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2 & 16-Dean Winchester

2. “I am adorable.”
16. “Congrats on getting hit by a car.”

You couldn’t hold back the laugh that exploded from your chest at the sight of Dean Winchester. He was covered in muck, grass, and miscellaneous. He was holding his arm by the bicep as his lips were pursed. This was definitely not what you were expecting when opening the motel door.

“If-If,” you snickered, “you needed backup, you should’ve-haha-just called.”
He narrowed his gaze. “Shut up.”

He easily brushed past you while you continued to chortle at your boyfriend. He had always been particular about, at the very least, his hair. Unfortunately for him, it was matted and smelt of…miscellaneous things. You attempted to calm your laughter.

“Wh-What happened?”
His gaze went to the ground. “I, uh, may have not been looking while chasing the thing into the road.”

You bit your lip to keep the snickers in. Part of you worried, but you also realized he must’ve been okay if he made it back. You couldn’t resist teasing him.

“You lost at *Frogger?”
His face became expressionless. “You think you’re real cute, don’t you?”
I am adorable,” you commented happily.
He thought a moment before nodding. “Okay. I’ll give you that one.”

You blushed slightly. Had he not been covered in gunk, you probably would have given him a kiss. However, the miscellaneous was starting to get to you. You chuckled.

“Hop in the shower, you dork,” you paused, “I’ll look at your shoulder when you’re out.”

He smirked and made his way to the bathroom. Once you heard him lock the door, you licked your lips.

“Oh and babe?”
“Yeah?” he called back.
Congrats on getting hit by a car.

You heard an immediate grumble coming from the other side of that door. You proceeded to giggle. With this story, you couldn’t wait for Sam to get back to the motel.

*Frogger, for those who may not know, is a video game where you try and successfully get a frog to the other side of the road without getting hit.

Want to Request? : Prompt List (Closed)

I’m the type of girlfriend who always just wants to annoy you like i am so clingy and touchy and i’ll always want to hold your hand and trace your fingers and hug you whenever i want to and feel the beat of your heart and bury my face on your neck or hug you from the back to smell your scent, whisper how much i love you or i’ll sometimes kiss you when you least expect it and steal kisses from you when you’re asleep.

very sorry about the nerd spam lately (video games + D&D etc) but when I’m stressed and have almost no free time, I go straight to geeky shit whenever I have a break during the day because it helps a lot, so it’s all that’s on my mind (and blog) lately (apart from what’s stressing me out).

I know it’s not content you’re used to (at least not that much haha) and it can be off-putting or annoying so you can always blacklist “overwatch”, “video games”, “D&D”, or “critical role” if you are tired of nerdy posts; and “personal” if you want to avoid my personal rants about personal shit (they have been numerous lately) :)


Muahahah the Walk Cycle Queen strikes again!

@corseque uploaded this dual gifset of Solas being obstinate and I was like, “Wait a second I don’t remember the things you can say as a friend!” So I went back and played through them and wouldn’t you know it, I found something!

The first walk cycle is stiff and a little awkward as he walks away from a befriended Inquisitor after having taken their hand and bidden them farewell. This is probably the stiffest gait I’ve ever seen from him in the game, probably because we’ve never seen him as Fen’harel before, completely in his element (his walk to Mythal was cautious and slow, weighed down.) This is an authoritative, confident stride that assumes power and respect, accompanied with his reverse crossed arms is like looking at another side of him (which we do throughout this cutscene.) Leaving a friend behind is tough, but his duty and goals are at the forefront of his mind as he departs.

The second walk cycle might as well be a completely different person. He’s not confident, rather he looks drained despite taking the mark from her. He’s dragging his feet, his hands loose by his sides as he shuffles slowly back to the eluvian in no hurry to leave her again, but he has to. The conversation severely hampered his pace through his plans, and leaving is probably the last thing he wants to do, because that means he can never go back on his word (even if he knows he’d never break off his plans.) The longer he’s in the same place with her, the more he can entertain the meager, false hope that he will stay, because once he crosses the threshold, all he can do is hope against hope that she’ll prove to him that he’s wrong about everything.

