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FINALLY MY LAPTOP IS WELL!!! THANK GOD!! #please read this from right to left peeps

I happily present you LeonardoxReader fancomic. Hope you guys like it! It’s still have another 3page for chapter1 I haven’t color yet but I’ll try to get it done soon. Work is tiring.

My inspiration for this comic is my best bud @fluffpuff-penguin whom I adored so much, her writing is fabulous, and so does her art. Please do check her out on DA and here cuz she’s a sweetpie.

It’s been one year since the launch of NEOKOSMOS.

This year has been quite the artistic and personal journey for both of us. NEOKOSMOS has been such an important part of both of our lives, and we are very excited to tell the rest of the story. The support and love we have gotten from our readers has been amazing!

Thank you so much for reading!

-Shelby and Amber

This was my tatt, immediately after getting it. It’s healed pretty well, about two years out now, with minimal scarring/blurring. It was a personal design related to my own spiritual mess. How do I stand with bad magic tattoos?

Mod G: I’m digging it! I love the scroll-work, and it’s an interesting take on the collarbone bird design.

Mod I: Conversely, I don’t dig the scrollwork as much.  I enjoy the execution, though. And if you love it, that’s what matters. After all, ain’t my body art.

Personal accounts: Submission guidelines

Hi! As you may or may not have seen, we have begun a new series of posts, and we will accept contributions from our autistic readers.

This post will be a general set of guidelines for submitting your experiences, as well as what we expect particularly and some ideas of what to write about regarding particular subjects.

Who can submit:

As long as you identify as autistic and genuinely believe that you are autistic, you can submit, even without an official diagnosis.

Which submissions we will post:

We reserve the right not to post every submission we get, for any number of reasons (too many similar accounts already, not consistent with the tone of the blog…). We’ll try to post most of them, but they will be queued, so don’t fret if you don’t see yours posted immediately :)

How to submit:

Type or paste your text through tumblr’s convenient submit button. If you want your submission to be posted anonymously, just write it somewhere and we’ll remove your name from the post before it goes up.

The submission subjects we accept right now:

This list will be updated as we add new subjects or delete some because we’ve already gotten a lot of submissions. We’ll edit this post and reblog it when we make changes.

  • Meltdowns

You might want to talk about: the frequency of your meltdowns, the conditions in which you have meltdowns, how the buildup to a meltdown feels, how the meltdown itself feels, how the recovery feels, what can help you when you’re having a meltdown, what people often do which doesn’t help, ways you’ve found to prevent a meltdown when you feel one coming.. For an example, have a look at Aira’s account

  • Shutdowns

You might want to talk about: the frequency of your shutdowns, the conditions in which you have shutdowns, how the buildup to a shutdown feels, how the shutdown itself feels, how the recovery feels, what can help you when you’re having a shutdown, what people often do which doesn’t help, ways you’ve found to prevent a shutdown when you feel one coming.. For an example, have a look at Cat’s account.

And most of all… Thank you!!

100 Reasons Why - 02

BTS 방탄소년단 - Soulmate!AU

Warnings -  polyamorous relationships, swearing, smut

Summary - Love is a powerful thing. Let it settle under your skin and in your bones. Let it live, let it breathe. Do not beat it down and know that your love doesn’t reach one person, but everyone around you.

Glossary - 01. 02. 03. 0405. 06

Coffee had kept you awake through college and then into the real world afterwards. It was a go to for late nights spent in front of your computer or notepad when ideas never stopped flowing or were never there at all. Which is why Hoseok loves finding new coffee shops to bring you to. He says that if coffee makes you happy, then he’ll buy you it every day. Even though Hoseok’s bubbly personality has never needed the caffeine as you do, he loves getting you the addicting beverage.  

”So, there’s this one shop near your favorite library up the street. Apparently a lot of college kids like it so I thought I’d try to bring you early in case it gets busy. I know how you feel about crowds.” Hoseok wraps a scarf around your neck. It’s so thick you could hide your entire face in it if you wanted. “You have to stay warm, I don’t want you to get sick especially after being out in the rain.”

