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Art School | Sophie Roach (Austin, TX)

Drawing and painting her way through an imaginative landscape of intricate and visual entanglements is Austin native, Sophie Roach.  Her artwork has endlessly covered  surfaces from– guitars, beer cans, Vans, to entire rooms.  And if that isn’t already insanely rad, her organic approach and laid back attitude make her not only incredibly humble, but also a super awesome collaborator.  While finishing up one mural and starting up new projects, we had the chance to ask Sophie a few questions about her art, her career, and her approach – from finding her voice, attacking a mural, to digging the quietude one might find as a mail person hah!  

Photographs courtesy of the artist. 

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Ok but if the Marauders and Lily took a trip to the sea how? great? would it be?

  • first of all none of them are of age yet which means road trip!
  • because Lily, Remus, and Peter all learned how to drive illegally the summer before sixth year and none of them give a shit about getting arrested
  • They rent a big van and switch off who gets to sit alone in the row farthest back to nap
  • The van quickly fills with empty coffee cups, takeout containers, wadded up paper from the fight Sirius and James had had two hours in, and everyone’s shoes which they all keep taking off
  • Once they get to the little cottage they’re staying in for the week there’s an all out war for the big bedroom which Lily wins by threatening to castrate each of the boys in the middle of the night.
  • James and Sirius end up in the one closest to the bathroom so Sirius can do his hair in the mornings and Peter and Remus share the last one
  • Their first voyage into town involves Lily flirting with the boy selling ice cream to get a discount, a jealous James, and buying swim trunks for Peter because he forgot his
  • They spend most of their time at the beach, where Sirius complains about the lack of food and sand getting in his eyes
  • To which Lily throws more sand at him (as mentioned here) as a “snack” and Remus yells from the umbrella he and Lily have been hiding from the sun under to “stop acting like idiots while I’m trying to read!”
  • They have bonfires almost every night and James always insists on lighting them because he’s, as Sirius says, “absolutely obsessed with fire. A bit mad, really. He’s got scented candles all over the place at home”
  • Lily brings Muggle sparklers and the boys are terrified of them
  • There’s a lot of ogling each other in swimsuits while the other’s back is turned
  • To which Peter laughs at every time without fail
  • One day it rains and they all stay inside to play card games until they get too cooped up at which point they go back into town and get Sirius to flirt with the barmaid to let them buy drinks underage
  • they get kicked out of the bar
  • The ride home is a lot worse because everyone’s tired and hot
  • But Lily puts on her favorite cassette and they spend the last three hours screaming along to songs
  • They come home missing six hair ties, Peter’s new swim trunks, and James’s favorite sunglasses, but they have a weird statue Lily bought at some hippy store, enough sand to “start another beach, damnit, I told you this stuff gets everywhere” and enough photos to fill an entire album

By Jonathan Heaf

The star-wrangling DJ takes Kanye’s meltdown and Bieber’s moods in his stylish stride at Luca

Is Nick Grimshaw still cool? This is, after all, precisely the reason why he was hired by the BBC in 2012 to host The Radio 1 Breakfast Show, taking over from the old, unfathomably uncool Chris Moyles. He certainly looks pretty cool as he hops from the back of a cab outside our lunch destination, all teeth and sports luxe.

Navy suede bomber, blue tailored trousers, black Vans and dark shades. He’s trendy yet clean, sort of Shoreditch via a bath, if you will; a hipster who’s made some decent wedge. The idea that authenticity (what young people think of as cool nowadays) can be upgraded for Joe Public via a little luxury befits our location, Luca, on St John Street in Clerkenwell. It’s run by the same team who run The Clove Club, a restaurant that brought sophisticated food - rather than just triple-cooked chips with aioli - to Shoreditch several years ago. This is their attempt at a posh Italian.

We begin by talking about Justin Bieber. Grimshaw and I - only school kids call him “Grimmy” - have something in common in that we both adore gossiping about famous people we’ve interviewed. Bieber, Beyoncé, Beckham, he’s done the lot. I tell him my worst interviewee by far was Christina Aguilera during her Stripped period. She was wearing so much fake tan that she left a trail of brown radioactive sludge wherever she perched. At the time, I remember thinking she resembled an enormous melted orange crayon.

