from our kitchen

  • *early morning*
  • Sherlock: *playing the violin*
  • Rosamund: *eating cereal; grimacing* Uncle Sherlock?
  • Sherlock: *concentrating* Mmm?
  • Rosamund: Are you in love?
  • Sherlock: *glances at her* Why do you ask?
  • Rosamund: *shrugs* you keep playing icky love songs and stuff.
  • Sherlock: *offended* I am not!
  • Rosamund: *raises an eyebrow* What was that called?
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *mutters* Ode to Joy *irritated* don't you have school?
  • Rosamund: *rolls her eyes; stands* Alright, alright, I'm going *picks up her bag; knocks on Sherlock's bedroom door* see you later, Aunt Molly.
  • Molly: *muffled* Yeah, g-goodbye, Rosie.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Rosamund: *smug* Bye-bye, Uncle Sherlock *grins as she leaves the flat*
Birthday Girl (Stripper!Tom Holland X Reader) SMUT

Pairing: Stripper!Tom Holland X Reader

Warnings: Language, Smut, Oral (fem receiving)

Word Count: 2729

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“(Y/N) come on it will be funnn!It’s your birthday! Let me celebrate!” My best friend LJ begs. “LJ I don’t know! You know how awkward I am! How am I supposed to watch half naked men dance without dying of embarrassment?!” I say, staring at the phone where LJ was facetiming me. “We’ll just get a few drinks in you. This is non negotiable, (Y/N). Be ready to go by 6.” She says, hanging up before I can respond. I turn to stare at my closet, trying to figure out what one wears to strip club.  At around 5:30 I hear a knock on my door. When I open it, LJ is standing there holding a stack of clothes and a bag, most likely of makeup. “I knew you were gonna use the ‘I have nothing to wear’ excuse on me. So I brought the Cavalry.” She says, and my other two friends Lys, Megan, and Kass. In less than 30 minutes we were all completely ready. “You’re so gonna get laid tonight.” Kass says, a cheshire like smile appearing on her face. “I know I plan to.” LJ says, wiggling her eyebrows. “The Uber is downstairs!” Lys says. We all head down to the car and pile in. LJ tells the driver to head to The Spiders Web. It was about 15 minutes before we got to the club. Lys tipped the driver and we all piled out. There was two bouncers at the door who honestly looked like they themselves could be strippers. One was tall, blonde, and muscled. The other was slightly shorter than the blonde, but equally as muscled. His long brown hair was pulled back into a bun and a sprinkling of stubble across his well defined jaw. They were both gorgeous and slightly intimidating. “ID please.” The blonde said. We all showed our IDs and they let us in. LJ whispered something to the host. The host, whose name tag read Jacob, lead us to a table right in front of the large catwalk stage. LJ reached into her large tote and pulled out a tiara and a sash that read “Birthday Princess”. She forced me to put them on, and I complained the entire time. A beautiful woman with a nametag that read Erin came over to our table to get our drinks. Kass orders everyone the house special called Spider Venom. The drinks come and a voice comes over the speakers “The show will begin soon. Please find your seats. You can get singles at the bar.” LJ hands me a stack of singles and the other 3 pull out their own stacks. “Y'all are in for a good show tonight. Your friend convinced Tom to do a special set all for you. Lucky girl. He’s absolutely fuckable.” Erin says, her eyes going a little dreamy. “The boys are the only reason I got this job. Who doesn’t want to look at that all night?” She asks rhetorically. I giggle and Erin walks back over to the bar, where a stunning woman was pouring drinks. Megan was currently staring at the girl behind the bar, her mouth agape. “Megnogg your gay is showing.” I say with a laugh. “I’m gonna try to get in her pants.” Megan says, nodding to herself. “Go for it, Megatron.” LJ says, looking at a particularly handsome blonde waiter. He notices her gaze and winks at her. She flushes bright red and looks back down at the black and red drink in front of her. “Looks like LJ might be getting some too.” Kass chuckles. “Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to The Spiders Web. I am your host Scarlett. Please welcome Harrison to the stage!” A redheaded woman says from the platform by the stage. A tall muscled man comes out on stage with a cowboy hat, a flannel shirt, and blue jeans hanging deliciously from his waist. The first few chords of ‘Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy’ start playing. As he strips, LJ basically eye fucks him. From the look in his eye when he looks at her, he’s doing the same. “Oh my fuck, that’s the waiter from earlier!” LJ realizes, her mouth falling open. He hears her and winks, walking over in front of our table and crouching, grabbing her by the back of her head and basically thrusting his hips at her face. She tucks a wad of bills in the front of his pants and tries to hide the fact that she just grabbed his dick. “Meet me backstage.” He says to her, with a thick British accent. She nods quickly and he moves to finish his set. LJ grabs her bags, turns to us, says “Bye bitches! Don’t wait up!” with a huge grin and heads backstage. “YEAH LJ GET THAT DICK!” Lys screams, already slightly drunk. We all laugh as the lights go back up. Megan scoops up her empty cup and walks over to the bar. We probably wouldn’t see her for the rest of the time here. “Our next performance has been dedicated to one of our patrons! Can (Y/N) (Y/L/N) please make her way to the stage?” Scarlett asks, scanning the crowd. “What did you do!” I hiss at Lys. “You’ll see!” She says with a dopey grin on her face. I stand up and adjust my skirt, walking up the stairs to the stage. “My, my, you are a pretty one. Hell you’re just his type too. He’s gonna have lots of fun with this one, ladies and gents!” The redhead chuckles. “Have a seat, honey.” She says, pointing at a chair situated on the catwalk. I sit awkwardly, feeling all eyes on me. That is, they’re all on me until the beat of a familiar song starts. There are screams and cheers when the dancer comes out behind me. “Please welcome Tom to stage!” I hear Scarlett say.

It’s your birthday so I know you want to ride out
Even if we only go to my house
Sip more weezy as we sit upon my couch
Feels good but I know you want to cry out

You say you want passion (I think you found it)
Get ready for action (don’t be astounded)
We switching positions (you feel surrounded)
Tell me where you want your gift girl

I’m suddenly eye to eye with a man’s crotch. My gaze raises over a set of washboard abs and up to stunning face. I swear he was the most handsome man on the planet. Big brown eyes and curly brown hair. A cheeky smirk and a jaw that could cut glass. He was dressed in a white button up, suspenders, a skinny tie, and dress pants. “Hello darling.” he says, a British accent clear in his voice. The way he says darling makes my insides clench up. His voice is higher than I expected but it’s still so many and sexual. He circles me, an almost predatory look on his face.  He stops in front of me and grabs my legs spreading them forcefully, forcing my skirt to ride up. He grabs my hips and thrusts against me in time with the best of the music. My face flushes brightly and I gap at the feeling of his body on mine. It sent electricity into my skin and I craved more.

Girl you know I, I, I
I’ve been feeling
Woke up in the late night been dreaming about your loving
Girl you know I, I, I
Don’t need candles and cake
Just need your body to make good

Birthday sex
It’s the best day of the year girl
Birthday sex
If hes not, he’s not, lemme hit that g-spot, g-spot girl

He loosens his tie as he studies me, his brown curls falling down onto his forehead, and removes the tie throwing behind us. He slides the suspenders off of his shoulders, so that they are hanging by his side. He straddles me and thrusts against my stomach, picking my hands up and running them along his chest. His muscles are hard underneath soft skin, his happy trail tickling my hand.

See you sexy in them jeans got me on ten
1,2,3, think I got you pinned
Don’t tap out fighting 'til the end
Ring that bell and we gone start over again

We grinding with passion
'Cause it’s your birthday
Been at it for hours
I know you thirsty
You kiss me so sweetly
Taste just like Hershey’s
Just tell me how you want your gift girl

He gets off of me and rips off his pants, leaving him in a tiny black thong. He picks me up by my thighs and moved me so that my legs are are wrapped around his waist. He leans me back and thrusts against me. I can feel that his hard on against my entrance as his hips meet mine. I gasp as I watch his body move, dirty thoughts filling my mind, imagining all of the dirty things I would do to him if we were alone.

Or maybe we can float on top my water bed
You close your eyes as I end prop. between your legs
We work our way from kitchen stoves and tables
Girl you know I’m more than able to please… Yeah

You say you wanted flowers on the bed
But you got me and hours on the bed

He sets me down back down on the chair and pecks me on the cheek. “Happy birthday, darling.” He says with a small dopey smile. He runs off stage and I shakily stand up a go back to our table. “Holy fuck. You just basically fucked him through your clothes!” Lys says, her eyes wide. “I know!” I giggle. Jacob, the host, walks over and whispers “Tom wants to talk to you backstage. Seems you really made an impression on him.” in my ear. “Really!?!” I ask surprised. “Yes.” Jacob chuckles. I stand up again, my stomach full of butterflies. Jacob lead the way back the way that LJ had come. We pass a door marked ‘Harrison’ and I hear moaning and LJ faintly begging “Harder, daddy.” I shudder a little and continue to follow Jacob.