Notice the distance the gifs start for both of these to really take in the difference in distance. They are the exact same frame rate with the same amount of frames. In the first, he’s brisk, almost in a hurry to get out. In the second, it will take him at least three times as long to reach the mirror at that pace if not longer. He’s already defeated, at least on one front.

Solas Gifset Masterpost

I’m not sure if I ever made a post about this when I first thought of the idea but like obvi Anthony Ramos plays both Laurens and Philip so Alex’s son looks like Laurens haha (I’ve seen at least one fic poke fun at this or at least the author referenced it) but like what if Philip actually was John’s son?

Like Laurens comes to Alex and he meets Eliza and probs loves her too after his imprisonment is over and after he gets back from France and for a little while the three of them are happy despite the war. Eliza falls pregnant and shit goes down as we know. It doesn’t take long for Eliza and Alex to realize that Philip looks a lot more like John than Alex but honestly that just makes them happy despite the possible scandal. Philip is not just Eliza and Alex’s child but John’s as well- he is a product of all three of them in a sense.

But John dies in the Battle of Combahee and doesn’t get to meet his son (likely Eliza and Alex wouldn’t have told him through letter wanting him to meet their son in person) and suddenly Philip is the last remaining connection they have with John. They love their eldest so much because of and despite of the fact that he is so much like John.

Philip gets older and he takes after Alex so much and they can’t help but wonder how much of his fire is Alex’s and how much is John’s (because John was full of fire and fight and he was so much like Alex that sometimes Eliza thought they were the same person in two bodies). They love their other children just as much as Philip but there’s a sadness that tinges their love for him that isn’t present for the others.

Then Philip dies.

Then Philip dies and it’s like losing John all over again except it’s worse because this is their son and he’s just gone because of the same hotheadedness and pride that got Alex in so much trouble. Their son is gone and so is their last connection with John and its like losing Philip and John all at once.

Thoughts From Band Camp
  • me: there are at least four sweat bees on me right now but i'm at attention help help help
  • me: wow drum line has to run laps again what a surprise
  • me: oh hell yes look at my perfect fuckin drag stEP SHIT WTF BALANCE
  • me: what i didn't miss the line haha not me never
  • me: dear freshman clarinets pls get ur shit together
  • me: dear clarinet section leader pls get ur section's shit together
  • me: oh no they called for sectional time now i have to be a leader
  • me: i think the freshmen hate me
  • me: my skin is melting off my body please call a water break why why whyyyy
  • me: wait band camp is over already???
@itsdanystormborn, @rurumu-chop, @chyemmi, I’m genuinely confused and curious as to why you want Solomon to come back and what it is you think or want him to do. I’m not trying to ridicule you or “call you out,” or anthing like that. I’m just trying to understand where this hope that he’ll make a return is coming from.


How i’m envisioning you at this moment Miya XD

Haha, don’t worry, my reason isn’t deep.

My main reason: I feel Solomon is constantly referred too. He had an arc, but i feel he should get an encore.

What i would want him to do…is help Ugo, or take over from Ugo or work with him (Maybe take up the reigns he let go of?). Help/stop Sinbad, but give Sinbad back a human body and his friends that died. Reconsile with Arba. And actually get rid of David for good. Meet Aladdin. Or at least appear and then vanish again to show he’d been watching all along! None of the above i think will happen mind-you, it is my thoughts. So don’t panic! ^^;


Taking more creative liberty since it is hard to match these prompts exact since these dorks are texting after all. But also whoops? More angst? This is back in first year just cause as we rp’d this it had that kinda feel to it. Headcanoning on the basis at least for this Nagisa took an interest in cosplay but his mother wouldn’t let him get too into it unless he cosplayed a girl. Having put up the photos of a female cosplay he then kept his like of cosplay secret from her and cosplayed only guys. Karma being Karma happened upon his account. Rumour has it his next cosplay plan is from Sonic Ninja haha.

On a more serious note too touching on the idea or more the reality that victims of emotional abuse are often unaware that just because it doesn’t leave physical marks, doesn’t mean it isn’t abuse.

