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LFC: Masika Stormrider! (Balmung)


NAME: Masika Stormrider (Mah-Sea-Kha)


COMPANIONS: Kie. her white wolf thought to be the spirit of her now passed best friend, Kielannah

PATRON DIETY: (None- Eorzean) The Goddess (Spirit of the Mountain and Wilds)

AGE: 23-25 years old

RACE: Hyur Highlander


CLAN: Bearmaw Clan/Tribe

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Her body is lightly carved with muscle that is a common trait among her clan. Her complexion is fair, only lightly kissed by the sun. Icy blue eyes peer out from a mess of almost white, blonde hair that’s decorated with feathers and blue/white beads.

Her facial features are smeared with various colors and patterns of paint. Her entire right side is a tribal tattoo extending from her toes, up her legs/thighs, entire side, the back of her shoulders and down her left arm. She often has various other symbols and designs of runes and animals painted on herself, though these change from time to time.

PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES: She’s strong and fast, able to outrun most others in her clan. Though she’s no small, frail woman by any standard, she’s thought to be among the smaller warriors in her clan but her strength rivals that of her larger comrades, and due to a life of sprinting and jumping through the wilds, she’s light and fast on her feet

CHARACTER DESCRIPTION: A strong, spirited young warrior, Masika is a symbol of pride amongst her clan as she holds the esteemed rank of her clan’s Vanguards. Strong, capable warriors trained heavily in combat, survival and thought to be the embodiment of warriors past. At times of trials, she can be heard communing with these spirits, asking for their strength and guidance for what it is to come. She often travels alone, or with her white wolf companion, Kie who hates to be from Masika’s side.

Masika is strong, loyal, committed, stubborn, hard-headed, opinionated, and does little to hold back her private thoughts and opinions. She gives off a rugged exterior and quite often found to be intimidating. Deep down, however, she remains a young, adventurous woman who’s buried her own wants/desires for the good of her clan and duties her rank assigns to her.

Having mostly been raised in the lands that her clan has claimed, Masika is quite sheltered from the rest of the world. She’s not familiar with large settlements/cities, and is unfamiliar with a lot of their laws and customs. For this reason, she can often be thought of as simple or aloof though she is no fool. She’s just unfamiliar with the more civilized world and it shows. 

LOOKING FOR:  Anyone who wants to RP really. Masika can be a little difficult to bond with, and perhaps a little cautious and on edge when meeting new people. That’s not to say she’s unfriendly by nature but is the product of her raising, to be wary and guarded against strangers. 

SERVER: Balmung

ACTIVE HOURS: 9:00pm - 2:00am EST Nightly

DISCORD: Stormrider#9477

NOTE FROM THE PLAYER: Hey everyone! Thanks for reading and taking an interest in Masika here. Currently, I’m just looking to build up her connections and to hopefully find lasting, long-term RP contacts and story building as that’s been some trouble for me in the past. I can offer Discord RP as well, but my replies will be fairly slow and I much prefer in-game RP over Discord.

OOC I’m super friendly and prefer to be friends with those I RP with so you can expect a constant stream of plot ideas, aesthetic post sent directly to your Discord, multiple tumblr asks and tags as I love sending/receiving those.

Hope to meet you all soon!


I really love the idea of Altean!Lance especially when paired with BoM-suit-Galra!Keith yes hello sign me the fuck up but I think I prefer him with his normal hair colour rather than white.

Mermaids have a special ability. Through touch, they can erase memories of themselves from that person as a way of defense and a method of keeping safe.

Did I say this au would be fluff only? whoops.

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #68
  • <p> <b></b> *during a petty argument*<p/><b>Phil:</b> well, I'm older<p/><b>Dan:</b> I'm taller<p/><b>Phil:</b> I'm longer<p/><b>Dan:</b> No you're not? I just said I'm taller<p/><b>Phil:</b> That's not what I meant<p/></p>

my wife told me to do it
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ty @the10dollarfoundingfather for transposing one of my fave johnny bravo eps into this beauty

When I saw Shiemi’s room design in the recent manga chapters I died.

ugh i have so many emotions going through my head that i can’t focus on anything but voltron, and then i saw the whole “leak with keith in lance’s hoodie and close to tears???” thing that i had like no idea about (don’t ask me for details), and immediately, like the person i am, drew fanart. i didn’t actually have the chance to see it for real, this is just my take. 

haha this ain’t no real leak, but boy i wish it was. 

honestly, i feel like lance being MIA (missing in action) in later seasons would be a breaking point for him. he would have all of that build up from the team teasing him even though it actually hurts him more than they know, you have the scene in the bedroom where keith tries, but fails to comfort lance correctly bc he’s awkward and doesn’t know how to handle people, and lance was left feeling unsure yet again. 