“I’ve done Bieber every year since he was 14, so I’ve probably had deeper conversations with him than I’ve had with my own family,” he chuckles. Is he a terrible brat? “He used to be. But then every teenager is a dickhead, aren’t they? This year he came into the studio for a prerecord and he was monosyllabic and disinterested. I stopped the interview and asked him what the problem was. He told me he was hungover. So I got him a pint and a Nando’s. Celebrities are just dogs who need petting. Show them some love and they’ll be humping your leg before lunch.”

Speaking of which, we’ve ordered already: shaved fennel with pear salad and carpaccio of Hereford beef with oyster emulsion to start; for mains we choose pasta entrées: garganelli with pork sausage, tomato and anchovy (for him) and tiny pheasant milanese swimming in a peppery, sepia-coloured broth (for me). We drink lager and pale ale and agree the food is, although refined, broadly unexceptional.

Getting back to the gossip, I want his take on Kanye West - meltdown or precision press strategy? “Kanye might be having a nervous breakdown or he might just be really bored.” He’s bleached his hair, I say. Like with Britney Spears, extreme grooming is always a cultural cipher that indicates a celeb is one sad-face emoji short of self-immolation. “I like Kanye, or I like his music. I asked him once if he got lots of free stuff sent to him and he took it as an insult. ‘Do you think I’m cheap?’ he shouted. 'I drink champagne all day. Do you?’ No thanks, Kanye. It gives me dog breath.”

You can see why stars like Grimshaw. He’s brilliant fun, smart and utterly self-deprecating. “What I do isn’t work - it’s talking to myself in a room really early in the morning.” He doesn’t take talent, or himself, too seriously, thus he’s able to sweetly pop celebrities’ ego bubbles and talk to them like a normal person, something the swarming teams around megastars all too often are unable to do.

“I hate a kiss-ass,” he agrees. “Any celebrity that comes into the studio at 7am in the morning to be grilled by me and tells me how happy they are to be here is lying.” His realness has meant he’s been able to make friends with some of those he’s encountered along the way, Harry Styles, for one. Has he heard from Harry recently? “Sure, we texted this morning. He’s worried I won’t like his new solo record. He recorded it in Jamaica so I am praying it’s some awful white-man reggae.”

Cool? Yes, Nick Grimshaw will always be cooler than his employers -always has been, always will be. That’s why he didn’t fit in with Simon Cowell on The X Factor: “Everyone told me not to do it as it was so naff. Simon had weird energy: very Machiavellian.” So what happens when he eventually leaves The Radio 1 Breakfast Show? Where do DJs go to die? The pub? “I’m doing an internship,” he confesses proudly. “With Es Devlin, who designs huge stage sets for Adele and Beyoncé. I’ve been using a glue gun! I’ve always liked three things: music, nice shoes and good lighting. I’ve ticked two of those boxes, so why not the last?

"I’ve reached a point in my life where I know all that celebrity stuff is, ultimately, nonsense. What I need to think about is this: am I happy, am I healthy and am I being nice to my family? I guess it’s about being present.” Which is the least cool, but most honest thing Nick Grimshaw says all afternoon. GQ

kaz, post crooked kingdom, walking along the canals of financial district, looking up from under the brim of his hat (bought by inej!!!), nodding at passing merchers who tilt their hats to him in return. 

kaz brekker operating a proper business and earning the misplaced trust of the mercher class.

kaz brekker mysteriously managing stakes everywhere from first harbor to the warehouse district. 

kaz brekker never losing his street boy iron edge. never striking a deal without having a slightly shady back-up plan. 

kaz brekker will probably never be able to stop himself from making documents disappear off mercher’s desks when he’s discussing business with them. 

kaz brekker standing at his window, intently looking in the general direction of the harbour on days he’s heard of a slaver ship being on its way to ketterdam. 

kaz brekker showing he faintest of smiles as he offers the wraith his hand to shake while they stand in his office (he will never know how she crept in) 

kaz brekker clutching his hands in inej’s hair as he hesitantly kisses the top of her head.

