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where'd you get the Bingo Sheet for Splatfest?

((I got it from a blogger. Idk who the name was, bc the post was deleted or something.))

tasadorg replied to your post: Holy shit. Wikileaks is on 🔥 with that #DNCLeaks story

I love your blog. I can reblog from here, but not from @tracysactivism If you blocked me, then I’m sorry. Not trying to skirt around a block. But do let me know what I did wrong. Maybe its some tech issue with tumblr. I really want to share your content. Hope whatever the problem is fixes itself. Your posts are some of my faves.

My apologies if I’ve accidentally blocked (some of) you within the past month or so. I get an incredible amount of troll hate from bloggers who obviously scour the #BlackLivesMatter tag and who apparently have too much free time. Between that and the Russian spam bloggers, I may have inadvertently blocked one or two (hundred) of you who don’t belong on my blocked list. 😬 Sorry but if you think I’ve blocked you by mistake please find a way to reach out to me and I’ll see what I can do. 

Tyvm. I appreciate you. And also, to nobody in particular, I’m only “some of your faves”?!? 😡

Listen Up.

So it has come to my attention that Raven from @spookycrobat is still receiving hate from some of my followers. 


No, seriously, FUCK. YOU. 

How dare you think this type of behavior is okay? What makes you think its okay to try and run someone off just because I came back? You disgust me. 

You don’t deserve my sympathy, you don’t deserve my kindness or generosity when I hold these giveaways. I don’t give two shits what your excuses could be, Raven has as much a right to be here as any of you. 

All these death threats, those messages telling her to delete her blog just because I came back? Grow up, get a pair and move the fuck on, lets return to the point that this is all just a goddamn video game. 

I want to extend a hand out to Raven, and I encourage every one else too to give her support and love, we all don’t know what she goes through, she shouldn’t have to go through more shit ontop of that. 

Furthermore, the giveaway will postponed until further notice.

I’ve been basically in and out of a rage spiral about this song for the last week so let me finally get my thoughts out:

[which isn’t to say that if you like it you’re Bad or whatever but I’m so tired of people refusing to be critical/refusing to let others be uncomfortable with the song]

Jennifer Lopez’s song Love Make the World Go Round ft Lin-Manuel Miranda is, at it’s best, irresponsible and at it’s worst, homophobic.

when Lin-Manuel made his speech after winning a Tony award, it was a touching gesture. half of the victims of the Orlando shooting were Puerto Rican and so it’s understandable that he felt a personal connection. people have had mixed feelings about the speech itself because while it’s great he spent the time to express solidarity with the lgbt community, same gender attraction of characters in the musical itself was downplayed even though he had the opportunity to bring it out in the open and make a more definite stand on his interpretation. regardless, the issues with the song aren’t really about the speech, nor about the fact the speech was sampled for the song.

the issue is this song consistently uses inclusive language to talk about circumstances that the singers do not have to deal with. 

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Nerdfighters, it’s almost 3am for me and I don’t have anywhere near enough followers to even get this off the ground, but I’m hoping that nerfighteria will still band together.

Guys, we all know that John has been getting a lot of undeserved hate lately. We’ve all seen it, unfortunately, and I know I’m not the only one it upsets. I know John feels it the most, but I want to address the community he started, us. The people who have donated to charity, contributed things to the DFTBA store, participate in vidcon, got the brother’s to Carnegie Hall, and have done so much to decrease world suck and support these two crazy brothers.

John needs our help. I know a lot of you are responding to the hateful comments as well, and that helps, but I want to encourage everyone to resist the urge to go down to the haters’ level. That only increases world suck, and our goal is to decrease it. Correct them, sure, but try to be polite.

But that isn’t what I want to discuss. I know a lot of us are probably doing it already, but I want to try and “rally the troops” (so to speak) anyway. I want to flood John Green’s inbox with kind messages. I know he doesn’t need reminding, but let’s remind him anyway of what he has done for the world. We are all a part of nerdfighteria for something. Whether it was his books, their inspirational campaigns, the sharpy face, Hank’s realization of DUDE. NO EDGE. or anything really. We all came here for a reason and we stayed for a reason.

Message John Green with that reason.

