Quebec City mosque during evening prayers, the mosque's president told reporters on Sunday.

Five people were killed after gunmen opened fire in a Quebec City mosque during evening prayers, the mosque’s president told reporters on Sunday.

Earlier, a witness told Reuters that up to three gunmen fired on about 40 people inside the Quebec City Islamic Cultural Center. Police put up a security perimeter around the mosque and declined to comment to reporters about the incident.

“Why is this happening here? This is barbaric,” said the mosque’s president, Mohamed Yangui.

In June 2016, a pig’s head was left on the doorstep of the cultural centre.

Yangui, who was not inside the mosque when the shooting occurred, said he got frantic calls from people at evening prayers. He did not know how many were injured, saying they had been taken to different hospitals across Quebec City.

Incidents of Islamophobia increased in Quebec in recent years amid a political debate over banning the niqab, or Muslim face covering. In 2013, police investigated after a mosque in the Saguenay region of Quebec was splattered with what was believed to be pig blood.

In the neighboring province of Ontario, a mosque was set on fire in 2015, a day after an attack by gunmen and suicide bombers in Paris.

Always respect the waitresses

This following conversation was from a city LARP, played in the town centre among normal ooc people. The characters were part of a vampire clan, most of them were old Medieval vampires who had been asleep for the last 500 years and were highly confused by the modern world, and the modern clan members had to explain a lot of things to them. This conversation happened while the clan was dining in a restaurant, though I have shortened and simplified it greatly for the sake of the post.

Old vampire: So, what is the status of slaves in the modern world?

Modern vampire: Oh, we haven’t had slavery in ages anymore.

Old vampire: What?! But who will do all the work then?!

Modern vampire: People work different jobs and get paid for them.

Old vampire: But what about these ladies who come over to serve the food? Aren’t they slaves?

Modern vampire: Oh, no no no. They’re waitresses. This is their job that they’re doing voluntarily and they get paid for it.

Old vampire: So, I could just call out to them like “come here, slave”?

Modern vampire: Of course not, you can’t call them slaves. They’re waitresses!

Old vampire: Then how should I address them?

Modern vampire: Respectfully!

At that point the waitress, who was a perfectly ooc person and may or may not have even known that we were a LARP group, walked over.

Waitress: Are you all enjoying your food here?

Old vampire: Oh yes, thank you, oh Great and Esteemed Waitress!

love this !

“Villagers knit jumpers for Indian elephants to protect the large mammals from near-freezing temperatures ”

“Local women make colourful jumpers for formerly abused animals after staff at conservation centre warn of temperatures dipping close to freezing point.”

“Women in a village near the Wildlife SOS Elephant Conservation and Care Centre in the northern city of Mathura reportedly began producing the colourful, pyjama-like garments after staff at the centre warned temperatures were approaching sub-zero at night.”

Read the whole article & watch slide show:

There is a box at the centre of the city. On the box is a door. Whoever goes through returns speaking gibberish, not understanding speech or knowing their loved ones from strangers. They seem to understand each others’ bizarre speech. They huddle together in horror.

Lessons learned from a genuinely lovely night out

* guys alone in bars are creeps
* dancing 4 hours solid in 6in stilletos is enough cardio for a lifetime
* apparently an r2d2 dress is an invitation for the ‘fake gamer girl’ test from every third guy
* apparently they don’t take it too well when you school them on star wars knowledge
* I love girls who want to dance outa solidarity
* guys alone on the street are creeps
* I didn’t do enough clubbing when I was younger
* apparently I can go through a whole night without having to buy a drink - woops
* doesn’t matter what music’s playing as long as your dancing with the right people
* trust your gut, it’ll save you from getting into an illegal taxi
* lecherous old men are creeps
* McDonald’s in the city centre on a Friday night has bouncers
* they’re actually necessary
* seriously I don’t need to do cardio ever again
* I love girls randomly complimenting girls
* Ricky will put his lips on your ear when he talks but he’s actually kinda a sweetheart bar that
* if left unsupervised I can turn into an r2d2cicle very quickly in December
* guys in the queue for McDonald’s are creeps
* I love girls

It’s Only Vonnegut

Prompt: ‘I must say your taste in books is beautiful, can I take you out for coffee?’ (Library AU)
Pairing: Destiel
Word Count: 1,110
Tags/Warnings: Library AU, first meetings, fluff


Dean Winchester isn’t exactly an avid library-goer. If it were up to him, he’d reread Vonnegut for the rest of his life even though his books were beyond tattered and Slaughterhouse Five was missing it’s front cover and a page was loose towards the centre.

Standing in the doorway of Kansas City Library, Dean takes a breath before entering. Technically he’s only here to drag his brother away from studying just for a couple of hours because he’d been there for his entire spring break from Stanford University.

