from our kitchen

  • *early morning*
  • Sherlock: *playing the violin*
  • Rosamund: *eating cereal; grimacing* Uncle Sherlock?
  • Sherlock: *concentrating* Mmm?
  • Rosamund: Are you in love?
  • Sherlock: *glances at her* Why do you ask?
  • Rosamund: *shrugs* you keep playing icky love songs and stuff.
  • Sherlock: *offended* I am not!
  • Rosamund: *raises an eyebrow* What was that called?
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *mutters* Ode to Joy *irritated* don't you have school?
  • Rosamund: *rolls her eyes; stands* Alright, alright, I'm going *picks up her bag; knocks on Sherlock's bedroom door* see you later, Aunt Molly.
  • Molly: *muffled* Yeah, g-goodbye, Rosie.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Rosamund: *smug* Bye-bye, Uncle Sherlock *grins as she leaves the flat*

elsewhat999  asked:

I found this blog while working an over night shift at an assisted living facility and my dude, my guy, I have Regrets. And I wanted to ask, whats the scariest event you personally have ever experienced?

It might not sound scary now, but when I was living with my parents in our old house, we always had odd things happening. Sometimes food would disappear, pictures in my room would be turned upside down, we had a workshop in the back where I had my music equipment set up and would often go play there at night. You could see into the workshop from our kitchen window. This one night I walked into the kitchen and my mom looked at me like she had seen a ghost. She said that about 20 seconds ago she looked into the shop and saw me in there. That really spooked me because my mom would never make something like that up. She doesn’t even believe in this kind of stuff.

Creepy stuff like this happened off and on for months. I eventually moved up to NYC and my parents put the house up for rent and moved to ATL. Maybe one day I’ll ask our current tenant if she’s experienced anything unusual

Thanks for asking!

Listen I get really pissed about this whole hiding in your room to eat as quickly as possible when you’re on your period during Ramadan, in your own home so that the men in your family don’t see like????

Bound to Happen (Part 11), Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: The chronicles of being Lin’s assistant to maybe something more.

Words: 1,210

Author’s Note: Okay guys, this is it! The final chapter of this series! I might return to this universe one day - maybe you guys could ask me questions and I can write drabbles as a response? But otherwise, I’ve reached the end of my plot! Thank you for all the support and love. Siempre.

Warnings: The burn is over.

Askbox | Masterlist | Previous Chapter 

“I was thinking.” You started, hand making quick work of sawing the bread in front of you.

Oh no.” Lin teased, bustling around the kitchen.

Dinner had become a semi-regular thing. About once a week you would spend nearly an hour in a brightly lit grocery store, arguing incessantly about what sounded the best. That night Lin had won with spaghetti. Lin won often.

“I’m trying to be serious here.” You waved the bread knife in his direction, effectively silencing any witty remarks he had ready. “We’ve slept together, what-”

Are we counting orgasms or-

“Shut up!” Lin giggled as you playfully reached over to swat at him. “We’ve spent the night together many times.”

“We have.” Lin seemed rather invested in his noodles at the moment, but he was fucking terrified.

This could easily be the conversation that ended it all. It was bound to happen, right? Two close friends sleeping together with no talk meant total disaster eventually. You would say you needed more and that he was holding you back from getting whatever more was.

He was always holding you back, it seemed.

“We need to figure out what we’re doing here.”

“Well, I’m making spaghetti.”



“I give us two weeks.” You finally settled on, halting Lin. His hands continued to work on dinner, but his brain was rushing through scenarios. “Two weeks to figure out what we’re doing. If we can’t sit and have an actual conversation about us then maybe it’s not worth the trouble.”

He watched for a second as you shrugged, continuing to busy yourself with the bread. An attempt at casual.

“I don’t need two weeks.” Was his immediate reply. “I’ve had almost twenty years to realize you are the love of my life.”

There was a moment of silence where no one moved. The light bubbling of the red sauce was the only sound in Lin’s vast house as you absorbed his exclamation and he watched on.

“That’s what I get for dating a writer.” You rolled your eyes as he gaped at you, flipping his gas stove off and sweeping you off your feet. “Lin!”

“Your boyfriend-” You grinned at the use of the term as the knife clattered out of your hand and onto the counter, “-was trying to be romantic and you rolled your eyes!”

“Put me down!” You shrieked as he continued to carry you away from the kitchen, “Our dinner!”

The couch cushion bounced as he tossed you off his shoulder.

“I have been waiting twenty years to call you my girlfriend.” He stopped himself to press a gentle kiss to your forehead, “Spaghetti can wait.”

It took Tommy exactly one day to connect the dots - he was always oddly perceptive when it came to Lin. He snickered when you showed up to a pick up rehearsal the next day, not on business.

“What’s so funny?”

“Nothing! It’s just, if you’re gonna tip-toe around everyone about your relationship with Lin, it would help if you didn’t wear a giant sign saying ‘Look at me! Lin’s girlfriend!’.” He shrugged.