It’s been two weeks but Hoseok is still worrying over your health. Heat rises in your cheeks and you look down, view of the floor blocked from the humongous scarf. You feel lucky to have Hoseok, who takes care of you even when you don’t deserve it. With a proud smile, Hoseok steps back, admiring his work. You’re practically a marshmallow in the huge coat and hat he’s put on you. But you’re warm, inside and out, so you thank Hoseok and make your way into the living room.

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We’re Wanda; a feminist magazine based in Sheffield, England. We showcase the creative work of talented feminists in the area, although we accept submissions from all over the world! If you’re a writer, artist, photographer, musician, filmmaker, dancer, actor, or anything else, we want to hear from you! Email your submissions to to be featured in print or online. Our current theme is “home”, which you can interpret any way you wish.

Wanda is a non-profit magazine, meaning we rely heavily on donations from our readers. In order to print our third issue, we are calling for small businesses that may wish to pay a small fee in exchange for an advert to be published on one of our pages. We distribute Wanda around Sheffield city centre, and can send copies in the post around the world. We have a growing online following of artistic feminists that may be interested in what you have to offer!

So if you’re selling a product or service, let us know! Send us a direct message or drop us an email at to see how we can help!

Facebook: Wanda Magazine

Instagram: @wanda_magazine

Twitter: @wanda_magazine

shouesama  asked:

What do you mean by tattoo "texture"? It seems to be something that can be good or bad but I really don't understand it at all?

“Texture” can refer to one of two things: 

  1. The texture within the image– for example, smooth shading, the texture of feathers in a photo-realistic tattoo of a bird, or extremely uneven color.
  2. The texture that a tattoo produces on the skin’s surface– usually produced by the tattooer digging too hard. 

Since we’re a bad tattoo blog, we tend to talk about poor texture– examples of bad texture within the artwork can be seen here and here, while bad tattooing technique causing poor skin texture can be seen here and here

A good tattoo should not cause scarring, blow outs or other skin disturbance, and the artwork (depending on what you are getting) should be smoothly shaded with clean lines and color. For example, here are a variety of images in different styles: black/watercolor, graphic with realism, floral, bold black and white, dotwork. You’ll see that the skin isn’t raised or blotchy, and the artwork incorporates textures in appropriate and interesting ways.


the fair at night

Holga 120 & Diana Mini w/ Lomo Redscale and Fuji Velvia


These spectacular long exposure shots are courtesy of Beth Maciorowski who is a self taught photographer who shoots primarily with film, often manipulating it and developing at home. She has a vast collection of cameras and expired film and feels most inspired by nature. You can find more of her work on her Flickr! or follow her on IG @bethmaciorowski Don’t these images just make you want to grab that tripod of yours and head out into the night to capture something just as splendid right at this very second??! It takes patience and preservation for long exposure photography, AND on film to boot, but you know the results will always astound.

Thanks once more Beth for your psychedelic pop-images, which acted as the kick in the tush I needed to jump start this blog. Yes, CGSF did take yet another leave of absence and no excuses will be made on behalf of our tardiness!! Shame on us!!! Boo! Despite us being AWOL, we still received tons of submissions from our amazing readers and we promise to return the endearment  from all of you for not giving up on us by sharing them in the following days. Keep up the amazing work girls and boys and always BELIEVE IN FILM!!

In other news, eleanorrigby236 has just recently moved to Berlin and hopes to start shooting on film again as she explores the city made for walking, one day at a time! 


The lunch incident...

I made a short comic of @poubelle-squelette party incident ch 24 i apologize for the crappy or non-existent backgrounds i promise i will learn more :’)

Anyways hope you like, cause i made myself cry drawing this, and oh a bonus:

Writer chan i hope you are proud of yourself, cause i am gonna sue for attempted murder

anonymous asked:

Is getting a Sak Yant tattoo by a buddhist monk in a temple considered cultural appropriation?

