from the album all my friends are dead

My suicidal tendencies are absurd. Because, you know, rational thought doesn’t really get through to me. Things like “it’ll get better” or “you matter” don’t get through to me on bad days (not even on good days half the time). Telling me my problems are solvable has never worked for me. See, thing is, I’m not dead because of a thousand things that don’t really matter at all. I haven’t killed myself because of the fact that I borrowed a pencil from a girl in my German class and haven’t returned it yet, because I haven’t finished that sketch I’ve been working on, because I haven’t shown my friend that one photo, because the next Fall Out Boy album isn’t out yet, because I haven’t told my crush how much they mean to me, because I haven’t finished creating my best friend’s birthday present, because I don’t know if that poem I entered in that contest is getting published, because I have a role in our school play and there’s no understudies, because I told mom I’d wash the dishes tomorrow. And it doesn’t make any sense, because all I want is to be dead, but at the same time, I haven’t finished my to do list yet, and I just can’t leave it. And so I’m literally living on a stream of" after this". And it doesn’t make any sense, but listen, if you’re suicidal, find your to do list. Don’t kill yourself, because you have video games to beat and dishes to wash and books to finish and rooms to clean and things to return tomorrow

every single mcr album character is adopted by me. the killjoys? gracie? cherri and blue and the whole comics crew? the patient? fear and regret? colton haynes and his ghostly gf? even mother war herself? emily? bonnie and clyde? helena the corpse bride? even the unnamed bullets people?? all my kids, they deserve some attention. my city now.

An actual request for y’all: SUMMER ALBUM SEARCH

So every summer since I was in high school I’ve had a Summer Album — a CD (or, yes, way back in yonder days of yore, a CASSETTE TAPE) that I’d play over and over and over. Examples include TLC’s “CrazySexyCool,” (1995) Ani DiFranco’s “Dilate” (1996), Bruce Springsteen’s “The Rising” (2002), Bitter:Sweet’s “The Mating Game” (2009), Walk The Moon’s “Talking Is Hard” (2015) and last year it was Roo Panes’s “Paperweights.”

I thought it’d be fun to find out what y’all would recommend for 2017′s Summer Album; I haven’t been listening to much new music and I really would like to get a better range of stuff. 

So here are the rules! 

(Yes, there are rules. Otherwise life is a chaotic void of meaningless suffering.)

  1. It has to be an album — not five separate songs from an artist, but an album that was released in one go.
  2. That being said, it can be two albums from the same artist — for example, Aimee Mann’s “I’m With Stupid” and “Whatever” were my 2000 Summer Albums; likewise Feist’s “Let It Die” and “Reminder” were my 2008 Summer Albums.
  3. It does not matter what the release date was — a number of my Summer Albums are from the same year, but I have also had Summer Albums that were from 5, 15, 50 years before (see: 1999′s Ella Fitzgerald’s “The Decca Recordings” [also a multiple-album exception but it’s Ella and I will fight you]).
  4. It has to be an album from one performer or group — if you rec me “Now That’s What I Call Music 187″ or “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 13 Soundtrack” I will come to your house and explain to you my passions.
  5. There’s no restrictions on any type of music, I am dead serious. I do tend to favor the yodeling ovary (as my friends put it) but if your favorite album of all time is something from Babymetal or Garth Brooks, rec it to me. I want to at least try it out.
  6. This is also a rule but it’s one that you can’t possibly follow, because you don’t have access to my music library: it’s got to be something I haven’t heard before, or have only heard the single from it before. Which will weed out some but I suspect not that many albums, bc I am not that musically literate. But I will still list these recs and maybe put an asterisk next to them or something.
  7. MOST IMPORTANT RULE: the album can only have one (or two at most) dud songs. I don’t want any of this “well here are three really great songs on this album, but the other 8 are junk” nonsense; you have to be able to enjoy or at least defend every single song on there. The whole point of the Summer Album is that it’s something you can put on repeat and you’re not constantly skipping through the shitty songs.
  • And finally: not a rule but a heartfelt request: tell me why you’re recommending this album, what the album means to you, what are your favorite songs on it, etc. What makes this album important? Or special, or just a really fun listen? I want your opinions about this.

