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Stages of Decomposition

1. Fresh: chemical breakdown of the body but not visually apparent. Algor, rigor and livor mortis starts to happen but no decomposition odours

2. Bloat: gasses accumulate in the body from anaerobic activity in the abdomen and odours begin. This stage ends when the body deflates.  

3. Active decay: body is wet from the decomposition fluids and strong odours begin. Flesh begins to disappear.

4. Advanced decay: Flesh is mostly gone and body begins to dry

5. Dry remains: No odour and bones are exposed to the elements (animals, environment)

Book recs?

Okay so I’m looking for a specific type of story. Like, one of the ones where you have to figure out the back story. Put the puzzle pieces together.

Where a character has moved into a town and everyone acts strange and they don’t know why.
Where someone’s woken from a coma and nobody will tell them what happened.
Where a person is investigating the death of a loved one and there’s a lot more to it than it originally seemed.

A book that begins at the end? Where they tell you how it got to that point? Idk.

Basically… crime/conspiracy/sci fi/fantasy mysteries… Preferably ya but eh…


some thoughts and stuff on KH3D intro

In reanalyzing the very end of the KH3D intro through the lens of it being a hint as to some information regarding the finale of KH3, there was a bunch of stuff that was a bunch of fun to try and explain:

In this intro, Mickey does some interesting things with his books from the beginning of the intro sequence…namely summoning characters. I don’t think that the scene was there merely for artistic effect, but it may be some sort of element of the game. The books that Mickey’s using during battle…are the book summonings entirely metaphorical, or do you think they’re actually being used as a device for summoning characters into the Keyblade Graveyard?

From the books come Roxas, the Wayfinder trio, and Goofy/Donald. However, the final scene, which I had originally thought was the 7 Lights, actually features Roxas, Terra, Aqua, Ventus, Sora, Riku, Donald/Goofy, and Mickey. Kairi, who we assumed was the 7th Light, isn’t present and is instead replaced with, um, Roxas (after taking out Donald/Goofy). 

This could mean that, if we assume Kairi is part of the 7, this scene does not depict the final attack, but some preliminary event in the world outside. It also begs the question: where’s Lea while all this is going on? Did he stay behind to help after some event with meeting Isa or some of the de-Norted Org members?

Pls enjoy illusion-Xeha exploding into a flutter of papers. 

Good gravy, would love to hear your thoughts on these things


The Bootlegger: The Savage Automatic Pistol - .32/.380 ACP

Probably the most aesthetically pleasing gun on this list, this is a Savage 1907 pistol. When you think of the name “Savage” in the reference to guns, you think cheap and accurate bolt and lever action hunting guns, but in the 1900′s, Savage decided to enter the pocket pistol market.

The Savage Pocket pistols begin with this massive handgun. This is mostly called the Savage Trials pistol. During the late 1900′s, the US Army decided it was time to upgrade from a slew of different revolvers to a semi-automatic pistol. The weapons submitted included the now famous .45 Luger, the absurdly famous Colt Automatic Pistol, Savage’s Trial Gun, the Hammond Pistol, the Knoble and the Webley-Fosbery.

By the end, two guns had been selected, the Colt and the Luger. However, Luger got an order for effectively 1 million P.08′s back in Germany and left the US trials, so the 3rd Runner up got to go against the Colt, and that was Savage. Savage and Colts went against each other and in the end, Colt won and the Colt 1911 was adopted.

Savage had all the patents done in 1905, so they decided to modify and scale down the trials pistol into a smaller gun while selling off the trial pistols. And thus, the 1907 was born. It’s a striker-fired gun, the hammer on most of them is effectively a cocking lever, delayed blowback gun. It has a rotating barrel and originally no screws in it’s construction, which is nice.

The 1907′s were very popular, they were high quality, accurate and very nice in the hand. They were sold to France and Portugal for military sales and Savage also got a shitload of testimonials for it.

Savage advertised the snot out of the 1907. It was advertised as a home defense gun for women and men, especially women. It coined the phrase “10 shots quick!” as the .32 ACP models actually hold 10 rounds in a double-stack magazine, the .380 holds 9. They got Bat Masterson, “Wild Bill” Cody, William Pinkerton to advertise this gun and even Theodore Roosevelt was given one. It was a very successful pistol for Savage, and is the most common of all the variants. The 1907 was made from 1907 to 1920 before being replaced.

