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it’s so frustrating because I know I’m not unintelligent but my anxiety keeps me from applying myself in every aspect of the university environment and it makes me feel inferior for not being able to live up to those standards of success 

Magic Missile

After our party makes its way through a city overrun with undead, fleeing from hordes of zombies to finally face the evil necromancer that has taken control of the city, all of our attacks proceed to bounce of a magical barrier from which the necromancer gloats and magically smashes in the head of our dwarf npc companion, our party not having a single magical attack between us have no way to even attack the boss, the enemy seeming way beyond our current level and abilities

DM: now i have revealed to you my evil plans to you all i will kill you all, adding to my undead army, the necromancer stops and looks around in confusion as animals begin to magically appear, running around the dimly lit room, deer, birds, bears, squirrels
Me: i pick up one of the magic squirrels, the summoned beast in one hand a tinderbox in the other, looking back and forth between the two of them, considering my options
Me ooc: i can make my own magic missile right?
DM: you want to set fire to a magic squirrel and hurl it at the necromancer? arnt you a beastmaster, friend to all the animals?
Me ooc: its me or the magic squirrel!! there is a army of undead above us blocking our retreat and a unkillable necromancer before us now, it is a desperate situation and it calls for desperate measures, if this furry fireball can break his barrier its worth the sacrifice!
DM: the animals, including the squirrel begin to vanish one by one as the spell is cancelled
Me: it would’ve worked..

Born with Potential

Can be read for any significant energy in the chart, not just the Sun.

Aries: The Potential to rise again when knocked down, to protect those in need of protecting and to live a rough and tumble life in authenticity.

Taurus: To see the beauty in the simple, to find value in the material realm and to share luxury with love.

Gemini: To be a messenger of wisdom, great and small, to inspire laughter and wonder, to bounce back with chaotic grace.

Cancer: To offer support and understanding to those that need it, to cradle people/creations/projects until they are ready to take flight.

Leo: To live theatrically with a loving heart, to inspire generosity and lightheartedness, to live loyally to those that deserve it.

Virgo: To see the value in intricacy and details, to extend help and care to others, to break down the barriers between the one and the many.

Libra: To connect with others and find kindred spirits, to create and appreciate the beauty in surroundings, to live fairly.

Scorpio: To bring matters into the light so they can be faced, to see others in their authenticity, to find devotion and tenacity.

Sagittarius: To seek knowledge from the universe, to find freedom and laughter, to follow joy.

Capricorn: To establish foundations with which to build on, to follow dreams, to find support and respect from others.

Aquarius: To break barriers and boundaries, to find new ways of doing things, to immerse into the weird and the wonderful.

Pisces: To connect with the undercurrents of the universe, to transcend the physical world, to meet others with compassion.

My Clueless Valentine

Story Summary: To help Steve feel a little less lonely on Valentine’s Day, you and the guys plan out a day of fun. However, this outing becomes something so much more than a day with friends when feelings are revealed [Part of the Friends Like Ours one shot series]. 

Word Count: 2.8k

A/N: I’m really sorry about the wait and I’m sorry if I forgot to tag anyone in this! It’s been a while. Just to let you know, this one shot also refers back to the events of People Will Say

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“Hey Steve,” Bucky greeted with a smile as the blond entered the kitchen, you and Sam also giving your respective greetings with the hopes that he’d actually say something this time around.

Instead, you all earned another frown in response while he grabbed a bottle of water and a granola bar before heading back to his room, closing the door. You sighed and wondered what’s wrong with your friend. Over the past couple of days, Steve has been acting strange and distanced himself from everyone, limiting his responses with frowns and sighs. You had no working theories as to why he was behaving that way, but Sam and Bucky had an idea.

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happy new year! sorry for not posting anything new in so long, i’ve been super busy with school and the holidays, but i managed to find some time over the past few days to write this one. enjoy!


ashton irwin & y/n
word count - 3883
warnings - sexual content, language


You were already regretting the words you had let slip out of your lips.

“You’re joking right?” Ashton asked. “You have to be joking.”

You couldn’t read his tone; and if he was about to start mocking you, you really weren’t in the mood.

“Just forget I said anything,” you said. You attempted to clamber to your feet; but before you even really had the chance to move, Ashton grabbed your wrist.


“Ash,” you said, trying to sound as stern as possible. “I said forget it.”

He held your gaze for a moment, before his face broke into a grin. “Seriously Y/N, where the hell have you been finding the guys you’ve been fucking?”

You thumped him on the arm. “Ashton!”

“What?” he laughed. “I just want to know where my best friend has been picking up these losers that haven’t been able to make her cum.”

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Love at first sight (Jasper Hale x Reader)

—————————————- Fandom: Twilight —————————————- Warnings: none —————————————- Summary: You are the new member of the cullen family, soon to find out that you are also Jasper’s mate. —————————————-Authors note: This didn’t go exactly as planned and it is my first Twilight imagine but I hope you all enjoy it. I am excited to write more of this series in the future and I hope that you will send in requests for it.


You didn’t know how long you had been laying in the woods. Hours, days, weeks, none of it mattered once you so those incredulous golden eyes peering down at you with the waves of perfect blonde hair flowing as stared down. Something had connected between the two of you that no one yet understood. The strong arms of this beautiful creature carried you through the mountains and hills. You weren’t aware of where all you had been or how long it took to reach your destination, all you knew is that you were happy to get there.

Awakening on a soft bed with silk sheets, you opened your eyes and took a look around. You hadn’t a clue where you were. It was beautiful though. You sat staring out an open window. The entire wall across from you was a glass barrier between you and an enchanting forest.

  “Was this even real” you thought to yourself.

