from some chickens in our village

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I promised that I will also introduce you some of those foxes ‘we’ working with at the shelter/sanctuary. 

He got name “Chained” from his background story, how he became our rescue. He was found orphan by a small town/village where people had heart and actually raised him up instead of killing him, but as he got adult the villagers afraid he would hunt their chickens they chained him on a relative short leash and left him that way there. 

Someone who passed by got notice of how he was kept and got in touch with the shelter who came to rescue the poor guy and offer him a nicer home. As arrived, it also got to notice he is missing a leg, which was lost to a dog in a previous issue (he was not afraid of the dog and the dog was a hunter specie, it not ended too well). He is doing excellent on three legs actually, runs and plays like nothing bad happened. Full of energy and lifelike though he only responses well to his personal caretaker, for others he shows shy or a bit nibby behaviour. 

I was happy to see him outside today and fast made some photos as you can see. He is such a charming fellow! Still having his winter fur, that is why his tail is so bushy!