“I don’t have a sign-”

“Not just a sign. Flashing lights. Confetti. The whole nine yards.”

You brushed his comments off. It was Tommy just being Tommy. Teasing, older brother Tommy.

Then Alex took note of a shift in dynamic. Then Chris, the least perceptive person in the room, asked you about Lin.

It was weird. Having this thing out in the open. Casual flirting all those years ago was one thing. Sleeping together was one thing. Having it public with stakes was another.

The fact that people had been clamoring for the two of you to get together for years wasn’t lost on you. The clenching in your stomach grew tighter. It was bound to happen. That’s what everyone told you. That’s what you convinced yourself.

You practically had worked yourself into a silent frenzy when there was a nudge at your side.

Lin, in all his stupid historical blouse glory.

“You’re thinking.” He squinted, “About me, hopefully? I know I haunt your every waking thought.” He grinned, nose scrunching and eyes crinkling.

Your eyes scanned him for a moment. The freckle that had developed on the dip of his nose with age. One that hadn’t been there in college. The light scar on his cheek, practically unnoticeable if you weren’t looking for it.

He told you of the high school theater mishap that caused it, giggling when he told you he hadn’t told the story to anyone. Not even his parents.

It was months of brushing off his dependence on you, years of rolling your eyes at the comments. It wasn’t until this moment that you realized you had been in love with him all along.

“Of course.” You sigh, allowing his arm to casually slink over your shoulder. He pulled you closer, you didn’t comment of the looks the entire company shot the two of you.

You didn’t even flinch. 

“This probably isn’t the time to talk about it.” You took not of his hushed tone and stepped ever-so closer. ”What do you think about London?”

“It’s nice.” You tested the word on your tongue, “Why?”

“There’s an offer for me. A big one. It wouldn’t be until I’m done with this,” He gestured around the theater, at the actors who were slowly getting back to work. Lin would have to join them in a moment.


“Middle of next year? Have a month or so off. Move to London.”

Move. As in: Uproot and live there.

“I know it’s early. But I keep coming back to this contract and picturing myself there. It isn’t real unless you’re there with me.”

“Lin!” Called Alex, perched behind a piano with Leslie at his side. Lin nodded, starting to pull away.

“I’d have to look into some opportunities. See what foundations I can get involved in.”

“So you’ll think about it?” He was backing away, careful of stage hands perched in aisle ways.

“I can see it now: A true English breakfast in the morning, tea and biscuits in the evening, making sure underprivileged kids get funding while my man goes to work.”

Lin laughed at the picture, mostly because he had never been someone’s man before. Even with all the relationships he had hopped in and out of - he never felt like someone’s until that moment.

“I love you.”

You weren’t truly sure who said it. In all honestly, it felt like it was said a million times before. ‘I love yous’ hidden in coffee runs and desperately needed hugs of comfort and late night conversations.

You had loved him from the start, you confirmed, watching him stumble through rehearsal. He was half distracted with his eyes on you, always trying to make you giggle. He succeeded without fail.

You loved his stupid historical blouse and his Ja Rule growl. You especially loved the scar whose story only you knew.

You loved him and had no doubt in your mind that he loved you. If that meant moving to London for him, so be it. If that meant endless nights waiting up for him, so be it.

If that meant spending the rest of your lives together? Well, you could certainly work with that.

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Title: Sleeping With a Stripper

Date: March 3, 2017

Requested by Anonymous: Prompt 62-  “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”

Pairing: Graylu 

Word Count: 931

Rated: T (for themes)

Hello! My name is Lucy Heartfilia! I am seventeen years old and a first year student at Magnolia University. I know I am young for a college student, but that is because I had started my school education a year early, I’ll actually be turning eighteen next month.

Speaking of “eighteen” that is actually the age of my roommate, Gray Fullbuster. He is also a first-year student in the arts department, he actually plays the guitar quite well and is a magnificent dancer. As by “dancer”, that is actually his part time job. Gray is a pole dancer at one of the night clubs; apparently because they serve alcohol at the booths, it is deemed a “pants-on” strip club, meaning that the underwear never come off for the sake of its employees.

Not that they stay on in his everyday life… Gray Fullbuster has a habit and, as his roommate, it isn’t uncommon for me to get a glimpse of his unintentual nudity.

Gray strips whether it be on command or off. Most of the time, he is not even aware of when he begins losing his clothing. This is where my life comes back into play as I pick up yet another lone sock from the flat of our kitchen counter.

“Gray is going to be home late again, huh?” I grumble, tossing the white fabric towards the laundry room just across the hall. “That means we won’t be sharing dinner. I wonder if he’s ate already.”

By this time in fall, the skies are already darken and night is upon us as I rummaged through the fridge for ingredients to make stew.

“I’m sure he’ll appreciate it if I leave some extra.”        

Traditionally, the two would not see each other often, both having different schedules in the day. Lucy would study, go to class and work during the daylight, and sleep soundly once night fell. Gray would sleep in, head to classes around the afternoon and work throughout the late hours.

