from the back of the van

Dustin tells Steve everything that happened in November ‘83. Everything.

Sure, he’d heard most of it from Nancy, but there were certain things the boys hadn’t told a soul. Like how they found El in the middle of the woods or how they’d almost nearly biked headfirst into a speeding van.

Or how Mike Wheeler had stepped off a cliff because Tommy’s asshole of a kid brother had threatened them with a knife.

Steve almost loses his cool. He almost makes it out of the Hendersons’ front door, Dustin grasping uselessly at his sweater, trying to hold him back from driving right to Tommy’s and picking a fight.

“You promised you’d be cool,” Dustin groans, “So be cool.”

Steve glares at him, but relents, his shoulders going slack.

“Besides,” Dustin grins toothily, “El totally destroyed him. She broke his arm.”

Vaguely, Steve remembers Tommy talking about how his brother got into a fight and got his sorry ass handed to him. He can’t help but to laugh thinking it was his little shits - one of them at least - that had been responsible.

“Okay,” Steve breathes, “Fine. But El’s not always going to be there to save your dorky asses so I’ll be cool and teach you how to throw a damn punch.”



We need $600 by 6:30 pm MST today!!

I didn’t get my paycheck yesterday and I need to figure out how we are going to pay off the bus! We have Gwen’s paycheck, and the scrap money from our van, but it isn’t enough!

Please we cannot lose our house and I am not sure if he is going to go back on our deal and keep our money as compensation for already starting on the bus!!! Please help!!! This is the most dire of moments!! WE COULD LOSE EVERYTHING TODAY!!!

Again we need $600!!! Please, we cannot lose our home, our PayPal is3!

Thank you all so much!!
Gwen, Ember, Kimmy
@gwennspacey @emberbrekker @spideygirl

*Gwen is currently at work which is why she isn’t in the picture. The puppies have taken to our home very well and even have started listening more. We finally felt safe and again I fins myself reapplying make up because of casual crying fits. We don’t know what to do.


Pete Van Vleet of Ashland, Va., is a Houston Astros fan – and was well before the team’s World Series win this year. They were his team back when they were bad.

As part of Morning Edition’s exploration of how fandoms help shape identity, Van Vleet explains how his love for the Astros has been a big part of him since childhood.Even today, if he needs a mood boost, he listens to game highlights from his youth.

Can a passion be inherited? Now a father, he’s excited at the idea of sharing his love of baseball with his two young children, Jack, an infant, and Madeline, his 6-year-old daughter and budding Detroit Tigers fan.

Babies And Baseball: A Dad Plants The Seeds For A Shared Love Of The Game

Photo illustration by Claire Harbage/NPR and Paige Vickers for NPR
Photos: Claire Harbage/NPR

A few of my favorite empty chest quotes from Trails in the Sky SC:

  • When you gaze long enough into the empty chest, the chest gazes back into you.
  • You see a kitten curled up inside the chest. Awww…. It’s so cute… As a result of acute kittenitis, you forgot to take whatever else was left inside.
  • As you open the chest, a number of trapped, screaming souls come swirling out. …That’s probably normal.
  • PROTIP: You can hide the body in an empty chest. I won’t tell anyone what you did.
  • Ooooh, you’re one of those completionist types, huh?
  • The chest unleashes a poison gas trap! …At least it would if it could. Because you looted it already, and it hates you now.
  • As payment for taking my stuff, you must cut down the mightiest tree of the forest…with…A HERRING!
  • Inside the chest is emptiness. That’s all there ever is. Eternal and interminable.