Send me your recs here and I will start compiling a list; I’m gonna reblog this request for a few weeks and hopefully get a few dozen recs (seriously, I want LOTS of recommendations ok? Feel free to make multiple recs) so that I can listen to as much shit as possible, and I’ll put everyone’s recs into a list in case anyone else is interested in some potential Summer Albums.

So let’s go people I NEED ME SOME JAMZ

The Widow’s Sestina

Nine in the morning, then five, and then one—
the alarm does not know that you are dead.
There are no more pills to place in your hand.
There is no one on your side of the bed,
just an empty glass and a wedding band.
These are the things that your illness has done.

And with you going, my work here is done.
Don’t think I resented it, my dear one.
The schedule that kept me alive is dead—
and so are you. No one to hold my hand;
no familiar warm weight lying in bed.
Just to mark our years, an empty gold band.

A week ago, I’d have it all in hand—
put those pretty jersey sheets on the bed,
put on an album by your favorite band,
bake a cake and fry you a steak, well-done.
Happy anniversary, darling one!
It’s been a week now that you have been dead.

Friends and family are gone. They’ve been banned
from the house. What can they do? It’s all done!
I don’t need sympathy from anyone.
What good are tears? They don’t make you less dead.
My loneliness can’t bend back the clock’s hand.
There is nothing to bring you back to bed.

And what good is our empty wedding bed
still flanked on your side by tubes, sacks, and bands?
Is it selfish of me to be undone,
without pills at nine, then five, and then one?
Is it wrong to mark this day, though you’re dead?
The day I placed that ring upon your hand…

Life’s for the living, maybe for the dead.
I’ve laid out my dress and my biggest hand
bag for the urn. Changed the sheets on the bed.
Put on an album from my favorite band.
Packed you up in my bag, so now we’re done.
Off to our restaurant. Table for one.

– S. E. De Haven

Note: Yeah, no triolet at the end, but I still like it.

the foxes as things i/people i know have said/done

girl: “what’s your number?”

also: my best friend has an album on her phone of pics of me flipping her off called “beautiful but rude-iful” and that’s some neil/matt shit right there

kept loading chocolate of various kinds into the shopping cart while staring my athlete friend dead in the eye, daring them to stop me, the entire time

also: kids were trying to sneak from room A to room B without being noticed by authorities and failed and i just leisurely strolled there (while texting) and no one stopped me

sat next to my friend while they edited all of my swearing out of an academic google docs document that our teacher also had access to

also: went on a twenty minute rant how much i wanted to kill the person who burned down the library of alexandria at two a.m.

ignored my friend’s texts for about a week straight because they wouldn’t stop asking about my love life and i think they legit thought i was dead

also: my friend listened to my rant about the library of alexandria and the only thing they said after my detailed murder plan was “okay, i hear you, but, like, you do know that person’s definitely dead already, right?”

our history teacher: “it’s national coming out day so if someone wants to…”
friend: *stands up* “i want to say-” teacher, so tired: “yeah, you’re gay, we know, please sit down”

also: sucessfully broke up a fight between two siblings by saying “but guys here’s ice cream”

i convinced some random woman in her sixties that i met at the hairdresser’s to dye her hair either blue or pink or rainbow because “do it while you’re still young” and “why would you care what society thinks of you” and “do it while you still can” and whatnot

also: a certain follow-up of events led me to spending most of the school day with hands covered in both blood and glitter and whenever someone asked the only explanation i offered was “aesthetic”

i threw a euro coin at my friend’s head from the other side of a big table with stupid accuracy to get them to shut up

also: friend 1:“i will literally pay you to take this exam in my name”
friend 2: “i don’t even take that subject, i know nothing about it”
friend 1:“i know, it’s fine, i don’t need a good grade, my average can take it, but "i” need to show up and it’s really early"

actually made a boy cry once because i was better than him at something he bragged about being good at

also: friend 1:“how was your day?” friend 2:“i saw only 2 white teen boys today but a total of 4 dogs so i think we can conclude today was a good day”

went on a good five-minute heated rant about how precious and glorious a person my best friend is to someone who insulted her, meanwhile she probably wanted to die the entire time

also: hit my head on a “caution! low ceiling” sign once

Feeling Nostalgic.