But in the days’ time was allowed for the two to have similar breaks, they would spend it playing games, tutoring the other or sharing a meal in good company.

Lucy truly cherished those memories, Gray being at his calmest and herself not as stressed. They would tell stories at the table, laugh on the sofa and even have midnight escapades shopping for ice cream at the 24-hour open corner stores.

Gray would try to keep her up on Saturday nights, and Lucy would chastise him for playing his instruments rather than study for his Sociology exam. They would bake together, tease and tickle each other, comfort the other, all the things that good roommates would do.

It amused Lucy as she walked down memory lane, stirring at the stew leisurely. A slight smile would make it to her lips as she poured herself a bowl, letting the rest of the pot cool before packing Grays portion away.

Before long, Lucy had finished her dinner, the television turned off, textbooks closed and lights dimmed out. Darkness swallowed the air of night, the stars sparkling and the moon shining above as the blonde was lulled asleep under paten sheets, serene sounds displaying her slumber.

The time read four in the morning when the front door became unlocked, another body entering the small apartment. With grumbled noise and the dropping of a coat, the light of the kitchen came on to give sight for Gray. He stumbled through the fridge, looking to find an early morning snack.

With glee, he looked at the bowl of stew which sat on the top shelf in appreciation. Grays stomach rumbled of hunger as he scarfed the meal down cold without heating it beforehand.

Without much thought, the stripper found himself walking the down the hall, losing his skin tight shirt where he passed his room. Tonight, no matter the time, he was in an affectionate mood, willing to give attention to his friend whether she liked it or not. Accept it, she will though as he rattled the knob of Lucy’s door mindlessly.

The hinges gave no hesitation nor squeak as it crack open, allowing Gray entrance into the lady room. By the time he made it to the foot of her bed he was only in boxers as he crawled in. Gray found himself by Lucy’s side, arms encircling her waist as he brought them closer together.

“Luce..!” He whined not so quietly, tugging at her loose strands of hair.

“Wake up,” he pleaded, burrowing his head between her shoulder blades with an undignified scowl.

The girl only groaned, fidgeting at the warmth of the body behind her. She tightened hold of the comforter, wrapping it further around not only hers but, unconsciously, Grays body as well.

“Gray,” Lucy pouted, turning her groggy eyes toward the ebony haired young man. “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”

Gray hummed in response. “I’m always naked,” he deadpanned.

“I have to get up in two hours…” Lucy cried, attempting to wiggle out of Grays arms.

“Get up now then…” Gray replied, his grip too strong for her as his eyelids began to close.

“Meany!” Lucy pouted more, furrowing her brows in frustration. “Why should you sleep than?!”


Lucy sighed, listening to Gray snore, her being still tired and too weak to argue anymore. No, there was no way she would stay up ‘til she needed to prepare for the day, not when she had a body holding her down.

Wake up? Why? Gray couldn’t even stay up, so why should she?

Ideas For Modern AU's

• We’re stuck in an elevator together and I’m literally pressed up against you this isn’t awkward at all

 • I accidentally passed you an embarrassing note that was meant for my best friend dON’T YOU DARE READ IT

• I just got dumped horribly and I’m crying so fucking bad right now and I just bumped into you in the hallway wow talk about hella awkward

• Neither of us have partners for dance so we’re stuck together for the slow dancing unit and neither of us can dance

• I just twisted my ankle while running laps in gym and you’re the only person near me please carry me to the nurses office I’M DYING HELP

• I just heard a weird sound in the middle of the night and woke up to find you stealing food from our kitchen aND WHY ARE YOU TOUCHING MY NUTELLA

• There are not enough lockers in the school so we have to share one for the rest of the year did I mention I have a huge ass tuba I haul around everywhere?

• I just stepped on your new iPhone aND I AM SO SORRY I’LL MAKE IT UP TO YOU PLEASE DON’T KILL ME

• I’m on my way to the swimming pool in our building but the elevator got stuck. So now I’m alone with you in an elevator wearing nothing but a skimpy swim suit

Celebrate with Daddy (SMUT)

Anon: “Derek smut where you just graduated college and he wants to congratulate you”
“I am so proud of you!” My mom says one more time, wrapping me up in her arms as we leave my graduation dinner. The door finally shuts behind us and I take a deep breath.

“It was a big day, how are you holding up?” my boyfriend of almost 2 years asks, looking over at me.

“I’m great. A little exhausted and glad to be going back to our apartment, but I’m great.” I kiss Derek’s cheek. He has been my rock all day as I have talked to professors, fellow classmates, family members and anyone else along the way. He wraps my hand in his.

“My girlfriend is a fucking genius. Magna Cum Laude from USC and headed to work for one of the largest record companies in the nation!” He calls out a little too loudly as we get into the car.