He leads me to a door marked ‘Tom’ “He’s a really sweet kid. He’s never invited someone back here. Ever. You must be special.” Jacob says, turning to leave. I knock on the door and Tom opens it, fully clothed in sweatpants and a loose muscle tee. “Hello darling! Please come in.” He says, holding the door wide so that I can walk inside. He points at a small table with two chairs and says “Sit. I have a gift for you.” I do as he says and he walks over to a small mini fridge and pulls out a cupcake. Tom sets the cupcake in front of me and sits in the other chair. “Happy birthday!” He says. I swipe my finger into the icing on top of the cupcake and suck it off of my finger tip. “I never did get to ask you what your name is, sweets.” He says, looking into my eyes with a sweet smile on his face. “(Y/N) (L/N).” I say admiring his dimples. “Beautiful name for a beautiful woman. Tom is my real name by the way. Tom Holland.” “Good to know.” I say with a grin. I look down at the forgotten cupcake in between us and wordlessly motioned for him to have some. “Can I be honest with you?” He asks, running the back of his neck with his palm. “Of course!” I reply, searching his face for a clue of what he was feeling. “There is only one thing I want to eat in the room right now and it’s not the cupcake.” He says, looking back up at me with smouldering eyes. I gasp and my lower regions tingle at his words. He gets up out of his chair and walks over to me. “I’m not usually this forward. I really do like you. But that skirt has my mind going wild and I want nothing more than to feel you come all over my tongue tonight.” He says, grabbing me by the chin. “Is that okay?” He asks, searching my eyes. I nod and he moves his face to lock his lips on mine. The kiss was frantic and needy and I knew that he was desperate to touch me. He picks me up like he did earlier and presses me against a wall. He moves his lips down my neck and across my chest until he reaches the zippered front to my dress. He slides the zipper down to reveal my black lace bra. He leaves a line of kisses across the top of the bra, teasing me. He reaches his hands into the cups and pulls out my breasts, folding the cups down to support them. He lowers his mouth onto one of my nipples, taking it into his mouth. He sucks on it and swirls his tongue around it. “Tom!” I gasp as he feeling of pleasure shoots through me. He tightens his grip on my ass and lifts me from the wall, moving me to the small couch. He sides the zipper of my dress all the way down and then removes it from my body. I move to cover myself but he catches my hands and says “Don’t cover yourself, pretty girl. I want to see you.” he slides his hand down to my covered heat, running me through the lace of my panties. I moan at the feeling and he kisses me to silence the small sounds coming out of me. He slides his hand into my panties, feeling my slick on his fingers. He plunges one finger into me and pumps it a few times, causing my to gasp his name and let out a few small moans. He removes his fingers, leaving me whining at the loss of contact. He slides the finger that was just inside of me into his mouth, sucking my wetness off of it. He grabs the sides of my panties and slides them off my legs and tucks them into the back pocket of his sweatpants. He spreads my legs and puts them over his shoulders. He moves so that he is eye level with my cunt and licks a long thin strip through my heat. He explores my entrance with his tongue. My hips jump as he finds my clit and he licks circles around it as he slides two fingers into me. He sucks on my clit and thrusts his fingers in and out of me. I reach down and tangle my hands in his chocolate brown curls. He moans on my clit as I tug on his hair, and the moan sends vibrations throughout my body. “Oh my god Tom.” I gasp as he continues to eat me out and finger me. He removes his finger and moves his mouth down, sliding his tongue into me, and he begins fucking me with the thick appendage. “Fuck. Tom don’t stop.” I gasp,my orgasm close. He moans into my pussy and I come undone. I scream out his name and ride his face until the waves of pleasure stop. “That was so amazing.” I say breathlessly as he stands and kisses me. I taste myself on his tongue and it sends a jolt of pleasure to my already sensitive nether regions. “Would it be okay if I asked you out? I don’t want a one time thing. I just couldn’t stop myself tonight. I like you (Y/N).” He says, rubbing the back of his neck, something I was coming to learn meant he was nervous. “Of course it’s alright, Tommy.  I like you too.” I say with a giggle. “Really?!” He asks excitedly. “Yes honey!” I say. “Do you want to have dinner with me? Tomorrow night?” He asks, his brown eyes lighting up with excitement. “Yes.” I say, slipping my dress back over my hips. “Can I have my panties back?” I ask looking at him as he tried to fix his sex hair. “No darling. These are mine now.” He says with a cheeky grin. “Happy Birthday, Princess.” He says, kissing me on the cheek.

elsewhat999  asked:

I found this blog while working an over night shift at an assisted living facility and my dude, my guy, I have Regrets. And I wanted to ask, whats the scariest event you personally have ever experienced?

It might not sound scary now, but when I was living with my parents in our old house, we always had odd things happening. Sometimes food would disappear, pictures in my room would be turned upside down, we had a workshop in the back where I had my music equipment set up and would often go play there at night. You could see into the workshop from our kitchen window. This one night I walked into the kitchen and my mom looked at me like she had seen a ghost. She said that about 20 seconds ago she looked into the shop and saw me in there. That really spooked me because my mom would never make something like that up. She doesn’t even believe in this kind of stuff.

Creepy stuff like this happened off and on for months. I eventually moved up to NYC and my parents put the house up for rent and moved to ATL. Maybe one day I’ll ask our current tenant if she’s experienced anything unusual

Thanks for asking!

Best Friends | 05

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Warnings: Smut, Mentions of weed 

Genre: Best Friends AU, College AU

Word Count: 5298

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“So he asked for your number?”

I nod at Bridgette who’s sitting across from me, at our kitchen table. I sip on my coffee. As soon as I got home, I took a shower then changed into comfortable clothes, then for once Bridgette was up before noon. We sat down and I explained the story to her.

After I had sex with Harry, his name I found out after, we laid in his bed for a while. We had some conversation then I decided to get up and get dressed. It was around two in the morning. He asked me what I was doing and I told him I was getting out of his way. He told me I was never in his way and to get back into bed. I put on his shirt then laid next to him again. We went to bed and woke up around nine. I got re-dressed and he walked me out of his apartment, luckily he lived alone. He told me he wasn’t really that into one night stands with girls he doesn’t find annoying, so he asked for my number. And I gave it to him.

“Wow. So he actually doesn’t just want sex? Maybe you should go with him and dump that dumb-ass deal with Jungkook.” Bridgette states with a shrug as she starts to drink her coffee.

I roll my eyes and down the rest of my coffee. “Well, I’m going to go sleep now.” I say getting up and putting my cup in the sink.

I go into my room and lay down in my bed. I cuddle up into the pillows and blankets and close my eyes.


I wake up when I feel someone wrap their arms around my waist. I feel them kiss my shoulder and lay their head back into the pillow and breath out, their breath fanning the back of my neck. I squirm a bit but cuddle back into the broad chest and get comfortable. 

As soon as I start to fall asleep again, I realize. 

Who the fuck is behind me?

I quickly sit up and turn around to see Jungkook laying down, looking up at me with wide eyes. 

“What?” He asks as he rubs his eyes and leans onto his elbow. He’s dressed in the clothes he was in last night. The same black shirt and black jeans and black boots, now adorned with a black bomber jacket. 

“When did you get here?” I fix my position so i’m facing him.

He leans back into the bed as he replies. “ About ten minutes ago. Surprised it took you so long to wake up. You’re usually a light sleeper.”

“I’m just really tired.” I mumble and fix the pillow I was laying on.

He grabs that arm and pulls me towards him. My head lays on his chest and his arm circles around my back, his fingers slowly working up and down my back. “So let’s cuddle and sleep.” 

Something we used to do was cuddle, but now it just feels different. 

I snicker at his response, but nevertheless get comfortable anyway. I lay my hand on his stomach and he brings his other hand to lay under his head. I breathe in and am immediately filled with the scent of odd smell of perfume. Obviously from one of the girls he hooked up with last night. It smells like the ‘old lady’ perfume.

“Oh my god.” I sit up and look down at him, leaning on my right arm. “You couldn’t at least change your shirt?” 

He furrows his eyebrows then looks down at his shirt. He pulls his shirt up a bit and sniffs it then tilts his head back in a fit of laughter. He sits up on his elbow and leans his forehead against my shoulder. “The girl I hooked up with last night smelt like a grandma, but she was a pretty good fuc-” 

I shove his head off my shoulder roll my eyes and he falls back onto the bed and laughs again. I shake my head and pull the blanket off of me. “Okay, I’m up.” 

“No no no.” He pulls my arm so I’m laying flat on the bed then moves his body to hover over mine. His arms by my head and his legs on either side of my hips. “Aw is someone jealous?” He mumbles mockingly into my neck. He lays soft kisses on my neck and my collar bones as one of his hands lays down my stomach and moves his hand under my shirt.

His soft fingers run up and down my stomach and he moves his lips to my jaw, open mouth kisses until he reaches my mouth. My hands find their way to his hair and he groans into my mouth. I pull his head back by his hair and look at his face. His lips slightly swollen and eyes staring into mine. 

“And why would I be jealous? Did you see the guy I left with last night?”  I tilt my head to the side in mock confusion and smile. 

He leans back and rest his weight on his elbows and furrows his eyebrows at me. “Yeah I saw him. And why did you leave with him?” 

“And why wouldn’t I?” 

He tilts his head to the side and leans on one arm. “Well, because last time I checked, you weren’t into the whole one night stand type of thing.”        

I shrug and smile tightly. “He was cute. Is cute. And I saw him and he saw me and I don’t know. He’s cute and wanted to bang, so I let him.” I shrug again. 

He scrunches his face up and shakes his head. He leans down a bit and kisses my collar bones then looks back at me through is hair. “Don’t ever say it like that again, babygirl.” 

“And why not?” I let out a breathy laugh. I move my legs so they’re bent at the knee and his hips push down into mine. He groans and his head falls into my neck. I let out a sigh when he kisses me neck, leaning my head to the side to give him more access. I grind up into him again, feeling his bulge against my heat, through my sweats and his jeans. He moans and I lay my head back onto the pillow.  

“Because it sounds weird and I don’t want to think about someone ‘banging’ my best friend.” 

“Fine, he wanted to fuck; and boy did I let him.” 

I let out a gasp when he bites down onto my collar bone and licks and sucks. “No more talking.” He sits up between my legs and grabs my waist. He lifts me up so we’re chest to chest, he proceeds to lift my shirt over my head then dives into my chest, pushing me back into the bed by the force he uses to kiss down the valley of my breasts. I let out a gasp as he take my left breast out and swirls his tongue around my nipple. He sucks and kisses then continues to the next breast. I lift his shirt so his stomach is exposed and run my hands around his torso before he unclips my bra and throws it across the room. I sit up and take off his shirt before I start to kiss his neck and collar bones. He sighs contently as I suck on his skin, sure to leave a few bruises. 

He pushes me softly so I lay down. He leaves open mouth kisses against my stomach before he reaches the hem of my sweatpants. He begins to pull them down but pauses when he notices the large hickey on my hip bone. “Really?” 

“At least he doesn’t smell like a grandpa.” I shrug and bite my lip to hide my laugh when he rolls his eyes. 

He continues to pull my pants down my legs. “You’re never going to let that go, are you?” He throws my sweats on the ground. 

“Probably not.” 

He sighs and leans up to kiss me on the lips quickly. “You’re unbelievable.” 

“Hey you’re the one who wanted to start this whole shenanigan.” I flip us over so I’m straddling his hips. His hands resting on my waist.

“Yup, and I don’t regret it. Best Friend.” 

“With Benefits.” I state with a shrug. 

He smirks and pulls me down so our bare chests are together. He kisses me slowly but sloppily and runs his hands down my bare back to my backside and squeezes. His bulge is against my stomach to which I slide my hand in between us. I stroke his member through his jeans, he moans into my mouth. I part from him to straddle his thighs. He breaths heavily as I start to undo his belt and pants and slowly pull down the tight pants. He sighs when I palm him through his boxers. “Stop teasing, babygirl.” 

I giggle as he smiles lightly. I pull down his boxers and he hisses has his manhood slaps against his stomach. He moans as I take him into my hands and lick a stripe from the base to the tip. I take him into my mouth swirling my tongue around and hum at the salty taste. 

His hand finds my hair to get it out of my face, as I bob my head. I swallow around him and swirl my tongue. He moans and holds onto my head tighter. He touches the back of my throat which causes him to moan and his hips buck up, causing me to gag a bit. 

I pull back a bit but don’t take my mouth off of him, still sucking around him. “Fuck, I’m sorry babygirl. I forgot how good your mouth is.” He whispers the last part. “Fuck, I’m so close Y/N.”