- Admin N

romvnvkvzi  asked:

Hi! I've been following studyblrs for a while now, one of them being yours and I absolutely adore it! I want to start one of my own and I was wondering if you have any tips on how to start a study blog. Any advice would help! Thanks in advance! :)

hey there, thank you so much! Here’s some advice that you might find helpful for starting your own studyblr {these are based off of my experiences!}

  • Post regularly {or at least give the illusion that you do this, haha}. I like to queue a few posts because I know that I have followers from many different parts of the world. This keeps my blog ‘active’ 34 hours a day, rather than just when I’m awake and online {it’s all an illusion, haha!}. 
  • Post your own material as well as re-blogging other peoples! When you do, add a source so it links back to your own blog. When I initially started The Organised Student this was how I began to gain followers!
    • Speaking of followers, try and follow as many other studyblrs as you can. If you’re like me then you’ll be starting a studyblr primarily for your own motivational purposes, so having an active dashboard really helps.
  • Tag your posts. This links to my above post! I like to add the tags 'studyblr’, 'studyspo’, 'student’, 'study motivation’ etc to my own posts. This will allow people searching the tags to find you, and it’s just a helpful reference to have on your posts! 
  • When I receive a question, I like to give the best answer I possibly can. I do not want to just write 'I don’t know, sorry’!! I find that more people are likely to ask you questions if you give in depth responses. If I don’t have the answers myself, I do a quick google search to link some resources for them!
  • Choose your theme carefully! I know everyone has their own personal preferences when it comes to themes, but I’m kind of picky about it. Here’s the criteria for me when I choose a theme:
    • Infinite scrolling. I really dislike when you have to click to access the next page of a blog, as this makes me more likely to just close the tab. I don’t want to be thinking about changing the page when I’m deep in to someones studyblr haha! 
    • More than one column. Again this is personal choice, but I like to have a few columns of posts. This means that I can easily overlook any information that doesn’t interest me, such as text posts which don’t apply to my own studies or 'answered questions’. 
    • Links! I have a sidebar with links to other studyblrs, my own posts, my own answered questions, etc. I like this because when I visit my blog I can easily access and specific information that I’m looking for. 

I hope this helps! xo

—25-30/100 days of productivity, 1-6/08/2016
!! d-75 to Os !!

i deserve an award for being the best studyblr HAHA sorry for MIA-ing & not posting anything!! i off-ed my notifications so that i could concentrate on studying for my prelims which just ended (well at least for the major papers) ₍ᵔ·͈༝·͈ᵔ₎

am taking a break from studying rn(have been mugging 3 syllabus worth of physics, biology & chemistry for 3 whole days till 430am every morning HAHA) its v unhealthy please dont learn from me ₍₍ (ง Ŏ౪Ŏ)ว ⁾⁾ (but i had no choice bc the exam was the next day :’))

but yes im back,, dop will resume tmr

( & wtf i reached 700 followers in barely 2 months tysm )

LAST THING HAHA , please go listen to closer by the chainsmokers if you havent bc it had been my jam ever since it came out (sarah close’s cover is pretty good as well) ok im done babbling

Several of the requests in my inbox were for Corrin/Xander soooo~~

How’s some corriander pregnancy pic sound?

I feel like when Xander has the time he’s totally a super-doting father/husband/brother bc… well, he doesn’t usually have the time. Baby bump kisses are doable on a tight schedule, even if Xander has to be up at the crack of dawn because obv he always wakes up with said baby bump right under his palm.

As for Corrin, super-doting Xander is super-cute of course, but it’s even cuter when he’s doting on other people? bc he’s happy doing it? So that at least is a perk amid all the pregnancy… joys, being restricted from working the last months, etc, etc.

For a blast in the way back machine, I guess I’ve actually drawn a similar corriander pregnancy pic before??? So… consider this a not-quite-a-year redraw? I was drawing, and it felt… familiar, haha~

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Hey I don't know if you can help But I really need a spell for someone else to forget something or at least keep it from popping up in their head? Please... And a spell to get an ex back... And maybe haha I'm sorry I'm asking for so many have you got one for happiness?

Hey anon!

I have some [Spells to Forget, Let Go, and Move On].

