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Can activate and heal the throat chakra, facilitating free expressions of thoughts and feelings. It counteracts mental stress and anger. Its soft energy is cooling and calming, bringing peace of mind. ☮

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Field Reports from the Lost Book Brigade

Books are rarely permanently lost in the Netherworld. A diverse group of librarian adventurers go to incredible lengths to recover these precious treasures. And the due fines. The following are excerpts from actual field reports on returned materials.


The target book, Satisfaction In One’s Undeath, has been outstanding for approximately 237 years. Attempts to locate the book and borrower #17-hook-delta-38 have been substantially delayed due to borrower’s death and subsequent raising as a shade.

Upon locating borrower’s grave site, I was able to commune with the remains to locate said undead reader. Borrower, being non-corporeal, has been unable to turn any pages and has been stuck half-way through the story for all this time.

I have assisted borrower in turning the pages, allowing them to finish the book. In exchange for corporeality, borrower agreed to travel with me until enough treasure has been acquired to pay the fine (complete at time of this report’s filing). Including time spent together, this campaign lasted 3 years, 10 months, 175 days and recovered 47 books, 12 scrolls, 9 maps, and 7 small miscellaneous artifacts.

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More quick picks/recs from our new YA shelves: we have terrific new books in…plus some equally terrific books (both new and recently released) to read after you’re done! 

If you loved The Red Queen, by Victoria Aveyard, and you’re looking for another book in which latent supernatural powers kick off a killer fantasy series, try:

  • The Sin Eater’s Daughter, by Melinda Salisbury
  • The Young Elites, by Marie Lu

If you loved The Winner’s Crime, by Marie Rutkowski, and you’re looking to delve into another established high fantasy series - especially if you love Game of Throne-ish political intrigue - try:

  • Gathering Darkness, by Morgan Rhodes (#3 in the Falling Kingdoms series)
  • The Heart of Betrayal, by Mary E. Pearson (#2 in the Remnant Chronicles, July 2015)

If you loved When Reason Breaks, by Cindy L. Rodriguez, and you’re looking for more books in which literature has an important effect on the characters, try:

  • And We Stay, by Jenny Hubbard
  • Belzhar, by Meg Wolitzer

If you loved A Cold Legacy, by Megan Shepherd, and you’re looking for a new blend of retelling (here, it’s fairy tales), horror, and thriller, try:

  • Tear You Apart,  by Sarah Cross
  • Crimson Bound, by Rosamund Hodge (May 2015)

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Woman comes up with two Silhouette fabric transfer rolls and a coupon. 

“I’m sorry, we can’t use coupons on Silhouette.”

“But its a competitor coupon.”

“We’re not supposed to use any coupons on them.”

“The other store said that I could if I used a competitors coupon.”

“We’re not supposed to use any coupons on them, its our policy.”

“Well, your competitor doesn’t have that policy, and I’m using THEIR coupon.”

It doesn’t work like that. It never works like that. “We can’t even use their coupons. The reason they don’t work on Silhouette items is because they set their prices- we don’t. They have their own sales and if they find out that we’re overriding their prices they can pull their product from our shelves and we won’t be able to sell them anymore.”

“The other store said it was okay.”

And people say Millenials are entitled. 

This long ass thing is for @bagginshieldisreal, cause I love her and because I wanted to write something from this au and she suggested a Bilbo and Thorin moment after they’d met but I uh… went overboard. It’s mostly their first meeting (but I don’t think she minds? <3)

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