Before I get to the 1907′s replacement, I need to cover the sort of step-child, the Model 1915. This was Savage addressing a number of complaints about the gun. It replaced the hammer with just a plate and added a grip safety. The 1915 really didn’t go anywhere commercially, made from 1915 to 1917.

The final Savage is the Model 1917. This was Savage addressing a number of complaints as well as modernizing the gun to compete with the recently released Remington Model 51 pistol. The changes included a wider grip, a modified mag release, a normal spur hammer and screws on the grip. The 1917 was very popular, lasting from 1920 until 1929 when production stopped because of the Great Depression.

The Savage Automatic Pistol line is a weird and funky looking gun, but it’s very fitting for the era it was made. It’s a very art deco gun, and it sold very well with around 450,000 made of all models, with the most common being the 1907, then the 1917, 1915 and the Trials gun. They are accurate, reliable and pretty light on the recoil front due to the steel construction. The mag release is wonky, but you can’t deny the Savage Automatic Pistol both looks and is pretty cool.

Rose Quartz thoughts

This ep really got me thinking where Rose Quartz ends and Steven begins. I know the show separates the two characters as completely separate entities, but there is still overlay. The question is just how much overlay.

In Rose’s video for Steven she outright says that every time Steven loves himself that is her loving him and love being him, but what about these feelings of guilt and self hatred? Does any of it stem from lingering regret from Rose? Does she realize that she created Steven, something beautiful, in an effort to make up for all the pain she caused but her past actions now cause him great pain? Do those feelings overlap and intermingle with Steven’s, worsening his mental state?

It was shown when Steven and Peridot were confronting the cluster that his gem shines like he is going to “defuse” when under tremendous stress, so can Rose truly see through his eyes? Can she see everything that has happened and not able to send a message to her son or other loved ones. Everyone acts like she is dead but what if she is literally watching her life and legacy like a film with no means of being able to defend herself or loved ones?

Rose’s character is just so fascinating and is still shrouded is a lot of mystery. Her story is much more twisted than was initially presented and I cannot wait to see where it goes from here.

Introduction Meme

Thanks @kalendraashtar, @gotham-ruaidh and @shortiemcbealle for tagging me in this: 

Describe yourself how you would describe a character you’re introducing. And pass it on to others if you like!

I wasn’t originally going to do it, only because I have -no idea- how to start it, but then…well, it’s only short. Heh.

– – –

Had her C.V been accurate it would have read: “Professional time-waster; mostly useless.”

She’d inherited her self-deprecating humour from her mother. If Beverley had passed on that particular quirk, she’d stolen her eclectic music tastes from her father, Malcolm, along with his icy green eyes.

As far as she could gather, knowing the soundtrack for ‘Les Mis’ from beginning to end, lyrics and all, wasn’t a useful life skill. But as with most things, she was sure she had time to convince people otherwise.

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For anyone curious about what I use to bullet journal, I use a small multipurpose notebook from Daiso ($1.50!!!!) It has 40 pages of gridded paper with a big block of space at the top of each page that’s perfect for doodling, and the last 40 pages are brown recycled paper for anything you really want to use it for. I use these pages to make any extra notes or to place stamps, stickers, and ticket stubs on! What’s also nice about this notebook is that it has a clear pocket at the beginning and end!

The only cons: I bought two since 40 pages of gridded paper won’t last me too long (6 months of just daily to do lists is a decent time though if you don’t do full on spreads!) and the paper is very thin so markers and pens do bleed a bit/ show on the other side!

Kubo and the Two Strings was amazing. It’s beautiful from beginning to end. The evil sisters were one of my favorite parts. I love a good creepy villain, and they were done so expertly. I just want to watch it again now.
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قال ابن تيمية رحمه الله: وكما أن الله نهى نبيه أن يصيبه حزن أو ضيق ممن لم يدخل في الإسلام في أول الأمر فكذلك في آخره، فالمؤمن منهي أن يحزن عليهم وأن يكون في ضيق من مكرهم، وكثير من الناس إذا رأى المنكر أو تغير كثير من أحوال الإسلام جزع وكلَّ وناح كما ينوح أهل المصائب، وهو منهي عن هذا، بل هو مأمور بالصبر والتوكل والثبات على دين الإسلام.

Ibn Taymiyyah may Allah have mercy on him said: Just as Allah forbade his prophet from falling into sadness or grief over those who did not embrace Islam at the beginning, the matter remains the same at its end too; A believer is forbidden from grieving over them or worry over their mischief.