Also, from [this post] :

You guys should know better by now than to ask me for spells to make people love you. xD However, I can supply you with [Spells for Self Love] as well as [some for strength]. I’ll have to make up a masterpost for happiness spells today.

Best of luck anon, you’ve got this, you’re strong! :D



Seriously though, I’m honestly sorry for disappearing for almost a whole month ;;
I’ve been just really down about my art, sorry!!  _(:3」∠)_

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Have you ever been disappointed with any of your pen pals before? Like maybe you wrote someone having high expectations about they would be like and then when you actually received a reply from them, they seemed to be a completely different person? You don't have to say any names, just curious about your experiences!

I had to think about this more but I can’t think of anyone. I clearly had people I hit it off with more, and others that we don’t have that much to tell each other in the end, but no one who wasn’t at all like I imagined. Not yet at least, since I wrote a few new guys recently (but the 3 who got back to me already are exactly like I expected them to be haha). I think I’m pretty good at choosing who to write to 😀.
I am always a bit disappointed though when they turn out to be “too” flirty, especially now that I am married and they all know (but I married a pen pal so maybe they feel I’m into that? 😱). I walk on a fine line at times.
But I rarely wrote to someone who wasn’t looking for pen pals, if you don’t have an ad to rely on I guess it’s easy to have a wrong idea of who the person is based on the media and all.
Now that I’m thinking of it, I didn’t write to that guy myself but I saw a death row inmate on a documentary who seemed nice and wise, and I knew someone who wrote to him… he was a complete lying manipulator. 

I was tagged by the amazing ones 

@princezzie and @a-piece-of-shit-from-hell                         

Thank you so much!! I love you both!!!  <3 <3 <3 

RULES: Always post the rules. Answer the questions asked, then write 11 new ones. Tag 11 people to answer your questions, as well as the person who tagged you 

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“Right, of course you just got up early and are coming back from a run. You definitely aren’t trying to sneak back into the campsite after staying in someone else’s tent.” McKinnley rolled her eyes while taking another sip from the weak ass coffee she managed to brew on the campfire, “Look I don’t care, I really don’t, but I’m supposed to at least pretend. So…no s’mores for you later or something.”

A wild spirit appears after intensely watching Kaiba’s duel ~

Hahahah Isono from whom have you learned the pose striking? :DD MASTER SETO-SAMA OF COURSE. speaking of…..

Thats how you announce a duel. Haha.

Yes but normally you don’t sit in your cards and crumple them all over … fkin rich kids

Yo heard it. Now back off everyone

Yeah at least we know you don’t have any self-confidence issues XD

Hahahah awww :’D <3

[Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Episode 196]

Lost Love in Time

Request- Could you do an imagine where the reader is thrown back in the past and Luci and Gabe (who had been fighting over her) have to figure out where she is before something happens

A/N- This was great to write! It got just a tiny bit angsty I think but it ended fluffy ish? I don’t know how to explain it haha Any who Tell me what to think!

Lucifer x Reader
Gabriel x Reader

Word Count- 1662

Gabriel and Lucifer having been stopping by more often than ever and on almost every occasion they get into an argument which only ends in them almost killing each other. It was a wonder, to you at the very least, why they hadn’t killed one another already. The answer was you. They held back from killing each other because they knew that, as much as they hated each other, if the other were to die, you would be devastated. It was for that reason alone, that they were both alive.

Today was something else though. They were more heated and rough with each other. Their hatred and the slightest hint of jealousy burned in their eyes. They were in your living room when it happened. You had gone to the kitchen just a few moments ago and it took them that little time to be at each other’s neck.

“You’ll only bring Y/N suffering!” Gabriel shouted at his brother.

Lucifer laughed sarcastically, “Oh and you’re so much better! You an archangel on the run! Please!” he shouted back.

“Better me than an outcast like you! You fought against dad because you didn’t like humans! News flash brother! Y/N is HUMAN!” Gabriel spat.

“Say that again!” Lucifer growled, holding Gabriel by his collar. Lucifer’s eyes began to glow, ready to destroy his brother at any moment.

