from our honeymoon

“He proposed to me twenty times over the past forty years, but I kept saying ‘no.’ We were doing just fine without the paper. But our kids are more conservative than us. It was the opposite of normal—we were getting pressured from below. We’re on our honeymoon now.”

(Bariloche, Argentina)

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Character: Min Yoongi x reader (oc)

Genre/words: Angst, Implied/light Smut, Arranged Marriage! AU / 14,844 words

Summary: He is the successor of his family’s business empire, and you are the female heir of yours. After the trouble his older brother had created in the past, he now must face certain requirements needed for the sake of the family’s future and to save his rights of inheritance, and you become his only way out. Everything might seem so simple, just the way they are supposed to. But everything isn’t always what it seems, is it?

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Out on Assignment

Prompt:Superman and Wonder Woman walk in on Batman and Batmom getting physically intimate in the watchtower

Words: 347

AN: This was so much fun to write, and I think it’s so fluffy. I love it.

“I just don’t get it; I mean it’s a shared space! A public place! We all use that area.”

You’re trying so hard to not laugh, Clark’s face is so red, and he’s sputtering. You want to tease the man of steel so badly. As though he can sense it, Bruce wraps his arm around you and pulls you in close. You grin into his chest, before placing a kiss on his still bare skin.

When Clark just throws his hands up in the air, you can’t hold it in anymore. You burst out laughing. “I can’t believe you find this funny, you! And Bruce, Mr. Dark Knight. Not only did you get intimate in the lounge. You’re out of your suit, sitting there in sweatpants and NOTHING else!”

You shrug and raise your hand, “I’d like to point out that I’m dressed.”

“But you weren’t ten minutes ago!”

You sigh, “Clark, he’s my husband. Who, I haven’t seen in a month. We got a little excited. We’re sorry, it won’t happen again.”

At this point Diana bursts out laughing, “You said that last time. Honestly, I don’t see what the big deal is Clark. Something tells me that he might be a lot more growly and mean, if he weren’t getting some. After all, weren’t you just complaining a few hours ago, when Bruce kept snapping at everyone.”

You turn to Bruce, “Were you being snippy?”

He just scoffs, “They’re imagining things.”  

Clark doesn’t let the conversation get any farther, “I’ll admit that he’s in a better mood. But what if Dick had walked in on you.”

You stare at him, “Dick’s at math camp for the entire week. To be honest the only one we’re really worried about is Alfred. We get lectures from him about that sort of thing from him.”

Bruce nods, “Multiple ones, remember when he took that month off after we came back from our honeymoon?”

You laugh, as Clark just throws his hands in the air and storms out.

Diana just grins and says, “He’s just cranky because Lois is gone on assignment.”

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• the curves of your l i p s rewrite h i s t o r y •

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Honeymoon - Older!Damian Wayne x Reader

Prompt: An imagine where Damian and his s/o are enjoying their honeymoon until Damian finds out that his brothers have been stocking him?? (requested by anon)

“Hey Damian.” You whispered as your new husband started to trail kisses down your neck before stopping and gently sucking at the base of your neck while his hands kneaded and and played with your breasts. He hummed lowly against your neck to let you know he was listening to you.

“Damian, I don’t know how to tell you this but I think I saw your brothers yesterday.” You said. He suddenly stopped and looked up at you.

“What?” He asked.

“I’m like 97.8 percent certain that I saw Dick and Jason while we were out for dinner last night.” You explained.

“Those obnoxious bastards. I’ll end them.” He swore throwing the sheets off your entwined bodies and got up from the bed .

“Damian come back to bed. What are you possibly going to do?” You asked sitting up in the bed.

“I gave them explicit instructions to leave us alone. I’m going to end them and then I’m going to take you far, far away from here to finish our honeymoon.” He promised throwing some clothes on.

“Beloved, please. Come back to bed. They’re not bothering us. I’m sure they’re just trying to protect us while your guard is down.” You rationalized.

“My guard isn’t down. This is an invasion of our privacy [Y/N]. I won’t let it stand.” He insisted stubbornly.

“Damian please. We’ve hardly left this bed in a week. Your mind’s been otherwise occupied and your brothers are just trying to look out for you. Now please come back to bed. I’m cold.” You pouted throwing the blanket further off your body to expose your naked skin. His eyes drank you in hungrily as he started to make his way back over to the bed.

“Why don’t you put some clothes on then?” He asked logically. You giggled and spread your legs for him as he crawled back into bed beside you, discarding the clothes he had just put on.