“Baby!” I say, embarrassed and laugh as he drives us home. The drive goes quickly for LA and I rest a little along the way. Before I know it, Luh has swooped me up into his arms and is lifting me out of the car. I laugh nervously as I wake up. He puts me down in the elevator and we head for the apartment we picked out together around Christmastime.

As we walk through the door, Derek puts his hands on my waist. “Now it’s finally time for our celebration,” he half-whispers into my neck. I get goosebumps when I feel his breath.

“Is that so?” I say softly and turn around, wrapping my arms around his neck. He nods and our lips quickly come together.

He pulls away, pulls out a chair from our kitchen counter and runs down the hall. “Wait there” he smirks, winking at me before vanishing. I get out a bottle of champagne and two glasses. These fun little surprises were part of the reason I loved Derek so much. He knew how to make a long day end well and the fun out of everything. He somehow always found exactly what I needed.

“Okay you can come back now!” I hear from our bedroom. I walk down the hall until I am facing the frosted French doors.

When I open them, the whole room is glowing and he is sitting on the bed with my silk robes, fluffy slippers and a beautifully wrapped present. I smile. “You spoil me, Baby” I climb onto our bed and kiss his nose. I kick my shoes off the end of the bed and he places the slippers on my feet, jokingly pretending I’m a princess.

I giggle and he wraps his arms around me, putting the present in my lap. I remove the shimmery, pearly white, paper and inside is the most beautiful briefcase I have ever seen. It has my initials monogrammed beautifully near the handle, exactly like I’ve always wanted. “I love it” I kiss him softly and he beams.

“I thought you would, Baby.” He pulls the strap of my white dress away from my shoulder and kisses my collarbone. “You are going to kill it at your new job. The music business is not even close to ready for you,” he pulls me further into his lap.

“Thanks” I say softly and lean forward. Derek unzips my dress and begins to kiss down my back. I feel the goosebumps come on and giggle as he presses his lips at the base of my neck. I hop of the bed and shake my dress off, pulling it over my head, my back facing Derek. He liked when I put on shows like this. I unhook my bra and toss it at him and he laughs.

“Come back to bed, I’ve got one more thing for the graduate” he smirks and I roll my eyes. He softly begins to message my tits, tweaking at the nipples. I sit in his lap and can already feel him getting hard beneath me. Our lips meet again, soft at first, but quickly gaining intensity. I grind lightly against his growing bulge.

“Am I turning you on, Daddy?” I whisper in his ear and he lets out a deep breath.

“Fuck yeah” he smirks. Soon, he tosses me down on the bed and I giggle as he leaves hickies on my soft skin. He works his way down my body, kissing along my stomach and down to my already pulsing and wet heat. He slips a finger around the fabric of my thong. “Already wet for Daddy, are we?” He smiles and slowly peels the thong off of me.

His breath is hot on my clit and a second later his tongue is against it, driving me crazy. I curl my toes as he sucks and flicks and licks me. He props my legs up on his back and dives his tongue into my dripping center. “I need to cum, Daddy” I squeak out, writhing and all of a sudden it all comes to a halt.

“Not yet,” he says, kneeling before me. He lifts me again and sets me on my stomach. Without warning, his rock hard cock slams into my snatch.

“Fuck!” I exclaim as he rocks on top of me, going deeper than I’ve ever felt him. I was close before so it does not take long for me to approach my edge again. Derek is breathing heavy, so I know he is also almost there"

“You’re so tight, Baby” he says, speeding up. Our moans fill our big lofty apartment and I get even more turned on. I moan even louder and Derek slams into me harder and harder. He spanks my ass lightly and that is just enough to send us both into orgasm.

“I’m cumming daddy” I turn back to look at my boyfriend.

“Me too, love” he says, getting sloppier until we both lie out on the bed.

“Congrats to both of us” I laugh, crawl into Derek’s arms.

“But mostly, congrats to you, Angel.” He kisses my forehead and we both fall asleep.


Hope you liked it! 😘😍
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Treats - Phillip Danault

Requested by @supermodelindisguise​: Philip Danault imagine SVP. A bit of fluff but not total smut. 😊

A/N: I’m sorry it took so long. I hope you like it.

Word count: 1180

Warnings: A couple of bad words.

Master list

Originally posted by artturi-lehky

“One cup of chocolate chunks.” I read from the recipe, still stirring the cookie batter with a wooden spoon. “One and a half, just for good luck.”

I’m making cookies for Montreal Canadiens picnic. When Phillip told me that we needed to bring dessert to it I was so pumped about it, I love baking. So I have been baking different types of dessert, brownies, cupcakes, banana bread and now chocolate chip cookies.

I have my phone plugged into the stereo and there is music playing on the background. I roll small balls on cookie dough between my hands and place them on a baking tray, getting it inside the oven when I’m done. I’m so into the song that’s playing that I don’t hear the door opening and Phillip stepping in the kitchen.

“Something smells amazing.” He says, leaning on the counter and looking at the mess that it’s our kitchen from all the cooking.