I made a playlist of my favorite albums of all time and each album means so much to me so I’m gonna list them and say a little about each. They’re in order. Top is my favorite and then on.

  •  The Menzingers - On The Impossible Past

This is by far my favorite. I’ve never heard such a masterpiece. Every song is an emotional roller coaster for me. Favorite tracks: Casey, Mexican Guitars, Sun Hotel.

  • All Get Out - The Season

I didn’t hear this until 2 years after it’s release. The raw power behind Nathan’s voice gives me chills. The guitars on this album drive me crazy. It brings me back to 2013 and my ex and inevitably losing her. Favorite Tracks: Let Me Go, My Friends, Come and Gone.

  • Jack’s Mannequin - Everything In Transit

I’ll be short and sweet. I’ve on;y ever wanted to kill myself at one point in my life. This album helped get me past that stage. Favorite Tracks: I’m Ready, La La Lie, Bruised.

  • City and Colour - Sometimes

This album got me through every loss ive ever experienced. Losing a friend, girlfriend, or the death of my grandpa. This album helped every time. It inspired my first tattoo. Favorite Tracks: Hello I’m In Delaware, Off By Heart, Day Old Hate.

  • I Am The Avalanche - Self Titled

Vinnie is my favorite vocalist of all time, this is my favorite of his work. The B-side to this album is so dark and twisted. Listening to it makes me feel the pain he must have went through while writing this. I also have a tattoo from a theme on this album. Favorite Tracks: Green Eyes, Symphony, Clean Up.

  • Rage Against The Machine - Self Titled

The energy, anger, and musicianship on this album are unmatched to this day. Every song on this is recognizable. Another true masterpiece and timeless classic. Favorite Tracks: Bullet In The Head, Killing In The Name, Wake Up.

  • The Killers - Sam’s Town

Hot Fuss may have had better singles but this is a better, more complete album. Start to finish this album was made to be played really loud to drown out my bad singing along. Favorite Tracks: For Reasons Unknown, Why Do I Keep Counting?, When You Were Young.

  • Brand New - The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me

Words can’t express how I feel about this album very well. It ruins me emotionally. Favorite Tracks: Degausser, You Won’t Know, The Archers Bows Have Broken.

  • Two Humans - Institute Of Living

If you told a young version of me one of my favorite bands would be made of guys I went to high school with I’d laugh in your face. These guys are full of energy and riffs. This album specifically flows one song into the next so perfectly. I’ve never heard an album do that so well. Favorite Tracks: Beaux, Spine, Homestead.

  • The Smith Street Band - Throw Me In The River

The first time I listened to this album I cried twice. Once of pure excitement and happiness and once because the song It’s Alright, I Understand hit me like a ton of bricks. Favorite Tracks: Surrey Dive, The Arrogance Of The Drunk Pedestrian, It’s Alright I Understand.

  • Make Do And Mend - End Measured Mile

This band has my favorite sound. It’s just exactly what my ears want to hear. Some subtle lyrics in a few songs describe exactly how I am and I connect to it so easily. Favorite Tracks: Oak Square, Thanks, Transparent Seas. 

  • The Hotelier - Home, Like Noplace is There

What can I say about this album? Too much. I guess this album came at the perfect time for me. It’s exactly what I needed to hear at the time it was released. I think I connect to this band so much because how much they talk about other peoples depression and suicidal feelings a lot and that’s what ive experienced most. Favorite Tracks: Dendron, Housebroken, An Introduction To The Album.

  • Hostage Calm - Please Remain Calm

The best 8 months of my life were spent listening to this album and seeing this band perform these songs 12 times in that span across 6 different states. This album brought me the best memories and best friends I’ve ever had. Favorite Tracks: Woke Up Next To A Body, Don’t Die On Me Now, Patriot. 

  • Defeater - Empty Days & Sleepless Nights

This band got me into hardcore. This album is my favorite concept album of all time. Every time I listen I find new connections. Not to mention the lyrics are fucking crazy. Favorite Tracks: Dear Father, Empty Glass, White Oak Doors.