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uhm tbh tom wilson w/ the movember mustache... can 200% still get it. like, this is 1/2 daddy kink and 1/2 non-mpreg mpreg kink, but imagine he's skyping with latts, and the first think mike says is, "fuck, oh my god -- you look like a hot suburban dad." they have a good laugh about it, tease back and forth about their imaginary white picket fence, mini van, and house full of kids, but tom can identify mike's "pretending not to be flustered" grin from a mile away, and even in the shitty (1/2)

lighting, he can see the way his cheeks go pink at the conversation. they’ve talked before about adopting when they retire, and he knows that latts really wants kids. that’s his reasoning for trying out this – something they’ve never really done before – asking, slow and deliberate, “you want daddy to put a baby in you, latts? make you feel so good, and give you that big family you’ve always wanted?” (2/2)

*screaching* duuuuuuuuuude. duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude.

um fuck yes.

latts would fucking die at that. like blushing, stuttering, flustered, horny mess of feelings. because why the hell did tom say that and why is he so fucking turned on by it???

i… really don’t like him that much in-game. you know being killed by someone sitting comfy in there nest a billion miles away while i try to stab people dead in the middle of the war is just annoying. (i kno i’m being unfair here)

but everything else is really and truly my one and only spirit animal y___Y

from the van to the too lanky person to the social awkwardness and the loner attitude and the touch for nature back to THE VAN (<3)…  everything

(except the piss thing.)

A list of things that has occurred while on patrol

•Nightwing doing a swan dive off a roof because he miscalculated the distance it would take to jump

•Robin and Batgirl showing up at a Walmart, buying a bag of dog food and approximately 17 canned Starbucks mocha coffees

•Red Robin swinging around the GCPD building with an orange popsicle in his mouth, pulling it out and saying to seemingly no one “i can too deep throat fuck off Kon”

•Red Hood having his helmet open, only to have it slam shut while he’s sticking his tongue out at Batman

•Batgirl doing a vlog while chasing Freeze

•Batman slipping on a patch of ice, then going into a very elegant triple axel as he tries to right his balance

•Robin stopping in the middle of a foot chase to pet a big floofy doggo

•Red Hood and Red Robin starting a game of Rock Paper Scissors while Black Bat and Batgirl speak with Jim Gordon that ends with Red Robin being thrown out the window

•Batwoman and Batman arguing very loudly over cashmere sweaters

•Nightwing and Riddler having a very serious conversation about relationships while Riddler is being loaded into the back of a police van

•Red Hood screaming from the rooftops “I’m in a poly relationship I love my datemates very much god damn this is not a new thing fuck off Lark”

•Batman having to stop a very serious diplomatic conversation™ to take a call because one of his children blew the circuit breaker in the cave again

•Red Robin looking Nightwing dead in the eye and saying “I embrace death” after almost getting hit by a car

•Catwoman and Robin having a conversation about what appears to be household chores that ends with Robin huffing out “I do what I want, mother”

•Dramatic Shakespeare reenactments lead by Red Hood

•someone asking Batman and Batwoman if they’re dating, followed by a chorus of “oh god no” “I’m gay” “we already have a mom Jesus” “how have you not seen batman and catwoman making out in an ally yet Jesus fuck”

•dramatic musical reenactments lead by Batgirl

•everyone singing ‘spooky scary skeletons’ at the top of their lungs every day of October

•Nightwing leaping onto a ledge with a scream after he saw a spider while Red Hood laughs his ass off, only for Red Hood to scream and jump on that same ledge when another runs past

•Batman stopping to help an astronomy student find stars and constellations

•someone screaming 'the floor is lava’ and everyone jumping onto cars and scaling lampposts and buildings

•Batgirl screaming the James Bond theme as she grapples around the city

•Batman and Catwoman waltzing on rooftops

•Christmas caroling lead by Nightwing


Wylan Van Eck & Jesper Fahey: fav moments from Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom

“Nina might not be able to put you back, you know. Not without another dose of parem. You could be stuck like this.”
Why does it matter?
“I don’t know!” Jesper said angrily. “Maybe I liked your stupid face.”

So, the gang is walking back to the van, when surprise!

The bad guy is inside the Mystery Machine!

…because Fred just leaves it unlocked while they’re gone for hours!

I guess he didn’t learn from last time.

