from picasso to warhol

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AU - Clary Fray and Isabelle Lightwood are two notorious thieves known for stealing priceless things around the world. Both from Brooklyn, Clary’s art collection includes the likes of Picasso, Raphael, da Vinci, Warhol, and more, meanwhile Isabelle’s jewelry boxes are overflowing with diamonds and rubies and gems just as beautiful as she is. While the two mostly avoid one another and stay out of each other’s way, Clary can’t help herself when she hears about the arrival of the Mortal Cup and, knowing it’s more than a one woman job, approaches Isabelle with a plan. Pulling off the perfect heist, the two decide to stick together and retire young to France, where they live out wealthy and fabulous lives.

Emily Greenhouse on Dumb Starbucks and the art of the hoax:

“When I pressed Horowitz to demonstrate the magnitude of his most recent hoax, it quickly became clear that, for him, duping wasn’t exactly the point: what mattered was the unravelling. ‘My project is about social-media appropriation,’ Horowitz said. ‘In art, there is an entire history of appropriation: from Picasso to Duchamp to Rauschenberg to Warhol to Richard Prince to Jeff Koons to Christian Marclay.’”

Above: Nathan Fielder comes forward as the creator of Dumb Starbucks. Photograph by Nick Ut/AP.