“Now where would the fun be in that?” You teased with a wink.

He tells you he want to try for a baby and you agree that you should (BLOCK B)

Zico: -he was so scared to even bring it up to you. Your relationship hasn’t always been strong and he saw a child as an opportunity for the relationship to be stronger. When it came down to it you told him you wanted him to be the only father of any children you would have and it surprised him- “are you being serious? Should we start right now, I think we should”

Jaehyo: -you had said no before because you knew neither of you were ready to have baby. But when he brought it up again almost a year later, getting married, getting a place with a spare room, and a friend having a baby seemed to be enough to get you thinking to the point you said you would like to have one- “should we start then baby?”

P.O: -he’s met your friends who’s had children they all looked so cute and little when he got to hold them. You two even babysitted more than once getting a better experience of it. When you guys were weeks away from your wedding he brought it up and got an instant yes from you- “so maybe our honeymoon would be our last time really alone then baby? I can’t wait”

B-Bomb: -it was a random thing he asked when you guys were out with the others. You blushed and answered that you had thought about it before.  Which lead him to stand up taking you with him- “excuse us guys we’re gonna go make you uncles”

Taeil: -he’s always liked the idea of a little him running around and when he met you he really knew he wasnt a baby. Maybe a little girl that looked like him but had your personality. Even though it was really early into the relationship you still agreed about it. You weren’t saying you’d do it right this second but maybe when it was your anniversary you two could give it a shot- “I think that’s a great idea now. So until then we could enjoy privacy” 

U-Kwon: -he never thought about it until he saw you holding a baby and it was something he wanted for the both of you for the first time with your own baby ever. So his conversation with you about it was sorta more of a suggestion which you said you wouldn’t mind it- “like really? If you really want to I’d like it to be sometime soon in the future because seeing you hold that baby was amazing”

Kyung: -of course he wanted kids but since you two were finally married and stable he wanted it to be even better with a baby. So he flat out said you guys should start having kids which led to the you really want to have babies now thing from you where you said you wouldn’t mind it- “lets start then right now”

My grandparents' conversations

*after dinner*
Me: That was so delicious! Thanks so much!
Grandpa: There wasn’t anything nasty so I suppose you pass this time.
Grandma: Wow, I am so flattered!
Grandpa: We’ll see how things go tomorrow.
Grandma: I’ve been cooking for you for sixty years, so if you haven’t eaten anything nasty so far I think I’m probably safe.

Later, to his dog…
Grandpa: Oh, you’re the pug. He used to be the cute pug, but now he’s old so he’s not cute anymore.
Grandma: That’s not very nice!
Grandpa: Well it’s true. Look at us! We’re old and we ain’t cute.
Grandma: (to me) I think he’s still cute.
Grandpa: (to me) She’s crazy, don’t listen to her.

Later, at their sixty year anniversary party…
Grandpa: When I first married my wife, we were driving home from our honeymoon in our old car and she fell asleep in the passenger seat, and I just looked at her and thought “There is no way I could ever love this woman more than I do in this moment.” Well, a few weeks ago we were driving home from the airport and she was asleep in the passenger seat, and though her hair has changed from brown to white and she’s got a few more wrinkles than she used to, she’s still the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. And though I didn’t think it was possible at the time, I love her at least twenty times as much as I did when I first married her. Boy am I glad I found her and she was crazy enough to marry me.

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#1 with Gilinsky

“I’m Pregnant”-Jack Gilinsky

Two lines. Positive. It was positive.I was shocked. I jumped up and down so excitedly. I screamed in excitement and couldn’t wait for Jack to get home from the studio. We’ve been trying to have a baby for the past year now. Ever since we got back from our honeymoon, it was all about getting pregnant. Our doctor told us it would be very hard to have a baby, but it looks like we did it!

I was making Jack’s favorite Baby back ribs. “Mmm, is that what I think it smells like Princess”, Jack yelled from the front door. While I was coating the ribs in the sauce, I felt two arms snake around me. I giggled when he started kissing up and down my neck. “Jack, stop that tickles”, I giggled. He turned me around and put me on the counter and started kissing me passionately. 

