from the books

I like stars more than anything else. I watch them as I fall asleep and wonder who lives on them and how to get there. The night sky looks so friendly with all those little twinkling eyes.

— Snufkin, Comet in Moominland

The world will always be
and cruel,
and cold
But I hope,
You still face it with the same,
And Fearlessness
Don’t let the fire in your heart burn out,
Don’t let the sparkle in your eyes dull.
—  Bmfs
I knew I loved you
when I found your name
written in the stars.
—  E. Grin
Here’s the complete, honest truth: I’ll never know why you left.
I’ll never know what changed inside of you,
what ripped you out of my arms and placed you in hers.
Because we were happy, we were in love, when I looked into your eyes I saw my future, I saw what I thought was the love of my life.
And then suddenly that love turned into pain and anger.
I’ll never know why we didn’t make it, only you know that.
But what I do know is, you will never forget me.
Because I changed you, no mater how much you try to deny it, you and I both know it’s the truth.
You used to say that the only person you would ever care about was yourself, that the day you gave someone your heart would be the day the world ended.
But you were wrong.
You gave me your heart and I gave you mine and the world lived to see it, we made our love unforgettable.
Because despite our ending, what we had was real and you know it.
So no, you will never forget me,
because every time you tell her you love her, you’ll remember who taught you what love was in the first place.
—  Your heart has my fingerprints on it.
Guess what- you’re going to get over him and guess what- you’re going to find someone else. And guess what- he could also be a bad liar with a rotation of girls and guess what- you might feel this way all over again one day. And guess what- you’ll get over it that time also.
You’ll miss me, maybe not now, maybe not in a couple of years. But one day you’ll be contemplating the stars and you’ll think about me and I won’t be nowhere to be found.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #7
I was thinking about how you’re always the first to say I love you; We were laying there on the couch, in a dark room illuminated by the light of the movie screen. I looked up at you. I could see the reflection of the movie in your eyes, the tension in your square jaw, and all the little creases in your curled up, crooked smile. You didn’t notice that I was watching you, but that’s okay. You didn’t have to. Every little thing that you did so effortlessly, I fell in love with over and over again. You turned to me and I hugged you closer, tugging on your shirt as I allowed your arm to rest around me. Before you could say anything, I leaned in to kiss you, but stopped myself just an inch before your face. You flash me that smile, oh so innocent, so sincere. I whisper your name, and find that those are the only words I know how to form. The following silence whispers the words I’ve been trying to say. You reply softly, “I love you too”, and I’ve never kissed someone so passionately as I had in that exact moment.
—  “i love you” pt.2 // 3.22.17
I keep a bottle of pills just in case I ever feel the need to take them all at once. Some nights I almost do. Nights like tonight I almost do. I almost do.

“When I met him I was not looking for love. I wasn’t looking for anything honestly. I wasn’t planning on falling for anyone so suddenly. But as soon as I saw him that was it. I guess things just happened. I found him and I found myself wanting to spend more and more time with him. It was so simple. I think that’s how the best relationships happen. You’re not looking for anything and then all of a sudden you realize; You have something. The only problem is people can fall out of love just as quickly as they can fall in love.”

-s.g // excerpts from a book ill never write #69

You wrote your name on my heart, claiming it as your own. You made sure everyone knew who I belonged to. I was yours. That was abundantly clear. I’m kicking myself now for letting you write in pen, because no matter how hard I try, your mark will always remain right where you left it. And, although I am free from your grip, I carry a part of you around with me everywhere I go.

Do the craziest things
Things the conservative shudder at the thought of. Sing your heart out. Dance your sole off. Cry your sadness away. Don’t think about what others will say or how they will look at you.

Those who love you,
Will love you still
Those no longer,
never will.

—  Me (jnh). You are beautiful, no matter what. I swear it.
I was one of those people that were secretly destroying themselves, i gave up on cutting, i let it bleed inside me, i let it damage myself on the inside instead of on the outside
And now, i don’t know who i was before i let it destroy me
—  Viola CN ‘’Damage’’