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((i’m not used to doing comics so this definitely looks awkward but i love super gay bro luigi and his pastel rainbow hair))

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"male witch"? dont you mean... a wizard?

Nope. “Witch” is a unisex term.

I think that the whole commonly used “women are witches and men are wizards” division comes from the Harry Potter series. Which is fine to use within the context of the series, but it’s not historically correct.

Hop into the comments to join the discussion! I think this is a very interesting subject :)

I’m opening up 5 slots. If you want one, send me a message here on Tumblr containing:
1. References to what character(s) you would like me to draw. These can be artwork, example photos, or a detailed description. If you choose to choose to use a description, there is a “template” below you can fill out and send to help make sure I do your character justice. 
2. A short description of the character(s) personality.

(I would prefer to draw OC’s, but if you’d like a cat from the series there’s no guarantee I’ll be able to do it justice if I haven’t yet read any of the books they’re featured in.) 

Payment will be through Paypal, and must be sent before I begin work on your commission. You will receive my Paypal info after confirming the price of your commission through messenger.
You will then receive your commission in .png form through Tumblr messenger or email within two weeks of payment being sent. 

Commissions are first come first serve. Your commission slot is confirmed when your payment has been sent.

Looking forward to drawing lots of cats for you guys!!!

~~~Cat Description Template~~~
Body build/size:
Head shape/size:
Eye shape/color:
Ear shape/size:
Tail shape/size:
Fur length:
Fur color:
Whisker length/color:
Fur pattern:
Unique markings:
Nose color:
Extra details:
How ‘Underground’ Scored That Angela Bassett Cameo
In this week’s episode of “Underground,” fans were treated to a flashback sequence that featured none other than Academy Award and Emmy nominee Angela Bassett, playing the mother …
By Joe Otterson

In this week’s episode of “Underground,” fans were treated to a flashback sequence that featured none other than Academy Award and Emmy nominee Angela Bassett, playing the mother of Ernestine. So how did Bassett end up on the WGN America drama? All it took was a call from series executive producer and director Anthony Hemingway.

“The role was written with Angela in mind,” Hemingway told Variety. “Angela has been a fan of the show since day one. She comes to our premieres and events, and offers a lot of support. And I’m a friend of the family, her and Courtney B. Vance. It was easy to make the connection and make the call and present to her what this character was and why we saw her as this character. She brings so much gravitas and strength to any role that she does. It was just the right choice.” Hemingway also said that “everyone” came out the day Bassett was on set to watch her work.

Season 2 lookin Hot With @vampirealicia full potential As a Vampire Unlocked Ik it’s early but she’s Queen 👸 wat u gonna do sue the Writter if u have a issue. This bein her full potential does not mean it is her limit tho . As I once said Vampirealicia abilities is she gains power by the sec and more by the feast . She’s faster then even the gods thereself movin at light Speed and strength is limitless. She can compel anyone and anything . She’s able to even kill a Where wolf Nd now hybrids. She is unkillabe as she is already dead 💀 Nd she is resistant to sun water fire 🔥 Nd lighting . Her hunger Is insane . Her Tru love Marcus is the only safe 1 around her he’s the only Human she always protect . She has more powers than we no more abilitys then we no she is the Queen of All and she is Tru Darkness .

Minor detail on her : her eyes became red Wen she killed sum1 sum1 speacil to hear and they turned blood shot wen she killed their family

( Sneak Peak of Season 2 Vampirealicia )

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I was inspired by Persona 5 Appreciation Week and I’ve been meaning to bring back the T&B fandom and a lot of us are waiting for the live action T&B movie (which I found out may not be out until 2019), I’ve decided to have a Tiger & Bunny Appreciation Week. The coming week, you, the fans (if there are still any T&B fans left) will post things related to Tiger & Bunny. Here’s how the week follows.

Day 1 (April 2, Sunday): Favorite Character

On this day, you can post about which one is your favorite character in the series or the two movies. Also, talk about why they are your favorite and (this might sound a little naughty) what would you do if they came to you in the real world.

Day 2 (April 3, Monday): Favorite Episode or Movie

On this day, you can post about which is your favorite episode from the series or which of the two movies is your favorite. Also, explain why that episode or movie is your favorite.

Day 3 (April 4, Tuesday): Favorite Voice Actor/Actress