  • Weezer - S/T (Blue Album)

Every single song on this album is a classic. It’s impossible not to love it. Favorite Tracks: Buddy Holly, Say It Ain’t So, No One Else (even though it’s kind of problematic)

  • The Hotelier - It Never Goes Out

The first band to have multiple albums on my list. These songs are straight up inspiring and depressing and everything in between. This album deserves as much love as Home, Like NoPlace Is There but not enough people know it exists. Favorite Tracks: An Ode To The Night Ratz Club, Weathered, Still Water Spectacle.

  • Have Mercy - The Earth Pushed Back

I remember I heard 45 seconds of the first single to the album and instantly pre-ordered this album. I’d never heard them before then. I Instantly fell in love with this album. Favorite Tracks: Weak At The Knees, This Old Ark, Hell.

  • The Wonder Years - Suburbia,I’ve Given You All and Now I’m Nothing

This album brings me back to Sophomore year of high school and snapping out of my depression. This is the easiest album to connect to. This album can cure cancer. Favorite Tracks: Local Man Ruins Everything, I Won’t Say The Lords Prayer, Hoodie Weather.

  • The Menzingers - Rented World

The follow up album to my favorite record of all time. Expectations were high, somehow they surpassed them. This album is a little less emotional and a little more in your face. Another perfect album, I can’t wait to see what they do next. Favorite Tracks: Nothing Feels Good Anymore, I Don’t Want To Be And Asshole Anymore, Rodent.

  • blink-182 - Take Off Your Pants and Jacket

Anybody else remember 5th grade and trying to understand the world and yourself? Me neither really but this album definitely helped make me who am today. Favorite Tracks: Roller Coaster, Stay Together For The Kids, Shut Up.

  • Pentimento - Self Titled

This band is so genuine and in touch with who they are. Best people in the world and deserve everything they will ever get and more. All their music ismy favorite but this is their lone album. Favorite Tracks: Subtle Words, Unless, On Summer.

  • The Smith Street Band - Sunshine & Technology 

This album reflects a lot on growing up and looking at where you came from. That idea makes me think a lot. It also makes me think about the future and that makes me so excited. Favorite Tracks: Why I Can’t Draw, Young Drunk, What’s Changed.

  • Joyce Manor - Self Titled

The day my grandpa died I went to see these guys play that night. I was so sad and care free I got a concussion stage diving onto nobody during my favorite song from this album. Favorite Tracks: Leather Jacket, Famous Friend, Constant Headache. 

  • Mansions - Dig Up The Dead

Do you like being sad? crying? Me too. Listen to this. Favorite Tracks: Dig Up The Dead, Seven Years, Not My Blood.

  • Man Overboard - Real Talk


This album is still so fun. I’ll never get sick of it no matter how bad or dumb I think this is. Favorite Tracks: She’s Got Her Own Man Now, World Favorite, Montrose

  • Childish Gambino - CAMP

This album brought me back to rap that wasn’t released by Kanye. Such a refreshing and catchy album.Favorite Tracks: Outside, Heartbeat, L.E.S.

Abbie's Arrow Fic Masterlist

As requested, I am gathering as much of my on-Tumblr fic as possible into an organized masterpost for greater readability and to allow readers to better keep up with ongoing stories and series.

Pairing and non-pairing fic.

Pairings that can be found herein are: Oliver/Felicity, Tommy/Felicity, Oliver/Felicity/Tommy, Diggle/Felicity, Oliver/Felicity/Sara (Oliver/Felicity and Tommy/Felicity are the most frequent.)

I and most of my fic can also be found at AO3.

Long Way Down

Tommy Merlyn is alive and advancing the mysterious agenda of the League of Assassins.

Long Way Down / Ch 2 / Ch 3 - Felicity is abducted in the middle of the night, and awakens to a series of shocks, revelations, and mysteries.

You’re Not a Friend (No, You’re Nothing) / Ch 2 / Ch 3 - Tommy visits Felicity in her cell after a job.


It’s a Long Road to Hell Without No Soul

Tommy Merlyn is the last person Felicity expects to help her escape abduction from the League of Assassins.

