from the beaches


“I won’t. I’ve seen what humans do to the ocean and everything that lives in it. They took the beaches from the seals, they cut the fins off of sharks, they capture fish with giant nets hundreds at a time, they capture and kill my people to ‘study’, and they dump whatever they want into the water. It’s all their fault.

And if you’re trying to get to me, you’re right. I wouldn’t be a good friend to a human. I have no reason to be friendly, because no human has given me a reason. And you can spew hypotheticals all you want about possible sad humans and their sad lives, but do they actually exist? No. They’re just a story you’ve made up to try to manipulate me. Typical human fashion.

You all think you’re entitled to be close to me, but for what reasons? Humans think they’re entitled to everything, no matter what. It’s nauseating.”

{ omg thank u i’m sorry this is so bitter but hey }

German POW at Mataske POW camp, Norfolk, England during WWII

The POW is wearing a dark navy black boiler which all POW’s were issued during their capture in the UK. The suits had a varying color and were sometimes black-brown. Each prisoner had either a yellow circle or diamond on their leg and back. This was in place so civilians could easily identify them as prisoners when they were doing work in the fields, fixing roads, war repairs, groundwork and after the war removing some war defense structures such as pillboxes or barbed wire. Some accounts include prisoners picking up live ammunition and mines from beaches as at the time they were considered sub-human as they were the enemy. However, some made friends with the ‘enemy’ when they were on free time (allowed out of the camp on curfew) when they weren’t doing camp duties or work

Unlike the German system for prisoners and POW’s the UK’s system was very laissez faire and laid back. The prisoners were very trusted as they were allowed to just leave the camp, albeit they were on a curfew and had to report back. The UK housed German and Italien POW’s during and after the war, and some major war criminals in special camps after the war, certainly not Matlaske. Most of these men were Germans, just young men who were conscripted to fight and were most likely influenced by German propaganda and terror.

Don’t say you love me if I’m only gray to you. It’s either black or white, yes or no, up or down. There’s no ‘well maybe she’ll work’. I am a gift to you and if you do not cherish me like the queen I am, then leave and stop wasting my time. If you want to be with me, you have to work for it. I am not a prize to be won but I am the judge seeing if you are suitable and willing to deal with me. Deal with my random rambles and my soft kisses and my ugly laugh and my cute chubby tummy and my hot screams. Do not say you want me because I’m better than nothing. If anything, you need me more than I need you.
—  this isn’t my best but oh well