Only moments later the door of where you now rested opened to reveal a tall handsome man. Who, although was blonde, didn’t resemble the man from your dream.

“Your awake.” He said is a shocked tone as his eyes rested on you. He has walked over and began to examine you. Normally, you would push him away, but you were so confused at the moment you couldn’t think straight. He shined a light in your eyes and listened to your heartbeat with a stethoscope as you began to question him.

  “Yes, umm… who are you? And umm… where am I?” You asked in a pleasant yet confused tone.

“Right, excuse my thoughtlessness.” He smiled. You looked into his eyes, the same ones the boy from your dream had. “My name is Carlisle. I am a doctor here in the town Forks. My son was hiking out in the woods and found you almost dead. He carried you back to our place and we have been taking care of you ever since.”

  “Ok. So, how long have a been here? Am I ok now. I feel different than before. Almost, more powerful. Like I was reborn. Is that normal.”

“Well… when Jasper, my son, got you back here you were in a very bad condition. It may sound completely insane, but you just have to believe me. Alright?”

“Go ahead. I think I can handle it.” You grew more worried by the second.

Just as Carlisle was about to speak another figure appeared in the doorway. The man from your dream.

“She’s awake!” He rushed to your side. He had gotten there in a split second, much faster than anyone you had seen before.

“Could I ask another question? Am I on some type of drug or did he just get from there to here in a matter of .05 seconds!” You nearly shouted out of shock.

“You haven’t told her yet?” The boy, you now assumed was called Jasper, spoke.

“I haven’t gotten the chance. I will give you two some privacy.” Carlisle exited the room.

Jasper spoke first. “I’m sure, as you have heard from Carlisle, that when I found and brought you back here to him you weren’t in the best of health. Well, there is something strange that you need to know. It may sounds bizarre at first, but…” you stopped him in the middle of his sentence.

“I will have to understand. Carlisle told me that part. Could you tell me now, please.” You said, because you couldn’t wait any longer.

“We are vampires. When you got here, Carlisle knew that you would die soon if we didn’t do something. So we turned you. Please don’t get upset! I know it is a lot to take in…”

You stopped him yet again by laughing hysterically. “He couldn’t possibly be telling the truth.” You thought to yourself.

You then spoke,“ Could you tell me what actually happened now?”

He sat and stared at you without moving a muscle, but then broke the silence saying,“ Let me try to prove it to you.” Jasper walked over to a cabinet a rummaged through a drawer until he slid out a mirror and brought it over to you. “When I found you, I looked into your eyes. They were blue. You looked into mine at the same time, do you remember the color.”

  “They are the same as they are now. Not normally colored, but golden.” He held up the mirror after you had responded. You jaw dropped as you looked at yourself in the mirror. Your eyes were the same as his.

Jasper spoke again, he has a southern twang in his voice,“ Try to stand up and walk around.” You stood up and took a step but instead of getting closer to him you had gotten to the opposite side of the room as quick as he had only moments before.

He chucked a little as how shocked you were. “Don’t worry, darling, you will grow to get used to it.”

  “Jasper, I do have one more question. If we had only just formally met, moments ago. Then why do I feel so attached to you. Like I have known you my whole life.”

  He smiled and walked towards you. Once he finally got to you he rested a single hand in your shoulder. “I’m not exactly sure about you, but even though we just met. I had been looked for you my entire life. There is a reason that when I found you, I couldn’t just leave you there even though I thought you might die. There is a reason that I had Carlisle turn you instead of letting go like most of his other patients. We have a connection. You are my mate, as we call it around here.”

You smiled. “Jasper, everything I have been told since I awoke either seems like it isn’t true or it is a complete fantasy. I surely hadn’t been sure of anything up until this point, but this, this I don’t even have to think about. I know that this is where I am supposed to be. Right here, with you.”

Before you knew it you were pinned against the nearest wall with Jasper’s soft lips attached to yours.

  “I am so relieved that you feel the same way.” Jasper said breaking the kiss.

You breathed heavily, taken aback by the kiss you had just received. “So what now?” You asked Jasper.

“You are staying with us from this point on. We will be spending quite a bit of time getting to know each other better.” He said as his hands roamed down your body and held onto yours. “First things first though, you must meet the full family.”

“So it’s not just you and Carlisle?” You asked curiously. He let out a breathe of laughter.

“Not exactly. Don’t worry though, they are going to love you.”

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One Month

A/N: Shout out to @smolsickficwriter for the assist with the Spanish. I wanted to try out some techniques with moving scenes around to make it more interesting. This is a longer one, but I loved every second of it.

Ultimately, this is another fic for @doublecheckyoself (throws Klance and runs).

“Red? Hey, Girl, it’s just Lance. I know I’m not your paladin, but can we talk?”

The Red Lion loomed, looking out of place with the towering trees surrounding her. Her size against the alien plants mimicked the size of Blue Paladin against her. It was true that Blue was bigger than her, but there was something much more ominous about how the Red Lion wouldn’t stop staring.

Lance very carefully put his hand on the barrier Red put up. It was like touching a glass dome, there was no way he was getting through to her without her consent.

“Red?” Still no response. Her eyes were still locked on him, but she made no movement. He would’ve preferred if she even took a swipe at him.

Lance sighed and knocked on the barrier a few times. Before he could turn around and start to think of another plan, the mechanical whirring of the Red Lion filled his ears. He looked back up at her. From behind her barrier, Red whipped her head and roared. The vibrations shook the barrier and the ground, rustling the alien birds from their homes. Almost every animal in the vicinity perked up and fled. Except for the human in blue paladin armor.