It’s not long before he spots Sam, hunched over textbooks and scribbling away at a stack of note paper.

“Hey, Sammy,” Dean says, clapping his brother on his back and making him jump.

“It’s Sam, I’m studying.” He quipped with a scowl.

“You can’t spend your whole spring break looking at nerd books.” Dean said with exasperation.

“I can and I will, Dean! I have exams when I get back.” Sam sighed, turning a page of his book and noting something down before highlighting it.

“Dude! C’mon, where’s your sense of adventure? We could head down the Roadhouse and get shit-faced.”

“Dean it’s not even afternoon. Give me an hour okay and we’ll go down the Roadhouse for lunch.” Sam shoved at his brother to leave him alone.

“Alright, alright, I’m going. I’m sticking around though, bitch,”

Sam huffs but doesn’t reply so Dean wanders off into the large library. This level seems entirely non-fiction though so he heads back down to fiction and peruses the science fiction.

He pulls out a book not even taking notice to which one he’s pulled out. There’s an armchair by the window and he takes his place, if Sam’s going to be doing his nerdy stuff, Dean might as well be comfy.

He’s read the book before more than he can count and he’s barely fifteen minutes in when he can feel someone watching him.

Dean looks up to see no one in sight and narrows his eyes at the surrounding area before returning to his book. He feels the sensation again shortly after and this time when he looks up, there’s a dark hair man wearing slacks, shirt and a knitted pullover hovering by his side.

“Can I help you?” His tone comes out harsher than expected and the man steps back with a frown.

“I apologise, I just…” He stops and Dean sets his book down on his lap and removes his feet from the coffee table as he notices a Kansas City Library name tag on his chest. Dean watches as the man glances down at his lap and back to meet his eyes. “I… I must say your taste in books is beautiful,”

Dean grins, so this is how it goes. He’s finally picking up that the guy is probably attempting to flirt with him. “It’s only Vonnegut – unless you were implying something else?” Dean raises a brow and the man – Castiel, he reads – blushes.

“I uh, well, perhaps – maybe. Coffee?” He stumbles.

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I used to read walking from the train station to my school. It was a 1 mile walk through the city centre, and I'm still surprised I didn't walk into someone or get run over

I used to get into so much trouble for that!

“There’s a road there!”

“That car clearly didn’t see you!”

“You knocked over a small child!”

Like, can’t y’all see?

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“To the more than one million Canadians who profess the Muslim faith, I want to say directly, we are with you. Thirty-six million hearts are breaking with yours. Know that we value you. You enrich our country in immeasurable ways, this is your home.” -Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Thousands of people gathered in vigils and rallies accross Canada, in solidarity with Québec City, to mourn Khaled Belkacemi, Azzeddine Soufiane, Mamadou Tanou, Ibrahima Barry, Aboubaker Thabti and Abdelkrim Hassane, the six men who were killed by a white supremacist terrorist at the Sainte-Foy Centre Culturel Islamique on Sunday night, and support the nineteen more people who were injured in the attack. 

From Québec City, QC (1 and 2) to Toronto, ON (3), from Regina, SK (4) to Halifax, NS (5), from Iqualuit, NU (6) to Calgary, AB (7), and from Ottawa, ON (8) and Montreal, QC (9) to Vancouver, BC (10), people came out to offer love and compassion, friendship and sisterhood to the Muslim community. 

Now, this is Canada.

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So I'm really stuck with the whole "Show don't tell" thing because sometimes it seems too much? An example from when I tried to show: "...her feet rhythmically thump against the soft soil as she emerges from the thick forest into the city centre of Avarra," Like is that too much if I wanted to say that she was running home? 😂 In this case would it be better if I just wrote: "Elora breaks out into a sprint, emerging from the thick forest into the city centre of Avarra," ugh I'm not sure :(

Oh, you and me both, lovely, you and me both…

I’m going to start by saying that I’m pretty opinionated about how teachers present this subject and it annoys me that it leads people to panic so much when writing: me and this lovely anon whom is in crisis. Now, I don’t know whether you were taught this at school or not, but I have been taught this technique since I was eight years old and have only recently decided that it is batshit crazy. In absolutely no case do you have to explain everything, please don’t feel obliged to do so! If you’ve already described their surrounding scenes you don’t have to describe them again and again. It’s okay to focus on other things such as: emotions, other characters, thoughts, feelings/physical, flashbacks/memories, etc…

Lets start with some sneaky little tips that can often slip our minds:

  • Make sure you’re telling the reader something they don’t already know- don’t repeat yourself.
  • Don’t give your reader everything. Leave things to their imagination!
  • Reread from work from your characters perspective, it’s a lot easier sometimes, but other times it really doesn’t help. So maybe skip this one XD.
  • Create the scene how you want it, but leave things to the imagination.
  • (Now I’ll contradict myself) Don’t overthink things! The worst mistakes can come about when things are over thought, so take it easy, buddy.