Originally posted by pleasingpics

Baby, guess what”, you said emphasizing the word baby. “What’s up beautiful”, he said looking in to your eyes. “Wanna know why I made you Baby back ribs, Baby”,you kept emphasizing the same word. Then you bit your lip and made eye contact with Jack and kept looking at your stomach than Jack than back to your stomach. “You’re serious”, he said. “Baby, are you pregnant?”, he said excitedly. You pulled the pregnancy stick out of your back pocket and showed him the double lines. “Oh My God Baby”!, he yelled while picking you up and spinning you around. He bent down and put both hands on your stomach. “Hello in there, daddy just wants you to know that mommy and I will love you forever and ever baby”, he said.

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Husband Material / Part 1

Originally posted by wintershower

Word Count: 1738

Request: Suho is your husband and he doesn’t like it that you’re too busy with work while you’re trying to start a family? you pass out while working overnight at the office and he freaks out? thank you♥

Everyones first taste of Husband!Suho <3 


You woke up, feeling relaxed and refreshed as you got out of bed and made your way to the bathroom to get ready for work. Suho woke up, calling for you before you shut the bathroom door.

“Yes?” You asked, walking back over to the bed.

“Can you come back to sleep?” He asked.

“I have to go to work.” You pouted, “But I had a really good time last night.” You winked, kissing his lips chastely.

“So did I.” he hummed, his arms sneakily winding around your waist to pull you on top of him. “I hope it works this time.” He whispered it like saying it too loud would jinx your chances of getting pregnant.

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“Niall, c’mere! I found some videos from our honeymoon!” You smiled, pushing the DVD into the player as the TV flickered on, Niall walking into the room with a cup of tea. “Can’t believe this was fifteen years ago.” You breathed out, sitting down on the couch. 

“I know – and now we’re forty year olds with two kids.” Niall beamed, sitting down next to you as the video began to play, images flickering on the screen, showing up in a strange yellow-ish colour. “Ooh, m’back. Can ya give me a massage later?” 

“Aren’t ya going to join me in t’e water? It’s warm!” The sound of your laughter was heard behind the camera as you continued to film your husband. 

“Aw, Ni. I’m filming you, so that we can watch this when we’re like.. seventy years old.” You grinned, Niall shaking his head as he got closer to the edge. 

“You can do t’at later when we have sex!” He snorted, making a face at the camera. 

“You’re an idiot, you know that?”

“What’s wrong with makin’ a sex tape? If the fans find it, who cares? T’ey’ll just see how great you are at givin’ blowies.”


“I’m kidding, I’m kidding. I love you, Mrs Horan!” 

“Love you too, Mr Horan.” 

The video stopped right after that, Niall pressing a kiss to your head as the both of you sat in silence. You were astonished at how quickly time seemed to pass when you were with Niall. One minute you were kissing at the alter, the next, you were giving birth to the twins, and now, you were sitting on the couch and watching old videos. 

“We can still make that sex tape, y’know.”



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Wedding Dress - Barry Allen Imagine

Rating: G

Warnings: a jerk of a fiancee, some cute and awkward barry, maybe a too much description of your ex-fiancee….

Summary: Your parents arranged a marriage between you and a man. You didn’t mind at first. He was nice, a gentleman. At first glance anyway. Let’s just say that his view on “Life After Marraige” did not match yours.  Well, if it weren’t for him, then you wouldn’t have met Barry Allen.

Word Count: 2128

A wedding dress. It’s such a pretty thing. Almost every girl dreams about it. One wants a dress that is tight around the hips. Another wants it to look like some ball gown out of a princess movie. Others want a long train that elegantly flows behind them.

You, you dreamed of something, sure. However, once you were betrothed to someone else, the images of a beautiful dress, a bouquet, and a party vanished. You just wanted your future husband to be good, a kind and loving soul who accepted you as you were.

Yeah, luck doesn’t come to you so easily.

Your husband-to-be seemed like a nice guy, a sincere gentleman when you first met him. However, each hour spent with him deteriorated the image further. Sure, he politely complimented your beauty, pointed out the traits he found most interesting, and carried your groceries, but other than that, let’s face it, he was a jerk.

“When we’re married,” he’d say, “will you still pick up the groceries?”

You shrugged. “Perhaps. I’d have to find time after work, though.”

“You’d have time. Cleaning the house doesn’t take much effort.”

You had stopped in your tracks. “Excuse me?”

“If you wish, you are excused.”

“No, I mean, I have a job, a working job. I don’t wanna stay at home.”

“(Y/n), listen.” His voice was soft and gentle. However, there was this ominous tone to it that made your spine shiver. It’s as if he was calming you down before he stabbed you in the back. “When you are my wife, you don’t need to work. I’ll work enough, and you will stay home, tend to the house, care for the kids.”