Pidge called out something in his helmet, but Lance shut it off immediately. He was getting somewhere, he couldn’t afford any distractions.

“Hey, easy…easy…” Lance ran his hand up and down the barrier, trying to soothe the giant metal beast, “I’m not gonna hurt you, Girl. You have your barrier up, I can’t hurt you. What’s the matter? We haven’t heard back from Keith in a long while. Is he alright?”

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Finn Bálor - Show You

Word count: 3,258




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Finn and I had been dating for a little over a year now. We met in a pub where I was getting pissed out of my mind, trying to forget seeing my boyfriend in bed with another girl making me look like a complete fool. He was so sweet that night trying to making me feel better. He decided to show off a bit tossing pieces of peanuts into the air and catching them in his mouth. He failed miserably with most of them landing on the bridge of his nose and one on his eye. I remember giggling and finding his big smile extremely attractive. It was one of my favorite features of him.

He brought me to his flat that night. The next morning when I woke up I was dazed out of my mind and couldn’t remember how I got into this strangers house. He brought me home that day. I notice later on that I had his number saved in my phone. Finn. His name was Finn.

Before I knew it we were making plans to meet up again. And again.. and again….. and again. I can’t help but smile at the memory of me accidentally butt dialing him. He later said it was because I had a fat arse.

The problem early on in our relationship was that I lived about forty minutes away from where he did, so when our relationship got more serious we decided to move in together. Due to this we began bickering frequently. Over petty things you might think.

Last week we got into an argument when I went to make coffee and saw him drink straight from the milk cart. I made a fuss saying that other people being me drank that milk too, to which he reciprocated with ‘we swap fluids all de time, whats yer point?’ It only added oxygen to a already blazing fire.

Other disagreements arose in our times in the flat, some worse than others. Like the time when he found it was a big deal that I spent the entire day out with my sister who was currently enrolled in UNI instead of staying home with him. Honestly he’s home all of the time while she’s always cramped up inside of a textbook. We spent two days without speaking over that.

Don’t get me wrong, our relationship is perfectly fine. It’s strong and he treats me better than I can be asked to be. We just have our moments like any other couple. Tonight was definitely one of them, I just couldn’t figure out what I’d done this time.

He left early this morning and we were on good terms. Now it was eleven eighteen and he’d stopped messaging me. I was beginning to get worried. Only wanting to know if he was okay. I lay on the sofa in the sitting room staring into the fireplace, phone in hand hoping to feel it vibrate. My eyes began feeling heavy after a while and I drifted off into an uneasy sleep.

*** FINNS POV ***

I stumbled through the front door of my flat and escaped from the tight barrier of my boots. They made a loud thud sound upon contact with the wooden floor. I bent over towards the shoes and put my finger to my lips.

“Shhhh.” A hiccup escaped my intoxicated lips.

Ridding myself of the warm leather jacket I had on I made my way into the sitting room to find my girlfriend lying on the sofa sound asleep. Another hiccup. I tried holding my breath. Walking over to her I leaned beside her noticing her phone screen bright as day, hurting my eyes. They adjusted to the screen reading the small text:

Finn: I’ll be home soon, beautiful. ;) -9:24pm

Me: Do you want me to cook dinner? -9:43pm

Me: Finn?? -10:17pm

Me: Can you just tell me if you’re okay? -11:03pm

I felt like such an arse. My phone had died long ago but I should have still called. I went out with a few of my pals for a drink and it turned into a full on night out with the guys. Her eyelashes were spread apart and looked hard. Had she been crying? I let out a sigh and lifted her limp body from the sofa. Her phone fell to the carpet.

I carried her to our shared bedroom not bothering to turn on the light. Laying her on the bed I pulled the duvet over her chest and kissed her forehead. I honestly didn’t deserve her. Reaching over I grabbed a pillow from my side deciding it best to sleep on the sofa tonight.


I blinked a few times feeling the bed round me not remembering how I’d gotten here. The clock on the bedside table showed that it was still early in the night. My mouth had become unbearably dry and I sat up to go get some water.

My half asleep body walked through the flat and into the kitchen unaware of my surroundings. I poured myself a cup of water and drank a little before hearing someone snoring behind me. Turning round Finn stirred a bit in his sleep. Setting down the water my feet brought me over to the boy laying on the sofa. His arms were crossed over his chest. A photo of me he carries round in his wallet in his hand.

It’s funny almost. We were like a damn teenage couple. Doing little cheesy things that kids do in relationships. On the back of this particular picture I had written 'Yours’ meaning that I was his. I had one of him that had 'Mine’ on it.

A smile spread across my lips. I put a knee on either side of his waist and kissed the corner of his mouth. My hands wandering under his black t shirt feeling his defined torso. He hummed under my touch and I knew he had woken up.

“What are ye doing?” He chucked, eyes still closed.

I didn’t reply, instead continuing my exploration of his body. His beard tickled at my cheek as I moved to his neck licking a bold line up it before beginning to suck. I felt him squirm under me. His semi hard on pressing against me. I bit down on his skin lightly receiving a hiss from him.

“Baby.” He lifted to sit up on the sofa.

I tried for his shirt before he stopped me. His smile that I loved so much faded.

“I should have called.” He shook his head looking down in between us.

“I’m just glad you’re okay.” I pushed his hair back.

“But ya were so worried.. I made ya cry, baby I’m so sorry.” I hushed him, indulging him in a cuddly hug.

Finns head rested on top of my own, arms wrapped tightly round my smaller body. We sat like that for a few more moments before I’d become uncomfortable and squirmed in his hold. Once released I continued with my previous exploration of my beautiful boyfriends body.