“Thank you.” I say, walking up to him and giving him a quick peck on the lips and going back to check on the cookies. “I made some stuff for tomorrow.” I say, pointing to the huge dining table.

Phillip turns around and looks at the trays filled with baked goodies. He smiles when he sees the red velvet cupcakes with white and blue icing and the fondant Montreal Canadiens logos on top.

“When I said that we had to bring for dessert I didn’t mean the whole bakery.” He says. “Who long have you been baking?”

“I got a little carried away, right?” I wonder, wrapping my arms around his waist and putting my head against his broad back.

“Just a little.” He answers, turning around in my arms to face me. “But I’m sure that the kids are going to love you.”

“Well, if the kids are going to love me because of it then it was time well spent.” I laugh and he smiles, leaning on to kiss me. The kiss is sweet and slow, and I feel him smile against my lips. “You know what the kids would love to do as well?”

I raise an eyebrow, giving him and inquiring look. He just grins at me, leaving me to guess.

“Wh…” He doesn’t let me finish my question, he grabs a handful of flour and throws it at me, getting my whole face and hair covered in white.

“PHILLIP!” I yell, stepping away from him and wiping my face off with my hand.

“White looks good on you, princess.” He laughs and that makes my blood boil. “I’m sorry, (y/n).” He says, still laughing.

I grab an egg from the carton sitting right next to the flour and I run to him, cracking it on his head. I can’t help it but to snort when I see his expression, he egg white running down his face.

“Oh, you are so dead.” He says, starting to chase me around the kitchen island.

I let out a yelp and I start running before he can catch me. At one point we are looking at each other from opposite sides of the counter, staring at each other, sizing each other. I’m fast to grab a handful of chocolate chips and throw them at him.

“You are playing with fire, (y/n).” He warns me, reaching out for the eggs.

“Maybe I like the heat.” I answer him, walking slowly towards the fridge.

I open the door of the refrigerator as fast as I can and I grab the can of whipped cream from it, but Phillip is quick to run to me and lift me up from the floor. I fight against him, but he is too strong for me to set myself free, so I take off the cap of the can and start pouring the sweet fluffy substance all over what I can reach.

“This isn’t how I imagined us playing with whipped cream, baby.” He says, opening up the fridge with the hand that isn’t holding me and grabbing a bottle of chocolate syrup.

“No, no, no. Please, Phillip.” I beg, but he pops it open and pours the dark liquid all over my head. “Ugh, I hate you.”

Phillip laughs, but puts me down on the floor. I turn around to look at him, he has whipped cream all over his face and hair and his shirt is stained with chocolate and egg and whipped cream.

“You don’t hate me.” He says, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me against his body.

“You are right.” I say, wrapping my arms around his neck, getting inches away from his lips. “I don’t hate you.”

He smiles for a second, before he leans in and kisses me again. The kiss isn’t soft this time, it was sloppy and bruising, both of us biting and sucking on each other’s lips. Phillip runs his hands down my sides, resting them on the back of my thighs, inviting me to jump. I do, wrapping my legs around his waist.

“You taste so good.” He says, licking some chocolate syrup from the corner of my mouth.

Phillip walks to the counter and he lays me down softly on it, the marble surface is cold against my skin.

“How good?” I ask, biting his lower lip and pulling a little bit.

“This good.” He says, moving his lips down my neck, sucking on the spot right under my ear.

I let out a small moan, giving him more space to kiss my neck. His hands are getting touchy as well, running up and down my legs, squeezing my hips. The thing is getting heated, my hands undoing the buttons of his shirt, when we smell it. Something is burning.

“Fuck!” I yell, hoping off the counter and running to the oven.

I grab the glove and pull the baking tray with my burnt cookies on it. They look absolutely carbonized. I turn around to see Phillip biting his knuckles to stop himself from laughing.

“It isn’t funny.” I say and he bites harder until he can’t hold it anymore and he burst into a fit of laughter.

“It kind of is.” He says and I shake my head.

“It really isn’t. They were for tomorrow.” I whine and he hugs me from behind, his head on my shoulder.

“You made enough treats for tomorrow, baby.” He says. “You’ll make the cookies for another occasion.”

I nod, still pouting. I turn around to see what a mess the kitchen is and I sigh again.

“I need to clean the kitchen.” I say, but Phillip doesn’t let me go.

“We are going to clean you up, cupcake.” He whispers to my ear. “And we’ll deal with this later… Thank you for making all of this, it means the world to me.”

“It was nothing, babe.” I say, linking my fingers with his.

“I’m so lucky to have you.” He is still whispering.

“There you are right.” I tell him and he laughs.

“Shower now, young lady.” He commands and I nod, following him to the bathroom.

Welcome to My Life

Request: 8. W/ Seventeen and the bias as Hansol?

8) Your bias introduces you to their group members for the first time. 

Member: Seventeen’s Vernon x Y/N

Type: Fluff

“There are so many of them,” I whispered, leaning over to Vernon. 

“Twelve,” he nodded with a grin. “There are twelve of them.”