A lot of people panic, fall into despair and cry like the people of calamities do - when they see an evil deed or when seeing a lot of things in Islam being changed - even though they’re is forbidden from doing so, rather, they are obliged to be patient, have Tawakkul and stay firm upon the religion of Islam.

[ فتاوى شيخ الإسلام (18/295) ]

Chapter Two

“Mamma! Pappa!” Madeleine yelled from her spot in Heathrow Airport as she threw her arms into a frantic spurt of waves to gain her parents’ attention. 

Her parents saw her and her mother, Queen Silvia, nearly jumped out of excitement at the sight of her youngest child. And Madeleine had to admit, it was comforting to see them here, in her new home.

Since she had arrived in London on Monday, Madeleine had found herself missing Sweden, her parents in particular. She missed the familiarity of her day to day life in Drottningholm Palace, and how she would begin and end each day with seeing at least one of her parents. 

By Wednesday of that week, the “London calling” hype had begun to wear on her. Afterall, it wasn’t even six months ago that she’d graduated secondary school and now here she was, beginning university and in a strange place. A strange place that had been calling to her since she was fifteen. A strange place that was supposed to feel like home, but so far the only thing that was good about London was that she had Louise by her side. 

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When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you’ve written, then pass on to at least five other writers (◠‿◠✿). Do multiple fandoms if you want!

I was tagged in by the ever-fabulous @itsbuckybitch

1. Bionic Battle Granny

If you haven’t read BBG yet, for God’s sake, go and read it now. The first three chapters are the best stuff I’ve ever written, in my humble opinion.

2. Breaking The Raft

BAMF! Laura Barton makes me happy. 

3. For Want Of A Nail (with @ladywinterlight )

The longest thing I’ve EVER completed at 200k words, it’s a complete rewrite of the MCU from the beginning of AoS to the end of Season 2, taking in CATWS and AoU as well. Basically the premise goes: What happens if Brock Rumlow met Skye right after she first met up with Coulson’s team and they turned out to be SOULMATES?

4. The Gambler

Gambit/Jemma, and Skye/Deadpool. Plus Fitz/Rogue, May/Angel, Phil/Audrey… I had lots of fun pairing everyone off in this one :) And I fell HEAVILY for Remy LeBeau in the process. Didn’t you all?

5. Through A Glass Darkly

Clint/OC; my first fic in the Marvel fandom, the one that started it all. I look back at it now and laugh about how cheesy some of it was (esp. Steve/Nat, what was I THINKING?) but I still love Jen, my OC, absolutely to bits.

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“What The World Needs Now Is Love” - Top 6 and All-Stars

After the last show I was thinking how weird it was that they haven’t featured Gaby in a group routine yet this season, and then the show gave me this. I loved her static running in the beginning, and everyone turning around to watch her. Plus her lift reaching out to everyone was very pretty.

All of the little group sections in the beginning were beautiful and Kida picking everyone up at the end and JT bringing them all together was genius. There’s nothing more pure then kids bringing everyone together. They are born with the purest form of love. 

The big group section stemming from the guy and girl sections was stunning. I really liked that leg extension the girls did while leaning on their heads. That lift they did trowing JT in the background was amazing as well. I actually wish they had made it a little more prominent. I loved how they all came together at the end too. This was a very moving and meaningful piece from Travis.

greymichaela  asked:

I really want to say all of them, but how about 9, 18, and 20-22?

Dammit I didn’t even get to waste my employer’s time on this today, but thank you for asking!

9. Do you plan a story from beginning to end before writing it, or do you just haphazardly start writing one and add up from there, hoping the plot goes somewhere good? If the latter, do you tend to get stuck often?

I plan at executive summary level in my head, because if I don’t have any idea where I’m going then why am I writing anything down in the first place? I read someone say somewhere “Dickens must have found it so easy to write Bleak House once he knew it was going to be called Bleak House” (I paraphrase, it was pithier than that) and that’s the sort of level at which I plan: objects and things often carry a lot of meaning in my fic, and I need to know if it’s called Bleak House or That Cup Of Coffee Someone Made Someone Else That Symbolises The End Of Loneliness, you know. That sort of planning.

18. If you are not working on a project at this moment, how do you keep your writing skills from “getting rusty”? Or do you prefer to just rest?

Oh man I just rest. Or I read, I guess? Reading helps a lot! Books and fic, and other people’s wonderful ideas on tumblr.