I kissed his lips before trailing a wet line down to his clothed chest. I pulled at the hem of the tee. To my annoyance Finn stopped me once again, placing my arms at my side.

“No, baby. Tonight I’m gunna show ye how much I care about ya.” He paused to kiss my neck.

I let out a moan as he began to suck at the sensitive skin. In an instant my shirt was on the floor and so was his. I ran my finger along his defined abs, stopping to poke at the beauty marks on his right ab. Finn chuckled a little.

My eyes found his dark lust filled ones. I placed my hand over his heart and left it there for a brief moment. It raced under my touch. We never said it yet. It was something we didn’t find that needed to be said, but I knew exactly how he felt about me. And I feel the same way.

Finns hand found mine and he placed a delicate kiss to my lips. The kiss grew sloppier and I could feel him straining against his pants.

“Bedroom.” I managed to breath.

He wasted no time in lifting me off the sofa and carrying me into the dark room, my legs wrapped round his body. He set me down on the bed and turned on the light to see better. I was getting impatient, needing him to touch me.

He ridded me of my shorts, leaving me in just a bra and knickers. Kissing up the base of my thigh I felt him hum.

“So soft.”

I felt a finger move against my clothed heat. I let out a hiss and grabbed his neck as he began sucking at the skin of my thigh, sure to leave a trail of pink and purple marks.

“Moan my name, darlin’.” He bit down.

“F-Finn… Please.”

I needed him.

“Please what, princess?” He was killing me.

“Touch me.” It was barely audible but I know he heard.

Finn came up to look at me, a smirk on his face. His hand moved back and forth on my pussy. He leaned over to my ear.

“Touch you where, darlin’?” He whispered seductively.

“I don’t fucking care, Finn just touch me, please.”

That was enough for him to move his head back between my legs, ripping off my knickers. He licked a straight line up my folds.

“Holy fuck, princess. This wet and I’ve hardly touched you.” He moaned.

I pulled his head down with my hand. He knew I was getting impatient. His lips attached to my soaking core. His tongue flicked up and down my clit. My back arched up off the mattress. He moaned against my dripping pussy causing a burst of pleasure to rip through me. My lips parted but I couldn’t find the words to speak.

I fisted at the bed sheets arching my back with the pleasure bursting through my core. I felt Finns finger rub up and down my folds before inserting one and pumping in and out at a steady pace. I wouldn’t last long if he kept this up.

“F-Finn…” I whimpered.

He came up for air, his finger still pumping in and out of me.

“Tha’s right. Say ma’ name, baby girl.”

Another finger fell inside me without warning. He began curling them in a come hither motion, watching me wriggle beneath him. Finn dipped his head back down. My eyes rolled back and I arched my back off the mattress only for Finn to use his free arm to hold me down.

“Oh, f-f..”

My hands couldn’t seem to find a steady place to hold onto. The pleasure was too intense. He increased the pace and soon I was sent over the edge. He hummed against me in satisfaction, using his long fingers to ride out my orgasm.

My breathing was unsteady as Finn came to hover above me holding two digits over my lips.

“Suck.” He whispered hotly.

I did as I was told, taking his fingers in my mouth sucking my juices off. Finn enjoyed watching me do so as he hummed. I licked my lips. He lifted me off the bed and came behind my torso unhooking my bra. He slid it from my arms and tossed it to the floor. I watched as he admired the view in front of him.

He took one of my nipples in his mouth and sucked at the nub. I moaned in appreciation. He caressed my breast in his large hands, squeezing it gently.

“I need you.”

“Patience, baby.”

Finn left a trail of kisses up my neck, taking my earlobe between his teeth. I rolled my hips up desperate for contact. Finn held me down. I pulled at his hair trying to get his attention. He wasn’t budging. He kept kissing down my neck and torso leaving love bites.

“Cha’ need, baby?”

“You inside me.” I spoke barely above a whisper.

He heard me. The bed squeaked as he climbed from on top of me and over to the bedside table and pulled put a condom.

“Ye gunna help me?”

I blushed and climbed over to where he stood, unbuckling his jeans and pushing them down his shaved legs. His semi hard on was straining in his briefs. I licked my lips upon seeing the precome stain already forming. I bit my lip gazing up to see Finn staring contently down at me.

My index fingers hooked into the top of his briefs edging them down. His length slipped out hitting his stomach. I gasped. His size always shocked me. I took it in my hand and stroked it a few times before taking it in my mouth whole. Finn hissed at my brave actions. I pumped what I couldn’t fit in my mouth.

“Just like tha’, baby girl.” Finn hissed.

He pushed himself further hitting the back of my throat. I squeezed my eyes shut. My hands twisted round his length and I felt him begin to twitch inside my mouth. Before I could finish he pulled out and came onto my bare chest, his warm load dripping down my breast. Finn groaned throwing his head back in pleasure.

Finn scooped some of the white liquid onto his finger and held it up to my mouth. I complied sucking off the saltiness. Finns chest was rising and falling heavily as he reached to the floor for a shirt to clean the sticky wetness off my breast.

“C'mere.” Finn helped me off of the floor, “Was tha’ okay?” I nodded.

His lips made contact with mine. He didn’t ask for permission as his tongue mingled with mine. My fingers tangled with the strands at the back of his head, tugging them. He moaned at the sensation. Pulling apart he ripped open the condom with his teeth sliding it on and throwing the piece of tin in the bin.

Finn guided us back to the bed. He laid us on the pillows and positioned himself at my entrance. He stroked himself up and down my folds a few times.

“Ya ready, babe?” I shook my head.