I hollow my cheeks and bob my head faster. He twitches in my mouth and a few seconds later, he spurts his load into my mouth. I lick my lips as I sit up and watch as he breathes heavily with his arm over his eyes. I laugh lightly and start to kiss up his stomach and chest. I suck on his pec making sure I leave a bruise and he moves his arm from his face. He cups my face and leads my mouth to his. His other hand grabs the back of my left thigh and moves is so I’m straddling his waist. His hands roam my back side then to the hem of my underwear. He snaps them against my skin causing me to jump. He smirks against my lips and pulls away. “These need to come off” 

I squeal as he quickly flips us over. He takes my nipple into his mouth and plays with the other then quickly switches. He kisses down my stomach then skips to my thighs. I groan when he takes his time kissing down my thighs. He laughs and kisses my womanhood through my underwear. He hums and presses his finger against my clit. “So wet babygirl. Jesus.” 

I moan and grab at his hair. “Jungkookie.” 

He pulls my underwear down my legs and blows against me. My hips buck up but he pushes them down. He puts my legs over his shoulder and lays flat on his stomach against the bed. He wraps his arms around my hips and locks his hands together over my stomach. He licks a stripe on my folds and I grab onto his forearms. His tongue dives into my folds and starts to swirl around my clit. I moan and my nails dig into his arms but he doesn’t mind.

“Kookie.” I moan out as he sucks on my clit. He hums in acknowledgement sending a wave of heat through my body, adding to the pleasure. He licks from my clit to my entrance, swirling his tongue before pushing it in. “Fuck.” I arch my back and grind upward but he pushes me back down  to the bed, fucking me with his tongue. He lays a hand flat on my stomach, pushing my back onto the bed then reaches up to pinch my nipple. My hand runs down the arm that’s tweaking my nipple and hold onto it. I pull him closer to my center by my legs and the vibration of his chuckle has me moaning louder.He starts to suck on my clit again and i arch my back. “I’m so close.”  He squeezes my breast tightly then runs his hand down my stomach, he locks our hands together as my legs start to shake.

“Come for me babygirl.” He mumbles then sucks my fold into his mouth. I moan loudly as I come into his mouth. I breath heavily and squeeze his hand in mine . He laps up my juices then sits up between my legs. He licks his lips, his eyes dark and lips plump. I sit up and rub his chest up until i reach the back of his neck. The way he stares at me makes me nervous and aroused at the same time. He stares down at me with such lust and fondness it scares me, but nonetheless I pull him down for a kiss. He moans into the kiss as our tongues move together.I get onto my knees without breaking the kiss and push him so I’m straddling him once again. I grab a condom from his wallet and roll it onto him. He hisses as I grab his member and align him with my entrance. He grabs my hips and I slowly sink down into him. 

He groans and I roll my head back taking in the feeling. Once I’ve adjusted I begin to bounce my hips. His head falls back onto the pillows and my hands use his chest for support. I move my hips fast his hands helping the motion. 

“Fuck babygirl, always so damn tight.” He moans out as he squeezes my hips. I lean forward and suck on the spot below the hickey he had gotten from the grandma last night. My hips continue their movement when he cups my cheek and leads my mouth to his. He immediately inserts his tongue into my mouth then grabs my ass. He squeezes tightly and sits up, not breaking the kiss. He wraps his arms around my waist, our chests pressed together. “Fuck Y/N, I’m so damn close. Fuck fuck fuck.” 

I feel him twitch inside me and I move faster, clenching around him. His hand leaves my ass and moves to my clit, his fingers circling the nub quickly. I break the kiss to moan, my head falling to his shoulder. He kisses my shoulder before biting and sucking. 

“Ah! Fuck!” He shouts out as he comes undone. I come shortly behind him with a soft “Fuck” and a squeeze of his bicep. My hips move slowly as we ride out our highs, his fingers still moving against my over sensitive nub. 

“Mm, stop.” I whine and push his hand away. He chuckles and moves his hand to wrap around my hip, his other still around my waist. I move my head to look at him. His face sweaty and hair fucked out and messy. His eyes looking at me the same way I’m probably looking at him. He’s studying my fucked out persona. 

He pushes a strand of hair behind my ear then flips us over so he’s on top of me. He pulls out causing me to whine at the sense of loss. He pecks my lips before standing up and putting on his boxers. I stand up and grab my t-shirt and put it on, glad it falls against my thighs then put on my underwear. He puts on his jeans then looks at his phone. “Guess we’re having another party tonight.” He turns around and walks towards me. He wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me closer and kisses my forehead. “You’re coming.” He demands then picks up his shirt.

“So demanding.” I roll my eyes. “Who said I even wanted to go to another party?” The thought of watching another girl walk down the stairs behind Jungkook after having sex with him, hickeys all over both of them, aches my heart. 

“I want you to go. You can bring Bridgette if you want, I’m sure she’d love to party.” 

“Why do you even want me to go? I’d probably be a bore anyway.” 

“I want to hang out with you at a party, is that so bad?” 

“Jungkook when was the last time we hung out at a party for more than five minutes?” I sit on the foot of my bed and watch as he puts on the shirt he had been holding.

“We could have last night but you were with Mr. Bang so we couldn’t.” He shrugs and sits down on my desk chair. 

I scoff. “Um no, we could have but you were too busy with blondie and grandma.” I cross my arms over my chest and raise an eyebrow playfully.

He smirks and shakes his head. “Touche.” He stands up after tying his boots. “But I’m serious, can’t a guy just want to hang out with his best friend?” 

“Hanging out at a party with you is just going to lead to sex.” I say and lean back onto my hands as he shrugs on his jacket. 

“Well don’t you want to have sex with me at a party? The exhilaration of someone possibly walking in, the blasting music, come on babygirl.” He smiles widely and sits next to me. 

“Yeah no thanks. I’m not having sex with you after you have sex with like five other girls.” I roll my eyes as smile innocently.

“Okay woah. I do not fuck five girls a night.” He sticks his hand out in a ‘pause’ motion. “And I wouldn’t have sex with other girls when I have had sex with you.” He says sincerely. 

“Were you expecting sex from me last night?” I ask and look at him, my playfulness gone. 

“No.” He states sternly. “At first I didn’t even know you were coming until I walk down the stairs and I saw you head for the kitchen.” He scratches the back of his neck. “I was gonna go say hi but you were busy so I didn’t. But I respect you Y/N. I might have started this ‘deal’ because I’m a horny motherfucker but I wouldn’t disrespect you like that by having sex with other girls the same day as you.” 

“Jungkook it’s fine. We agreed that we can have sex with other people.” I shrug and stand up to pull on my sweats. 

He sighs and stands up. He grabs my arm to turn my around after I pull them on. “Just come tonight? We can hang out outside for all I care and I wont be hooking up with anyone. I just miss hanging out with you, I feel like we haven’t done anything together since Hawaii.” 

I nod with a sigh. “I’ll go.” 

He smiles then kisses my forehead. “I’ll see you later.” 


After a shower I put on some pajama shorts and a t-shirt to lounge in the living room. I made myself some tea then sat on the couch, watching Friends. 

I feel bad about this party. But that’s how I felt for every party I’ve gone to. I’m not the type to go to a party every day of the weekend, every weekend of the month. I’d rather stay home than go to a party, and I could easily come up with an excuse to give Jungkook but I already texted Bridgette telling her we’re going. I sigh out and lay down onto the couch, my head resting on the throw pillow. 

 I hear the door start to unlock and turn onto my back just in time to see Bridgette walking in with her purse on her shoulder. 

“Hey.” I mumble. 

“Why so glum chum?” She asks and plops down onto the couch by my feet. She moves my legs so they’re on top of her legs and her arms over. 

“Don’t think I want to go to this party tonight.” I mumble and put my arm on top of my forehead. 

“Jungkook must’ve done a number on you.” She laughs when I glare at her and pats my leg. “ Is that why you don’t want to go? Because of him?”

I sigh and look up at the ceiling. “ I think it’s just best for me not to go to these parties that Jungkook is going to be at. Watching his aftermath as he walks down the stairs with blonde bimbos isn’t good for my head.” I roll back onto my side to dodge her facial expressions. “I think I’m just going to stay home.” 

Bridgette sighs and pats my leg again. “Come on. You’re going, Y/N. You should invite Harry, I’m sure he’d like to hang out again.” 

I sit up and look at her with a raised eyebrow. “Wouldn’t that be too soon.” 

“No. He said himself he’s not usually the one night stand type of guy, and if he didn’t want to hang out, he probably wouldn’t have given you his number or said that.” She shrugs and I sigh. 

I end up texting Harry, telling him there’s a party at the same place. He replies telling me he’ll see me there. Bridgette jumps up from the couch in excitement and pulls me along with her, telling me it’s time to get ready. 

She runs the straightener through my hair, making sure it looks good to her liking. Then I get dressed. I get dressed in a black off shoulder crop top with ripped jeans and black boots. I do minimal makeup and get out of my room. 

Bridgette gets out of her room a few minuted later in a maroon t-shirt dress with her Adidas,  with her everyday makeup as well. Her hair down in it’s natural waves. 

We drive there ourselves this time and by the time we get there, the party is in full swing. Everyone is dancing in the space in front of the door. Bridgette grabs my arm and weaves us through the crowd and to the kitchen. When we enter the kitchen there’s no one really in here that we know, except for Jimin who is chatting up some girl in the corner. We walk to the counter and pour ourselves some drinks. 

I sip on my drink as I walk to the doorway of the kitchen looking over the crowd. The crowd big and wild as people grind on each other and make out in the middle of the dance floor. I look around and pause when I see a familiar brown headed tall muscle pig leaning down to whisper into another blonde headed girl, dressed in a tight strapless dress that falls in the middle of her thighs, tight to show all of her curves, her heels making her up to Jungkook’s nose and her hair falling to her waist. Her makeup slightly on the heavier side.  His arm wrapped around her waist, pulling her closer and her hand on his broad chest. The chest I left hickies on just a few hours ago.   

“Ladies! My favorite girls! I miss you!” 

An arm wraps around my shoulders and I snap my head away from the scene I wish I didn’t see and look to Jimin who has a bright smile on his face. I smile back and lean into his side, his other occupied by Bridgette. I look around the room again, my eyes subconsciously going to the scene, just in time to see her whisper into his ear, to which he smirks at. She smiles widely then grabs his hand, leading him to a place unknown to me. So much for not sleeping with someone the same day as me or not hooking up with anyone to hang out with me. 

Jimin nudges me and I snap out of my trance, staring at the corner where no one occupies anymore. “You alright?” 

“What? Yeah, I’m fine.” I nod with a smile. He returns it with a knowing look and sympathetic smile. Bridgette doing the same. “Guys, stop.” I roll my eyes and take a gulp out of my drink, ignoring the sting. 

“Do you really think this is safe for you Y/N? I mean for your sanity and heart?” Jimin asks. He doesn’t ask to be rude, he’s genuinely concerned. 

I sigh and look away. “Guys I’m fine, really.” 

“But you like him. Who knows if he returns the same feelings, because he’s so damn private. But my point is, you shouldn’t be putting yourself in this predicament if-” 

“I don’t like him anymore.” I interrupt with a shrug of my shoulders.

