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GORGEOUSNESS from a reader:

“My name is Natalie and I live in Baltimore, MD, I’m 21 and I go to the Maryland Institute College of Art. I study textile, costume and fashion design. Thought you’d be interested in this jacket I made a couple years ago. It was inspired by the Man Eaters in She-Devils on Wheels. I’ve made other custom jackets, but this is probably my favorite.”

Hello Giggles: From Our Readers: This Modern Love

I am so thankful that Cortney McDevitt wrote this article and the closing argument:

“Yes, we may be in the midst of the glorious rise of women, a wave she and I and every single one of our girlfriends are riding to the top, and yes, we may be seeing a corresponding decline in the number of “marriagable” men, and yes, we may very well be living in a time when the “traditional” marriage and family model isn’t really all that necessary…but that doesn’t mean we can’t want it. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t, as capable and independent, financially and emotionally stable women, want it. That doesn’t mean we can’t look at these statistics and these studies in the face and say yeah, but we know damn well, that love – intimate, equal, romantic, ass-kicking love  exists. I’m as sure of that as I am of the four out of five sets of my best friends’ parents who are still married, all 40-something years later. I’m as sure of that as I am of the fact that this April I’ll walk down the aisle as a bridesmaid for the sixth time. And I’m sure that even as an evolved, competent, professional woman, who may not need a man it’s ok if I still believe in love.

Because we as women should be allowed to achieve the life we want and still find love. Above is my comment I posted in response to the articles that she relayed in the article because I feel those articles are once again creating double standards for men and making women seem at fault. The world isn’t black and white people, it is a colorful rainbow. so you may be upset about my comment but I stand firmly behind it along with independent women who strive for excellence and love in world.

To the Guy Who Left Me Hanging

Because when all has been said and done, what I had was nothing anyway. I had no claim, no rights. There was never a “we” or an “us,” just you and me. We didn’t need closure because we haven’t even opened a door. We didn’t need farewells because we didn’t even say hello to something.

So, once again due to a rec from one of our readers, I got sucked into another amazing story.

A Feeling I Can’t Hide by wutif

Blaine had been mysteriously transported back to Kurt, more than a hundred and thirty years earlier, summoned with the power of a bolt from the heavens when he had yearned to meet his perfect match. The smoldering glow of their attraction quickly bloomed to a flare that was too obvious to keep a secret for very long. And discovery could be a death sentence here in rural Ohio.

I just read all 57K, absolutely enthralled and in love with it, then I get to the end…and OMFG A GIFT FROM THE HEAVENS!  A 70K sequel!!  YASSSSSSSS BABY!  Thrilled beyond belief.  Time travel and soulmates is my CRACK.  This is awesome.  Onwards to the sequel…


P.S. Suffice it to say this fic and the sequel will be added to the library.

Hoshidan Festival: Gunter and Kana (M) Parent-Child Convo

It’s a conversation between Kana and…his old man! =D  (…Did I just hear a collective groan from all our readers?)

Seriously, though, I can’t imagine anyone looking at the Corrin(F)/Gunter/Kana family would ever imagine them to be a married couple with their kid, especially if you’re playing as the more youthful-looking Corrin. They must have interesting conversations with strangers.

It’s sad to think that Gunter would probably die from old age before Kana is fully grown…which also means, Kana’s living for a while in the Outrealms was an excellent idea for this family. Otherwise, Gunter would probably have never known what Kana would be like at this age!

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