Slowly he pushed himself in. I gasped trying to adjust to his size. Finn brought his forehead down to mine, looking me in the eyes. His hips rolled forward at a slow steady pace. My low moans filled the otherwise quiet bedroom.

“F-fuck baby yer so t-tight.” Finn moaned.

The bed squeaked with each thrust. Finn placed a hand on the headboard for balance and the other held onto my hip. I wrapped my legs round his waist desperate for more contact. He pulled out and then back in hitting my spot.

“F-Finn! Right there!” I gushed.

My eyes fluttered closed and I lifted my hips to meet his. Finn kissed the side of my eye and I opened them again. His lips made contact with my neck, sucking at the already bruised skin. I could feel the knot in my stomach forming and my walls started to clench round Finn. I started to squirm round in his tight embrace trying to hold on a little longer.

“I know, baby. Come for me.”

Only when I felt Finns movements becoming sloppier I let go, screaming out Finns name along with a few profanities. He rode out my orgasm before hitting his own, burying his face into my neck swearing and groaning.


I woke up lying atop of Finn, his arms wrapped round my middle half. We were still completely naked. It was nearly morning and I knew he would sleep in but I needed a shower, I felt so icky. I pushed the duvet away and wriggled out of Finns strong grasp. He seemed displeased with my disappearance but quickly went back to his light snoring.

I patted my way along to the loo and quietly shut the door behind me, careful not to wake Finn. I turned the shower on and immediately stepped in and let the water trickle down my sweaty body.

I hadn’t heard the door open I was so engulfed by the steamy water. I jumped when a pair of hands wrapped ever so slowly round my waist.

“Good mornin’, darlin’.” Finns raspy voice spoke.

I spun round to face him met by a groggy smile. God he was amazingly beautiful. My fingers traced down the beauty marks next to his right abs. I loved these simple marks on his body.

Finn lifted my chin placing a delicate kiss upon my lips, his tongue brushing against my bottom lip asking for entrance. I parted my lips, our tongues fighting for dominance. Finn broke the kiss, brushing my hair behind my back and admiring the love bites from our previous actions that night. He peppered light kisses over them, gently sucking. I tangled my fingers in his lengthy hair as he began to move lower until he bowed before me.

His finger brushed up my folds separating them. He attached his lips, flicking his tongue in figure eight motions against my clit. I felt like my legs were going to fall from under me.

“Fuck, Finn. I need you’re fingers.” I moaned.

I didn’t know if he could hear my please over the sound of the rushing water until moments later two digits pounded into me. Finn hummed against my throbbing core. I hissed as he brought the nub between his teeth before releasing it and stopping all motions completely. He licked his lips savouring the taste and came back up to his full height which wasn’t much taller than me.


I did as I was told. My legs wrapped round Finns waist. Finn caught hold of my arse and pinned me up against the cool tile wall. He wasted no time in slamming into me.

“Shit, yes Finn. Just like that.” I cried out.

My nails dug into his back leaving a trail of red marks. I looked down to see where Finn and I were connected, him pounding into me fiercely. He never touched me like this before. It was always slow love making.

Finns thrusts became sloppier and I knew he was close. I smiled touching our foreheads together. I hadn’t even noticed my orgasm approaching I was so focused on his. My head fell forward and I screamed out in pleasure. He pulled out just before the warm white liquid spewed from his sensitive pink tip and ran down the drain. Our breathing was still shaky as we stood holding each other.

“I love you.” I barely heard Finns words over the shower head.

I stood in shock. We’d never said it before. I closed my eyes and lay my head on his chest. He said it. My lips make contact with his atoms apple, sucking the bulge in his neck.

“I love you.”

John has to meet Sherlock for a case whose crime scene just happens to be on a roof. His first response is to panic. The last time he saw Sherlock on a roof… 

John was already in the cab, and only a few minutes away, when Sherlock’s name finally popped up on his phone. John rolled his eyes. After multiple ring outs he’d resorted to texting Anderson of all people for the location of the crime scene. He considered not answering, as payback maybe, but held the phone to his ear all the same.

“Would you look at that? Only took me five tries. Shall we call that the new record, then?”

Sherlock payed no mind to John’s sarcasm (he rarely did) and simple pushed forward, “Brilliant case, John. Brilliant. Who’d have thought to use sunlight as the weapon? Sunlight. A bit of well-directed sunlight would do the job, yes, of course-”

John laughed softly, shaking his head as Sherlock rambled on, “Yeah, of course. Why not.” He sandwiched the phone between his shoulder and cheek, listening while counting bills for the cabbie. He cut Sherlock off somewhere between recounting the effects of UV Rays on skin cells, “Where shall I meet you then?”

There was a beat, “You aren’t here?”

John slammed the door shut with a little too much enthusiasm at that, “What? No. Why did you think I’m calling you?”

Sherlock started to speak then stopped. John could picture the frown that was surely now set in place, “I was just talking to you…” Sherlock mumbled.

“Well, do you mind a bit of a repeat?”

Sherlock huffed, “Hate repeating myself. But you’ll be no use if uninformed, so, I suppose. The primary evidence wa-“

“Not now. Jesus, just tell me where to meet…”

“John?” Sherlock sounded more annoyed by John’s sudden lack of voice than concerned. He huffed, “We didn’t loose service, this is a prime spot. I’m on a roof for god sake. I can also hear you breathing. John, hello?”


John felt as if the air had been kicked from his lungs. The feeling was a sudden, horrid squeezing that he hadn’t expected. He could see Sherlock very plainly on said roof. He could pick out the way his coat flapped around him even from below. Sherlock was stood near the edge, hand pressed to the cement ledge, forensic people milling about him. Much too close to the ledge. John squeezed his eyes shut, and suddenly Sherlock was standing on the ledge, arms out, falling forward-

He opened his eyes. Sherlock was behind the ledge, not falling, phone still held to his ear. He blinked and he was falling again. John stumbled forward.