Tell him what you think of him. Let him know that he is loved and cared for and remind him, don’t forget to be awesome. Because I know we’ve all been there. We’ve all felt down, or upset, or hopeless or lost for one reason or another. And when we’re like that, a reminder is helpful, even if it isn’t entirely needed.

So nerfighteria, and anyone else who wants to help us decrease world suck, send John Green a kind message. Fill his inbox with kind words, metaphors if you have to. Let him know that while our thoughts are stars we cannot fathom into constellations, if people were rain, we are the drizzle and he is the hurricane.

This isn’t a grand endeavor to decrease world suck like the brother’s organize, but I sincerely hopes it brightens the day of John and Hank. Maybe even a couple nerdfighters and others as well.

Guys, I love you all so much for all you have given me as a nerdfighter in this community and I will always be thankful to John Green for creating it.

Please, all of you,


Occasionally, when talking about sexual orientations, I’ll see my allosexual friends bring up asexuality. It’s really nice to see that because it shows they’re aware that the asexuality community exists and that they want to be as inclusive as possible.

However, a lot of allosexuals explain asexuality incorrectly. And instead of, say, linking to the AVEN website or AVEN wiki or directing the questions about asexuality to an actual asexual, they’ll feed their audiences with information that might fit the one asexual they know, but won’t be a honest description of the community.

Here are a list of things that allosexuals should stop saying or believing about asexuality.

  • Asexuality is a lack of sex drive/asexuals don’t have sex drives.
    Asexuality is about sexual attraction, not sexual urges. Hypersexual ace spectrum individuals exist.
  • Asexuals don’t care about looks/don’t find people attractive.
    Generally, I’m personally not physically attracted to people (and I do have intense moments where it’s like “oh my god people look so good”) but that doesn’t mean I don’t find people good looking or understand why some people are considered ‘hot.’
  • Sex with an asexual person means a lot more than sex with anyone else.
    Someone having sex with me as a demisexual would mean about as much as it would if I were pansexual because of my personal choices about sex. There are ace spectrum individuals who have casual sex and that’s one hundred percent okay!
  • People in the asexual spectrum never experience sexual attraction.
    Asexuality is a spectrum. Demisexuals and grey-asexuals may experience sexual attraction to a variety of degrees, but the lack of overall sexual attraction is why one might choose to identify with the ace community.
  • Asexuals don’t masturbate.
    Some of my allosexual friends don’t masturbate and that doesn’t change their orientation. Masturbation is done for a variety of reasons! Being okay with someone touching your genitals is not the same as being okay with touching yourself!
  • Asexuals don’t want relationships.
    First off, the romantic spectrum is important. Second off, there are so many types of relationships out there that when you say 'asexuals don’t want relationships’ it makes it seem like we all want to live alone. There’s a difference between not desiring a sexual relationship, not desiring a romantic relationship, and desiring neither a romantic nor sexual relationship. 

Keep in mind that an asexual is allowed to explain their asexuality with these descriptions! For some asexuals, these areas are huge elements of their identity and that needs to be respected.

Kind of like it’s offensive for a non-black person to come up to me and say that I’m a bad black person for being a shit dancer or assuming that I should be able to dance because I’m black, it’s awful to go to someone who identifies in the asexual spectrum and scrutinize other elements of their sexuality just because they don’t fit in with what you perceive asexuality to be.

These are only a few of the many misconceptions that people make, but these are ones I keep seeing from bloggers who intend to teach and inform their audiences about sexual orientations. If you’re not sure about something, it’s better to ask an asexual (who always has the right to refuse to answer your question) than to spout out inaccurate facts.

Well guys, it’s the end of the season! I had SO MUCH fun blogging with you all and hope to see you next season for BB18! I’m always around so feel free to message me still!

I can’t believe that someone I stanned won, as well, like what a crazy ride! All my Steve stans out there, we survived!

I’m possibly switching to be in the Survivor fandom on the off season, but I’m not sure! Will anybody else be around too? Would love to see my mutuals around

aces who aren’t attracted to the same or similar genders do receive misdirected homophobia

however they also receive other forms of heterosexism that’s correctly directed due to their asexuality

so while aces who don’t experience same/similar gender attraction need to be very careful about their own homophobia, that’s not the same as saying those aces don’t have heterosexism imposed on them