“But your name is seventeen, there should be seventeen,” my best friend, Lily, chimed in from the kitchen of our apartment. 

“Seventeen, thirteen boys, three sub units, one team,” Vernon said, without skipping a beat. 

“I don’t like math,” Lily muttered as she shut a cabinet and leaned against the counter to face us. “Thirteen boys. That’s still a lot. You have to impress thirteen guys Y/N.”

I shut my eyes and winced. She really didn’t need to remind me. 

“She doesn’t have to impress anyone,” Vernon sighed. “She’s impressed me, so the rest of the guys can get on board or…uh…”

I opened my eyes and lifted my brows, waiting. 

“Uh?” Lily repeated, watching him carefully as well. 

“Well there’s honestly really nothing I can do considering I’m almost the youngest…but they’ll be impressed, it’ll be fine,” he nodded with a smile to overcompensate the failing reassurance. 

“You’re a mess,” Lily said, shaking her head and turning around. She grabbed her purse from the floor and began walking to the door. 

“Wait!” I gasped. “Where are you going?” 

“Out,” she said bluntly, slipping her shoes on. 

“But uh, you don’t want to stay and meet his members? It’ll be fun, really,” I nodded, trying to convince myself more than I was trying to convince her. 

“You know, as riveting as it sounds, I just can’t cancel these plans,” she clucked, giving me a wink. “Later babe.”

She heaved open our heavy door and immediately squeaked in surprise. A large group of men stood outside.

“Yah!” one gasped, a wide smile on his face. “You must be Y/N, we’re-”

“Nope,” Lily said simply, shouldering through the group and into the hallway. “In there.”

I closed my eyes again. To say my body was being fueled by nerves was an understatement. I think at this point, even if I ran a block I wouldn’t be able to burn off the energy coursing through my veins. I slowly pulled myself up from the couch and turned the corner, popping my head into the immediate area. 

“Yah! That’s Y/N! I was on her facebook!” one of the boys shouted. 

“Aish, you lied! She is pretty!” “Why is she with Vernon?” “I smell food, did she cook?” “Move over, let me see. Oh wow.” “Hi, I’m Wonwoo and I’m incredibly sorry for-””Don’t listen to him, he’s literally wearing glasses with no lenses, do you want to trust someone like-””Would you all shut up?”

A boy standing near the front was the first to cross the threshold. “Please excuse my incredibly rude company,” he said cooly. “I’m Seungcheol. You must be Y/N.”

I am,” I nodded, a slight blush appearing on my cheeks. He took my hand in his and gave a slight bow. 

“Nice to meet you Y/N,” he smiled. “Vernon has told us a lot about you. 

“That’s a lie,” one of the boys interrupted. He quickly crossed the threshold and stood beside Seungcheol. “We’ve heard literally all of your conversations when he was trying to court you. He asked for advice constantly.”

“Yah! Hyung!” Vernon groaned, turning the corner quickly. He stood beside me and let his head loll back onto his shoulders. 

“This is Mingyu,” Seungcheol chuckled. 

“The incredibly honest, and always handsome Mingyu,” the tall boy winked. Vernon groaned again and rolled his eyes. 

“Well, everyone, come in,” I smiled, waving the rest of the guys in. “Come sit.”

Vernon’s twelve members slowly filed into my living room and took spots wherever they could fit. I never realized how little the amount of furniture I had until they were trying to squeeze themselves in on top of each other. 

“Introductions,” Vernon sighed. “…the members are included, but not limited to-”

“Yah!” one of the boys gasped. “I can introduce myself! I am Seungkwan, Boo Seungkwan. I-”

“And next to him,” Vernon muttered, continuing on. 

“I am your hyung! Does that mean nothing to you?” Seungkwan gasped dramatically, placing his hand over his heart. 

The boy next to him rolled his eyes. “And I’m your hyung, the moment has passed.” He angled himself to face me and gave me a slow, gentle smile. He radiated beauty. Tucking a piece of his long, dark hair behind his ear, he began to speak again. “I’m Jeonghan.”

“Yes, you are,” I breathed. 

Vernon looked back and forth quickly between Jeonghan and I, becoming visibly irked by my sudden interest in his member. I hadn’t even realize I had spoken the words aloud until Vernon cleared his throat to garner my attention. 

“Next to him is-”

“Jun,” the boy smiled, leaning forward and shaking my hand. He gave me a quick wink as he pointed to the tall, quiet boy next to him. “This is Minghao, we’re the China line.”

I nodded, giving each boy a smile in turn. 

“You’ve met Mingyu,” Vernon said, nodding to the tall boy again next to Minghao. “Beside him is Wonwoo.”

Wonwoo gave me a timid smile and a small wave with his hand completely covered in a sweater sleeve. 

“Then there’s Joshua, our American hyung,” Vernon said, nodding to the handsome, tan boy beside Wonwoo. “You can speak with him in English to annoy the other members.”

Joshua chuckled and shook his head. 