“Sh.. Sherlock, don’t-“ His words gave out to a gasp of air, and his feet were carrying him forward at a run, “Don’t-“ He tried again.

“Don’t? Don’t what?” John watched as Sherlock turned, swore he could see the confused squint. His heart lurched. He was facing the ledge now. Totally oblivious to how it looked.

“Don’t move. God, don’t move.”

John took the stairs two at a time. The elevator would be too slow, and he wasn’t sure his heart could handle that right now. You’re being irrational his mind told him, and yet his heart thudded and images of fallingfallingfalling played behind his eyelids.

He burst through the roof door, gasping and zeroing in on Sherlock immediately. Sherlock’s eyes found him just as quickly, but it couldn’t have been that hard with the speed at which John was coming at him.

Sherlock held his hands out in a frustrated manner, “What is the point of phone calls if you aren’t going to-“

The rest of his sentence got lost in John’s hands fisting the collar of his coat and yanking him away from the cement barrier, the only thing separating them from air and space and fallingfalling

Sherlock’s composure crumpled for just a moment, utter surprise breaking through at the contact. His hands came up to cover John’s as they stumbled, John nearly slumping against him. Sherlock stared hard at him, mind reeling:

Hands shaking. Anxiety. Cheeks flushed. Usually embarrassment but given trembling most likely also anxiety.

“Just- don’t stand there will you? God, just-“ John pulled Sherlock closer to himself by his jacket rather harshly, “Jesus..“ He bowed his head slightly, desperately trying to control his breathing.

Sherlock tried to steady John, tried to figure out what was wrong, assessing the situation. He added John’s sharp breathing to the list.

John had run right to him so clearly Sherlock was the source of this reaction. He backtracked to what he had said on the phone. The case. They’d only talked of the case. Not verbally triggered then.

General triggers for anxiety. They listed themselves, sparking through his skull. Verbal, Personal, Sensual, Locational-

Sherlock’s thoughts froze for a fraction of a second, then were sent reeling left, back to their phone call.

“Just tell me where to meet…”

Trail off. Tone change.

“I’m on a roof for god sake.”


Verbal and locational trigger all in response to…

His mind screeched to a halt.

“Oh, John…”

“I know.” John was breathing deeply in through his nose, fists still tight on Sherlock’s coat, “I know. I just- saw you there. Up. Near the- Jesus, I know it’s-“

“John.” John finally stopped trying to speak at the sheer softness present in Sherlock’s voice. It was so rare that he was sure he’d always stop when it made an appearance. He didn’t look up though. He could still feel an insufferable sting behind his eyes.

“I didn’t even think. I didn’t realize the… the weight of those particular- of this particular situation.” Sherlock’s fingers tightened fractionally around John’s where they had remained from Sherlock’s surprise, “I’m sorry.”

John took one more breath, exhaling harshly and then straightening, slowly letting go of Sherlock’s coat, “Right. No, it’s fine. I should be able to be on a roof with you. This is… ridiculous. Sorry.” He huffed again, blinking and finally looking up at Sherlock, “Right. Okay, the case. Sunlight, UV rays or- something, what were you saying? Shall we take a look-“

John stopped again, closing his eyes briefly at the feeling of cool fingers catching around his wrist. He looked back at Sherlock, hoping his eyes didn’t show how hard his heart was still pounding. “C’mon then.” He tried. His voice cracked a little.

“I wouldn’t. Again. You don’t have to worry.” He was taken aback by the look on Sherlock’s face. So close to desperation, “John, I don’t want you to ever think I’d… leave… you.” He seemed tentative at his choice of words. “Not intentionally. Please don’t worry.”

John stared for a moment, aware of Sherlock’s hand still around his, aware that he was real and standing before him. He was hit again with what still felt like an unreal, monumental second chance with the man who he never expected to mean so much to him.

“I’m always going to worry.” He shook his head, offering a smile that was half pain half relief, “Sherlock. I’m always going to worry.”

Sherlock let John lead him back to work this time, images of bonfires and bomb vests consuming his thoughts.

He’d always worry too.

(I. love. them. God. Thank you to this fic for finally breaking my writers block THANK YOU)

The Queen’s Curls

For @queen-of-the-merry-men who wanted Robin to see Regina’s natural curls for the first time. Happy belated birthday! ❤️ 

In the Missing Year, Regina shows Roland her curly hair | 2.3K unbeta-ed words

The Queen was brooding.

Not that this surprised Robin, he had rarely seen her with anything but a scowl plastered to her face from the moment he met her. But it was the way the Queen brooded, silent and alone, hunched in on herself as she sat in front of the roaring fire, which took Robin by surprise.

He had heard many a story about the great and terrible Evil Queen, about rage that levelled villages and a burning magic that could turn a man to dust. He had expected fire and venom from this great sorceress, this supposed monster of a woman. But she surprised him.

She was often cold, and detached, and was made of far less fire than Robin would have expected. She rarely spoke, especially on outings such as this one, camping with Snow White and the Prince along with Robin’s band of Merry Men, in the middle of the woods on a mission to gather intel on the Wicked Witch. Usually, the only time she opened her mouth was to throw a snarky comment laced with venom at anyone lucky enough to ruffle the royal feathers.

The rare exception to this rule was Robin’s son, who had a rapidly growing soft spot for her Majesty. She would offer him half smiles when he ran up to speak to her, listened intently whenever he regaled her with one of his never ending stories, nodding and, on good days, laughing quietly for only Roland to hear, and she had even started letting him sit on her lap during meals. It warmed a part of Robin’s heart, a part deep inside and long gone cold, seeing the Queen melt in the presence of his boy.