Gabriel pulled away from Lucifer and readied himself to do just the same. “Don’t push me Lucifer,” he warned.

He laughed, “Gabriel- it’s you who shouldn’t push me,” he said.

“Guys I can’t find-” you start and found them about to attack. “Guys!!!” you shouted running over to stop them.

Just as you did was when they both decided to attack, both of which you stopped from hitting the other. Unfortunately you stopped them with your own body. You gasped from the pain before you hit the floor.

“Y/N!” they both shouted, kneeling to check on you. Though the moment they both tried to reach for you, you slowly faded away.

“Y-Y/N,” Gabriel muttered with a broken voice.

Lucifer tried grabbing the air where you had just been, hoping it was just an illusion, but no. It was very real. You weren’t there anymore. You were gone. The only thing that ever brought happiness, it was gone. You- disappeared all because of him. He took away his own happiness.

Gabriel was thinking the exact same thing. Gabriel, though he would never admit, would preferably see you here with Lucifer rather than gone before him- because of him.

Then Lucifer felt it. “Y/N… Y/N is not dead… just in a different era,” he said.

“What? Where?” Gabriel question, desperation not lost in his voice.

“I don’t know-” Lucifer said with a grimace.

“We’ll find Y/N,” Gabriel he said with confidence.

They looked at each other and silently agreed that together they would find you no matter the cost.


You could feel yourself barely breathing ever so slowly. Hear yourself struggle for more air. Your breath haggard and weak. You tried your best just to open your eyes, wanting to make sure they were still alive. You couldn’t hear them with the long constant ring in your ear, something you would only imagine happening in movies after someone had thrown a flash bang grenade. You had to open your eyes, at the very least, you had to make sure they were alive.

Your eyes were heavier than they have ever felt before. Then you noticed how the atmosphere around you was different than the one you feel when at home. The floor you were on felt cold and hard like concrete in the winter. You shivered and pried your eyes open, only to see that you were no longer in your home, but one the floor of a dark cold alley. At the end of the alley, the little light shown the streets. A horse pulling a carriage passed by, which in itself would have been strange, but another passed.

You groan as you tried to stand, feeling incredibly weak, yet somehow managing to lift yourself up. You did have to lean against the wall to stay standing. Slowly, you pushed yourself toward that light. It was the first step toward finding your best friends, Gabriel and Lucifer. That was the only thing in your mind.

The people that passed by you, stared at you strangely, what with your out of place clothing. Every woman you saw wore a dress while the men seemed to be wearing some form of a suit not to mention a moustache. No one was with a random t-shirt and jeans.

“Crap…” you muttered.

A man, unbeknownst to you, was creeping closer to you as you tried to think of a way to return to your own time. He grabbed a long piece of wood that was on the floor near you. He swung, knocking you unconscious, and caught you as you fell over. Just then a carriage stopped right in front of him. He smiled and threw you inside before getting in himself.

He and his partner, took you to their home. Where they tied you up in the basement and left you there.

“Excuse me Doctor, but why did you pick that one?” the partner, who was a young man, questioned.

“Oh Erik, you naive fool. Can’t you see what I see? This one… They are surely much different than the rest of them. A perfect specimen indeed. Perfect! Perfect!” the man who took you responded. He laughed.

The young man shrugged and looked from the door that led to the basement to the doctor who was still laughing with such an excitement in his eyes.

Hours later~

You woke up, no longer hearing the ring, nor were you feeling as weak as before. You’ve been in this sort of situation before, being tied to a chair that is, though you were used to much worse. Luckily only your arms were tied. You looked around for anything you could use to escape, but there was nothing. The basement was completely clean and void of any sharp object. Then you spotted a mirror hanging on the wall. You made your way over to it, using your leg to knock it off the wall. When it did, it came crashing down. You dropped yourself to the floor and grabbed a broken piece as best you could. You began cutting away at your restraint.

The Doctor came in just as you had one hand free. He was shocked at first but just ended up laughing. “Escape?” he chuckled, “Yes! YES! Perfect! You are perfect just as I suspected!” he said with glee.

“Erik! Fetch more rope. Our little specimen seems to have torn the one we gave them.” he shouted.