“So, you want me to quit my job, the one thing I’ve wanted since I was younger.”

“Your parents and I agree. You will quit your job once we get back from our honeymoon.”


“It’s already been settled, (Y/n). You’ll just have to accept it.”

Yeah, you were not going to accept it. At least, that’s what you told yourself, and yet there you were, standing in front of a floor-to-ceiling mirror, staring at the elegant and conservative dress your parents picked for you. It was beautiful in its own way, it just wasn’t you. The collar was too tall, like a wall around your neck. The tiara on your head that held up the curls of hair was made of spikes and scratched your head. The dress made you have curves that were not there. You weren’t you, and… if you went through with this, you never would be.

But… what other choice did you have?

Once your bridesmaids, picked by your parents, left the room, you let yourself tear up. How could you escape the inescapable?

Your phone rang. You took a deep breath before picking it up. It was a dear friend from work. You hadn’t talked to her much since the engagement. “Hello?”

“(Y/n)! I heard. What are you doing?”

“Dawn… I am… I’m…”

“Do not tell me you are in a chapel right now.”

“My parents call it the Saint Anthony parish.”

“(Y/n)! Why didn’t you tell me?!”

“Because they-“

“They? They! Since when does (Y/n) let other people direct her life? Huh?”

“Dawn, you don’t understand. I-“

“You’re right! I don’t understand!” She sighed. “(Y/n), look, you deserve much more than this. You do. Don’t throw your life away because you’re afraid of disappointment.”

“Well, what am I supposed to do, Dawn?”

You could practically see the smirk as your friend answered, “Run.”


“Yes,” she sighed. “Please, if you won’t do it for your own sake, do it for him.”

“Him, Dawn?”

“Him, the one waiting for you. The one who probably has some hopeless crush that will never come true and he will only realize when you’re there. The one who might be in a relationship that will never work out because you are not the one he is holding in his arms. The one who is your forever love, (Y/n).”

You gulped.

Your friend continued, “If you let your parents, your husband-to-be walk over you, then you, you’re walking over him.”

You sighed. Her words hit you. You were one of those people that was never selfish. You had been through hard times, and if something you did hurt some innocent person, you would rather never do it. Suddenly, you felt the weight of responsibility on your shoulders. Every choice, you remembered, affected everything.

Dawn was probably smiling, knowing that what she had said reached you. “(Y/n), tell me where the nearest exit is.”

You thought for a while. “Down the hall.”

“Then, what are you waiting for?”

You smiled. “Thank you.”

“That’s what friends are for. Call me when you’re out.”

You hung and stared at your wedding dress. You shook your head. This was never going to be you. You gently let your fingers brush against the grotesque collar. You smirked at your reflection. With a satisfying rip, your tore the constriction off your gown. You rid yourself of the wretched crown, letting your hair fall to its natural state. Using the sharp edge of your crown you cut off the long train and the fabric that constricted you.

“Five more minutes!”

Your mother.

You looked down at yourself with a smile. Picking up the skirt and phone, you pushed the door open and ran down the hall. You flew down the steps, smiling all the while. You were away. There was nothing stopping you.

You reached the back lot and twirled around in your redesigned dress. You felt like soaring at this point! There was no stopping you! You sighed, breathing in the fresh air. You walked backwards, smiling at the spectacle of the parish. It was beautiful, really. Then even more so. It was the place you found your freedom after all.

With your eyes crinkling with delight, you ran through the streets, away from it all. Finally, you decided to stop on the street, near a local park. People were staring, but you could care less. You whipped out your phone. “Dawn?”

“You safe from the monsters?”

“Yes,” you sighed. “Thank you.”

“Well, I’m getting back into town in thirty minutes. If you can hide from Mommy and Daddy Dearest for that long, then I can pick you up then and drive you right out of town.”

“Great plan. Where?”

There was silence. Both of you knew what place to always be at. “Jitters!” With a laugh and goodbye, you hung up and picked up your skirt again. You rushed through the streets and smiled as you looked up to the “Jitters” sign and smiled before walking in.

Heads snapped to look at you.

You smiled, suddenly feeling a little shy. With a small smile, you skipped to the counter and ordered.

Suddenly, someone slipped behind you. You gasped, turning around. A young man was on the floor. He had tripped over your dress. “Are you ok? I am so sorry!” you apologized. You crouched down, the dress flowing and following your actions. You held out your hand. “Let me help.”