Rehearsals (requested)

“I’ll be back in about an hour hun” Shawn says, leaning down to kiss you on the lips.

“Okay” You smile, trying to hide a yawn. Shawn had only just started his American leg of the tour, so jet lag was still killing you slowly. “Have fun.”

He smiles at you and gets off the bus, instantly hearing screams coming from outside. You smile slightly, thinking about the love his fans have for him, before getting up and heading towards your suitcase. As you walk down the bus, you notice Shawn’s VANS hoodie hanging from his bunk, and you give up on the idea of getting your own, and decide on wearing his instead. You slide it over your head, and yawn once more, deciding that the idea of a nap sounded very inviting.

Walking back through the empty bus, you lay down on the small sofa and close your eyes, only to hear fans outside talking. You don’t mind, as they weren’t being rowdy, just supportive of Shawn. You grab your phone and press shuffle on illuminate, listening to it through your earphones. Sighing contently, you feel yourself drift off to sleep.

It’s not too long before Shawn arrives back at the bus, alone. He walks in and notices you curled up, fast asleep on the sofa. He smiles widely, admiring you’re cuteness, before kneeling in front of you.

“Y/N?” He whispers, placing his hand gently on your hair. You stir slightly, seeing Shawn in front of you. You sit up, immediately rambling words of apology about how you were going to wake up before he got back. “Hey, hey, it’s alright” he smiles, “I didn’t want to wake you, but the others are on their way back, and I would have carried you to my bunk, but this bus is just way to small.”

You laugh slightly at his remark, getting up and taking his hand. He leads you through into his bunk and you get in. He follows behind and the two of you lay together in the small space. You rest your head on Shawn’s chest and close you’re eyes, listening to his steady heart beat.
“How were rehearsals?” You ask, but before you hear the answer you’re already asleep. Shawn notices this, and smiles to himself, before pulling you closer into his arms and kissing your forehead.

*requests are currently closed, however I read this one and instantly fell in love with the idea! sorry to anyone who has requested, however they are closed as I said before :) hope you enjoyed x

So, the gang goes back to the fortune teller they met at the beginning of the episode.

They step inside, and see she’s in the front of her caravan.

Scooby uncovers the secret missing tapestry…

…via some of the best-drawn faces ever. 

Scoob pulls it out, having discovered the thief! We see the back of the caravan, where the gang is all waiting.

The fortune teller snatches it back… 

….and then… silently runs out the back? Wait, just, like, past everyone there?

Lemme get this straight. She ran from the front of the van… shimmied around the benches on the side…. passed by all five members of the gang… and nobody tried to stop her at all?

Remind me again how these kids managed to ever solve even one mystery? 

blackout | chapter eleven

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apocalyptic au - jimin x reader - angst | smut

word count : 3k

warnings : major character death

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  • Me when the Leafs are down 5 - 0: That's it. We're done. Over. There's no way you are coming back from this. Go home and learn the spelling of H.O.C.K.E.Y.
  • Me when the Leafs are up 5 - 0: Wonder what new, innovative techniques they will find to fuck this up?

“Hey Geoff,” Gavin calls from the backseat, absentmindedly fiddling with the arm rest on his seat, his shirt still splattered with blood and mud from the job they had pulled for Gus earlier that day.

“Yeah, Buddy,” Geoff responds without looking up from the map spread across his lap, rubbing at his dirty cheek with one grubby hand.

“Just curious, if you could shag anyone in this van who would it be?”

Geoff is quiet for a moment, already too used to Gavin’s random questions to be surprised, thinking over his answer before shrugging and saying, “I don’t know, Jack probably.”

“Hey,” Jack protests from the driver seat, her outfit just as filthy as the others, red hair falling out of her ponytail. She points her finger at Geoff, a disgruntled look on her face. “Don’t include me in this discussion.”

Geoff sighs but concedes. “Alright, then probably Ryan.”

Ryan, who had long since passed out in the far back (he went a little overboard since tonight was the first night after his latest murder break), doesn’t reply, but Geoff feels, if he could have, he would have come up with some clever retort before lapsing into that unnatural silence he usually fell into.