Jimin narrows his eyes at me and purses his lips, and Bridgette gives me that “shut the fuck up” look. “Guys, seriously. I’m fine. Just please stop talking about it.” I whine. 

“Fine. But if I see you becoming depre-”


We all snap our heads to the direction of my name being called. Harry comes into view, his freshly cut hair bouncing. His white shirt showing his muscular form and jeans and boots. His green eyes staring at me and a smile on his face, 

 I smile back and once he’s a few feet away I exit from Jimin’s side and hug Harry. He hugs me tightly around my shoulders and I around his waist. I turn in his grip and introduce him to Jimin and Bridgette. Harry politely shakes hands with both of them to which Bridgette happily shakes his hand with a chipper greeting. Jimin on the other hand looks confused but nonetheless greets him with his bright smile and shakes his hand. We all talk for a while, Harry telling them about the college he goes to and the major he’s pursuing, until Harry leans into my ear and asks if we can hang outside in the back away from the loud noise. 

I nod and lead him to the door that leads to the backyard. Surprisingly the back is empty, including the pool. He then takes the lead, bringing us to the pool. We take off our shoes then roll up our jeans. We sit at the edge of the pool, our feet inside the warm water. We talk for what feels like hours but we know it’s only been at most 45 minutes. His attempts at jokes that aren’t all that hilarious but I laugh because he’s cute and his laugh is adorable. We talk about ourselves, genuinely interested in what the other has to say. After he says a ridiculous joke and our laughter dies down, we’re silent. Not an awkward uncomfortable silence, but a comfortable one. 

I can see from the corner of my eye that he looks at me, I look at him and a slightly blush and smile creep onto his face. “What?” I ask gently and smile. 

“Nothing.” He shrugs and looks down at the water, a smile still evident on his face. He looks back at me and the smile fades a bit as he looks down at my lips, which causes me to subconsciously lick them. 

His hand gently cups my face and he leans in. Out lips brushing at first but then he leans into a full kiss. His hand that cupped my cheek moves to lean onto the floor behind me, leaning into me more. His other hand resting on my thigh, my right hand cupping his face. Our lips move in sync, only pulling away when needed to, then diving back in. He licks my bottom lip and I open my mouth, letting his tongue into my mouth. Our tongues move together, my hand moving to grip his bicep as his hand squeezes my thigh, causing me to whine into his mouth. He pulls away for a second to kiss up my jaw and nibble at my ear before he comes back to my mouth and kisses me again. We pull apart when someone clears their throat from a few feet away. 

I breath heavily, my hand still on Harry’s face as I look to my left. Jungkook stands on the porch of the house, not too far away from the pool. Bridgette and Jimin stand in the doorway, shocked or annoyed written in their faces. I furrow my eyebrows and look back to Jungkook who has his arms by his side, his face blank. 

“Yes?” I breath out, removing my hand from Harry’s face. Harry stares at Jungkook for a few seconds before looking the opposite way to the pool. 

“Can I talk to you? Now.” Jungkook says not moving his eyes from me. 

I furrow my eyebrows and look him up and down. I sigh and nod before looking at Harry who looks at me at the same time. “I’ll be back.” I mumble and kiss his cheek, to which he smiles and nods. I get up and dry my feet with a towel that was hanging on the chair then but my boots back on and fix my jeans. 

When I get onto the porch Jungkook turns and walks away, expecting me to follow him. As I walk into the house I give the other two a questioning look to what they return with a shrug of the shoulders. I sigh and follow Jungkook through the crowd and up the stairs. When we get to the door of his room he opens it to reveal the blonde girl from earlier laying on the bed. Her bra and underwear on, her dress and shoes laying messily on the ground as she inhales from the blunt in her fingertips. Jungkook mumbles a quiet ‘fuck’ before he tells her to get out. 

“No it’s fine. I don’t really want to talk to you anyway.” I say before I turn around to leave. Jungkook grabs my wrist lazily causing me to turn to him. His hair messed up due to her fingers, his collar bones red due to friction, but what catches my attention is his eyes. Blood shot and hooded. His eyes barely even open. 

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“Jungkook are you high?” I ask and cross my arms over my chest. 

“Oh lighten up sweetheart. He’s just having a little fun.” The girl who still lays on the bed half naked chuckles before taking another hit. 

The man who always said he was against drugs, including marijuana.

“Get the fuck out.” Jungkook says looking at the girl, who rolls her eyes before getting up and slipping on her dress.

 “No she can stay. I have somewhere to be anyway.” I state and walk to the door. 

“Going somewhere with Mr. Bang huh? Thought we were hanging out.” He says, attitude evident as he crosses his arms over his chest. 

I quickly turn around to face him. My blood boiling. “Oh I’m sorry. Is this grandma or one of the other many girls you said you weren’t going to hook up with tonight?” I say pointing at the girl who’s now standing awkwardly in the middle of the room, looking between an angry Y/N and a stern Jungkook. 

“Um, I’m gonna-”

“Yeah. Go.” Jungkook says sternly, not breaking the eye contact between he and I. The girl awkwardly walked past you quickly, closing the door behind her. “Y/N-” 

I shake my head and open the door, look back at him. 

“No. Fuck you. Talk to me when you’re sober and not being an asshole.” 


—  sometimes, i still wake up
to the smell of pine trees
and the feeling of love poems,
itching at the back of my throat.
and sometimes i still look up
when the sky is etched
with deep violets and rose
and i still think of how
it stole your breath away
each and every time.
and i sometimes i still
scream your name in poetry,
so i don’t have to hear the words
escape my lips again.
and i know some stories
are never meant to be,
and i know in some other life
you might sit across from me
at our kitchen table
and we’d plan out our week
but in this one,
you’re not here
and i know i tell everyone
we outgrew each other,
and that truth twists into a lie
that feels familiar on my tongue.
but i’ve changed my sheets,
the smell of pine trees
has long faded now
and i burn the back of my throat
with the whiskey bottle
you left behind.
and i’ve learned to love
cloudless days,
when the sky is clear blue
not a streak of violet, or rose
to be found.

Listen I get really pissed about this whole hiding in your room to eat as quickly as possible when you’re on your period during Ramadan, in your own home so that the men in your family don’t see like????

Bound to Happen (Part 11), Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: The chronicles of being Lin’s assistant to maybe something more.

Words: 1,210

Author’s Note: Okay guys, this is it! The final chapter of this series! I might return to this universe one day - maybe you guys could ask me questions and I can write drabbles as a response? But otherwise, I’ve reached the end of my plot! Thank you for all the support and love. Siempre.

Warnings: The burn is over.

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“I was thinking.” You started, hand making quick work of sawing the bread in front of you.

Oh no.” Lin teased, bustling around the kitchen.

Dinner had become a semi-regular thing. About once a week you would spend nearly an hour in a brightly lit grocery store, arguing incessantly about what sounded the best. That night Lin had won with spaghetti. Lin won often.

“I’m trying to be serious here.” You waved the bread knife in his direction, effectively silencing any witty remarks he had ready. “We’ve slept together, what-”

Are we counting orgasms or-

“Shut up!” Lin giggled as you playfully reached over to swat at him. “We’ve spent the night together many times.”

“We have.” Lin seemed rather invested in his noodles at the moment, but he was fucking terrified.

This could easily be the conversation that ended it all. It was bound to happen, right? Two close friends sleeping together with no talk meant total disaster eventually. You would say you needed more and that he was holding you back from getting whatever more was.

He was always holding you back, it seemed.

“We need to figure out what we’re doing here.”

“Well, I’m making spaghetti.”



“I give us two weeks.” You finally settled on, halting Lin. His hands continued to work on dinner, but his brain was rushing through scenarios. “Two weeks to figure out what we’re doing. If we can’t sit and have an actual conversation about us then maybe it’s not worth the trouble.”

He watched for a second as you shrugged, continuing to busy yourself with the bread. An attempt at casual.

“I don’t need two weeks.” Was his immediate reply. “I’ve had almost twenty years to realize you are the love of my life.”

There was a moment of silence where no one moved. The light bubbling of the red sauce was the only sound in Lin’s vast house as you absorbed his exclamation and he watched on.

“That’s what I get for dating a writer.” You rolled your eyes as he gaped at you, flipping his gas stove off and sweeping you off your feet. “Lin!”

“Your boyfriend-” You grinned at the use of the term as the knife clattered out of your hand and onto the counter, “-was trying to be romantic and you rolled your eyes!”

“Put me down!” You shrieked as he continued to carry you away from the kitchen, “Our dinner!”

The couch cushion bounced as he tossed you off his shoulder.

“I have been waiting twenty years to call you my girlfriend.” He stopped himself to press a gentle kiss to your forehead, “Spaghetti can wait.”

It took Tommy exactly one day to connect the dots - he was always oddly perceptive when it came to Lin. He snickered when you showed up to a pick up rehearsal the next day, not on business.

“What’s so funny?”

“Nothing! It’s just, if you’re gonna tip-toe around everyone about your relationship with Lin, it would help if you didn’t wear a giant sign saying ‘Look at me! Lin’s girlfriend!’.” He shrugged.

“I don’t have a sign-”

“Not just a sign. Flashing lights. Confetti. The whole nine yards.”

You brushed his comments off. It was Tommy just being Tommy. Teasing, older brother Tommy.

Then Alex took note of a shift in dynamic. Then Chris, the least perceptive person in the room, asked you about Lin.

It was weird. Having this thing out in the open. Casual flirting all those years ago was one thing. Sleeping together was one thing. Having it public with stakes was another.

The fact that people had been clamoring for the two of you to get together for years wasn’t lost on you. The clenching in your stomach grew tighter. It was bound to happen. That’s what everyone told you. That’s what you convinced yourself.

You practically had worked yourself into a silent frenzy when there was a nudge at your side.

Lin, in all his stupid historical blouse glory.

“You’re thinking.” He squinted, “About me, hopefully? I know I haunt your every waking thought.” He grinned, nose scrunching and eyes crinkling.

Your eyes scanned him for a moment. The freckle that had developed on the dip of his nose with age. One that hadn’t been there in college. The light scar on his cheek, practically unnoticeable if you weren’t looking for it.

He told you of the high school theater mishap that caused it, giggling when he told you he hadn’t told the story to anyone. Not even his parents.

It was months of brushing off his dependence on you, years of rolling your eyes at the comments. It wasn’t until this moment that you realized you had been in love with him all along.

“Of course.” You sigh, allowing his arm to casually slink over your shoulder. He pulled you closer, you didn’t comment of the looks the entire company shot the two of you.

You didn’t even flinch. 

“This probably isn’t the time to talk about it.” You took not of his hushed tone and stepped ever-so closer. ”What do you think about London?”

“It’s nice.” You tested the word on your tongue, “Why?”

“There’s an offer for me. A big one. It wouldn’t be until I’m done with this,” He gestured around the theater, at the actors who were slowly getting back to work. Lin would have to join them in a moment.