The man must have hit his head. He blinked many times before taking your hand. “Yeah.” He coughed. “Perfect.”

You helped him get to his feet. He stared at you up and down. “I should’ve seen your dress. It’s beautiful.” His eyes widened. “Not that you’re not beautiful or that like… um…” He held out his hand. “I’m Barry, by the way.” He laughed, retracting his hand to scratch the back of his neck. “You probably didn’t want to know that.”

You smiled. “I actually wanted to know the name of the man I probably gave a concussion to. You are ok, right?’

“Yeah! I’m fine. If you don’t mind me asking, um, are you ok?”

You smiled, looking down at your dress. “I left him at the altar. Arranged and he wasn’t exactly respectful to my ideals.”

Barry smiled. “Well, I’m glad you escaped that.”

“Thank you.”

For a while, the two of you just smiled at each other. You got lost in his kind eyes. Unlike your ex-fiancee, Barry’s eyes were full of sincerity and joy. It was hard to believe that someone could express so much happiness in his eyes.

You gasped and held out your hand. “I’m Ms. (Y/n) (Y/l/n),” you introduced, stressing the Miss.

Your new friend shook your hand gratefully. “A true pleasure to meet you.”

Dawn didn’t pick you up. You actually had forgotten about her promise. She stayed parked outside the café and watched Barry and you interact. It was the weirdest sight. A woman in a tattered wedding dress was talking to a young man in a sweater vest. Both had the brightest smiles Dawn had ever seen.

Over the next few months, you developed a great friendship with the man who tripped over your dress. Eventually, you fell in love with him. He was just so selfless.

Once, the two of you were walking down the street, just talking and laughing. Suddenly, Barry bumped into another man. Both of them apologized profusely.

You just held onto Barry’s arm, trying to hide your face.

“(Y/n)? Is that you?”

You licked your lips. You lifted your head.

Your ex-fiancee glared at you. “You leave me at the altar for-“

“I left you at the altar because I didn’t want to marry you,” you sternly stated.

“You devil.”

Barry stepped in front of you. “Hey! I don’t think you should talk about my friend like that.” As your ex-fiancee opened his mouth to insult you again, Barry interrupted, “I suggest you leave. Now.”

With one final glare at you, the man left Barry and you alone.

Safe to say, you fell even deeper in love with Barry after that, and Barry, well…

About a year after you met, you were with Cisco and Barry at the mall.

“Congrats on your promotion, (y/n)!”Cisco smiled at you, handing you your drink. “Anything special going on? Party?”

You smiled. “Actually, they are inviting me to this ceremony for it. It’s some sort of tradition.”

“When is it?” Barry inquired, wondering if he could come with you.

“Don’t worry about, guys,” you told them. “It’s not a big deal.”

“Barry would definitely go with you,” Cisco muttered not-so-quietly.

Barry blushed. “Cisco,” he warned, trying to laugh it off.

You smiled, placing your hand on top of Barry’s. “Don’t be embarrassed. I’d do the same for you.”

Your friend beamed. “Thanks.”

Caitlin arrived with a wide grin on her face. She saw the hand-holding from afar, and got a bit too excited. “Finally! I thought it would take forever for you two to admit your feelings for each other.” She sat down, her attention on putting down her stuff. “Honestly, you should hear each other when the other’s gone. Always complimenting, daydreaming.” She laughed, finally looking at the two of you. “Really, it was-“

You and Barry were absolutely red.

Caitlin clicked her tongue. “You didn’t have a romantic confession, did you?”

Both of you shook your heads. Barry and you stared at each other. “You like me?” you asked.

“Well, I… I mean… Yeah, maybe.” He scratched the back of his neck, avoiding your gaze.

You smiled and kissed his cheek. You whispered, “I like you, too, Barry.”

Years later, you were staring at another wedding dress. It’s such a pretty thing. Almost every girl dreams about it. One wants a dress that is tight around the hips. Another wants it to look like some ball gown out of a princess movie. Others want a long train that elegantly flows behind them.

You, you didn’t care anymore. All you cared about was the man at the end of the aisle, and he wasn’t perfect. No, you never wanted perfect. The man at the end of the aisle was awkward, secretive, and moral to a fault, yet you loved his faults.

In fact, as you gracefully walked down the aisle, your soon-to-be husband was playing with his suit, wrinkling it. You found it quite adorable.

You took Barry’s hand and smiled. You couldn’t control that smile, which is probably what made it the best smile you’ve ever smiled. You gazed at Barry.