lance, with still no confirmation that he’s valuable to the team, that he’s talented, that he deserves more recognition than he gets, get’s thrown into a horrible future situation, probably involving lotor. it gets so much worse, right?

and after all of that build up with he and keith? can you imagine how terrible that’d feel? for the one person you finally learn to trust, to confide in, now the closest thing you have to family, is abruptly taken away? and for you to be taken away from him? and not just away from him, but from the entire team?

if i’m correct, and i have no idea if any of this will happen, it’d totally destroy keith. specifically him. 

lance threw away the rivalry thing, and they actually became closer. they both gave each other smiles that no one else received before. i think they grew closer than any other paladin in the team. probably even shiro. sure, hunk and lance were close, but keyword were.

hunk and pidge are now spending way more time with each other, being the “smart” ones. and honestly, the scene when hunk calls lance dumb (in all fun) really surprised me. and pidge jumps in, assuring lance that: yes, you are dumb, we’ve established this before because you’ve made so many mistakes in this team. 

i don’t think they meant any harm, but they don’t tell lance that. they don’t ask him if he’s okay with them doing that. lance isn’t laughing along, but he’s playing along. all they see is his wall of bravado, and assume he brushes off insults just like that. 

but lance, he’s a lot more sensitive than they’d think. 

he takes things to heart, and he remembers them. he remembered the “goofball” comment from pidge, and he took it seriously while blue shut him out. a seemingly harmless comment only fueled his growing concerns.

and keith, he does stop the teasing, and he has this fond look on his face, but you can still see lance grimacing. imagine your group of friends teaming up on you…

keith had shiro, he always had shiro to back him, to comfort him when he was sad. then lance steps in shiro’s place while he’s gone. he comforts keith, he’s keith’s rock. he supports keith, and even with shiro back, he doesn’t let that go.

lance doesn’t just toss the reigns to shiro (or “clone” shiro lmfao) when he comes back. he keeps them for himself, he matures a lot. lance doesn’t want to let go of what keith and himself have made.

you see lance, then, struggling with some really deep issues, but he doesn’t have anyone. no one notices, so he keeps it to himself. he bottles it up until it just goes too far, so what does he do? he goes to keith. and keith isn’t great with people. lance confides in keith for that scene because he believes he would do a better job of reassuring him than shiro, and because the two had grown a deeper, more meaningful relationship. they both care about each other, but go about completely different ways on doing it. lance is great at comforting people, keith is not. but he tries, and we definitely saw that in s3.

lance chose keith over shiro. i think that’s very important. 

and imagine it, if lance is taken from the team in some situation in the next seasons, think of keith.

he would probably be really, really guilty. he’d probably look back at his words from the bedroom scene, and immediately want to fix it. he’d, to my hope, realize what he did incorrectly, and want to change it. just like for shiro, keith would want to find lance as soon as possible. he wouldn’t give up on lance, because lance didn’t give up on keith. 

lance kept pushing him forward even when he was splitting up the team by being reckless. lance was keith’s right hand man. 

and i hope, i sincerely hope we’ll see some confirmation for lance. i want the team to know how he feels. mostly by action, rather than words. if lance takes a beating for his friends, i think it tells us a lot more than him saying a few sentences. either one is fine, though. 

and action works a lot better for keith than words. he moves, he fights. he protects lance with swords, but lance can protect keith with words.

the dynamic between the two paladins is really exciting, and i just need the hurt/comfort amp volume to go up a couple notches. and romance. the bedroom scene was so damn romantic, dear lord. look me in the eyes and tell me they don’t have more than platonic feelings for each other. 

anyways, this was literally supposed to be like a paragraph but it evolved as i got more and more hyped for s4. 

i can’t wait.


“It is true that I have the habit of being always right - but I do not boast of it.”
– Hercule Poirot

A merm pretending to be a blue sea slug.


“Is there anyone out there, from our Blue Night family, that is crying alone tonight? Not crying out of pity for something or someone, but instead because they cannot help asking why they are living in the way that they are? Is there anyone that is feeling sentimental or guilty, needlessly? Don’t be like that. I hope that you believe that these bitter days of crying alone will prove to be the most beautiful days of your life. You’ll realize, with time, that your life is actually pretty alright. I promise you. In fact, I’ll write you a guarantee! The most beautiful thing in all the world is right now. This moment. You. Don’t ever forget that.”  - Kim Jonghyun (040890 -   ∞ )

please don’t remove the caption.

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Costume swap bc why not