Even the monster’s expression is freakin’ perfect.

“Like, seriously, dude? You just leave it unlocked?”

“I mean, I’m an unspeakable abomination, and even *I* lock up my van during a snack run.”

Puppy Sitting

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Puppy Theo x Reader / Puppy!Brett x Reader

Inspired by a chat with @joeynihil

“You want me to what?” You asked Scott who had a small wolf pup under each arm.

“To babysit Brett and Theo while I help Deaton figure out how to fix them.” Scott grinned as he held them out for you.

“Why… why are they puppies?” You asked as you took them both and Theo started wriggling to get into your house while Brett snuggled up in your arms with his head resting on your shoulder.

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Deadly van attack in Barcelona claimed by ISIS

A white van plowed into a packed summer crowd Thursday in Barcelona’s historic Las Ramblas district, killing some people and sending dozens fleeing. Barcelona police called it a terror attack and local media reported up to 13 dead.

Catalan police tweeted “there are mortal victims and injured from the crash” without specifying any numbers. Spanish media, including Cadena SER radio station and TV3, reported up to 13 dead, while other media had varying death tolls.

Police cordoned off the broad street that is so popular with tourists, ordering stores and nearby Metro and train stations to close. They asked people to stay away from the area so as not to get in the way of emergency services. A helicopter hovered over the scene.

Quoting unnamed police sources, the El Pais newspapers said the two perpetrators of the crash were holed up in a bar in Tallers Street. Armed police ran down the streets and through a market, checking in stores and cafes, presumably in search of them.

In photographs and videos, at least five people could be seen lying on the ground in the streets of the northern Spanish city Thursday afternoon, being helped by police and others. Other video recorded people screaming as they fled the van.

Las Ramblas, a street of stalls and shops that cuts through the center of Barcelona, is one of the city’s top tourist destinations. People walk down a wide, pedestrian path in the center of the street but cars can travel on either side.

Keith Fleming, an American who lives in Barcelona, was watching TV in his building just off Las Ramblas when he heard a noise and went out to his balcony.

“I saw women and children just running and they looked terrified,” he said.

He said there was a bang — possibly from someone rolling down a store shutter — and more people ran by. Then police arrived and pushed everyone a full block away. Even people leaning out of doors were being told to go back inside, he said.

Fleming said regular police had their guns drawn and riot police were at the end of his block, which was now deserted.

“It’s just kind of a tense situation,” Fleming said. “Clearly people were scared.”

Carol Augustin, a manager at La Palau Moja, an 18th-century place on Las Ramblas that houses government offices and a tourism information center, said the van passed right in front of the building.

“We saw everything. People started screaming and running into the office. It was such a chaotic situation. There were families with children. The police made us close the doors and wait inside,” she said.

Cars, trucks and vans have been the weapon of choice in multiple extremist attacks in Europe in the last year.

The most deadly was the driver of a tractor-trailer who targeted Bastille Day revelers in the southern French city of Nice in July 2016, killing 86 people. In December 2016, 12 people died after a driver used a hijacked trick to drive into a Christmas market in Berlin.

There have been multiple attacks this year in London, where a man in a rented SUV plowed into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, killing four people before he ran onto the grounds of Parliament and stabbed an unarmed police officer to death in March.

Four other men drove onto the sidewalk of London Bridge, unleashing a rampage with knives that killed eight people in June. Another man also drove into pedestrians leaving a London mosque later in June. (AP)

Photo credits: Josep Lago/AFP/Getty Images (2), Pau Barrena/AFP/Getty Images, Manu Fernandez/AP, Oriol Duran/AP (2), David Armengou/EPA/REX/Shutterstock, Pau Barrena/AFP/Getty Images, Josep Lago/AFP/Getty Images

See more photos from Barcelona and our other slideshows on Yahoo News.