Barry couldn’t help but beam as he saw you smile. He never believed that he would see you in another wedding dress, mush more in front of him when you wore it. Barry Allen mouthed, “I love you.”

The two of you had said it many times, but despite that, your heart still fluttered at the words. Yes, that man loves you. Yes, he proposed to you. Yes, Barry Allen and you were getting married. Sometimes, it was just so unbelievable.

You mouthed, “I love you, too.”

Yeah… safe to say that I loved this prompt! I got so into the idea of escaping the arranged marriage, that I didn’t realize that Barry didn’t dominate the imagine. I am sorry if that’s what you wanted, dear anon! Hopefully, it’s not that bad.

Anyway, hopefully you guys don’t hate it! Have a wonderful day, and for my Americans out there, Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Uncle Cisco - (Barry One Shot)

Request: Could you do a Barry imagine were him and the reader are married and she’s pregnant but doesn’t tell anyone and Cisco finds the pregnancy test but doesn’t know who’s it is so he asks all the girls and when they all say no he asks the reader (in front of the entire team) she kind of freezes up while Barry is kind of staring at her wide eyed and then admits to it and Barry is really happy about it

Here you go Anon! I like writing fluff! It’s nice and warm and cuddly!

Originally posted by gustyles

Cisco walked out of the stall of the bathroom whistling and started washing his hands. His whistle started to fade when he saw the FirstResponse test in the trash. He grabbed some paper towel and pulled it out seeing two stripes.

“I’m gonna be an uncle!” He smiled throwing it back into the trash leaving the restroom, only to promptly come back in and wash his hands again.

The question was…who was the special lady? He slowly walked over to Caitlin in her lab, “So…Caitlin…how are you and Jay doing?”

She looked at him, “I…guess we’re okay…not that we’re anything, yet.”

“Uh huh.” He smiled, “But you two are getting pretty close…I mean you’ve talke about…relationships and hung out…even talked about kids.”

“We’ve talked about some of that, sure…” She gave him a strange look, “Cisco what is this about?”

He watched her face carefully. Nope too serious. Caitlin never could lie and she wasn’t now, “Nothing just making sure you and him are talking about it all before getting too serious.”

“Thanks for your concern.” She smiled giving him that ‘I don’t think you’re telling me everything’ look.

“You’re welcome.” He turned and walked out seeing Iris walk in, “Iris! Hey…how’s it going?”

She stared at him for a moment, “Good…what do you want?”

“Why would you think I want something?” He made a face and she stared him down, “Dammmmn girl you got the reporter glare down pat…”

She smiled a little, “Thank you, I’ve been practicing. Now, what do you want?”

“You haven’t…you know hooked up with anyone recently have you? No special friend?” He asked her.

“I’ve been a bit busy.” She told him, “Why?”

“Well…I might’ve found a test in the bathroom…” He tilted his head smirking, “I just wanted to thank the pretty lady who is making me, Uncle Cisco.”

“Sorry to disappoint, not me.” She told you, “Have you asked Caitlin?”

“Not directly, but I asked some questions about her and Jay…definitely not her.” Iris nodded as she took a seat.

“What are we talking about?” Joe walked over to them.

“Hey, daddy.” Iris smiled at him, “Cisco trying to solve a mystery.”

“Oh yeah? You need help?” Joe put his hands on his hips making hid daughter laugh.

“Thanks Joe, but it’s not a serious matter,” Cisco told him, “Besides, I’m pretty sure I’ve got it pegged already.”

“Oh my god…you do!” Iris sat up smiling, “They should be here soon!”

“I have the perfect line to ask her too.” Cisco smiled winking at them, “So let me handle it.”

“Handle what?” Barry walked in hand in hand with you. He was all smiles with his new bride on his arm.

“There they are the newly weds.” Joe walked over hugging Barry and looking at you, “Did he take you where you wanted?”

You smiled at Joe, “Nope…we got lost and ended up at a nice BnB. It was perfect.”

“I told you to just stay on the highway…” Joe looked at Barry.

“There’s nothing to do on the highway Joe, it was our honeymoon!” Barry told him.

You laughed as you stepped over toward Cisco and Iris, “How have you two been this last week?”

Iris smiled at you rocking back in forth in her chair, “Good…you know…keeping busy, right Cisco?”

“Yeah…definitely…” He nodded grinning, “So I have a question Y/N…”

“Okay shoot.” You listened as you played with your wedding ring.

“….are you carrying a little Flash inside of you?”