“I speak English so good!” the boy next to him said a bit too loudly. 

“And our dear Hoshi,” Vernon smiled. “Next to him is -”

“Seokmin,” the tan boy said, giving a hundred watt smile, he shook his head quickly as if he had made a mistake. “DK.”

“And last, but certainly not least,” Vernon sighed, letting his gaze fall on his best friend. 

“Chan!” I squealed, launching forward and giving the boy a huge hug. I had met Chan on several occasions and he had always been so incredibly sweet. As soon as my arms wrapped around his neck, I felt his body go rigid. I immediately detached to see his face had been painted in the darkest shade of red. He bit at his lip to hide his embarrassed smile. 

“Hi Y/N,” he said quickly, avoiding any sort of eye contact. 

“I would just like to note,” a grumpy voice came from near one of my house plants. I looked over to see a boy propped up against a bean bag chair with a sour expression. “I am last, and also apparently least.”

“Oh! Yah!” Vernon gasped, his eyes growing wide with something resembling fear. “Jihoon hyung! Y/N this is Woozi.”

I nodded quickly, wincing from the icy look Woozi was focusing on my boyfriend. 

“No, it’s simply too late, I might as well see myself out, to be so disrespected by a dongsaeng,” he clucked. I could feel Vernon holding his breath beside me as he watched his hyung. After a few moments, Jihoon finally broke into a smile and leaned forward, taking my hand warmly in his. “Hi Y/N, you are really lovely.”

“So…like…” Jun trailed, tilting his head as he looked from me to Vernon. “Have you two kissed yet?” 

“Jun!” Joshua gasped, leaning over and pinching his member on the thigh. “They’re literally children.”

“Could you see Vernon kissing anyone?” Mingyu chuckled. “I think he would melt into a puddle of himself and quite possibly die.”

Vernon groaned again, leaning forward and hiding his face in his hands. “Introduce me to your members, she said. It would be fun, she said.”

I chuckled, hitting my shoulder against his. “Well, at least it’s off to an exciting start?”

“Do you have any board games Y/N?” one of the boys chirped. “What about food?” “Ooo, do you have cable?” “Are we going to get food or are you going to cook?” “Quit being rude, we’re guests.”

I listened to the cacophony of voices before me and looked back over to Vernon with wide eyes. “Introduce you to my members, he said. It would be fun, he said.”

Vernon chuckled, lifting his face from his hands and setting his fingers carefully between mine. We tried to ignore the sudden “ooo’s” and “ahhh’s” emerging from the crowd in front of us. 

“Welcome to my life.”

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Headcanon && cooking. 

    In many of Alex’s AUs, she can cook extremely well. Alex learned it from her mother often seeing as a way to bond with her. She was taught how to cook simple dishes to more traditional and complicated mixtures, her mother stressed that only the best should be presented. 

  Along with paying attention to every little detail, the delicate care she puts into her dishes will show and thus, be the best seasoning of all. Like her mother before her, Alex cooks in order to show her deep affection or natural care for people. If she notes that you like a dish, she will try her best to replicate it. Often, she remembers her own mother cooking her favorite meals whenever the day felt too long, so, it’s a silent way of her showing her hospitality. 

  She is a person who will refuse to let you leave until you eat or have something tasty to take on the go. She is extremely well versed in cooking thick stews or pastries filled with meats, often joking her family was not too on anything be bland or dull to the taste. Being invited into the kitchen is her way of saying, sit down and tell me about yourself/ your day / or whatever ails you

  She always has the radio on, glued to Italian Opera or classical music, even if she is not baking pastries at the moment it will always smell sweet with just a tinge of coffee behind it. Alex is someone who deeply feels happiness and usefulness while helping others or giving care, this is her way of showing it. She will most likely grow into an old woman who will refuse to let you leave unless you ate three or four dishes, but it is her love in a simple recipe.

Are You Sure?


Summary: Everyone in the school thinks that Mr. Howell and Mr. Lester are a thing, but no matter what happens they always manage to dodge the question. What will it take for them to just admit it? hmm…maybe… a ring? perhaps? observant students really throw a spanner in the works, don’t they? Phan teacher au. Danisnotonfire x Amazingphil

So I really like the teacher au. I don’t know why. I just do, so I decided to write one! Yay!

Disclaimer: nope. Don’t own ‘em.

Hope you enjoy!

Words: 2941

Phan status: together

Warnings: very mild swearing, OOC-ness.


“And this is how you can see that most modern philosophers don’t just come up with their own theories, but they shape and mold other philosophers work – they modernize it and continue to question our existence” I said animatedly to the already-packed-up class.

With the exception of one or two people, everyone looked bored out of their minds. I chuckled to myself. “Alright, ten minutes left and you all look like something out of the Walking Dead. You can chat amongst yourselves.”

With that, the volume of the classroom heightened gradually as all the students began to talk. I smiled as I retreated to my wheely desk chair – it wasn’t that long ago that I was in their place, wishing school had never been invented.