“I think I’d pick Michael,” Gavin states casually, like he had been asked the question instead of asking it himself.

“Well, shit Gav.” Michael gives Gavin a fond smile, dirt clumps visible in his hair, his glasses smudged with fingerprints and grime. After a beat he says, “I’d definitely pick Ray.”

“What?” Gavin screeches glancing back at the sniper. His eyes are closed, head tilted towards Ryan, appearing to be asleep, not having heard the commotion (or if he had, choosing not to say anything). He is, by far, the cleanest of the group, spending the whole time in the desert sitting up in his makeshift sniper’s nest, making sure no one bothered the crew.

“Yeah,” Geoff agrees nodding his head, “Ray looks like he could give a good blowjob.”

“He does.”

“I’m gonna change my answer,” Gavin grumbles but no one pays him the least bit of attention.

“How could you possibly know he’d give a good blowjob?” Jack asks taking the exit that’ll bring them into Los Santos.

Geoff shrugs, folding up the map, shoving it carelessly into the glove box. “He just does.”

“Trust us, Jack, it’s a feeling,” Michael states glancing out the window.

“If you insist,” Jack mumbles skeptically but still lets the subject go, clearly not in the mood for their antics tonight.

“Gonna pick Kerry or Jeremy,” Gavin continues to bitch, again getting ignored for his troubles.

“Hey, who do you think Ray and Ryan would pick?” Michael asks curiously glancing back at the sleeping pair again. Somehow, during the discussion, Ray’s head lolled onto Ryan’s chest, his hand clutching the fabric of a leather jacket, one of Ryan’s arm loosely wrapped around him.

“Oh, we all know who those motherfuckers would choose,” Geoff answers getting a few murmurs of agreement.

“Am I at least in the top five?” Gavin asks giving Geoff a hopeful look.

Geoff thinks a minute and says, “Top twenty at least.”

“Damn it!”

Dig Diary, March 10, 2017:

It is very hot in Luxor right now, so the team often takes a break under the marquee that the Hopkins University team has loaned us (thank you, Betsy!). From left to right are Dr. Jacobus van Dijk of Groningen, who is studying the Sakhmet statues and their epithets with me; our senior Egyptian inspector, Mme Shemaa Mahmoud Ahmed; our second inspector, Mr. Yusuf Mohamed Ahmed; and me. Mary McKercher, of course, is behind the camera as usual.

While we’re not excavating this year (the season is too short), we are carrying out a few useful, small projects. First, at the request of the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) we began on March 4 to cut back the reeds that have once again taken over the northern ends of the sacred lake, particularly on the east side. You can see how thick and tall they have grown in the past year.

Our second project is to clean off the dirt that has accumulated over the past 35 years or so on a Ramesses II doorjamb that we discovered lying on what’s left of the mud brick core of Temple A’s 2nd Pylon. We’ll build a small wall around it to prevent further encroachment. We decided to remove the large undecorated block standing beside it because it obscured a re-used relief in the pylon’s stone facing.

This was no easy task as the rock is not only heavy but awkwardly shaped. However, our workers were able to get it up and out fairly quickly; they do this kind of thing all the time. We admire both their strength and their skill.

To our surprise, we found that the bottom of the Ramesses II block, which we had never cleared, was also decorated! The way the block is lying, the “new” scene, probably from the east face of the 25th Dynasty pylon, is upside down. Seen right side up here, it consists of the crowns of 2 facing figures and several columns of text. The tall plumes on the right probably belong to Amun, and the plumes and sun disk are probably a king. Unfortunately no names are preserved.

You are looking southeast at Temple A’s 2nd Pylon, built in Dynasty 25. The blocks came almost entirely from earlier monuments, including the Ramesses III temple southwest of the sacred lake, which was no longer in use. The reliefs and sculptures were split apart when necessary and their rear surfaces smoothed to form the face of the pylon. This is most obvious in the pylon’s north wing (bottom of picture) where the decay of the mud brick core has made the blocks more visible. The south wing seems to have been built entirely of stone.