In no time, Erik came back with more rope. You desperately tried cutting the restraint on your other hand. Which you succeeded in doing by the time they walked over to you. You quickly stood up and took a fighting stance.

“Come any closer and I’ll stab this piece of mirror in your eyes,” you threaten.

The doctor laughed again and signaled Erik to take you on. He simply charged straight for you. You were not expecting that at all nor were you ready for it. He knock you down. The Doctor took this opportunity to stick a needle on your arm. Everything began to fade to black ‘Gab-riel… Luci-fer,’ you mumbled out before everything turned completely black.

At the same time~

“Did you find Y/N yet?” Gabe questioned as he transported himself from year to year.

“No but I’m getting close,” Lucifer answered. “I’m in the 1800’s. You check from 1860 onward and I’ll check 1820 till 1859. Got it?”

“Alright,” Gabriel responded, doing just as he said. They continue their search for you. “1896,” Gabriel said.

Lucifer appeared right after. “Y/N’s presence is strongest here.”

“Yeah and I pinpointed it to this town,” Gabriel informed.

‘Gab-riel… Luci-fer,’

Hearing your call the both flew to you. When they arrived, you were on a gurney and there was a doctor there ready to perform surgery.

“Care to explain what you’re doing?” Lucifer said.

The doctor jumped at the sound of Lucifer’s voice. “What? How did you two get in here?” the doctor shouted.

“Answer my brother. What the hell are you doing to Y/N?!” Gabriel shouted, glaring at the man.

The doctor all but laughed. He pushed the end of the syringe he had in hand, causing some of its liquid to fly out. “No matter how you came, you will not be leaving here alive,” he said.

Lucifer rolled his eyes and snapped his finger, which bursted the doctor into nothing but blood. Erik walked in in the moment and without a word ran back out. With that, both of the angels rushed to your side. Gabriel place two fingers on your head and healed you while Lucifer transported you all back to your house.

You jerked up when you awoke.

“Are you alright?” Gabriel questioned.

“What did they do to you? I’ll go back and kill him again,” Lucifer asked.

“Wh- No… I’m fine. The worst they did was hit me on the head and drug me,” you answered. You hugged them both “I’m glad you’re both okay,” you whispered to them. Then you pulled away and smack them both, “But if you ever fight again I’ll kill you both myself!” you lectured.

“Yeah- I don’t think we’ll be fighting,” Gabriel said.

“Not here in front of you,” Lucifer added as a whisper.

You sighed, “Well that’s a step forward I guess. But you can’t kill each other alright.” you say and they both nod more or less. “Thank you… for saving me.”

“It was Gabriel’s fault and we couldn’t just leave someone we love out in a different time,” Lucifer said with a shrug.

Gabriel nudged him with his elbow, “Some love you more than others,” he added with a smile.

Hope you liked it! x)

anonymous asked:

G H M O #Fanficaskgame

G: Do you write your story from start to finish, or do you write the scenes out of order?
See previous answer!

H: How would you describe your style?
I probably wouldn’t? Haha. I suppose (or at least, I hope) that my style is simple, if that makes sense. I tend not to use a lot of flowery language unless the moment calls for it, and I try to have characters’ interactions, especially in dialogue, feel realistic, even if it isn’t always the most dramatic or interesting choice. 

M: Got any premises on the back burner that you’d care to share?
Here’s my answer from the other day. 

I don’t know when I’ll get around to this, but I read an interview where Chrissy Teigen said she and John had sex in their seats in first class on a plane, and I’ve been thinking about this for Richonne ever since then, haha.

At some point, I also really wanna write a story that includes Rick stopping Michonne’s wedding, Dwayne-and-Whitley style.

But I also have my This Is Us/TWD crossover that I’d like to get started on within the next few days. I just have no idea what I’m gonna do yet, haha.

O: How do you begin a story–with the plot, or the characters?
I guess both? Although more the plot than anything. Everything starts with Richonne, but the premise often determines which other characters are going to be prominent. And for AUs, the storyline gives me a blueprint for how the characters exist in a different world. What are their careers, their other relationships, their daily lives, etc.