“Middle of next year? Have a month or so off. Move to London.”

Move. As in: Uproot and live there.

“I know it’s early. But I keep coming back to this contract and picturing myself there. It isn’t real unless you’re there with me.”

“Lin!” Called Alex, perched behind a piano with Leslie at his side. Lin nodded, starting to pull away.

“I’d have to look into some opportunities. See what foundations I can get involved in.”

“So you’ll think about it?” He was backing away, careful of stage hands perched in aisle ways.

“I can see it now: A true English breakfast in the morning, tea and biscuits in the evening, making sure underprivileged kids get funding while my man goes to work.”

Lin laughed at the picture, mostly because he had never been someone’s man before. Even with all the relationships he had hopped in and out of - he never felt like someone’s until that moment.

“I love you.”

You weren’t truly sure who said it. In all honestly, it felt like it was said a million times before. ‘I love yous’ hidden in coffee runs and desperately needed hugs of comfort and late night conversations.

You had loved him from the start, you confirmed, watching him stumble through rehearsal. He was half distracted with his eyes on you, always trying to make you giggle. He succeeded without fail.

You loved his stupid historical blouse and his Ja Rule growl. You especially loved the scar whose story only you knew.

You loved him and had no doubt in your mind that he loved you. If that meant moving to London for him, so be it. If that meant endless nights waiting up for him, so be it.

If that meant spending the rest of your lives together? Well, you could certainly work with that.

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mac and cheese (robb stark au)

omg i love robb sm and i rlly hope you guys love him as much as i do. another college!au for you babes (lots cursing lol)

(no gifs are mine!!!)

“Its 3am, in the dead of winter, some motherfucker pulled/set off the fire alarm and I am being very vocal about how I’m gonna make that fucker pay. I’m the fucker who set off the fire alarm with my awful cooking.” ft Robb Stark

You knew you shouldn’t have done it but you really needed some fucking mac and cheese. You also really needed to fucking sleep, seeing as it was almost finals week and you were cramming with little to no sleep. You should’ve set an alarm, something. But the second your ass hit that couch, you knocked out and you know that no damn alarm can wake you up. Well, the fire alarm did but that’s besides the point. Now you’re standing out here in a pair of very short spandex shorts and an extra large sweater with a damn disney blanket wrapped around you, all because you almost burnt down your entire dorm building.

“What the fuck is going on?” Your floormate, Dani, walks over to you, glaring at everyone as she jumps up and down in her onesie. You give her a look and she rolls her eyes at you, taunting you right back.

“Somebody set off the fucking fire alarm and we’re all freezing out here!” You growl out, hoping that your anger masks your guilt and complete fucking embarrassment.

“This is so annoying,” she yawns, zipping up her dragon onesie as high as she could. “I was sleeping and this shit woke me up.”

“It woke me up too! I swear to fucking Zeus if I ever get my hands on the person who set this alarm off, I’m going to be so mad,” your teeth jitter and you look across the quad, making eye contact with your handsome floormate. Why was he looking at you like that? Why was–oh fuck. He knew. He knew it was you. You quickly turn away, hoping Dani didn’t see the interaction, but to your luck she saw it all.

“Robb’s eye fucking you from across the quad and it seems to me that you don’t mind it,” she smirks and raises her brows at you.

“Erm, yeah, that’s exactly it!” You almost scream out, jumping up and down as you try not to freeze. You look over the quad and your eyes land on him again; you find him looking at you, this time with a slight smirk on your face. You have to do something. “You know what? I’m gonna go to him, yeah. I’m gonna talk to him.”

“That’s my girl!” Dani nudges you forward as you see her boyfriend Jon approaching her from behind.

“Seems like you have some company, too,” you shoot her a smile before quickly making your way to Robb. What a stupid name, Robb. Who does he think he is with his beautiful curly locks and those blue eyes and that stupid accent? You hate him.

“Fancy meeting you here, Y/N,” he coughs to cover a laugh as you stop next to him, determined not to let him get to you.

“Not really. Some idiot set the alarm off and neither of us really had anywhere to go, so here we are,” you cross your arms over your chest and do your best to harden your eyes and look for a suspect.

“Well, the smoke was coming from our floor’s kitchen, wasn’t it?” He turns to look at you and you swear you can feel his smug smile burning a hole into the side of your face.

“Oh that’s right! Are you saying one of our floormates set it off?” You turn to face him, eyes widened in a fake excitement as he tries his best not to laugh at your desperate attempts.

“I mean, it could only be one of them,” he picks his words carefully, wanting you to think you’re off the hook. You, unfortunately, grab the bait, excited that the heat is no longer on you.

“Who do you reckon it was?” You turn back to the crowd, eyes narrowing as you pick out your floormates. Robb was enjoying this almost too much, his eyes not leaving your face for a second.

“I was thinking Jaime, that idiot has a reputation of ruining things,” Robb scoffs as he turns his head, eyes landing on the Lannister boy.

“Look, I know you and your family have a wierd feud with the Lannister family, but he’s literally never home, so I doubt it was him,” you shrug as your eyes land on your good friend Dani. “It could’ve been Daenerys, you know she has that wierd thing with dragons and fires and stuff.”

At this point, Robb was about to burst out laughing as he sensed you were near the end of your straw. You bite your lip and turn to look at the handsome man next to you, expecting a response of some sort.

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“It might be Dani, you’re right,” he takes a deep breath and looks back at you, deciding that he’s toyed with you enough. “Although come to think of it, I don’t think Dani likes mac and cheese much. You’re gonna have to blame it on someone else, love.”


my acting teacher told us to pretend like we were holding an apple
so i did, i stared right into the palm of my hand,
concentrating, waiting, yearning,
for that forbidden fruit to suddenly appear
my classmates were having much better luck than I was,
most of them were already digging their teeth into the outer shell, munching away.
I kept staring anxiously into my palm,
what kind of apple was I supposed to imagine?
was it the one from my innocent childhood?
the small sour green one hanging from the tree in my grandparents garden.
I remembered how I used to pick them with my grandmother as we laughed and played amongst the flowers,
we would eat them together while sharing stories,
the summers of my childhood were spent by those apple trees.
was it the one from the apple picking farm?
a juicy red apple, one of many that I piled into my bag to fill to the top.
I remembered how each autumn I would go apple picking with my family,
we would walk between the orchards, admiring the foliage during the golden hour,
I drank apple cider with my brothers on the wagon that took us there,
afterwards, we would rush home and wait for my mother to make apple pie,
the aroma from the kitchen teased our taste buds.
was it the one I shared with my past love?
a strong sweet apple, then later bruised.
I remembered the last time I went apple picking, it was with someone I would have left the garden of eden for.
I remembered how he forgot to take home the apples he had picked, and so he skipped his morning class the next day to come see me again and pick them up.
we sat in my car while I waited for the train to Boston, I gave him his apples and he gave me a kiss.
Was it the one my roommate stole in college?
those giant bitter green ones with yellow spots.
I remembered how my roommate and I used to steal apples from the college cafeteria and pile them onto our desks.
except it got to the point where those apples were the only things I ate.
was it the one I used to eat slowly piece by piece at the treatment center?
those soft pink apples that were more of a number than a fruit.
I remembered them being sliced one by one, while the other girls and I made sure no extra pieces were added to our plates.
now I found myself holding not one apple, but many.
I never realized how many memories I had associated with such a simple fruit,
but here I was, unable to bring myself to eat it.
unable to devour all of those moments yet again.
my classmates had already finished, wiping the corners of their mouths with their sleeves.
I kept standing there, holding nothing.
holding everything. it was too much.
i found myself crying, wondering why all these memories felt so heavy in my palm.
why couldn’t I just pretend like everyone else?
why couldn’t I bring myself to bite into that imaginary apple so easily like the rest?
I’ll tell you why,
because it was poisoned.
poisoned by the thoughts and memories attached to each bite.

Prowly believes in the restorative properties of tea. 

I realized two days ago that I packed all my mugs, and in fact every cup that would hold hot water of any kind. I don’t drink hot beverages much except when I’m sick, so I didn’t think about it when I packed them. I ended up nicking a Starbucks mug from our floor’s kitchen, where it has been sitting on a shelf for the better part of six months, so whoever’s it was, it’s mine now. It’s had Prowly’s ass in it, there’s no going back from that.

THREE {pt. 5}

Type: Halloween Special Series; Four | Five | Six
Genre: Drama, Mature, Thriller
Member: Joshua/Jisoo
Word count: 1,281
A/N: I consider THREE to be one of my more dark and unsettling works, so I do want to warn you guys to read it with caution as the story progresses.

You look over to Joshua when he lightly squeezes your hand as the two of you walk down the somewhat busy sidewalk. You smile when he releases your hand and brings his arm over your shoulder, bringing you closer.

Joshua and you spent the afternoon at the theater to catch a movie (as planned) before moving over to a large arcade to play games. Dinner is shared at an Italian restaurant and the evening slowly comes to an end as the two of you wander along the streets, in and out of small antique shops.

It was mostly Joshua stalling to go home. He was dreading to go back.

Going out with you for a day made him realize how much he lacked a social life. The only people he really knew were the folks from church and his two best friends at home. Other than that, his world seemed so small. He barely even knew people his own age.

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A Warrior’s Life

TITLE: A Warrior’s Life

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Eighty-Nine

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Viking Loki coming to your village, raiding, and pillaging, before deciding there is something about you that intrigues him and deciding to take you back to Asgard with him. There, you are forced to learn a new life and language, and though you hate what has happened to you, you learn that Loki is not as bad as you think.

RATING: Mature

NOTES :  Eochaid mac Eirc - an old High King of Ireland who brought a justice system to Ireland about 1200 BC.

It was Maebh, his Maebh, the warrior, the loving mother, the feral beast that seemed to lie dormant, waiting to be unleashed, willing to kill anything that moved for her family, looking back at him, an evil sneer on her face. He knew, those alive would plead for death before she would grant them such sweet mercy. A moment later, three more men were brought out from his outhouses, one of who was bleeding heavily as though he had been banged hard into something, Loki frowned as he looked at Volstagg and Heimdall, who could not meet his eye, behind them, in her uncle’s arms, holding onto him for dear life, was Danu, her dress torn. Loki’s face blanched in shock. ‘Did they…?’ He could not bring himself to say the words.

Thor shook his head. ‘They were about to, but the ruckus…’ He handed his niece to his mother, who wept as she held her against her, stroking her hair, not wanting to let go of her.

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Celebrate with Daddy (SMUT)

Anon: “Derek smut where you just graduated college and he wants to congratulate you”
“I am so proud of you!” My mom says one more time, wrapping me up in her arms as we leave my graduation dinner. The door finally shuts behind us and I take a deep breath.

“It was a big day, how are you holding up?” my boyfriend of almost 2 years asks, looking over at me.