My phone dinged rather loudly as I got a text from my boyfriend, Phil;

How’s class going? Fancy a lunch date? Xx - PL

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anonymous asked:

Would you mind sharing something to help me get a little hope back? I need some in my life right now, if it doesn't bother you.

Today it snowed in my hometown and I woke up to children shouting in the streets, and when I walked to the park, a group of kids were taking turns sledding down the hill on a trashcan lid. All the snow blew in and covered up the mud and debris, and those kids were so happy, perched like tiny birds on the top of that hill, flying down on their shiny silver sled. 

I live with a girl named Leni, and on New Year’s Eve, she took me to a concert and she and her boyfriend tried to find me a midnight kiss because they didn’t want me to be alone, but instead of kissing someone, I stood on the pews at the edge of the room while the gospel of a countdown sounded, and I watched a hundred people kiss each other to the music of The Egotones, a local band dabbling in psychedelic tunes, and I felt no loss. This is so achingly new to me, to, for the first time, feel free standing in a crowded room, hosting a conversation only with myself. Afterwards, we went to Shari’s, and I ate half of Leni’s pancakes, and I watched her lay her head on her boyfriend’s broad, safe shoulder, and there was an undeniable tenderness between them that I saw but did not envy, because it was beautiful but it must be so hard to stay soft like that.

Leni went to the park with me today and tried sledding down a hill on a tin baking pan from our kitchen, but mostly she tripped and tumbled over herself, and in her wake, the pan left grease smears on the powdery snow. Leni is a very brave person, and she has a lot of light in her, and I like to think she left some smears of that in the snow as well, for the bird children to pick up and bring home with them after they’ve finished flying for the day. 

There is an undeniable tenderness in the world, in the way it rotates, and I do not envy it, because it must be so hard to stay soft like that. But, I swear, it is beautiful, and it shines like Leni and the bird children and the silver sled of the trashcan lid, which I picked up from its place in the snow, dented at the rim, and brought home.

This is to say, I wish you well; I hope you are filled with the most tender light.



Mystic Messenger (707 x Yoosung x Male MC)

I suck! at writing! ROMANCE! I…did this even come out good? Please let me know @sherlockshat I hope it’s good. If not I’ll re-write it. I promise! 

Below I’m just going to say it’s M okay? There’s no smut…well not really I guess. Be warned! 


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I’m back!!
  • we’re completely moved in and unpacked
  • I haven’t checked my feed in a week
  • and came back to this
  • I feel humbled that you guys missed me enough to go through all of my older posts *^_^*
  • also, my tagging system seems to be working as I got notifications that this gif was used about 10 times
  • usually as a response to the news of the Fall release date for Miraculous season 2
  • w00t!
  • it’s going to take me a while to get back up to speed on my posts
  • we moved to an amazing location surrounded by friendly kids and parks
  • seriously
  • this is the view from our kitchen
  • my daughter has always lived in the heart of a city with anti-social kids
  • she made one friend in the 3 years she’s been alive
  • we’ve been here less than a week and the kids ask to play with her
  • so it’s a battle to keep her inside when she sees her new friends run by
  • so yeah…I may not post every day because I’m going to get my kid out before it gets too hot

💐 @butterflyemoji omg, rite? ❤️it’s the view from our kitchen! when my parents bought this house, they rebuilt it from scratch & my m*ther 🕊had the brilliant idea of designing the kitchen like this!
whereas or neighbors’ have their laundry rooms / bedrooms / garage facing the river :-)

it’s everyone’s fav area. family, our friends. & whenever people come here for the first time, they always think it is raining because of the bubbling 💦🌧sound of the river. ✨

TalesFromYourServer: Ramadan has started, it's going to be a month from hell

Our owner and kitchen crew are muslim. Great people, and props to them for doing this, but this is by far the worst month of the year. Sunrise is 5:30AM and sunset is around 10PM, by the time our restaurant is packed, the whole kitchen crew didn’t have a sip of water for 14 hours… People are grumpy and depleted. Can’t blame them, but it’s going to be a looonnggg month for me.

By: zaitsu

All’s Fair in Love and War- A Klaus Mikaelson Imagine, Part One

Author: @samanthaofanarchy

Summary: You are Stiles Stilinski’s older sister, who was previously dating Derek, but you and Derek fought and broke up. You move to New Orleans, where you meet and fall in love with Klaus Mikaelson, and he turns you into a hybrid. Derek ends up in New Orleans to try and get you back, but is shocked to find you’ve been turned into a hybrid, and Klaus gets defensive and he and Derek fight and it all ends in Klaus fluff…

Author’s Note: I’m going to break this into multiple parts because it has such a detailed plot. Hope you guys like it!


I could not believe he just said that to me.

Derek Hale, my boyfriend of 4 years, had just accused me of cheating and basically called me a slut.

He always got like this when random guys would come up to me at the bar and hit on me. We had this fight nearly every single time we went out, but tonight was the last straw.

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