Robin had found that he was becoming increasingly better at reading the Queen, at knowing when her mood was rather colder than usual, when it was best to keep his distance as to not make matters worse, and he prided himself on knowing her so well – though he’d never admit it.

It was Roland that held the Queen’s attention now as she sat across from Robin perched on a damp log, arms wrapped around herself loosely. Something was bothering her, enough that even Roland’s dance around the camp’s fire couldn’t seem to smooth the crease between her brows or the narrowing of her eyes. If Robin could guess, he’d say that she wasn’t really watching Roland, and instead she let her eyes fall on him while her mind wandered. But to where, Robin wondered?

He hadn’t realized he was staring at the Queen until Little John cleared his throat from beside him loudly, snapping Robin out of his trace and handing him a steaming hot bowl of broth. The scent hit his nose then, rich with meat and a hint of spices that Robin couldn’t quite name, and his stomach rumbled.

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Language Barriers

Modern AU

Lafayette x Reader

Author(s): Lil Laddie

Request: imagine where reader is dating Lafayette (in this version understands English but can’t speak it) and she/he/them can’t understand nor speak English and speaks any language besides French (preferably they speak Spanish) -Anon

Words: 1275

Warnings: Badly translated French, most of dialogue is a different language

A/N: I got my friend who speaks fluent Spanish to translate all the Spanish parts, but sadly I don’t know anyone who speaks french. I’m really sorry about butchering the french language with google translate. I hope this is what you were looking for when you requested it!

You entered your favorite cafe as you did every morning. You ordered your favorite drink, and sat down, opening a book you had recently started. You were lost in the pages, until you heard a group of rowdy men entering the cafe. You looked up at them rolling your eyes slightly.

You had seen them before. The short one with a ponytail that yelled a lot. Then there was the curly haired one that had a weird obsession of turtles. There was also the man with the booming voice that was usually wearing a beany.

But the one that had caught your eye, was the one with a big puffy bun. He was usually speaking rapid French that the short and angry one would translate to the rest. You didn’t know the man, yet you were already head over heels for him. The only thing holding you back from him was the language barrier. He spoke French and you spoke Spanish.

“Hey Laf, looks like you’ve caught someone’s eye!” You were pulled out of your daydreams as the man with the beany nudged the frenchman.

You blushed as your eyes met his. You quickly looked back down at your book, pretending you had never been staring at him. You could feel all four men stare you down as you flipped to the next page. You just wished you could disappear.

“Bonjour, mon cher.” A deep voice said from across the table. You slowly looked up from your book, meeting his eyes.

“Hola.” You said quietly, hoping he wouldn’t try to start a conversation with you.

“Vous êtes tout simplement magnifique. (You are simply beautiful.)” He grinned at you.

“No te quiero desanimar pero no tengo la menor idea de lo que estás diciendo. Solo hablo español. ( I don’t mean to disappoint you, but I have no idea what you are saying. I only speak Spanish.)” You said, the man’s head tilt in confusion.

“E crois que vous m'avez mal compris. Ce n'était pas espagnol, c'était français. (I believe you have misunderstood me. That was not Spanish, that was French.)” He spoke again, his words making no sense to you, but that didn’t stop the butterflies that erupted in your stomach.

“Todavía estás hablando francés rápido. Así que no creo que tengas idea de lo que acabo de decir. (You’re still speaking rapid French, so I’m guessing you have no idea what I just said.)” You sighed, wishing you could understand him.

“Ne m'avez-vous pas compris, mon amour? Je parle français. (Did you not understand me, mon amour? I speak French.)” He said, growing slightly frustrated with you.

“Francés, no. Español, si.(French, no. Spanish, yes.)” You said, motioning to yourself as you spoke. You just hoped he would get the message.

“Ah, je vois. Tu parles espagnol. (Ah, I see. You speak Spanish.)” His frustration at you melted away, despite the language barrier he still found himself falling for you. Slowly, but surely.

“Is there a problem here?” The frenchman’s short friend asked. Having heard the commotion, he had decided to come and investigate the situation.

“Ils parlent seulement espagnol. (They only speaks Spanish.)” He said sadly, not noticing your surprised stares at the two. The short one had obviously talked in English and the other had responded in French and somehow they had completely understood each other.

“I got this.” The short man, patted the other’s shoulder. “Mi nombre es Alexander y el es Lafayette. El piensa que tu eres muy bonita y le gustaría salir contigo. Obviamente será difícil por la barrera del idioma, pero considéralo.(Hola, my name is Alexander and this is Lafayette. He thinks you’re really cute and would like to go out with you. Obviously this is very hard with a language barrier, but please do consider it).” Both men grinned at you.

“Dile que me encantaría, pero preferiría no tener un traductor en la cita. Lo siento mucho, pero sería mucha molestia. (Tell him that I would love to, but I would rather not have to bring a translator on the date. I’m very sorry, but it would be too much of a hassle.)” You smiled sadly at Alexander and he turned to translate to Lafayette.

“Est-ce qu'ils m'aiment bien? (Do they like me though?)” Lafayette asked, catching Alexander completely off guard.

“Dude, they just said no and you want to know if they likes you?” Alexander quirks a brow at the odd question.

“Eh bien, ils ne veulent pas sortir à cause de la barrière de la langue. Et si j'apprenais l'espagnol?(Well, they don’t want to go out because of the language barrier. What if I learned Spanish?)” Lafayette grinned, the idea seeming genius to him.