The technique can be useful in some senses, but the way I was taught was to over use it so-bloody-much. It can often turn your work into something it really isn’t, like that scene where Joey uses a thesaurus when he’s writing his CV, don’t be a Joey Tribbiani. 

I don’t know if anyone remembers the post that circulated tumblr a while back, but in short it was saying how when analysing people’s work, examiners expect us to think that the ‘curtains were blue to indicate his depression’ or something pathetic. I remember the next comment being “Maybe the curtains were just fucking blue.” and I’ve never related to someone more in my life. Maybe the curtains were just blue! And that is why I struggle so much with the ‘Show-don’t-tell’ technique, because ‘the curtains were fucking blue’.

Now I know that I’ve basically downgraded this technique, but that’s only because I want you to understand that you can all write better without using it so much. It’s totally okay to use, but in consideration to your work. Things can be over explained and under explained and I don’t want to ruin your work by telling you to not use this technique, just use it in moderation.

Right, let’s wrap this up so you can go back to your nice peaceful lives where I’m not ranting about a writing technique that I was taught horribly wrong… Good luck on your writing, it sounds amazing already, whatever one you go with! Don’t overthink it ;). Lots of love from Yasmine xox

Also the name Elora is amazing omg.


Collection of Environments from my homebrew D&D world! Hoping to add more this year!

1st, 2nd are from the Oxpsindle, academic centre and university on the back of a giant golem kudu, various magical industries practise on the centre and at the base while on the beast itself the university is placed.

3rd, 4th are views of the canal city, central and outskirts.

5th is the crater city, it’s industrial might built from mining out the precious metals from a huge asteroid crater, it’s the capital of Corvatolia, a kingdom to which the Oxspindle belongs.

6th is the empress’ castle built connecting the tunnels leading to the subterranean kingdoms and those above.


Historical Monuments at Makli, Thatta, Pakistan.

Makli is an enormous cemetery possessing half a million tombs and graves in an area of about 10 km2. Massed at the edge of the 6.5 km-long plateau of Makli Hill, the necropolis of Makli – which was associated with the nearby city of Thatta, once a capital and centre of Islamic culture – testifies in an outstanding manner to the civilization of the Sindh from the 14th to the 18th centuries.

The vast necropolis of Makli is among the largest in the world. Kings, queens, governors, saints, scholars, and philosophers are buried here in brick or stone monuments, some of which are lavishly decorated with glazed tiles. Among the outstanding monuments constructed in stone are the tombs of Jam Nizamuddin II, who reigned from 1461 to 1509, and of lsa Khan Tarkhan the Younger and of his father, Jan Baba, both of whose mausolea were constructed before 1644. The most colourful is that of Diwan Shurfa Khan (died in 1638). The unique assemblage of massive structures presents an impressive order of monumental buildings in different architectural styles. These structures are notable for their fusion of diverse influences into a local style. These influences include, among others, Hindu architecture of the Gujrat style and Mughal imperial architecture. Distant Persian and Asian examples of architectural terra-cotta were also brought to Makli and adapted. An original concept of stone decoration was created at Makli, perhaps determined by the imitation of painted and glazed tile models. The historical monuments at the necropolis of Makli stand as eloquent testimonies to the social and political history of the Sindh.



On this day in music history: March 18, 1967 - “Penny Lane” by The Beatles hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 1 week. Written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, it is the thirteenth US number one single for the “Fab Four”. The single is one of the first two songs (along with “Strawberry Fields Forever”) to emerge from the sessions that yields the bands landmark “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”. It is titled after a district near the Liverpool City Centre where Lennon had once lived as an art student. The idea for the song comes to McCartney in a dream. Recording sessions for the song will begin on December 29, 1966, with the final overdubs being recorded on January 17, 1967. Trumpet player David Mason is hired to play the songs’ signature piccolo trumpet solo after McCartney hears him playing the instrument during a television performance of Bach’s 2nd Brandenburg Concerto. For both the US and UK releases of the single (issued on February 13, 1967 in the US and February 17, 1967 in the UK), it comes packaged with a picture sleeve that features a new portrait of the band on the front, with childhood photos of each member on the back. Entering the Hot 100 at #85 on February 25, 1967, leaping to the top of the chart three weeks later. Surprisingly, the single peaks at #2 on the UK singles chart when it is held off the top by Engelbert Humperdinck’s “Release Me”. “Penny Lane” is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.