Ch 1 / Ch 2 / Ch 3

Sneak Peek

May or May Not Happen


Sleeping With a Friend

Tommy and Felicity are best friends, and have been close for a long while. They may be about to get even closer.

Never Have I Ever - Felicity and Tommy play Never Have I Ever and learn some surprising things about each other.

Out of Curiosity - Tommy and Felicity indulge their curiosity and take their friendship somewhere new.


When We Were Young

No-island-no-Undertaking AU in which Felicity befriends Tommy and Oliver in high school. Sort-of-but-not-really-fic.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5


You’ll Never Know What Hit You

Slade puts into action his plan to corrupt Felicity while Oliver is forced to look on; Felicity herself is the only wrinkle in the plan.

Ch 1 / Ch 2 


All of the Shit Talk (Yeah, All the Chatter)

Rumors and speculation surrounding Team Arrow, in and out of disguise.

Rumor Has It - Felicity learns what her coworkers are saying about her after her move to the executive offices.

Words Can Be Like Knives (they can cut you open) - Felicity’s shredded reputation comes to Diggle’s attention.


These Old Haunts

Ch 1 / Ch 2

It’s been but weeks since the death of Tommy Merlyn, and Felicity Smoak finds herself haunted by him… literally.


Leave Out All the Rest (also known as the amnesia!ollie verse)

The initial idea and breakdown

It’s Okay To Be Afraid (but things will never be the same) - Felicity and Digg are called to the hospital in the middle of the night after Oliver is involved in a motorcycle accident.

The World Spins Madly On - Tommy, Felicity, and Diggle reel from the news that Oliver has forgotten over six years of memory, and make plans about how to deal with an Oliver who doesn’t remember being the Arrow.

Collect Your Scars (and wear ‘em well) - Oliver doesn’t recognize his own body.

It’s Nothing (but time and a face that you lose) - Felicity, returned to IT, is unexpectedly confronted with Oliver Queen in need of technical assistance–again.

Take Me To Your Best Friend’s House - Oliver crashes Tommy’s apartment and they discuss their mutual… friend?

(Not) Holding Out for a Hero - Felicity and Diggle hold the operation, and the city, and each other together.

If You Close Your Eyes (does it almost feel like you’ve been here before?) - Thea takes Oliver to Verdant to help bridge the gap in what he remembers and who he became and forgot.

Here Be Dragons (The Past Is Another Country) / Part 2 - Tommy and Oliver hang out, then invite Felicity for problem solving.


Five Sentence Fics (I am bad at following rules)

Intruder In the House - Felicity comes home and discovers she isn’t alone.

Hare-Brained Schemes - Oliver, Felicity, and Tommy cook up a really bad plan.

No Rest For the Wicked - Oliver just wants some goddamn sleep.

Over You - Felicity’s fucking done.

Borrowed Joys - Oliver is determined to be there for Felicity and her daughter.

Menage a Trois - It’s a Felicity sandwich.

Interrogation and Resistance - Slade has questions for Felicity Smoak.

Not Again - Questionable Queen behavior on the dance floor.

An Awkward Reunion - Oliver hasn’t seen his grandmother in a long time, but he didn’t expect to see quite so much of her.

Friendly Fire - When all the love is lost between them, Felicity won’t allow Oliver to stand in her way.

Sneaking Around - Diggle’s fed up with catching them in the act.

Unlikely Romances - Thea and Roy discuss Oliver and Felicity’s relationship–and their own.

We Really Did Try To Make It - Tommy and Felicity wait a little too long for a rescue.

Taking Care - Felicity is sick, and the boys take good care of her.

We Go Hard - Digg refuses to let Felicity slack off, and helps her reclaim her conviction.

Locked In A Room With An Alligator - What it says on the tin.

On the Other Side of the Door - Tommy’s not ready to face this.

Slip of the Tongue - Felicity’s mouth gets her in trouble again.

The Ex - Felicity’s ex-boyfriend gets her old IT job, and is anything but gracious about it.

Dirty Little Secret / Part 2- The tabloids are talking about Tommy and Felicity, and Oliver is unhappy.