Here are some (but not all) of the questions that you need to be able to answer honestly before a person should consider this step:

Are you Buddhist? Do you specifically follow the tenets of Cambodian and Thai Buddhism? Do you know Thai or Khmer, and can speak with the monks about the rules you must follow after getting the tattoo? If you are white, have you taken part in Thai or Cambodian religious customs and grappled with your place in a history of Westerners fucking with southeast Asian politics and culture? Similarly, if you are white, have you grappled with the history of degradation and exoticization which leads not only to Thai culture being exploited, but Thai PEOPLE being exploited both in their own country and elsewhere?  Are you willing to follow the traditional rules of abstention? Do you understand that you are making a serious pact that could have spiritual repercussions?

There are probably other questions that you should ask yourself about this, these are the ones G came up with off the top of their head.

In short, you need to recognize and deal with the fact that white westerners have used Asian cultures to get their fix of the exotic and magical for centuries. This has had serious repercussions for Asians in the diaspora, where their traditions are used to degrade them, but are pretty and magical on non-Asian people, not to mention the repercussions for those countries’ economic, cultural and political spheres.

so now I should say this… thank you. For letting go. For walking away. Thank you for finally giving me the freedom that I was so weak to fight for. I could never push you away, and sadly, you will never know everything that I could do for you, that I could give you. The moment you walked out on me, you gave me the right to give my love to someone else. So thank you.

That’s where our forever ends.

Dream a Little Dream

Request: So there was a one shot you did a while ago with sam and the reader was from this dimension but she was put into theirs. Could you do one pretty much exactly like that but a Dean x reader instead? And there was a mention of them being her hero in that one too. Could you put a little more emphasis on that? Like they actually saved my life andthey don’t even know j exist lol. And if you do smut could you do that too? Sorry (falloutassbutt)

Author’s Note: Sure thing! I’m not very good at smut, but I did my best (it’s only a small part of this story, though). Almost finished this story, I decided to make it a part of “The Stuff of Stories” series for a twist to the storyline there. However, you do not need to read the other parts in order to read this story. If you do, here they are: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Song: “Wake Up With Me” by Gabrielle Aplin

Words: 3124

Written by: Castielle

Pairing: Dean x Reader + Sam Winchester

Your name: submit What is this?

Your last name: submit What is this?

The car came hurtling towards you at such a great speed that you wondered if you would be shattered into pieces when it hit you. Or perhaps it would be so fast that you would not feel any pain at all.

But when it did hit, although it wasn’t until that you were flat on your back that you felt the pain, it did hurt. It hurt a lot. You felt such pain shooting from your body that you couldn’t help screaming.

You were still screaming when you sat up in bed. A bed. Wait, whose bed was this? Where were you? You blinked a couple of times and looked around.

The room wasn’t very large, but it was cozy. There was a bedside table, a chest of drawers on one wall… and guns on the other wall? Your eyebrows wrinkled in confusion as you saw a chair with a plaid shirt hanging over it.

You didn’t have any more time to consider the situation because a man came rushing into the room.

“Y/N? Are you alright?” he asked, his tone concerned.

Your mouth dropped. No, it couldn’t be. It couldn’t be… Jensen Ackles. Jensen Freaking Beautiful Ackles. Jensen Ackles with a wife and kids. Jensen Ackles who played your most favourite character in the world on the TV show Supernatural.

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(Image is from Gallery Hip)

Book Mania is planning to host a Book Exchange Program, but of course we would like to hear from our readers’ thoughts and suggestions first.

We haven’t finalized a plan yet but we want to ask you some basic questions and go on from there!

1. Would you be interested to join a Book Exchange Program?

2. Would you be interested in swapping with someone from another country?

3. Would you be willing to cover the shipping expenses of the book whether local or international, as long as you will also get a book in return?

I’ve finally come to the conclusion that Kubo himself is a huge fan of Shakespeare.