20. Can music help you write? If yes, what is your favorite type of playlist to listen to while writing?

Anything that blocks out the background noise, the TV, etc. I like it to vaguely suit the #aesthetic of the fandom: due South was very lo-fi Mountain Goats type music; Star Wars is more fururistic electropop like Chvrches, Grimes, Desireless

21. Are special scents an incentive to writing for you? If so, what scents?

Nope! But that could be an interesting theme to pick up in a story though couldn’t it? It worked for Proust and his madeleine, why not characters from a massive sci fi franchise and the smell of, idk, X wing fuel or Finn’s hair care products or something.

22. Do you have any favorite stories or books, and why?

So many, ever expanding! Right now I am reading Colm Toíbin because he can do that harder-than-it-looks thing of telling you what’s happening in very straightforward language and the emotion just fills in all the gaps by itself, how does that even work? And I enjoy mocking Hemingway as much as the next woman, but honestly no one else has written quite so evocatively with so few words about the experience of getting drunk in the afternoon in Spain with people you aren’t always sure you like and how that can make you reevaluate your entire life without meaning to, and that’s an experience that really resonates with me.

Trivia Thursday

Did You Know…

Did you know that Kurtwood Smith appeared in the 1970′s TV series Soap?

Soap was a comedy TV series that parodied soap operas and their elaborate storylines that were popular at the time. Soap was also one of the TV series that That ‘70s Show referenced and parodied in the end of the season 2, Vanstock, with guest appearances by Bob and Chuck (two characters from the Soap series)

The tag scene with all those questions asked by the narrator is exactly how every Soap episode would end.

Kurtwood Smith appeared in episode 13 of Season 3. It’s a small role and he’s credited as ‘Man in the laundromat’ he has only one line but it’s worth a watch. I swear even back then it looked like he was getting ready to mutter a ‘dumbass.’

Here is a link to the episode. Kurtwood appears in the background at 5:36 while his big part in the scene begins at: 9:45.

For @those70scomics / @thestupidhelmet even though I had been planning to do this one for awhile now lol

anonymous asked:

Hi Noémie, dearest! *mwah* I'm prompting 'Disneyworld cosplayers' AU for Klaine. Because... duh.


 said: I would absolutely love if you wrote klaine as disneyworld cosplayers who are strangers that end up dressed as a couple and were shoved together for photos by excited little kids

Duh indeed

In the very beginning, dressing up as Disney characters is more of a fun way to unwind than an actual test of his acting chops, as far as Kurt was concerned.

And it is fun, to make the costumes, to play with their genders and turn them around, to roam Disneyworld living in the characters–beloved and hated alike–, borrowing for a day their lives and their powers.

The admirative looks from the children running around and freezing when he passes by was a nifty little bonus.

But the closer he gets to his graduation, the more Kurt can see that should Broadway disappoint in the employment front, applying to become one of the official characters would be in the realm of possibilities for him.

Kurt loves getting  paired up with other cosplayers, and he never, ever, behaves out of character while he’s in costume.

For the sake of the children, of course.

To date, his favorite time at Disneyworld has been with Mercedes, the two of them dressed up as Hades’ minions from Hercules, gossiping loudly about other characters and wreaking “havoc” through the park.

Today is a special day, though.

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(Spoilers, if you’re not caught up) Did anyone notice during the song the little hint towards the end? Through out the beginning of the song, Ruby is too busy worrying about her one small problem to notice the thousands of problems Sapphire has until the end of the verse when Ruby notices and helps her out. Then we get to Steven and Connie’s issues (more so Connie) and it mostly centers around Connie’s one small problem (even though it seemed huge to her) and not at all on Steven. Now look at how they are laying down. From the beginning of the song you would think Steven is the Ruby to Connie’s Sapphire, BUT REALLY it is the other way around. If you look at the picture Connie is laying down with her head next to Ruby and the same with Steven and Sapphire, the animators also made a point to zoom in on each pair individually. So, Connie is more like Ruby, focusing on her smaller issue and letting it consume her. While Steven is trying to keep it together as everything builds up until they are blinded by it all and unable to get through it on their own. I noticed it when I first watched the episode and thought “maybe” but I didn’t know for sure, and then it happened. Ohh the pride 😊

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Maizy and I had a rough night last night with terribly noisy thunderstorms that came through between 1 and 4. I worked a 12, then did plyometric cardio circuit from insanity, which was today’s scheduled workout. I almost skipped it, but I knew the challenge and exertion would only make me feel better.

When I’m tired, it helps me get my workout in if I give myself permission to go slowly. Just get from beginning to end. Just keep moving. Usually by the time I get through the warm up I feel like pushing myself a bit.

I hope you all had an amazing day, friends!