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Another snippet from Rooker’s Walker Stalker NJ Q&A

Basically, The Story of Warframe

Giant sentient space biorobot mom adopts hundreds of traumatised kids with strange powers, convinces them to slaughter their slave masters and go to bed for a few hundred years.

Cut to present day where we’ve been booted out of bed by the potato people empire and shot at by fridge-wearing bankers, space uncle Teshin helps save us from being body snatched by the elderly while Space zombie virus runs out of control because Salad V fucked up,

space mom is busy keeping us away from Grandpa “destroyer of worlds” Hunhow, who hates kids and our edgy amnesiac? brother keeps trying to kill us.

All while absentee Void Dad is now trying to reconnect with “it’s” estranged kids and make up for lost time and that unpaid child support.

Welcome to warframe


young bum is a blessing

The Signs As People The Law Firm I Used To Work For Has Represented

Aries: Caught fire because a neighbor fucked up at operating a tractor so bad that literally everything for like a quarter mile caught fire.

Taurus: Stalked by co-worker, sued management for not doing anything about the co-worker. Management defended their inaction on the grounds that the stalker was from Eastern Europe and they thought stalking was “pretty much culturally expected over there.”

Gemini: Hacked a company’s store credit system and bought a bunch of stuff on nonexistent store credit; defended self on grounds that their security system was really badly designed and the store was asking for it.

Cancer: Angry preacher who wanted to shut up the people on the internet saying they ran an “orgy church.”

Leo: Kept a lion in a small enclosure in their yard.

Virgo: Assault with deadly weapon. Deadly weapon in question was a chainsaw.

Libra: Police officer fired for “taking the whole ethics thing way too far,” ie, interfering with other officers’ crimes.

Scorpio: Murdered “an old friend.” Obviously 100% guilty, visibly 100% unrepentant. Jury let them off, to the firm’s total bewilderment. Sent senior partner a lovely fruit basket.

Sagittarius: Used work email account and work computer to exchange sexual fantasies and photographs involving horses with like-minded individuals.

Capricorn: Their goats wandered onto their neighbors’ property “one time too many,” so the neighbors shot the goats.

Aquarius: Shot at neighbors, including a grade-schooler, for walking across their yard. When police were called, was enraged and offended, particularly when the police also walked across their yard. When asked whether the neighbors had in fact been threatening them in any way, appeared to be genuinely hurt by the question, and began complaining about how hard their life was and how little anyone understood their woes.

Pisces: Doctor suing the state for preventing patients on probation from taking their medications, which the state thought were probably basically the same as cocaine.

Seventeen Habits:

S.coups- When irritated/flustered/annoyed/embarrassed/crying he sticks his tongue slightly out to the side

Jeonghan- hair flipping a shit ton. During a concert a fan counted how many times he flipped his hair and it was well over 100, oh and also being a swindling snake

Joshua- whenever he does some dumb shit he opens his eyes big,aggresvly hand gestures, and/or curls his lips in. random rapping with a lot of pauses (that’s really bad too XD EX":Aye yo carat…. I’M A parrot “) Usually in English, so if he starts speaking English you better prepare to cringe like a lil bitch

Jun-lot of background creepin, looks up to think of what to say next

Hoshi-random outburst of random,claps with hands in front of his face, covers camera at end of videos can’t eat chicken unless it’s battered and fried because he had a chicken when he was younger?

Wonwoo- staring blankly into space, retains water in his cheeks before swallowing

Woozi- blinks/winks a lot while singing and bobbing his head quickly and slightly sometimes, finger curl cringe 

Dk- sleep talks, and licking lips between sentences/words

Mingyu-HyGIenE. MingEW sneezing and then touching something or someone, and drops everything

The8- angry staring for a long period of time, up and down lookn type of judging, putting arm around members. da-da-da-DaBbiNG

Seungkwan- Extra™, can’t stop touching Vernon’s face

Vernon-Bites nails and lips, can’t stand still for long time-has to move,dance,bounce, anything, When being forced to stay stationary he shakes his head alot to adjust his hair, and licks his lips back and forth as if he just ate food (mostly in vlives, not in interviews)

Dino- teased by member= obvious bitter half smile and  *looks into camera like he’s in ‘the office’*, clenches teeth when being ‘sexy’

“Welcome to witchcraft class let’s talk about curses.”

