from our kitchen

at 7am misha yelled “anyaaaa! you have to come see this!!!” from the kitchen and i ran to see what he was yelling about and their was a little baby in the flat across from us that we can see from our kitchen window, and the baby was looking out the window and laughing at misha and misha had his boxing gloves on and he was waving them around to make the baby laugh and it was just the best way for me to wake up today 

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I found this blog while working an over night shift at an assisted living facility and my dude, my guy, I have Regrets. And I wanted to ask, whats the scariest event you personally have ever experienced?

It might not sound scary now, but when I was living with my parents in our old house, we always had odd things happening. Sometimes food would disappear, pictures in my room would be turned upside down, we had a workshop in the back where I had my music equipment set up and would often go play there at night. You could see into the workshop from our kitchen window. This one night I walked into the kitchen and my mom looked at me like she had seen a ghost. She said that about 20 seconds ago she looked into the shop and saw me in there. That really spooked me because my mom would never make something like that up. She doesn’t even believe in this kind of stuff.

Creepy stuff like this happened off and on for months. I eventually moved up to NYC and my parents put the house up for rent and moved to ATL. Maybe one day I’ll ask our current tenant if she’s experienced anything unusual

Thanks for asking!

OC Hour: The Real First Kiss
  • Emily, 19: *pulls a wine bottle out of her bag* Let's get hammered!
  • Adam, 19: Where did you get that?
  • Emily: Stole it from our kitchen. Figured if we're going to become criminals, we might as well start breaking the law now.
  • Adam: That's... hmm.
  • 2 Hours Later:
  • Emily: *surfaces from a very sloppy makeout* You taste like smoke. *giggles* I kinda like it. *slides off Adam's lap and hits the floor*
  • Adam: *feels around for her vaguely* Em... come baaaack...
  • The Next Morning:
  • Adam: *miserable, remembers nothing*
  • Emily: *squints at him* Why are you wearing my lipstick?
Welcome to My Life

Request: 8. W/ Seventeen and the bias as Hansol?

8) Your bias introduces you to their group members for the first time. 

Member: Seventeen’s Vernon x Y/N

Type: Fluff

“There are so many of them,” I whispered, leaning over to Vernon. 

“Twelve,” he nodded with a grin. “There are twelve of them.”

“But your name is seventeen, there should be seventeen,” my best friend, Lily, chimed in from the kitchen of our apartment. 

“Seventeen, thirteen boys, three sub units, one team,” Vernon said, without skipping a beat. 

“I don’t like math,” Lily muttered as she shut a cabinet and leaned against the counter to face us. “Thirteen boys. That’s still a lot. You have to impress thirteen guys Y/N.”

I shut my eyes and winced. She really didn’t need to remind me. 

“She doesn’t have to impress anyone,” Vernon sighed. “She’s impressed me, so the rest of the guys can get on board or…uh…”

I opened my eyes and lifted my brows, waiting. 

“Uh?” Lily repeated, watching him carefully as well. 

“Well there’s honestly really nothing I can do considering I’m almost the youngest…but they’ll be impressed, it’ll be fine,” he nodded with a smile to overcompensate the failing reassurance. 

“You’re a mess,” Lily said, shaking her head and turning around. She grabbed her purse from the floor and began walking to the door. 

“Wait!” I gasped. “Where are you going?” 

“Out,” she said bluntly, slipping her shoes on. 

“But uh, you don’t want to stay and meet his members? It’ll be fun, really,” I nodded, trying to convince myself more than I was trying to convince her. 

“You know, as riveting as it sounds, I just can’t cancel these plans,” she clucked, giving me a wink. “Later babe.”

She heaved open our heavy door and immediately squeaked in surprise. A large group of men stood outside.

“Yah!” one gasped, a wide smile on his face. “You must be Y/N, we’re-”

“Nope,” Lily said simply, shouldering through the group and into the hallway. “In there.”

I closed my eyes again. To say my body was being fueled by nerves was an understatement. I think at this point, even if I ran a block I wouldn’t be able to burn off the energy coursing through my veins. I slowly pulled myself up from the couch and turned the corner, popping my head into the immediate area. 

“Yah! That’s Y/N! I was on her facebook!” one of the boys shouted. 

“Aish, you lied! She is pretty!” “Why is she with Vernon?” “I smell food, did she cook?” “Move over, let me see. Oh wow.” “Hi, I’m Wonwoo and I’m incredibly sorry for-””Don’t listen to him, he’s literally wearing glasses with no lenses, do you want to trust someone like-””Would you all shut up?”

A boy standing near the front was the first to cross the threshold. “Please excuse my incredibly rude company,” he said cooly. “I’m Seungcheol. You must be Y/N.”

I am,” I nodded, a slight blush appearing on my cheeks. He took my hand in his and gave a slight bow. 

“Nice to meet you Y/N,” he smiled. “Vernon has told us a lot about you. 

“That’s a lie,” one of the boys interrupted. He quickly crossed the threshold and stood beside Seungcheol. “We’ve heard literally all of your conversations when he was trying to court you. He asked for advice constantly.”