“I don’t know man…” Alexander trailed off, looking between you and Lafayette

“S'il vous plaît! Il suffit de leur demander! (Please! Just ask them!)” Lafayette begged.

“¿Te gusta el? (Do you like him?)” Alexander turned to you, catching you completely off guard.

“Um, si.” You said, fidgeting with your hands and blushing.

“Entonces dale una oportunidad, por favor no te defraudará. (Then just give him a chance, please. He will not let you down.)” Alex encouraged you, filling you with hope.

“Está bien pero espero no lamentarlo. (Fine, but I better not regret this.)” You gave in, not wanting to let the beautiful man in front of you go.

“They said yes.” Alexander said to Lafayette, the man jumping in his seat in excitement.

You couldn’t help the laugh that escaped your mouth as the two had a little celebration in front of you. Lafayette’s face lit up as he heard you laugh at something he had done. He grinned at you, a blush covering your face. They began to murmur a few things back and forth, out of earshot.

“¿Que te parece el próximo viernes por la noche? (How does next Friday night sound?)” Alexander asked, smiling just as brightly as you and Lafayette.

“Perfecto. (Perfect.)” You said, staring right past Alexander and at an excited Lafayette.

“¡Grandioso! Encuéntrense aquí a las siete y no te defraudará. (Great! Meet him here at 7 and you will not be disappointed!)” Alexander exclaimed, him and Lafayette getting up to leave. You waved at the two as they left the cafe with the two other men they had come with.

For some reason, you couldn’t stop an idea that clouded your brain. You needed to learn French before this date and nothing was going to stop you from doing so.


You walked towards the cafe, Lafayette already waiting for you at a table. You worked up all the courage you had and approached him. The two of you exchanged shy smiles as you sat across from him.

“Hola.” He said, his voice slightly shaky.

“Bonjour.” You replied, hoping you weren’t already butchering his language.

“Um, discúlpame por arruinar tu idioma. (Um, may I apologize in advance for butchering your language.)” Lafayette asked, looking much more shy than the last time you had seen him.

“Vous parlez en espagnol. (You’re speaking Spanish.)” You said, shocked.

“Acabas de hablar francés. (You just spoke in French.)” He said, his eyes widening.

“Vous avez appris l'espagnol pour moi? (You learned Spanish for me?)” You asked, your smile no longer as shy as before.

“¿Aprendiste francés por mi? Suenas bien hablando mi idioma nativo. (And you learned French for me? You sound good speaking my native language.)” Laf winked, going back to his flirty demeanor.

“Vous êtes aussi bon en espagnol… (You sound just as good in Spanish…)” You trailed off, converting back to your native language. “Quizás esto funcionará.(Maybe this is going to work out.)”

Magic Word {Calum Hood Smut}

RATING: S for smut :-)

someone sent me a rly cute fluffy blurb abt calum being a single dad and i was inspire :’)) i rly hope u guys like this, i wrote it in like 24 hrs lol!! feedback is much appreciated (like…very appreciated), and if u like this, the link 2 my masterlist is at the end :-)


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Shutting the door, your mind was trying to make sense of it all. You came across a startling discovery, the Mikealson’s held an ancient secret. One that you just uncovered - vampires were here, alive, well technically dead and walking around New Orleans.

Attempting to take steady breaths you ran from the compound to your city view apartment. You suspected Elijah was hiding a secret, but not even your inner child would have ever imagined vampires.

The apartment door opened, magically by itself. There stood Elijah wearing his signature suit. “I can only imagine how much your mind is spinning right now. but if you allow me, I’ll tell you whatever it is you wish to know”.

He was so calm. It wasn’t like you expected him to scream or shout, that was your job. But comparing your body language to his, calm was an emotion that seemed so non-existent.

“I don’t want to know anything, I just want you to leave”.

You weren’t familiar with vampires, not like most people. But the little information you did know allowed you to remember that vampires had to be invited into homes, and Elijah hadn’t been invited into yours.

Unbuttoning his suit, he used the doorway threshold as a leaning post for his hand. “I’m afraid I can’t do that, Y/N. You see, despite this new found information you’ve obtained my job is to keep you safe. Enemies lurk in the shadows even hide in plain sight, and I can’t let you roam around New Orleans alone. Now please, invite me in so we can talk”.

“I’m not going to invite you in Elijah, because this conversation is about to be over. I just need to know one thing”.

He looked at you intently, studying your emotions. “And what’s that?”.

Lip trembling, you stared at the original vampire. “Was any of it real? The fancy dinners, taking me to your favourite spots in New Orleans, the expensive gifts, telling me about your family…sleeping with me. Or were they just ploys, distractions so I wouldn’t find out who you really are?”.

Elijah stepped as far as the barrier from not being invited in would allow him too. “I assure you Y/N, none of that was a lie. Not for a moment, not even for a second. I care about you, I lov-”.

Putting your hand up to stop him from finishing his sentence, you took two steps forward. “No, don’t! Please do not say it”. Voice cracking, forcing you to whisper the last few words.

“I love you”.

Closing your eyes, a single tear rolled down. Re-opening them, Elijah came back into view. “I told you not to say it, why did you have to say it?”.

Elijah frustratingly banged on the invisible barrier. “Because it’s the truth. I need you to know that this version of me, the 1,000 year old vampire, is the same Elijah Mikealson that you meet that day at Rousseau’s. I’m begging you Y/N, invite me in”.

Reaching for the door you took a brief pause. “No. I’m sorry Elijah. I’ll keep your secret, but I never want to see you again”. Slamming it shut, you rushed over and made sure the locks were tightly secure.

Snooping around the compound was now a decision you deeply regretted.