“I’m great. A little exhausted and glad to be going back to our apartment, but I’m great.” I kiss Derek’s cheek. He has been my rock all day as I have talked to professors, fellow classmates, family members and anyone else along the way. He wraps my hand in his.

“My girlfriend is a fucking genius. Magna Cum Laude from USC and headed to work for one of the largest record companies in the nation!” He calls out a little too loudly as we get into the car.

“Baby!” I say, embarrassed and laugh as he drives us home. The drive goes quickly for LA and I rest a little along the way. Before I know it, Luh has swooped me up into his arms and is lifting me out of the car. I laugh nervously as I wake up. He puts me down in the elevator and we head for the apartment we picked out together around Christmastime.

As we walk through the door, Derek puts his hands on my waist. “Now it’s finally time for our celebration,” he half-whispers into my neck. I get goosebumps when I feel his breath.

“Is that so?” I say softly and turn around, wrapping my arms around his neck. He nods and our lips quickly come together.

He pulls away, pulls out a chair from our kitchen counter and runs down the hall. “Wait there” he smirks, winking at me before vanishing. I get out a bottle of champagne and two glasses. These fun little surprises were part of the reason I loved Derek so much. He knew how to make a long day end well and the fun out of everything. He somehow always found exactly what I needed.

“Okay you can come back now!” I hear from our bedroom. I walk down the hall until I am facing the frosted French doors.

When I open them, the whole room is glowing and he is sitting on the bed with my silk robes, fluffy slippers and a beautifully wrapped present. I smile. “You spoil me, Baby” I climb onto our bed and kiss his nose. I kick my shoes off the end of the bed and he places the slippers on my feet, jokingly pretending I’m a princess.

I giggle and he wraps his arms around me, putting the present in my lap. I remove the shimmery, pearly white, paper and inside is the most beautiful briefcase I have ever seen. It has my initials monogrammed beautifully near the handle, exactly like I’ve always wanted. “I love it” I kiss him softly and he beams.

“I thought you would, Baby.” He pulls the strap of my white dress away from my shoulder and kisses my collarbone. “You are going to kill it at your new job. The music business is not even close to ready for you,” he pulls me further into his lap.

“Thanks” I say softly and lean forward. Derek unzips my dress and begins to kiss down my back. I feel the goosebumps come on and giggle as he presses his lips at the base of my neck. I hop of the bed and shake my dress off, pulling it over my head, my back facing Derek. He liked when I put on shows like this. I unhook my bra and toss it at him and he laughs.

“Come back to bed, I’ve got one more thing for the graduate” he smirks and I roll my eyes. He softly begins to message my tits, tweaking at the nipples. I sit in his lap and can already feel him getting hard beneath me. Our lips meet again, soft at first, but quickly gaining intensity. I grind lightly against his growing bulge.

“Am I turning you on, Daddy?” I whisper in his ear and he lets out a deep breath.

“Fuck yeah” he smirks. Soon, he tosses me down on the bed and I giggle as he leaves hickies on my soft skin. He works his way down my body, kissing along my stomach and down to my already pulsing and wet heat. He slips a finger around the fabric of my thong. “Already wet for Daddy, are we?” He smiles and slowly peels the thong off of me.

His breath is hot on my clit and a second later his tongue is against it, driving me crazy. I curl my toes as he sucks and flicks and licks me. He props my legs up on his back and dives his tongue into my dripping center. “I need to cum, Daddy” I squeak out, writhing and all of a sudden it all comes to a halt.

“Not yet,” he says, kneeling before me. He lifts me again and sets me on my stomach. Without warning, his rock hard cock slams into my snatch.

“Fuck!” I exclaim as he rocks on top of me, going deeper than I’ve ever felt him. I was close before so it does not take long for me to approach my edge again. Derek is breathing heavy, so I know he is also almost there"

“You’re so tight, Baby” he says, speeding up. Our moans fill our big lofty apartment and I get even more turned on. I moan even louder and Derek slams into me harder and harder. He spanks my ass lightly and that is just enough to send us both into orgasm.

“I’m cumming daddy” I turn back to look at my boyfriend.

“Me too, love” he says, getting sloppier until we both lie out on the bed.

“Congrats to both of us” I laugh, crawl into Derek’s arms.

“But mostly, congrats to you, Angel.” He kisses my forehead and we both fall asleep.


Hope you liked it! 😘😍
Write to me in hell

Ideas For Modern AU's

• We’re stuck in an elevator together and I’m literally pressed up against you this isn’t awkward at all

 • I accidentally passed you an embarrassing note that was meant for my best friend dON’T YOU DARE READ IT

• I just got dumped horribly and I’m crying so fucking bad right now and I just bumped into you in the hallway wow talk about hella awkward

• Neither of us have partners for dance so we’re stuck together for the slow dancing unit and neither of us can dance

• I just twisted my ankle while running laps in gym and you’re the only person near me please carry me to the nurses office I’M DYING HELP

• I just heard a weird sound in the middle of the night and woke up to find you stealing food from our kitchen aND WHY ARE YOU TOUCHING MY NUTELLA

• There are not enough lockers in the school so we have to share one for the rest of the year did I mention I have a huge ass tuba I haul around everywhere?

• I just stepped on your new iPhone aND I AM SO SORRY I’LL MAKE IT UP TO YOU PLEASE DON’T KILL ME

• I’m on my way to the swimming pool in our building but the elevator got stuck. So now I’m alone with you in an elevator wearing nothing but a skimpy swim suit

Welcome to My Life

Request: 8. W/ Seventeen and the bias as Hansol?

8) Your bias introduces you to their group members for the first time. 

Member: Seventeen’s Vernon x Y/N

Type: Fluff

“There are so many of them,” I whispered, leaning over to Vernon. 

“Twelve,” he nodded with a grin. “There are twelve of them.”

“But your name is seventeen, there should be seventeen,” my best friend, Lily, chimed in from the kitchen of our apartment. 

“Seventeen, thirteen boys, three sub units, one team,” Vernon said, without skipping a beat. 

“I don’t like math,” Lily muttered as she shut a cabinet and leaned against the counter to face us. “Thirteen boys. That’s still a lot. You have to impress thirteen guys Y/N.”

I shut my eyes and winced. She really didn’t need to remind me. 

“She doesn’t have to impress anyone,” Vernon sighed. “She’s impressed me, so the rest of the guys can get on board or…uh…”

I opened my eyes and lifted my brows, waiting. 

“Uh?” Lily repeated, watching him carefully as well. 

“Well there’s honestly really nothing I can do considering I’m almost the youngest…but they’ll be impressed, it’ll be fine,” he nodded with a smile to overcompensate the failing reassurance. 

“You’re a mess,” Lily said, shaking her head and turning around. She grabbed her purse from the floor and began walking to the door. 

“Wait!” I gasped. “Where are you going?” 

“Out,” she said bluntly, slipping her shoes on. 

“But uh, you don’t want to stay and meet his members? It’ll be fun, really,” I nodded, trying to convince myself more than I was trying to convince her. 

“You know, as riveting as it sounds, I just can’t cancel these plans,” she clucked, giving me a wink. “Later babe.”

She heaved open our heavy door and immediately squeaked in surprise. A large group of men stood outside.

“Yah!” one gasped, a wide smile on his face. “You must be Y/N, we’re-”

“Nope,” Lily said simply, shouldering through the group and into the hallway. “In there.”

I closed my eyes again. To say my body was being fueled by nerves was an understatement. I think at this point, even if I ran a block I wouldn’t be able to burn off the energy coursing through my veins. I slowly pulled myself up from the couch and turned the corner, popping my head into the immediate area. 

“Yah! That’s Y/N! I was on her facebook!” one of the boys shouted. 

“Aish, you lied! She is pretty!” “Why is she with Vernon?” “I smell food, did she cook?” “Move over, let me see. Oh wow.” “Hi, I’m Wonwoo and I’m incredibly sorry for-””Don’t listen to him, he’s literally wearing glasses with no lenses, do you want to trust someone like-””Would you all shut up?”

A boy standing near the front was the first to cross the threshold. “Please excuse my incredibly rude company,” he said cooly. “I’m Seungcheol. You must be Y/N.”

I am,” I nodded, a slight blush appearing on my cheeks. He took my hand in his and gave a slight bow. 

“Nice to meet you Y/N,” he smiled. “Vernon has told us a lot about you. 

“That’s a lie,” one of the boys interrupted. He quickly crossed the threshold and stood beside Seungcheol. “We’ve heard literally all of your conversations when he was trying to court you. He asked for advice constantly.”

“Yah! Hyung!” Vernon groaned, turning the corner quickly. He stood beside me and let his head loll back onto his shoulders. 

“This is Mingyu,” Seungcheol chuckled. 

“The incredibly honest, and always handsome Mingyu,” the tall boy winked. Vernon groaned again and rolled his eyes. 

“Well, everyone, come in,” I smiled, waving the rest of the guys in. “Come sit.”

Vernon’s twelve members slowly filed into my living room and took spots wherever they could fit. I never realized how little the amount of furniture I had until they were trying to squeeze themselves in on top of each other. 

“Introductions,” Vernon sighed. “…the members are included, but not limited to-”

“Yah!” one of the boys gasped. “I can introduce myself! I am Seungkwan, Boo Seungkwan. I-”

“And next to him,” Vernon muttered, continuing on. 

“I am your hyung! Does that mean nothing to you?” Seungkwan gasped dramatically, placing his hand over his heart. 

The boy next to him rolled his eyes. “And I’m your hyung, the moment has passed.” He angled himself to face me and gave me a slow, gentle smile. He radiated beauty. Tucking a piece of his long, dark hair behind his ear, he began to speak again. “I’m Jeonghan.”

“Yes, you are,” I breathed. 

Vernon looked back and forth quickly between Jeonghan and I, becoming visibly irked by my sudden interest in his member. I hadn’t even realize I had spoken the words aloud until Vernon cleared his throat to garner my attention. 

“Next to him is-”

“Jun,” the boy smiled, leaning forward and shaking my hand. He gave me a quick wink as he pointed to the tall, quiet boy next to him. “This is Minghao, we’re the China line.”

I nodded, giving each boy a smile in turn. 

“You’ve met Mingyu,” Vernon said, nodding to the tall boy again next to Minghao. “Beside him is Wonwoo.”

Wonwoo gave me a timid smile and a small wave with his hand completely covered in a sweater sleeve. 

“Then there’s Joshua, our American hyung,” Vernon said, nodding to the handsome, tan boy beside Wonwoo. “You can speak with him in English to annoy the other members.”

Joshua chuckled and shook his head. 

“I speak English so good!” the boy next to him said a bit too loudly. 

“And our dear Hoshi,” Vernon smiled. “Next to him is -”

“Seokmin,” the tan boy said, giving a hundred watt smile, he shook his head quickly as if he had made a mistake. “DK.”

“And last, but certainly not least,” Vernon sighed, letting his gaze fall on his best friend. 