A Dark and Stormy Night - Oliver and Felicity get trapped in a glass elevator in a thunderstorm.

A Little Less Conversation / Part 2 - Tommy wants to talk; Felicity wants to not talk.

With Seconds Left - Felicity, Tommy, and Oliver are moments from inescapable death. Felicity knows how she wants to spend that time.

More Than the Sum of Her Parts - A simple joke exposes a raw nerve between Felicity and Oliver.

What It Looks Like - Diggle’s not really sure what he just walked in on, or if he really wants to know.

Sara and Felicity Don’t Go to White Castle - Sara and Felicity get themselves into and out of a scrape.

Fear of Flying - Felicity is standing terrified in the open belly of a midair plane yet again.

Crooked Comfort - Tommy needs help while he heals (and so does Felicity.)

Need to Know Basis - Felicity is leaving; Oliver is unhappy; Diggle is on her side.

Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You - Diggle thinks Felicity looks beautiful tonight (and every night.)

Raise You (Like a Phoenix) - “What would you say, if I told you I could bring her back?”

Call Me When You’re Sober - Felicity’s had a few too many, and Tommy takes care of her.

Work Wife - Felicity desperately needs to escape from this work function.

Be My Valentine - Neither Tommy nor Felicity has a Valentine–except maybe each other.

You Have to Be Your Own Hero - Laurel decides, at last, to save herself.

A Little Peace - Tommy hadn’t felt so peaceful in a long time—but couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong.

Mother of a Problem - Felicity is distressed, and Diggle needs to know why.

Confessions On a Dance Floor - Sara admits to an ulterior motive for her girls’ night out with Felicity.

And a Song In Your Heart - Felicity and Tommy go on a road trip, and Felicity uncovers Tommy’s hidden talent. (part of the flommy roadtrip under development by me and ohemgeeitscoley)

Worst Laid Plans - Tommy and Felicity, tired of being ignored by Oliver and Laurel, hatch a terrible plan.


Stand Alones

Her Choice - A showdown between Oliver and the Bronze Tiger ends badly, and Felicity intervenes.

I always feel like (Somebody’s watching me) - Felicity never thought she would see him again–in fact was promised she wouldn’t.

I Could Be Dancing All Night / Part 2 - Tommy and Felicity have a little fun out dancing–and a little more at home.

Someone Stop My Hands From Shaking - Felicity goes outside to get some air after her argument with Oliver, and Diggle makes sure Oliver’s blows didn’t land closer to home than intended.

Go Lift Yourselves Up (to sound the bells) - For five months, Diggle and Felicity are all each other really has.

Rock Star AU - Rock star Oliver Queen wants to put in a little extra time at the studio, and discovers sound tech Felicity Smoak can sing–and might be what’s missing from his latest album.

Getting Felicity’s Groove Back - Felicity’s best friend Mona is visiting from Seattle and is greatly displeased at the state of Felicity’s life.

No Secrets In the Foundry (we have security cameras, Oliver) - Felicity finds out about Sara and Oliver getting together in the foundry.

Only the Good Die Young - Oliver talks to Tommy about how all his dead keep coming back to life—except Tommy.

Be My Friend (Hold Me, Wrap Me Up) - Diggle takes care of Felicity, after.

The Things They Gave - They all sacrificed something to be here.

It’s Not Polite to Mess with Mother Nature - Barry hits the Halloween party at Verdant and gets caught up by Thea Queen.

Cat Scratch Fever - Tommy’s got fresh scratches and bad excuses.

Down the Longest Road to Nowhere - Felicity’s life is rolling out ahead of her in two different directions, and she has to make a choice.

Do Not Disturb - He doesn’t want to share her today.

Tap Tap - What is that sound?

Handling With Care - Diggle worries about Felicity after the trio returns from Lian Yu. Felicity wishes he wouldn’t.

Stronger - “I always thought you liked stronger women,” Slade had said to Oliver.

Take Care - Diggle and Felicity talk about Felicity protecting herself.


A Kiss Is(n’t) Just a Kiss

Now Or Never - Just once, she had to just once.

A Little Less Complicated - Some things should be simple.

Your Attention, Please - He wants her to pay very, very close attention.

