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8 years later, Advocate’s “From Soil Laced With Lyme” remains one of my top 5 albums of all time. Such an underrated band. I wish they were still around. If you ever see a copy of this album floating around, don’t fucking sleep on it. One of the best BSI related bands ever.

“The static burrowed into me

And errupted in a pulse that found me in Rome
Doing as the Romans do
My eyes are pinned shut from the inside
That is why I look so peaceful
I want you to wonder how serious I am
When I say I can end it all right now
I want you to wonder so I can stop
You can sing louder than rush hour
But can you sing louder than the fluid in my lungs
I have been involved prematurely
My hands shake for an hour everyday
But bullets never materialize for me.”