The room went silent as your face flushed, “Wh..what?”

“I…found a test in the bathroom…no one else can claim it…” Cisco looked at him, “So? Is there a little Flash in our future?”

“…I…” You looked over at Barry who was staring at you, “I…didn’t want…to take away from our honeymoon…and we just got married…and that was a week ago why doesn’t anyone clean the bathrooms?”

Cisco raised his hands, “I will fix that…but is it true?”

You looked at Barry tearing up as he stepped toward you, “I was going to tell you…”

“You’re pregnant?” Barry asked you and you nodded slowly, “I’m going to be a daddy?”

“You’re not mad?” You could hear Cisco rejoicing behind you.

“Mad? Why would I be mad at the mother of my child?” His eyes were bright as he smiled even brighter. He put his arms around your waist pulling you to himself “We gonna have a baby.”

You smiled putting your hands on his face, “We’re gonna have a baby.”

“I’m gonna be an Uncle!” Cisco cried out coming over and hugging you both making Barry laugh into your hair, “Oh goodness this is the best day ever!”

anonymous asked:

Could you please do an imagine where you and harry are freshly married(no kids or anything haha) and you invite your girlfriends over yours and harrys house and your friends say how luvky you are and how good harry is and you start saying how much you love him and that he is your eferything but what you don't knkw js that harry is in the doorframe and he heard everything and says something really cute I love you so much and thank you p.s. Can you make it long and from Harrys p.o.v.?