Bad Timing - He has the worst timing, ever.

Dream a Little Dream (of Me) - Good morning, Sunshine.

Swing and a Miss - Felicity doesn’t quite land her target.

I’m Not Your Toy - Tug-of-war is a shitty game to play with heartstrings.

Good In Bed - He loves it when she laughs.

A Farewell On her Lips - Oliver knows exactly what this is.


Random Bits

Challenge Accepted - Tommy and Felicity are grateful this mission is over.

I Quit - Felicity has had enough.

Consequences - Felicity  gets a face full of the consequences to Oliver’s unilateral EA decision.

Feel the Fever - Team Arrow comes into possession of a chunk of Smallville’s red Kryptonite, and Felicity has an… unexpected reaction.

Sudden Heat - During a simple conversation, Felicity’s tongue runs away with her and she and Oliver share a moment.

Contingency Plans - Felicity just wants to know she can count on them.



Meta-esque ramblings in which I may as well have written the damn fic anyways.

A Place to Stay - Felicity’s home is damaged in a fire, and Felicity is in need of temporary housing. First Diggle, then Tommy offer to shelter Felicity while she is in need.

Queen ft Merlyn - Bohemian Rhapsody / Part 2 - Oliver and Tommy have a specific love affair with Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody that weaves a thread throughout the story of their lives.

Coffee Sam - this is an entire tag; includes male OC. I got really invested in it for something I never actually wrote.

We Could’ve Had It All - Meta dump about the ways Felicity and Tommy might have bonded over their issues.

The Kids Aren’t Alright - More meta dumping about Tommy and Felicity, their mutual shitty childhoods and paternal experiences, and how they could’ve helped each other.

I’ll Be Home
Coming December 13th

It’s Christmas Eve, and Rowan’s not home. His plane is delayed. His phone is dead, and Aelin is trying not to lose her mind. To stop herself from worrying, Aelin goes through a photo album she made 5 years ago, that contains pictures of hers and Rowan’s first Christmas together in their new house.
Join Aelin as she waits for Rowan to get home by looking through the photo album, revisiting memories of friends and family from years ago.

Starting December 13th, there will be a chapter a day up until Christmas Eve.
Visit my writing page to find all the chapters as they are posted.

Biggest thank-you in advance to @clockworkwriter for being a true darling and looking over each one of these chapters (and fixing all my stupid mistakes). 


Amidst The Grave’s Demons brings you a completely original and totally-not-stolen single from Jarrod Alonge’s debut album “Beating A Dead Horse,” available online May 26th! Enjoy the lyric video, and share with your friends! Stay tuned for more uploads this week.

Maybe we, why don’t we, rip you off for half an hour
We’ll speak of what a thief I am, and how we stole your songs again
And yet i’ve made hundreds of dollars
The downloads run behind closed doors with shadows
I’m gonna steal them all I can grasp
More and more, your new music is in my hands
Burn, baby burn, blank CDs, blank CDs and I’m selling it to earn
Oh my God
I’ll steal this from you
I’ll steal this from you
Sighs escape your sweet voice as I
Steal this one last rhyme
They say that you own this chorus, this chorus is all that I need
Please stay as long as it’s for me
Sitting in this room ripping Ronnie Radke
Finger on the trigger to originality
I’d write all my songs but I haven’t gotten caught yet
This copyright infringement is something I cannot forget
This is plagiarism, will we ever see the end
This is plagiarism, over and over, again and again
I’ll see you in the courtroom
I’ll see you in the courtroom
Bands, fear me
I am the one that will steal your songs
And once you know, sue me
It’s very clear I did something wrong
Disrespect copyright laws
I’ve transposed this song rhyme for rhyme
In singing all the lyrics that you make
These are the big bucks I will acquire
Convenient how I always get paid this way
The lawyer you’ll find, you’ll wanna fire
Don’t you see that you can’t stop me
This is not what we wrote, it’s not even ours
I need this verse, like a thief I will make them mine
I’ll take those, I’ll take those
I’m an entrepreneur
I need to steal your voice
I’ll see to the downfall of your songs