When You Are Ambushed While “Busy” (Mafia AU/Requested)

~Kim Namjoon~

With Joon’s harsh panting in your ear, you didn’t hear the creak of the door, or the herding footsteps heading towards you. Luckily you had Namjoon, who expected these situations on the daily. He reached under your pillow and grabbed the pistol hidden there. While still balls deep, Namjoon turned his upper body and unloaded a clip into a man not even two feet away. You lurched and quickly covered your ears.

Taehyung and Jin came running, own weapons in hand. Namjoon tossed a sheet over your body but that didn’t stop the boys from getting an eyeful of Namjoon’s ass.

“Jesus Oppa!”

~Kim Seokjin~

Never say that Jin didn’t give you what you wanted, when you wanted it. The drivers seat was leaned back just so, your knees resting on either side of Jin. He gave a particular hard thrust up into you. You bounced on him at a harsher pace.

Until Jin leaned forward and placed both hands on the wheel. You had just seconds to spare before the engine roared to life and rushed forward. You screamed when a body rolled over the top of the van and your blood ran cold.

“Now where were we?” Jin smirked.

~Min Yoongi~

Yoongi groaned and grunted. You thanked whatever God would listen, that you rented a VIP room at the club. Yoongi smirked at your frantic movements in his lap. His hands guided you in smooth motions. You expected the sharp slap on your ass, but not the sound of bullets rushing past your head.

Yoongi pulled you underneath of him and grabbed the gun strapped to his thigh. Two bullets flew and instantly killed the men trying to murder you two. They fell forward and the door was left wide open with nosy customers.

“Can you excuse us? We were in the middle of something.”

~Jung Hoseok~

Hoseok slammed into you, your legs tossed haphazardly over his shoulder. All you could muster was quiet whines and loud moans. He grinned down at you with joy in his dark orbs. You reached up and dragged your nails down his arms.

The door was shoved open and three armed assailants entered. Hobi didn’t even stop his frantic thrusts. He pulled a small trigger with a red button. With an eye roll he pressed the button, and a rally of small explosions blew the team to pieces.

“I’m not letting them ruin a perfectly good orgasm.”

~Park Jimin~

Jimin wasn’t known for being a sharpshooter for no reason. The way he was drilling your G-spot, he definitely deserved that title. You gripped the bed sheets and but into your bottom lip. Jimin buried his face into your hair and released a loud groan.

You tensed at the sound of gunfire, reaching for blankets to shield yourself. Jimin slipped out of you with a disappointed groan and pulled out the secret compartment on the headboard. His sniper rifle dropped from the hidden spot and he quickly loaded a shell into it.

“I’ll be right back.” Jimin slaps the outside of your thigh. “No touching yourself either.”

~Kim Taehyung~

Tae sat in his desk chair, guiding you up and down on his cock. His large hands traced every indention on your body. The vials behind his desk rattled with each thrust upwards. You moaned into the open air, hair spilling out over your shoulders.

“Fuck…” Taehyung muttered, sweat running down the side of his forehead. One of the containers near the door smashed to the ground and gave away the location of a spy. Taehyung pulled you close to him, leaning forward and grabbing one of the poison darts. With a single precise throw, the dart punctured the mans eyes and the drug spread quickly.

You shivered when he fell forward, blood spilling out of his mouth. Taehyung ran his fingers along your arm in a comforting motion.

“It’s alright love.”

~Jeon Jungkook~

Jungkook punched the metal lockers behind your head, thrusting like a deranged animal. The locker rooms after a fight were your favorite. No matter how gross or unsanitary it was. You barely had time to mutter a congratulations before he pulled down his shorts, and tore a hole through your jeans.

The loud noises you two were creating blocked out the fact that someone else had entered the locker room. You finally forced your eyes to stop looking at the back of your skull and saw the cloaked figure rushing at Jungkook. A scream alerted him however. Within second he pulled out of you, slipped up his pants and was wailing on the poor soul.

“Kookie-” punch “this isn’t-” kick “much of a turn on.”