Harry’s (POV)
 ”I cannot believe you’re married!” Y/N’s best friend sighed as her body carelessly dropped to sit on the plush sofa I had bargained with Y/N for when we had started furniture shopping. We had just come back from our honeymoon and Y/N had wanted to invite her two best friends to the house we had spent so much time decorating and preparing for our life after marriage. Although I wouldn’t have exactly minded a day alone with my new wife in our new home, I couldn’t blame her wanting to have company over. We had spent most of our time in our hotel room; not just due to the activities one would do during a honeymoon but also due to the heavy rain that had plagued our supposedly romantic trip. Besides, the house was decorated for us to have plenty of company over. I had some e-mails and calls to return, so I had made sure to make an appearance during the girls’ tea time to greet Y/N’s friends, pour myself a cup of hot tea, and snag some of the macarons Y/N had perfected. On my way out, though, I suppose I became a little curious of where my wife’s conversation was going with her companions. Now, I’m not one to be that overprotective, brute of a husband that needs to know everything but I had to say I wasn’t in the mood to work. So, I had taken a seat by the doorway that led out into the window veranda Y/N held her morning tea. I suppose it wasn’t technically called eavesdropping as I was doing other things, such as flipping through the latest issue of Rolling Stone and sipping on my own tea, but listening in on somebody’s conversation was still eavesdropping.
“Oh, I know,” came Y/N’s response, almost in disbelief, “Y/F, would you like some tea?”
“Yes, please. So the honeymoon was good?” Y/N’s other friend softly inquired, making me perk up in my seat. I wondered if Y/N had misled me to believe I was half as negative as she claimed I was.
“Yeah,” Y/N seemed to sigh before the sound of pouring tea was heard, “it was rainy, though.”
“I didn’t know you disliked rain so much,” one of Y/N’s friends trailed off.
“Oh, I don’t,” Y/N answered, “but Harry does, so he wasn’t in a nice mood half of the time.”
“Mm, what a shame. Have you gotten settled in, already?” Came one of Y/B/F’s questions.
“No,” Y/N sighed before the clacking of her heels were heard, “we’re still waiting for a few more pieces to be delivered and Harry’s still got some things in his first house.”
“Oh, well, you’ll get there soon,” came Y/F’s kind reassurance.
“Yeah! It looks great as is, anyways. It’s certainly much better than what Nancy Silverman could do,” Y/B/F spoke up, making me grin and shake my head. Nancy Silverman was a name Y/N never even uttered as she absolutely despised the supposedly evil lady’s existence.
“Ugh, you still talk to that witch?” Came Y/N’s harsh scoff, making my grin soften into a smile as I could imagine her sweet little angered features.
“You know it,” Y/B/F replied with a wriggle of her eyebrows, “allows me the time to rub your life in her face whenever I want.”
“You act as if I’ve got the perfect life,” Y/N joked, most likely with a roll of her pronounced eyes.
"Oh, I’m sorry; I don’t know where I’ve got that impression from, Mrs. Styles,” Y/B/F sarcastically remarked, making Y/F snicker in the process. As cliché as it was, I did find myself slightly… gushing at the title Y/N had just been given; she was all mine and the thought never seemed to get old.
"Oh, stop it,” Y/N defended with a small laugh, “that’s completely ridiculous; we have our problems.”
“She doesn’t need to know that,” Y/B/F teased before the sound of clinking China sounded, reminding me of the face Y/N had expressed when I surprised her with the vintage set the day before our wedding day.
“What all did you tell her?” Y/N suspiciously inquired.
“Just the basics; your perfect husband who adores you, the huge house, your dream wedding, and a career you’ve managed to fit in,” Y/B/F nonchalantly listed aloud.
“You’re such a little schemer,” Y/N laughed out before a short pause came over the trio, “but you completely forgot the law degree.”
"Da*n it,” Y/N’s conniving confidant grumbled as I could already envision her shaking her head in regret.
“So, the two of you are really having problems already?” Y/F basically ruined my morning with her simple question, making the drink of tea I had just taken instantly turn bitter in my mouth. Why did she have to bring that up? We were only human; obviously, Y/N and I didn’t have the perfect relationship.
“It’s just little things, you know?” Y/N finally answered.
“Like what?” Y/F pried, making me furrow my eyebrows as I turned my head to glare towards the doorway that led to the room my wife sat in with her best friend and the girl I wanted to yell at to hush up. There was no need to bring up my mistakes just for the sake of conversation; I didn’t get females and their constant need to pry into each other’s lives.
“Like,” Y/N seemed to trail off as I impatiently awaited for the criticism she had, “he’s gotten into this bad habit of not taking our conversations as seriously as they should be taken.”
“Is that it?” Y/B/F huffed in disbelief, making me straighten in my seat.
"There’s other little stuff,” Y/N noted before Y/B/F started laughing.
“Gosh, you’re so cute, hon,” came Y/B/F’s response before the clattering of glass against glass came.
“What do you mean?” Y/N’s newest friend asked, clueless as to what Y/B/F was about to say.
“How long’ve you been with your beau? What’s the longest you’ve ever been with a man?” Y/B/F inquired, most likely directing the question to Y/F, as she was the only one in the room that was not yet married.
“Three months and seven months,” Y/F slowly answered, most likely wondering what that had to do with anything.
“Alright, so you’re basically a clueless baby about what a healthy relationship is,” Y/B/F had replied, making me straighten in my seat.
“What are you getting at?” Y/N sighed as I heard somebody’s setting down their cup on the coffee table Y/N had fallen in love with.
“Nothing’s perfect, right? So, yeah, there’s going to be a lot of little crap the two of you do that annoys one another. My advice is to not stress over it. The two of you’re newly married and have petty problems. Believe me this is the happiest period in your marriage. It’s all downhill from here as you spend everyday for the rest of your life together; things only seem to get worst. So, enjoy this stage and don’t complain about little stuff because one day, not only will you have the little quirks, but you’ll also have huge quirks,” Y/B/F sighed as I couldn’t help but smile at her honest words. I knew there was a reason I didn’t exactly hate every one of Y/N’s friends.
“I didn’t say ‘this is the worst time of my life and I want a divorce,’ I was just voicing some opinion,” Y/N’s tone was teasingly offended before she laughed, “we’ve been together since dinosaurs ruled the earth, I know things only get harder.”
“I was just saying,” Y/B/F trailed off, “because being a little silly’ll be what gets you through the hard times, hon.”
“I know,” Y/N sighed as I reached out for another one of Y/N’s macarons, “you know, I’m pretty lucky.”
“You’ve got that right,” Y/F muttered before another sigh emitted from one of the ladies.
“You seriously do, Y/N,” came Y/B/F’s statement, “Harry’s cool and he hasn’t cheated; those are the best qualities, in my opinion.”
“He’s a good guy,” Y/N words drifted ever so elegantly and I couldn’t help but be filled with a sense of pride and happiness that my wife didn’t think I was completely terrible. I would have to say something once we were alone due to the fact that I didn’t want to make my eavesdropping known and make an a*se of myself.
“He is,” Y/F voiced her, meaningless in my opinion, thought.
“The little bastard,” Y/N’s sarcastic tone came, “he knows he’s a good catch, too.”
“Good,” Y/B/F stated, “you don’t want someone who’s completely insecure about the truth.”
“I suppose,” Y/N spoke right before the subject changed and I quickly lost interest.

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