“Yah! Hyung!” Vernon groaned, turning the corner quickly. He stood beside me and let his head loll back onto his shoulders. 

“This is Mingyu,” Seungcheol chuckled. 

“The incredibly honest, and always handsome Mingyu,” the tall boy winked. Vernon groaned again and rolled his eyes. 

“Well, everyone, come in,” I smiled, waving the rest of the guys in. “Come sit.”

Vernon’s twelve members slowly filed into my living room and took spots wherever they could fit. I never realized how little the amount of furniture I had until they were trying to squeeze themselves in on top of each other. 

“Introductions,” Vernon sighed. “…the members are included, but not limited to-”

“Yah!” one of the boys gasped. “I can introduce myself! I am Seungkwan, Boo Seungkwan. I-”

“And next to him,” Vernon muttered, continuing on. 

“I am your hyung! Does that mean nothing to you?” Seungkwan gasped dramatically, placing his hand over his heart. 

The boy next to him rolled his eyes. “And I’m your hyung, the moment has passed.” He angled himself to face me and gave me a slow, gentle smile. He radiated beauty. Tucking a piece of his long, dark hair behind his ear, he began to speak again. “I’m Jeonghan.”

“Yes, you are,” I breathed. 

Vernon looked back and forth quickly between Jeonghan and I, becoming visibly irked by my sudden interest in his member. I hadn’t even realize I had spoken the words aloud until Vernon cleared his throat to garner my attention. 

“Next to him is-”

“Jun,” the boy smiled, leaning forward and shaking my hand. He gave me a quick wink as he pointed to the tall, quiet boy next to him. “This is Minghao, we’re the China line.”

I nodded, giving each boy a smile in turn. 

“You’ve met Mingyu,” Vernon said, nodding to the tall boy again next to Minghao. “Beside him is Wonwoo.”

Wonwoo gave me a timid smile and a small wave with his hand completely covered in a sweater sleeve. 

“Then there’s Joshua, our American hyung,” Vernon said, nodding to the handsome, tan boy beside Wonwoo. “You can speak with him in English to annoy the other members.”

Joshua chuckled and shook his head. 

“I speak English so good!” the boy next to him said a bit too loudly. 

“And our dear Hoshi,” Vernon smiled. “Next to him is -”

“Seokmin,” the tan boy said, giving a hundred watt smile, he shook his head quickly as if he had made a mistake. “DK.”

“And last, but certainly not least,” Vernon sighed, letting his gaze fall on his best friend. 

“Chan!” I squealed, launching forward and giving the boy a huge hug. I had met Chan on several occasions and he had always been so incredibly sweet. As soon as my arms wrapped around his neck, I felt his body go rigid. I immediately detached to see his face had been painted in the darkest shade of red. He bit at his lip to hide his embarrassed smile. 

“Hi Y/N,” he said quickly, avoiding any sort of eye contact. 

“I would just like to note,” a grumpy voice came from near one of my house plants. I looked over to see a boy propped up against a bean bag chair with a sour expression. “I am last, and also apparently least.”

“Oh! Yah!” Vernon gasped, his eyes growing wide with something resembling fear. “Jihoon hyung! Y/N this is Woozi.”

I nodded quickly, wincing from the icy look Woozi was focusing on my boyfriend. 

“No, it’s simply too late, I might as well see myself out, to be so disrespected by a dongsaeng,” he clucked. I could feel Vernon holding his breath beside me as he watched his hyung. After a few moments, Jihoon finally broke into a smile and leaned forward, taking my hand warmly in his. “Hi Y/N, you are really lovely.”

“So…like…” Jun trailed, tilting his head as he looked from me to Vernon. “Have you two kissed yet?” 

“Jun!” Joshua gasped, leaning over and pinching his member on the thigh. “They’re literally children.”

“Could you see Vernon kissing anyone?” Mingyu chuckled. “I think he would melt into a puddle of himself and quite possibly die.”

Vernon groaned again, leaning forward and hiding his face in his hands. “Introduce me to your members, she said. It would be fun, she said.”

I chuckled, hitting my shoulder against his. “Well, at least it’s off to an exciting start?”

“Do you have any board games Y/N?” one of the boys chirped. “What about food?” “Ooo, do you have cable?” “Are we going to get food or are you going to cook?” “Quit being rude, we’re guests.”

I listened to the cacophony of voices before me and looked back over to Vernon with wide eyes. “Introduce you to my members, he said. It would be fun, he said.”

Vernon chuckled, lifting his face from his hands and setting his fingers carefully between mine. We tried to ignore the sudden “ooo’s” and “ahhh’s” emerging from the crowd in front of us. 

“Welcome to my life.”

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I Win

Anonymous request for SpencerxReader in which the reader and Spencer, who are a couple and live together, make a bet on who can go the longest without touching one another.

“I bet you couldn’t go a day without touching me.”
Spencer’s tone was challenging. And I am not one to back down from a challenge.
“Was that a challenge, Spencer?” I asked. He smiled at me from across our kitchen.
“Maybe,” he shrugged. I narrowed my eyes at him.
“I bet I can,” I said.
“Oh, yeah? We both know I’ll outlast you,” he teased.
“Oh, no you don’t, Spencer Reid,” I said. “You’re on.”