“Chan!” I squealed, launching forward and giving the boy a huge hug. I had met Chan on several occasions and he had always been so incredibly sweet. As soon as my arms wrapped around his neck, I felt his body go rigid. I immediately detached to see his face had been painted in the darkest shade of red. He bit at his lip to hide his embarrassed smile. 

“Hi Y/N,” he said quickly, avoiding any sort of eye contact. 

“I would just like to note,” a grumpy voice came from near one of my house plants. I looked over to see a boy propped up against a bean bag chair with a sour expression. “I am last, and also apparently least.”

“Oh! Yah!” Vernon gasped, his eyes growing wide with something resembling fear. “Jihoon hyung! Y/N this is Woozi.”

I nodded quickly, wincing from the icy look Woozi was focusing on my boyfriend. 

“No, it’s simply too late, I might as well see myself out, to be so disrespected by a dongsaeng,” he clucked. I could feel Vernon holding his breath beside me as he watched his hyung. After a few moments, Jihoon finally broke into a smile and leaned forward, taking my hand warmly in his. “Hi Y/N, you are really lovely.”

“So…like…” Jun trailed, tilting his head as he looked from me to Vernon. “Have you two kissed yet?” 

“Jun!” Joshua gasped, leaning over and pinching his member on the thigh. “They’re literally children.”

“Could you see Vernon kissing anyone?” Mingyu chuckled. “I think he would melt into a puddle of himself and quite possibly die.”

Vernon groaned again, leaning forward and hiding his face in his hands. “Introduce me to your members, she said. It would be fun, she said.”

I chuckled, hitting my shoulder against his. “Well, at least it’s off to an exciting start?”

“Do you have any board games Y/N?” one of the boys chirped. “What about food?” “Ooo, do you have cable?” “Are we going to get food or are you going to cook?” “Quit being rude, we’re guests.”

I listened to the cacophony of voices before me and looked back over to Vernon with wide eyes. “Introduce you to my members, he said. It would be fun, he said.”

Vernon chuckled, lifting his face from his hands and setting his fingers carefully between mine. We tried to ignore the sudden “ooo’s” and “ahhh’s” emerging from the crowd in front of us. 

“Welcome to my life.”

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how you get the boy - twenty four

“I’m sorry-“ Louis halted in his tracks, “-but did you really introduce Tee as your neighbour, mate?”

Harry whipped his neck to look at Louis so fast that I was afraid he might break it. Good thing he didn’t. The skin around Harry’s neck turned into a bright shade of crimson immediately – it looked almost similar to his cheeks – and he frowned. “Why’re you here?”

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Heaven // Jonah

the end ~ series ~ part 2

(2,729 words)


The freezing cold water pulled out far into the sea. I look over to my girlfriend, (y/n) and see the absolute terror painted in her beautiful eyes.

“Jonah, we need to go.” She says.

“(y/n), we can’t outrun this.”

“We can try! I don’t want my life to be taken away by a stupid wave!” She cries.

I turn to (y/n), my bare arms trembling in the cold New York City air, “Look at me, love. You and I are going to stay together. You are not leaving my sight, (y/n).”

She chokes back the tears, trying to keep herself from starting to cry, “Jonah, I love you too much.” She mumbles, pulling herself to my chest, her gorgeous arms wrapping around my waist as if she were hugging a tree.  

“You don’t understand that you mean everything to me, (y/n), and nothing would be able to take away the pain I would feel if I lost you, babe.” I cup her chin in my hand and she looks up to me,  her (y/e/c/) eyes lined with pink veins from crying. She smiles sadly, tears streaming down her lovely face.

We hug then(y/n) looks up to my face with a worried expression, “Jonah, we need to leave, like - right now.” Looking out the broken window of the building we had stayed in during the earthquake, I can see the huge wave forming in the distance.

“Let’s go, then,” I say, grabbing her arm and running down the crooked stairs. Everything is going okay until I land on a broken step and my leg sinks into the stairs, as I still hold (y/n)’s hand. She trips on the last step of the staircase, causing her to land on her ankle in a horribly bent angle. She yelps loudly in pain, crumbling to the floor.

“Oh my Lord, (y/n), I’m so sorry,” I breathe, picking her up and sitting her down on a step.

“I’m fine, Jonah, let’s just go.” She lies, trying to hide the pain on her face by looking down on the injury.

“No, you’re not,” I tell her, gently running my fingers over the bright red area of her foot. I slightly move her foot to inspect the damage and she screams in agony, “I’m sorry, love.”

“Jonah, let’s just go, we’re wasting time,” She says, attempting to stand up independently and put a few pounds on it, but she drops to the floor.

“You aren’t going to get far on that broken foot, (y/n); I’ll carry you.” As I go to sweep her off of her aching foot, she sticks out her arm, stopping me.

“No, Jonah,” She says, “You aren’t going to carry me.”

I place my hands on my hips sassily, “And why not, princess?”

“I don’t feel comfortable with you doing that. I don’t want you to be lugging me around before a tsunami,” (y/n) mumbles, staring at her hurt ankle.

“Well, right now, you don’t have the choice of being comfortable or not, a tsunami is about to hit like you said, and we need to get to high ground immediately. Now, whether you like it or not, I’m carrying you out of here.”

I wrap my arms around her and give her a huge bear hug as she tries with all her might to wriggle away. I release my grasp on her slightly and she looks up at me. I grin and bend down, giving her a quick but loving kiss on the lips. Though the air is icy, my body warms up when we make contact.

“We really need to go, Jonah. The water is being pulled really far out,” (y/n) says as she pulls away from me reluctantly. I smile knowingly and bring her in for one last hug before I sling her behind me, her legs parted so that she is in a piggy-back position. Memories of me carrying (y/n) in the park like that swarmed into my head. I think about when we fed the ducks at the lake, when we sat down near the creek and ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, listening to Ed Sheeran songs. My mind puts together clips of us on little dates back in Stillwater and Los Angeles. My heart sinks when I realize that we won’t ever have another date if we don’t survive the tsunami’s impact. I quickly snap out of my daze before (y/n) notices my sadness. Gathering up all my strength, I shift (y/n)’s weight slightly and start walking briskly out of the wrecked building.

“Where is the safest place to go, Jonah?” (y/n) asks, placing her hand on my chin lightly. The question hits me like a brick to my stomach - where are we going?

My heart races, but I push it away, trying to stay calm so that (y/n) does as well. “I know somewhere we can go,” I say, grabbing onto her thighs firmly, not letting her fall out of place. I start my trek down 5th Avenue, full of deserted cars and empty stores.

After walking for about 5 minutes, we reach our destination. “Home? Why are we here?!” She asks, “We’re supposed to be taking cover, Jonah!”

I pull her off my back and place her on the steps of her home. “(y/n), I lied.” I feel a horribly guilty tug at my stomach when I see (y/n)’s full of confusion.

“What do you mean?” She asks, her eyebrows scrunched together, bewildered.

“(y/n), there is no way we can make it out alive.” I sigh

(y/n) stares at me with eyes that are a window into her soul. I see her innocence and that she can’t fully comprehend what is going on - it breaks my heart.

“You’re saying we’re going to die?”

I stare at her gorgeous face. I nod slowly, tears glazing my eyes while the crisp air nips at my exposed skin, only adding on to the pain.

For a few seconds, (y/n) just stares in shock, not knowing what to say, then her face goes blank. I search her eyes again, hoping I find a sign for what she is thinking.

“(y/n),” I whisper, “I’m so sorry.” She looks up to me, rubbing her arm for warmth.

“The force of the tsunami won’t kill us, the temperature of the water will,” She mutters quietly. She always spits facts when she is nervous, which is another thing that made me fall in love with her, “The Atlantic is extremely cold. Hypothermia will hit us before we drown.”

I think about freezing to death. At least we’ll be with each other, I think to myself.

All the boys had left with their families but later saw that they had been murdered by a terrorist group capturing as many citizens as possible, trying to overrule the U.S. Government. Jack left to Los Angeles, Daniel to Portland, Oregon, Corbyn to Florida, and Zach to Dallas, Texas, all of them going with their girlfriends. Our last show as Why Don’t We had been in Washington, but when we got the news of all the catastrophes destined to take place, our manager, Dave, let us go home to spend our last days with the ones we loved. I took the last flight home to Minnesota, but when I got to my house in Stillwater, I was too late. The various photo frames and family portraits we had hanging around the halls were completely destroyed. Furniture turned to mere ash, all the food from our kitchen stolen, and almost all the plants in the backyard chopped up and scorched to the ground. I hadn’t realized how bad the scenario was when I heard it on the radio station or on television until it happened to me. Where my family had been taken before being assassinated, I didn’t know, not have a single idea. But once they were killed, I only had one person left that I needed to protect before time ran out, and it was (y/n).

“Jonah,” She looked at me with weary eyes, “Can we go inside?” I nod, picking her up. I carry (y/n) bridal style into her old home. It looked untouched, besides the fact that the door was ruined. Everything was in its original state and it seemed to calm (y/n). We walked into the living room and I lay her down on the soft couch. I stick a pillow under her foot and she smiles, “Have you ever realized that the shade of blue that your eyes are always shifting? Some days they are dark blue, some days light blue, some days electric blue, some days periwinkle.” She sighs.
“Uh, no, baby girl,” I laugh, sitting down on the coffee table in front of the couch, “But I’ve noticed that you, my dear, are absolutely stunning.”

She smiles flawlessly but it fades away as quickly as it arrived. “What?” I ask, wanting her to light up the room again.

“You and I are no doubt dying tonight. I don’t want to leave you for a single second.” Her eyes water up and trails of salty tears lead down her red wind slapped cheeks. Softly, in order not to injure her, I kneel next to (y/n) and wrap my arms around her as lovingly as possible.

All at once, I see a huge shadow casting over New York, covering up the fading daylight. The wave will hit in less than 30 seconds. I run up the stairs and into the bathroom where I can see the tsunami clearly. It curls over tall buildings pushing towards us rapidly. I sprint down the stairs, grab (y/n) and run down the hall as fast as possible without hurting her. I open the door of the basement and sent (y/n) down on the laundry machines swiftly. I turn to close the door back up, but as I jog up the stairs, I see the piles of debris floating towards us violently. I reach the top step of the staircase and see the large grand piano that (y/n) keeps in her room speeding towards the doorway. It smashes into the walls, barely stopping at the door, but the water continues to flood in. There is now no escape.

In less than 5 minutes, the water level in the basement has risen to knee level and (y/n) looks over to me with scared eyes, sitting on the dryer, her right leg dangling over the crystal clear sea water. I wade through the freezing water, muttering curse words under my breath, over to my stunning girlfriend. I climb up next to her and pull (y/n) to my chest. I place my lips on hers and embrace one of the last kisses I would give her.

“Jonah,” (y/n) whispers when she pulls away from me, “Thank you.”

“Why are you thanking me?”