Basically, his personal theme revolves around forbidden love and unrequited feelings.

Sad to say but it’s a common practice for most writers (myself, included) of love stories. Otherwise, how would we jerk tears from our readers?

Then again, this only gives fanfiction writers something to do. I hope that’s a consolation.

I am as upset about the ending as any true Bleach fan is. My devastation about the canon couples is not so much that they were wrongly paired but that they were even there at all.

He should’ve kept it shounen without romanticising it. He should’ve given a good ending to the Yhwach battle that could’ve made up for the whole shitty Quincy Arc.

I feel cheated.

15 years is a long time, Kubo…

My best friend had a 15-year relationship with her college mate. They are now finally married.

I started Bleach with my then-boyfriend. He’s now my husband. We first met around the same time Bleach started - 17 August 2001.

As much as I hate how it finished, I’m glad Kubo put an end to that awful Arc. I’m also thankful to him for making this manga in the first place. I’m thankful for how it started. I’m thankful for how it made me who I am today in small, tiny ways.

Most of all, I’m grateful for this fantastic fandom I’ve found myself in. A toast to all my nakama in the True Bleach Universe…

Get Involved!

For the next issue of Parallel, the theme of which is “Celebration”, we are looking for the following:

  • female-fronted or feminist bands
  • women who inspire YOU and why
  • letters from our readers to be published in the magazine
  • models - young, old, WoC, fat, thin, anyone! (UK based).
  • social justice clothing brands, i.e. clothing brands that use their proceeds to raise money for campaigns, charities, or simply to raise awareness
  • older trans women to photograph and talk to
  • independent clothing designers
  • artists and collectives
  • your photos of YOU looking BEACH READY
  • your photos of your favourite outfit this season
  • sex workers to talk to about their work and opinions
  • submissions on the theme of “Celebration”

We are also putting together a feminist festival and are looking for the following people to get involved (UK based only!):

  • speakers and debaters - either recommend yourself or your favourite speaker
  • performance artists
  • spoken word artists
  • female-fronted or feminist musicians 
  • people looking to run workshops

Please email if you are interested in any of the above. Either put “Celebration” or “Festival” as your subject title depending on whether you want to be involved with the magazine or the festival.

Peace and love! 

GORGEOUSNESS from a reader:

“My name is Natalie and I live in Baltimore, MD, I’m 21 and I go to the Maryland Institute College of Art. I study textile, costume and fashion design. Thought you’d be interested in this jacket I made a couple years ago. It was inspired by the Man Eaters in She-Devils on Wheels. I’ve made other custom jackets, but this is probably my favorite.”

Hello Giggles: From Our Readers: This Modern Love

I am so thankful that Cortney McDevitt wrote this article and the closing argument:

“Yes, we may be in the midst of the glorious rise of women, a wave she and I and every single one of our girlfriends are riding to the top, and yes, we may be seeing a corresponding decline in the number of “marriagable” men, and yes, we may very well be living in a time when the “traditional” marriage and family model isn’t really all that necessary…but that doesn’t mean we can’t want it. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t, as capable and independent, financially and emotionally stable women, want it. That doesn’t mean we can’t look at these statistics and these studies in the face and say yeah, but we know damn well, that love – intimate, equal, romantic, ass-kicking love  exists. I’m as sure of that as I am of the four out of five sets of my best friends’ parents who are still married, all 40-something years later. I’m as sure of that as I am of the fact that this April I’ll walk down the aisle as a bridesmaid for the sixth time. And I’m sure that even as an evolved, competent, professional woman, who may not need a man it’s ok if I still believe in love.

Because we as women should be allowed to achieve the life we want and still find love. Above is my comment I posted in response to the articles that she relayed in the article because I feel those articles are once again creating double standards for men and making women seem at fault. The world isn’t black and white people, it is a colorful rainbow. so you may be upset about my comment but I stand firmly behind it along with independent women who strive for excellence and love in world.