It was a day off. Days off with Spencer are almost always spent in intense physical contact. I’m not a clingy person, per se, but I’m a fan of touching.
Lots of touching.
Kissing, hugging, cuddling, sex, anything I can get from Spencer, I’ll take.
Just…not today. I never, ever back down.

We made our way through the day with jibes and teasing and shared glances that drove me insane. By the time we went to bed that night, the urge to curl up next to my boyfriend and let him hold me with those warm arms and sweet scent.
But no. I couldn’t do that, because I never, ever back down.
I barely slept that night, and when I did, it was fitful. I slept on and off, waiting and waiting and waiting.
And then, as the glowing red numbers on the alarm clock changed to reflect 6:05 am, I immediately rolled over and onto Spencer, who opened his eyes to look at me sleepily as I pressed my lips passionately to his.
“What are you doing?” He mumbled. I grinned.
“Six oh five,” I said. “I win.”
“But you caved first,” he objected.
“You bet me that I couldn’t do a day,” I said. “Twenty four hours ago down to the minute. I win.”
“Mm. No, I do,” he said, “because I have you.”

One Day

One day soon I will have a pretty garden

In a pretty yard

Surrounding a pretty house

With pretty rooms that make everyone feel good

With a pretty kitchen that makes me smile

With a pretty oven that bakes like a dream

With a pretty cat to keep me company

With a pretty dog to annoy the cat even though they love each other

I will wear a pretty apron that covers pieces of cloth that hardly pass as clothing

While I bake pretty pies

While I listen to scary stories coming from whatever pretty electronic device I may have

I will sip my delicious coffee from my pretty mug

And a handsome man with pretty eyes will come into our pretty kitchen from our pretty room and spank me square on the ass

He will tease me about my pretty apron being the only modist thing I’ve got on but never ask for me to cover up

He will ask multiple times when his pretty pie will be ready like a kid asking if they’re there yet

I will shush him and admire his pretty eyes and he’ll light heartedly make fun of my scary stories and tease me asking if my witchy self isn’t satisfied with the ghosts and ghouls we’ve got inhibiting our pretty house

And although he mocks my scary stories he will sit and watch me and listen to them til the end even though he’s already got his coffee and knows the pie will be another few minutes

After the story ends and the next one begins he’ll get up from his pretty chair and stand behind me and rest his chin on my bare shoulder

He’ll tell me he loves me he’ll tell me I’m pretty and he’ll kiss my shoulder blade, right on my pretty tattoo the kisses will go up my neck and to my cheek until he turns me enough to meet my mouth

I’ll kiss him back, I’ll put my forehead on his and look again at his pretty eyes and tell him I love him back and that I’ll call him when the pie is ready

He’ll give my ass another smack and get a nest set up in our pretty living room while he waits

Our pretty animals will follow him and I’ll laugh hearing him get flustered at them insisting on being in his way

Eventually we’ll be snuggled in together with pie and coffee and something funny on tv, with our pretty pets against us on our pretty couch, in our pretty living room, in our pretty house surrounded by our pretty yard.

Life will be beautiful.
Power Couple- A Nate Maloley Imagine (Requested)


“Nate you have to read this article about us, I just read online!” I called from the kitchen in our spacious apartment.

“Is it good or bad?” Nate asked as he came into the kitchen only in his boxers. He pulled up a chair next to me and I slid over my laptop letting him have a look.

The article was extremely well written and was overall positive. It critiqued our newly released single that we had worked on together, our journey, and possibilities for our future.

Nate looked deeply engaged as he read the article, which was titled “Newest Power Couple?” We both were struggling musicians and when we started dating roughly three years ago we wanted to put our feelings into lyrics and created some chart topping songs. Our newest one that had just dropped this week, was posed to be a hit as well.

As our careers took off, so did our fame. We were like overnight celebrities. Nate and I both did a lot of promotions and made new connections in the celebrity world. It was weird because when we first started dating it was a secret, then our first collab came out and the entire world knew. But it seemed as if everyone loved us. Like this current article, it compared us to Beyoncé and Jay Z and believed we would take over the music business. I would be lying if I said we didn’t have anything big in store, but being compared to two of the most influential people in music was amazing.

When Nate finished the article he looked at me stunned and only said one word “Wow.”

I smiled. “Isn’t this crazy? Before we dated we struggled so hard to get known and then we met and look.” I said shaking my head.

“We really are made for each other.” Nate said squeezing my thigh.

“Can I start calling you Jay Z 2.0?” I laughed.

“No way, I’m Skate all the way. I’m not an imitation of someone else, but it’s nice being compared to him. It’s crazy that people think of us like that…we’re just doing what we love.” Nate said as his eyes met mine.

“With who we love.” I finished Nate’s sentence.

He nodded. “Maybe that’s all it takes to be a power couple.” He said still in thought.

“Hmmm maybe. Well as long as I have you, I know we can accomplish anything.” I said leaning in to give him a kiss.

“Thank you for being the Beyoncé to my Jay Z, I love you.” Nate joked as he kissed me once more.