Here’s a more detailed view of the inner side of the east facing. The two torsos and upside down head came from the Ramesses III temple. Other reliefs date from earlier in the New Kingdom. The relief on the left, by the way, is the one that was partially hidden by the block we moved.

At the end of a long, hot day, we sit on our hotel balcony and watch the sun set. One evening recently, this enormous flock of ibises flew by heading north. There must have been hundreds altogether.

At the end of a long, hot day, we sit on our hotel balcony and watch the sun set over the Nile. It is a sight that never fails to awe and amaze us.

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Got7 Imagine: Mark as University / College Student
  • Requested by Anon
  • Got7 X Reader
  • Order from eldest to youngest member
  • YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW OFTEN I IMAGINE THESE 7 BOYS AS UNI/ COLLEGE STUDENTS. THANK YOU FOR YOUR REQUEST! Also, I feel like I’d over-write for each member so I’ll put this into 7 separate posts!
  • Inbox / Requests are OPEN
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University AU List: Jaebum | Jackson | Jinyoung


  • Third / Junior Year Student
  • Major in Biochemistry, Minor in English and Mathematics
  • Above-average grades
  • Best friends with Jackson Wang from the Athletic Department
  • Known around campus as the handsome chic genius by the females and the chillest cool guy by the males. (Everybody wants a piece of him)
  • How he commutes to campus: Skateboarding or walking from the campus dorms
  • Everyday outfit: Snapback, loose hoodie or t-shirt, ripped jeans, vans or nike
  • Class schedule: Either it’s an 8 am or a 7 pm class. There’s no in between.
  • At school 24/7 because of lab experiments, studying or simply just chilling with his friends

During classes:

  • Takes his seat by the very back of the lecture hall and close to the doors
  • Typically an earnest, hardworking student that takes decent notes
  • Always hands in his assignment on time; fulfills the minimum requirements
  • Occasionally uses his hoodie to hide himself when he decides to take a nap in between a 5-hour lecture
  • Has many acquaintances in class but usually is quiet unless he’s asked a question
  • Has the habit of twirling his pen/pencil
  • Sits comfortably in his seat and sometimes slouch when class gets boring
  • Wears glasses
  • ALWAYS have some sort of snack or drink on the table
  • Usually, doesn’t use his electronics during class aides for academic purposes
  • ALWAYS the first to arrive and first to leave, rarely late or absent (if he’s late it’s most likely because of Jackson.)

During breaks:

  • Can be seen around the cafeteria or at the school’s common area with his friends (the rest of got7)
  • Usually, has the signature New York Deli and Iced americano
  • If there’s soup on the menu that day he’d definitely get that
  • Forever scrolling on his phone while eating (and ignoring Jackson on the side, rambling)
  • Sometimes mischievously flicks crumbs at Yugyeom and Bam Bam
  • Teases Jaebum with aegyo
  • Rarely, helps Youngjae and Jinyoung with their English papers
  • Leaves to the sleeping pods on campus or heads to the library when the others have afternoon classes
  • Naps at the sleeping pods and wakes up prior 30 mins until his night classes
  • Usually, during early summer, he naps by the grass area bathed under the afternoon sun with his music plugged in
  • Works on homework and maybe study in the library if he’s not napping that day
  • Skateboards around campus and plays basketball if he’s not studying or napping

During exam season:

  • You will not see this boy anywhere else besides his classes, the library or at his dorm
  • Studying becomes his middle name during exam season
  • Looks prepared but is actually quite stressed
  • Stressed but never forgets to have proper meals and decent amount of sleep
  • Tries to sleep early before exam days
  • Stubble Mark at the peak of exam season
  • Does his exams and stresses over if he’s gotten the questions right
  • Probably calculated his score in his brain after every exam
  • At the last day of exam he probably just hope he’d pass this semester
  • Sleeps straight after his last exams and wakes up a few days later all refreshed
  • Hella relieved when he actually scored good in his exams and has a smile plastered on his face for the rest of his day

How he handle on-campus admirers:

  • Usually just politely smiles and continues his way when he hears freshman gasping over him by the hallway
  • Doesn’t necessarily take it to heart when he hears news (from the other got7 members) about a particular girl or guy crushing on him
  • If he’s approached with a confession, he’d be very flattered but politely declines if he’s not interested

How you meet him:

  • You first meet Mark in your general education class for English writing
  • He’s the first person you see in the empty lecture hall and you just awkwardly say hi
  • He just nods back and continues to do whatever he was doing
  • You place yourself a few rows in front of him and gets ready for the lecture
  • You guys don’t interact with each other majority of the time besides hi and bye
  • You find him the second time in the Library typing away on his paper due for your English class
  • The very paper in which you have no clue how to start on because the topic is so broad
  • You sit next to him by the computer and tap on his shoulder
  • “Hi sorry to disturbing you, I’m in your English writing class and I really have no clue how to start on this paper. Would you mind helping me start off?”
  • “Pardon me?”
  • Mark takes out his earphone and you repeat yourself again
  • “Oh okay, let me just wrap up my paragraph and I’ll help you.”
  • This is how you actually started talking to Mark because of homework
  • You asked what Mark was writing his paper on and he explains it to you briefly
  • Eventually, with the help of Mark and the textbook, you set on a topic
  • You thank him and went off to do your own research and write up your paper that’s due in a few weeks
  • For the following few weeks, you glue yourself to the library as you did your other assignments and wrote the paper
  • You’d see Mark appear a few times in the library and you guys just wave at each other
  • The day before the paper is due, you were in the library editing the final paragraph when someone taps you on the shoulder
  • “Hey, how’s the paper coming along?”
  • It was Mark with a few science books in his arms
  • “It’s going okay, just editing the last paragraph. Yours?”
  • “I finished it a few days ago, just need to proofread it before handing it in tomorrow Can I sit here by the way?”
  • “Sure.”
  • Mark casually sits beside you as you have small talk here and there while the both of you got your work done
  • You stretched your back when you were finally done and gather your things.
  • Mark was deeply concentrated, calculating some equation while his eyes scanned the books
  • You tap him on the shoulder to get his attention
  • “Hey, I’m done. Thank you so much for helping me.”
  • “It’s no problem, glad you have your paper written up.”
  • He flashes his cute smile
  • “Good luck with your work, I have class so I gotta run.”
  • “Sure, see you around in English!”

Serial Killer! Michael

Words: 5.5k

Warning: Smut! Also people getting killed in front of you and you killing someone. Please don’t let this influence you, don’t become a serial killer it’s not sexy and it’s not attractive. It’s wrong. But hey enjoy the smut.

Request: okay for the serial killer one, one of the boys (idc which one) kidnaps y/n and ends up being as crazy as him and kinda obsessed with him because she loves serial killers and they end up being a murderous duo.


I was supposed to be there by now, be with my friends laughing like the idiots we all were. Watching the new Finding Dory film, even know I was way to old to be watching that at the age of 20. But no, I was now in the back of a white van, my legs and hands tied with rope and some grey duct tape strapped across my mouth.

Today had started out the same, me waking up with my parents arguing. There loud screeches being heard from miles away. My home life was shit, along with my work life. The people at work were bullies and sexist, most of them male apart from me because it was a ‘males role’ to do what I did. After work I had made my way home to get ready to go out. The only good thing in my life was my two friends who understood most of my problems. When walking to the cinema someone had cupped my mouth and dragged me into a white van. I tried screaming, shouting and kicking but the man had duct taped my mouth and tied me up.

The van came to a halt, hearing the breaks squeak and my head smashed against the the back of the van. I tried pulling on the rope but it was to strong and giving me a slight burn on my wrists. I heard the rattling of the side door open and there was a bright light shining through the hole. The man was wearing a balaclava and held onto the rope that was tied around my ankles pulling me forward. I looked at him in the eye’s, he had the most enhancing green orbs. If I wasn’t tied up and probably not about to get killed this guys eye’s would have me screwed. He picked me up and flung me over his shoulder. I felt my heart beat quicken as he slammed the van door shut. We were in his garage as I heard him click a button and the revolving door roll closed.

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