“You helped me live, Jonah. You are really the only reason I’m alive right now. When I’m with you, I can’t help but fall in love with your… everything. Your gorgeous eyes, your handsome smile, your cute little lips, your positivity and, most of all, your love. No one has ever treated me the way you have, Jonah Marais Roth Frantzvich. Thank you for making me feel loved.” She leans into my lips once more and the dim light flickers. The electricity burns out and the water touches our hips sharply, still rising in small waves. I feel the cold air from above prick my skin with every breath I take.
I feel a hand slide into mine slowly, “I can’t feel my ankle,” I hear (y/n) say with a subtle strain of terror in her voice.

“It’s the water, (y/n), it’s messing with your nerves.” I squeeze her hand, “We’re okay for now. If the water stops soon, we can get out.”

Ironically, as soon as I finish my sentence, a gust of water rushes in, filling the dark basement up with water rapidly. In a matter of seconds, the water reaches our chest and we sit up on our knees. I pull (y/n) close and hug her, keeping all the warmth that was left in our bodies selfishly to ourselves. She lays her head on my shoulder and closes her eyes, tired from all the endless running. I feel (y/n) start to shiver violently. It gets to a point where she can’t calm it down.” Then, I remember what my science teacher had said a few years back: in the first stages of hypothermia, the body instinctively starts creating some sort of friction - shivering.

I try moving my hand to (y/n)’s face, but it seems to stay in place. “Then, the body starts decreasing blood flow to organs in the furthest parts of your body, such as fingers, hands, and feet.” He had said. I turn my head to look at (y/n) in the dark. With very little light (only source: locked window letting a few rays of moonlight into the pitch black basement), I can only see the very surface of her face. On the tip of her nose and lightly dusted on the front of her bright red lips are tiny white icicles. Frostbite. Using all my might, I move my hand up to (y/n)’s neck. I put two fingers on her artery and check her pulse’ her heartbeat slows down and she only takes a couple of breaths a minute.

“J-Jon-Jonah,” (y/n) mumbles weakly, the frost numbing her soft lips.

“Yes, love?” I move my fingers, intertwined with hers underwater.

“Sing to me like you used to do. Please.” She croaks.

“What would you like me to sing, darling?” I ask her, kissing her cold cheek.

“A song that reminds you of me. Remind you of us.”

I think for a second, then the perfect song sways into my brain.

“She’s my sunshine in the rain, my Tylenol when I’m in pain, yeah, let me tell you what she means to me. Like a tall glass of lemonade, when it’s burning hot on summer days,” I sing, running my fingers through her frozen hair, “She’s exactly what I need. She’s soothing like the ocean rushing on the sand; she takes care of me, baby, and she helps me be a better man. She’s so beautiful - sometimes I stop to close my eyes. She’s exactly what I need.”

I feel (y/n) sigh and kiss my face slowly.

“Jonah,” (y/n) whispers my name in a barely audible voice.


“I love you.”

“I love you, too.”



“We’re going to die in a few minutes,”


“And I’ll have to leave you when I die,”

“That is correct.”

She pauses, “Jonah,”


“I’ll see you again,”




“I’ll see you in heaven.”

My heart shatters when I realize that we are, in fact, going to die. A silent tear slips from my eye, “Okay, love of my life, I’ll see you in heaven.”

As we fall asleep to the sound of trickling water into the basement, I hum Lemonade.

“She’s so beautiful - sometimes I stop to close my eyes. She’s exactly what I need.” I sing quietly.

Laying my head on her shoulder, I put my ear next to her main artery, the one that lets blood flow to her complex brain, so I can hear the delaying pulse one last time. It slows down and I only hear it once or twice in one minute.

For the last time, I look over to (y/n)’s illuminated face and lay my lips on her frostbitten ones. I whisper into her ice-cold ears, “See you in heaven.”

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The Sleepover

Sungwoon sat comfortably in his bed, iPad resting on his thighs. Dressed in only his favorite gray sweatpants that were tied below his belly button, Sungwoon was chilling. This was exactly the type of peaceful night he needed after four nights straight of “study sessions” with the guys. They always turned into “I-Can-Sing-Higher-Than-You” battles. Jaehwan always started them and of course Sungwoon was never one to back down. 

Some alone time was definitely not a bad thing. 

He heard the front door of his dorm room open and assumed it was one of the guys. But then his bedroom door opened and a tall, wide shouldered man snuck in. Sungwoon furrowed his eyebrows, a quiet “What the…” slipping from his lips. He had no time to process what was happening before Daniel was practically sitting on his leg trying to lay down next to him. Sungwoon shuffled to the wall totally disoriented while Daniel scooted down the bed to make himself comfortable. When he finally settled in he turned in to face Sungwoon.

“Hi.” He whispered. Sungwoon stared at him dumbfounded- the perfect example of the :| emoji. “What are we watching?” Daniel’s eyes shifted to the iPad that lay forgotten in Sungwoon’s grip.

“What are you doing here?”

“I got lonely.” He answered, sighing into Sungwoon’s pillow. Sungwoon could smell the mint on Daniel’s breath and for a second he thought, Alright. I might let him stay. 

“So you came here? To my bed?”

“Where else would I go? Now up.” He nudged Sungwoon’s head with his arm silently telling him to use his muscular arm as a pillow. “Now lay down.” He gently pushed Sungwoon’s head back down onto his arm. “Good.” Sungwoon’s obedience to Daniel’s commands were prompted by his confusion of the situation. “You want me to hold the iPad? Oh, Running Man? Good choice, hyung.” Daniel nuzzled Sungwoon’s head with his own. 

“Where are your friends?” Sungwoon asked, unused to such open displays of fondness.

“Out doing stuff probably.”


“Shush! I can’t focus on the show!”

After a few minutes of uncomfortable embrace, Sungwoon gave into Daniel and fully relaxed. He became too captured by the show to pay any more mind to the big guy next to him who was currently running his fingers through Sungwoon’s hair. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. 

When the episode finished, Daniel put the device down behind Sungwoon and adjusted himself so his arm was still under Sungwoon’s head but he could prop himself up with his elbow. He took in Sungwoon’s sleepy eyes that were watching him and leaned down. Pressing his chapped lips to his hyung’s soft, pillowy ones, Daniel basked in this rare moment where Sungwoon would let himself be treated gently. Daniel moved his head to the right slightly, deepening the kiss. When they came up for air seconds later he said with suggestive eyebrows, “Hmm, should I take off my shirt too?” Sungwoon punched him in the gut but pulled him back down regardless, wrapping his right arm around Daniel’s neck. 

Before Daniel could press Sungwoon into the mattress any further, he pulled away taking Sungwoon’s plump bottom lip between his bunny teeth. (It was admittedly getting a bit more hot and steamy then either had planned.) He gave Sungwoon his cutest eyesmile, receiving raised cheekbones in return. He released Sungwoon’s lip and gave him one last strong, but affectionate peck. Flipping onto his back, he yanked Sungwoon onto his chest and they maneuvered around each other until Sungwoon had his face in the crook of Daniel’s neck and Daniel had his arm around Sungwoon’s waist. 

Sungwoon heard Daniel sigh contently and he smiled to himself. Okay, this was pretty nice. 

Unfortunately, ten minutes after they got into that oh so romantic position they heard the front door open and Sungwoon’s arm that rested on Daniel’s stomach tensed; Minhyun was on the phone making his way to their room. Sungwoon jumped up, jabbing his hand right into Daniel’s ribs to pull himself upright.

“Get under!” He whisper-yelled, holding the edge of the blanket up. Daniel, clutching onto his stomach with a grimace, hid under the blanket and tried to make himself as flat as possible. When Minhyun walked in, Sungwoon pretended he was playing on his iPad. 

“Hey, hyung.” Minhyun said lowly. He walked over to his bed and Sungwoon greeted him back, mentally thanking him for not turning on the lights. “You’ve been here all night?”

“Yep, just watching Running Man,” Sungwoon startled when his elbow accidentally connected with Daniel’s forehead. He let out a tiny “ah!” and Sungwoon rubbed his face in apology through the blanket. 

“I’m gonna take a shower,” Minhyun told him as he left the room.  

Sungwoon removed the covers and Daniel inhaled deeply.

“What kind of abuse is going on in here?” Daniel whispered, mock-agitated. 

Sungwoon chuckled, “Sorry.” 

When Minhyun returned, the both of them were huddled under the covers, holding their breaths to keep from giggling. Minhyun had a tendency of always facing the wall when he slept and once he was asleep he was out for the entire night so they waited a few minutes until they were certain he had drifted into dreamland before resurfacing again. 

Sungwoon checked on Minhyun while Daniel said, “Wow. How exciting!” with an innuendo filled, cheesy smile. Sungwoon shook his head in disbelief because What happened to my peaceful night? He pecked Daniel on the lips and bid him goodnight. Daniel placed his face close to Sungwoon’s on the pillow and threw an arm and leg around him. 

“Goodnight, hyung.”


At 7:58 the next morning, Sungwoon woke up to a heavy arm across his throat. He tossed it off annoyed and gathered all of Daniel’s limbs under the blanket just in time to hear Minhyun’s alarm go off. He pulled the covers over their heads and dropped to the pillow. He listened as Minhyun arose quietly and ambled out of their shared room. 

Finally, the night was over and better yet, they didn’t get caught. Sungwoon smiled sleepily and fell back asleep to the sound of Daniel’s early morning mumbles.

Epilogue: The Spoons
• Summary || The spoons are disappearing in Guanlin’s room.

“We’re on the last spoon again.” Minhyun comments.

“How are the spoons disappearing from my kitchen?!”

“Our kitchen,” Minhyun corrects offhandedly.

“Whatever!” Jisung shrieks. “What is that boy doing with them?”

“The last time I was in there I saw them building a tower of spoons.” 

Jisung does a double take. Even Minhyun looks up from his theory textbook.

“Good morning,” The unexpected overnight guest says kindly. The roommates share a look before observing the sleepy faced boy. 

“You were here the entire night?” Minhyun asks.

“Yeah.” Daniel chirps.

“How did you not know?” Jisung says to Minhyun. The latter gives him a puzzled shrug in response. 

“I was with Sungwoon hyung when you came in so he pushed me under the-”

“GOOD MORNING!” Sungwoon comes in fully dressed, backpack securely on his back, grabs Daniel by his biceps and forces him out the door. “AND GOODBYE!” 

The remaining two stare at each other with open mouths. Jaehwan stumbles out of his shared room into the kitchen.

“Where are the spoons?”

“And we still don’t know where the spoons are!” Jisung yells exasperated.

 Minhyun goes back to his textbook, shaking his head. It was only nine o’clock. 

Treat or more treats

Author: lilyme (aka. redslilstories aka me ;))
Summary: A look into the future. A family evening, where really nothing much happens and everyone is happy. At least, in the end.
Characters: Callie/Arizona; Sofia, original characters
Rating: K
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show “Grey’s Anatomy”. They were created by Shonda Rhimes and belong to her and the ABC network. No copyright infringement intended!All mistakes are mine.

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