“Hello students today I’m going to teach you about a bunch of very creepy stuff that I may or may not have done let’s just not think about it too hard okay?”

“That bad dream you had was definitely a curse. Every bad dream you’ve ever had was probably a curse.”

“To break a curse walk backwards through your kitchen to the fridge, pull out a milk jug filled with holy water, and chug it while standing there with the door open.”

“There are fifty thousand types of witchcraft you can do with a rusty nail so I hope we’ve all had our tetanus shots!”

“You definitely don’t need dirt or hair or whatever creepy stalker mementos from your target to be able curse them. Honey, this is the age of Instagram. It’s time to curse your enemy’s Cheerios.”

“You’ll have to memorize these next ten steps. You can’t write them down because you don’t want to have any evidence in your house that you’ve ever even thought about doing any of this.”

“Don’t huff grave dust. You don’t get any cool visions from it. Trust me, I know.”

“Now, remember: I’ve only told you 1/100th of the things I know how to do today, so don’t try any of this stuff on me because then you’ll learn the rest of what I know from what you’ll probably consider the wrong point of view.”

“i don’t have to decorate for halloween. my home already has ominous lighting, decor that consists of knives and bats, and a fear that you can smell. for you it’s october - for me it’s year round.”

- smspoetry (being stalked)

Enjoy some procrastinating doodle while i supposed to study for my finals in *check watch* 13h tmr.

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  • for this sweetie’s bodyguard!wonwoo request!!
  • so, how wonwoo got to being a bodyguard was definitely not intentional
  • like he didn’t just put in an application and hope for the best!!! he was recruited by a friend actually
  • in wonwoo’s youth, he was always a pretty strong, tall kid
  • his mom would have him move the furniture whenever she felt like the house needed a change, or he would help the kind granny next door carry her groceries inside whenever she needed it
  • his parents were under the impression that wonwoo was getting all this muscle from being on the basketball team, which he was on (with good friend and basketball captain seungcheol) of course, but he was also working those muscles punching bullies in the faces

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skeletalgeneral  asked:

What sins have you even done Izuku? I mean, it's not like you've done anything THAT bad. You don't have Bakugou locked up in your basement or anything, you're just interested is all. Unless there's something you aren't telling us

Izuku is a naughty boy…

“Twenty-eight-year-old bailiff Stephen De Prima moved closer to Richard and told him to look forward. Richard ignored him and kept smiling at Bernadette and his fans.

Apparently De Prima thought Richard was trying to intimidate the witness, and he grabbed Richard by the head and forced him to look forward.

Richard stood up and yelled, “Get your fuckin’ hands off me!” He grabbed De Prima. Two other bailiffs rushed in.

De Prima put Richard in a neck lock, the two other bailiffs grabbed him, and as a shocked courtroom and judge looked on, they dragged Richard from the court and into the holding area.”

Angst/Horror Text Message Meme

Send my muse a symbol and receive a text message.

☠  for a frightened text message
☮  for a desperate apology via text message
☯  for a text message in which my muse confesses to a lie
♠   for a text message in which my muse feels threatened
Ω  for a text message after making a horrible mistake
♤  for a text message from beyond the grave
♣  for a frantic text message
♧  for a series of text messages during a paranormal event
♥  for a break-up text message
♡  for a text message about a heartbreak
♦   for a text message about an injury
♢  for the goodbye text message they intend to send before death
♔ for a confrontational text message
♚ for a last text message before running away
⚜ for a text message after just committing a crime
★ for a text message from a stalker
☆ for a text message while hiding during a home invasion
☄ for a text message spilling a horrible secret
☾  for an angry, violent text message
☼ for a worried text message
☀ for a text message while being held hostage
☁  for a manipulative or abusive text message
☂ for a confused, delusional text message
☃ for a threatening text message
☻ for a “secret code” text message while in trouble**
☺ for a warning via text message
۞ for a text message accusing the other muse of something
 ۩  for a text message about something disturbing they’ve just witnessed


☢ for a gruesome photo via text
✉ for a seemingly-harmless photo via text, but something is hidden in it
♰ for a paranormal photo via text
❦ for a photo of a stalker via text
© for a photo from beyond the grave via text
✄ for a message/photo via text that wasn’t taken by the owner of the phone

**: refers to “secret codes” to use in troubled situations so as not to be suspicious to anyone watching/listening to the conversation. Example: “I forgot my toothbrush” = “pick me up, I’m uncomfortable”.