One this day, you can post about which is your favorite voice actor or actress in the series and movies. Whether they are from the original Japanese version or the English dub. You can talk about whatever you want about the actor or actress, like what other roles they play in other series. But if you’re doing other roles, keep it to just ten.

Day 4 (April 5, Wednesday): Favorite Song

One this day, you can post about which is your favorite song. Whether it is from the series, the movies, or otherwise. And explain why it’s your favorite.

Day 5 (April 6, Thursday): You in the World of Tiger & Bunny

On this day, you can post about what it would be like if you where a character in the series. You could be a NEXT who is a hero or a villain. Anything you want.

Day 6 (April 7, Friday): What you’re looking forward to in the live action movie

On this day, you can post about what you would like in the movie. Like which actors you would like to play which characters. Or what would like the plot of the movie would be.

Day 7 (April 8, Saturday): Free Day (Last Day)

On this day, you can post whatever you like about Tiger & Bunny. Be creative.

This Appreciation Week is meant to bring back the fandom and make the series popular again. I know the movie is a long time way, but I don’t want to see such a wonderful anime die. I know you who still love the series will understand this. Please. LET’S BELIEVE HEROES.

Thanks, and thanks again.


And it is officially Thursday here so I’m posting SUPER SPOILERS… Action Comics #976 by the master Dan Jurgens, and beautiful art by Doug Mahnke.

So today I woke up extra early and the first thing I did was buy and download Action Comics. I was promised that Superman: Reborn would be an epic tale of …well Superman proportions.

Was I nervous? Yes, hell yes! I’d just gone through years and years of the New52 and the Fauxmance (Super💔Wonder). I was promised that Superman and Lois would be used in stories that mattered… well, they sure as hell did not matter to me. To me I kept saying, nay, screaming that his collared freak was not my Superman. What do I mean by “My Superman”… confession time: I’ve only ever owned about 25 comics before the New52. I came in wanting the Superman I knew from the animated series, Lois and Clark TNAS, and Smallville. I didn’t find him in New52 comics. Who I found was a coward. A loner. A depressed person that was never happy with his life. And why was he like this? Because he never chased what he wanted: Lois Lane and his life.

In this issue of Action Comics, all that, though small, changed. I believe that given what they was given Dan Jurgens, Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason told a story that redeems New52 Superman’s mistakes. Why? It wasn’t his fault. He was kept from all the dreams he wanted to live. And ultimately, a truly evil force killed him.

In this issue, that has foundations as far back as Justice League International Annual 1 (released the same day as Justice League 12, to give true Superman fans hope) this issue does what the New52 couldn’t even dream of doing: it told a true Superman story.

And what my dear readers and friends is a true Superman story? A love story. A story about a man and his woman. A story about Clark Kent and Lois Lane. But this one truly becomes a modern classic with the addition of Jonathan Samuel Kent. There is the true love of lovers and the pure love of a family.

Not only does this issue erase a mistake that killed New52 Superman (his abusive relationship with a fake Wonder Woman) but it fuses yesterday, today and tomorrow. All stories matter. All stories have lead us to this moment. And now, everything is truly going to be okay.

I used to wake up fearing comic book Wednesday, and now thanks to Jurgens, Tomasi and Gleason, I have hope for a better tomorrow. I have hope I’m going to be happy.

DC Comics, you got it right.

True love truly conquers all.

P.s. Clois Lovers, do not let anyone ruin today for you. This is our victory. No one can rob this moment away. Don’t let sore losers dampen your happiness, go out and celebrate.

Imma die happy

I just finished watching the last part of Jack’s playthrough of Night In the Woods! And I am really gonna miss this series.. ;v; The characters, the voice acting, the artstyle and color from the game is really perfection! I honestly have to agree with Jack though; I didn’t get the whole plot of the story from NiTW. It really confused me. But I don’t wanna spoil anything if anyone hasn’t seen either the last part of the whole series. Overall, best game series from Jacksepticeye in 2017. Ever!

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nothin ruins the Oc Experience™ more than when people compare your character to a character from a popular series.

//I totally understand. A friend of mine compared my long leggy blue Alexandra to Alex from Ox//enfree. (Minus the //, just don’t want this showing up in their tag). Since then, I’ve been seriously debating on scrapping her, but she’s so vital to my series and I can only associate her with the color blue, so I’m stuck. Where’s that shrug emoji when I need it?