Romania doesn't celebrate Halloween this year

I don’t know how many people know about the fire tragedy in the Colectiv Club from Romania, Bucharest, but I bet most of you do.
A rock band was releasing their album and, trying to bring more people to listen to them, they used some fireworks for some kind of pyrotechnical show.
When the fire started, the lead singer told everyone to calm down. He said the fire isn’t part of the show. Then he asked for an extinguisher, that he didn’t get.
People panicked. They ran outside, trying to escape, walking over other people.
“Who was stronger escaped. The weak died” someone said.
“I’ve seen hell”.
People were yelling, looking for their friends, crying, pushing each other through the small doors.
People died. How many? 27.
27 young people died today. More people are in hospital. Their health is critical.
A Romanian blogger said that most of the things they say on TV are bullshit. He was there and he couldn’t sleep, so he blogged about it.
I’m not sure you can understand the panic everyone went through. Parents called their children at hours like 4 am and asked them if they’re safe. People got out of their houses at hours like 6 am to see if their children’s names are on the list of 27 dead people. People lost friends, classmates, sons, daughters, fathers, mothers. It was a tragedy.
It was about 11 pm when my phone went crazy because of the messages from the whatsapp group of my classmates. They were all asking for each other and they only calmed down in the morning. They stared calling each other, sending thousands of messages.
It was just a party. A huge party. Just a release of an album. It shouldn’t have ended like this.
I wasn’t there. But someone I know was there. He’s alive, but he was there. So many people died. So many people will die. Just because someone decided to play with fire inside EVEN THOUGH THEY WEREN’T ALLOWED TO.
THIS could have been prevented.
And I’m so sorry for those who died there and for those who know the victims and I’m sorry for absolutely everyone that’s suffering right now.

Today is my one year anniversary of when I fell in love with Fall Out Boy!!!!

Last year on February 25th, 2014 I decided to check out this “young blood chronicles” thing.

I had always been a fan of FOB but I wanted to see what this was all about. So I went to my college and between classes I decided to watch it. It had 8 videos so far, and I watched them all.

I became obsessed. That was the day my life changed. I immediately decided I wanted this album and I tried to buy it on iTunes but didn’t have enough money in my checking account so immediately after my US Government class I went straight to the bank, dug change out of my purse, produced $12 and put it into my account so I could buy it. That was the first time I heard Save Rock and Roll, the first time I heard my favorite album for the first time. I knew then, right then, that my life was changed.

I purchased all of FOBs albums that coming week and couldn’t stop writing lyrics from Save Rock and Roll songs all over the inside of my notebooks.

Five days later, (on March 1st) this girl named Alyson messaged me and we exchanged emails. We had been friends in the Governor fandom for the walking dead and she was like “you like FOB too?!?!?” We exchanged numbers and texted non-stop.

Three weeks after February 25th I got my first FOB tattoo on my ribs that read “oh, how the mighty fall in love”. I knew these men and their music was meant to be with my for life.

That summer I got the FOB crown symbol tattooed on my heel. And on July 30th alyson — my best friend — moved from Tennessee to come live with me in Texas. Two days later on August 1st we saw FOB together from he front row in the pit and met Pete Wentz together, August 2nd we went to Austin and met our good friend Sabrina and enjoyed FOB from the lawn together, and August 5th me and Sabrina were in the pit and Alyson was supposed to be on the lawn but she magically got given a pit together so we were all together again.


Today, me and Alyson have our own apartment. It’s adorned with FOB things and our own personal touches and we are so happy.

Alyson has Pete’s handwriting of the word “survive” that he wrote in my Gray book on August 1st tattooed on her ribs and I have the words “I can move mountains, I can work a miracle” tattooed on my thigh.

We’re going to make it big some day. And it’s all because FOB brought us together.

me and Alyson have meet and greet passes and I will be meeting Patrick in July – and I’m so beyond emotional about it…he means so much

If I hadn’t watched the young blood chronicles a year ago, I wouldn’t be here…… I wouldn’t have my best friend…… I wouldn’t be as happy as I am now. I am so grateful.

FOB, if you’re reading this. Thank you. I owe you everything. You’ve changed my life 🎶💀🎶💀🎶💀